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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a woman with dreadlocks and described as dirty and they do not have a good image of the third person but residents say these three people were acting strangely. police want to talk abut the killing of 67-year-old steve carter. he is here with his wife. he was slot and killed while hiking outside of fairfax with has residents thing twice about safety. i thought of going for a hike and i thought a woman alone should not do that but for an older man and a dog it is weird. >> authorities look for the victim's car and asking you to look out for 2003 silver volkswagen jetta license plate 6pp2662 possibly stolen after the killing. if you have information about the people or the car the marin
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county sheriff would love to hear from you. carter's dog was shot during the attack but the dog survived and is being cared for at an animal hospital. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed a woman in the ten december line. it happened at an apartment building on mason street at 8:00, the woman was found with gunshot wound dying at the scene. officers located a "person of interest" at the scene and took them in for questioning. >> a fatal shooting in oakland that took place after 7:30 last night, near east 19th. police say a man died at the scene with no information on the suspect. >> a homeowner trying to save money may end up having to pay after trying to cut down 130' tree by himself. the mill valley map had to call for help after the pine shifting dangerously close to power lines and three homes. the neighbors near the home on marin were evacuated from the area and firefighters and
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arbourists spent five years securing the tree, call in a large tow truck and brought it down of the neighbors say the family who bought the property have been working to improve it. >> it is expensive is a professional but it is more expensive when it does not go well. a lot more expensive. >> initial estimate was around $2,000 but now they have removed the free in an emergency situation it will cost around $,000 for the home owner. >> the person hit and killed by a caltrain was on the tracks illegally in burlingame after 7:00 last night. on passengers were on the train. no one was hurt. this is the 4th incident on the tracks the past two weeks. no one was seriously hurt in any of the other incidents. >> major reversal in breast cancer in marin county once the highest in the world and now at the lowest level. a study by cancer prevention institute finds 31 percent drop in new breast cancer cases since
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2001. deaths in the county dropped by 6 1%. since 1998. >> marin county cancer rates are average for the state the janet o will join us at the top of the hour with what is thought to be behind the drop. >> a third bay area city is telling with bedbugs in a library and will be closed after staff fund a period bug on a chair. the expire library has to be cleaned and check by bedbug sniffing dogs, the third week in a row they have been found in libraries. palo alto and berkeley closed the libraries because of the infastation and they have been cleaned and re-opened. >> the district attorney investigating police abuse of force during the umpqua community college mass shooting will release a report in a few hours. the news conference follows an investigation into the exchange of gunfire between officers and the gunman that authorities say ultimately led to the suicide.
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republican presidential contender dr. ben carson is criticized for comments on gun control after the shooting. stehpanie breaks down the controversy and shows how carson's rivals are digging in. >> good morning, g.o.p. white house hopeful ben carson is making bold statements when it comes to gun tries from arming kindergarten teachers. >> dr. ben carson with his style is leading in the polls and now topping headlines for gun control. >> gun control only works for normal law-abid citizens. >> when asked how he would react sitting in class at oregon community college with the shooter pointing a gun at him? >> i would not stand there and let him shoot me the i on say, remain attack him, he may shoot me but he cannot get us all. >> he is called insensitive and on fox he said he wasn't judging the victims. >> i want to plant the seed in people's minds so if this
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happens again they don't all get killed. >> the association representing federal law enforcement officers said dr. ben carson's commends could seem reckless but actually have great merit. >> volkswagen's new c.e.o. announced a recall on the cars that cheat emission tests starting in job and will fix all 11 million vehicles an the world by the end of next year. today is the deadline for vacation wagon to set out a time line on ensuring the cars meet united states emission standards without using software designed to cheat fests. german regulators gave volkswagen until today for a plan, with the c.e.o. saying most cases the software upgrade fixes the problem but some vehicles will need new injectors. >> the valley fire is 100 percent contained. it started these weeks ago. the fire burned 118 square miles and killed four people. it destroyed 2,000 structures.
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over 1,000 of the structures were homed. crews say the flames started in a shed in cobb and investigators are trying to determine what sparked it. >> pg&e is facing the second lawsuit over the butte fire naming pg&e and the contractor trees incorporated, for not properly maintaining brush near power lines. the official cause is still "under investigation." a lawsuit filed last week named pg&e and the company as defendants. the fire kill two people, destroyed 475 homes, and burned hundreds of other buildings in calaveras county. >> san francisco property owners are breathing a sigh of relief that required landlords to pay $50,000 if relocation fees to evicted tenants. the fees exceed the reasonable assistance authorized by ellis act which allows landlords to evict tenants when they decide to leave rental business. >> cost of using water is going
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up in pleasanton raising rates 6.7 percent. the agency household will see the monthly bill go up by $5. the city council is raising sewer rates by 3 percent starting next week. >> right now it is time to check with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast and another warm day. >> a little bit above average for some of us. we start in the inland east bay neighborhood and pleasanton is 61 degrees. pittsburg is 60. this is usually where our early riser and commuters begin so i show you the temperatures. mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere and if you head to oakland it is 60 and same in san francisco and waking up in novato it is chilly and hard to evening what up at 50 degrees with the windows open. we have low-to-mid 60s around hayward and mountain view and san jose. sfo shows the clouds will be more numerous, and i am expecting flight delays. if you are were watching my twitter i will have that.
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inland east bay, warm again, low-to-mid 80s. partly cloudy at coast and san francisco and not so breezy as yesterday. around the bay the pres react, and up to 80 in san jose and santa rosa. the next three days we hit the mid-to-upper 70s in san francisco and low-to-mid 80s an the peninsula and money 80s elsewhere but east bay is an 90. the let of the weekend forecast is. coming up. leyla? >> fog free and nice drive from marin to san francisco and the golden gate bridge does not have traffic and no zipper truck yet. i will let you know if theys expand southbound lanes but traffic is height. moving and san jose the drive here pulling interest downtown san jose along northbound 87 near julian street the traffic is also light and accident free with no accidents to report this morning. we have construction and if you are traveling from the east bay to get to the bay bridge to san francisco, westbound side, from treasure island to the western span we will have a couple left
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lanes and it will mush you off to the right-hand side and that could slow things down a little bit but that will wrap up in the next hour or so in the hour, eastbound side of the bay bridge, 4th street to treasure island, if you are leaving san francisco you fine the construction crews and slow for the cone zone. >> the warriors plan for arena in san francisco clears a huge hurdle. the major support it has this morning. robert pulls a gun on a subway customer and wait until you see what happens next caught on what happens next caught on camera.
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:41. two young men face grand theft for stealing a cash box from a baseball tournament in san jose. the to men drove off after
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taking the money. a witness followed them and gave their location to the police. officers arrested the pair and recovered nearly $1,300. >> a subway contractor in portland is making headlines after giving a be woulder a little more than bargained for. check out this crazy encounter. the suspect robbed the cashier, stuffed wads of cash in the pocket and walked beyond the customer but not is fast. the customer threw a couple of punches and was able to recover $40 from the robber before he took off. >> the warriors have scored a big win off the court. a key opponent against the arena in san francisco in mission bay has changed its mind. alan wang explains why there is a sudden change of heart by ucfs. >> we have reached an agreement with the city of san francisco and ucfs. audit deal calls for $10 million transportation improvement fund paid for by proceeds from the new arena. it would fund traffic control in the mission bay neighborhood during events.
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>> it is tell for the let of the city because it guarantees this will be grid look from 101 all the way through san francisco to 280. >> opponents worry that patients and hospital employees will not be able to get to the new medical center across the street. if that happens the warriors have agreed to hold no more than 12 even as year that coincide with giants home gains at at&t park. the plan calls for dozens of traffic control officers along with special lanes dedicated to vehicle found for the hospital. >> the reality is, there are 220 planned events at the proposed warriors arena and that means an event every other day that will set disrupt traffic. >> the agreement does not mark the end of the battle. the project still needs to pass environmental reveal and it needs support from several city commissions including the board of supervisors.
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>> the nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to three scientists and one has roots in the bay area. they were recognized for work on studies of d.n.a. repair and one is a stanford graduate with a ph.d and the announcements continue with it ature tomorrow, the peace prize on friday, and the economics award on monday. so if to hear stanford's name, usually we get a couple, and a few from berkeley. >> she has -- all her berkeley friends are cringing right now. they are screaming. >> there betting be a huge donation coming in the mail to berkeley. >> i love donating other people's money. >> welcome back. good to see you. >> we have not seen matt for a while. we are warming things up.
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>> baby steps. good morning, everyone, a look at the golden gate bridge with a light wind at five miles per hour. they are not be quite so thick clouds as yesterday but they will come in faster. here is a look at san jose, you can see it is cloudy at 101 and 880 and this is the backdrop to talk about high clouds and sunshine today. the slow warming trend continues and you will barely notice it at all. by the time we get to the end of the week we will be like, without, it is warm. it will be so slow until we get there you may not notice and we are watching the storm track and it is still staying to the north. right new, clouds along the coast and some of the clouds are filling in with a few low clouds and a lot of high clouds transitioning to high clouds in the afternoon. we have a hilt bit of an onshore breeze and the rest of us are
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light and variable. the area of low pressure is moving away through arizona and now we have the high pressure that knows its way into our business overnight and bringing us the gradual warming trend and look at this moisture, just a ton of moisture and with the counter-clockwise flow it will stay to the north of us so we will under a quiet pattern. in your neighborhood, in the south bay, today, we hit 80 in san jose. warmer than that, low 80s around cupertino and los gatos and mid-80s in morgan hill and gilroy. up the peninsula, mostly sunny and mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae at 72 and partly cloudy along the coast and warming to 70 and crash the low 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and the best chance for high clouds across the north bay, mid-70s to 80 questionings and vallejo is 76. the east by shoreline has increasing sunshine southbound and eastbound so castro valley and fremont are warmest at 79, and oakland is 75 and the last
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stop inland east bay, low-to-mid 80s, comfortable and no need for air conditioning. here is the seven-day forecast, a little bit bigger jump tomorrow and friday and we could pull the temperatures back a hilt bit because the clouds could be more numerous in the morning, but no affect. >> speaking of fleet week we will have changes in schedule with the ferries and i will let you know next report. right now i will show you the current conditions at the san mateo bridge, the drive is only 1 minutes between 880 and 101 on the peninsula. moving over to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, to the north, coming in from richmond to the tolls, not seeing too many vehicles and across it will only take you five minutes to make it to the north bay and 101 is clear through into san francisco. when you are there, we have a report of a fire scene off of the street visible from northbound and southbound 280 so there is possible fire activity off of the freeway.
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as you come in from daly city, it is affecting traffic -- not at all. mostly green to the dog patch to king street and it will only take you nine minutes. drive time traffic, 580 westbound, already 38 minutes and everything else is clear and accident free. >> two days after twitter names jacked dorsey as new c.e.o. they have a new feature "moments," which is collection of tweets accessible by clicking a bottom bar of twitter which are easy to digest stories put together by twitter employees in san francisco and new york. the company will hand over content criminal to everyone. >> heads up for linkedin users, the company could owe you a lot of money. >> linkedin will pay up. >> they will pay $13 million for the federal class action lawsuit over spam after sending messages
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to everyone on user e-mail contact list and then two follow cups. >> users two receive $1,500. >> microsoft has a new laptop calls the surface book with 13.5" screen and detaxable keyboard. microsoft has a new fitness tracker called band two, goes on sale at the end of the month. what did you get when you combine a smart 15 with a mini robot? it look like a child moves toy and can do anything from maybe calls send mails mails and playc and i am waiting for the one that cooks dinner and does laundry. >> that is what you have a husband for. >> teens are spending more and more time on the internet with a more time on the internet with a new health concern.
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>> breaking news from chicago, take a look at this picture, firefighting going on, and firefighters battling a three-alarm fire at a church, shrine of christ the king church and you can see the smoke and flames are billowing out of the roof that broke out at 50 minutes ago. in are no reports of injury at this time. in is a hard time fighting this and they are concerned about exposure to the school next to the church so you can see a lot of manpower there with paramedics ready to go certainly. we are waiting to see if there are any injuries. hopefully not. we will keep you posted on the fire. and the results. keep it tuned to abc7. >> a colony of fire ants banned
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together using claws and jaws and a sticky oil to be a floating raft. the queen and larvae are safe and can stay like this for several days but need to reach land. >> if the teen son or daughter spends more than 1 hour as day on the internet, a day, not a week, their health could be at risk of the a study shows teens would spent a huge amount time on-line could be at risk of developing high blood pressure. it is permit young people take regular breaks from computer or smartphone and take part in physical activity by limiting internet use to two hours a day, five days a week, the study is published in the school of nursing. >> fleet week preparations continue with new vessels in the bay area. >> tell you can expect to see the blue angels in the sky training. >> 15 blue angel members took to the friday iron visiting the raiders practice facility. pilots joined the team and met the players and coaches and had
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lunch at the facility. >> each thought the other was a big hero. >> who is more daring, going across the line or flying in the sky? >> who would be hurt the worst, the big guys flying in the plane or getting hit by a lineman? >> here is a look at our forecast for the expire state. mid-80s through the central valley and getting clear and warmer to the south and 77 in san diego and 82 in los angeles economy sunshine in machine tray and 72. and it looks like when you watch the track of the dominant area of high pressure building over us with the clockwise flow it will steer to the north and we will have clouds this weekend but any beneficial rain will stay in the pacific northwest. leyla? >> we are starting off with a look at mass transit. we have 32 trains running on time. for fleet week we have ferries
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that are on an altered schedule for service on friday. blue angels will impact the ridership so check with the transit company and do not get stuck. ace train anybody one is running on time at the moment and we will take you into the south bay. it looks like we have all green. top speed up to the san jose airport, 280, highway 85, no delays. kristen and matt? >> san francisco mayor lee and oakland musharraf are spearheading a campaign to raise the minimum wage across the state increasing to $11 in 2017 and up a dollar a year until it reaches $15 in 2021. >> the most important thing is being fair. fair to everyone. everyone in the state. >> did you know that nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers in california are women struggling to support thai families. california has two million
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children living in poverty. >> supporters are working to get the initiative on the 2016 november ballot. >> a california woman is use cooging police officers of a brutal petitioning caught on camera, where the 2013 scuffle between the 40-year-old and the officers. she and her attorney say the confrontation happened after she called the nonemergency police number to complain an officer was rude to her. the same officer later pulled her over for a seatbelt violation and that is when she found herself pinned to the ground. >> black eyes, huge knot on th side of my head. >> i reached to him for help. i have a lot of issues with memory from the blow. >> she said her memory problems appear to be permanent, and city officials say there is more to the incident than video. >> a sailing trip ran into
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trouble in san diego much the couple were celebrating when the buck was stuck on a sand bar yesterday morning. mike ended up swimming to sure to get help. police and lifeguards waded through the water to rescue and the couple was very cool, but they are safe. a memorable way to spend the anniversary. >> hillary clinton is still popular here in california. next at 5:00, a new poll could give her reason to worry. >> california is about to take the lead again in fighting climate change. a bill being signed by governor a bill being signed by governor brown will
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning, and thanks for joining us on wednesday, october 7. i am matt keller. warming up and meteorologist mike nicco has the full details for the neighborhood. mike? good morning, temperatures in the 50s. thanks to the cloud cover. we are the same as yesterday and maybe more. notice no fog. because of the high clouds. a few low clouds along the coast. we see if they are moving in. they will but not enough to cause us issues. you can see from sutro tower. the telephone hour day planner, mid-to-upper 50s, sun raise at 7:10. we will transition to high clouds at noon. at 4:00 we are all high clouds and sunshine and a degree or two warmer than yesterday. here is leyla? >> we are starting off with a nice clear view of the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is flow nice. if you are maki


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