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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  KGO  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hefgs brought up on stage and folks applauded for his heroic acts in france. >> he's going to go this way. >> this is the video captured by a liquor store surveillance camera. moments earlier, they were inside a neern bar. >> this incident is not related to terrorism in anyway. and we do not believe in anyway we know it's not related to what occurred in france. stone was injured back, stabbed multiple times.
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now, again, in his hometown. stone's family prepared a statement read by a hospital spokesman. >> police say they are looking for two suspects and stone's stabbing. in sacramento, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> one of the three attacks here. he just tweeted this message saying spencer is one tough guy. only he could have done spg like that and lived yet again. >> live breaking news right now. this is happening at the montgomery place shopping center.
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fire fighters did have to rescue the woman inside that car. and she escaped without any injuries. police are trying to figure out why. >> three people accused of killing a 67-year-old hiker. still has the gun authorities think was used in the murder. steve carter was found dead on a hiking trail on monday night. o if i recollects today called it a crime of opportunity. >> a series of cat thefts. >> well, i've spoken to several of the neighbors who previously
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tomd me that their cats were found missing or dead. and i can tell you, there is a tremendous senz of relief that an arrest has been made. he matched the drings of a cat napper and a security vid yes. this is the newest videoble taned by abc 7 news. watch closely. you'll see a man running quickly across 2 screen. neighbors say he's a cat napper. >> somebody wasing up the block
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and was frying to put it into the backpack. >> basically rescued her from the tree and took it to the vet. had a strange bite mark. >> the vet told one of our friends it was not an animal bite. it was something else. police say a neck rom sill to identify the cat found in the suspect's car. >> a family took legal action today against a sunnyvale charter school claiming that their daughter was arrested by a playground aid. the 18-year-old jonathan chow faces session yum assault and
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child pornography charges. the 8-year-old victim attended charter school. that school closed temporarily. >> smuggling a hundred ounces of pot aboard a flight from san francisco to boston. releasing p picture showing a drug-sniffing dog. troopers claim they found the pot in the suspect's luggage last night. >> the california congressman who was the front runner unexpectedly dropped out today. majority leader kevin mccarthy from bakersfield withdrew just minutes before the conference vote. mccarthy says he was not the right person for the job. >> i just think it's best to
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have a new face. a california democrat in the house immediately pokes fun at the situation. mark picano drew up this craig's list want ad for the speaker ship. >> san mateo is about to become the first in the state to hold an all mail-in election. it will be mail in to the registrar of voters. >> a new app for residents to help the city deal with the homeless crisis.
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joining us now live with the story. >> larry, san francisco laurjed its non-emergency 3-1-1 app a couple of years ago. well, now, they d use their smart phone to report on homeless concerns. >> when many of us see homeless people on the streets of san francisco, we look the other way, unsure of what to do. >> do something, just do something. i don't mean necessarily giving money or buying a cup of coffee. i mean real help. >> her rebeeted calls to city hall released an update to the city's non-emergency 3-1-1 system and asked for your smart phone.
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a mental health issue? the homeless out reach should respond. >> it's reported. we will follow up. >> the mayor says this will empower people who feel helpless about what they see on the street. >> darcel jackson who was formerly homeless is skeptical. >> i can guarantee they didn't say how can we include this process and make it work for you. >> jackson says he'll support the city if it works. erica sandburg believes it will. >> we want change. >> sf 3-1-1 is available for down load.
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>> rallying in support of the central subway expansion. >> part of the effort to connect the subway line and eventually fisherman's wharf. >> we, in san francisco, have incredibly congested streets. our busses travel very slowly. we need to sup lemt our bus system by having more transit under ground, by having more subways. >> the new central subway to kyle that town is set to open in 2019. >> a mexican motorist and bicyclist coexist. how the city is trying to get both sides to share the road. plus --
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the blue angels blew into the bay area. >> how the government is tapping into what so many people do right after an earthquake. >> facebook's new dislike button is here.
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>> more traffic cameras are going up in palo alto. but this time, focused on kids on bikes. live at jordan middle school in palo alto to explain exactly why. david? >> jordan middle school is one of nine schools to get these special cameras. 45 of them, in all. there will be low resolution with the goal being to discount kids on bikes, not to capture their faces. the cameras will be moumted on
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city-owned utility polls on how many students ride their bikes to and from school. it's part of a congestion relief program. >> we want to see whether our programs are working. whether we have more people walking or biking to school this year than we did last year. >> the city did a one-time count of bicycles stowed inside cages at thele skoos. they came up with 1,000. now they will know how time of year, weather and other factors will impact ridership. >> having cameras so they can figure out what's going on and they can improve kids getting back and forth would be a really good idea. >> data is translated to a blue dot going that way or a blue got doing that way.
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>> valley transit authority administers the funds. in palo alto, david louis, abc 7 news. >> when it comes to great sights in san francisco, the sky is the limit. >> blue angels were buzzing the bay area today. it was only a practice run. this is the first year you'll be able to catch the blue angels on friday in addition to saturday and sunday. you can check them out each of those days between 12:30 and
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4:00 p.m. the u.s.s. summomerset is docked in the bay. one of its officers says fleet week is a fwraet opportunity for the public and service members, as well. >> we have a lot to offer. but, please, take time to engage the individual service members as you see them walking down the streets to san francisco. >> the summer set will be one of seven military vessels taking part in the parade of ships. it will be open to tours on saturday and sunday from 9 clk to 4:00. >> we have a link to all of the events that are happening.
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>> the u.s. geological survey says it's using twitter as another tool to detect earth quakes. tomorrow, the social media giant will be conveying six reactions. vairs expressions from an open mouth to, surprise, to a cheer.
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>> the scowling red face might be appropriate for the next story. are you tired of bringing home the bacon to find there's a lot less bacon in the package than their used to be? >> yeah, i tell you, i often get kplants from viewers who feel like brands at the supermarket are shrinking their size but still charging the same high price. food food shopping is leaving a lot of us with that empty feeling. many are now just 14 oupss. these ice cream sand womens used to be packed 12 in a box. now you get 10. >> it's called downsizing. >> as a reporter for consumer reports, todd marx is a shopping
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expert who fights for the little guy. >> it's a way to raise prices without being noticed. >> take juice, for example. expecting to find a half gallon in all of these containers? some store brands contain the original 64 ounces. and these three jars of peanut butter appear to be the same size. but they rage from 18 ounces down to 16. even laundry detergents has slunk. how about two extra large hershey bars. would you expected one to be smaller? buy one and you get four ounce bars. pick up a three-pack and they only way 3.1 ounces. >> the best thing you can do is
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to read the fine print on the pack 5:00ing. and pay attention to those unit price labels on most store shelves. >> so you need to check the labels to see exactly how much product you're actually getting. i've got to tell you, they're pretty sneaky about this. one time, with peanut butter, i had gotten a complaint that they put a big hole in the bottom of the jar. so we went shopping and found the original. and they looked exactly the same. >> there you go. >> oh, my goodness. thank you, michael. >> sure. >> let's turn to the forecast now. obviously, the weekend is upon us and fleet week is upon us. >> yeah, cheryl and larry, this is the best view in the hus, no doubt about it. i've been watching the blueangels practicing here. it feel sos good outside. people are enjoying the festivitied here. let me show you live doppler 7
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hd and we'll talk about where those clouds are coming from. they're basically mid and high level clouds passing through the bay area. here's a lovely view from our roof camera. re really, the wind is not an issue. it is perfect conditions for the blue angels. 70 degrees in san francisco, 75 in oakland, it is 79 in san jose. exploratory camera as we look towards quick tower. low 90 fz for con coral and liver more. miemd to warm again tomorrow. sticky and cooler on sarz. warm days are expected early next week. here's a look at the satellite radar. high pressure is still holding strong. we are seeing the mid and high-level clouds into the bay area.
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nay're all in association with former soho. expected to continue to weaken, and then it is expected to dump several inches of rain on alaska, canada, british columbia and bring some strong winds to that region over the next couple of days. unfortunately, for us, it's just going to send us westerly swells friday through the weekend. take a look, friday, sunshine, the morning will start out in the upper 50s. the morning will pretty much be the same saturday and sunday.
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blue skies expected for the blue angels on sunday. if you're going, have a great time. make sure you have your sunscreen. first thing tomorrow morning, a lot like this morning. we will see some patchy low clouds out there. and then, for the afternoon, you'll want to dress in layers so that in the afternoon, you can get rid of one of those. 92 degrees in if gilroy. 823 redwood city. 84 in los altos. 77 downtown san francisco. and in the north bay, 70s at our beaches. 87, santa rosa. 85 napa. in the east bay, warmer than normal, low 80s. oakland, heyward, 84. 92 in livermore, concord and walnut skreek.
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look at thursday, a slight chance of somehow everies all of next week. >> still ahead, you know that runner's high that so many people feel? it's not endoor fins. we'll have the story coming up next. >> and then new at 6:00, a high-tech washer with an old
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and we have liftoff. >> a rocket launch lit up the early morning sky along the california coast. nasa video shows the atlas five rock et were lifted off. the rok ed carried a classified
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payload into space. >> meanwhile, nasa has released this new if i canture of pluto. scientists say it shows pluto has blue skies and even blue sunsets. after analyzing data from its new data, scientists have cleefr evidence that rivers and lakes once existed 234ds ancient craters. scientists have suggested that it's similar to what you get using. german rezermgers within mice. i'm trying to think of how exercise affects 2 fwran. i believe stead, they say it arises from the same chemical compound found in marijuana. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, it's been a year since the high profile rescue
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have used horses in the south bay. >> something that somebody didn't want that was being thrown out. we gave him a life. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, their plans for survival and how you can help. >> next at 5:00, a new museum wants to take a trip back in time.
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the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> in the abc 7 news room, coming up new at 6:00, the sentencing day for a tycoon convicted in an fraud case. why one relative hopes he never gets out of prison. >> also. >> it's a long process. and it's a difficult road. >> navigating the path of jebder
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reasoinment surgery. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the new museum is giving us a sneak peek inside. it's designed to take visitors back in time. >> what about what the exhibit is calling it's a trip back to the individualage. >> it was a time when children and childhood was more about imagination and play. >> and that exhibit opens november 7th. >>. >> all right, that's going to do it for us. >> i'm larry biel and all of us
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here, thanks for joining us. next news kags at 6:00. we'll see you then the stunning exit in washington tonight. just hours after making his case to be the next speaker of the house, the abrupt change. majority leader kevin mccarthy, suddenly shocking everyone. telling reporters he's dropping out. what happened? the american hero attacked. he was one of three americans who stopped that terror attack on a train overseas. then honored by the president. now, stabbed multiple times in his hometown. the new surveillance video right here. and the hunt for his attackers at this hour. what we rarely see. the other view. the police officer's body cam. the officer shot, but he survives. you'll see what happens next. the governor of south carolina warning homeowners to get out. the rivers rising. they're now watching 70 dams tonight. and this question for you -- how much is it costing you every


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