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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning be happy friday, it is friday, october 9. i am reggie aqui here for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze.
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we have the blue angels in town. how does it look? >> we have the forecast in five minutes. it will be good with temperatures in the 70s. the cloud cover and that is ahead. there is drizzle possible at point reyes as we look at san francisco international airport. the clouds are increasing and hopefully we do not have arrival delays. the next 12 hours we will warm mid-to-upper 80s inland, upper 70s and low 80s around the bay and upper 60s at the coast. it will not be so warm as yesterday. that is neat week forecast. leyla? fleet week means we will have a lot of traffic. mass transit is the way to go. give yourself plenty of time heading into san francisco. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are quiet with a few cars. this is from the east bay. the metering lights. i will tell you when they come in. crickets? that is the richmond-san rafael and across the water it will only take you five minutes.
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five short minutes. we have a couple of accidents in san jose with the first blocking a lane southbound 880 at coleman avenue and the second is on highway 85, southbound, at blossom hill road. >> a major development this morning as two recent bay area murders are now linked. san francisco police say that drifters accused of killing a hiker this week also killed a young canadian backpacker in golden gate park. our reporter is in the park with more on the new evidence police found. >> police are say they took some of the victims' belongings from this park with them and that is how they made the connection. these three drifters are in custody in portland. they were arrested at a hopeless shelter there. san francisco police went on portland and found the victims' property and they believe they responsible for the murder in golden gate park, 23-year-old audrey carey was found dead neither a stage for the hardly
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strictly bluegrass music festival on saturday morning. she is from canada. she was in the states on a backpacking trip. authorities believe the three drifters then went to marin county where they are accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter out for a hike with his dog on a trail outside of fairfax county. they call that murder a "crime of opportunity." they say the three were driving the victim's car. there is no motive given for audrey carey's death. a teen is under arrest in santa rosa accused of attempted murder. the 18-year-old fire add gun at two people outside a home on golden gate avenue yesterday. one of victims had confronted the defendant about non-spray painting gang graffiti near the house. he fired the gun at victim but they were not hit. >> police are searching for the man would stabbed spencer stone,
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a local hero who stopped a terror attack in europe. we are hearing from the witness who called 9-1-1. janet? [ inaudible ] >> she has an interview with a taxi driver who was asked to call 9-1-1 with more on that in a little bit. san leandro police are looking for a driver who abandoned the badly injured daughter after leading officers on a high speed chase. the 29-year-old man crashed his car into a wall while being chased yesterday. his six-year-old daughter was? the car. he ran away leaving her behind. she will need surgery now for the injuries. police arrested a passenger. officers think the man is connected to an early armed robbery in san leandro. >> president obama plans to meet privately with the family of the
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victims of the mass shooting at umpqua community college. after he leaves rose bug, -- roseburg, oregon, he will head to san francisco. he will have a fundraiser including one with kanye west with tickets from $100 to $10,000. >> voters will see fewer of this in november: the county is only going to have 32 polling stations open to get more voters to use mail-in ballots sent to all registered voters. san mateo is among the first counties california to test mail only voting to save money. they will run all mailed elections in november 2017 local elections. >> uber is try to get to bottom of a massive data breach exposing the personal information of 50,000 uber drivers. the lawyers filed papers trying
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to find the person connected to a comcast address. lyft technology chief is accused of being the hacker. >> you can weigh in on a proposed fee hike for caltrain. they are facing $30 million deficit as a result, then, they want to increase prices by 50 cent a trip and raise packing. the hike goes into effect on february 28. there are self-public meetings coming up. the first is tomorrow morning and happens at 11 o'clock at the gilroy senior center. >> we, check with meteorologist mike nicco and get the fleet week forecast. >> today is partly cloudy at 74 and mild but muggy breeze tomorrow at 69 and a few more clouds tomorrow, and more sunshine on sunday and the warmth returns and 74 degrees. you will need sunscreen if you are outside for a couple of hours in either of the days even in october we can have issues. this is how it looks in walnut
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creek where it is partly cloudy. and 62 degrees. we will top out at 74 in san francisco. peninsula is 84. south bay is 87. the east bay is only 83 and i land around 90 and in the north bay we will top out at 87 with a few more clouds along the coast today than yesterday, and move failure, san rafael has fog floating around petaluma and rohnert park and it is not hitting the reporting stations but earlier it was a mile and it is out there just not taking over the expire morning commute. the three day forecast shows a muggy day temperatures pulling back six degrees. more sunshine, rebounding a little bit on sunday with dry air and the heat republicans on monday with 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90 inland. i will let you know how long it will last. >> leyla? >> good morning, everyone, remember i told you of the construction project in the east bay on 580 westbound, this is
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rare when a sig-alert is issued because of a couple of lanes being closed westbound 580 between grand avenue and i-80 we will have a couple of lanes closed million further notice. they hope to have it re-opened by 6:00. it is causing a lot of slow downs as you make it to the maze so avoid it completely. the sig-alert is in effect. 880 will be the best way around it. if you travel through the tunnel from highway 84 to get to emeryville you may want to reconsider because of the delay. it is getting heavier and heavier and it will turn darker so i will keep you updated with alternates next report. reggie and kristen? >> seven days of free coffee at 7-eleven and you can get in on it. >> fleet week is in full swing in san francisco. i am before the uss somerset with a review. >> getting a good night's rest is not easy for everyone, where a county with the post problem
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[during sleep train's the triple choice sale. big for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we want to get back to the story of sacramento police
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searching for the men who stab the spencer stone a local hero who stopped a terror attack in europe. janet? >> a cab driver happened to be in the area early yesterday morning when he said he saw united states airmen spencer stone take on three guys. the cab is seen pulling into the shop captured by surveillance video from a liquor store. i was clear that stone was outnumbered. police say that the 23-year-old was out with a drew of friends when an argument escalated outside of a bar in midtown sacramento. stone's uncle said he was protecting a friend when he was tab three types in the chest. >> he knocked out one guy. he was bent over and the blood was coming from everywhere. >> he offered stone a ride to the hospital but he calmly told him to call 9-1-1. >> stone now is recovering from serious injuries at uc davis medical center but is expected to make a full recovery. two months ago he survived
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another attack enhe tried to take down a gunman on a french bound train. the international hero was slashed several types with a box cutter and almost had his thumb cut off. he rereceived a purple heart. police are looking for the two stabbing suspects seen in this new surveillance video jumping into a dark toyota camry after fight. police have yet to identify who the men are. >> thank you. a toy may are claim they never intended to offend anyone over a toy that a sacramento mom said is racist. a woman's son received this pirate ship for the birthday. she said she is offended after seeing a ship passengers. the instructions show you how to place a neck restraint on to the character. >> it told my son to put a slave scuff away the black character's neck. and to play with the toy.
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>> they say the figure depict as crew member on the 17th century ship, not a captive and they say that the toy was meant to represent a pirate who was a former slave in historical context, whatever that means. >> sometimes the that nation makes it worse. >> the eight-year-old will not girlfriend it either way. >> fleet week is started today with the first performance of the blue angels this afternoon. >> we will watch the parade ships. our reporter is on board the uss somerset with more on this. chris? >> so much going on, reggie and christian. we will take you to different parts of the ship. we are excited to be joined by lieutenant natalie hull with the united states navy. >> excited to be here. tell us more about the ship and what exact it is used for.
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>> we are a landing transport dock and embark and land and transport elements of the marine corps and 300 to 400 sailors on board and up to 800 are deployed. >> there is a special bay area connection with this ship and some names behind us. tell us about that. >> the names behind us pay tribute to the 40 passengers of flight 93 that crashed in somerset county during 9/11 which is where our namesake comes from. it is located in an area of the ship that sailors and marines come to each day which gives us from motivation and remind us why we are here. >> good information, natalie. we will talk to you through the morning. thank you forgetting up with us. guys, this is a chance to celebrate the armed services but also a chance for them to
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educate others about what they do and why they do it. we are staying here through the morning and bringing you more through the show. >> interesting stuff. >> mike, i know you have interesting pictures to show us before we get --. >> yes, thanks to our viewers, high clouds in the morning make for a from morning and you can see that on twitter and they made for a great evening. check it out. # abc7now. our abc community is sharing the images of the sunset across the bay area. use #abc7now. you can use it on facebook and twitter and instagram. golden gate bridge has a southwest wind at 11 miles per hour. so far that is holding the clouds that are hugging the north bay coast in the north bay. we will keep an eye on that. 47 in santa rosa and rohnert
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park is 45 degrees. gunville is 49. san rafael, 64. tiburon is 63. microclimates up in the north bay. half moon bay is 54 and san carlos, san ramon, cupertino, 58 and lafayette at 59 and newark at 60 and brentwood is 69 degrees. we are all over the place this morning. we will be this afternoon. from sutro tower, if you were with us we had a finger of fog rolling law and it has dissipated because of the southwest wind the i believe we will see more clouds along the coast and the heat peaked yesterday. we will be less tomorrow but will be warmer inland. slightly sticky and cooler and the heat comes back again tomorrow. here you go just about everywhere the visibility is convey it this morning. other were that the fog we have been watching around petaluma
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not hitting the reporting station. we could see a late subject of clouds but notice how quickly everything is clearing out. just along the coast is where we will see more clouds, 60, 70s and 80s for spread. for your neighborhood we will go from 83 in milpitas to 87 in shows and low 90 and morgan hill and gilroy and chess to santa cruz and los gatos and 76 in millbrae to 86 in los altos, and upper 60s to low 70 along the coast with mid-70s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. warm through the north bay from petaluma and vallejo at 82 to santa rosa and napa at 87 and 88. low 80s through the east bay shore line, and mid-80s to low 90 inhappened east -- inland east bay neighbor. on saturday and sunday they will come back with a advantage ensure, monday tuesday and wednesday next week. we have a chance to talk where leyla gulen and the commute. >> we have a sig-alert on friday morning.
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not too bad. we do put have too many commuters but we have a brand new crash on the peninsula. on 101 in the northbound direction to get to sfo we have a two or three car crash that blocked two lanes and everything is pushed to the shoulder. we are seeing green conditions. we are not fining slow downs. it does not sound like injuries are involved. we have construction and it is rare when c.h.p. issues a sig-alert because of a project but westbound 580 is a roth and they still need the work to be completed. cones are blocking two lanes until 6:00. it is causing a bit of a jam. avoid 580 completely and use 880 instead. >> if you are awake right new because you are watching us, or because you cannot sleep you are not alone. >> a study ranks the the country with the most insome
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neighbors and the bay area has 20 percent sleeping poorly. people in marin county get the most stress in bay area and people in alameda have the least. around the nation there is a link between areas with low link between areas with low income, poor health, to >> and more on volkswagen. >> more potential trouble for volkswagen. >> regulators are looking into a second computer program in the diesel cars affecting the operation of the emission control. >> they apologized on capitol hill for the program that rigged 11 million cars to cheat on emissions. >> apple pay is letting you wave your phone rather than a credit card. best buy is accepting apple pay but now, kfc and it should be an option next year at starbucks. >> great deal an 7-eleven,
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free hot beverages next week. >> just download the 7-eleven app and register where your name and e-mail address to give you coupons for any hot beverage for a day starting on monday. that is america's money. >> seven things ahead as you start your day and tweets can help detect the next earthquake. >> a bail rain delay that got a groups keeper into a sticky groups keeper into a sticky situation.
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he are seven things you need to know. miss say three suspects in the murder of a popular marin county
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yoga instructor are also response build for a murder in golden gate park last weekend. the 23-year-old audrey carey's body was found on saturday near the stage of the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival. the three we suspects have waived extradition and are going to be brought back to face charges. >> the search is on for two men accused of stabbing terrorist hero spencer stone with the suspects leaving in dark colored 2009-2012 camry. the injuries of stone are serious but he is expected to make a full recovery. >> president obama is going to take off in an hour to head on oregon to meet families of victims of umpqua community college. 8,000 people have said they plan to attend the 11 o'clock a.m. forecast saying he is politicizing the track -- tragedy. ability cosby will testify under
5:25 am
oath, a woman would accused him of assaulting him when she was 15. he has never been charged with a crime despite dozens of women making accusations. >> the 2015 nobel peace prize >> the 2015 nobel peace prize awarded to a >> we have strong rip currents. cooler conditions, as well. i will let you know how it affects fleet week in the seven-day outlook. >> we have a sig-alert causing major delays 580 westbound between grand avenue and macarthur maze. take 880 instead. they will pick up the cones by 6:00. >> the u.s. geological survey said they are using twitter as
5:26 am
another tool to detect earthquakes. a program automatically sorts through tweets like this when a lot of people in a specific area start sending out americans offers, the government researchers get an alert using the method the u.s. geological survey can detect an earthquake in under to minutes which is useful in areas that do not have the age's sensors. >> royals hope for a better result on-and-off the indictment in game two of the series against the astros. >> a grounds crew member narrowly escaped after being swallowed up by the tarp. here is now call the tap guy, he slipped and fell as he hurried to put on the tarp. he was not injured. the royals fell to the astros and game two is today, 12:45 our time. >> his friends will never let him live it down. >> it is all over the internet.
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>> new details ahead in a catnapping and killing spree in san jose and many pet owners are san jose and many pet owners are breathing easier this morning. ♪
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♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> so glad you are with us. you almost made it to the weekend. i am reggie aqui here for eric thomas. mike? good morning, everyone, i have been tracking the fog at petaluma. the fog is rebel moving around if places like rohnert park and possibly seeing a little bit of the fog. we have the east bay hills back
5:30 am
to the golden gate bridge and it is clear so far this morning. we are cooler. inland. especially the north pay, 46 to 62. 66 at the coast. low clouds, more than year at 80 inland. we will peak at 68 at the coast. mid-to-upper 80s inland. with the weekend forecast coming up. >> friday and due many accidents. a new one if vallejo from highway 29 to highway 37 an overturned vehicle. the person got out of the vehicle and is not injured. we still have an accident on the transition. you could see lane closings as c.h.p. responds. to the southwest westbound 80 more slowing because of a motorcycle crash. and a sig-alert grand avenue to i-80, 880 is the alternate. >> we are following breaking
5:31 am
news in arizona, hard to believe we are talking again about another college campus shooting, at 1:30 this morning. this is at northern arizona university in flagstaff. we know one person is dead. three others are wounded. we do not know a motive. the shooting occurred in mountain view hall a dorm that houses the fraternity and sorority students officials and police are planning a news conference in half an hour. we will be able to pass along some more answers. >> the arizona campus shootings happens hours before president obama travels to oregon to speak with the victims' families at umpqua community college and 8,000 will attend the forecast near the airport organized open facebook event page. the protesters say president obama is politicizing the tragedy in the calm tore stronger gun control. organizers say it will not
5:32 am
speaker fear with the funeral for a nine-year-old victim at noon at the douglas county fair drowneds. president obama will travel to san francisco for a democratic fundraiser. >> a stunning twist involving the three suspects in the murder of yoga instruct of marin. the police believe the same trio also killed a canadian tourist found in golden gate park two days earlier. amy hollyfield is at the park. >> what a connection made by police. they are telling us how they put it all together. they do now believe that 23-year-old audrey carey was killed by the same people would killed the hiker in marin. police say some her belongings were found on the three suspects. show was here on a backpacking trip visiting from canada. the trio is held this portland where they were arrested. they are described as "drifters." >> you come across the lost souls and all three of the people are living off the
5:33 am
raider. >> now authorities believe that 67-year-old steve carter was their second victim. he was shot and killed on monday evening walking his dog on a trail outside of fairfax. audrey carey was found shot to death in golden gate park on saturday one of the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival stages. no motive was given for her death but his murder is being called a crime of opportunity. his car had been stolen. >> police from san francisco and marin are now both in portland working the case. happening today, the man accused of killing a hayward police sergeant will appear in court. 21-year-old mark estrada has been charged with murder. his attorney asked tore more time because he just took the case. he shot sergeant during a traffic stop in july.
5:34 am
the sergeant was a 15-year veteran of the department. >> there is a break in the case of a suspected serial catnapper in san jose. these accusations are very stubbing. police arrested a 24-year-old man after fining him in his car. with a dead cat. our reporter is in the newsroom with the details. >> reggie, san jose police arrested 24-year-old robert farmer would they believe could be responsible for a killing free that included half dozen cats. farmer was arrested yesterday in a home depot parking lot. he was sleeping in his car alongside a dead cat. the miss fearous case of cats disappearing starts two weeks ago in san jose. this home surveillance video shows someone watching the description of farmer snatching the cat from the home. the couple say they, too, are victim of the disturbing crime. beardsley, their cat, disappeared two weeks ago from their home.
5:35 am
then he made this gruesome discovery. >> in a box that looked like a coffin, with bugs on hill. terrible. >> the owners say the dad cat found in farmer's car is not their beloved pet and he faces animal cruelty but police have not said how many counts he faces. farmer is scheduled to be in court next tuesday. the search is underway for this missing puppy stolen from an animal shelter. how we is only two months old a black and white pit bull. animal care and control say that the dog was stolen at 2:00 yesterday from the hairs on 15th street. this is the man and woman police want to talk to about the theft. they were caught on surveillance video and you request see the young woman is wearing black hoodie and the map has a white v neck t-shirt. >> firefighters are seen attacking suspicious brush fires
5:36 am
in san jose. from the air and the ground. the fires broke out yesterday afternoon. the investigators think someone may have deliberately set them to three different althoughs. no one was hurt. the fires ended up burning five acres and they never threatened any buildings. >> the blue angels are back in the sky above the bay area this afternoon. >> did you hear rehearsals yesterday? at 3:00 people today the real thing as the blue angels are part of the first day of the official fleet week air show of the one of the pilots said being in control of one of the jets is a childhood dream. >> the first person i called was mom and i said, mom i am going to be a blue angels and she started crying. >> here he is at age three, posing at a blue angels air show
5:37 am
in 1985. full circle. the air show is at 12:30 and the navy's leap progress parachute -- leapfrog parachute. >> the pair lee kicks off the festivities by, welcoming the parade of ships in the san francisco bay and the fire department will be the first ship to pass under the golden gate bridge followed by since other ships including a naval destroyer and combat ship and missile cruiser. this is from 11 o'clock until 12:30 p.m. we want to see your pictures, send them to us at #abc7 you will find a list of the activities going on and, do not worry about bying the blue angels if you are at work because we will stream their
5:38 am
shot today, tomorrow and sunday. meteorologist mike nicco, the pilot you just heard from can see individual members of the crowd from his cockpit as he is flying above us. pay attention to the guy you are flying next to. >> they are that good. >> that good. >> only 2' apart. >> fun. i will wave to them. tomorrow. don't wave back. >> today, partly cloudy and 74 and a few low clouds, the mild and most and humid and back to 74 on sunday the likely day of sunburn is on sunday so put on some sunscreen and bring the ear plugs, also. no fog in san rafael but track picking up. 85 to 92 inland and our heat will peak today for you and 66 to 74 with a few more low clouds
5:39 am
along the coast and into san francisco and the prosecute of bay is 76 to 84 above average. walnut creek is mostly clear at 59. from 69 tomorrow to mid-to-upper 70s on sunday and monday if san francisco. peninsula is from 74 tomorrow to 84 by monday. you can see the warmth will return. 80s tomorrow if most neighborhoods and 80s again on sunday and a last 80s and 90 on monday. more on the seven-day outlook. >> we take a rider to the east bay on i-80 out of san pablo and to richmond, westbound 80 at mcbride avenue is where we thought we had just a motorcycle accident but it is a bigger crash with three other vehicles involved and closer to san pablo avenue. 32 miles per hour is the top speed. slowing with the lake lights evident at el sobrante and san pablo and then a wait. from our emeryville camera,
5:40 am
traffic is flowing nicely and the metering lights are not turned on. heading into san francisco it is quiet this or. >> construction workers make an amazing find in the east bay for a teachable moment. >> republicans have a bombshell in congress and what it could mean for the leadership of the mean for the leadership of the house of representatives.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:43. a driver escaped unharmed after her car crashes into the building in san ramon. can you see from sky 7 how far the car made it into the vacant store. at the market place shopping center on montgomery county street, fire crews braced the damaged building before freeing the driver. police are now trying to figure what went wrong. >> i am sure you heard the reports that kevin mccarthy was considered to be the sure bet to replace speaker boehner at speaker of the house of representatives but he dropped out yesterday hours before the big vote. our reporter is in washington, dc, with what story. what happened, stehpanie?
5:44 am
>> pretty shocking. kevin mccarthy will not be the successor of speaker boehner with the withdrawal from the race has republicans in a tizzy. >> fin saw this coming. in 2 1/2 hours, majority leader kevin mccarthy went from a confident candidate for speaker of the house of representatives to a withdrawal. >> i shocked some of you. i found in talking to everyone if we are going to unite and be strong we need a new face to help do that. >> the decision by the california lawmaker throws house of representatives republicans deeper into chaos after a closed door meeting with the same conservatives who challenged him as speaker, leaving republicans especially those who supported kevin mccarthy at a loss for words. >> with no obvious replacement for speaker boehner anything can happen. >> they were stunned. >> little known candidate daniel webster and jason chaffetz are in the running but some urge former g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan from wisconsin to throw his hat into
5:45 am
the ring although he said he is still not running. >> what happened? >> kevin mccarthy's plunder of the house of representatives benghazi committee did not help. >> everyone thought hick help was unbeatable but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select competent. what are the numbers today of he hick in drop -- of hillary clinton today? dropping. >> he figured he would only get 200 house of representatives republicans to vote for him which is short of the 218 needed. >> more than 50 ice age fossils discovered in fremont are donated to the children's natural history museum in the city. >> we looked at the specimens that were uncovered two years ago during retrofit work at mission and interstate 680. the donation will help students learn about the history of the
5:46 am
area with much more on the fossils tonight at 6:00. >> don't do it. don't, kristen. >> just thinking. >> no fossil references...talking about ourselves. >> we want to talk about the weather trust with so many things going on. >> including fleet week and nice weather for that, and the broncos playing our raid wees and we have the good weather for that, and, also, you need the sunscreen and sun glasses and ear politics and even if the raiders fame is loud. you can see the flag on...the similar inform. it is limp. that means our ins are not so strong as they are along the coast. our peninsula temperatures are 51 and menlo park is 52 and we have redwood city and palo alto and foster city and san mateo and san bruno mid-to-upper 50s and bell monday is the warm spot at 62 and san jose and concord and fairfield at 60 and santa
5:47 am
rosa 47 degrees. san jose is clear with the temperature running in the 60s and in the mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere. clouds and sunshine again, today, and you will need the sunglasses, hottest inhappened with piper mugginess and not so warm tomorrow and the temperature is warmer on monday and tuesday with new numbers in the seven-day forecast, but, first, the winds on live doppler hd. the blow is around sfo at 13 miles per hour with most low clouds along north bay coast. the line is around the area of high pressure, and the line of constant pressure so the whole area is under high pressure and you can see it is sitting on top of us and it is not expanding to lake tahoe as we were sleeping last night. it will hold for one more difficult and it will prius low and high clouds like we had yesterday. nothing will fall from them and
5:48 am
it will not stop our temperatures from being above average at ten degrees above average in san jose and 87 and 90s around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and 84 in sunnyvale and low-to-mid 80s south and we will flirt with the 70s along the coast and mid-70s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and our cool spot is to the north, petaluma and vallejo at 82 and napa is 88. sonoma is 85. santa rosa is 87 from richmond at 78. 85 in castro valley. the spread inland is 86 in san ramon to 92 in livermore. we are in 50s and 60s tonight and the seven-day forecast will show you temperatures are fur to six degrees cooler tomorrow and we will see the 70s return on monday to the coast and 80's around the bay and 90 inland through wednesday. is a great weekend. now an update on the crash. >> i don't care what anyone says fossils are the new "30."
5:49 am
>> watches? >> fossil. fossils. fossils. >> our slow downs in the east bay all the delays at seven miles per hour for the top speed because of an early crash involving a motorcycle and the motorcyclist sustained only a couple of scrapes. we do have heavy delays as you leave el sobrante and head into east richmond. if you are traveling all the way from highway 4 to the macarthur maze the drive is going to take you 33 minutes doubling your time, the normal commute. we have confirmation from san francisco police department that there is police activity in tenderloin blocking a couple of streets so avoid that area. a new battle for business between uber and lyft and a fight in a neighborhood over a halloween display that some say went too far. >> and weather and traffic
5:50 am
through the commercial break [announcer] right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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>> this morning a tribute to the genius of robin williams in the role of "alladine. >> not right now. you are getting your wis >> that is the role that many people are choosing to remember robin williams by. it has been 25 years since the release of the movie? for the first time, we are getting an exclusive look at never-before-seen clips of the disney classic. the director, composer and voice
5:53 am
cast members are coming together to park the release of the diamond blue ray dvd not vault for 11 years. "good morning america" will have a look at 7:00. >> looking forward to that. a halloween display is too scary? is there such a thing? people living in an he neighborhood say the family went too far. they had really graphic depictions of murder scenes and here is the other issue. the family home live right next a school. some parents say the children are so frightened they refuse to leave campus. >> shocking. it is realistic display. almost horrified someone who think it is okay to put it that close to an elementary school. >> if it is scary for the kids, we may tone it down.
5:54 am
we don't want to skater -- scare the kids. >> parents have petitioned the city to take action against the family. officials say there is freedom of expression situation so all they can do is shame them on tv. >> which they just did. >> you live close to school you get pumpkins and a scarecrow. >> a sleepy bear in seven of something to drink found a perfect spot. a large bear was taking a map and got thirsty and did not take a dip in the pool but took a sip from the pool. the bear was seen wandering through the neighborhood in los angeles county, the second time if under a week bears have turn up in the area. on friday two sifted a him and they were chased off by a dog. a brave dog. >> we have been talking about how the drought could be having
5:55 am
an effect on the animals. >> absolutely. i see a lot more deer on the road coming to work so that is road coming to work so that is scary but no bears. 90s around san diego and los angeles and 102 at palm springs. tomorrow through sunday we have strong rip currents from sonoma to monterey. if you are going to the game at the cove raiders are posted the broncos. get ready for sunshine and mid-70s. the kickoff at 1:25. >> we have police activity in san francisco. i want to let you know at taylor street we have street closings with a lost police activity in and around the area so you are advised to avoid it. it is headed in the eastbound direction and taylor street heads northbound, a one way street if you need to get an it you have to skip a couple of
5:56 am
blocks. taylor at eddie street you have police activity and streets are closed until further notice. westbound 580, to the maze, sig-alert because of the construction is slowly getting picked up and it will be here until 6:00 and that is causing pressure along highway 24 at the intersection. kristen and reggie? >> house democrats are urging the t.s.a. to change how they scan transgender travelers. they hit blue for men and ping for women but that usually signals anker very for trans gender passenger who has to go an invasive and degrading pat down. the group of democratic lawmakers suggest the change and additional raining needs to happen. >> changes for body washes including the use of beads with a bill signed bit governor
5:57 am
banning the use of microbeads in personal products because they are not trapped by the wastewater filters and wash into the ocean where they are consumed by fish and then people end up eating the fish so we get the toxins. several companies are replacing the microbeads with natural substances like ground up fruit pits. >> we are monitoring a snuck that will start any moment in arizona after a deadly shooting early this morning with the latest on that in a molt. also, at 6:00, a plan toes expand mental health services at a bay area jail and authorities plan to fund the multimillion dollar expansion. >> the morning commute can cost you more with the system thatten whats to raise fares for riders across the bay area and how much it will cost you. >> during the break you will >> during the break you will have live remark and weather.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a three people are accused of killing a well-known yoga instructor and face charges over a murder in golden gate park. >> new information of an attack that left an american hero with serious injuries and what witnesses are now saying about the crime as police sent for two people would could be connected to the attack. >> the morning commute could cost you more with a plan to increase fairs for caltrain riders in the bay area. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui and almost the weekend. mike? >> good morning, everyone, knocking on the door of clouds along the north bay coast. if we see any drizzle the next three hours it will be around point reyes and the rest of us are dry. you can see how clear it is from the east bay hills waking up


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