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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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injuries suffered two months ago in france, now this. stabbed three times in the upper body during a fight that spilled into this intersection, onto the streets of stone's hometown. >> given his history, he's a fighter. >> reporter: doctors in sacramento say an international hero suffered three serious stab wounds but is doing well after an early morning street fight. >> he has sustained significant injuries, airman stone's care team anticipates that he will make a full recovery. >> this is the video that shows the fight between french-trained hero, spencer stone, and several other men. moments earlier, according to police the friend and friends were inside of a nearby bar. his uncle told abc news he was defending a friend when the fight broke out.
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>> this is very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who are enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. >> reporter: in august, stone earned a purple heart for his role in thwarting a terrorist attack. he and his sacramento buddies tackled and subdued a would be gunman. stone was injured then. stabbed multiple times, and now, again, in his hometown. >> he's doing okay. he got out of surgery. we're heart broken now. >> he's considered a hero for local people. to have him come back to his hometown and encounter that, it's bad for the community. >> reporter: police released another surveillance video showing the suspects jumping into a dark-colored toyota camera seconds after the fight. in sacramento, laura anthony, abc7 news. people are sending well
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wishes to stone. california state senate president deleon tweeted out my thoughts are with spencer stone and his family, as he recovers. and sacramento mayor tweeted thoughts and prayers go out to the stone family. a driver escaped unharmed after crashing into a vacant business in san ramone. you can see how far that car went into the building in this view from sky 7 hd. it happened around 4:15 on montgomery street. police are trying to figure out what went wrong there. drifters who were off the radar, that is how the sheriff today described these three suspects in the murder of a well known yoga instructor. steve carter was murdered on monday while walking his dog on a trail near fairfax. wayne freedman is live with information about how police tracked those suspects down. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, ama.
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they were so far off the radar when arrested they did not have what police describe as traditional identification. no identification, no nothing. it took a lot of research to find out who they are. the sheriff's office have hinted they have begun to generate interest in other crimes in other areas. three days after the murder of 71-year-old steve carter, we're beginning to get details about the suspects in portland. >> these people seem to be living off the radar. >> reporter: the sheriff's office revealed more about the search that led to an arrest of the suspects, yesterday afternoon. for one thing, they think they have the murder weapon. >> we were looking for a certain caliber and knew information we can't share at this point but when the weapon was recovered during the arrest yesterday, it is a match as far as similarity
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of what we've been looking for. >> reporter: detectives say they found carter shot several times near fairfax. they picked up the suspect's trail almost immediately. first, at a gas station, and by using gps in the stolen car. what kind of technology? how? detectives are not saying. >> when a car is stolen, one of the first steps law enforcement takes, including us is trying to identify if the car has ability to be located through a type of onboard gps system type of thing. >> reporter: auto mechanics and car electronics specialists told us such technology has become almost common as unadvertised piece of equipment. >> general motors, toyota, all major manufacturers have a tracking warning crash breakdown. you can get an e-mail alert that your car is overdue for service. based on communications from the gps system in the car to the manufacturer.
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>> reporter: in marin county, investigators continued to look for evidence the suspects may have tossed away. they've already found the victim's wallet. as for when the suspects return to marin county to face charges? it may be several days. near fairfax, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a 24-year-old man has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty in connection with cat nappings and killings. police took robert farmer into custody. inside of the car they found a dead cat. surveillance video shows a man police believe to be the suspect snatching go go the cat. in another incident, the suspect seen running away. residents say they're relieved to hear someone has been arrested. >> pets are family members of a lot of us. this deeply affects people.
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that is really good news. >> police say a necropsy will be done to identify the cat m the suspect's car. this video captured two people stealing items from a drone store in santa clairea. police believe they captured the men who broke into drones plus. officers arrived but the thieves had escaped, making off with drones as well as ipad. the suspects are being held in the santa clara county jail. they'll appear in court next week. san francisco police and firefighters respond to a lot of calls to help the homeless, but not every call quires an emergency response. mayor lee announced a solution, an expansion of the city's 311 system. we're live with the details, carol carolyn? >> reporter: the city has a 311 app that allows residents
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via cell phones, smart phones to complain about quality of life issues like graffiti. now, they can add complaints or concerns about the homeless. if you live, work, or visit san francisco, you can see the homeless. and if they're suffering, most ignore them because we don't know what to do. >> do something. help. >> reporter: now, the city has piggy backed on an idea and come up with an update to the nonemergency 311 system. an app for the smart phone that lives you a way to list your concern and route it. a mental health issue? homeless outreach team. aggressive behavior? police, encampments? public works. >> it's recorded and we'll follow up. the departments are held
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accountable to that data. >> reporter: the mayor says this will empower people who feel helpless. >> snitching on homeless people. >> reporter: this man is skeptical. >> i can guarantee you they can't call to help. how to include you in this process to make it for work you? >> reporter: he hopes to roll out an app allowing see me allowing people to donate services the homeless say they need. he says he'll support the city's app if it works. >> we want change. >> reporter: sf 311 is free, and available for down load. in san francisco, abc7 news. palo alto is about to track how many students get rides to school with parents and how many ride bikes. they're putting up camera around nine schools across the city. abc7 news reporter david louie
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is live outside of jordan middle school with the story. david? >> reporter: this is old fashioned to found heads by hand when you've got modern camera technology. the storage lockers are crammed but no one knows how many kids ride bikes to, and from school. >> we counted one day of the year. >> reporter: it's jessica sullivan's job to get more kids to classes on their own, not getting rides from parents. that helps with traffic congestion and promotes healthier life styles. with bike lanes, residents see so many bike that's kids are using sidewalks for safety. >> they come down the sidewalk, i can understand. but it's unnerving and there is a guy going by.
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>> reporter: cameras at nine schools will provide data to see if programs to encourage biking are working. however, the cameras will not be invasive. >> data is translated to a blue dot going that way or that way. once the camera makes a distinction, graphs a video information, and we just have the counting information. >> reporter: 80% of the cost is coming from valley transportation authority. >> we work with the cities to get them some grant money to implement safe routes to schools. >> reporter: in palo alto, david louie, abc7 news. a fraternity is under fire. the party that has some california college students
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defending sthechls tonight. maybe you heard the roar. fleet week is underway. there are changes this year. >> and blue angels are overhead, but it will be blue skies for the blue angels. the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. a bay area hospital is focusing on transgender surgeries. a washing machine keeps leaking, then, the warranty runs out. is [announcer] you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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fire works for the real estate tycoon convicted in an art fraud case. he yelled go back to chicago this is my city. the junl denied request for a new trial and set sentencing guidelines. family members did attend the hearing and one is there to support him. >> i hope he never gets out. the guy is no good. i hope my little sister can break away from him after this. >> the judge mentioned seeing this i team interview from august in which he insisted he is innocent. he'll be sentenced to refusing to pay for two dozen works of art, including a degas statue that is still missing. that unmistakable roar means
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blue angels are back in town. one of the highlights of fleet week kicked off with practice this afternoon. >> if you're in san francisco, you almost certainly heard it. and what is in store for the show. natasha? >> reporter: there is a big change this year. you can see blue angels saturday and sunday, and starting tomorrow, meaning the stands hand -- behind me are going to be packed. we spoke with the pilots earlier, and they're pumped for tomorrow. it's that unmistakable sound that 33-year-old blue angel pilot hasn't gotten over. he remembers the phone call that he made the cut. >> grabbed me, my brother threw water on my head, just nuts. i said mom, i'm going to be a
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blue angel. she was crying. >> reporter: at three years old, he met a pilot of a blue angel, now, he has one of her own. >> she's my baby. >> reporter: being up there is like nothing else. >> the morning, i went for a jog to clear my behind. >> reporter: he says he can see you. >> you look and you wish you can talk to people and tell them how excited i am. >> reporter: you can catch them on saturday and sunday, and also, friday. a female pilot is flying with the blue angels and she just wanted to fly the c 130 named fat albert. >> i am proud. >> reporter: proud, and here to witness every moment. bill evans was 17 when the war started. now, at 89 he wants them to know
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he's there for them. >> i want them to know people like me are supporting them. >> reporter: it's time for that sound again. a reminder to say thank you. abc7 news. those pilots are amazing and viewers have been sharing sightings with us. heather tweeted this video and sharon tagged a photo from noe valley. >> the uss somerset is open for tours and the ship was named in honor of the passengers of united airlines flight 93 that crashed in somerset county, pennsylvania on september 11th. it is a great opportunity for the public and service members as well. >> we have the air show, ship tours, and we have a lot to offer. but please, take time to engage that individual service members. you can see them walking down the streets. teach them about the city's beautiful history, as well. the somerset will be one of
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seven military vessels taking part in a parade of ships tomorrow, open for tours saturday and sunday from 9:00 until 4:00. and you can send us your memories using #abc7now and the schedule is on and everybody wants to know if the skies will be clear. there was a meeting going on today. and the blue angels roared past. the meeting adjourned. everybody is running to the window. >> i had to stop to take a look. it's a weather fit for angels. i lost my halo years ago but will be watching. high clouds have been around all day long as a matter of fact, into evening hours now. but not enough to obscure our view of the sky. here is our view from our roof top camera. it's 70 degrees today, right now in san francisco.
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today we had a high in san francisco, 77. oakland, 74. 75 mountain view. san jose, 76. it's been a mild evening. here is the view. looking back over parts of san francisco, under partly cloudy skies, 79 degrees now in santa rosa. napa, 77. 86 in fairfield. 87 concord and livermore, 89 degrees. here is the view showing a mix of clouds and blue skies. mild to warm again tomorrow, and a little bit sticky and humid saturday, under cooler conditions. will be warming on sunday and into next week. here is our satellite radar image showing strong area of high pressure still holding on. that is the dominant feature, circulation is helping pull in those high and mid level clouds. again, not enough to make skies completely cloudy. pulling back to take a look at the tropical pacific of what has been hurricane oho, heading
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north up over the cooler waters of the pacific towards the gulf of alaska but could be a rain storm for coastal british columbia tomorrow or saturday. we'll track that for you. to the bay area, fleet week winds down into fleet week weekend. tomorrow, another warm day, highs upper 60s to low 70s at the coast to 90 inland. and saturday, cooler with more clouds that feel more humid. and for fleet week weekend, performances look like skies will be mainly sunny tomorrow, and sunday. clouds around saturday, and probably not enough to call it a mostly cloudy day. overnight, look for a few clouds near the coast, but clear skies inland. low temperatures upper 50s and tomorrow, upper 80s to 90 in the south bay. low to mid-80s on the peninsula.
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low 70s on the coast. downtown about 77, 78 degrees tomorrow. and low to mid-80s on the east bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. after that brief cool down on saturday, a nice warm up. by tuesday, looks like temperatures peak next week in mid-90s inland. upper 80s around the bay and mid-70s on the coast. >> thank you. >> okay. >> up next, it's a hacking mystery. the rivalry between the two biggest ride sharing companies. it's a new level. >> details on the investigation next
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. uber has gone to court, hoping to learn more about a massive data breech, exposing personal information about 50,000 uber drivers in february. lawyers are filing papers trying to find the person connected to the comcast ip address. coming up at 11:00, south bay horses found starving a year ago are living the good life but the rescue group that saved them is in crisis. >> the drought and hay prices are just crippling us. >> why there is good reason for hope with a plan that could save
6:25 pm
a lot more workers. that is tonight at 11:00. there are calls for sensitivity and understanding on a college campus tonight. next on abc7 news, the college party some say went too far. plus, the san francisco public schools teach children to ride a bike? the new idea for schools coming up. also... it's a long process and a difficult road. navigating the path of gender reassignment surgery in a facility
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a fraternity and sorority at ucla are being accused of hosting a party called racist. >> more on what went on that party. >> reporter: a fraternity stirring up controversy for throwing a party. >> it included black face. women wearing booty pops for
6:29 pm
bigger butts. people using charcoal for a black face. >> there was a kanye western party in which they dressed in baggy pants and some pumped their lips and padded their bottoms to look like kim kardashian. and some showed up with faces painted black. >> i didn't think ucla students would go down to that level. >> ucla is investigating the allegations, and released a statement saying in part, we remind students while they're free to celebrate in ways that draw on popular culture, their choices can cause harm and pain to members of the community. just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. in light of the events the african student union is holding a protest, encouraging students
6:30 pm
to join wearing all black and spread awareness. >> ucla is super diverse. but ideals aren't as diverse as we may look. >> ucla and the national officers of the fraternity are investigating. a fraternity member is being investigated as he performed a sex act on an exotic dancer and a group cheered. the university spokesperson says it's started an investigation into the misconduct. tonight in washington there is no clear leader for the house of representatives after a surprise announcement from majority leader kevin mccarthy. he said he was withdrawing from the race to be the next speaker. he was expected to win the vote
6:31 pm
john boehner announced he was stepping down, also to unite the party. boehner postponed the vote and says he'll stay on until his successor is picked. >> the head of volkswagon operations in the u.s. received an earful today from u.s. lawmakers over the company's decision to rig diesel cars to beat emissions tests. he apologized and told them he had no idea the software was rigged because the car engines and software were engineered in germany. lawmakers not buying it. >> vw betrayed a nation. it's time to clean it up or get off the road. >> i did not think something like this was possible at volkswagon group. we'll find remedies and work to ensh hur that this will never happen again. >> this is going to be a costly
6:32 pm
mistake for volkswagon, facing lawsuits and lost business on top of recalls. today a raid on the headquarters in germany as prosecutors seek documents for investigations. tonight's money matters good day on wall street. stocks rallied after word the federal reserve will not likely raise interest rates this year. the dow ended up 138 points, closing above 17,000 for the first time since august. the nasdaq up nearly 20 points. verizon will be the latest cell phone carrier to try to limit how much mobile data customers are using and customers who have unlimited plans will be paying $20 more every month. netflix is raising prices for popular video plan by a dollar. the new price is $10 a month. the drivers won't see the increase of the two year rate
6:33 pm
freeze. netflix says it will pay for producing more original programming. >> the beloved project that turned the bay bridge into a light show is coming back better, and brighter than ever. they began testing new strands of led lights installed on the tables. the new lights are sturdier and are better with high winds and fog. >> they're going to last. >> $4 million in donations helped bring back the culture. the lights will be turned on january 30th before super bowl 50. teach all young kids how to ride a bicycle at school. washington, d.c. is doing it. it's such a practical idea some bay area school districts are ready to give it a spin.
6:34 pm
>> learning how to ride a bike at one of the after school programs. >> i love the speed and you can do whatever you want. >> i learned my balance. during when i was using training wheels. and i learned. >> not every child is enrolled. all washington, d.c. public schools are now teaching second graders how to master bicycling and how to do it safely during the day. that district received enough donations to secure a thousand bicycles that will rotate to every elementary school. every kid is expected to learn. it was presented to educators during a conference in washington, d.c. attending that conference was san francisco school board member rachel norton who tweeteded how cool is this? we should do this.
6:35 pm
meaning all san francisco public schools. the san francisco bicycle coalition said they'd support the program. >> this program in washington, d.c. is a model for the country in terms of reaching children where they're at. >> parents who bicycle back and forth say it's a life long skill, while keeping kids in shape. >> there is commuting like a day-to-day thing. and then, it's for kids. >> this parent says it will help create a society that would bicycle to work. and it could be as relevant as any other subject in school. a bay area hospital is blazing a trail, next on abc7 news at 6:00, specialized surgeries that are
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if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. caitlyn jenner revealed her plans to have the process.
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one bay area hospital is stepping in to help make the process easier. >> reporter: it's a long ride from chico, but not as long as erin's road, the former marine spent 20 years looking for gender reassignment surgery. >> it's doing it on my own. >> reporter: after a year of waiting, erin was able to turn to dr. thomas in marin >> it's about 6, 7 months down the line. >> reporter: by now, almost everyone is familiar with caitlyn jenner's plan to change her gender but now, demand is expected to increase. but there are fewer than 40 full
6:40 pm
time surgeons serving the transgender community and a handful of centers offing the specialized services. now, marin general hospital is laufrnling a transgender surgical program of its own. the operating room staff received training in the specialized surgery. >> we have a transgender team of nurses and those who yoef specialized care, helping patients adjust. >> that all of the nurses, all of the staff, that they are able to appropriately identify them, and in the manner they want to be identified. >> it's a welcome change for erin, who has undergone several procedures to reassignment.
6:41 pm
>> it's a difficult road. >> reporter: she's hoping it will be smoother for patients who travel it in the years still to come. cheryl jennings, abc7 news. the chef who made cajun food popular across the united states has died. he opened up a diner in the louisiana french quarter. he cooked meals of childhood that at that time were unknown outside of louisiana. perdoen was one of the first american restaurant chefs to achieve world wide fame. in 1983 he opened up a pop up restaurant for a month. he was 75 years old. just ahead from 7 on your side a washer with an old fashioned problem that was not easy to fix. it's information you can apply to your appliances. and abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month.
6:42 pm
the network's mission to to help latinos become leaders of change m their communities. we have more details on
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appliances are getting more sophisticated. computer controlled features are great, until they break, then they're hard to repair. >> one family had a frustrating experience. >> that is right. just one more thing to break. >> right. >> so this family bought a high tech washer with an old fashioned problem, leaks. the warranty ran out it was still leaking. does that mean they're stuck over? john smith's washer does more than wash, it senses things. >> it is sensing the load. >> did a good job for a while. >> about six months. and started leaking. >> john in thes noticed water leaking.
6:46 pm
>> one technician couldn't find the problem. after he left it leaked again. >> we had a rug in front and we noticed it was wet. >> reporter: another technician cleaned this valve and the leak stopped, but not for long. >> it was intimatent. >> lg said use less soap, still, it leaked. >> it was upsetting because it's not a cheap machine, either. >> the warranty was about to expire so john bought this extended service plan. and the leak started up again. john had enough. >> this is lemon and you should replace it. >> the extended warranty promises to replace the machine after four repairs for the same problem, however, doesn't include repairs done during the manufacture's period. so all of those previous leaks didn't count. >> i said how is that possible? >> john contacted 7 on your side. we told lg what happened, and it sent out a new technician with a new solution. >> he replaced that same little
6:47 pm
valve but told me it was redesigned. >> lg acknowledges it did modify that valve, saying lg is changing our product designs to make customers experience better. and we're proud of our innovative products year after year. so far, water is staying inside of the washer. >> until that happens again, you know, i will continue washing my clothes. >> in spite of the redesign, lg says the main cause of leaks is using too much detergent. now to, see my reports online go to and select 7 on your side. >> i was getting more frustrated just listening to him. we've all been through that. >> sure. >> before we get to the weather look at this. >> amazing. >> stunning outside. >> yes. >> and spencer if you can do better than that? >> that is the best i can do.
6:48 pm
it's so beautiful. we've got high clouds around, which added color to the sunset making it look like a painting. tomorrow, 91 in yosemite. 97 in los angeles. in the bay area, mild to warm. highs from 70 in san francisco. south of 70s so a warm day tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. more humid saturday, and cooler. warming up and drying out again, sunday, next week, very warm with mid-90s inland. >> thank you. >> okay. >> sports coming up, can kap do
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6:52 pm
oakland. only three members from the 1998 draft class started last week. matt hassleback was one of them, woodson and manning, the other two. old father time has been tugging at manning's jersey, woodson still plays like he was 29. >> i imagined it at 29. i was head coach that first year. so i thought i can do it, but he's doing it. >> i am 39 they think it would be easy to take a day off but that is not what i'm about. >> he's the leader of the defense there. so this is real credit to him. >> a quarterback throwing passes
6:53 pm
out of the ground and the 49ers. first order of is trying to restore confidence in collin kaepernick. offensive coordinator indicated they made changes. >> we made changes, adjustments. that we feel good about going into this game but it would be disinagain yuis to elaborate on it and go to the game and it's a clunker, i'd rather tell what you we did do then forecast what may, or may not happen. >> niners linebacker brooks will miss sunday's game, his older sister just died of lupus. his 40-year-old sister's funeral
6:54 pm
is next week. to the ice and sharks left winger raffy torres will not be appealing his suspension stemming from a hate on jacob silverbrook. why are you doing it? saying i worked hard following reconstructive knee surgery to resume my career this is the last thing i wanted to happen. i disappointed i put myself in a position to be suspended again and i want to apologize to my teammates and organization. the sharks will host anaheim in their home opener saturday night. now, american league division series with former a josh donaldson having to leave early. a white out in toronto. donaldson on the force, jose bautista, a grounder. whacks his head on the knee and
6:55 pm
he goes down. donaldson trying to break up a double play and got blue jays ace robert price, not a good game, and texas would hang on we have a lead to the five game-series. there was a 48 men rain delay. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 new evidence that spicy food could help you live a longer life, at 9:00. then, at 11:002 men caught on
6:56 pm
camera in an animal care center. why they're now being called persons of interest. >> here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel life. >> the abc7 news app is now available for apple watch. all have you to do is search for abc7 news bay area. >> do look for breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. from all of us here at abc7 news, enjoy this sunset. and have a good night.
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that the world adores him more with facial hair, sherman and i set the wabac to 1984, culver city, "jeopardy!" studios, for alex to try... the trebek! been there, done that. [ laughter ] this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an internal-medicine resident from toronto, ontario, canada... a cellar hand from los angeles, california... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c....
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d re is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, folks. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. over the past two weeks, our champion, matt, has become a very successful 23-year-old. and i'm sure that erik and sameer are hoping to emulate his success on "jeopardy!" let's see how it works out, gentlemen. good luck. here we go. all right, time to find out about the categories, and we start off today with... each correct response will end with "a-n-y." matt, you're the champ. you go first. let's start with 21st century movies for $600, alex.


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