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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 9, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> breaking news is just in to
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abc 7 news. major development involving the 3 murder suspects currently being held in portland forth killing of popular marin county yoga instructor. just minutes ago san francisco police say this is 3 are also responsible for the killing of 23-year-old kerry in golden gate park. >> her wadley beaten body was found at the music festival her exploratorium investigators say they flew to portland and found kerry property in the possession of the 3 suspects. kerry was tourist from canada on backpacking trip. san francisco police say they will charge 24-year-old shawn mechanical gold, 18-year-old lyle a scott good and 23-year-old morrison lambly with the rob remember murder of kerry. >> all 3 suspects were interviewed with the connection of shooting death of carter on monday. >> come across as lost soul. all 3 people seem to be living off the radar.
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>> investigators say they have also recovered the gun that was used in the murder. 3 have waived extradition and brought back to mama written county to face charges. >> 10 minutes ago on twitter stay with us for updates on this story as they develop. >> other top story. cat killing spree may finally be over. tonight there is an arrest but now pet owners are waiting to find out word concerning their an medical. good evening everybody. i'm larry in for dan tonight. >> i'm am m dates. police arrested 24-year-old robert farmer today after they found him in his car with a dead cat. farmer is accuse of snatching and killing cats from the neighborhood here. >> katie picks up the story tonight in san jose. katie? >> i'm sitting next to yet another missing cat poster here in the home depot parking lot where police arrested farmer who was slipping in his car. unclear how many victims are
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involved. we spoke with a husband and wife who just want prosecutors to take this crime seriously. >> pat and january are product pet owner showing pictures of 15-year-old beardsly. >> she was a fixture in the neighborhood. everybody knew him. >>reporter: but now jan choke become tears. beardly disappeared nearly two weeks ago from her neighborhood. then her husband pat made a grough some discovery. >> in a pox in a little box look electric a could have fen. pathetic. bug on him. terrible. >>reporter: they are not alon alone. we showed enthusiastic home surveillance video of somebody snatching go go. interwhere beardly body was found. and another neighbor mike a bass rescued a cat from a similar looking man last sachlts he took it to the vet. >> vet told a friend it was not a pet or animal bite. it was something else. >> whenever you start connecting the.and there is similarities in our story the
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it got their attention. >> police arrested 24-year-old robert farmer in the nearby home depot parking lot at hills dale and lee avenue. alsoen the kara dead cat. go go owner says it is not her pet. farmer facing animal cruelty charges. how many counts police haven't said. >> whoever prosecutes him or sentencing him or interacts with him i hope they give him whatever the law allows and gives him the maximum. treat it like a real crime. >>reporter: cat killing spree that may include an half dozen or so pets. in san jose katie abc 7 news. >> new tonight search is under way for this missing puppy named louie. look at him. only two months old exploratorium animal care control says he was stillen around 2 this afternoon from head quurters on 15 street. there are persons of interest who were caught on surveillance camera. one is a young woman wearing a black who hadie and
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young man with white v neck t-shirt and hat. >> new video tonight show firefighters attacking from the air and ground after series of suspicious brush fires broke out at hilyer county park in san jose. investigators believe someone may have deliberately set them in 3 different location. nobody hurt. fire burned 5 acres. never threatened any buildings. >> we see where woman escaped unharmed after crashing her car into a building in san ramone. see how far she drove in the building. it was vacant store at the marketplace shopping center on montgomery street. fire crew brace the damage building before they were able to free the dreary. all happened at 4:15 this afternoo afternoon. police still trying to figure out what went wrong there. >> one of the american hero who thwarted a terrorist attack on paris bound train this summer is recovering in sacramento hospital tonight. doctors operated on spencer stone after he was stabbed outside a sacramento bar overnight. this is surveillance video showing the fight leading to the
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ataking. melanie spoke with the family friend tonight and jones us live now in the newsroom. melanie. >> spencer brother everett is a chp officer and is so everett room mail. i spoke with him tonight. he says he's confident police will find the men responsible for stabbing spencer. in the new video police say you can see the suspect who stabbed spencer stone hop into a get away vehicle. dark colored car may be 2009 to 2012 toyota camry. >> they will find him. >>reporter: joe is roommates with stone brother everett. he says everyone is in sacramento to be by spencer side in the hospital. >> he's a fighter. he will fight through. >>reporter: stone became an international hero in late august when heal with alex scar and anthony sadler attacked a gun man on a taken. stone was injured. officer knight he found himself in another fight this one outside a sacramento bar at 21 and k street. this
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video captured by a liquor store surveillance camera shows the fight. stone uncle told us he was defending a friend when it began. uc davis medical center the said stone injuries are serious. 3 wound to the torso. but he is expected to make a full rohr ri. >> i suspect given his history he's a firefighter. >> he tweeted everybody sent practitioners out at the time stone family today. and spencer is one tough guy and only he could have done something like that and lived yet again. >> big guy and even bigger heart. he will pull through. >> the chief medical officer says this stone was conscious when he arriveded at the hospital. also that he was in surgery for a couple of hours. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. san leandro police look for driver with abandoned his badly injured daughter after he led officers on high speed chase early today. 29-year-old calvin crashed the car into a
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wul while being chased. 6-year-old was in the car. he ran away leaving her behind and she's going need surgery for her jersey. passenger was arrested. they think he's connected to earlier armed robbery in san leandro. >> big changes are coming for soap toothpaste and buddy wash with microscopic bead. the governor signed the bill that ban the use of bead in personal care products by 2020. environmental group have long been complaining the bead are so small they are not trapped by waste water filter and end up in the ocean. >> they were hard to miss. u.s. navy blue angel took to the sky above the bay area today. >> they are in town for the annual fleet week celebration. st love that. this afternoon display only a row hersal and they willfully again tomorrow before this weekend official fleet week air show. for one pilot being in control of an
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f/a-18 hornet is a childhood dream come true. >> first person i called is my mom i said i'm going to be a blue angel she started crying. so the the the. >> thinks the month empty that his aspiration of become ago navy pilot hit him at 18 3 posing at blue angel air show in 1985. >> we see all of the fleet week pictures. send them to us using this hash-tag on twitter, facebook or instant gram. >> 7 is your source for everything fleet week. there you find a list of all the fleet week activity plus watch live stream for blue angel when they perform saturday and sichbilityd up there tomorrow the t.fantastic. >> california mom is making headlines after she says her son received a racist toy. that on 7 news at 11:00. company hype the continual pirate ship is responding to the outrage. also ahead. >> drought and hay prices are
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just crip length us. >> new crisis faces animal rescue center helping horses with nowhere else to good. deadline quickly approaching. >> getting good night rest is not easy for everyone. bay area couldn't with the most insomniac. >> st bright and warm today. i'll let you know if the sun will shine for fleet week and weekend plans coming up. >> look what's coming up tonight on kimmel live right after our nichlts sample of tonight show free. >> we are coming to you. >> right. >> to talk to you about women issues. >> i know. explain them to
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nausea, injection site reactions, cough, back pain, and cold or flu symptoms. some serious side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney failure. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. . >> toy maker claims it never intended to offend anybody following accusations of racism from a mother in sacramento. her son received this play mobile pirate ship for the fifth birth day. she felt offendeded after seeing one of the ship passengers. toyen instruction show how to play a neck restraint on to the character. >> it told my son to -ut a
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slave cuff around the black character neck then play with the toy. >>reporter: play mobile addeded that the figure depicts a crew member and not a captive on the 17 century ship. company says the toy was meant to represent a pirate who was a former slave and historical context. it has been a little more than a career sense outpouring of support from abc 7 news viewers led to the rescue of stavshing abused horse ins the south by. the horses are thriving but the rescuers are facing a crisis. >>reporter: meet the horse leaving got life with loving family interwatsonville what we are doing is giving something that somebody didn't want that was being thrown out we gave him a life. >>reporter: here's him in september of last year. starv starving and infestd with parasite. >> i didn't think he was going to he can mate. >>reporter: the horse was one of more than neglected horse found in morgan hill and gilroy owned by the same man now cop vehicleed of felony animal abuse.
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>> nobody will take the time to fix these horses and give them a second chance e-at first santa clara couldn't animal control refused to step in. so the non-profit rescue center bought 11 horses in the worst condition and brought them to their sanctuary south of holster. one horse was so sec he died within a few hours. but now after a year of expert care the others are all doing well. thinks 5 month old mir license and his mother pregnant when she was rescued. >> those horses have such special need. grain. hay. three times a day. item not an easy process e-volunteers pitch in. >> healing. horses give me love i give them love e-but the care cost thousands of dollars. horses former owner east under court order to pay restitution but monthly check barely mick a dent. >> 14.54. >>reporter: monica runs the center which finds homes for adoptable horses and provide sanctuary for others. >> you can tell which horse we
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have had for a long time t.because they are fat tivrjts long drought and cost of hay led to glut of unwanted horse. rest could you center has more than 80 her now and struggling to pay the bills. it's so bad they may have to shut down. but there is hope. >> this property has 4 well on it. >>reporter: there's water her here. so the center needs an irrigation system to use the world trade center to grow food and cut the hay bill. >> that will enable them to be financially solvent and secure and not have to rely so heavily on donor on month by month basis. >>reporter: craig says if the rescue center can raise the money for irrigation to show it is financially viable he has lrnl donor to buy it and proceed serve it as horse sanctuary forever. if it doesn't happen the future looks grim. >> the horse have if where to good. >> at the time rescue center needs to raise about 50,000 dollars in the next few week.
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half which to the goal and could really use your help. link on our web site. >> did you have a chance to look up at the sun set tonight. i hope you did. because it was spectacular and we want to thank our the now community for sharing incredible images tonight. we received sunset picture from across the bay area on social media. keep sending us the photo we love seeing them. use the hash-tag lyinged here and sand why and our weather crew were inundated by sunset photos and they are not xleng one bit. >> no we aren't complaining either seeing them and sandhya does have more open our weather tonight. look at that one. >> yes i do know. isn't this amising. if he ever tired of seeing these pictures as we look. this was taken by posted to my face book page. a burst of color. check out this picture tweeted from me by moxie and this is from the sun
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setting district of san francisco. you probably wonder why we had so much color and emeryville the time lapse well those cloudsed are all in association with the former hurricane and that is why you get the beautiful sun sets where you live and like larry and amma mentioned make sure you send the pictures to twitter with the hash-tag. we see the cloud still with us tonight and we take a closer look at the temperatures they are primarily in the 60's and 70's. with avenue few upper 50's around santa rosa, no have the 0and a half machine bay is 55 degrees. exploratorium camp are lovely view of san francisco and mild warm weather again tomorrow sticky cooler saturday with warm day expected early next week so here's satellite and radar. still holding strong nice warm-up 70's to 90's this will continue tomorrow with the same range of temperatures but the high clouds continue to spill in mid high level clouds over the top of the region. they are almost
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out of here so you will see some clouds move out and that means yes you will see some more beautiful sunset but perhaps not the same keen of tropical feel as today. you have to wait until saturday. post tropical o h o it was once a hurricane. not much left to it but it will 10 to pick up moisture into low pressure and next couple days gusty winds with helpful rain expected from the gulf of alaska to british columbia and canada. unfortunately nothing for us other than the cloud to look at. friday forecast another warm one. most areas in the 70's to 80's and 90's. cooler but a little humid on saturday. and then on sunday it's a little warmer and certainly brighter so when you look at the fleet week festivities forecast it looks terrific. mild sunshine tomorrow 76 after 59 in the morning. 50's for saturday and sunday in the morning a little more cloud cover and slight dip in the numbers saturday but i don't think the blue angel should have any problem lots of sunshine for sunday if you are going did enjoy the show.
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first they think in the morning temperatures in the 50's tomorrow might want to grab some tee if you are warm t.tomorrow afternoon 92 in livermore. 90 fairfield 80 oakland 77 san francisco. 70 half machine bay. 84 san rafael. 87 degree ins santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast from warm friday to cooler and muggy saturday. and then the temperatures rise on sunday that warming trend carries over no early next week when you see low mid 70's coast guard low to mid 90s inlistened. that thursday slight chance of rain out of the picture. >> you.
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>> if out tonight because you captain sleep you are not alon alone. now new study rank 80's of the country with the most insomniac. pay area has 20 percent of rerespondent slipping poorly. marin county sleepers get the most rest in the bay area. people inal immediate couldn't get the least. nationwide there appears to be a link between areas with low income poor health and insomnia. >> too much stress
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unfortunately. >> sports coming up. warriors hi
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donaldson probably win the american league mvp award for the blue joy this season but he missed half of gym 1 tonight. who knows for gym 2. white out in toronto. everybody waving their white towels. bottom of the fourth. donaldson at fears. jose with ground ball. hard slide at second his head hit the knee. he try to prebing up the double play there. caught the accidental knee. was able to stay in the game briefly and then was just too woozy. had to 11. passed concussion test but the status unmostly clear. jay attired price for big moments leak this but that's not what they were expecting. 5 runs in 7 engine. 2 run jack her by robinson and rangers win 5-3. a series lead and no rest for donaldson with gym 2 coming up tomorrow. bee which are of angry tarp. this guy gets swallowed up in kansas city. after long rain delay a monster home run off mchue. 2
1:36 am
solo homer in the gym and casey trailed 3-2. but in the fifth. george springer. matching fire with fire. deep to the left field seat and astros extend the lead out to 4-2 then colby home interthe wild card game against the yankees. he does it again and that is a mighty clout. 5-2 the final. both road time won did. the series tomorrow. warriors play the second pre-season game tonight in portland and they lost to the blazers. they will lose occasionally. luke in the fears road game interim head coach. green right down broadway. with authority then chin up on the rim. warriors by 3. curry sloppy with the ball here. had it taken away. tim frasier up the court. former cal star crab who hits the jumper. crab had 25. blazers starting to pull awhic awhich. then green to steff all alone in the corner. game
1:37 am
high 30 in 26 minutes but the blazers go on to win 118-101. now 1 and 1 in the pre-season. so far. colt and texan thursday night football. harriett foster angry at the cubs. up up 13-3. hail mary just before half time. just like did he at arizona state. strong goes up and snatches i. 13-10 colts at the half. former niner gore up the middl middle. 20-10 colts. last chance for the texans. just the tm and crush as he 3s. picked off which adam. colton 27-20. luck second state game with shoulder injury. pats thursday tonight action. washington and usc. washington with the half back option pass with 27 yards here. huskies take a 10-6 lead and add


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