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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday. investigators say the three were driving in the victim's car. they were found outside a homeless shelter in portland and police tracked them using the g.p.s. on the victim's car. >> i saw three malicious type men holding guns and i thought it was a play because it was bizarre. heard brakes, tires skidding and a bunch of police officers saying "get down or we will shoot." >> 67-year-old steve carter was shot dead while walking his dog open a trail outside of fairfax county, the yoga instructor and his wife have been staying in marin county with a friend while his wife was receiving treatment for breast cancer. authorities say they still do not know the motive behind the murder but they plan to investigate the suspects when they reach portland.
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>> a san jose felon wanted for burglary and assault escaped from a clear jail while in handcuffs. the bail bonds man was take the 30-year-old for booking yesterday and he bolted from the jail's lobby. >> bailiffs do not take prisoners into the same secure facility we were and were walking him into a public lobby where he turned and ran away. >> police searched the area pore since hours before calling off the seven. a middle school was briefly locked down. he is wanted on two felony warrants one for assault with a deadly weapon. >> crimestoppers is offering $10,000 reward nor the capture of this man, 23-year-old joe lopez shot and killed a beloved ice cream vendor in oakland near 94th. the victim, 45-year-old, died at the citizen. >> service is up and running after a crash in burlingame.
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a car turn on to the train tracks and was stuck northbound caltrain hit the vehicle before 11 o'clock last night. the driver of the vehicle was able to get out best collision. no one on board the train was hurt. because of a shortage of drivers there was no bus bridge available. a spokesman said that this is the sixth time a caltrain hit a car in six ekes. >> novato school district lost critical evidence in a fall that left a nine-year-old boy with serious injuries. the family is suing the district after the boy cracked his skull following through a sky light at novato elementary school in march. the torn said the district did little to prevent the boy from get on to the roof to retrieve a ball. enjoy, the lawyer said the district claims the server crashed deleting surveillance video. >> how good are surveillance video if the server crashes? of course, necessity know after this incident to save this video. >> we asked the school district
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for comment and they would only say the matter has been turned over to the insurance carrier. he suffered a fractured back. he now is out of the hospital and back home. >> this morning, volkswagen top executive will likely face tough questions when he testifies on capitol hill about the emission rigging scandal. the united states house subcommittee is investigating the confession by volkswagen the company installed computer software designed to cheat government emission tests in 500,000 clean diesel cars. in prepared testimony submitted to the house subcommittee, volkswagen chairman apologize as number of times saying the company is determined to make things right and takes full responsibility for the actions. >> watch out for the coyotes in san francisco. they are increasingly aggressive behavior is raising major concern among small dog owners. our reporter alan wang shows how residents are fighting back. >> a coyote and the dog owner
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who shot this video said this were at least three. >> they are bold. they fold me and my dogs around the pack. they approach dogs. >> the bold behavior has led to the death of this dog named buster, whose own are said he was killed by coyotes near the pine lake area two weeks ago. a month earlier another owner was surrounded by five coyotes before they attacked his dog. all of this has dog owners nervous and asking, what to do? >> eye contact works. arms overhead of the advancing works. >> gina said keeping coyotes wary by hazing or scaring them is the key. >> i say, go away coyote, away. noise makers are a good tool to scare them but many near the coyotes are becoming less fearful and more comfortable attacking small dogs.
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>> the wreck goes down when we know exactly how to act around coyotes. >> despite rising fears, coyote experts believe dog owners can co-exist with urban wildlife. on points of the new assisted suicide law are moving forward with an effort to repeal it. >> these are not all the people that can be harmed who could be low income, would have poor health insurance, who may live in counties without special care and there is a cheap solution and people are steered to that. >> the fear the law could be abused with 90 more days to gather 365,000 signatures for the mapped referendum to appear on 2016 ballot. the law allows california physicians to prescribe legal doses of drugs to terminally ill parents with less than six months to live. >> if you enjoy walking across
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the golden gate bridge no worries on a toll. sidewalk toms are prohibited on the golden gate bridge and state owned bridges. they have been a proposal to establish the sidewalk toll for pedestrians and bicyclist. keeping it free reflects the state position as a leader in fighting client. >> you may have noticed work to bring back the bay lights is a permanent fixture is underway. electricians began testing the new lights last night to make sure they all turn on. an artist will start the programing phase in december. the new lights will be up and running january 30. yes, just before the super bowl. coming up at the top of the hour, janet o will have new details on the new and improved bay lights. >> people around san francisco will look at the sky as they hear a familiar roar. the united states navy's blue angels will practice over the city at noon as the mights prepare for the air shows.
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[ inaudible ] >> cannot hear anything else when the blue angels are here. that is how we look it. the air show is underway at 12:30 people above the san francisco waterfront. the hornets will practice from noon to 4:00 people and perform in all weekend shows at 3:00 p.m. each day. >> would you go up? >> yes! i take it. >> you can tour the military ships that are in town for the celebration. sky 7 is over pier 80 where two vessels were docked. the ship tours are from 10:00 to 2:00 and are free. we have a lit of neat week activities at viewers have been sending photos from activities already. take a foe tore oh video using # abc7now.
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>> that was not go up. but mike? >> i would go up by i would have the bag next to me. >> i heard most people don't make it. >> good morning, everyone. might skip breakfast that morning. we are warmer in some areas to seven degrees warmer in livermore. we hit 90 yesterday. that looks like the best chance to hit 90 today. you are at 66. everyone inland east bay is milder than yesterday morning. low-to-mid 60s and you will notice most of us in the low-to-mid 60s until half moon bay at 57 and across the north bay, vallejo and novato and santa rosa around 54 to 58 degrees. that is how it looks at san jose where we have clouds and 61 degrees. san francisco tops out at 72 and perfect as far as averages and everyone else in the low-to-mid
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80s until inland east bay topping out at 89 degrees. the clouds are widespread than yesterday. we are not dealing with fog this morning. the heat from the first push of warm weather will take tomorrow, 90 around the bay, 84 inland, 72 at the coast. more cloud cover, humidity this weekend and cooler, a one-day event and warmer weather on the way next week. that is coming up in the seven-day forecast. now the commute. any hotspots? >> not right now. anything we had over at highway 4 is now clearing up. right new, the traffic is smooth. to the peninsula we will make it over to concord where we have an accident and it is clearing in the next five minutes. when highway 4 to northbound 680 on transition we had an early accident and that is going to be cleared and the rest of the driving along highway 4 westbound out of antioch is at
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top speed through pittsburg to concord and 680 looking clear use make it to walnut creek. here is drive time traffic, 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 32 minutes and it was clear on highway 4, going to only take you 14 minutes and 101, southbound, from san rafael to san francisco, it is 18 minutes commute. >> thank you, at 4:40. we are used to seeing celebrity scoops in "people" magazine and a political turn is taking this week in the wake of the oregon college shooting. >> so long raiders, the deadline for the nfl possible move to los angeles. >> a look outside for the bay >> a look outside for the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this.
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♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪words, can't bring me down♪ >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in oregon, funerals are scheduled for seven of the nine
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victims of the shooting at umpqua community college with services held for 34-year-old jason johnson. two memorial services have been held privately. today in springfield, doctors will issue an update on the status and care of the 19-year-old shot several times and severely wounded by the gunman. she is in critical condition. a second patient is in fair condition at the same hospital. another victim in roseburg is in fair condition. president obama will be in roseburg tomorrow to meet with the victim's families. many in the conservative community are against the president's visit. three separate protests are planned. >> a call to action following the oregon college shooting is coming from an unexpected place: "people" magazine. in addition to celebrity scoop, there is more serious topic, gun violent. our reporter temperatures us of the unusual way that the magazine is covering the story.
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katie? >> active shooter at umpqua community college. >> gun control is a leaded topic far more heated than any celebrity scandal. the people editorial director posted a message explaining the decision to weigh in. >> it occurred like obama said everything we are doing is repeat. here is another mass shooting. we are doing the same thing we always do. >> this time around he is publishing the contact information for all congressional leaders. east bay representative welcomed the move. >> i only wish they could put the cell phone numbers of all of my republican colleagues who have that either whatted action. >> "people" magazine is taking a neutral stand. >> in a country we are not doing enough about gun violence. >> the publication is not advocating for or against gun control. >> controlling guns and not the only answer. it could be part of the answer but not the only answer. >> 90 percent of americans support background checks. >> they should voice their
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concerns. the legislature is there to act on behalf of the people. that is their job. >> the office received a lost messages following the oregon shooting, even before the call to action by "people" magazine. >> a key member on the nfl committee overseeing a potential football franchise in los angeles said that he specifics three teams to ask for permission to move to southern california in january. we know one of the teams is the raiders. comments from the pittsburgh steelers owner set a timeline for teams to ask for permission to move and said they have until early january to file for relocation. he expects the veto be taken the same month, a supermajority of 24 "yes," votes is needed for a time to relocate. oakland city leaders are trying to come up with a plan to rebuild or build the raiders a new stadium to keep them in the bay area. >> speaking of relocating >> all right. how are you doing?
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>> nice to meet you, kristen. >> mike, right? >> first time, yes. >> a >> still proud. >> you and larry will bond over that. don't steal his tag line. >> i won't. >> i thought it was here it comes, there it goes but that does not pertain to hawaii. >> what is your tag line? >> have fun. >> soups good. and the weather is conducive to that with the blue angels. >> nice to see you. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at sfo. tag line...not going to have delays because we have high clouds. sutro tower shows it is hazy again today. we will have high clouds and highs increasing over yesterday's level. humidity is going to chime this weekend and the highs are going to drop but it is temporary. the humidity goes away and we
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have stronger warming trend hitting us next week. here is a look at today's wind stepping outside not an issue at five or six miles per hour. or less. here is what i am looking at with the players, the slow not moving away and the high pressure has taken over and dominating the weather, the clockwise me and the whole stream of tropical moisture hurricane is holding to the north can we will tap into the warm the out of the high as it is run over by high pressure or high clouds. it looks like it will shade us enough to keep the temperatures from surging above average which is low-to-mid 80s in milpitas and upper 80s around gilroy 87 to 89. mid-to-upper 70s around millbrae and san mateo. look at a lot of such shine at the coast today pushing the upper 60 to 70 and mild and seasonal hand in hand for san francisco at 72 degrees and sausalito is 71 and upper 60s
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with sunshine at the coast and high clouds across the north bay and they are thickest here, but, still, warm, low-to-mid 80s and the east bay shore is partly cloudy today and less sunshine, and you still need the sunglasses, even the 80s around castro valley and fremont and as we head inland, mid-to-upper 80s both the dry air probably will not need the air conditioning, and it may not be the case tomorrow as we make the run to the 90s and the temperatures are failing back and the 50s briefly as we head through the morning hours again tomorrow. look for more low clouds tomorrow. here is my seven-day forecast we top out at 90 tomorrow inland and low-to-mid 80s an the bay and low 70s at the coast and the houston, the clouds, that will dip our temperatures on saturday and sunday and look at the 70s and 80s and 90s next week. have a good one. leyla? any updates? >> we have an update because of a closure early at highway 4, but it is re-opened. right now we are starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza
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with a few cars waiting to pay and the rest of the traffic is moving quite well headed out of the macarthur maze toward san francisco. we are taking you into san jose and good morning, san jose, you can see 87 at allian street, just a few vehicles dotting the roads headed into downtown san jose southbound traffic not a problem. heading over to concord we had the early accident blocking the transition from westbound highway 4 to northbound 680 it is cleared and if you continue the westbound travel along highway 4 not bad we see a little bit of slowing eastbound and it could be an anomaly i-88 is not a single delay as you head up to the hoffman split. when you get beyond the hoffman split, westbound, along 80 albany to the maze is five minutes commute, 880, 280, everyone greens means you are in good shape. >> amazon's rival is making a major membership change. >> a change of course for . the amazon rival launched three
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months ago and members who pay $50 for membership are promised rock bottom prices on gooded and will now rely on commissions from retailers. >> google wants to help you be more worldly. the price running droid marshmallow can use google translate with a variety of apps including linkedin and what's app >> the first blue tooth teacher since being acquired by apple improving quality and 12 hours of battery life on sale next month with a price tag of $230. those are the tech bytes. >> it could not your kids' favorite thing to wear a helmet but they worker, the extra incentive to make sure kids are wearing them. >> getting zzzs going high ten with a promise of a boater night
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> good morning at 4:53 on thursday, with a look in sutro tower look down on san francisco. it is a gorgeous morning. the blue angels will take to the skies later today to start the practices. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about the forecast. a crazy video from connecticut, it was flatout disturbing. you will look at the top of the screen, with toyota is drive along and a girl jumps out of the passenger side door and officers say the female driver lured the 17-year-old into the car and took off. as you saw the gill jumped out of the moving car as she said
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she was sexually assaulted. the driver is still on the loose. >> what many bicycleist say bike helmets do more than save lives, they reduce the severity of traumatic brain injury after a bicycle accident by 60 percent. helmet users cut their chances for needing cranial surgery or getting facial fractures. the study was presented at a meeting and has not been published yet. >> technology leaders are trying to help 50 million to 70 million who have sleep disorders spending two days for a sleep summit saying sleeplessness can impact productivity and people's health. technical start-ups hope to work closely together to solve the sleep issues. >> we use monitoring devices that could go in the bed, beside the bed, change the lighting, tell us stuff about activity so we can sleep better at night. it is amazing.
4:55 am
>> pillow to help young people fall asleep and relax is tested on adults would never slept better by listening to music vibrations. >> bring the study here this is ground zero. >> i was expecting you and leyla and mike to call me on a daily basis at 6:45 and tell me to go to sleep. >> p.m. >> p.m. >> we want you awake the last 15 minutes of the show. >> that is very important. >> good morning, everyone, upper 80's to 90 through the central valley, 74 to monterey, high clouds and sunshine, 78 in lake, 100s back in palm springs and it will weaken climbing into the jet stream and heads to our north and away from us, so what will it mean? the neat week forecast shows high clouds tomorrow. a few low clouds, but it should not hinder the show on saturday
4:56 am
and sunshine for sunday but look at that we are in the low-to-mid 70s. leyla? >> several people here in walnut creek have gotten a wake-up call. we are looking northbound so the headlights are coming to the south and tail lights are heading north and traffic is light and drive time traffic if you get to walnut creek trying to make it to dublin through the san ramon valley it will take you 13 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is june minutes and through the santa cruz mountains there are no issues open highway 17. we have a crash eastbound i-80 out of san pablo to el sobrante we have a gasoline leak. we have the fire department out there to were month it up. >> an effort to increase the cigarette tax in california has a new of the to raise it by two dollars a tax. right now the tax is 87 cents a pack. the initiative calls for increase in taxes for
4:57 am
e-cigarettes and other tobacco products going to public health programs to help smokers kick the has beenibility. >> the oldest person has revealed her secret to a long life. it is setting the experience on fire. >> the woman from brooklyn eats a serving of bacon every day. she turned 116 july 6 and said her bacon habit was confessed it week and it went all over the place with many people saying they will try the same thing. doctors at boston medical center say she can probably thank her genes. not permission to eat the bacon. >> people who have a good diet, exercise regularly, do not smoke or drink and keep stress level low might be able to ice ma it to 90s and beyond. >> big she down is brewing behind closed doors on capitol hill with a battle shaping up among republicans for the top
4:58 am
job in the house of representatives. >> a man threatens to jump while >> a man threatens to jump while dangling from a window.
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