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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. >> the search is on for a killer in marin county who gunned down 67-year-old ken carter on a popular hiking trail. abc 7 news reporter is live in fairfax with new details. >> reporter: dan and alma, still a very much active crime scene off of sir francis drake boulevard near the old railroad grade hiking trail. this is where the body was found about a hundred feet from the trail. tonight, zej dogs and deputies looking for his killer, requesting help from the public
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te to find the victim's stolen car. search and rescue dogs were looking for clues and the gun used in the murder of 67-year-old steve carter, shot and killed while walking his dog monday afternoon. >> sadly, the victim was actually still holding on to the leash of his brown dog who had also been shot. >> reporter: the dog survived and is being cared for at a vet hop. sheriff's officials say the victim's car is missing and was robly stolen after the killing. they're asking people to be on the lookout for a 2003 silver volkswagen jetta wagon. >> right now, we're considering anyone with that vehicle to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: he and his wife founded the ecstatic living center in lake county. a motive isn't known. until a suspect is caught, fair
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fax mayor is asking residents to be safe and use caution. >> we're so used to such our safe town. but we need to be extra careful and extra watchful and make sure we lock our doors. >> once again, we want to show you the license plate number of the stolen jeta. it is 6 ppg 662 with california plates. deputies tonight say that car could be anywhere in the bay area or beyond. i spoke with steve carter's brother who lives in fresno. he says the family is in shock tonight. they are requesting privacy. >> investigators believe kerry came to san francisco to attend the bluegrass festival. she was found near one of the stages.
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>> the information would help our investigators greatly because, as you can imagine, we don't want someone who committed a homicide running arnold our streets. and the family, as you can imagine, is distraught over the last of their daughter. >> media reports kerry took a break from law school to go on an extended trip through california. she was traveling alone. >> a mural honoring former school's superintendent was part of a mural. it's the same project where artist antonio ramos was shot to death last week during a break from painting. oakland police released this surveillance image yesterday. >> a large excavator killed a man in his 20s at a construction site in san jose today. he was working at a home building project. the excavator's large metal claw
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apparently slammed into it. cal osha is investigating. >> for the second day in a row, an airline pilot became ill mid fliekt. >> yesterday, it was an american airline's pilot who actually died. today, a flight diverted when the co-pilot got six. >> sky 7 hd was overhead when that plane finally landed. abc 7 news reporter joins us live from the airport with the latest. >> reporter: well, alma, yes, that plane was due in this morning. but the flight came in just after 1:00 this afternoon. airport officials say the united co-pilot passed out just one day after another airline pilot passed away. >> as you can see, united airlines flight landed safely,
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though late, at sfo this afternoon. with 177 passengers on board. there was a medical emergency mid-air and the boeing 787 was forced to divert. >> we saw fire -- multiple fire engines, police cars, ambulances, it was quite something. >> lori ferguson says it was then she and the other passengers were told the co-pilot had suffered a massive seizure. a doctor on board stepped in to help. >> what was going through your mind? >> well, i thought about what happened yesterday. it was a little scary. but everyone is staying so calm. >> yesterday, an american airlines pilot died on a flight from phoenix to boston, shocking those on board. but, yesterday, and today, there was praise for how the situation was handed. >> no problem. nobody felt fear. nobody felt nothing. very professional. >> aviation consultant says medical emergencies are one
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reason planes have two pilots in the cockpit. >> everything worked according to plan. the other pilot took over, handled the rest of the flight and declared the emergency, got everyone on the ground safely and got medical attention to his parter in. >> what happened in the skies this week is extremely rare. pilots undergo thorough physicals each year. >> we just hope and pray he aes okay. >> at sfo, abc 7 news. >> pg&e crews have capped a ruptured gas main. sky 7 hd was over as crews worked to cap the gas. it happened when a utility crew replacing old gas mains accidentally cut into an active line. the leak interrupted natural gas service for one customer in the neighborhood and that's it. >> the governor used historic backdrop today to enact some of
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theening strongest pay equity laws today. governor brown says it will strengthen the state's existing equal pay gap and help close the gender gap in the workplace. >> we're all in it together. and the stratification and the pay disparities in california and america, probably in the world, are something that really eats away at our whole society. >> supporters of the bill joined him on stage. rosey the riveter represents the american women who worked in shipyards during world war ii including one in richmond. >> a sunny vale school is under new leadership today. the board of directors a .ed dr. william overton. this comes after allegations surfaced in september that an 8-year-old student was molested there. the school fired the accused molester as well as two other
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employees. >> with predictions of a stormy el nino, preparing for a heavy rain. they've also been working only a pump station. as well as clearing the drains, the city is reaching out to the community to make sure people know what to do to stay safe in the event of heavy flooding. >> we certainly need heavy rain from this el nino. bu but we don't need the problems that we've seen around here. >> coming up, let's get our 5 0 accuweather update. >> i couldn't imagine a lovelier day. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. and you can see just how clear it is. there are some low clouds lingering well offshore. they'll start to make a move later this evening. right now, they'll look at clear skies.
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it's 67 degrees in san franci o francisco, san jose, 76 and 80 at morgan hill. 66 at half-moon bay. blue skies over the golden gate bridge right now. it's krntly 75 degrees and napa 73. 82 at fair field, 83 at liver more. and, as we look out just a little bit over ocean beach and beyond, here's our first forecast. we'll see clouds moving locally inland overnight. a little built of a morning chill in the north bay valleys. lows overnight would be in the low mid 50s. a fall beauty at the coast to mid 80 inlarnd. >> very good. thank, spencer rmt. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, chelsea clinton visits the bay area. >> with flooding still looming, the work of rebuilding is just gining.
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i'm in columbia with the latest coming up. >> i quit automatically. i was done. >> and new at 4:30, meet one very rich grandmother with the newest power ball winner plans to do with her money. >> and at 410, this is 101 with your southbound traffic that's all backed up there. this is just before you hit that
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>> the record rainfall has now killed at least 17 people in knot and south carolina. entire neighborhoods are underwater. even if the neighborhoa rain ha, prepare for more evacuations. >> take a look at this. in north carolina, a road just collapsed after a truck drove over it. no damage estimates are out, but officials say this disast ere could cost any amount of dollars. >> elizabeth hur, is live with the latest on this historic rain. >> yeah, right now, we are standing in front of one of those broken and closed off bridges here. and just one look at the swollen creek behind me just tells you why officials are still concerned. >> the potential for rising riffers to crest and flood is the new concern for authority ins south carolina reminding
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residents they are still not out of danger. >> the next 36-48 hours are going to be a time that we need to continue to be careful. >> already, from charleston to columbia, the flash flooding from the weekend toppled several dams. >> i went from water that was probably four inches below my knees to having water at waist level and rising within about 30 seconds. >> it's stranding hundreds of drivers, some still in shelters. >> i'm worried, but there's nothing i could do about it. >> after tuesday afternoon, nearly 500 roads across the states remain closed. but additional help is on the ground following a major disaster declaration from president obama. >> we had fema people up in the air right now doing assessments, trying to see the aerial views.
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we've got -- we will have fema people on the ground tomorrow doing assessments. >> where we are, we have structural buildings crumbling here. one across the street that has been completely gutted. just some examples of what those damage assessmented teams will be finding once on the ground starting tomorrow. >> all right, e luz beth, thank you so much. now, tho torrential rainings that swamped the carolinas was nearly 11 trillion gallons mplts it's about a third of the volume of lake tahoe and would fill nearly 130,000 rose bowls to the top. >> chelsea clinton spreading the word for young people.
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abc 7 news in san francisco today as she spoke to students. the message and the title of her book, get informed, get inspired and get going. chelsea is trying to mote violate young people to get more politically and socially engaged. >> i know there are so many kids interested in changing the world and want to know what they can do to help the world be more what they see. >> chelsea clinton graduated, as you may remember, from stanford. speaking of talented, unique kids, an 11-year-old boy combined music and sports to show often his unique skill on jimmy kimmel. ♪ >> that's not easy. jonathan kicked a soccer ball while he was playing george michael's careless whisper on his sax phone. jonathan was discovered on
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youtube. you can catch jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> i love the picture of george michael in the background. and the fact that he chose a song that clearly came out much before his time. >> that's true. that's got to take a lot of practice. >> spencer is checking our weather. >> gorgeous, in fact. fall has arrived in a big way. >> fall has arrived in summer fashion. and we like it. well, most of us do. here's a look at doppler 7 hd. a little push at us during the evening. at the moment, we're looking at blue skies from our rooftop camera here at abc 7. we see low clouds returning overnight. there will be warmer days ahead and it will be sucher like at the beaches. on we go. satellite radar ensuring large ridge of high pressure that's briding in here. that will be a dominant feature of the next seven days.
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it's a quiet fall pattern, those disturbances are headed directly into the bay area. notice the temperatures will peek over the next few days at around 91 degrees on friday dropping off just a degree or two on saturday and sunday and bouncing back up to 92 and 93 degrees there. meanwhile, another look at what aes going on at sea. there's a lot of rainfall moving up towards the northwest towards the coast of british columbia. our high pressure ridge is norming a blocking pattern. so the showers will move north of us, not toward the bay area. we will remain high and dry, you might say. and it would be mild to warm over the next several days. overnight, low clouds lurking offshore to push out locally over the bay and into a few inland spots.
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little cooler in valleys than in most other locations. and then tomorrow, look for lots of autumn sunshine in the south bay with high temperatures ranging from upper 70s to mid 80s. 82 in los gados. on the peninsula, 75. on the coast, 6 9 in pacifica. highs in and around texas reach from upper 60s to low 70s, about 72 downtown. 72 in the sunset district. 80 in santa rosa. sonoma, 77. on to the east bay, highs of 74. 79 castro valley. and inland, highs 82. 84 at antioch and livermore. temperatures will peek in our inland areas on friday and drop off a few degrees saturday and sunday and bounce back up to about 90 on tuesday. so a nice stretch of mild to
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warm weather which is not unusual for us in early autumn. let's embrace it now because things can change quickly. >> coming up next, families lost everything they owned. even children were affected. how one woman is trying to bring smiles to their faces. >> and new after 4:30, tom hanks, the nice guy. why he's on a mission to look for a specific student. >> and let's take a look outside as you look at the san mateo bridge live. not too bad for a tuesday. alma and i will continue right after this.
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freak week is in full swing this weekend. sky 7 hd was over moffit field when the osprey held a training exercise involving several branchs of the military. the osprey is unique as it combines the functions of a helicopter and a plane. >> firefighters hope to have a fire contained tonight thrweeks after it started. >> cornell bernard introduces you to the bike angel. >> just days after the fire began, candy packed up her own mini van and started hauling donations to those who lost their homes in lake county. especially the kids. >> i just want them to be forgotten. >> candy went to work on social media using her own facebook
4:24 pm
page to start collecting bikes for kids and acults. there were plenty of requests. >> these are all children. >> two weeks ago, candy delivered about two dozen bikes to middletown. it was a great day. but there weren't enough bikes to go around. >> i had to turn away 25 children. and i promised them i would come back. >> so candy put out the call again and this time people responded big time. many offering to transport donated bikes to lake county themselves. the remarkable effort has earned her a new nickname. >> i cried tears of joy because they're calling me a bike angel. >> everybody needed something. and, at that time, bikes seems hopeful. that's going to be what gets them to work and school when everything opens back up. >> on saturday, candy hopes to deliver 500 bikes to lake
4:25 pm
county. >> i promised them. and a lot of people are making my promise come true. that's the best part. it's a miracle unfolding in middletown. >> candy could still use more bike donations. we have a link to her facebook page on our web site. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> well, abc 7 news at 4:00 continues today. you're going to hear from the families of former inmates who are accusing deputies of beating and tortures them. >> plus, caught on video. a california mother beaten by officers. what she says caused this violent attack. and later. >> the greatest thing is when you do put your heart and soul into something over an extended period of time and it is worth it. >> an abc news exclusive. never-before-seen video of steve jobs showing
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checking the headlines where you live today, deputies on the lookout for a gunman who shot and killed a man just out walking his dog. steve carter was a well-known yoga therapist in lake county. he was found shot to death last night in the preserve just outside fairfax. his dog was also shot, but survived. california now has one of
4:29 pm
the strongest pay equity laws in the nation. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted this picture you see here of governor brown who signed it into law today. brown said this is a bill and occasion where we've all come together. in san jose, the city auditor wants more police recruits, especially minorities. report ere david louis tweeted the des naigss today. as we first reported last night, former inmates have filed a federal civilwide lawsuit. they're charging that they were beaten and tortured by deputies. today, their families spoke out. abc 7 news reporter vick lee spoke exclusively and joins us live at the jail in santa rosa. >> well, family members of inmates read letters describing beatings in that jail. over there, now the sheriff has already denied that excessive force was used.
4:30 pm
but the attorney says that means nothing because the sheriff, in his memory, has never, ever s substantiated any claim of excessive force in his jail. >> they beat me until i [bleep] my pants. i was trying to get off in that i couldn't reach. >> a letter read from her brother, jesus, who says he was beaten mercilessly may 28th in the max numb security unit. >> he stayed on his bed, and yeah, he buried his head. he didn't want them to come in. but he did. he was beaten. >> lorie's son spoke earlier exclusively to abc 7 news. >> guys in black came in. they were all wearing masks and [bleep] and telling them that it's their house. and that they can beat us. >> and they proceeded down the tier.
4:31 pm
one locked room after another. opening them, entering them. multiple deputies. >> some two dozen inmates wrote letters saying they were systematically beaten one by one. the attacks lasting 5 1/2 hours. it started when one of them got into an argument with the deputy. the rest, they say, were then beaten when they protested. sheriff steve fredis responded by e-mail saying he'll investigate. but that we categorically deny the outrageous and inflammatory accusations. he says deputies were responding to the actions of a seemingly koord nated mass disturbance by inmates. >> what's the riot? what's the riot? the complaint to individual cells. and all of these people were handcuffed before the beatings began. >> the sheriff has video of the incident which he says will show the truth. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> a southern california mother has filed a federal lawsuit
4:32 pm
including police officers of a brutal beating caught on video. this is the scuffle between 40-year-old cindy haan and officers that happened back in 2013. haan and her attorney say the confrontation happened after she called the nonemergency police phone number to complain about how rude one officer had spoken to her. the same officer later pulled her over for an alleged seat belt violation. and that's when she found herself pinned to the ground. >> black eyes, huge knot on the side of my head. it looked hike your hand was out. >> i was reaching for him for help. what he did next, i have a lot of issues with memory from the blow. >> in the suit, haan says those memory problems appear to be permanent. city officials say there are more to the incident than what is captured on have video.
4:33 pm
the coast gard found degree from the ship 96 hours after it lost contact. so far, no reports of survivors. there were 28 americans and five polish nationals on board. >> america's newest multimillion their is a very lucky factory worker from michigan. today, the winner shared the story of how she found out that she won, as well as what she plans to do now. abc news reporter has the story. >> her dream of millions of hopeful lottery playerings finally comes true for 50-year-old julie leech. the sole winner for 310 million tlars bought heretic et at this dpas gas station in three rivers michigan. >> oh,i quit automatically. i was done.
4:34 pm
>> but she didn't quit as soon as she could have. she waited until her lunch break to check her numbers. >> i was having a really bad night at work. thought i might as well check my numbers. i didn't belief it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other co-workers and just coulden believe it. >> leech is taking the lump sum, about $140 million after taxes. so what will she do with all of that cash? a little house shopping. leech says she will stay in michigan and buy up property for her family. >> i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things i had to deal with over life. i just want to make it a good life for them. >> and there may be a marriage proposal in her future from her partner of 36 years. >> i said he'd have to sign a pre-nup now. >> lee says she has hired an
4:35 pm
attorney and a financial advisor who will help her manage the money. >> that is really great. >> it is. absolutely. well, coming um on abc 7 news at 4:00, after tom hanks takes to social media to find a student. what he wants to return to her. >> i'm spencer christian, camera looking west ward, a mainly blue sky. we'll get some low clouds overnight and i'll have the 5:00 ewe weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> let's take a live rook outside as you look at highway 101. it's getting busy out there, but it is still moving along fairly well. stay with us. we'll be back. >> and, more than 700 jobs are up for grans tomorrow at the abc job journal higher event. it's at the hilton garden inn from noon until 4:00 p.m. the event is free.
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check it out, a plane spotter captured this video landing at birmingham's airport. look at what the vortices do. that is really a cool aimening. >> yeah, it really is. well, it's also always nice when a stranger finds and returns something that you've lost. it's even a bigger thrill when
4:39 pm
that stranger is a hollywood star. >> well, it is. tom hanks found a wallet in the park and is trying to get it back to her. but, so far, no word yet from lauren. >> it will get to her. >> yeah, it will. >> give it time. >> and she'll be surprised. >> yes, definitely. well, we shouldn't be surprised. it's october and we're having nice weather. >> good flight. perfect weather for a fleet week. the skies are clear, temperatures in the mild range. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds offshore. let's take a look at the tropical pacific where a category one storm with maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour is centered well east of the big island of hawaii. it's suspected track is north, northeastern over the next several days weakening to a tropical low as it approaches the coast of british columbia.
4:40 pm
it could be a big rainmaker, but it will not be a hurricane in the northern waters where it's much cooler. across the contiguous 48 states, a few showers over the central and southern rockies. across the state of california, sunny and dry conditions. it will be mild to warm with highs in the mid 80s from chico to sacramento to fresno. 82 in los angeles. here, in the bay area, mild to warm. highs ranging from 70 at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay. and for the next seven days, we'll see a gradual warming trend. and then it will drop off a few degrees over saturday and sunday over the weekend and temperatures will bounce wback o about 90 degrees. dan and alma? >> thank you so much, spencer. >> outstanding. a reminder, when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using hash tag abc 7 now.
4:41 pm
we're going to show it on air or at >> never-before-seen video of steve jobs. the softer side of the former apple ceo. >> plus, a mother's confrontation on a plane with a flight attendant for using a breast pump. >> 7 on your side, the fallout today after two popular fantasy web sites are accused
4:42 pm
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apple co-founder steve jobs died four years ago yesterday. abc 12 has obtained exclusive video showing the softer side of the ceo as two new movies critical of him hit theaters. >> reporter: it's steve jobs as you've never seen him. in frank conversations with his colleagues at apple. >> the greatest thing is when you do put your heart and soul into something over an extended period of time and it is worth it. >> reporter: an inspirational visionary who undeniably changed our world. jobs continues to fascinate. even after his 2011 death at the
4:45 pm
age of 56. na demanding, creative, touched with genius. the personal computer, the ipod and the iphone can now be seen on screen in two films. the documentary steve jobs, the man and the machine. >> he told me we were paid 700 and he brought me a check for 350. and that hurts because we were friends. >> you have three weeks. universal was created in a third of that time. >> on the fourth anniversary of jobs' passing, apple showed employees this rare footage obtained exclusively by abc news. >> i want you all to go into one of our retail stores n the next 8-10 weeks and just give one of the apple retail stoer employees a hug. [ applause ] >> a candid steve jobs. >> my theory of management is
4:46 pm
the beatles. >> deflecting credit for apple's success by citing his favorite band. >> together,they helped amplify each other's really good tendencies. and that's true of any team. and we've got a really great team here at apple. >> thanking them for their work on the iphone the day before its release. >> and i think anybody that's made their work is going to feel it's worth it. >> and even addressing an employee's inquiry about the history behind those ripped jeans. >> there's no history. they're just old. like me. but i'm very comfortable in them. and there's no excuse. [ laughter ] >> chris connolly, abc news, los angeles. >> yoko ono, the widow of john lenin helped to put together this attempt at creating the world's largest human peace
4:47 pm
sign. more than 2,000 turned out. the gattering happened in new york's central park to honor lenin's 75th birthday. he was shot outside his apartment builting in 1980. the crowd included ageing hippies and school children not yet born. >> a mother is demanding changes after she says she was scalded for using a breast pump in an airplane bathroom. she says she warned passengers in line she'd take a while. but a flight attendant twice interrupted her. first, asking if she was okay and then demanding she stop doing whatever she was doing and then come out. >> i just needed to pump. i got it. i got it. >> you needed to have told us that you were going that. >> i don't want her to get fired.
4:48 pm
i want her to retrain. >> american airlines has apologized and said that that woman would be retrained. >> espn is dropping its fantasy sports segments. >> this is an amazing story thchlt is really going to get big. espn says it will drop all selgmentes sponsored by draft kings. the action comes after allegations that an employee used insider information to win big jackpots. draft kings says it will ban its employees from playing fantasy sporpts for skash. the industry is largely unregulated but that should change says one congressman from new jersey. how is it different from sports betting? why? because you call it fancy? >> draft kings and its rival took in a combine $60 million during the first week of the nfl season.
4:49 pm
espn says its decision to drop sponsored segments is day by day pending further investigation. >> you might classify this under the word embarrassing. an airlines lost luggage of its own ceo. was traveling to a conference in washington, d.c. the luggage was returned the next day. alaska has a guarantee that luggage will be in passenger's hands within 20 minutes. the airline, under its own policy, must now compensate $25 towards a future fight or give him 2500 reward miles. if you've ever had a mort gang, you know reading the fine print is more complicated than learning latin. it just got a little easier. new rules are in effect to reduce how much paperwork is involved. lenders have to give home buyers just two forms clearly detailing the terms of their loan. it should make it easier for
4:50 pm
borrowers to compare one loan to another and one lender to find the very best terms and rates. they've been working on this for about a year. this is going to be very, very good. >> well, if you crave egg mcmuffins for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and who doesn't, mcdonalds launched its all daybreak fast today in a bid to boost its business, of course. but mcgriddle sandwiches and big breakfast platers are off the daytime menu. mcdonalds is competing with star bucks and that taco bell. >> exercise mill pills may be in your future. >> well, it sounds too good to be true. and, for now, it is. but what are the benefits of exercise if they could be packed into a pill. now, scientistings are beginning to develop exercise pills that shows some potential, according
4:51 pm
to two new papers. the pills are only successful in reproducing some of the positives like increasing blood flow and making bones stronger. for now, the pills can help reach exercise goals faster, but you still have to do the work. >> research shows that face time, actual time spent with someone is the best way to fend off the blues. the study in the journal of the american geriatric society says there are benefits to some people. exercise can slow the ageing process. fitness can expand card cardiopulmonary capacity. card owe capacity could be 60% higher than lower fit people. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> up next, a marine. one of many people who lost a home in lake county valley fire. how the v.a. is coming forward to help his family.
4:52 pm
>> that's in a moment. and cheryl jennings is in the news room with what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the push for safer street ins san hoe sea. what tngd take to get more police on patrol. >> find out who scored an a and who got an
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. >> abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month. we recognize rose abadore for more than 30 years. providing zfss and job placement assistance to thousands of people in the bay area. more details on instagram.
4:56 pm
nearly 1300 homes were destroyed in the valley fire in lake county. we've seen how communality groups are stepping up to help. and, in certain cases, the community includes the government. how the v.a. is helping a military family. >> september 12, 2015 is a day no one in lake county will ever forget. that was the day the valley fire started. staff sergeant ben son lived in the community of hidden valley lake just outside of middle town with his two daughters and eight months pregnant wife, sarah. >> the day that we find out officially that our house has burned down, was a couple days, three days after. and it was just devastating. this is a pigture of their home. everything was destroyed. they moved into a nearby hotel as insurance worked on getting them a rental home. but like many men and women, staff ser gent moved forward
4:57 pm
reporting every day to marine recruiting officer. >> we noticed a change in him. but he was trying to go about business. he was trying to take care of it himself. and that's not the way we do things. >> he heard about the staff sergeant's situation and reached out to other military advocacy groups. so far,far, $2,000 has been don along with cloeting. >> we're willing to give to others and help them. so it's a different feeling to be on the other end. but there's so many people helping us, it's unbelievable. >> we're very grateful. >> the nonprofit is helping out the family and collecting donations. you can go to our web site to find out how you can help. in palo alto, matt keller. >> and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> we don't want someone who committed a homicide running around our streetings. >> it coincided with last weekend's hardly strictly bluegrass festival. and, tonight, someone trying to figure out why someone killed a canadian tourist. >> and this is a very important milestone. >> the state has the country east most aggressive law for equal pay for equal work. >> what it could take to get more police out on patrol. >> another terrific fall day. but i'm tracking warmer air and it will soon feel like a taste of summer. the numbers ahead in 5:accuwea r accuweather. >> live from the bod krast center, this is abc 7 news. >> police released this picture today of audrey kaye. they want to know if anybody saw her in golden gate park last weekend.
4:59 pm
now, police are searching for her killer. thanks for joining us. >> this tragic discovery was right in the middle of a thr three-day bluegrass festival. we want to go with the very latest on this story. >> reporter: i was talking to a neighbor who came through here on saturday and she says that the crime scene investigators were in this area saturday morning. police say 23-year-old audrey kerry was found in the wooded area face down and she may have been beaten to death. according to her friends in canada, the 23-year-old was visiting san francisco for her first time. she was here for the popular bluegrass festival. her friends say she took a break from law school to tour through california for a month. someone called 9-1-1 when they found her body here this morning. >> they located a female who was deceased and had some apparent
5:00 pm
trauma to her body. >> kerry was pronounced dead at the scene. police had not said how long she had been here. so far, her parents have not talked to canadian media. but they did tell investigators she was here alone. she was found about half a mile from where stages were set up for this weekend's festival. >> the roads were closed, but there were thousands of people walking on all of the paths, through the trees, out to the buss. a lot of people take public trabs poration. so they're just coming in from all around. >> she says lots of people likely camped in golden gate park friday and saturday night. >> they have backpacks and camping gear and whatnot. so i'm sure there's plenty of people that sort of camp here for the whole weekend. >> unfortunately, this is an area with no surveillance cameras. they're in the initial steps. if anyone recognizes audrey, investigators would li t


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