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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dangerous to quarter-mile and where light winds it is not going anywhere any time soon. from the roof camera you can see the flag open ferry building barely moving. kids need the sweat sure this morning handing out in the mid-to-upper 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00, and upper 60s to mid-70s an the bay and mid-70s to low 80s is the tell hour day planner and the weekend forecast is. coming up. >> we start off with an accident before you get to the san mateo bridge toll plaza so in hayward everyone can take the san mateo bridge to get across the water but there is one lane blocked causing delays as you come away from this area with the drive on 880 not affected and it is northerly am slowing. at the san mateo bridge, we can see clear conditions pushing across to highway 101. >> thank you, major health news this morning for women in marin county, after decades of mysteriously high breast cancer rates this is now dramatic
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improvement. here is that story. >> this is a major breakthrough. marin county no longer homeds the title for one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world. the late 1990s and early the rate skyrocketed. what researchers discovered was a strong correlation between the use of hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer diagnosis. marin county women were more likely to seek the treatment to manage symptoms of menopause and other factors including waiting longer to have children were shown to increase risks for the disease. however, since the study was released, the rates started to decline and now the cancer prevention institute of california reports a 31 percent drop in new breast cancer cases since 2001, while represented deaths in the county dropped by 65 percent since 1998. researchers say though will saw a drop in hormone replacement
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use and subsequently a drop in breast cancer rate across the state. and the cup. this morning, investigators in the north bay want to talk to several people who are person of interest in the murder of a well-known yoga teacher that was walking his dog who also was shot. surveillance video captured two of the flee "person of interest" with the man wearing a hat and backpack and the second is a william with dreadlocks describe as being dirty, and investigators say there were no clear images of the second man they are interested in talking to. >> a berkeley intersection is re-opened after investigation of a shoot. a man was found at 8:30 last night near california and taken to the hospital. this is no word on his condition or identity. officers worked into the night looking for clues as to a motive
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or suspects. >> governor brown will take the next step to battle climate change in california. he will sign a landmark measure to boost the renewable electricity use to 50 percent. the bill also includes efforts to double energy efficiency in existing willings by 2030. the governor announced last month he would drop a provision to cut petroleum use in half after fierce opposition from the lobbyists. there is a news conference at 10:30 in los angeles. >> presidential hopeful hillary clinton is holding a comfortable lead over her closest democratic rival but it is slipping in california. 47 percent of primary voters say they support clinton down 20 points since may. vermont senator sanders has surged climbing from 9 percent to 35 percent in the same period. have the biden is at a distant third and still has not announced if he will run. >> donald trump will talk more of his bold tax plan during a. can pain stop in iowa when he
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introduces a plan eliminating federal taxes for low income families and giving big tax breaks to the wealthiest americans and corporations. truck will cut government spend to make up the lost revenue but and say the plan with add more than $10 trillion to the natural debt. >> a hearing is in san francisco today on eliminating challenges and bear year force women in the workplace. this meeting cops after governor brown signed a bill aimed at eliminating the general december wage gap. the delegation of california state senators and experts on women in the workforce will extend the meeting. >> speakers say women make up half of the workforce in california and the state economy depends on their economic success. >> doctors without borders has an independent fact fining mission after a deadly bombing in afghanistan. the bombing targeted a hospital killing 22 people. the united states military said the bombing was a mistake and doctors without borders said the attack cannot be tolerated and the organization said the measure is a first step to establish facts about the
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incident and the chain of command that led to the strike. it is not asking for criminal charges. yet. >> a model who accused bill cosby of sexual assault is now suing the comic. she said he drugged her at the lay boy mansion back in 2008 and is seeking punitive damages for a variety of problems insurance since the incident including mental anguish. it is the third filed since last area and it includes a list of 40 women who have accused the comic of a form of sexual misconduct. >> now the weather and meteorologoist mike nicco. mike? >> yes, we will talk about what is going to happen and look at what we are doing as far as your forecast. we were tracking fog and we talk about it at going but it has not slipover into san rafael. we are looking south on 101 but it looks like the traffic is starting to pickup. we will talk to leyla about that in a second.
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in ten seconds according to joey, we will top ought at the ifence that at 678, and east bay is 79 and south bay inland east bay and north bay low-to-mid 80s. here is how it looks, cloudy in san jose, we are going to keep warming on thursday and friday, and a difference of a cool trend on saturday and i will show you why and the rest of the weekend forecast as promised. leyla? we are starting off in hayward with a couple of accidents here. if your travels take if you 238 across the san mateo bridge to sfo we have several things happening. if you travel around marina boulevard southbound 880, we have a new accident possibly a lane blocked and we are see the delays. en with you get up to the toll plaza at san mateo bridge we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle and from time to time we see that the traffic is completely stopped and we look from our camera to the san mateo bridge we have enormous gaps between the cars and the cars are filtering through and we are not seeing cars held back but as you cross the water to
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101 it is still looking clear and you get to 101 heading up to sfo northbound a brand new crash blocking the slow lane. >> thank you, still ahead, a story a family will not soon forget and how a south carolina motherren up -- mother end up in a canoe while welcoming her new a canoe while welcoming her new baby boy into the i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area.
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and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one.
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the san mateo is warning neighborhoods of a home phone with someone claiming to be from the sheriff department and calling novembers and say they have to pay a fine for failing to report for jury duty. official say no member of law enforcement would ever contact a member of the public demanding they pay any fees. >> bad news for people waiting for bart line in southern alameda, the opening of the warm
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springs station has been pushed back to next year not opening until 2016 because testing is not completed. the $8930 million project will extend bart 5.4 miles to southern alameda. >> officials have approved a rule that is a step to banning cars completely from parking near muir woods eliminating parking on three miles from the forest to the beach. 700 cars park along the road and when the ordinance is in effect in 30 days that number will be reduced to 80 cars. neighbors say the area's popularity has caused a safety and congestion problem. >> a new on for a man who dedicated himself to educating young people in oakland, we were in west oakland for the rib been cutting of a new mural honoring dr. marcus foster, former oakland school superintendent with a number of artists receiving support of the school district and painted the mire
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am. >> our organization has been doing this in the community for 25 years and we are right up the street and transforming our environment into a healthy and happier pore loving state is what we are here to do. >> he was school superintendent in oakland in the 1970's. >> this morning, watch out for the little ones, today is international walk and bike to school day with thousands of students hitting the streets. the event is meant to reduce traffic and encourage kids to get pierce along the way. to see if your school is taking part go to doctors without borders is demanding an independent fact fining mission after a deadly bombing in afghanistan. it target add hospital. it killed 22 people. the united states military said the bombing was a mistake. doctors without borders say the attacks can not be tolerated and it is asking for establishment
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of the facts and the chain of command that led to the strikes but no criminal chances yet. >> a nuclear waste radioactivity will be closed at a closed southern california nuclear power plant. southern california has been granted a permit toen case the waste between los angeles and san diego. the map has been closed since 2012 after a leak occurred at the facility. open pops say it is not safe to store radioactive material next to the ocean if an earthquake-probin'. >> the worst may not be over in south carolina, with scrambling to block a hole near the state capitol. water is pouring out, flooding neighbors and if the level is too low there is less than a day's supply for 375,000 people. flash flooding is blamed for 15 deaths across the state. >> look at this photo from emergency management in south carolina. officials say a driver ignored a flood warning sign, drove around
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a barrier, and crashed into a sink hole. you can see the smoke after the s.u.v. bus into flames. the passengers were not injured. authorities say this should senator as a reminder to follow warnings, closures are in place for a reason. >> this. would went into labor as floodwaters rose around her north charleston home, firefighters came to the rescue not by truck but by can noon. -- by canoe. she made it to the hospital in time. >> in 15 years that is the first impact i have had that came to the hospital by canoe. >> the boy was born healthy and the family property did not sustain much damage. mom and baby are expected to go home today. >> harvard university is the hardest college to be send to in massachusetts but did you know the hardest school in california to get into? if you think it is stanford you
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are wrong, it is cal technical. california institute of technology is the most selective in california, based on acceptance rates and s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores. >> you could find a hard time finding pumpkin products because of the we weather with record rainfall taking its toll in the east. drought has reduced crops in the west. yields could be off by a third this year. but lipby's is confident he will have enough and then when it is gone no more until harvest 2016. i was checking to see about the pumpkin festival if half moon bay on saturday or friday october 9, starting with a logo design contest and opening reaccept and next week the big weigh in we look forward to. >> we will see if the pumpkins are smaller unanimous in the past years. on knows how the drought impacts
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this. >> if it does. i thought it was because starbuck was offering pumpkin latte. >> amount of pumpkin we eat and drink has change. >> i don't remember a pumpkin latte in 80s. >> half moon bay is looking for a theme song. and someone to sing it. >> will great pumpkin from "charlie brown." >> we are cloudy in san jose and the south bay neighbors so we are in the low 60s. but los gatos and los altos is 58 and milpitas at 59. low 60s in newark and redwood city and alameda and we drop into the 50s at san francisco. 59. lafayette is 55 and novato is 52. here is a look at sfo and so far be no delays although it is cloudy. i will track that for you. in the afternoon, high clouds mixing with sunshine, and a light breeze today with high pressure coming in and you have
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the calming effect on the weather and a slow warming trend now through friday and this is the difference in the forecast from yesterday. it changes the further out you go but the trending is not is bright nor the weekend. but still look for fleet week. napa went from quarter-mile visibility up to five miles visibility. this is at the airport between you and americanen can beyond it could be moving a little although we are reporting a very light breeze. watch out in the general area, it will, 29, 37, i-80. there could be difficulty. upper 70s to low 80s, temperatures are warmer-than-average and well see the best chance of sunshine in the afternoon with the mentionture of sun and clouds on the planes and mid-to-upper 70s in most neighborhoods and popping out of los altos at 79 and along the cost it will be comfortable today right around 70 diagnosis and warmer downtown south san francisco and sausalito and low 70s through the north bay is the best chance
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of having our high clouds and sunshine from 76 in vallejo and san rafael and petaluma to santa rosa at 80. language the east bay shore we will see and feel 73 in richmond for cool spot and berkeley is 74 and oakland is 7 pa and 8 on at castro valley and in the low-to-mid 80s with a lot sunshine inland east bay neighborhoods and san ramon is 81 degrees. tonight we are looking at low-to-upper 50s and high clouds continue with a few low clouds along the coast. here is what will happen, the area of high pressure we have been tag about is a blocking high and counter-clockwise flow or clockwise flow, rather, pushing to the north. the pacific northwest will get a nice soaking starting thursday when the hurricane is there through the weekend. we will top out in the low soviets on friday at the coast and the bay and the mid-80s and 90s inland and warmer than average but not so hot this weekend. that is not bad for fleet week of the don't want to be too hot. >> we do have altered changed
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for the bay ferry so check in with the local mass transit. it look like all the usual spots heavy traffic are heavier thanup today. the bay bridge toll plaza shows we are 22 help months from the macarthur maze and friend normally, though, early 20 minutes. i am talking two-minute difference, however, that will grow and walnut creek is usually nine minutes from highway 4 to highway 24 and this morning, it is taking approximately 12-15 minutes between highway 4 from blast were hill to walnut creek so be prepared, and the accident with a car open its side four vehicles involved and two lanes are blocked westbound 92 approaching the san mateo bridge the toll plaza is head ten 880 and 101 and the drive will take you 26 minutes and, usually, it is 16. so we have big differences in our travel times and northbound highway 101 up tocrash this is
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blocking one lane but no delays. >> we honoring hispanic hurt tag month with posts to instagram and we recognize sandra jordan enriching our area with fine products and improving living conditions in peru where she was raced. some develops housing in sorely needed areas of the andes community, and organizes medical supplies to people in need in latin america. we have more details on instagram at abc7 bay >> you can soon pay less than $100 a flight to europe. >> social media is making it easy-to-read weapon internet easy-to-read weapon internet connection is slow. ♪i'm going down to the land of wonder ♪ ♪apple trees to sit under
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the abc7 news yeah on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> good morning, i have a look and leyla gulen has pack your second cup of coffee in the travel muck because it will be rough. there is are a lot of brake ligs this morning. >> if you plan a trip to norway wait a couple of years. the head of the norway air will offer $69 one way tickets to
6:24 am
norway by 2017. travel will go between united states airports on the east coast to two airplanes in norway, and the potential plans part of the efforts by norway airline to take market share. >> wal-mart is making you healthier with plans to expand protein bar offering to the pain grocery aisle. the change will happen in january. wal-mart will host what it has call america's biggest health fair this weekend. 4,400 stores including a dozen in the bay area will provide free blood pressure and glucose reading. >> facebook will look different with the news feed con department based on your speed of the intent. facebook said the change will help you keep current on status updates even if the speed is less than speedy. and now a look at member america at 7:00.
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>> good morning, kristen and matt. "good morning america" on the money next, how to slash your dental bills, one in five do not plan to see the dentist in definitely months half saying cost is the number one reason. how we helped a woman save thousands. next on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> the cost of using wall street is going up in another east bay community, blast were is raising water rates 6.7 percent. the average household will see the monthly bill go up by $5. the city council is raising sewer rates by 3 percent, increasing starting next week. >> 700 jobs are up for grabs at the abc job hire event at the hilton garden inn in emeryville. it is free. more information is at the abc7 morning news continues with the top stories. >> bedbugs at another bay area library and what folks are doing now to keep the visitors safer from the blood sucking ones and a ruling that will impact the
6:26 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. if you are drive on the eastern span of the bay bridge the compute looks like this, still moving into san francisco. a this day. thank you pore join us. >> i am eric thomas keller here for eric thomas. mike? >> it is tough around napa and the airport is reporting five miles visibility but it was as low as quarter-mile did not just disappear. it is around this, 37, 12, 29, 80. we have flight arrival delays at 52 minutes into sfo and the day planner is 50s and 70 at the coast and mid-to-upper 70s at the bay and low 80s inland.
6:30 am
leyla? >> yes, if you look at the san mateo bridge we are back do normal and that is because of an accident before the tolls has been cleared but the traffic that leads from 880 to the polls and across the bridge, it will take over 30 minutes so, really, pore like around 40 minutes because of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. walnut creek is barely moving to main street heading from highway 4 to highway 24 it will take you approximately 15 minutes. and we have traffic at 580, an hour and since minutes tracy to dublin and we are in the red here. along westbound highway 4 antioch to concord is 41 minutes, 101, though, still, colleague, southbound from san rafael to san francisco. no accidents there. >> marin sheriff is look for two
6:31 am
person persons after a yoga teacher was killed on a hiking trail. >> video captured at this 7-eleven shows "persons of interest" inside the store. i spoke with the clerk and he said the news scares him since he, would here alone at night. authorities want you to look at this video and see if you recognize these people. they have a good shot of the first person, a man in a hat and the second shot is of a woman with dreadlocks signed as being dirty. they do not have an image of the third "person of interest" and residents say they looked out of place in fairfax and it was strange they were here and they were spotted before the murder. >> talking with people that do not fit in here. we let the sheriff know. >> we will create a sacred space. >> authorities of investigating the death of steve carter
6:32 am
67-year-old massage therapist out for a walk with his dog outside of fair fact weapon he was killed. his dog was shot but she survived. authorities for not know the motive but think the killer or killers took the volkswagen jetta. if you have soon the car or the people, call the marin built sheriff. this morning, san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed a woman in the tender line last night at an pant building at 8:00 last night. officers found the woman with at least one gunshot wound the she died at the scene. officers located a "person of interest" and took them in for questioning. >> an investigation underway in a failing shooting in oakland that took place after 7:30 last night near east 19th. police say a man died at the scene and no information on the suspect. >> a home occupy are trying to save money may end up having to pay after trying to cut down a
6:33 am
130' tree by himself. the mill valley man called for help after the pine shifted dangerously close to power lines three homes. neighbors near the home were evacuated from the area. firefighters and arbourists spent five years securing the tree and brought the tree down. the young family have been working to improve the property. >> it is expense toy is a professional come out. but it can be more expensive when it does not go well. a lot more. >> the initial estimate was $2,000 but now they have remove the tree in an emergency situation, it will cost around $8,000 for the home owner. >> a person hit and killed by a train was on the tracks illegally and it hatched near broadway in burlingame after 7:00 last night. on passengers were on the train. no one was hurt. the tracks re-opened before 9:00 people. this is the 4th incident the past two weeks. no one was seriously hurt in the
6:34 am
other incidents. >> a reversal in rate of death cancer rates in marin, once the highest in the world. a new study finds 31 percent drop in new breast cancer cases since 2001. deaths in the county dropped by 65 percent since >> third bay area city is dealing with bedbug. in a library. menlo park library is closed after a bedbug was fund on tree the entire library is cleaned and checked by a bedbug sniffing bog before being re-open, the third week in a row they have been found in the libraries. palo alto and berkeley closed the libraries because of infestation. >> the district attorney investigating the police use of force during the umpqua community college mass shooting is expected to release the report in a few hours. this morning, the news conference follows an investigation into the exchange of gunfire between officers and
6:35 am
the gunman that authorities say it estimately led to the suicide. the dow last county sheriff has provided a timeline of events but released few details of what occurred. the valley fire is 100 percent contained. it started three weeks ago and spread to hidden valley lake and middletown. the fire burned 118 square miles. it killed four people. it destroyed almost 2,000 structures over a thousand were homes. crews say the flames started in a shed but investigators are trying to determine what sparked it. >> pg&e is facing a second lawsuit over the butte fire naming pg&e and the contractor for not properly maintaining brush near power lines. the official cause is unregulation and a lawsuit filed names pg&e as a defendant. the fire killed two people, and destroyed 17 a
6:36 am
>> according to the "san francisco chronicle" a judgment struck down a law requiring landlords to pay up to $50,000 in relocates fees to evicted tenants which exceed the reasonable assistance authorized by the ellis act that allowed landlords to ever victim when they decide to leave the rental business. >> next, a roman be just what the doctor ordered be just what the doctor ordered for your marriage.
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>> let me show you some changes coming this weekend. we will warm up tomorrow and friday in san francisco were we will dip. on saturday we will have the biggest part of our fleet week festivities. and warmer trend on sunday and monday and tuesday. that is in the seven-day forecast in since minutes. mid-80s through the central valley. sunny and 74 in lake. more sunshine and 82 in los angeles. the hurricane will continue to head up to the northeast but we have a blocking area of high pressure and with that clock wise flow it will steer it up to
6:40 am
the pack northwest and to british columbia. bummer. >> we start off with a look at walnut creek if you head out of pleasant hill a brand new crash and it is blocking one lane and it is in the center divider with emergency crews heading out this. i can tell you traffic is terrible. away from highway 4. jammed through concord and blast were hill and walnut creek and highway 24. all in all on-25 minutes gets you along the stretch and we shade over to the san mateo bridge toll plaza where an early crash involving four vehicles cleared and the damage is done. between 880 and across the water it will take you 36 minutes. >> we know about. ifance reviews at work but what about your marriage? some recommend performance reviews for couples. yes, a review from your spouse. the marriage therapists say it is helpful to check in on a
6:41 am
regular basis to avoid misunderstanding. do not be too critical and do not attack your participate's character with "good morning america" having more after the news. >> volkswagen will have a plan for those emission cheating vehicles. >> next night could be more crewed than ever in the new crewed than ever in the new jets.
6:42 am
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. another new mother is complaining about being mistreated when needing to pump breast make. >> it wasn't on a plane it was as an airport. our reporter is here with the details and what you should know if you are traveling through our local airports. chris? >> yes, kristen and matt, good morning that is what happened at dulles international airport, the mom asked a united airlines employees where she could pump
6:45 am
her breast make. she got two options she was not happy. the mother did not want to use the bathroom and was led to the pet relief area of the airport by united employee and mosted photos on twitter and said there was in door, there was a red plastic fire hydrant in the area for dogs to use. this comes on the heels of a separate incident involving american airlines on a recent flight between chicago and phoenix, the mother did not tell flight attendants she would be pumping which led to a confrontation. the airline said it is their poll to check on any passenger who is in the bathroom for a extended amount of time the we want to know a facilities are available for bay area travelers and many have fares for moms to use if they need for breast feed or pump and this is a video from inside they natural two at sfo and we can tell you both sfo and mineta san jose international airport have lounges for new moms. oakland does not have a dedicated space but travelers can ask the airport and be
6:46 am
directed to a private room. >> happening now, we want to check on trading on wall street. this is the big board showing the dow jones industrial average is up 134 points can closer to 173000. >> costco is making progress on stocking cage free eggs. jane king is at the nasdaq with that story. jane? >> good morning, costco said record sales numbers of cage free show it is making progress to selling entirely cage free eggs, and the vice president said that this year they pulled 2.9 billion eggs, 763 million of them were cage free which is 2686 of the total sales so they are making progress. hilarious patent suggests stacking passengers on top of each other and this is how the recently file patent will cram people on the plan using new
6:47 am
types of seats that raise up so passengers enter a few feet higher than others. you do not have to fight for armrest. travelers to san francisco will not have to to break the bank to resident a california because open average it is $26 a day. philadelphia was most expensive at $50. miami cheapest at $20. nice rally right new gaining a little bit in last minute and the do you is 140 points and s&p 500 trading per superintendent higher. >> we are discussing stacking people on top of each other on the land thing. that is progress? >> how much time does your sun or -- son respond on if it is more than 14 hours a day there could have high blood
6:48 am
pressure risk. you taxi driver to have regular brakes and take part in physical activity. try to limit internet use to two hour as day five days a week published in the journal of school nursing. >> maybe parent should take the advice, i have seen it all the time. >> kids are starting to develop punch backs because they are bent over all the time. >> 14 hours? that leave you eight hours to sleep and go to school. who does that? >> or continue with their t hours of use. >> this is a great day because i corrected meteorologist mike nicco on math. i am taking off the mike and going home because it cannot get better than this. >> mike is okay. >> i gave you two extra hours to do whatever. the exploritorium light and variable winds and look how clean the water is, enjoy the ride this morning.
6:49 am
59 at foster city and everyone else is 60 to 62 on the peninsula and mostly cloudy with low 60s loan the east bay shore and the south bay at los gatos at 58, with clouds, and mill valley is 50 nor a cool pot and 55 in concord and san ramon 54 and gorgeous picture, with oranges and yellows, and easter colors out there this morning, temperatures in the mid-50s in east bay hills. high clouds and sunshine, and low clouds go away by lunch and warm highs through friday and the weekend is looking less bright and less warm. you have to come back. especially deeper into the forecast. five miles per hour so we are looking at improved visibility in napa and the wind is blowing west southwest but where does it push the fog? on to 37, along 12, and toward snow may and 121. watch out. you could see increasing fog and lower visibility. high pressure shows why we have
6:50 am
such light wind this morning and as this takes over, that is why we are going do have a quiet pattern and a warm friend the next day or two. temperatures are above average in the south bay, 80 in san jose, corps attend, los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and low-to-mid 80s and everyone el in the upper 70s. mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula and night bright breeze if you are head to the bay water do not have to worry about getting blown over. 70 along the coast and warmer and low 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito high clouds dominant cross the north bay and it will not stop us from reaching 80 in santa rosa and along the east bay shore we have mid-to-upper 70s from berkeley at 74 and oakland at 75 and hayward and san leandro at 76 and comfortable inland. my seven-day forecast shows more low clouds tomorrow, a warmer air pass at two to four degrees warmer, and mid-80's an the bay, and 70s at the coast and with less sunshine, and less warmth, we are still above average and
6:51 am
no real worries fortlet week this weekend. leyla? i have good news and i is bad news. the good news is we had an early accident on southbound 680 as you leave concord and pleasanton hill to walnut creek but the problem is heading away from highway four to highway 24 it will take you 22 minutes. we have a brand new accident on the transition from highway 4 southbound 680 so all we can see is a sea of headlight as they push into the southbound direction and northbound traffic is not affected. you can see the string of red causing treasure on 680 so concord is going to be on the braves and that is where we had the early accident that cleared. and highway 24, that is the reward. we do not have delays. to the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is sluggish but still moving and no accidents in
6:52 am
san francisco to gum it up. >> back with seven things to know before you go. >> abc7 is looking at the toll plaza and keep an eye on weather and traffic. and traffic. pack in
6:53 am
[get up to 48 monthsw interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. >> here are seven things to know before you go. the marin county sheriff is looking for a man and a woman
6:54 am
who are person persons in -- "persons of interest" in the murder of a well-known yoga instructor, steve carter, walking his dog on monday when he was gunned down. >> san francisco police are questioning a "person of interest" in the shooting death of a woman in the tenderloin. the victim was found with at least one gunshot wound at an apartment building at 8:00 last night. >> major health news this morning for women in the north bay, marin county is no longer a hotspot for breast cancer. the new study by the cancer prevention institute reports 31 percent drop in new breast cancer cases. it is the lowest level since 2001 when the disease was at the height. >> we have low clouds and arrival delays at 52 minutes, and check out the beautiful picture from our east bay hills camera, pumpkin sky in october. 72 is where we continue out in san francisco and the rest of us in the upper 70s to low 80s until inland east bay, mid-80s
6:55 am
with the sunglasses with the high clouds today. >> five, remark is move along very well headed into downtown san jose and at the bay bridge toll plaza, a different story, 27 minutes, gets you from the macarthur maze into san francisco with a lot of congestion around the bay area. >> volkswagen's new c.e.o. has announced a recall on the cars that cheat emission tests starting in january trying to fix 11 million vehicles by the end of next year. they everyone given until today by the german government. today is "international walk to school day," thousands of students hit the streets and the event to reduce traffic and encourage kids to get exercise, too, along the way. remember, always look both ways. >> we will see you in 25
6:56 am
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, nuclear threat. a major takedown. russian smugglers preparing to sell nuclear material to isis. undercover agents offered enough radioactive material to make a dirty bomb capable of contaminating several city streets. brian ross is here with the latest. happening now, on the attack, republican presidential hopeful ben carson feels the heat for comments on gun control. >> i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. >> and the new push to draft joe biden as polls show the vice president may stand a better chance to win than hillary clinton. crime waves. take a look at this. a police chase ending in here. the cornered suspect driving into the ocean. the attempted getaway turning into a water rescue. ♪ take this job and shove it


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