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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 p.m. on tuesday morning october 6. >> thanks for joining us. now a check of the weather and traffic. >> we show you live doppler hd with clouds out there this morning, mainly along the coast. and some of it could filter and the lower valley and maybe the bay. but there is in fog to contend with. you can see the finger of low clouds along the east bay shoreline over the port of oakland. so headed to noon, 64 at noon and low 70s for most with more of a breeze today. temperatures are close to yesterday. 64 at the cost, mid-to-upper 70s for the rest us. off to a rough commute. >> you would not know it by the san mateo bridge because traffic is flowing approaching the
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high-rise. the problem is, when you get to the peninsula at 101, this is where we have a report of all lanes blocked westbound highway 92 at 101 with a six car crash involving a box truck so all lanes are blocked approaching 101 and this is causing a sig-alert and we will let you know when the alert lifts and you can use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate. >> this morning, the marin county sheriff is investigating a suspicious death at a popular marin county trail. our reporter is near the scene in fairfax. >> tiffany i was briefed by the lead investigator and he said officers are following up on leads. they have six team members and they pulled an all-nighter and have been busy in marin county investigating the shooting death on the trail reported at 6:00 p.m. a hike are found the victim. officials have not released any
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details of the victim, not even the gender. this happened on trail north side of sir francis drake boulevard. the trail will remain closed for today. i asked how long can they said they did not know. extradition proceedings are underway to bring a san ramon college student home from illinois to face charges of sexual assault. police say 20-year-old kwangmin jin is a serial social media rapist who met victims on tinder, scout, facebook and mocospace. he will spike alcoholic drinks with a sedative. matt keller will have a report from fremont at the bottom of the hour.
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>> governor brown is taking a big step to close the sal gap between men and women today. he will be in the bay area to sign the new fair pay act, the strongest qualify pay legislation in the country. janet o has details. >> this bill needs women and men are paid the same for similar work. employers have to pay memorial -- men and women equally but the pay can differ for mrit and seniority or productive. employees are protected under the law against retaliation for discussing salaries. in california, women usually make 84 corners for every dollar a man makes and that comes out to a total of 33.6 billion less a year than full time male workers will nationally, women make 78 cent for every dollar
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the counsel federal parts make. critics would like it to specifically include minorities and lgbt and disabled workers who also face lower pay in the workforce. >> the man charged with the murder his mother is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in fremont. 31-year-old omar malik pettigens with arrested on sunday morning after an interview, he was charged with the murder of his mother, a week ago the body was found in a fremont apartment. police say the level of violence used in e killing was extreme. >> the state hospital said the man accused of murdering seven people at the university in oakland is now competent to stand trial. authorities say the 47-year-old killed a receptionist and six students in april of 2012, three others were wounded in the rampage. a judge will decide if the hospital evaluation stands during the competency hearing
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november 16. >> two armed robbery suspects are still loose. police ended the manhunt after getting two of the four suspects accused robbing several people in west oakland police track down the vehicle they were in and began a chase that crashed on 5 youth near 98th avenue. officers set up a perimeter to traffic accident down the four people who republican away and found two of suspects and recovered some of the stolen items. >> the controversial issue of tasers for berkeley police will be discussed at a city council meeting, the push has been spearheaded by the berkeley police association which sites a study showing 80 percent of the residents preferred tasers to physical force. opponents claim they can cause death and are used against people who are unarmed. a span said the meeting is a work session so no difficults are going to -- decisions are going to be may.
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>> a pilot program requiring fier print background checks for uber and lyft is over because no one used it. they go through regulator has do not require the finger print check. unsaid the finger prints are a nonstarter and many feel the airport is doing traveler a disservice by preventing those from setting up shop at hose san jose and the city council will take up the issue next month. >> evaluation of the rail transit system have been released. there is good news. the uc berkeley study gave the highest grades to muni and bart getting a b and b minus, station receiving the perfect walkability is a wide array of shops and businesses. according to the study 61 percent of residents and 41 percent of workers in the area rely on mass transit.
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>> if youry lie on feet to get you where you are going what is it like? >> from day to walk or jog or get out the dog. i have even seen people walking a cat. two degrees cooler than this time yesterday in novato and everyone else is the same to three degrees warmer. into san francisco temperatures in the low 60s. elsewhere, richmond at 63. american canyon is 52. san leandro at 58. santa clara and pleasanton at 56. unionty is 59. palo alto and saratoga at 54 and pittsburg is 60. in walnut creek the 57 degrees. a clear condition. we will hit 70 in san francisco. peninsula and east bay at 77, south bay 78 and inland east bay at 80. san jose this morning is clear and 60 degrees. a degree or two warmer tomorrow and a degree or two warmer on thursday and friday and low
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clouds and afternoon high clouds but it will be sunny with dry fall air temperatures getting above average. first, though, a check on the busy commute. >> we now have a lane open westbound 92 at 101 and traffic is getting through there and it look like they will have all lanes open in the next ten or continue minutes and we have mostly green and some yellow as traffic is busted up because of the spectator slowing. southbound 880 between 98th to davis street we have had construction and a lot peoe were worried that will cause a hot of delays this morning because yesterday morning grateful was last behind after construction crews cleaned up and left. everything is become to normal. 580 westbound tracy to dublin and 45 minutes and we are still in the yellow. it will be busy as the commute wears on were highway 4 an toxic to concord, 23 minutes, 101
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southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. >> facebook is going into space and america's money report is next. >> also, the plea snowden is making to the federal government. >> the treasure trove of images from the apollo mission online for all to see. >> and the similar inform view of the bay and a few rib peoples of the bay and a few rib peoples and the bay bridge in the
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:13. good morning, a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge and we see it is moving right along into san francisco. no problems here. there are problems elsewhere. it has been a rough start. we will check with her in a couple of minutes. >> teachers in san francisco may soon be trained to recognize the signs of human trafficking among children. it follow as new law the governor signed that gives victims ten careers to report they have been victimized by trackers. they have only had five years. california is the top destination for trafficers according to the writer of the law, the president of san francisco's board of education said it is critical for teachers to be involved. >> we urge our staff from
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teachers to security guards to principals to take advantage of training that are available because san francisco is listed on the f.b.i. list as top continue destinations for child sex trafficking. >> the school board will vote on the resolution next tuesday. >> san francisco school officials are blaming the nonprofit that administers the s.a.t. for a last minute of the administering of the test. the school district said that the educational testing service did not scare permit to use the site in time. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that school officials found incomplete application on the fax machine time stamped at 7:30 people on friday night. the testing service only said that the permit could not be processed in time. >> snowden said he is offered to return to the united states and
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go to jail for leaking details of n.s.a. programs but he said he has not heard back from washington. the former contractor of n.s.a. landed in now two years ago after revealing information of the agency's secret eavesdropping. he faces charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years. >> you can get an incredible new look of apollo thanks to nasa. these are some of thousands of photos nasa has posted and they include breathtaking shots and candidate moment on the spacecraft. nasa released the photos to a lover who converted the images to high resolution. there are morphotos to come including some from several motions that had know photos every leased's. very cool. >> we fake that, and it is impressive.
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here come the tweets. >> now, to get you out of this and the welcome forecast. >> true friend. >> stepping in it early. sfo went from clear-to-partly cloudy and now the low clouds along the way are encroaching on the sfo but no delays. you can check my twitter for that, and, today, more clouds and a ton of sunshine, and nearly normal or average and our temperatures are slow warming trend continuing through the weekend and the storm track is so close to us this weekend but it is going to stay north of us is how it looks right now. >> here is a look at the increasing clouds along the coast over the last couple of hours. the low pressure that brought the flooding rains of southern california, it will be less of an effect on our weather and we
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will keep an cry on the high pressure and that will build and bring us the low clouds in the morning and warmer oops and a few high clouds over the top of us from time to time. the winds were calm and north of bay bridge, east of the golden gate bridge through san pablo bay to the delta, at 2:00 this afternoon and 9:00 this evening, we will be brisk and choppy so comfortable this morning. not so much this afternoon. sunnyvale and milpitas at 76 and cupertino at 78, and santa cruz at 72, and around 80 heading to gilroy. 70 in millbrae, and mostly sunny and mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of the peninsula and partly cloudy along the coast with the greatest increases of clouds. money 60, and comfortable. and nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s loan the not bay coast with mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley. a few high clouds and most
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likely to see high clouds this afternoon. richmond is 71 and oakland is 74 and castro valley and union city and fremont 77 and headed inland upper? ent to low 80s, a narrow margin for our east bay neighbors. my seven-day forecast shows a degree or two tomorrow, again on thursday, and pattern holds steady and we get to the 70s, i didn't, and 90s fortlet week this weekend. >> to be on, i have had to wazers reporting the sig-alert was eastbound but c.h.p. is saying westbound by the look of the camera it does not look like it was really a sig-alert affecting westbound traffic because nowhereally by this time we would have seen stopped traffic by mid-span so right now traffic is slow flowing nicely and either way we have one lane currently open. all lanes should be open in ten or 15 minutes. there are no slow downs headed either away or to the peninsula. away from or to the peninsula, san mateo is still at posted
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speed. that is good news but the bad news is it was an injury accident involving six vehicles and you cannot use use dumbarton to the south. it is clear at 62 miles per hour leaving newark headed to east palo alto and i will show you what walnut creek looks like, folks are waking up and headed to the roads to work and traffic is more sluggish approaching highway 24. the government is about to make a la money from the bitcoins with 44,000 bitcoins sold auction and it would be $10.6 million. there was an arrest in san francisco library and he was sentenced in june they life in prison without possibility of parole. he is appealing. >> a massive recall this morning involving a popular breakfast food. here is america's money report.
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>> good morning, topping america's money cheerios recall, two million boxes of gluten free cheerios may not be gluten free. john mills said wheat flour was used in a gluten free cereal. >> there will be affordable internet access to remote areas of africa and zuckerberg duck is working do conduct the entire world and hope to have the project up and running next year^. >> customers demanded it and mcdonald's is starting all day breakfast nationwide today. all of the locations are offering a limit breakfast menu with the items available could vary by location the boldest move to increase stagnant sales. my treat. breakfast. deal. >> big spender! >> seven things to know as you >> seven things to know as you start your day.
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victim's drinks with a sedative while home from college for the summer. at least four women were attacked. >> three, you can expect raucus berkeley city council when they discuss arming the police department with tasers another nonlethal way to subdue suspects but opponents say they can kill and are used on unarmed suspects. >> a coast guard team is ready to depart washington, dc, to help with the investigation into the sinking of the united states cargo ship el faro off the coast of the bahamas looking at logs and maintenance records to figure out what want wrong. 28 americans were on board. >> five, using our waze app we do not have slowing but you can see an accident is reported here with a report of a sig-alert that is in effect the next few minutes and a major accident where six vehicles involved and we are seeing it is at a standstill southbound 101
5:25 am
merging with highway 92. >>th is more quiet than the traffic but we have a slow warming trend with breezes picking up this afternoon, and i will let you know who that affects and when and how hot it affects and when and how hot it will be this weekend. visit to san jose playing the raptors. the head coach is resting his back and the warriors win 95-87. >> and reptiles are overwhelming the 9-1-1 call center, 30 percent of 9-1-1 calls come from cell phones in san francisco in 2014 and were mistakenly dialed. the new report suggests that this is putting a large strain on the system because workers have to follow up with every pocket dial. it took operators more than a minute to determine whether a call was real. all cell phones are required to
5:26 am
allow 9-1-1 calls without unlocking the phone. >> interesting. dancing with a baby, a surprise pregnancy announcement on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> that is not the only big news. >> gary and ana. 71-year-old gary busie stayed in for four weeks and he doesn't need a mirror ball trophy to fell like a winner but nothing to done the pro dancer prize -- surprise announcement she is with child and said she had in plans to quit "dancing with the stars" this season. >> she looks fantastic. >> this is something you have to see to believe. >> 11-year-old appeared on jimmy kimmel and showed off a unique talent. >> here we go.
5:27 am
>> he has been kicking the soccer ball while playing "care less whisper," on the saxophone. the video can be seen on football juggler channel. what? >> i cannot do either but he can >> i cannot do either but he can do both at the same time stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, and good tuesday morning. it is just about 5:30 and now a check on the weather. >> live doppler hd is showing the lack of fog and all of our reporting stations but notice the cloud cover is thicker than yesterday but, so far, the golden gate bridge is okay five miles per hour but it will be cloudy. 50 to 62 when you waking up. 72 inland, and by 4:00, 64 to 78, close for average but you will need the light jacket in evening. the toll plaza shows the metering lights are not turned on and to san francisco the san mateo bridge, just turned on, a sig-alert up to highway 101 and
5:31 am
it block all lanes and everything has re-opened and remark is slowing. the sig-alert canceled a second ago and we have all lanes now open but we have a big crash, southbound 880, at marina boulevard, leaving oakland. >> topping our news, fremont police want to know if there are more victims of a young bay area man accused of spiking women's drinks and sexually assaulting them after meeting them matt? >> this is terrifying, fremont police say this man used social media to get to the victims and he drugged and rained them and there could be people out this who do not realize they are a victim. [ inaudible ] social media rapist met up with the victims on tinder, scout, mocospace and facebook raping four women in fremont between may and august, presumably while
5:32 am
home from college living with his parents at their home in san ramon. kwangmin jin used aliases include, kevin lee and jeremy lee knocking the women out. >> there is evidence that point to other females that may have been victimized by this man and we want to make sure we reach out to anyone who may have been out to anyone who may have been in contact with illinois, a student at the university of illinois awaiting extradition back to the bay area. >> popular trails are closed in fairfax county fax after -- fairfax after a suspicious death
5:33 am
when a person died on the trail. a dog was found near but it is not clear if the dog belonged to the victim. investigators have been on the scene all night long and they plan to seven for more evidence at daylight. our reporter is there now gearing information and will have a report at the top of the hour. >> happening today families and inmates at sonoma county jail will detail more instances of alleged abuse by sheriff deputies and holding a news conference you. 20 inmates were viciously beaten they say in may in the maximum security unit of jail. >> guys if black came in and were all wearing masks, hitting us, and calling us [blank] and saying it is their house of representatives and they can bet us. >> the inmates say it started when there was a verbal altercation with the deputy and the rest were pettigen when they
5:34 am
protested. there was a statement saying that the deputies were spending to a mass disturbance saying and i quote, "there is absolutely no basis to the alleges of torture and patterns of egregious constitutional violations are human suffering." >> oakland police want you to look at this photo, they would like to question this man of murder of an artist gunned down while work on an antiviolence mural. police say the man you see here is in his 20s, thin, and around 6' tall. antonio ramos was shot to death at an underpass in west oakland. ramos exchanged words with a man before the man pulled a gun and fired. the community group sponsor the mural resued work on it yesterday for the first time since the murder. the mural will now include an image of ramos. >> governor brown will join state and local leaders in richmond to sign what legal experts call the strongest equal pay act in the nation
5:35 am
guaranteeing that male and female employees who perform similar work receive equal pay, period. even if their job titles are different or if they work in different offices for same employer, equal pay. also, employees can ask of coworkers pay without fear of retaliation. in california women make an average of 84 cents for every dollar aned by men. >> measures will walk the pavement this morning with a two day strike to bring attention to paint care concerns in the system. map ends at the county administration building in martinez before a meeting of the board of supervisors. union leaders accused county of understaffing facilities and say a huge wage gap between county and private hospitals is driving nurses to better-paying jobs. >> president obama will visit roseburg, oregon, on friday to meet with survivors of the school shooting. ten people including the gunman were killed at umpqua community college with classes not
5:36 am
resuming until next week. students and staff and faculty were allowed to return to collect items left behind during the shooting. the trailblazers paid tribute before the pre-season game last night. players wore t-shirts that "heart ucc," along with a moment silence. >> a tribute to the shooting victims during "dancing with the stars" laugh night bringing some people to tears. alek skarlatos dedicate the his dance to them, he attends umpqua community college and put off enroll to compete on the show. alek skarlatos is one three americans who stopped a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train in august. >> now to south carolina where the rain has stopped. but the danger is fall from over. 18 democrats have been breached since the weekend and many rivers have not crested. a dam failure is causing mandatory evacuations near the
5:37 am
capital city of colombia and 40,000 people are without drinkable water. 13 people is died in weather-related insurance dens across the carolinas and the rain has stopped, the hoods are -- roads are not passable. helicopters are the only way to get an. >> this is the las vegas strip barely recognizable from flood waters. 2" of rain fell in parts of ever never and power was knocked out, the nevada highway patrol responded to 76 crashes and all of them were rain-related. a homeless woman had to be rescued when the couch she left on was washed around from an overpass. >> castro valley is 55 and fremont and san leandro at 58. we have hayward and union city and oakland at 59, and berkeley at 60 and richmond and alameda,
5:38 am
63 degrees. san francisco is 61, and san carlos and mountain view is 59 and san jose is 61 and napa and novato at 5 to and pacifica is 59, and san jose 101 and 880, you can see we are off to a clear spot in the mid-to-upper 50s and in the afternoon the bay is breezy, 70 to 78 for the spread with low clouds more prevalent at the coast into downtown san francisco and inland east bay, more clouds and you will need the sunglasses, 79 to 81 a narrow margin. you can see how calm or bay water is from the exploritorium in the 60s in san francisco but low-to-mid 70s thursday and friday and the next three days this the south bay, mid-80's, low-to-mid 80s in the east bay and mid-80's to low 90s as we head inland east bay and low-to-upper 80s in the north bay. i show you that weekend and.
5:39 am
behalfer forecast ahead. >> we have an accident in the east bay, as you leave oakland and at marina boulevard southbound nimitz, involving a big rig and two other vehicles with possible injuries involved with one lane blocked off and you can see the delays. this is south of a construction site and headed along northbound 238 from castro valley you are seeing the brake lights as you start to merge with 880 in the northbound and southbound direction with no delay reported at mass transit, all running on time and moving over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were turned on and we see traffic heavy coming away from the macarthur maze and if you have a car pool of three or more folks you are in pet are shape and the san mateo bridge, looking heavy now the morning commute is upon us and we had an early sig-alert on the other side of the bridge can is
5:40 am
cleared. >> thank you, next, a lot of children lost everything they own in the devastating valley fire but a woman is determined to bring if joy interest their lives. can you help. this is a look at san francisco international airport with international airport with traffic, skies
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>> you fremont, palo alto, north bay and abc7 news. >> look at this video of a vallejo fire crew rescuing a man from a storm train. he was trap the 10' down. rescuers lowered a ladder and pulled him out. paramedics checked him out. the man said he was in the drain for a long-term. there is no word on how or why he was down there. a missing new york city hospital employee was found dead in a public restroom on the same floor where he works. family members say the last time they spoke to anthony was when he was treated for a finger injury and disappeared when he
5:44 am
checked into the e.r. and was found five days later after family went to the hospital demanding answers. police want to know what happened. >> a similar incident if san francisco at general hospital prompted safety changes. in september of 20 thin, lynne spalding disappeared from her hospital room and found need a stairwell 2 1/2 weeks later. the hospital now has installed alarms on all doors and sheriff deputies would provide security at hospital must now search stairwells each day. >> counties hit heart by the fires are applying for financial aid with the funding used if lake and calaveras county to fix and rebuild public building and clear debris that poses a let to public health and safety and the environment. federal assistance has already been provided to individuals and families that suffered losses with more help coming from good
5:45 am
samaritans. cornell barnard introduced us to the "bike angel," as she is ready for a big surprise this weekend. >> i promised and a lot of people are making my promise come true. that is the best part. it is a miracle unfolding in middletown. >> days after the valley fire began candy pack the up her van and began hauling donations from her home in livermore to those who lost homes in lake county. she got a lost requests for bikes and decided to ask for donation on social media. the respond was everweaponning. she delivered two dozen to middletown two week ago and rap out. she vowed to return. >> if you play continue teas football for money, listen to this. a worker at one of the two largest continue teas sports company is accused of using insider information to place bets. users can select fantasy players and compete for daily prices and
5:46 am
an employee won $350,000 last week. both companies which have aired commercials on abc7, admitted their employees compete at other businesses. they have been barred from playing. >> basketball season is back. the warriors are ready to defend their championship title. >> still have the forms. >> abc was at the s.a.p. center as fans lined up for the first pre-season game and the team sometimes 10 percent of the fan base call san jose home and the fans wanted a little face time with the warriors championship trophy and they got senate shots can selfies at city hall before the exhibition game against the toronto raptors which the warriors won, by the way, >> it was good. >> they had the follow through. >> you get rusty in the off
5:47 am
season. >> i am a street shooter. >> we have a nice weather streak. >> nice segue, and warmer. like you never left the chair. nice to see you, thanks for being here, 5 von 47 and walnut creek shows we are clear this morning about vehicle degrees so a cool start and you need a hoodie but today is a day where if the kids leave with a sweatshirt, the pile of lost and found at the schools gets bigger because in the afternoon we are in the 70s and 80s and they will leave them because they forget them. passing clouds, steady pattern fed, temperatures are like yesterday. the highs will increase slowly this week and any chance of rain is going to stay to the north. watching fairfield and sfo and san carlos, all flowing inland and that means it will be breezy today, especially from the delta, and san pablo bay to the golden gate bridge and, also,
5:48 am
the bay bridge and it starts at 2:00 and through 9:00 so while it is calm this morning, it will be brisk this afternoon, so, watch out for the bridges especially the cartinez the low had an new on us yesterday with offshore breeze bringing warm sunshine and the high pressure and the warmth is going to start to build in, today, and because airflows from high to low in the lower part of the atmosphere we will see a light breeze develop and weapon thely pressure is on top of us it will stop and we will see the warming tomorrow. mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay and morgan hill and gilroy 80 and 81 and a lost mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula, and redwood city and palo alto at 77, a few more clouds yesterday and mid-to-upper 60s and nearly 70 in downtown in south san francisco and sausalito and best chance for high cloud across the north bay and mid-to-upper 70s
5:49 am
from vallejo at 74 to santa rosa at 78 and napa and sonoma at 76 and mostly sunny along the east bay shoreline with richmond at 71 and 75 in san leandro and inland, san ramon pleasanton and conquer, brentwood at 79 and everyone else right around 80. my seven-day forecast shows a few more clouds tomorrow morning, but, we will still warm up a degree or two and same open thursday and the morning clouds go away and we accelerate with 70 at the coast this weekend, 80s away the bay and nearly 90 inland. great weather for fleet week. >> we have a big accident in the east bay that is causing delays if you travel southbound along the nimitz. it is located at marina boulevard and involving a big rig and two vehicles, possible injuries involve in the other two vehicles, not the big rig the it is causing slow downs as you labor oakland headed if san leandro. you can use san lenadro as the alternate and northbound 238 building and as you leave castro
5:50 am
valley. we will take you to the argument by at petaluma boulevard, southbound, along 101 a new accident, a car went off the roadway and hit a tree. we do have an ambulance headed to the scene and possible injuries. we have slowing approach ing lakeville highway southbound 101 through petaluma and the drive times, southbound, from santa rosa to petaluma, taking you 16 minutes and 580 westbound from castro valley to the maze the exception 238 you can see the speeds at 15 miles per hour, 101 from 280/680 split, highway 5, 16 minutes. >> at 6:00, an effort to stop possible coal shipments through oakland. >> and new details on the death of a pilot flying a passenger plane to boston. what we have learned. >> you need a flu shot now to
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>> you need a flu shot now to stay healthy through the winter.
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>> new details of the pilot with died in the middle an american flight from phoenix to boston. he has been identified as 57-year-old michael johnston, this photo shows he began the career with american west 25 years ago. a doctor on the flight said it appeared he had a heart attack. the first officer safely diverted the plane to syracuse, new york, and passengers did not
5:54 am
realize what happened until later. >> we not he wasn't feeling well but we had no idea he passed. it was extremely hocking. the f.a.a. said a crew death is rare with only eight pilots dying occurring the last 20 years. >> flu season is underway and doctors say it will be nasty. they are urging people to get vaccinated now because it take to weeks for the body to build up the immunity with outbreaks starting this month. last year's version did not work well mutating and left the vaccine out of scnc was going around and it will protect 50 percent to 60 percent of those who get a shop. it is recommended that everyone who is eversix months get the vaccine. >> now a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> i can't wait until they say, flu seven is nothing, do not
5:55 am
worry. that will never happen. south carolina shows the last four days, charleston, 10", but 16" of rain and they have had the issues. the low responsible is pulling away and hurricane joaquin is pulling away and it will calm. same for us, no flooding rain in southern california and mid-to-upper 70s in lossance and sunny 70 in lake tahoe. >> we are starting off with a stall in the south bay affecting the drive northbound along 101 up to the 280 and 680 split with the slowing ahead of you with showdowns that will reap to the nimitz and it clears to the airport to the east bay where this travel southbound 880 at marina boulevard is slow and that is because of an accident involving three vehicles, a big rig and two cars and you can see the delays use san leandro street as a good alternate. >> if you love the outdoors and want do give back to your
5:56 am
community today is the day to get involved. the napa county sheriff is looking for volunteers to help the search-and-rescue unit. duties include rescuing victims who are last or injured and volunteers must be at least 14 1/2 years and live or work in napa county. there is an open house tonight at 7:00 at the napa county sheriff on airport boulevard. >> a farmer in washington state thinks the best thing to do with pumpkins is to put it in a cannon and shoot it. cannon and shoot it. >> john thompson can fire a hundreds come to see him launch the pumpkins into the next county and said it is the only pumpkin cannon in the world. pumpkin cannon in the world. there could be another one in
5:57 am
>> our team will get ride on that. >> new at 6:00, apple customers report a problem with their new iphones. some of the models are literally too hot to touch. >> mass transit is rated for performance and one step is rated at the best in california. >> taking a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza and it does not look good. we are king to let you keep tabs on the weather and traffic on the weather and traffic through the entire commercial
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> develop news at 6:00, the all night effort to find a gunman in the north bay and with we have learn about shooting that left a person dead on a hiking trail.
6:00 am
>> the bay area transit station rated best in the state. >> good morning to you, i am here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> first up, we get you out the door with a cck on the weather forecast. >> thank you, nice to see you, grab a light coat you will need it, temperatures in the 50s to slow 60s with clouds but that is it, no fog showing up on live doppler hd and nothing at the golden gate bridge but a west wind at seven, and clouds are increasing through 9:00 and as we head through the 12 hour difficult planner we will stay in the mid-to-upper 60s and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and money 70s inland and a like jacket this evening. 60 at the coast and low 70s elsewhere. >> we starting off with a look from sky 7 and they are over 880 near marina boulevard we had an early accident involving a big rig with an ambulance behind it


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