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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 8, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a hero overseas gets stabbed at home. this morning, one of the three sacramento friend whose stopped a terror attack on paris bound train sin juried while trying to protect a friend. >> the attack on spencer stone happened this morning in midtown sacramento. janet o is in the newsroom. >> he is being treated now at uc davis medical center for multiple stab wounds to the chest. he is listed in "serious," condition. the air force confirmed that he was a victim this morning. sacramento police say that when they arrived at scene of the crime they thought airman spencer stone would not survive.
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we have learned that he was out with a group of friends when he got involved in an argument with another grew. this happened just before 1:00 o'clock a.m. outside of a bar. alcohol was involved in the brawl. source say that stone was protecting another friend when he was stabbed. sacramento police are holding a news conference right now. this is what they we have to say about the suspects. >> the suspects in this crime are two male asian adults. the males are being described as wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. the suspects we believe fled in a 2009-2012 dark color or dark grave or black toyota camry. >> this tweet was sent out in the last couple of hours and it is not up yet, but alek skarlatos, you may remember, he is one of the other train heroes who help thwart the attack sent out a defeat hour before saying he wants everyone to send out
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prayers to stone's family. the sacramento hometown heroes helped thwart the tack two months ago on a fletch train. he was the first person to tackle the gunman. he was slashed several times and almost got his thumb cut off. officials say this morning the incident had nothing to do with the celebrity status. the hero in another tragedy is now home safe. the army veteran who rushed the oregon school smoother is out of the hospital the student was shot seven times trying to save others at umpqua community college last week. he left the hospital this morning to happy news, a go fund me page started by his family to help with the medical bills has raised $800,000. >> marin county sheriff detectives are in oregon trying to question three suspects arrested this yesterday for the murder of a well-known yoga instructor. amy hollyfield is at the marin
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county sheriff in san rafael with the latest. >> investigators are now working the case here in san rafael and in portland. they are still taking phone calls here at this office, and they are still getting tips from the public which have been key in this case. they have four investigators in portland. up there, they are trying to gain the trust of these three people who they arrested yesterday outside a homeless shelter and they are hoping to yet a chance to interview them. they also need to process the car they found it in, the murder victim's car. authorities say this morning that they did find the gun they believe was used in the murder but they will not say where. there is a key piece of evidence, a picture of trio with the victim's car was taken in point reyes. we went to the point reyes gas station this morning and an employee say they just installed the new cameras a month ago and are feeling grateful. an emhighway i saw the car on the news and call police when the car showed up. people in fairfax say they are
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feeling relieved to know the suspects are in custody. >> it is not something that usually happens in this area so it was a little creepy and people are scared. i feel good about the arrests. they have to make sure it is the right people and everything is good. >> i wasn't afraid but i was sad for the person that was the victim. that is for sure. but the main thing is they caught him. >> the 67-year-old steve carler was shot to delegate while walking the dog on a trail outside of fairfax on monday night. investigators do not know what the motive was but the car was stolen and they have not found a connection between the suspects and the victim. back to the tips that are coming in here to the sheriff, they say that keep them coming. if you have information, please call. they do not want a good case, against these guys they want a great case. as far as the suspects what they
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know i asked if they could share more information and he said only that the three of them, no one had a will so it permanent address the because of a security hearing that will be expected in portland, they will likely be arriving in the bay area some time next week. >> new this morning, investigators say a fire at a long-standing restaurant in redwood city appeared to have been arson and the fire at the cafe broke out at 5 o'clock yesterday morning, and we were in redwood city this morning with new video of what is left of the restaurant, and firefighters say they found signs that the fire was intentionally set and an accelerant was used. a felon wanted forburg hear and assault is loose after he escaped from the jail while in handcuffs. a bail bonds man was taking 30-year-old defendant for a boobing and he bolted from the
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jail lobby. the middle school was locked down and the seven was called off after six hours with no sign. >> new details on a bedbug scare on the peninsula. we have just learned that the menlo park library is back open after a bedbug sniffing dog gave it the clear. a staffer found the bedbug on the chair there on tuesday night. in palo alto, the library is closed tomorrow for a k-9 inspection. it looks to be open on saturday. >> unmistakable roar of the blue angels will blast over the bay area today. the elite pilots are scheduled to practice the performance at 1:00 o'clock people, today, and we are in san francisco at pier 30 with more on the excitement. chris?
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>> sorry, we love the audio but we will tell folks all about fleet week activities and we want to see your photos around bay area, too, so share them with # abc7now. we can use them on air or post them online. in the meantime, you want clear skies, and relatively little wind, beautiful day for the blue angels practice, a look from the roof camera shows clear skies around the bay. >> and the set up on that is going on, at 3:00, that is the first one and we have the blocking area of high pressure and we want that although we desperately need the rain, it will steer the rain saturday to the north and we will have a few more clouds on saturday but they will open up enough by 3:00 and we will be able to see what going on and the cold front passes, high pressure takes over and we are in total sunshine by 3:00 on sunday and my forecast, 73 tomorrow, high clouds and sunshine, 70 and cooler on saturday, more humid, also, and
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a very wonderful day on sunday, total sunshine, to have the sunscreen and 74. >> thank you. work to bring back the bay lights as a permanent fixture on the bay bridge is now underway. electricians tested the new l.e.d. lights last night to make sure they turn on. the artist will start the programing phase for the moving display in december. the new lights are turned on january 30 right before super bowl 50 and the bridge will include 25,000 sparkling lights standing 500' tall for the world's largest lead sculpture. it will be on for good. >> surprise move in the race for house speaker with the announcement for everyone not was a shoe in and what happens next. >> a high chair recall after young kids got hurt in it with the injuries and what you are owed if you have it in
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>> a smocker in walk, the man thought would succeed speaker boehner has withdrawn the candidacy from the house of representatives. check conclude said he did it to bring the party together, and our reporter has the latest. >> the man widely expected to become the next speaker of the house changes his mine. >> we should put this conference first. there is something to be said to unite and we probably need a fresh face. >> hours after kevin mccarthy campaigned for the spot in a republican forum, he withdrew from the race shortly before the
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caucus was to vote. the colleagues, stunned. >> we are in shock. the room was in total silence. well, just respect for kevin mccarthy for what he did. >> kevin mccarthy said high was not the right person to unite the person facing a challenge from the same conservatives who forced out speaker boehner. they accused speaker boehner of side lining them and not speaking forcefully enough for conservative positions. today's republican caucus for the next house of representatives is z speaker is postponed. >> i don't believe there was any candidate today who could get do 218 among those who are declared. >> nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision. >> the full house of representatives is scheduled to vote for the next speaker october 29, the two others were both considered long shots and it is not yet known if anyone else will step into the race.
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parents, listen up, about 35,000 high chairs are pulled off the store shelves amid concerns they could hurt young children. the consumer products safety commission is recalling safety first high chairs like the one featured here which says they received 11 reports of injuries because people were able to remove the tray and fall out. high chairs were sold at toys 'r us and babies 'r us between 2013 and 2015. if you have one we have a link at where you can get a free repair kit. >> now we want to get back to our coverage of fleet week as the blue angels are ready to train this afternoon. and now to pier 30. what is going on, chris? >> hope you are doing well,is a great opportunity to thank the men and women who serve and protect our country, we are live at pier 14 where the gates just opened to the public. i will show you the view from sky 7. this is the uss somerset ship. it has a special connection to
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san francisco. i want to show you what it looks like inside the ship was named after the passengers of united flight 93 the plane that took off from newark international 9/11, 2001. it was scheduled to land at sfo with a number of bay area families but, instead, went down in somerset county, pennsylvania. service member are looking forward to engaging with bay area residents. >> we had the air show going on, ship tours and a lot to offer, but please, take time to engage the individual service member walking down the street in san francisco and teach them about the beautiful history. >> fleet week has training and education component that brings together civilian and military forces that develop and share best practices and humanitarian assistance and emergency disaster response. at pier 30 the uss summer set is open for tours until 2:00 p.m. today and officials recommend
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you get down here in the hour. it is light right now but the crowd will start to come early this afternoon. we are in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thank you, chris. how is the weather for blue angels viewing? meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast next. and dance and music combine in san francisco and how the whole family can enjoy the arts as you explore where
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> thins are about to get very interesting on "dancing with the stars" and the nine remaining celebrities return next week with a twist, they all have
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different partners. wildlife warrior usually dances with derek hough and pop star nick carter usually danced with bridges will dance with whitney carson. i am so confused. the complete list of who is dancing with who is on and tune in to "dancing with the stars" on monday night at 8:00 right here. >> and you are in cheryl's seat. >> i am. >> still confusing me. >> it will be fun to watch that because you develop a chemistry with your pan and it will be interesting to see if they can duplicate that with someone new that quickly. >> nothing changes with the weather or a lot? >> still trending cooler, those are the new details sin this
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morning. good morning, everyone, a beautiful picture of the sunrise from the east bay hills camera this morning as the sun breaks through of the ground and the clouds and then, white out positions and the sunshine slow down as you head to the east that time of the morning and this is how it looks now, high clouds dominate our sky and a little bit of haze but not a "spare the air" day and you can see the haze better from sutro tower to the marin head headlands and the high clouds dominating the north bay this afternoon. high clouds increase across the board today and our temperatures top the humidity will climb just a little bit and that is why we are going to pull the temperatures back and we have a stronger warming trend possible next week. at san jose, right near the shark tank, you can believe hockey already october but it doesn't feel like it with these temperatures, one to six degrees above average this afternoon, one of the reasons why high pressure is over the top of us, light and variable winds and we have a little bit of haze.
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we will watch the high clouds from northwest to southwest and a lack of marine layer and clouds at the coast due to the area of high pressure and the clockwise flow and the stream of moisture staying to the north just the high clouds at 25,000' is all we are going do see today and tomorrow until we get the clearing out possible on sunday. 83 as we said earlier, 76 is the average high in san jose so it is warm down there and we are putting 90 in gilroy and 80 in sunnyvale and mild around millbrae and san mateo and mid-to-upper 70s for you and your immediate neighbors and elsewhere it and warm under sunny skies and low 80s at the coast and the extra sunshine pushes 70s in the sunset on the bay side and low 70s across the golden gate bridge and sausalito and upper 60s north bay coast and even with the thicker high clouds 78 in vallejo and 80 at petaluma and santa rosa at 85 degrees and the east bay shore, partly cloudy and mid-to-upper 70s like
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oakland at 77 and further inland castro valley and fremont in the low 80s and our warmest weather inland east bay neighborhoods, 85 at moan and pleasanton and 90 yesterday in livermore and close to that, again, today. tonight, a few more low clouds at the coast. temperatures are comfortable, in the low 50s in the north bay and the rest of us are in the purpose 50s. we have an extra tropical storm heading to the north and completely miss us because of the area of high pressure. we will still see a few high clouds tomorrow and we will have more clouds saturday and the temperatures will pull back four to six degrees and look at the resurging warmth next week, 70s at the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland. a little too early for rain. >> okay, it has been a year since the high profile rescue of stab asking abused horses in the south bay and now many of them are thriving.
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>> something that someone didn't want that was being thrown out we gave him a life. >> the rescue group that, worked miracles is now facing a crisis. tonight, ama daetz will tell us about their plan for survival and how you can help on abc7 news at eleven. a sure sign of fall the half moon bay pumpkin festival is around the corner and leyla gulen has details on navy vent, -- on that event so you can explore where you live. >> filmmakers say to capture dance is the most difficult challenges and through sunday audiences will have an array of examples of how film and dance become a perfect partnership at the san francisco dance film festival. if you do not have your tickets, get on it, the laugh riot is back with two hilarious comics, with the schostaked withstand
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yes comics who have made names for themselves in tv and on the big screen. speaking of big, starting on tuesday, at half moon bay, the world championship pumpkin weigh off with thousands of dollars up for grabs for whoever squashes the competition with the heaviest pumpkin and next week the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival, the champion pump kills are -- pull kills are on display and a haunted house. go to for more information on these activities. >> always a great time at the pumpkin festival but watch the traffic. little kids have a great time or request have a tough time giving up their favorite blankie but it is no difference
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>> babies will be baby whether they are humor furry. an orphaned possum cannot let go of her favorite stuffy, a toy kangaroo. officials say the baby possum
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likes to cling to the toy because she misses her mom, the four-month-old is nursed back to health and will be released back into the wild running around with the kangaroo. >> for years. absolutely. >> thanks for joining us here. who were whats to be a millionaire is next.
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♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> hey, everybody. in this next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here with a very big check. get ready. it's time for "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you. everybody, thank you. welcome to the show. you guys are fired up. everybody ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] that's what i thought. let's get things started. as a trivia host, today's first contestant has written over 20,000 trivia questions in his lifetime. that's insane. today he only has to answer 14 of them correctly to go home with $1 million. from londonderry, new hampshire, please welcome james middleton. [cheers and applause] >> hey, chris, how you doing? >> good to see you. >> nice to meet ya. [applause]


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