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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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an's never been more affordable! measure. make. install. it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> i am mat we keller here for cheryl jennings. >> i am kristen sze. firefighters are working haz-mat situation at 26th blocked away from the 24th street bart station. sky 7 is over the scene of the strange odor. 120 people are evacuated from the area. they are looking at money person to see if there are health issues. we are told that they do not know where the odor is coming from on twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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>> lookat this video, a 67-year-old steve carter was shot to death on monday walking his dog in fairfax. janet o is at the 7-eleven where the video was taken. janet? >> yes, it was inside at this 7-eleven store where the three "persons of interest" everyone seen on the surveillance video. you can see the three people on monday they were also seen on the trail before the shooting. just a short time ago we received a new surveillance image of one of the three people that police want to talk to, previously not available because of a quality issue. this guy is seen wearing a jacket with the knit cap and sunglasses on his head and he is holding a skateboard outside. clearly this is a different camera than the video inside of the 7-eleven showing the two other "persons of interest" and one guy is seen at the cash
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register wearing a hat and a backpack. the other is a woman with dreadlocks. investigators want to talk to them about the murder. they were tipped off when residents noticed something about the three of the victim is 67 years old steve carter a yoga instruttor found dead on the old railroad grade trail while walking his dog. the dog was shot but survived. residents are shook up and hoping deputies make an arrest soon. >> we do not look our doors around here so with something like that happening, you take a second look, and you have to really be aware of your surroundings. ought trail is back open to the public today. investigators wrapped up gathering evidence at the scene of the crime. however, they will not confirm if they recovered the gun used in the shooting. investigators are doing through hundreds of tips they received.
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officials still do not know the motive as to why carter was shot but they hope for a break in the case. they ask you to look out for carter's silver vw jetta wagon license plate 6ppg662, california. they think the killer or killers took the car. >> thank you, janet. developing news, san francisco police are asking for the public on information of a shooting death of a woman in the tenderloin at an apartment building at 8:00 last night, officers attempted cpr but she guided at the scene. a person person has been detained. >> san francisco police need your help to solve the murder of this woman in golden gate park. her body was found on saturday morning near the stages at the strictly bluegrass festival. she traveled on a solo backpacking trip across california and died of head
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injuries and the death ruled homicide. >> man shot in berkeley has died. the 24-year-old stockton resident christian shepherd was found on russell street last 90 he died at the hospital. 9,000-year-old berkeley resident anthony durant was arrested. the two knew each other but no other details are released. san francisco police are a step closer to solving a hit-and-run accident from september with a tip from abc7 for tracking down the vehicle that may have been involved. police are still in the process of interviewing the truck's owner. the your happened september 13 when a man was critically hurt after being hit. he was still in the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> in san carlos, neighbors are upset a huge pile debris was dumped on property creating a large dust cloud. some of the people are saying that they are having a tough time breathing. our news reporter has the store from san carlos. >> this is the debris that many
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in scholar -- san carlos are talking about. >> on friday neighbors noticed dirt and pipes and other material jumped at this site. over the weekend, some started complaining of headaches and strange smells in the area. they are now trying to protect themselves. >> for our own safety, make sure the vents are closed when we drive by and staying clear of the area. >> where does the debris come from? a contractor working on the $4.5 million sanitation improvement project dumped the debris believing it was the site designated for dumping by the owner of the property. however, that information turned out to be wrong. after getting complaints from the residents, public works crews covered the pile with tap and the contractor will be billed for the work. >> we have a lot of small children of all aims and we are happy they are doing something
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to protect us and the families. >> contractor hopes to have all the materials hauled out by the end of the day of the neighbors say it cannot come soon enough. >> it is great to see they are cleaning it up but it should not have been dumped in the first place so close to the neighborhoods and downtown. >> samples have been sent to a laboratory. city officials. notify the residents when the results are returned. >> menlo park library is closed today because of a possible bedbug infestation. a library staffer found a bedbug on a care last night and the dogs will be brought in tomorrow to check for more. the library will be thoroughly cleaned. the case is the third to hit a bay area library in recent weeks. palo alto and berkeley had to close their libraries because of infestation. they were cleaned and have been re-opened. >> dmv is crackdown on long bathroom breaks by employees and workers. the young representing the workers in sacramento filed a
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grievance after management deducted leave time for bathroom more than seven minutes. managers have been concerned since some employees spending too much time away their desk. dmv is looking and the alleges and is in the process of preparing a response. >> two rescue vehicles debuted in san francisco this morning, with buses at treasure island. both vehicles spent years taking muni riders up and down the san francisco hills and now each can help paramedics transport 12 patients. >> the same level of care provided on a paramedic ambulance is provided inside the bus. we have all the advanced life support equipment you would have. >> no other agency in california has medical buses like these. the fire department plans on using the buses as first aid stations at major events like
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parades. each could help with evacuation of a hospital in the event of a disaster like an earthquake or power failure. >> next, a major turn around for the health of women in marin county. >> plus, new details revealed of the final moments between officers and the suspect in the community college mass shooting in oregon. >> are you ready for the truth from your spouse? performance reviews are being moved from the office to your home.
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>> new details in the mass shooting investigation at a communities college in oregon. the douglas county district county has determined that the deadly physical force used by officers against the shooter was justified. chris harper mercer murdered nine people at umpqua community college. according to the d.a. officers heard gunfire and ran toward the shots. they spotted the shooter and fired a total of three rounds. two went into the entrance hall wall where the shooting was standing. >> one round stuck the shooter in the right side. once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again and went to the front of the classroom and shot and killed himself. >> nine others were wounded in
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the attack. the d.a. said the officers were not wearing bullet-proof vests and risk their lives to save others. >> major reversal in breast cancer cases in marin, once the highest in the world. a new study from california finds that 31 percent drop in new breast cancer cases since 2001, and breast cancer deaths in the county dropped by 65 percent since 1988. marin county cancer rates are agency for the state. >> new this morning lawmakers on capitol hill now have a serious question to think about when it comes to americans and food. they discussed in a hearing whether we should trust the government's dietary guidelines. there is a december deadline to finalize new regulations updated every five years. leader whose testified at the hearing raised concern over recommendations for cholesterol and salt consumption. they state limits are still too high to keep americans healthy. >> we know of performance reviews at work.
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but what about for marriage at home? some experts recommended performance reviews for couples. yes, a review if your own spouse. marriage therapists say it is helpful to check in on a regular basis to avoid misunderstanding. something that is really important experts say is to not be too critical. >> talk about what is woring not just what is not working and you want to be mindful of how you trays things. you do not want to attack sun's character and say something like, you are so lazy, the kitchen is always a mess, the "san jose mercury news" a mess, because that will shut down communication. >> this couple, michael and jacqueline, say weekly conversations are not always easy but they help their marriage. would you give your relationship a performance review? let us know, you can sound off on abc7 facebook page. >> meteorologist, meteorologist mike nicco, is ahead with the forecast. >> thank you, and now, from the broadcast center, i have a warming trend in the seven-day forecast but it may not last as
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long as we talked about yesterday with cooler conditions and less sunshine for the weekend coming up. >> the warning signs this driver had before ending up in a huge, huge sinkhole. >> and bay area students hit streets, with the walk and bike to school with a message
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a big announcement the scandal involving fantasy sports, the biggest fan seas sites is permanently banning employees from playing on other fantasy sites. draft king imposed temporary
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bans after new york state investigated them over whether employees gained advantage playing on other sites using insider information. this comes after an employee won $350,000 on an envelope contest held. >> investigators have uncovered a gambling scream that scammed $1 million from las vegas casino. gaming control agents say four people made phantom bets and were paid off by the dealers would were in on the scam. all four are named in a 60-count indictment filed alleging cheating and gambling and theft. >> leaders in south carolina say the cost of damage from the recent flash flooding could top $1 billion. crews are scrambling to contain the rising water including at this canal at the state capital which is pouring out, flooding neighborhoods and as the level is too lows, there will be less than a day's water supply for 375,000 people, blamed for 15 deaths across the state.
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>> look at this photo from florence county in south carolina, a driver ignored a flood warning sign and went around the barrier and crashed into a sinkhole. you can see the smoke after the s.u.v. burst into flames. the passengers were not injured. this should be a reminder to follow warnings and know that closures are in place for a reason. >> now, time to check with meteorologist mike nicco and the warmup. how is theth for the blue angels? >> a lot of answers coming your way "turn around, don't drown." if you cannot see the road because the water is too high, turn around. we have a beautiful treat, this it is, look at that from the camera this morning you can see the fog and low clouds rolling in but it want enough to stop mother nature from bringing us a beautiful sunrise, almost a pumpkin orange sunrise and you can see the marine layer and the clouds hanging around and they have since dissipated and i will show you what is going on at the golden gate bridge and look to the right side of the screen, the flag, what is it doing?
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nothing. in fact, once in a while it is blowing to the ocean with an east wind at six miles per hour and 61 degrees. very pesk-esque but it and hazy today if you are looking for long-range distance or pictures you can see that from the sutro tower and the hazy is hanging around. the air is stagnant because of the high pressure. high clouds come over that and you will need the sunglasses. our warming friend, ever so slowly continuing through friday and right now, here is the big difference from yesterday, the weekend is looking not is bright and not so warm. it will still be comfortable and we will not have issues with fleet week but it will not be so warm. here is a look at the wind, pretty light and variable but for half moon bay at 12 miles per hour. look at the visible satellite and you will notice we are definitely going to see more sunshine today as the low clouds retreat quickly offshore and with the light breeze. that is all due to the area of high pressure on lower part of the scene and moving over top of
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us with the moisture from what is left of ojo to the pacific northwest and because of the high, it is going to stay to our west and to our north and that is why we will be quiet and dry all seven days of the forecast. temperatures today, the south bay, are above average, and we will hit 80 today, and mostly sunny from the peninsula and mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is 72 and extra sunshine, lighter breeze at the coast and 70 today with low 70s for downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and the numerous amount of high clouds moving through the north bay in the mid-70s and nearly 80 in santa rosa and along east bay more mid-to-upper 70s and this is where it is haziest today, and use head inland east bay, still comfortable, low-to-mid 80s and you are nearly 90 by thursday. tonight, you can see the high clouds hanging around again and the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50s. here is how the future will lay out. you can see the blocking area of high pressure with the showers in the gulf alaska and it stays away from us, all the way through the weekend, however,
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the clouds will increase this weekend and the air mass is going do school. we will top out in the low 70s at the coast on friday and mid-80s around the bay and then we drop a couple of degrees over the weekend and we are still, warmer-than-average temperatures through tuesday. not so bright, but, still, fantastic for fleet week. >> new this morning, a group of elementary school students in san francisco took part in a larger event taking part across the globe, the youngsters joined the mayor lee and community leaders and other officials in international walk and really to school day. the stroll took them to classes at spring valley elementary. organizers hope the walk promotes track safety across the city. >> we know that the top concerns of why parents do not walk to school is traffic safety and we are working with the department of public health, the mayor's office, the police department, to tackle the most dangerous traffic behaviors. >> some of the students got a chance to see how police radar guns work clocking the speed of
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drivers heading into the tunnel. >> tom hanks tweet worked. a woman named lauren who lost her student i.d. from fordham has been found. a copy of the card was tweeted. lauren, i found director student i.d. in the park. if you still need it my office will get it to you. the post has blown up on twitter and she stopped by "good morning america" this morning to explain how it all went down. >> i am not even on twitter. my professor, actually, is on twitter, and i am sitting in the library trying to get homework done and i got an e-mail with a little link to twitter, you are famous! >> yes, and she said that tom hanks wants to return her she will meet him to do that! >> sometimes a hug is all you feed to make your day better. why this little girl could not wait a point longtory wrap her arms around
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getting enough sleep? experts are gathering right new to show off the cutting edge technology with fins to help you get some rest. >> san francisco made a flash with the payment that repeals urine and now taking steps a step further. fine out what, and how at 5 o'clock. >> got my attention this. >> when you are little, eight months away from your dad can seem like forever. >> that was the case for a girl in colorado. that is kara running to give her soldier daddy a big hug. she could not wait a minute longer even though the homecoming ceremony was not over. >> i was trying to decide if it was good practice to break formation but i did not have the heart to not give my little baby a hug so i decided to go ahead. >> lieutenant daniel ogilvie knew it was over when they made contact in the crowd. i am sure the commanding officer will forgive for that break in
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the formation. >> how could you not? >> real cute. >> thanks for joining us. we leave you with a picture outside sutro tower at gorgeous day.
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>> i believe it was lao-tzu who said, "the journey to $1 million dollars begins with a single question," and that journey begins now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for this today? [cheers and applause] i hope you are 'cause we have a very special woman here. as a waitress at a country club, our returning contestant has been so close to so much money, and she's ready to make some of it hers. from boston, massachusetts, please welcome back emma crosby-smith. [cheers and applause] >> hi. >> hey. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> welcome back. [applause] all right, on our last show, we all absolutely fell in love with you.


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