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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a three people are accused of killing a well-known yoga instructor and face charges over a murder in golden gate park. >> new information of an attack that left an american hero with serious injuries and what witnesses are now saying about the crime as police sent for two people would could be connected to the attack. >> the morning commute could cost you more with a plan to increase fairs for caltrain riders in the bay area. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui and almost the weekend. mike? >> good morning, everyone, knocking on the door of clouds along the north bay coast. if we see any drizzle the next three hours it will be around point reyes and the rest of us are dry. you can see how clear it is from the east bay hills waking up
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cooler this morning and 40s in the north bay and most of us in the 50s and low 60s. we will stay in the 60s and 70s at coast and nearly 90 inland. >> if you just wake up with us we have had our fair share of problems. the follow toll plaza shows the metering lights have been turned on with some gaps between the cars with traffic stacking and packing. as i take you into san francisco we do have police activity that is going to be close down the streets, stay lore and eddie street we have police activity so skip a couple of streets if you need to drive through san francisco. >> breaking news in arizona where a news conference will begin any minute after another. can pus shooting in america. this time in arizona police arrested the accused gunman at northern arizona university in flagstaff northeast of phoenix. we have new video from the scene to share.
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officials say one person is dead and three others are wounded in the shooting. the first call of shots was reported before 1:30 and emergency alert was sent by the university to residents in the mountain view hall dorm that houses most of the fraternity and sorority members. it is not clear what led to the shooting but a news conference is starting shortly. >> a major development as two recent bay area murders are linked. the drifters accused of killing a marin county hiker kill a young canadian backpacker in golden gate park. amy hollyfield is more in the park with the brand new evidence. >>bly now saying that the drift ares took some of the belongings from the victim here in golden gate park with them. that is how they made the connection. they now believe the three drifters are guilty of committing the crime here in the park. they are in custody in portland. they were arrested at a homeless
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shelter there. san francisco police went to portland and found the victims' property. they believe the three are responsible for the murder in golden gate park of 23-year-old audrey carey found shot to death near a stage for the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival on saturday morning. he is from canada. she was in the states on a backpacking friendship. authorities believe the three drifters then went to marin county where they are accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter out for a hike with his dog. they are calling that murder a crime of opportunity saying the three took his car and drove it to portland but no motive has been given for ought tremendous -- for audrey carey's death. >> sacramento police are searching for the men who stabbed expense are stone a local hero who stop add terror attack in europe. we are hearing from the witness who called 9-1-1. janet o has the latest from the
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newsroom. >> the cab driver in sacramento was in the area yesterday morning and he saw spencer stone take open three guys. he is seen pulling into the parking lot of a liquor store and stone was outnumbered it was clear. the 23-year-old was out with a group of friends and an argument escalated outside a bar. stone's uncle said he was protecting a friend when he was stabbed in the chest three types, an image the cab driver cannot shake. >> he knocked out one gu the blood was coming from everywhere. >> he said he offered him a ride to the hospital but he calmly told him to calm 9-1-1. stone now is recovering from serious injuries at uc davis medical center but he is expected to make a full recovery. two months ago he survived another terrifying attack when he tried to take down a gunman on a french pound train. the international hero was
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slashed several time with a box cutter and almost had his thumb cut off. he received a purple heart. back at home, police continue to look for the two stabbing were it is seen if this video jumping into a dark camry after the fight. miss have yet to identify would the men are. i am january it o in the newsroom. >> a teen is under arrest in santa rosa accused of attempted murder and police say 18-year-old fired a gun at two people outside a home on goalen gate avenue, according to investigators one of the victimmed confronted him early in the day about not spray painting gang graffiti near his house. >> police are looking for a driver who abandoned his badly injured officer while he led police on a high speed chase. he crashed his car into a wall while being crashed and his
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six-year-old was in the car. he ran away, leashing the girl behind. >> she will need surgery for the injuries. a passenger was arrested. officers say he is connected to an early armed robbery in san leandro. >> police have arrested two machine suspected ripping off a drone store. robert campbell and david hinkel are in jail. two people grabbed small drones in a few minutes and escaped before the police arrived. >> the alameda police want to expand the mental health service and the oakland tribune say they applied for a state grant with the money used to construct a new administration building tore mental health staff at jail and re-do existing housing units. the jail's mental health unit sees 1,200 mentally ill inmates representing 45 percent of the current population. you will have a chance to weigh
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in on a proposed caltrain fee hike facing a $30 million deficit so they want to increase prices by 50 cents a trip and raise the parking rates. that hike would go into effect february 28. there are several public meet enscheduled where you can make your voice heard. the first is tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock at the gilroy senior center. >> fleet week is started today with the first performance of the blue angels this afternoon before they take to the skies, we will watch the parade of ships. our reporter is on board the uss somerset with more. >> good morning, early we talked about taking places on ship that you normally could not see. we will show you where the men and women of the uss somerset actually eat. my photographer turns around and he will we work his way in on the ez somerset currently, 450
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sailors and 250 marines and guests. some of them got up pretty early this morning and you can see a lot of people are packed in, and here is a cooking specialist. >> it is a tough job but it is an opportunity to feed the crew and express ourselves in the kitchen. >> we do appreciate your service. >> this is pretty cool, not too many get a chance to see this and it is not part of the tour, with a lot of events and a highlight is the blue angels. here is the lieutenant with the united states navy. what can people expect? >> today from 12:30 to 4:00 there is a full air show with the blue angels, and there will be other events with the air show from parachutes and more. check out www.
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you will fine the full breakdown. what draws the big crowds? >> the talent of the blue angels brings in a lot of people. they are showing what the united states never and america are paying for when they buy the military hardware used for the show. >> last question, why should people come out to expense fleet week? >> it is our opportunity to share with the community what we are doing for the navy and for them to defend them and make sure we are ready to help out, the humanitarian assistance practice where we work with the city is a great opportunity to be prepared and to provide everything for fleet week. everything for fleet week. >> thank you, we will talk about the parade ships that kristen mentioned and
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the full low down on that. >> we are all hungry. >> mike, what do you think? >> we send you up and see what happened. >> never mind. >> all the breakfast will come up. >> we will see how strong we are. >> exactly. and the sun is still strong for the little ones and it is loud, so, maybe, some ear plugs and ear muffs and sunscreen. 74 today. partly cloudy. a mild breeze tomorrow drops us to 69 and it will be total sunshine on sunday at . here is a look at our roof camera, the exploritorium nag is not moving and most of the clouds and the sea breeze will stay there 74 in san francisco and still a little bit above average and the rest of us in the my 80s to nearly 90. leyla?
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>> it is friday but it has been a busy friday and we are taking you into san francisco where we have street closed because of police activity in the tenderloin. taylor street has streets closed down, one way streets and eddie eastbound and taylor in the north so you will have to skip a couple of blocks to get in the proper direction. we have a sig-alert that was canceled because of construction in oakland. a lofts projects are happening around 280 causing the major delays. another major backup heading into richmond westbound 80 at san pablo seven miles per hour is the top speed because of an accident involving a motorcycle and it will take you well over 30 minutes to head between highway 4 and the macarthur maze. >> new details in the sent for a missing cargo ship off the coast of the bahamas and a battle between uber and lyft and they could be targeting each other's
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drivers. >> and checks on the weather and >> and checks on the weather and traffic during the commercial after trying brookside chocolates, >> and checks on the weather and traffic during the commercial christopher b wrote: "why is this bag only 2 pounds?" we couldn't tell if you were joking, so we made a 100-pound bag. thanks george!
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>> breaking news from paragraph stag, arizona, an update of a shooting from campus at 1:30 and one person is dead. we will listen from flagstaff. i an not aware of the specific condition of the three students right now. they all were suffering from gunshot wounds. >> what can you tell us about... [ inaudible ] >> steven was taken into custody by the police officers and he stopped the action with the handgun. everything calmed down for a few minutes as our officer arrived and he took him into custody without further trouble. >> he did not run from the scene or attempt to get away? >> correct. >> what was the confrontation about? >> i do not know yet. >> do they know each other? >> i do not know. we do not know the answer to the
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questions. i don't know if they are fraternities or student groups. [ inaudible ] >> i can't answer that. >> any other injuries? we have a total of four people hurt. >> is the suspect cooperating? >> yes >> yes [ inaudible ] >> i can not tell you at this time, we have not been able to process the crime scene. we are waiting for the sun to get a better field of visibility. [ inaudible ] >> yes. >> shot multiple times? or once? >> it is safe to say multiple times. >> did he only have one gun? we think so. [ inaudible ] was it part of campus?
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>> yes. [ inaudible ] it was 1:20 in the morning and students come and go from campus. we put out an alert to let our students know to shelter in place until we figured out exactly what we had. nothing happened inside of our residence hall. that information was put out subsequently. how accident alert system work? >> our alert system works as everyone else. we have a short message service to send out emergency messages and toll of any incident. we did that. we put out active shooter and information on the location and information on the situation stabilized and the cam pice was safe. >> what time did the alert go out to the campus?
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>> i don't have that off the top of my head but it was quickly. >> this is a live news conference from northern arizona university of flagstaff where there was a fatal shooting on campus. we have been hearing from the police. they say that this was a confrontation between two student groups resulting in one being shot dead. there is no identification yet of that person and three students also shot and under worked but they did not specify their conditions. can you turn to we are live streaming it or follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> we will update the major developments. now the battle between uber and lyft which is heating up. not for customers. the companies are competing for drivers. 30 minutes after drivers were
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invited to a news conference, uber e-mailed their drivers at the lyft event including gas discount. uber offered current drivers $300 if they brought a friend to uber office to sign up. >> competition. >> new movie hits theaters but not without controversy. some who knew him say the film does not accurately portray him. the movie hits theaters october 123. now the weather and meteorologist mike nicco. >> nice to see you this morning. you will like seeing clear conditions over walnut creek. the temperature is cooler this morning. we are in the mid-50s around san ramon and danville at 55 degrees and the areas that are warmer include pittsburg and livermore in the mid-60s and antioch is 72 degrees.
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we are 60 in milpitas and cupertino is 55 and 59 in redwood city and the financial redwood city and the financial district and 49 degrees in partly cloudy, like yesterday, and sticky by our standards can cooler tomorrow, and it will be hotter next week. moments of us have high clouds but for the low clouds at the coast and the high clouds are higher at we have mid-to-upper 80s through the south bay ten degrees warmer in san jose at 87 and 90s in los gatos and gilroy and low-to-mid 80s for the peninsula and milder, around millbrae and san mateo in the immediate neighbors splitting with 70 along the coast and a few more clouds and mid-70s downtown and sausalito. 88 for the warm spot in napa. the east bay sure is upper 70s
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in richmond and berkeley and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s and inland east bay, mid-80s to low 90s. we will drop four to six degrees tomorrow with a sea breeze and rabie on sunday and look at the 70s at the coast, 80s an the bay and 90 inland monday through wednesday. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows 11 minutes between the macarthur maze and into san francisco and when you head into san francisco, if your travels take you near, perhaps, union square this is only just a couple of blocks away from the mall on market street but taylor and ed -- ie street are shut down and it is a "critical," situation c.h.p. said. avoid the streets that are closed until further notice. plan ahead. i-80 as you make the drive, westbound, very slow because of an early accident which has cleared. >> bill cosby is facing tough questions in a sexual assault
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>> happening today bill cosby will testify under oath in a sexual assault case of a woman
6:25 am
who accused him assaulting her when she was 15 at lay boy mansion. he admitted he obtained some sedatives and gave them to women with woman he wanted to have sex but he said both sex and drug taking were consensual. he has never been charged with a crime. partly because the statue of limitatings hases expired in most cases. >> now at look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> tom? good morning, coming up breaking news, a shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. one person is dead. four are injured. the shooter now is in custody and latest on the investigation head. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> also, today, president obama plans to meet privately with the families of the victims of the mass shooting at umpqua community college and you are looking at a stunning shot of gyp base andrews in maryland where the president expected to take off from air force one and headed to roseburg any minute
6:26 am
now. >> after he leaves roseburg he will head to san francisco and will hold two fundraisers for the democratic national competent including one with rapper kanye west who said he was going to run for president. don't hold your breath. that takes place tomorrow at the civic auditorium with tickets from $100 to $10,000. >> next at 630 more open braking news where one person is dead after a shooting on a college campus and what police revealed of the gunman. >> two bay area tragedies linked, the connection between a murder in golden gate park and one on a marin county trail. >> an amazing discovery in the east bay, the teachable moment is turned into for local school kids. >> hail and mike are back with traffic and weather together and everything you need to know before you head out the door with a picture of the eastern span of the bay bridge where traffic is the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:29. thanks for joining us on friday. a look at the bay plaza. a beautiful morning.
6:30 am
after you get across, it is all good. >> i suggest they stream abc7. >> way to go. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui here for eric thomas. and now the weather. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, nice if see you, it is friday. we will have decent weather. it will change this weekend the you can see it happens with the low clouds developing on the north bay coast. drizzle is around point reyes. we have high clouds making for a gorgeous morning. if you take the pictures # #abc7newsnow. 46 to 62 at 7:00. 66 to 80 with let clouds -- low clouds at the coast. the heat >> 680 southbound will take 13 minutes from highway 4 to
6:31 am
highway 24 and we are going to take you to san francisco where it is critical situation according to san francisco police. we have taylor and eddie streets closed off because of police activity and it is a one way street with detours around the area. on the altamont pass, that drive from tracy to dublin is 37 minutes and here is the friday light, we have a brand new accident on the shoulder and when you pass it you are good to go into dublin. reggie? kristen? >> breaking news from arizona, one is dead. three are wounded from an early morning shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. moments ago we found out from the police that the gunman is an 18-year-old student. our reporter has been monitoring the news conference that just wrapped up. janet there is an important distinction? yes, the police say this is not a shooting rampage. he said it was a confrontation between two groups of students
6:32 am
when one of them pulled a bun and started shooting. the shooting happened at 1:20 this morning in a parking lot. for whatever reason the students were fighting when a young man believed to be a freshman pulled a gun. students were seen grieving and hugging each other at a press conference that wrapped up. listen to what was said. >> a student, 18, steven jones, produced a handgun and shot four of our other students. one of our students is deceased. there are three being treated at flagstaff medical center. >> campus police say is an isolated incident and the shooter is in custody. they are investigating what happened. the three victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds and are treated at the flagstaff medical center. we will continue to follow the breaking news story as it developed. there is another press conference at 8:00.
6:33 am
a stunning twist in the murder of a yes good instructor. skit believed the trio killed a canadian tourist killed in golden gate park three days earlier. >> they are getting interesting reaction. a woman said she called it, she saw both murders and she heard who was arrested and she bet they were connected. police have made the connection and say they believe that 23-year-old audrey carey was murdered by the twisters. though found her belongings on them. she believe they killed the canadian tourist at the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival over the weekend and went to marin and killed a hiker there. in port land, they were arrested and now are in custody. police are there talking to them now. runners in the park this morning
6:34 am
say they were taken back when they hear the news. >> i was very surprised. very proud of the police work done by the police department in conjunction with the sheriff pitting together the pieces. it is obviously a tragedy for the two families and the community at large. i hope they do more work. it is scary to think we are running at all hours of the day and people are at risk. >> authorities found no connection between 67-year-old steve carter and his accused killer, calling it a crime of opportunity because they say the killers stole his car. they have not given a motive behind audi carry's desk and say -- audrey carey's desk but will be charged with her murder. >> the seven is on for to men accused of stabbing an american hero credited with stopping a terrorist attack on a train in europe. spencer stone was stabbed three time protecting a friend outside
6:35 am
a bar in downtown sacramento yesterday morning. surveillance video shows the night and the suspect leading in a dark colored twine-2012 camry. hospital officials say the injuries are serious but he is expected to make a full recovery. stone became an international hero in august when he and scar car and anthony sadler tackled the gunman on a high speed train on way to paris. >> a man will appear in court to enter a plea, the 21-year-old has been charged with murder with these special circumstance clauses. in august, the attorney asked for more time because he just took the case. police says steady the sergeant was shot during a traffic stop. >> a missing puppy was stolen from pal shelter. the black and white pit bull is two months old. louie was stolen yesterday
6:36 am
afternoon at 2:00 from the headquarters on 15th street. this is the man and woman police want to talk to. they were caught on surveillance video. the young woman is wearing a black hoodie. the man has a white v neck t-shirt. >> 50 ice ages for victims are being donated to the chin's children's museum uncovered two years ago during a seismic retrofit. this will help students learn of the area's history. we will have more on the fossils tonight at 6:00 news. >> next, looking for a low-to-mid? the reason right now could be the best time to get a mortgage. >> greetings from the us somerset captain's chair.
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>> walnut creek this morning as a lot of you are headed to the a lot of you are headed to the friday.
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>> we have colors with nice pictures on my facebook and low-to-mid 90s in san diego and los angeles, and 102 in palm springs and starting tomorrow through sunday evening, all beaches from sonoma to monterey, strong rip currents. be came. we have a game in town on sunday, raiders take, on the broncos and a lot sunshine. have the sunscreen just like for fleet week. the friday morning commute shows hotspots. >> we have a hotspot in san jose with a sig-alert but, first, the san mateo bridge is slow. we have a lot of cars on the roads for friday. i will say that. between 880 to the peninsula it will take you 16 minutes. and the sig-alert is not causing delays and that is the good news. if you travel northbound on 880, that is where it is located with the sig-alert issued two minutes ago. avoid it. use surface streets. one lane is taken away.
6:41 am
280 is starting to see the slow do yous northbound beyond the nimitz. >> i have message, leyla. we are old. i know this because it have been 25 years since alladin ♪ a whole new world >> a whole new version is released on dvd with robin williams tapes neither seen before. it is his role in genie that many choose to remember him. now a new look at outtakes from the bigger than life entertainer the bigger than life entertainer we love so much. >> the new clips part of a diamond blue ray dvd in the vault for 11 years now.
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more is coming up morning america" next. >> still ahead, google marked a major milestone on mobile devices. >> social media use particular group of americans. do you know the way to san jose? do you know the way to san jose? these drivers
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:25. the blue angels have been taking flight over the bay area. here they are practicing over san francisco. they flew over my apartment. they are here for fleet week celebration but it is not just the planes that have people flocking to san francisco. our reporter is at the uss somerset. last we saw you, a lot of the folks were eating i does not get to eat the breakfast but, anyway, we are on the bridge of the uss somerset. you think there would be a big wheel, right? pretty small much the technology on this ship is pretty amazing.
6:46 am
we do not have much time. we get to to the lieutenant, a big event happening today and the parade of ships. tells about that. passing under the golden gate bridge at look in front of the marina from 11 to 12:30 with citizen ships including three navy ships and a coast guard cutter and a canadian ship. >> why should people come out? >> it is a great opportunity to >> it is a great opportunity to come out and see your >> so much going on. we have you covered and we will but the information online at back to you. >> it looks exciting. i am seeing a lot of fleet week photos from the community on social media and we want to see your fleet week pictures at # your fleet week pictures at # abc7now.
6:47 am
for everything fleet week with a full schedule of the activities and you can watch live streams of the blue angels. ifing today, tomorrow and sunday. we have you covered though matter where you are. >> the markets are not soaring but they are up. the new york stock exchange shows the big board of the dow up 43 points. >> mortgage rates have fallen sharply. jane king has that story and more in the money report. >> yes, reggie and kristen, happy friday. mortgage rates have tumbled to the lowest level in six months where the nixed rate average is now 3.76 corroboration. the weak jobs report caused concern of the economy and that helped to lower them. senators on google are possibly. world wide google searches on
6:48 am
mobile devices surpassed those on personal come purities for the -- computers for the first time. that excluded searches on tablet computers. sell media use among those 65 and older has tripled in the last five years according to a new analysis from the pew search center. live percent jumped on social media on a regular pace. that is up from 11 percent in 2010. and social media use in general has leveled off. >> stocks are higher and dow up 40 and s&p up a little bit, we have been up five days in a row. off to a positive start. back to you, reggie and >> we should all be putting some in the foreclosure and disney -- in the 401(k) with all of the
6:49 am
disney worlds. "a whole new world." >> i want to keep our viewers. >> our temperatures mirroring the market and tomorrow, when they go down the market will be closed and hopefully will nature follow suit. we are waking up with sunshine so grab the sunglasses, temperatures are 59, we have campbell and saratoga and cupertino at 55 for deal spot and elsewhere, we have danville at 55, and san francisco is 56, and half moon bay is in and out and half moon bay is in and out of clouds at winds and brick for the morning ferry and not so many clouds as yesterday. muggy tomorrow and not so warm but the warmth is back on sunday and is even higher next week. the wind is not existent to three to five miles per hour on live doppler hd. ten degrees warmer-than-average in san jose at 87. cool spot in milpitas at 83 and
6:50 am
pushing 90 if los gatos and gilroy and up to 88 at the boardwalk and santa cruz. mid-to-upper 70s, mild not bad if millbrae and san mateo and sunny and low-to-mid 80s for the peninsula and with the southwest wind we will have temperatures around 70s at the coast and mid-70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. a few low 70s the coast with low-to-mid 80s through the north bay but santa rosa and napa in upper 80s and east bay shore richmond and berkeley the mild spot in the upper 70s and everyone else low-to-mid 80s and mid-80s around san ramon and everyone else is in the upper 80s to nearly 90 degrees. now, what will happen for fleet week. 69 on sunday and you will need the air plugs. next week, 70s and 80s and 90s. >> a problem here at walnut creek and a look at walnut creek
6:51 am
cameras, basically a standstill, southbound 680 i will t area around the circle of activity with flashing lights because of an accident blocking a couple of lanes. we have slow traffic because of this. here is a look at it on the map. this are delays through concord in concord through pleasant hill and slower and slower to the accident. in san jose, northbound 880, the off-ramp is closed because of the solo crash and debris is everywhere and building on 101. but not this 101, the drive through the north bay, traffic is still quite nice. and a nice break ground we have. >> appreciate that. >> we back with seven things you need to know before you go. and looking at mt. diablo with the sun rising. the sun rising. it will be
6:52 am
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good morning. >> wants to give you a moment to soak that in, the sun rising over mt. diablo and over the bay bridge, and you do not mind the slow drive across with a view like that. >> well, speak for your yourself. >> breaking news from flagstaff, arizona, with a shooting on
6:54 am
northern arizona campus left one dead and these injured after a dorm after two students were in a confront station. the suspect has been identified at 18-year-old freshman steven jones. he is in custody. >> san francisco police believe three persons responsible for a murder in marin are responsible for the murder of a 23-year-old audrey careys would body was found in golden gate park. they are being questioned in oregon and will be returned to face charges next week. >> two men are accused of stabbing hero spencer stone in sacramento with the suspects seen here leaving in a dark colored camry. officials say the injuries of stone are serious but he is expected to make a full recovery. >> caltrain wants to increase prices by 50 cents a trip and raise parking rates starting at
6:55 am
the end of february. can you voice your thoughts on this during a series of scheduled public meetings much the first one is tomorrow at look a.m. at the gilroy senior senator. >> traffic is bad in check crack southbound 680, a jam with bumper-to-bumper pushing to highway 24 and you can see the flashing lights, that is an indication of an accident blocking two lanes, with possible injuries. it will take you 23 minutes to head from highway measure to highway 24 and we have police activity in san francisco blocking off the streets at take already street. >> east bay hill camera showing the first sign of a warmer than average afternoon look at the explosion of fall colors. now, the temperatures are warmer than average today mid-70s around san francisco and mid-90s and cooler this weekend. injury it. >> the blue angels will zoom over san francisco this afternoon nor fleet week and you can want them perform live starting at 12:30 today.
6:56 am
the air show is until 4:00. check owe parade of ships and get to the marina green festival starting at 11 o'clock with a full schedule on with a stream of the blue angels show. if you cannot get there in person you can catch a live stream. >> in excuse. >> best time ever. you will love it. >> pilots say though can see us down there waving at them. >> we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news at this hour. at least one person killed and three others wounded at a college campus in arizona. >> multiple people possibly shot. >> details coming in right now. as president obama heads to oregon this morning to meet with the families and victims of last week's deadly shooting. congress in chaos after the top candidate to replace speaker john boehner stuns washington, drops out of the race. his explanation overnight. and on the campaign trail, ben carson also stuns with his comments on the holocaust and guns. he's here live this morning only on "gma." american hero fighting for his life. one of the men who helped take down that terrorist on a french train stabbed in a violent brawl. the manhunt for his attackers and the new surveillance video overnight. and what would you do? the young woman whose car was


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