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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning, and thanks for joining us on wednesday, october 7. i am matt keller. warming up and meteorologist mike nicco has the full details for the neighborhood. mike? good morning, temperatures in the 50s. thanks to the cloud cover. we are the same as yesterday and maybe more. notice no fog. because of the high clouds. a few low clouds along the coast. we see if they are moving in. they will but not enough to cause us issues. you can see from sutro tower. the telephone hour day planner, mid-to-upper 50s, sun raise at 7:10. we will transition to high clouds at noon. at 4:00 we are all high clouds and sunshine and a degree or two warmer than yesterday. here is leyla? >> we are starting off with a nice clear view of the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is flow nice. if you are making it in the
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westbound direction we have early construction and that is actually clear but we still have construction downstairs if you are leaving san francisco and headed into the east bay you will find the project is going to last until approximately 6:00 so eastbound side of 4th street to treasure island, slow for the cone zones and drive safe. >> thank you, major health news this morning for women in marin county after decades of mysteriously high blest cancer rates there is dramatic improvement. janet o is in the newsroom with details. >> breast cancer rates are at the lowest level in marin county. it used to be the highest in the world, in the late knew thiss and early 23000, the rates increased. post menopausal hormone use was found to have a strong correlation to breast cancer diagnosis. since being reported the rates have declined. the cancer prevention institute of california reports a 31 percent drop in new breast
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cancer cases since 2001. related deaths in the county dropped by 65 percent since 1988. researchers say other risk factors included women waiting longer to have children. >> we take you back to chicago where we are following a breaking news story of a massive fire engulfing a historic church on the south side. firefighters are having trouble working against the three-alarm fire at the christ the king catholic church. we will keep you posted and tweet the latest. >> investigators are hunting for a man and woman who are person persons in the murder of a well-known yoga instructor. 67-year-old steve carter was walking the dog and he was gunned down. security cameras at a store captured two of the three
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"persons of interest" the man at the register with a hat and backpack and the second a woman with descried looks described as being "dirty." there were no clear images of the man believed a third "person of interest" in the case. >> governor brown the take the next step to battle climate change and sign a landmark pressure to boost the renewable electricity use to 50 percent. the bill also included efforts to double energy ever tocy by 2030. the governor announced he would drop the provision to cut use in half of petroleum. the governor is scheduled a 10:30 a.m. news conference. >> presidential hopeful hillary clinton in the poll is still holding a comfortable lead whoever her closest democratic rival in california but the lead is slipping. 47 percent of d primary voters support clinton which is down from 66 percent in may and vermont senator sanders has surged in the polls climbing from 9 percent to 35 percent in the same period.
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vice president biden is getting 15 percent and a distant third but he has not decided whether he will run. nationally, hillary clinton has 42 percent of support in the polls compared with sanders at 25 percent. >> a hearing in san francisco on how to eliminate challenges and buryers for women in the workplace. the meeting is after governor brown sign add bill aiming at eliminating the gender wage gap. the delegation of california senators and experts on women in the workforce will attend the meeting and experts say women make up half the workforce in california and the state economy depens on the economic success. >> this is an important week for the suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge to move failure. tomorrow and friday the national park service reviews a deal to give a permit to officials to begin construction. the permit is needed to for materials and equipment during the work. the process will begin this month with soliciting bids for a contractor. they hope to finish in 3 1/2
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years. >> a san mateo sheriff is warning neighbors of a phone home because someone is calling claiming they are from the sheriff and say they have to pay a fine for failing to report for jury duty or risk arrest. no member of law enforcement would ever contact a member of the public demanding they pay any fees. >> things are starting to warm up in time for blue angels. >> ever so slowly. we are not out-of-control but possibly the 90 inland the next couple of days. if you are heading out, 56 in west portal with good sleeping weather and same in sunny side at 59 and mission at 58. everyone else is right around 60 degrees but for glen park is the warm spot at 64. financial district is 61. joining us in the 60s is richmond at 60. same in belmont. if you are headed out right now santa clara and saratoga the clouds are warmer at 62. pleasanton is 56 and san leandro
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is 68 and pacifica is 50 and clouds. light breeze on the roof camera, and we will top out at 72 in san francisco and 78 in the peninsula, south bay at 81, east bay 79 and inland east bay 84 and north bay 80 with consistent look of high clouds and sunshine across our neighborhoods. san rafael, no fog this morning, cloudy and temperatures are 58. we will hang out in the 70 at the coast. 80s around the bay and nearly 90 as we head and the weekend and more cloud cover on friday as tropical storm passes to our wet. it is looking like we will be dry. >> a mice start on 680 leaving pleasant hill to walnut creek with the drive only taking eight minutes from highway 4 to 242. no delays there. further to the west this is a drive from 35th avenue to
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grand avenue at 580 westbound direction. 36 miles per hour because of construction and any are traveling through deck to get to emeryville and the bay bridge you are met with this delay and it will last until 5:30 so they should pick up cones and we have construction eastbound lasting until 6:30 so, the best alternate is to take the nimitz freeway heading up to the macarthur maze and not going to be an issue and top speeds everywhere. 24 miles per hour as you leave tracy and slow-and-go adds you make it to the pass at 30 miles per hour closer to greenville road. another couple of spots of slowing entering livermore but mostly it is looking clear. 84, along the highway 84, we did have slowing this and when you get to 680, no delays. >> keeping your home warm may cost you less this winter and the money report is next. >> homeowners in south carolina racing against time to clean up the flood damage.
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> los altos, antioch, petaluma,
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and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we follow breaking news in chicago a church on fire if south chicago in the wood lawn neighborhood and you can see the firefighters are still putting water on the roof there. flames were billowing out of the church. it is called the shrine of christ the king church on south wood lawn avenue. it started around 6:00 local time hurricane our time and the firefighters are in a defensive posture surrounding it and putting water on the roof because of the dangerous situation they are facing in chicago. they are worried about it spreading to a school that is next door. obviously, they are going to try to keep the flames from spreading but not putting firefighters in danger by sending them into the church. we will follow the breaking news right here on abc7 morning news. >> this is something you do not want to see if you are crossing a glass walkway, a section of the new walkway cracked that
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sent people scrambling for safety. witnesses say they heard a cracking noise and people began screaming. someone dropped a has been opened only for two weeks. >> the worst may not be over in south carolina with crews scrambling to block a hole in a canal that is pouring out and flooding the neighbors and if the level is too low there will be less than a day's water supply for 375,000 people. flash flooding is blamed for 15 deaths across the state. >> the physical wounds on a dead whale were not deep enough to have killed it washing ashore near fremont after being hit by a ship. video shows the scene from september 24 near the coyote hills while fire refuge, workers at the mammal center say it was struggling to survive with a spine abnormality so it had a hard time getting food and was more prone to a ship collision.
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>> marin county officials have approved a if you rule that is a step toward banning cars cop meetly from parking near muir woods from the forest to the beach. up to 400 cars parked along the road. when the ordinance is in effect in 30 days that will reduced to 80 cars. neighbor say the area's popularity has caused a safety and congestion problem. >> the area where the whale was found is the wild life >> harvard university is the hardest college to be accepted in to in massachusetts but the hardest school in school is what? >> if you guessed stanford, you are wrong. it is cal technical. the california institute of technology in pasadena is the most selective in the state. the study is based on acceptance rates and s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores. >> that is not a big surprise but tough to get into stanford
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be as well. >> a report came it is behind oxford in the world. >> one of the top in the world in california. >> in the top three in the world and i don't remember if it is two or he. >> and the meet logical science? that is tough? >> yes, they are tough, but not cal tech smart. >> a look at walnut creek but i do have a degree. it is in atmospheric science. walnut creek is clear at 59 degrees this morning. you can see the early risers on 680 before it is packed. the exploritorium camera, look at glass-like water this morning and the partly cloudy conditions. we have low clouds transitioning to high clouds and sunshine and the light breeze helping the slow warming trend today and influence friday. the weekend, here is the change, the difference from yesterday, the weekend now is starting to trend gray and milder in the wild card.
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that is exactly what hurricane will do as it passes to our west. live doppler hd is showing clouds but over the next these hours no drizzle. though worries. we talk about our temperatures this afternoon, did you check the backpack yesterday? we talked about it being a day where they have the hoodie on in the morning and they could forget to bring it because we go from the low-to-mid 50s to the upper 70s to lowity in the south bay. we will see a membersture of sunshine and a few high clouds and mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula and millbrae is 72 and palo alto is 78 and we will run up the 70 along the coast today and the low 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. best chance for high clouds across the north bay and you need the sunglasses this afternoon, we go from 76 in san rafael and vallejo and santa rosa at 80 along the east bay shore and warmest in castro valley, 79, same in fremont, and back to 75 in oakland, and richmond around 73 degrees.
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inland, 81 in san ramon, pleasanton, and 82 in danville and antioch at 54. the cloud cover tonight, and low-to-mid 50s in most neighbors. fast forwarding to what will happen, a look at our hurricane as it is sliding up, it is going to fall apart. what it is going to do is wrap around an area of high pressure and enhance the warming trend we are going to have. we the seven-day forecast shows you will see temperature running up to 90 on friday, inland and 72 at the coast and we we will see increasing clouds when the hurricane passes and then cooler conditions but, city, good for fleet week. leyla? leyla? now, a l
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traffic is moving nicely. no accidents in the south bay. southbound traffic merging with highway 17 to the south, or to 880 to the north, no slow downs. we had a little bit of construction. everything is picked up. the bay bridge toll plaza shows a look here, more folks are waking up and heading out into the cars and on the way to work causing a clog in the cash-paying lanes on the history hand side. the rest of the fast trackers are getting through. we have a crash in the eastbound direction of i-80 along the east bay freeway, a car is totaled and everything is on the shoulder. when c.h.p. arrived we could see delays or even a lane blocked or two, and westbound traffic is not affected. >> more than 700 jobs are up for grabs today and the abc job journal hiring event at the hilton garden inn in emeryville
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which is free. more information is at >> a michigan woman will build homes for her entire family with her powerball winning. >> she will probably hire someone to build the homes, probably not her sell. the 50-year-old woman came forward to collect the $310 million check yesterday. she will take home $197 million after taxes. leach worked at a fiber glass factory for 23 years and was getting food at mcdonald's drive through the morning after last week's draw asking she check heretic coat and discovered she won. leach went to work and quit and reasonable went to a better restaurant for a bigger and breakfast. >> hope she bought her whole office breakfast. >> heating the home if you did not win the lottery will cost less. here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, lower heating costs this winter, heating oil prices are expected to be down
5:19 am
25 percent, propane at 18 percent and natural gas 10 percent, but electricity is only 3 percent less than last year. energy prices are down and mild winter is forecast. >> volkswagen is ready to begin the biggest recall ever, 11 million of the diesel powered cars rigged to cheat on the emission test. 500,000 are in the insurance. the recall will start next year. it could cost vw $30 billion. >> this year's top gift at the christmas catalog from is $720,000 a trip into the atmosphere. >> or a motorcycle designed by an actor. >> belly dancer with cystic fibrosis is giving us a lesson on never giving up. adam suffers from cystic fibrosis and last time he performed was since years ago. he had to dance with a long tube
5:20 am
attached to an oxygen tank. after a double lung transplant in 2013 life is not easy. the doctors say he had 30 days left to live and three had new mondayia eight times and last time in april and he was in a coma and now five months later he is feeling healthy enough to get on stage and dance. he is set to perform tomorrow. seven things to know ahead. >> a new honor for a long-term >> a new honor for a long-term leader in the oakland schools.
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and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, hn net 3. ncers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. he are seven things to know before you go. we are following breaking news from chicago where a church is on fire. this is a look at the shrine of christ the king church on the south side. fire reached three alarms with
5:23 am
smoke billowing out of roof. so far no injuries have been reported. >> the marin sheriff is looking for a plan and a woman in the murder of a well-known yoga instructor caught on video. 67-year-old steve carter was walking his dog and gunned down. >> through details on a murder in golden gate park. san francisco police say the victim was here from canada on a solo backpacking trip. she was found at the bluegrass festival. >> high pressure is coming here bringing us above-average temperatures and notice the weekend, it is trending a little bit cooler and i will tell you why as we head into the seven-day forecast. >> five, in emeryville camera traffic is flowing nicely from the east bay and we had early construction and that is cleared as you head into san francisco,
5:24 am
the drive from the macarthur maze is only going to take you 12 minutes. >> six, volkswagen's new c.e.o. announce add recall on the car that cheat emission tests should start in john. the automaker aims to fix 11 million vehicles worldwide by the end of next year. regulators gave volkswagen until today to present a plan. >> seven, international walk to school day thousands of students across the bay area are hitting the pavement this morning with the goal to promote street safety, healthy habits and cleaner environment. log on to to see if your child's school is taking part. >> a united airline pilot is recovering after falling ill behind the controls of a san francisco-bound jet. united flight 1614 arrived at sfo from houston three hours late yesterday. the boeing 787 dreamliner diverted for new mexico where pilot got off and was taken to the hospital. the incident happened a day after an american airlines captain died mid-flight during a flight from phoenix to boston.
5:25 am
>> it is rare that is why this is making news because it does not happen that often. all the year i have worked at the airport the dangerous part of the trip by air is the trip to ask from the airport. >> the united first officer is in stable condition. he is walking on to the ambulance. the airline flew another pilot to albuquerque bringing the 177 passengers the rest of the way to sfo. >> a new on for a man who dedicated himself to educating young people in oakland. we were in west oakland phone for the ribbon cutting honoring the school superintendent dr. foster yesterday, a number of oakland artists received the support of the school district and the nonprofit group at healing connection to paint the mural. >> our organization has been doing this for 25 years and we are right up the street and transforming our environment into a healthy and happier more loving space is what we here to
5:26 am
do. >> foster was school superintendent in oakland in the 1970s. >> it is nice when a stranger fines and returns something you have lost and it is even bigger thrill when that stranger is a hollywood star. >> huge star, tom hanks tweeted this photo yesterday fining lauren's student i.d. in the park and is trying to get it back to her. the post has blown up on twitter with no word from lauren. >> we heard from her and if it is tom hangs she would be more than happy to let him return it to her. in person. >> with an autograph. >> a full 90 minutes of news are ahead including another case of bedbugs forcing a bay area bedbugs forcing a bay area library to close.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on wednesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. how is it looking, mike? >> pretty good. live doppler hd is showing the clouds out there. but in drizzle. no need for the umbrella unless you want to shade yourself from the sun this afternoon. look at the water and how inviting it is. you will have a great ferry ride. in the 50 to 62 degree range, shifting from low clouds to high clouds and high clouds this afternoon and above-average temperatures at 64 at coast to 78 inland. leyla? >> yes, and a minute ago the metering lights were turned on and we are revisiting this area which now has turned into a big
5:30 am
fat parking lot. it is looking busy as you head away from the macarthur maze into san francisco and it will take 15 minutes to make it into to city. we do have a new citizen, though, through the santa cruz santa cruz leaving scots valley and it is causing slowing and we have the number two lane blocked right now and northbound highway 17 at granite creek and the rest of the drive and the south bay we are looking clear. >> marin county sheriff investigators are looking for two "persons of interest" in case of a popular teacher killed on a hive trail with key evidence the effort gators want you to see. >> right now, investigators are focusing on video captured here at the 7-eleven and asking you do the same. you can see the man with the backpack and hat? he is one of three people they would like to talk to. there are images of a woman with dreadlocks, the second. she is described as being very
5:31 am
"dirty." they do not have a good image of third person. residents of fairfax describe them as acting suspiciously before the murder of a 67-year-old man on a popular hiking trail on monday. >> we do have a very strong desire to talk to these three victims to find out what they could be able to add to our investigation where they saw something, heard something, whatever the case may be. >> steve carter was walking his dog when he was shot and killed outside of fairfax and the dog was also shot but survived. a hiker found him at 6:00 on monday night on the old old railroad grade trail. carter does not live here but was staying with acquaintances and they do not know the motive mind the murder. if you have any information, the marin county sheriff would love to hear from you. >> this morning, san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed a woman in
5:32 am
the tenderloin. it happened at an apartment building on mason street at 8:00. officers found the woman with a gunshot wound. she died at the scene. officers located a "person of interest" at the scene and took him in for questioning. >> an investigation is underway into a fail shooting in oakland that took place after 7:30 last night near east 19th. police say a man died at the scene. there is no information on the suspect. >> a homeowner trying to save money could end up having to pay after trying cut down 130' tree by himself. the man called for help after the massive pine shifted dangerously close to power lines and three nearly homes. neighbors near the home were evacuated. firefighters and arbourists spent five hours securing the tree and property it down. the young family have been working to grab the property. >> it is expensive to have a professional but it is more
5:33 am
expensive when it does not go well. a lot. >> the initial estimate was an $2,000 and thousand they have removed the tree in an emergency situation it will cost away $,000. >> the person hit and killed by a train was on the tracks illegally. it happened near the broadway station in burlingame last night. on passengers were on the rain and they not hurt. the tracks re-opened before 9:00. this is the 4th insurance debt on the tracks the past two weeks of the no one was seriously hurt in previous incidents. >> major reverse a.m. in the rate of breast cancer cases in marin. once highest in the world they have fallen to the lowest level. a study by the can verify cancer prevention institute found deaths dropping by 65 percent since 1998. marin county cancer rates are average for the state. we will be joined with what researchers thing is behind the
5:34 am
drop. >> another new mother is complaining aboutening mistreated when she needed to pump breast make on a trip. it happened in an airport. here are the details on what to know if you travel through bay area airports. chris? >> yes, good morning. the recent incident happened on a flight but, first, at sfo, we look this morning, you can see we are at the airport. that incident happened that incident happened recent flight to dulles. >> chris are thank you, having some issues at sfo but we will get that back together and tell you the story.
5:35 am
a third bay area city is dailying with bedbugs in a library. the menlo park library is closed after staff found a bedbug on the chair. the entire library was cleaned and checked by bedbug sniffing dog, the third week in a row the insects have been found if libraries. palo alto and berkeley closed the libraries because of infestation. they have been cleaned and re-opened. >> the district attorney investigating the police use of force during the umpqua community college mass shooting will release a report in a few hours. the news conference is following an investigation into the exchange of gunfire between the officers and the gunman that ultimately led to suicide. the sever has provided a timeline but released few details of what occurred during the gunfight. >> republican presidential contender dr. ben carson is criticized for comments on gun control after the mass shooting in oregon the umpqua community college of the when asked how he would react if sitting in
5:36 am
classroom he relied with a comment that many felt was insensitive. >> i would not just stand there and let him shoot me but, everyone attack, he may shoot me but he cannot get all of us. >> he is standing by the words and so is the largest association presenting federal law enforcement officers saying that dr. ben carson may seem reckless but they actually have from merit. >> san francisco property owners are breathing a sigh of release according to the "san francisco chronicle" a judge is down the law that landlords have to pay $50,000 who were evicted when they decide to leave the rental business. >> the cost of using water is going up. pleasanton is raising water rates 6.7 percent. the average household will see the bill go up $5. the city council is raising sewer rates by 3 percent.
5:37 am
the increase starts next week. >> i would love to talk about water with meteorologist mike nicco but it does not look like that is coming. >> not that time the year yet >> not that time the year yet until we hat a partly cloudy to clouty conditions with no fog in the not bay. american cap wrong and calistoga and mill valley at 50 for the cool spot and delay he is 59 and petaluma at 57. san francisco and san carlos and newark at 59 and low 60s around redwood city and cupertino and san jose and lafayette at 55 and brentwood at 57. very good commute this morning weather-wise across the bay bridge. a light breeze. no fog. the freezes will be light at 73 to 80 at san jose and santa
5:38 am
rosa. coast and san francisco partly cloudy and 68 to 72 and inland east bay, low-to-mid 80s. clouds in the south bay at 280 and 17 in san jose and hanging out in the 70s in san francisco and 88 elsewhere the next three days but inland, none. the rest of the weekend forecast is remaining up. >> an update on bart with 40 trains on time and drive time traffic 680 southbound from highway 4 is since minutes and highway 24 is making it through the tunnel to oakland it will only take you nine minutes and 580 is 53 minutes and we are in the red. we have a heavy jamup through the am pass into livermore and when you are beyond highway 84 it will loosen up and as the dublin interchange there is construction there and that will slow things down. san jose is much, much better, 101 as we look to mineta san jose international airport with traffic and tail lights heading northbound moving at a nice clip
5:39 am
and southbound traffic is empty. i have an accident to get to through the santa cruz mountains still gumming up the commute with delays headed to the summit and looking clear at top speeds into los gatos. >> the warriors plan for an arena in san francisco clears a big hurdle. next, the major support it has this morning. >> a be woulder puts a gun out on the subway customer and wait until you see what happened next. >> sfo this morning show as beautiful shot with weather and traffic through the entire traffic through the entire commercial ♪ ♪
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. taking a look outside of the embarcadero there and the ferry building and the bay bridge, a beautiful shot with low clouds hanging around the coast and the city. meteorologist mike nicco will let you know what you can expect for the end of the work week coming up in a little bit. >> two young men face grand theft for stealing a cash box from a baseball tournament in san jose. police say the two men drove off after taking the money. a witness followed them and gave their location to police. officers arrested the pair and recovered nearly $1,300. >> a subway customer in portland
5:43 am
gave a robber a little more than he bargained for. check out crazy encounter. the suspect robbed the cashier, stuffed wads of cash in his pockets and walked past the customer. not so fast, the customer threw a couple of punches and was able to recover $40 from the robber before he took off. >> this morning, ucfs fully endorsed the stadium project in san francisco after the two sides agreed on a traffic plan. they want to set up a $10 million fund to control traffic in the mission bay neighborhood where the billion dollar arena is slated to be built, and the team agreed to schedule only 12 event as career on the same day as giants home game. >> the worse agreed if we cannot solve the traffic issues as we expect, we will impose a lit on the number of events that can take place during the giants games during the season and that has never
5:44 am
been dove before with an nba team. >> the announcement is after months of northeast among the warriors, ucfs and the mayor's open. a spokesman opposed to this arena said it is nothing but permanent gridlock. the city will continue the environmental report next month. >> the valley fire is 100 percent contained. it started these weeks ago in cobp and spread to hidden valley lake burning 1,800 square miles and killed four people and destroyed 2,000 structures, 1,000 holes. crews say the flames started in a shed in cobb but investigators are trying to determine what sparked it. >> pg&e is facing a second lawsuit over the butte fire. a lawsuit named pg&e and the contractor, trees incorporated, for not properly maintaining brush near power lines. the official cause is still under investigation. the lawsuit filed last week also named pg&e and trees normed as defendants, and the fire killed two people, destroyed 475 homes
5:45 am
and burned hundreds of other building. >> nobel prize in come city has been awarded this morning and one has ties to the bay area, recognized for work on studies of d.n.a. repair, and one is a stanford graduate receiving his ph.d from the university in 1973 and the nobel prize announcements continue with literature tomorrow, the peace prize on friday and the economics award on monday. it is a long, long list from stanford. >> and uc berkeley i hope to see names coming up. >> and all of the climate change and flooding rains in south carolina and north carolina, and if you did not see my tweet, enough rain knell in those areas the last four days it would eliminate our drought, 11
5:46 am
trillion gallons of waters fell from the sky. from our east bay hills camera looking to lafayette where it is 55 and orinda is 54 and clouds and expecting any minute we will hear that there are flight arrival delays because of the low cloud deck. we will go from high clouds to low clouds and the warming trend is gentle the next couple of days but here is the switch. the week is looking less sunny and not so warm if you are heading out for fleet week you will not bake in the hot sunshine. here is the fog, just developing in napa and three-quarters visibility and the rest of us are looking cloudy and not dealing with fog. winds are light and variable so i do not expect it to move away
5:47 am
from napa but maybe to american canyon the next hour or so. if you are on 37, 29 in that area, maybe even 80 you could find it difficult. the high pressure is continuing to dominate nosing into the forecast yesterday and now it will hang around through at least on friday. and it is pushing temperatures above average and 80 in san jose, and average is 77 today, and mid-to-upper 70s with mostly sunny sky and the peninsula is warmer-than-average at 78 in redwood city and significant along cost and half moon bay and sunset and low 70s downtown and sausalito and upper 60s along the north bay coast and mid-to-upper 70s with best chance of high clouds and sunshine through the north bay and 80 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay shore an area where we go from low clouds do high clouds and a lot of sunshine inland east bay, low-to-mid 80s and don't we fall into the 50s with a few low clouds and
5:48 am
reaching 90 inland by friday and low 70s at the coast and still above average but not so hot through the weekend. me have issues with traffic, leyla is trafficking them. >> we are starting offizing the waze app checking out the accident which is slow causing traffic to run five miles per hour as it mens in with highway 84. that is kind of a main feeder taking you to highway 84 and highway 84 joins 680 to the south. that is definitely gumming up the commute for residents trying to leave livermore to highway 84. now, our other shot we got word of this accident on the san mateo bridge east of the tolls, it does not look like it is affecting traffic over than making it lighter because we have one lane blocked with a car that now is on its side and of course it is right outside of the view or shot and traffic is managing to cross the water
5:49 am
desuperintendently over to the peninsula. we have an accident on surface streets in the south bay and it is off of 101 on the lawrence expressway, expect one lane to be blocked at the parkway involving an accident. one lane is blocked. matt and kristen? >> new at 6:00, the reason an anticipated bart extension in southern alameda county is delayed. >> the new health concerns that have parents forcing kids to go off line. >> a california mother beaten by >> a california mother beaten by officers caught on video.
5:50 am
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>> good morning, you are looking live at a feed from our chicago affiliate and you can tell that a firefighter is being interviewed they had a major fire at a church there this morning. it appears there is smoke coming out but they got most of the flames out. that happened to hours ago. now they are briefing the media on the fire. a colony of fire ants banned together when flood waters hit south carolina. they used jaws, claws and a sticky oil to become a makeshift floating raft. tucked inside the queen and larva. are safe, and they can stay like this for several days. our if your teenage son or daughter responds more unanimous 1 hour as day on the internet their health could be at risk. a study shows teens would spent a huge amount time online could be at risk for developing high blood pressure. researchers say it is important
5:53 am
young people take regular breaks to take part in physical activity. they recommend parents try to limit internet use to two hour as day five days a week. >> two days after twitter named jack dorsey the new c.e.o. the company is out with a new feature, a collection of tweets accessible by clicking the bottom bar of twitter. "moments," are easy to digest stories put together by twitter employees in new york and san francisco but they will hand over content criminal to everyone. fleet week preparations continue with more vessels in the bay area. >> tomorrow you can expect to see blue angels training taking to the friday iron yesterday visiting the oakland raiders' practice facility. they met the players and coaches and had lunch at the facility. what is more frightening, going
5:54 am
mach speed in the blue angels flight or looking at justin tuck on the other side of the lineup? >> both scary. >> which last longer getting hit or losing your lunch? >> here is a twist the my forecast next seven days for san francisco, saturday is one of cooler days at 71 and a warming trend that is stronger than what we will deal with the next couple days. we have mid-80s through the central valley and partly cloudy and 70 in monterey and 74 in lake tahoe and increasing sunshine at 77 in san diego and los angeles at 82. our hurricane is strengthening moving away from hawaii but as it heads up to us it will bring us increasing clouds and move right around us and dump all of the moisture in the pacific northwest. we could use it. but it will not happen. sorry. any headed through san rafael to 580, traveling from novato, to
5:55 am
the golden gate bridge the drive is going to take you about 21 minutes so you are moving along at top speeds and that is how it looks at the phone and travel to san francisco not impeded by a thing. we have an accident at the san mateo bridge toll plaza a side on its side blocking a lane. matt and kristen? >> thanks, leyla. >> san francisco mayor lee and oakland mayor schaaf are spearheading a campaign to raise the minimum wage around the state increase it to $11 an hour in 2017 and up a dollar a year until it reaps $15 in 2021. >> must important thing is being fair. first to everyone. everyone in the state. >> did you know that nearly thirds of minimum wage workers in california are women struggling to support their families. california has two million children living in poverty. that is more than any other
5:56 am
state. in america. >> supporters are working to get the initiative on next year's november ballot. >> california woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing police officers of a brutal beating caught on camera with a scoff fell between the 40-year-old woman and officers. she and her 14 say that the confrontation called when she called the nonemergency police number to complain an officer had been rude to her. the same officer later pulled her over for alleged seatbelt violation and she was pinned to the ground. >> black eyes. huge knot open my head where he bopped me. i was reaching for him for help. what he did next? i have a lot of issues with memory from the blow. the memory problems appear to be permit and city fore say there is more to the incident than what is captured on video. >> a story that a south carolina family will not forget can she
5:57 am
was forced into a canoe while in neighbor. >> a delay for bart sing that could change your morning could change your morning commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. now at 6:00, a major dip in breast cancer parents in the north by after years of report-setting numbers. what behind the sudden drop? >> morning commuteers a big delay for major bart extension and we will tell you where and how long it will be before it is getting better. >> pumpkin pie on the holiday menu? you want to pick up your pumpkin now. >> don't tell me there is a shortage. again. thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller with a look at the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. plenty of sun later today? >> later today. that is the key. look what i am tracking on live
6:00 am
doppler hd around american canyon and napa visibility is dangerous to quarter-mile and where light winds it is not going anywhere any time soon. from the roof camera you can see the flag open ferry building barely moving. kids need the sweat sure this morning handing out in the mid-to-upper 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00, and upper 60s to mid-70s an the bay and mid-70s to low 80s is the tell hour day planner and the weekend forecast is. coming up. >> we start off with an accident before you get to the san mateo bridge toll plaza so in hayward everyone can take the san mateo bridge to get across the water but there is one lane blocked causing delays as you come away from this area with the drive on 880 not affected and it is northerly am slowing. at the san mateo bridge, we can see clear conditions pushing across to highway 101. >> thank you, major health news this morning for women in marin county, after decades of mysteriously high breast cancer


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