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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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you with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news is for marin county. the sheriff's department just identified the three drifters arrested hundreds of miles away for the murder of a well known yoga instructor here in the bay area. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the murder suspects are 24-year-old sean michael angold and morrison hayes lampley and lie -- lyla scott algod. >> here is cornell bernard live at the sheriff's office in marin county. >> we just learned the three young murder suspects are being interest you -- being interviewed by detectives and the arrests are being called a exeunt -- a community wide effort. >> it was held on the old
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railroad grade trail where steve carter was gunned down on monday afternoon. his dog was wounded. they brought flowers and their memories. >> he is so humble and so loving and the last person you would think would get shot. >> the people who did that have a tremendous amount of pain and darkness in them. >> they are seen gassing up the stolen jetta 30 minutes after the murder. caught on surveillance camera at this gas station. >> these are the same three subjects identified in our investigation by a number of people who came forward almost immediately. >> one man told us off camera that the trio said they were from san diego heading to portland. the manager on duty at the time told frnd -- friend jake shoemaker that something wasn't right. >> he was talking to him at the vw and he said it creeped
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him out so he called the cops. >> police tracked the jetta through portland through gps technology installed in the are cay. sky 7hd was over the trail near sir francis drake boulevard where they look for clues and a murder weapon. >> let's sit down and create a sacred spaes. >> they are world renouned for their teachings of tantric massage and yoga for lovers. they were staying in fairfax where she was receiving treatment for breast cancer. a motive for carter's murder is unknown. in marin county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> friends of steve carter say he would want the killers to get the help they need. they were close friends with carter and his wife. >> there is a sense of relief, and it doesn't change the fact that someone great is gone. >> steve's memory is gonna live on in all of us and i think that's the most important thing. >> the four met at the
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ecstatic living institute that a well known teacher founded. >> the trio accused of killing carter outside of a homeless shelter. they were at a dining hall that provides meals for the homeless and they say they were caught off guard. >> i saw three militia-type men and i thought it was a play because it was so bizarre. >> heard brakes and tires skidding and a bunch of police officers saying get down or we're going to shoot you. >> it is unclear when the three suspects will be extradited back to the bay area to face the charges against them. we first told you you about the idea of the marin murder suspects. follow us for more updates as this story continues to develop sphie new at 11:00, a felon wanted for burglary and assault after he escaped from the bail bondsman in
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handcuffs. he was being escorted to jail when he bolted from the lobby. a large scale search for him was unsuccessful. officers say the felon brazenly escaped minutes before he was doing the books. >> they do not take them into the same facility we would. they were walking them into a public lobby. at which point he turned and ran away. >> they were briefly locked down after the suspect escape. >> they used a man's love for ease h pet to coax him -- love for his pet to coax him out of a dangerous situation. he ran from an officer during a traffic stop and into this building near 10th and harrison south of market. police say the car he was driving was stolen. after about two hours of negotiations police relied on a secret weapon. you can see the kitty in the photo. they tweeted the pictures. the man's family brought his cat to police and it worked. luring him down off the ledge
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safely. coyote concerns brought out a large group of pet owners. this after two dogs were attacked and one killed. alan wang has the story. >> it is following us. >> it was a coyote at stern grove and the person who shot this video say there were three of them. >> they are bold. they follow me and my dogs around the park. they approach dogs. >> the bold behavior has lead to the death of this dog named buster whose owner says he was killed by coyotes near the pine lake area stern grove. a month earlier another owner said he was surrounded by five coyotes before they attacked his bischon named eddie. it has them nervous and unsure what to do. >> arms overhead and eye contact and advancing works. >> they say keeping coyotes worried by hazing or scaring
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them is the key. >> i say go away could i coyotes! go away! >> they say noise makers are a good tool to scare them off. many fear the coyotes are becoming less fearful and more comfortable attacking small dogs. >> the risk goes down, way down when we know exactly how to act around coyotes. >> despite rising fears the coyote experts say they can co-exist. alan wang abc7 news. a call to action is from an unexpected place. >> here is the new cover of people magazine. there is a more serious topic. gun violence. >> katie tells us about the unusual way the magazine is covering the story. >> active shooter. >> gun control is a loaded topic. far more heated than any celebrity scandal.
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people's editorial director posted a message explaining his decision to weigh in. >> it occurred to me like obama said that everything we are doing is routine. here is another mass shooting. we are doing the same thing we always do. >> this time around he is publishing the contact for all congressional leaders. he welcomes the move. >> i wish they could put all of the cell phone numbers of my republican colleagues who have looked to action on this. >> they are taking a more neutral stance. >> this is a country and we are not doing enough about gun violence. >> they are not advocating for organs gun control. >> controlling guns is not the only answer. it may be part of the answer, but it is not the only answer. i think they should be pro active and voice their concern. they are legislated to act on behalf of the people. >> they received a lot of
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messages following the oregon shooting even before people's call to action. abc7 news. some construction work earlies and electricians and artists in san francisco will not get much sleep tonight. >> no, take a live look now at the bay bridge. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, the big project that has them staying up late. >> sleep goes high-tech. the new eke it enology -- the new technology that tells you you will get a better night's rest. >> and a discovery that brought out the fbi. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. warm, fall weather with some high clouds, but will we see anything more out of this system? i'll let you know coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "gym mooy kimmel --" gym mooy -- "jimmy kimmel live"." >> look what we accomplished without the help of anyone. >> it is all there. you can continue it.
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ francisco, east bay and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the nava dough school district faces a massive liability lawsuit and it is thousand accused of losing critical evidence in the case. a family -- the family of 9-year-old william wells is suing after the boy cracked his skull falling through a skylight at hamilton school back in march. the attorney said the district did little to stop the kids from getting on to the roof to retrieve a ball. now he says the district claims the server crashed the
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surveillance video. >> good is the video is the server crashes and they know to save this video? >> we asked the school district for comment and the spokesman said it was turned over to the insurance carrier. >> silicon valley has made it easier to message our friends and order food and keep up with the world around us. what about a better night's sleep? that brought together a sleep summit. >> millions of americans can't sleep or get enough sleep. technology is the great hope to solve these issues. from devices that monitor your sleep patterns to a ring that warns you of a low energy day. >> we look at monitoring devices that could beside the bed and change the lighting and tell us about activities during the day that can help us sleep better. >> google is allowing nap pods to allow employees to take a
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15 h of minute rest. soothing music lulls you to sleep and then gently wakes you up. pillow to help people with autism to relax and fall asleep is being tested on adults who said they never slept better by listening to the vibrations. >> it goes to your inner ear and it is massaging the part of your brain responsible for your relaxation response. you calm down. >> a finnish company has a product that can warn you if you are not well rested. >> it is a good recommendation and it will tell you to rest to get your readiness level up. >> they are hoping to work closely together to help solve sleep issues. >> they will be jumping in to help us all sleep better at night.
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in santa clara, david louie, abc7 snooze. >> you snooze you lose. well work to bring back the beloved bay lights as a prm nent next tour -- permanent fixture. >> the car is a little slow and we are getting a first glimpse at what the light might look like. starting tonight the electricians will start testing the new led lights to make sure all of them turn on. the changes patterns have not yet been programed. >> it is the largest sculpture in the world. they are studier than the previous set. >> the lights going up now have been reengineered and manufactured to do well in the harsh conditions of the san francisco bay. >> the new lights will be turned on january 30th, 2016, right before super bowl 50. san francisco's annual
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celebrity pool toss was a big splash tonight. cheryl jennings helped emcee the fundraiser. it is now in its 23rd year and they drew their biggest crowd ever raising $400,000 for youth and families in the neighborhood. there is cheryl in action. what a great event. >> definitely. it was a nice night to have an event. >> it was quite mild outside when you talk about pool tossing. dan and ama, we are watching some of the clouds which is holding up the temperatures, but not everywhere. 70 in antioch and 5 tiff in half moon -- 55 in half moon bay. spectacular view from the east bay hills camera. you can clearly see all the way back toward the bay and san francisco right now. partly to mostly cloudy. mild to warm the next few days and we are looking at high
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humidity as we head toward the weekend. watching hrp oho -- hurricane oho is sending us the high cloudiness. we saw the clockwise flow bringing the autumn warmth. they will pass through as we head toward the next few days. here is a closer look at hurricane oho and it is falling apart. it is moving quickly at 41 piles an hour to the north, northeast. expect it to take a path that is rare. it is expected to maintain tropical characteristics until it weakens as a depression. alaska and british columbia is expected to get whipped by strong winds and heavy rain they will get impacts of it as well. for us, high are humidity and high clouds here in the bay area. the first thing in the morning spooking of -- speaking of we
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will see high clouds and patchy low clouds. temperatures held in the 50s and it should be quite comfortable. sunshine and 89 in gilroy and 83 in the south bay and san jose. 80 in sunnyvale on the peninsula. a fies, mild day. a nice, mild day. 77 san mateo. half moon bay, pacifica in the upper 60s. downtown san francisco 72 degrees and in the north bay you will see filtered sun. 85 in santa rosa. 79 san rafael. east bay mild, sunshine mixing in. inland spots, 86 in fairfield and 88 livermore. fleet week festivities arend way this week and the -- are underway this week. the temperatures are in the low 70s in the afternoon as the blue angels take to the skies.
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if you you are taking part, enjoy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a little warmer on friday up to the 90s. cooling a bit on saturday with more cloud cover and the temperatures start to rise. the second half of your weekend next week we go 70s to neents. autumn -- 70s to 90s. autumn warmth is with us. >> a lot more to come. a stash of cash. >> coming up, the feds follow half a million dollars of stolen mon
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sleeves to learn some important tech theeks from san -- techniques from firefighters. they collapsed the building as part of the joant training exercise. joint training exercise. viewers were sending us pictures and we want to see how you are celebrating the rest of the week. take a photo or video and share it with us using the #
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abc7 news and we'll show it on air at >> so many good shots. more than a half million in cash was found buried in the yard of a southern california home. the home was once occupied by an armor car driver convicted of stealing bees 1 million from a down -- stealing $1 million from a down down bank. court documents say some of the money was dropped in a trashcan. the scene had federal agents carrying a plastic tub and paper bag from the house. it is not clear what lead the fbi to this tub of cash, but another $300,000 is still missing. they would very much like to find. weird. it is time to turn to sports. a lot going on. >> larry is off, but mike shumann is here. hockey. >> the national hockey league kicked off their season and your sharks got offensive against the revalues. five goals
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the san jose shashes began their -- sharks began their new era and if the win over the kings is any indication this is going to be an exciting season. dent take long for the men -- didn't take long for the men in teal to get down to it. it was right past jones. i like the sharks' demeanor. three on one. normally pass it and he shoots and scores. nice to see him putting one on the goal early. he fires and little joe this time. first of his two goals on the night. nonow he gets a goal and 3-1 sharks. then on the power play and
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showing some patience. just inside the blue line. a lot of redirection. 4-1 sharks and they won the last six season openers, the longest in the nhl. 5-1 your final. the chicago cubs have not been to the world series since 1945. they haven't won the series since 1908, 106 years. they took a step closer tonight returning to the fall classic with a win over the pirates in the national league wild card game. the cubs didn't hit foul balls. they hit home runs. a man on third and headed for the allah gain fee river -- allegheny river. bases loaded and a grounder to russell and he starts the inning ending double play. top of seven. plucked by watson. this is retaliation. benches clear. sean rodriguez loses it and
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throws a punch in the melee. then he goes back to the dug out and has a boxing match with the water cooler. it is the cubs knocking them out. a line drive to end it. complete game four hit shutout. no walk. the cubs advance to play st. louis in the national league divisional series. the 11th president cup getting underway south korea. his playing partner from the drop zone into the drink. phil mickelson and zach johnson exchange a handshake. the easy yes hole they ever won. the easiest hole they ever won. lefty out of the bunker. in for the birdie and another gentleman's handshake. mickelson and johnson. americans rolling in the force. he and bubba watson with the win . team usa is currently leading
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three matches to one. this abc7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. there is so much sports going on. the sharks are looking good in game one. new coach, big win on the road in l.a. against a rival. >> and how about the cubs? >> people are cheering for them to get back to the world series. 106 years to win it. >> it is maybe time. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. our next newscast is tomorrow
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that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and shu and all of
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us, thank you for joining us. >> have a good night. see you tomorrow. and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, keanu reeves, director guillermo del toro, and music from thomas rhett, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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