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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this to start seeing if this was a connection. that phone call paid off. police now believe 23-year-old audrey carey was killed by the same people who killed the hiker in marin. police say some of her belongings were found on the three suspects. the trio is being held in portland where they were arrested. they are being described as "drifters." >> they are lost souls. they are living off the radar. >> now authorities believe the 67-year-old steve carter was their second victim. he was killed monday evening while walking the dog. audrey carey was found dead on saturday morning near the stage of the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival. no motive was given if her death but for carter it was a crime of opportunity and his car was stolen by the suspects. police from san francisco and marin are now in portland
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working the case. >> it is stunning. breaking news in arizona another campus shooting overnight and this time in flagstaff. police have arrested the suspected gunman at northern arizona university in flagstaff. officials say one person is dead. three others were wounded in the shooting. the first call was reported before 1:30 this morning and an emergency alert was sent to residents at dormitory that houses most students involved in greek organizations. still not clear what sparked the shooting. >> the shooter and shootings happened hours before president obama travels to oregon to meet with the families of victims of the mass shooting at umpqua community college. 8,000 people have said they plan to attend at 11 a.m. protest near the airport. demonstration was organized on facebook event page. they say president obama is politicize the tragedy in the call for stronger gun control
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laws. organizers say it will not interfere with the funeral for one of the nine victims, 19 -year-old at noon. a couple of miles away at the douglas county fair grounds. president obama will arrive in san francisco tonight separately for a fundraiser. >> the search is on for two accused of stabbing a french train heroes, spencer stone. he was stabbed three times while protecting a friend outside of a bar in downtown sacramento early yesterday morning. surveillance video shows the fight and suspect leaving in a dark colored 2009-2012 toyota camry. joe rafael rodriguez, roommates with stone's brother and said that he went to sacramento to be by the side of spencer in the hospital. >> he is a big guy and he has a bigger heart. i know he will pull through. it is just...he is young. he is a fighter. he will fight through.
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>> doctors are saying that the injuries are serious but he is expected to make a full recovery. stone became an international hero in late august when he, along with alek skarlatos and san antonio sadler, tackled a gunman on a train from amsterdam. >> the man accused killing a hayward police sergeant is charged with murder with special circumstance clauses. this august, the attorney asked for more time because he just took the case. police say he shot the sergeant during a traffic stop in july. the sergeant was a 15 area veteran of the department. >> it looks like a cat kidnap and killing spree in san jose may be over. police arrested robert farmer, the man suspected of snatching and killing cats from a neighborhood. officials found a 24-year-old inside his car with a dead cat. we spoke with the victims who are now asking the prosecutors
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to take the crimes seriously. >> pat and janet are proud pet owners, showing pictures of the 15-year-old cat. >> she was a fixture in the neighborhood. everyone knew him. now she chokes back teared disappearing two weeks ago from the neighborhood and her husband made a gruesome discovery. >> he was in a box if a little box look like a coffin, bugs on him. >> the family are not alone. we showed you surveillance video snatching the cat near where the body of beardsley was found and another neighbor rescued a cat from a similar looking man on saturday. >> the vet said it was not a pet or animal bite but something else. >> when you start connecting the dots and there are similarities in our got their attention.
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>> police arrested 24-year-old robert farmer in the home depot parking lot. also inside his car? a dead cat. the owner said it is not her pet. >> farmer is facing animal cruelty charges. how many counts? police have not said. >> whoever prosecutes him or sentences him or interacts with him i hope they give whatever the law allows, the maximum and treats it like a real crime. >> a cat killing spree that could include a half dozen now a story of a dog a search is underway for the puppy stolen from san francisco animal control and control. louie is only two months old a black and white pit bull taken around 2:00 yesterday afternoon from the animal care and control headquarters on 15th. this is the man and the woman police want to talk to about the theft. they were caught on surveillance video, you can see the woman is
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wearing a black hoodie and the man has a white v neck t-shirt. >> video shows firefighters attacking from the air and the ground a series of suspicious brushfires in san jose. they break out yesterday afternoon in a park. investigators say someone may have deliberately set them in three different locations. no one was hurt. the fires burned five acres and they never threatened any building. >> new this morning the postal service is putting napa's earthquake damaged post office up for sale after suffering major damage in the earthquake. they wanted to demolish it because it will cost $8 million to repair it. so many people spoke out against the plan that officials decided to sell the willing instead. the postal service is looking for a buyer who will repair the damage and save the willing. >> the blue angels are back in the skies above the bay area this afternoon.
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if you live anywhere near san francisco you heard them or maybe saw them above your place. the rehearsal is going on for fleet week celebration. at, p.m. today thebly angels are part of the celebration of the official fleet week air show. a pilot temperatures us being in control of an f-18 hornet is a child hood dream come true. >> the first person i called was, mom, i am going to be a blue angels and she started crying. >> i love that guy. >> that at age three he is posing at a blue angels air show in 1985. it begins at 12:30 with the heap frog parachute team. we will share the blue angels performance on our website. >> the mayor kicks off the festivities by welcoming the parade of ships to the bay at 11 o'clock a.m., the san francisco
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fire department will be the first to pass under the golden gate bridge followed by six other ships including a naval destroyer, combat ship and a missile cruiser. the parade is from 11 o'clock to 12:30 p.m. we have a lot of photos from folks enjoying fleet week activities and we want to see your pictures, send them to us # abc7now. we are the source for everything fleet week so you will find the full schedule when you go there and do not wore about mission blue ain't gems if you at work and not playing hooky because we are streaming the show tomorrow and sunday so there is no discuss to miss it. >> you can see it live stream or bring a sleeping back and want every show. >> i will see you and your kids with the sleeping bags. >> what is the weather look, like? >> i amenting the roof if
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am renting the roof. the f18s are flying by, not so many clouds as in the video we showed you from last year. 74 today. it will be a mild breeze tomorrow. down to 69. 74 with total sunshine on sunday. the greatest chance of getting burned will be on sunday. each day, you should have sunscreen on. the golden gate bridge is hazy. i am watching clouds develop along the north bay coast. they are sliding down. the commute. not be so easy as it was yesterday. especially as we get deeper into this morning's commute. 85 to 92. the warmth peaked yesterday and it will ease at 66 to 74 and mild. and above-average temperatures around the bay at 76 to 84. san jose shows we are partly cloudy at 60 degrees. san francisco is 69 tomorrow. you can see the mid-to-upper 70s headed to sunday and monday. we are in the mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula with 80s
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returning on monday. we are in the mid-80s in the south bay where 90 by monday and we will hang out in the 80s in the east bay, and 80s tomorrow inland east bay and 90s for sunday and monday and we go from 83 in the north bay to 90 on monday. it will be a warm one next week. i will show you more in the seven-day outlook. leyla? >> you heard mike, you want to use the low beams if you are heading cross the golden gate bridge. be careful. mass transit, bart, 24 trains are running on time and muni does not have delays reported, ace train one is on time. it look like all mass transit is not seeing any issues this morning. if you are head out to fleet week, you want to make sure there is going to be plenty of traffic so use pass transit and if you are heading cross the babe in a ferry, altered schedules so check with the local mass transit agency. this morning, we do have an depth in san jose a lane is blocked involving injuries two cars involved southbound 880,
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south of the san jose airport. with the one lane blocked we do not have delays because it is quite early friday morning commute. to the south, construction southbound highway 17. away from 280 to lark avenue the lanes are taken away until 7:00. plan ahead. >> construction workers make an amazing climb in the east bay with a teaching moment for local school kids. >> and a bombshell for the leadership in the house of leadership in the house of representatives in congress. stay tun [announcer] you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models.
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and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 4:43. the driver escaped after the car crashed into a building in san ramon. you can see from sky 7 how far the car made it into the store at were showing center on montgomery street. the crews braved the damage before freeing the driver. police are trying to figure out want. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy considered the sure bets to replace speaker boehner physical he dropped out of race hours before the big vote. and stehpanie is in washington, dc, with the fallout. stehpanie? >> yes, kevin mccarthy will not be the successor of speaker boehner. the withdrawal from the house of representatives race has republicans in a tizzy. no one saw this coming. if less than 2 1/2 hours majority leader kevin mccarthy went from a confident candidate for speaker of the house of representatives, to a withdrawal. >> i shocked some of you.
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i found in talking to everyone if we going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> decision bit california lawmaker puts the house republicans into deeper chaos after a closed door meeting leaving republicans especially those who supported kevin mccarthy at a loss for words. >> no one knows anything. >> with no obvious replacement for speaker boehner, anything could happen. >> they are stunned. >> little known candidates, daniel webster and jason chaffetz are still in the running but some urge former g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan from wisconsin to throw his hat into the ring although he said he is still not running. >> what happened? >> kevin mccarthy's plunder of the house benghazi committee did not help. >> everyone thought hillary clinton was unbeatable? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee, what are the numbers
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today? her numbers are dropping. >> kevin mccarthy's team figured he would only get 200 house of representatives republicans to vote for him which is short of the 218 needed. >> in washington, i am stehpanie rap mess for -- >> 50 ice age fossils discovered in fremont are donated now to the children's natural history museum in the east bay city. >> we got a look of the specimens uncovered two years ago during retrofit work of water pipes. the donation will help students and others learn of the area's history. we will have more on the fossils tonight at abc7 news at 6:00. >> speaking of fossils...but i rely we are the same age. >> kristen! >> i am a-year-older than you
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are. >> so we will move on from that, and i will try to get my walker and move over >> here we lookin' good. here we go, good morning, everyone. we do feel like that on the morning show by friday because of the lack of sleep. beautiful kressent moon this morning. looking from our camera on the roof you can see how beautiful the water looks. inviting. enjoy the ferry ride. it is 60 degree the at the ferry building and mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere. in san francisco the warm spot is glen park at 63. low clouds along the coast and increasing near the golden gate bridge. american canyon is 52. pacifica is 55.
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we have low 60s at richmond, and also belmont and union city and cooler in santa clara at 57, and low-to-mid 60s around pleasanton and 59 in walnut creek. from our east bay hills camera you can see how clear it is and we will watch the golden gate bridge where some of low clouds could creep in. they will go back to the coast and it will be partly cloudy with heat inland and sticky by our standards and cooler tomorrow, but warm to hot in the afternoon hours next week. you can see the sea breeze developing holly along the cost and through the san bruno gap and the rest of us are light and variable. the main player is area of high pressure stretching the cold front out and not letting it get anywhere near us. because of that, we are going to push into the 80's again in the south bay and go from 83 in milpitas and 87 in san jose and low 90s in los gatos and gilroy. mid-to-upper 70s millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 80s forest of the peninsula, and upper 60s to mid-70s in
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south san francisco and 82 in petaluma and vallejo at 87. east bay sure is upper 70s to low 80s until union city and fremont and castro valley and low 90 inland east bay and stuffy yesterday. my seven-day forecast shows four to six degrees cooler tomorrow and sunday we will gain a degree or two but look at the 70s next week, 80s an the bay and 90 inland through wednesday. have a good one. >> thank you. hope everyone else is doing well. we will start off in the east bay. we have construction that c.h.p. said they hope to have pick up by 6:00 a.m. they had construction here on westbound 580 between 35th avenue to the maze and right now between grand avenue and i-80 we have a pocket that will be around for another hour and a half. expect some delays. we have 880 as the alternate to get around the slow downs but when you pass through a construction zone slow for a
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cone zone. highway 24 leaving lafayette to orinda to make it through the tunnel, top speeds. walnut creek is 680, before you get there, the drive up to highway 24, is a big gap between the vehicles and a look at drive time traffic 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo has a flight to catch and no problems and 880 clear to the maze and 101 is not too bad in san jose. reggie? kristen? >> a possible breakthrough in the battle against a devastating the battle against a devastating disease. it'll be here before you know it.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> a halloween display too scary. is this such a thing? look at these pictures in an he neighborhood. people say the family went too far with their displays. they have very life like depiction of gruesome murder scenes and they live next door to, what? a school. some parents say their kids are so scared they refuse to leave campus. >> shocked. it is realistic display. almost horrified that someone would think it is okay to put it that close to an elementary school. if it is scaring some kids and they have a hard time leave we don't want to scare kids.
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we could tone it down. >> concerned parents have petitioned the city to take action against the family. officials say there is nothing they can do because it is freedom of expression. >> tesla motors is starting a war of words against apple. the electric carmaker c.e.o. is dissing plans to build an electric car. elon musk said apple hires engineers who have been fired by tesla and said we always call apple the tesla graveyard and averages it makes sense for them to get into cars but he said that cars very complex compared to phones or smart much as. >> a sleepy bear in search of something to drink in southern california found the perfect spot. >> let's see...there it is, the bear took a nap if a tree and it was thirsty and taking a sip from a pool seemed like a good idea. the bear was caught on camera
4:55 am
moving through the neighborhood in los angeles county the sex time if a week bears have turned up. last friday two visited a home before being chased off by, what else? a dog? >> he wanted on go for a swim. but the water was not too his liking. >> maybe if they cool down the weather. >> it felt like summer yesterday. >> a it will today. and tomorrow. with the humidity rolling in it will feel warmer than what it is. good morning, again. low-to-mid 90 through the central valley. 82 in lake tahoe. that is above average. 75 monterey. house speaker 90s san diego and los angeles and 102 in palm springs. what is left of ojo does not affect our immediate weather. however, if you are going to the coast especially tomorrow morning, through sunday evening beach hazard statement because of the strong rip currents from sonoma to monterey. be careful. if you are headed that way.
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now, any obstacles on the commute? >> a couple. an accident in san jose. this is 87 near julian street. traffic is light. on 880 southbound near coleman south of the mineta san jose international airport there is an accident blocking a lane. we have areas of construction so slow for the cone zone. that can pose a challenge. a spot we do have construction with us for a little while, san mateo bridge, cross the water, only 12 minutes between 880 and the peninsula. at the construction zone, westbound side of 580 to the northbound 680 connection closed until 6:00 with detours in place. this is all the slow i could fine the not too bad. >> in the bay area, a also rolling new drug could become the first to slow progression of a tough to treat form of m.s where results in three trial show a new dug reduced the
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symptoms for progressive m.s. researchers say the drug keeps the more common form of the disease. the company will apply to the food and drug administration for approval to treat both forms of the disease. >> and in south san francisco, 4:57 if you want to live a long and healthy hive think spicy. >> researchers studied 500,000 people in china. they wrote down what they ate and researchers went through the food diary those would ate spicy foods had a lower rib of cancer and heart and breaking diseases. and heart and breaking diseases. one ingredient is thought reduces cell dam. if you like it hot, you are good. lay it on.
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>> 4:57. at 5:00, you can weigh in on a plan to raise the caltrain fares. >> woman said her son received a racist toy and the company behind this is responding to the behind this is responding to the outrage.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning be happy friday, it is friday, october 9. i am reggie aqui here for eric thomas.


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