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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news at this hour. at least one person killed and three others wounded at a college campus in arizona. >> multiple people possibly shot. >> details coming in right now. as president obama heads to oregon this morning to meet with the families and victims of last week's deadly shooting. congress in chaos after the top candidate to replace speaker john boehner stuns washington, drops out of the race. his explanation overnight. and on the campaign trail, ben carson also stuns with his comments on the holocaust and guns. he's here live this morning only on "gma." american hero fighting for his life. one of the men who helped take down that terrorist on a french train stabbed in a violent brawl. the manhunt for his attackers and the new surveillance video overnight. and what would you do? the young woman whose car was speeding out of control. the accelerator stuck.
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>> my car just won't stop. my car will not stop. >> the 911 call that saved her life and what to do if this happens to you. good morning, america. we've got a lot to get to. >> we want to start with that breaking news, a shooting on a college campus in arizona. abc's pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yet another campus shooting. this time one person is dead and three have been taken to a local hospital. details are just coming in but the shooting was outside of a dorm at northern arizona university last night. authorities say it was a dispute among students with one producing a gun and firing at the others. officials say the shooter is in custody and that the incident is over. federal authorities will have a sigh of relief that thfgs not a
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copy cat situation after the massacre at the oregon college last week. >> good to know this one is over. you mentioned president obama is headed there this morning. >> that's right. the president is on his way this morning. the event that left nine people dead. an event that touched off concerns about the nation's gun violence and reignited the gun control debate. there have been ten school shootings this year. this year we're seeing a surge in a number of major cities. the question this morning, robin, is the nation experiencing a spike in violence after years of decline? >> thank you. >> we move to congress now in the race to lead the house. republicans reeling after kevin mccarthy drops out of the running. john, what a bombshell. >> reporter: this is a complete stunner. the man virtually everybody expected 0 would be the next speaker of the house is out and republicans have no clear idea what happens next. it's chaos on capitol hill.
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republicans in disarray after house majority leader kevin mccarthy bowed out of the race for house speaker. >> i think i shocked some of you. >> reporter: it came after mccarthy failed to win over the group of far right house conservatives who brought down john boehner. >> i can't unite everybody. it's better to find somebody who can. >> reporter: once considered a shoo-in for the top job -- a recent stumble on benghazi helped sink his run. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? >> reporter: hillary clinton used those words to claim the committee investigating benghazi was just another political witchhunt. >> the republicans finally admit it. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, gop front-runner donald trump shook his head at the chaos. >> it's bedlam in washington right now. it's a mess. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: chris christie compared it to "game of thrones" tweeting brace yourself, more house gridlock is coming. what is coming?
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republicans have delayed elections as they try to regroup. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: that means for now anyway john boehner remains speaker of the house. there's a big move now to convince paul ryan, best known as mitt romney's vice presidential running mate to run for speaker. he says he's not interested in the job. but a lot of top republicans including banner are trying to convince him to change his mind. no republican has the votes to get elected speaker. >> we'll see if they'll be able to did that. to the other race we're closely watching for the white house, of course, "your voice, your vote." republican contender dr. ben carson making headlines and waves on the campaign trail with his comments on gun control and the holocaust. dr. carson will join us live. you see him there. he'll join us live in just a moment. first abc's david wright is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. big waves. at the top of the polls in the gop race for president, a neurosurgeon known for his softspoken demeanor and inflammatory statements.
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dr. ben carson making headlines saying that gun control is partly to blame for the holocaust. the latest ben carson bombshell came in an interview with cnn's wolf blitzer, with carson suggesting that 6 million jews would not have been slaughtered if they had had easy access to guns. >> i think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. i'm telling you that there is a reason that these dictatorial people take the guns first. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league took immediate issue calling them historically inaccurate. ever since the deadly campus shooting in oregon carson has doubled down on his defense on the right to bear arms. on "fox & friends" monday he appeared to blame the victims suggesting they should have put up more of a fight. >> i would not stand there and let them shoot me. on xm sirius radio he said he once escaped from a popeye's by
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reasoning with a robber. >> the guy comes in, puts the gun in my ribs and i just said, i believe you want the guy behind the counter. >> in a calm way. >> in that calm way and he said, oh, okay. >> so you just redirected him. >> i redirected him. >> reporter: well, it's not clear what happened to that guy. carson didn't say and the baltimore police have been unable to produce a police report without a date and a specific location so they haven't been able to corroborate. >> thanks. let's talk to doc carson about that. he joins us. he's written a new book called "a more perfect union." good morning, mr. carson. thanks for joining us this morning. did you really tell a gunman to point the gun at someone else. >> just told him. i don't think you want me. i think you want the guy behind the cash register. he was clearly there to rob the place. he wasn't going to rob it with me. >> that seems contrary to the advice you gave earlier which is to run after them, chase them
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down. to bring them down. >> completely incorrect. those are not analogous situations. somebody is there to rob the place and is going to move on versus someone who is sequentially murdering people. completely different and it may be that you can't understand that having not lived on the streets but that's very easy distinction for me. >> you know, as david pointed out, the baltimore police don't have a record of this and don't say there's enough information right there. when did it happen exactly? what happened in the situation? >> of course, they don't have a record if you don't have the specific date. this happened when i was a resident more than three decades ago. >> and what about the current situation? we just got word of another shooting northern arizona university overnight. some mental health professionals concerned there's a kind of contagion out there right now saying that we need to have a public health response, of course, you're a doctor, as well, but you've suggested maybe arming more people, even kindergarten teachers. are more guns really the answer?
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>> you know, there's a whole series of things that needs to be done. you know, one of the problems with people in the media is they pick one little thing and they say that that's your philosophy on this, which is a bunch of crap. you know, we are sophisticated individuals. and, you know, it's going to be a multifactorial solution to this. we're going to have to study these people, see if there are any commonalities, that is, some early warning signs and need to empower mental health professionals to be more effective in what they're doing and perhaps if they deem somebody to be dangerous, we may need to put some constraints on those individuals. do we need to have a mechanism in schools or other places where you can defend yourself? should we have trained people there with guns? i have no objection to that at all, in fact, if i had a child in a school, i would much prefer that there be somebody who is trained on that campus rather
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than just leaving them at the mercy of some individual who's lost their senses. >> that could be security guards, not necessarily the teachers, correct? >> it could be a whole host of things. my point being, we have to look at the possibilities, not just seize upon one thing that one person says and try to make that into a big deal. >> what's your response to the director of the anti-defamation league who says your comments about guns and the holocaust are historically inaccurate. >> which comments about the holocaust? >> the ones where you said perhaps the violence could have been lessened and the holocaust could have been lessened if the jewish population had more guns. >> you know, that is total foolishness and i would be happy to discuss that with people. it is well flown -- known that in many places where tyranny has taken over they first disarm the people. there is a reason they disarm people. they don't just do it arbitrarily. >> and finally how about this news about the house speaker
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kevin mccarthy? you praised him for putting others before himself. but other republicans like congressman peter king says this turbulence in the house looks absolutely crazy. chris christie comparing it to to "the game of thrones." what message is being sent? some calling it a civil war in the house? >> there's no question that there's turmoil there. and i think maybe the best way to lessen that turmoil is to open the process up and let a number of people who may be interested in the job talk about their vision and their leadership style and let's get some consensus. i think all of us, even democrats probably want to see, you know, effective congress -- effective legislation so let's do what we can to make sure that happens. >> some talk of looking outside the house to elder statesmen like newt gingrich and mitt romney. what do you think of that idea? would you be open to a draft for house speaker? >> not at this stage i would not be open to it, no. but, you know, i think all of those names are reasonable names.
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if they're interested in it, let them talk about their leadership style and see if the majority of people are willing to go with that. >> and finally, there's some talk that joe biden, the vice president, may be considering getting into the presidential race, as well. who do you think would be a more formidable opponent for you, hillary clinton or joe biden? >> honestly i don't know that it would matter that much because the election next year is going to be a monumental election because it will allow the people to make a final choice about whether they want a country that is people centric or government centric. >> dr. ben carson, thanks very much for your time this morning, of course, we'll have much morin on the race for president and speaker of the house on sunday on "this week." >> all right, george. we move to the flood emergency in south carolina. the governor there urging thousands of people in low-lying areas to evacuate. abc's phillip mena is in georgetown, south carolina, with the latest. good morning, phillip.
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>> reporter: robin, good morning. i'm walking along this street with water up to my knees and further back it only gets deeper. you can see it's halfway up that van there. this flooding happening very quickly. less than 24 hours ago. this water wasn't even ankle deep as you mentioned, the governor strongly urging everyone who lives in the flood path and we're talking more than 500,000 people to evacuate before it's too late. at least 19 people already dead here in the carolinas and, robin, it's only expected to get worse. >> yeah, we see that water there, okay, phillip, thank you. ginger, it's not just the rising rivers, more rain is on the way to the carolinas? >> more rain this weekend, robin. you can see the warnings, many were supposed to expire today. a lot of them now extended through the weekend even into early next week. the same storms that are going to move from west virginia, pennsylvania to new york city, that cold front brings another low, unfortunately, a very similar setup to last weekend and heavy rain moving through south and north carolina at 2:00
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p.m. saturday. the volkswagen scandal. the ceo of volkswagen in america apologizing during a grilling in congress about how the company cheated on emissions tests and abc's david kerley has the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. federal criminal prosecutors are looking in the case, so are many states. texas just filed suit against volkswagen yesterday. and the executive offered very little information up on capitol hill. the head of vw of america came to testify. is there anything you'd like to say before the hearing? >> no, i'm looking forward to this hearing in order to bring truth into this matter. >> reporter: but house members bristled when he said the german company is still investigating how it cheated emissions tests for six years. >> i want to tell you, mr. horn, i don't buy it. >> reporter: volkswagen has admitted a half million diesel cars in the u.s., 11 worldwide have software that turns on during the test but turns them off during regular driving so
7:14 am
the cars pollute 40 times more than the legal level. who is responsible? how high did this go? the u.s. president says it was not a corporate decision. >> a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons. >> vw is trying to get the united states of america to believe these are a couple of rogue engineers. i categorically reject that. >> reporter: many of these members were disappointed. so many talking about the vws they or family members had owned, a beetle or passat. one member owns one of those diesel engines and wants relief. >> volkswagen needs to stand up and say, okay, we understand, we will buy your car back. >> reporter: for now dealers have cars they can't sell. vw won't sell next year's diesel cars in the u.s. and some wonder whether the brand can survive. the vw executive did reveal that another part of the exhaust system beyond the software is also being investigated. a lot of questions still, george about what's wrong with the cars. >> thanks very much. to tom llamas with today's
7:15 am
other top stories starting with a surprise winner of the nobel peace prize. >> good morning, guys. many people thought pope francis might win this year's nobel peace prize but the winner announced this morning is an activist group called the tunisian national dialogue quartet. it's been fighting for democracy following that country's revolution four years ago. back here in the states, a settlement has been reached in a fatal police shooting in south carolina. you may remember the video. they agreed to pay the family of walter scott $6.5 million. the family plans to donate some of the money to local flood victims. a frantic scene at this gas station in georgia. take a look at this. a driver was filling up when his motorcycle burst into flames. another customer rescued him. he had left the bike running with the radio blaring and didn't hear the gas overflow the tank. now some terrifying moments when hikers were crossing this bridge over a river in new zealand and it suddenly collapsed. look at that. they heard a cracking that was just before it gave way. they were thrown to the river
7:16 am
below but escaped with minor injuries. pretty unbelievable. finally, a tough night at the ballpark for one worker in kansas city, not only did the royals lose but as it started raining they brought the tarp out and take a look at this. he just couldn't keep pace, he nearly got swallowed up. this is actually kind of scary. don't worry, he's okay and he may be getting some job offers now. a local police department tweeted if you can survive that monster tarp attack we're looking for some good police officer candidates. if you watch that video also in realtime it's scary because the other workers don't see him. it could have gotten really ugly. >> it does, wow. >> really big on social media. tarp guy. glad he's okay. all right. thank you, tom. seaworld in a battle over its future. that story for you in just 30 seconds.
7:17 am
a split decision for seaworld last night as it tries to build bigger tanks for its whales. abc's gio benitez has that story. >> reporter: the park long under fire for its treatment of its killer whales -- >> don't believe what peta and blackfish are saying. our killer whales live lives just as long as killer whales in the wild. >> reporter: -- saw its $100 million expansion approved by the california coastal commission. with the money seaworld says they plan to build a bigger, better home for its 11 orcas at seaworld san diego. >> the whales at seaworld are cared for, loved and provided for. >> reporter: that coming with a big warning about the future of the famous orcas. the commission deciding seaworld can no longer breed any of their
7:18 am
signature whales in captivity. seaworld responded, "depriving a social animal the right to reproduce is inhumane." almost a thousand people anxiously awaited the results of the commission's decision. many of the critics concerned that breeding the orcas was the motive behind the expansion. among the critics, actress and animal activist pamela anderson. >> i often look out at the beautiful ocean and wish the whales at seaworld had freedom as nature intended. >> reporter: peta saying it thinks the commission did right by orcas but this fight may not be over. seaworld plans to consider its options. >> over your shoulder, are you -- is that -- did we bring a humongous fish tank here to the studio? >> we got the expansion. >> seems like to gio. >> yeah, nice, nice. >> he's not hungry. >> not at all. thank you, gio. so much more ahead this friday morning. spencer stone, the american hero who helped take down a terrorist on a train, seriously injured in a violent brawl.
7:19 am
police are searching for his attackers, what really happened last night. and "gma on the lookout." what would you do if your car accelerator got stuck? sending it racing out of control like what happened to this woman. >> oh, my gosh. i'm scared to death. >> we're going to tell you what to do if it happens to you when we come back. you don't know "aarp." he's staying in shape by keeping his brain healthy and focused with aarp's staying sharp. with engaging online games developed by the top minds in brain science, and exercise and stress reduction tips that can help impact brain health, so he's ready for the real possibilities ahead. if you don't think top of my game when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at
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we carve cran-o'-lanterns. and we make hot cranberry cider with our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. scary, huh? mm. aah! [ plop ] find all our recipes at coming right up, the latest on american hero spencer stone, in the hospital this morning after a dramatic fight caught on camera. right now let's go to ginger. >> george, there's a heat advisory for the inland empire southern california. burbank tied a record at 102 yesterday and could do it again. look how hot in the middle of the nation. 20 to 25 degrees above average.
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minneapolis close to a record by this weekend. your local news and weather is next. good morning. i'm kristen sze. police say three young people suspected in the shooting death of a yoga teacher are also accused of killing a canadian woman in san francisco. morrison lampley, sean angold and lila allgood accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter. during the investigation police found item belonging to 27-year-old audrey carey found dead near the bluegrass festival saturday morning. they will all be arraigned later today. friday morning commute. what's is like, leyla? >> not friday-like. kristen, see the flashes lights? 680 headed to walnut creek. creating an hour and a half drive get to get from highway 4
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to highway 24. definitely use it's service streets instead. this is, of course, causing delays on highway 4 westbound as well. all connector roads are starting to jam up. still have a sig-alert. should be clearing soon. it is blocking the off ramps. sig-alert because of an earlier accident. always use the alameda instead. finally, police activity in san francisco at taylor and eddy streets, avoid the area. check out your forecast with the blue
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fairfield, 80s inland and around the bay. 70s in san francisco and along the coast where there may about few more clouds than we dealt with yesterday. all right. fleet week is here. at least as far as the blue angels go. 74 today. partly cloudy. muggy and cooler tomorrow. 69. total sunshine, 64 sund74 sunda. have the sunscreen. another heat wave begins sunday and lasts through wednesday. kristen. thank you. coming up on "gma," what do
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at spencer stone with president obama, one of those three american heroes who took down a terrorist on a french train. well, he was seriously injured again, this time in a fight in his hometown. >> caught by that available camera. there is a manhunt going on for the men he tangled with. one person dead and the gunman in custody after a shooting at the campus of the northern arizona university in flagstaff. this as president obama heads to oregon to meet with the families and victims of last week's massacre. the navy will now take over the search for that sunken cargo ship, the "el faro" looking for the wreckage and the voyage data recorder. this friday morning, the amazing bear walking on two paws. a community affectionately naming him pedals.
7:31 am
well, now they are rallying together to help him find a new home. keep him safe. we'll have more on that just ahead. >> i'm looking for his zipper. >> see if he's real. >> coming up, we'll begin with that stabbing of spencer stone. in serious condition at a hospital in his hometown and abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene in sacramento. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning. so people here in sacramento call him their hometown hero and we spoke with a deejay performing at one of these bars. right behind me. he said he had pulled stone up on stage to a hero's ovation that was just hours before the stabbing. this morning, an american hero spencer stone recovering in the hospital from serious knife wounds for the second time in two months. >> stabbing, pending 21st at k-king. fire and ambulance enroutd. >> reporter: the 23-year-old airman who tackled a would-be terrorist on a french train back in august seen in this surveillance video in a violent
7:32 am
brawl in downtown sacramento wednesday night. watch as the man believed to be stone throws a punch and then backs away as a group closes in, seconds later stone rushing back in before he appears to be stabbed from behind. >> victim is 23 years old and has two stab wounds. >> reporter: as first responders rushed to the scene two people fled releasing this new video that they believe showing the suspects driving away in a toyota camry. >> believed related to a nightclub incident. we know it's not related to what occurred in france months ago. >> reporter: not far from where stone and anthony sadler and alek skarlatos received a hero's homecoming last month after helping stop that gunman on a high-speed train bound for paris. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end, so so were we. >> reporter: stone injured after being stabbed with a box cutter in that attack and it was just last week that fellow train hero skarlatos had violence once again touch his life since the thwarted train attack.
7:33 am
>> active shooter at ucc 1140 -- opening fire at umpqua community college where he was supposed to be enrolled in classes. only his current stint on "dancing with the stars" keeping him away. >> if i didn't get called for the dancing show i would not have been on campus. he tweeted out asking everyone to send prayers to the stone family adding spencer is one tough guy. only he could have done something like that and lived yet again. so now right now stone is in the icu. he underwent surgery but is stable. george, police say the investigation is ongoing and also asking that any other witnesses come forward. >> yeah, they got to continue this manhunt. boy, he is one tough guy. >> he really is, george. now to that california mother who killed her husband. a jury finding julie harper guilty of second degree murder. she's now waiting to learn her fate. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. last year a predominantly male
7:34 am
jury let julie harper walk free. yesterday a very different decision from a predominantly female jury. after this verdict she was handcuffed, waved to her father, said, i love you, and this morning she woke up behind bars. >> guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: julie harper moved to tears after the jury announced its verdict. >> juror number 12. >> yes. >> reporter: convicting her in the killing of her husband jason after five hours of deliberation? i'm very disappointed about the verdict, however, i respect the jury. >> reporter: it was just last year when a different jury acquitted the 42-year-old san diego stay-at-home mom of first degree murder but deadlocked on the second degree charge. >> what was different this time versus the last time? we were able to counter all her lies. >> reporter: in both trials she took the stand telling the jury her husband, the popular math teacher and volleyball coach at the local high school was verbally and physically abusive. >> you're putting our kid in the day care and making me pay for
7:35 am
it and you're the one claiming you're taking care of them. [ bleep ] you, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: she admitted to killing him but claimed it was self-defense. >> i was so scared. >> reporter: during closing arguments both sides presented two very different versions of what happened that morning in 2012 while their three children watched cartoons downstairs. >> i don't like her. >> why not? >> because she killed my father. >> reporter: jason harper's family waited three years to see this day of justice come. >> reporter: this time around jurors actually got to hold the gun and feel just how much force it would take to pull the trigger. something harper says she doesn't remember. >> this means the jury believes she intended to kill him. this is an all-out victory for the prosecution. >> reporter: the prosecution was careful to focus on the definition of murder in the second degree referring to it as murder in the moment, saying she wasn't planning on killing him that day but she became angry and made a choice. harper faces 40 years to life in prison, sentencing is set for
7:36 am
november 5th, robin. >> linsey, thank you. coming up, a scary moment. this young woman's car stuck speeding out of control. just ahead, t.j. holmes is going to tell you what to do if it happens to you. t.j. >> we've seen these instances gas pedals getting stuck. we're at a closed course and we're going to tell you the simple steps to get out of that terrifying situation. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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7:40. back now with "gma on the lookout" and this morning what to do if your accelerator gets stuck sending your car speeding out of control. abc's t.j. holmes is on a test track in new jersey. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: lara, can you imagine getting in your car, gas pedal gets stuck, cars guns it, goes out of control. we're on a closed course here but can you imagine that happening to you on a highway? believe it or not there are simple steps to get you out of that sticky situation.
7:41 am
>> 911, what is the address of the emergency? >> um, my car just won't stop. my car will not stop. >> reporter: in an instant olivia crooks' ride home from school went from routine to life-threatening. >> all of a sudden it started speeding out of control going 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: the high school student from wisconsin says her gas pedal got stuck while driving. >> i was terrified. i thought the only way i was going to stop my car was if i got in a car accident or just crashed. >> starting to smoke. there's smoke coming out of my wheels. >> reporter: sudden acceleration is more common than you think. one expert tells us he estimates it happens thousands of types a year. >> oh, my gosh. i'm scared to death. >> reporter: that 911 call from this incident in 2012, incredible dash cam video shows an suv reaching 115 miles an hour after its gas pedal apparently got stuck. you can see the suv swerving down a missouri highway.
7:42 am
the driver eventually gets out but is visibly shaken. >> our accelerator is stuck. we're in trouble. >> reporter: in 2009 this fail accident believe to be caused by the accelerator pedal getting stuck by the floor mat. >> it can be caused by a number of factors, one, the floor mat can jam under the accelerator pedal. some mechanical parts such as the cruise control cable may jam the accelerator open. an electronic defect can cause the vehicle to open up. >> reporter: we headed to a closed course to get some advice on what to do if you ever find yourself in this heart-racing situation. >> first thing i need to do is -- >> staying calm is the absolute most important step. and then it would be getting the car into neutral while simultaneous controlling the brake pedal. >> reporter: with the help of 911 she made it out unscathed happy to be okay after her not so joyful ride.
7:43 am
>> i would not even thought this could happen to me until it did. >> now, we told you to keep it in neutral. you know that part but also it's very important not to pump the brakes like some people might want to do. you need to make sure you slam on the brakes. pumping can have the wrong effect. also, don't try to turn the key off. don't turn the ignition. when you turn the car off you lose a lot of your power steering and braking and the floor mat is usually often the culprit, the accelerator gets stuck on the floor mat. don't try to figure that out in the middle of your situation at that point you need to make sure you just get out of the situation and figure it all out later. >> all right, t.j., great tips. >> i would have turned off the car. >> i would have been pumping like a lunatic. >> the toughest part trying to stay calm. >> you're not going to remember any of those steps if you're not calm. t.j., really great. coming up, a big story about a community rallying together to save a bear. sara is in new jersey with that story.
7:44 am
>> reporter: i'm on bear watch right now. somewhere in new jersey looking for that now famous upright walking bear and did you hear that? okay, seriously, i think we're going to find him after the break. stay tuned. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications,
7:45 am
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7:48 am
time now for "the speed feed." residents in a new jersey neighborhood reporting sightings of a bear, looks rather human right there, but the community is rallying around him. abc's sara haines is in jefferson township, new jersey, to tell us why. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning. i'm actually standing right behind me here is the road where the bear, pedals the bear was last seen walking upright almost like a human but he is still a bear which is why the community is anxious to get him into a wildlife sanctuary. it was the one thing that could bring the sopranos to tears. >> mom. mommy. >> a.j., be quiet. don't move. >> reporter: this morning the bears are back in northern jersey. >> mommy. >> reporter: this one is definitely not like the others. >> shh, back up.
7:49 am
this poor guy. >> reporter: take a look. he walks on his hind legs completely upright like a human. >> it's scary at first but after you've seen it a couple times it just becomes weird. >> reporter: residents in oak ridge, maduro, at first wondering if he could be a human in a bear costume traversing through yards and garbage cans on its hind legs all six feet of him but this bear is no laughing matter. he needs urgent medical attention, so neighbors here uniting around the bear. they have affectionately named him pedals and set up a facebook page and a gofundme page to raise money to get him into the orphaned wildlife center. pedals is missing a paw and the other is limp however fish and wildlife disagrees saying the bear should stay right where it is because moving pedals could cause him more damage. now, the gofundme page called getting pedals the help he deserves has raised almost $17,000 which surpasses the
7:50 am
original goal of 15,000 but the new jersey division of fish and wildlife tell us they need more time to make a final decision on pedals' fate and in the meantime, residents are holding their breath and guarding their garbage cans. back to you guys. >> whatever is best for pedals, but it's wonderful, sara, how the community is really rallying around pedals. >> reporter: well, because it's a bear at the end of the day but they say the fact that he's forced to walk upright is not a good thing for a bear and want to get him somewhere where he can be a bear. >> we'll stay on the lookout there for it. >> i'm here for you guys. selena gomez, why she stepped out of the spotlight. we'll explain. here's a great improve this! tip from lowe's. all it takes is a little tape to put up an even shelf. measure the distance between the hole, place it on the wall, in go the screws and there you go, the perfect shelf. go to on yahoo! to see more. 123450 0
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the blue angels have zoom over san francisco this afternoon for fleet week. watch them perform live starting at 12:30 p.m. the air show goes until 4:00 today. check out the parade of ships get to the marina festival early. starts at 11:00. find a full schedule on and good morning, everybody. 74 today. fewer clouds than we had yesterday, but we'll have more clouds tomorrow, but i still think you'll be able to see them easily, but cooler. 69. 74 saturday, and have a sunscreen. heat returns monday. leyla? looking at 101 through san rafael, taillights looking heavier. 32-minute commutes preak novato
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and inside selena gomez's secret health battle. the superstar reveals her soming lupus diagnosis and the famous friend who's been helping her through it all. the new beauty boom. we're tackling breakthrough solutions for your skin that millions of americans suffer from. now the new hope and the treatment to cure the skin you're in. ♪ a whole new world and the secret tapes of robin williams now revealed. >> unnecessary use of reptile, 500-year penalty. >> never before heard recordings of the comedian as the genie now animated and being played on tv for the first time. the cast reunited right here live. all that and what does it really take to be on the most intense show on television? we're headed to zombie school and the women of "the walking dead" are invading times square
8:01 am
live as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. so great to have the fierce women of "the walking dead" here with us. we're going behind the scenes of the hit show and the cast is answering your questions just ahead. that is coming up. but what is going on right here right now? you might have seen this on social media, that video that is going crazy, all the boys on hoverboards to justin bieber's "what do you mean." here we go right now, the hover bots. it's a lot harder than it looks. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> they make it look so easy. >> they do. >> oh, come on. >> this is not going to help my case. >> it's easy. >> the challenge of doing it on heels. >> kate wants one of these so badly. this is not going to help. >> it is wicked cool what you do
8:02 am
and they'll be performing live right here on our big old stage here in times square. but right now, tom llamas with the morning rundown. good morning, again, guys. the big story, new chaos on capitol hill after the man many people thought would become the next speaker of the house unexpectedly dropped out of the race after failing to win over far right conservatives. congressman kevin mccarthy says he's opting out. now the outgoing speaker, john boehner, and other republicans are scrambling trying to convince former vice presidential candidate paul ryan to run for the job even though ryan says he's not interested. the pentagon changing its strategy in syria as the civil war eggs ka lates. the u.s. will only train rebel leaders. the previous plan part of a $500 million program. police now say a shooting on the campus of northern arizona overnight stemmed from an
8:03 am
argument between students. one person killed outside a dorm. three wounded. the 18-year-old suspect is in custody. there have been at least ten college shootings this year. and president obama is visiting oregon today to meet with the families of the victims of last week's school shooting rampage. the president is working on a program to amp up gun checks. and a potentially crucial weapon in the fight against cancer. researchers have discovered that elephants have an abundance of a gene that prevents them from getting cancer. now the question is could humans also benefit from this discovery? abc's nick watt explains. >> welcome to the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: roll up, roll up for an astonishing tale of gigantic circus elephants and a skinny little scientist. >> in this elephant blood i totally truly believe lies the secret to cancer prevention. >> reporter: on the cover of
8:04 am
"newsweek" and exclusive ly here on "gma." >> we have something here that potentially can save millions of lives. >> reporter: elephant blood from from schiffman's local zoo and the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus which tonight is in town. >> the thought that our elephant could actually do something that could help pediatric cancer was an amazing one. >> reporter: you see, most humans have only two copies of a gene called p53 which kills cancerous cells. we only have two. elephants have around 40, and elephants hardly ever get cancer, so schiffman is -- >> looking for drugs that mimic the effect of having these extra copies of p53. >> reporter: schiffman is inspired in this bizarre collaboration with his pachyderm pals by his patience. >> to everyone, open their mouth and say ah. >> all: ah. >> ah, very good. >> reporter: whose lives one day could be saved by tonka, mabel, luna and assan. for "good morning america," nick
8:05 am
watt, abc news, salt lake city. >> fascinating stuff and we thank nick for that. and finally, a new way to express yourself on facebook. the site is testing six new emojis you can use instead of the simple like button. they are love, laughter, cheering, wow, sad and angry but dislike is not one of them. i think they have to create another one. they have to create an emoji that says nobody cares when people on facebook post hungry for a burrito or just burned 300 calories on the elliptical. i always want to have an emoji for that. >> tell us what you really think, tom. thanks very much. we got a lot more coming up. selena gomez opens up, reveals a secret health battle and why she disappeared from the spotlight. ♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ >> that was funny, right? ♪ nah, nah, nah y, right? ♪ the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for all this... when you're really only covered for this. hot dog? or how you may think you're covered for this... but not for this...
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here's a look at what's coming up on "gma's morning menu." millions of americans suffering from skin disorders. dr. jen here with new treatments and some new hope for you. an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "aladdin," never before seen tapes of robin williams. really remarkable. then so fun, the fashionable fabulous ladies of "the walking dead" are with us, an epic walkoff coming up. see you in a bit. all that and our superstars live in times square right here on "gma." i'm staying on solid ground. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by moen, buy it for looks, buy it for life. it for looks, buy it for life. ngs ] ♪
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♪ only from moen. ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. welcome back to "gma." time now for our "heat index" and this morning's hot button, selena gomez revealing her
8:11 am
secret health battle, why she took some time out of the spotlight. "nightline" anchor juju chang has the details. ♪ i'm so sick of that same old love ♪ >> reporter: this morning selena gomez sharing the biggest health battle of her life. >> i think it's been able to test me as a person. >> reporter: gomez revealing she's been battling lupus for over a year telling billboard magazine the disease halted her 2013 tour saying i've been through chemotherapy, that's what my break was really about. i could have had a stroke. >> lupus impacts generally young women, common problems include profound fatigue, often pain. >> reporter: an estimated 1.5 million americans suffer from the autoimmune disease lupus and while there's no cure, it is treatable with steroids and other anti-inflammatory meds. >> this is my time to just kind of like stop and say, this is my perspective on where i am. >> reporter: headlines popped up
8:12 am
alleging the star was entering an arizona rehab facility for drug or alcohol related issues. gomez now responding saying, i wanted so badly to say, you guys have no idea. i'm in chemotherapy. the star also revealing it's her bff taylor swift who's been helping her through. >> taylor has represented to her a friendship from which selena draws a lot of her strength. >> reporter: selena is looking ahead to a happier, healthier future. >> i can't please everybody. i can take care of people and help them but i also can take care of myself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i hope she's okay. >> yeah, we wish her the absolute best. now to the series, our new series, "the new beauty boom." an estimated 100 million americans suffer from some sort of skin disease or skin disorder and adults battling breakouts that has changed. help may be on the way. abc's mara schiavocampo explains.
8:13 am
>> reporter: bad skin isn't just for teenagers. from adult acne to melasma, it's not easy facing the world with skin conditions and discolorations. >> i didn't really want to take any pictures with anyone. >> reporter: 23-year-old lori siler deals with adult on set acne and gets help from dermatologist doris day. who knows all too well the damage it could do to self-esteem. >> my patients with acne come in often devastated. they're embarrassed. >> reporter: there are topicals and antibiotics to help but an old medicine called spironolactone may be the best. >> in low doses it works amazingly well to block the hormone receiptors triggering acne. >> reporter: just as devastating for patients is a condition called melasma. dermatologist jeanine downey who specializes in this skin problem
8:14 am
also has it herself. >> melasma is these irregular patches you see on people's skin on their face. >> reporter: dr. downie says all people can be affected but those with darker skin have more challenges with melasma caused by an overproduction of melanin, the substance that gives skin its color. >> which ethnic groups are most affected. >> melasma you see in everyone but you see it a lot more clearly in latinos, asians and african-americans. >> reporter: these irregular patches are triggered by hormones and the sun and while chemical peels can help sunscreen is a must. dr. downie says the best treatment is the fraxel laser which works by penetrating the skin to stimulate the development of new collagen. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new jersey. >> we thank mara and here now dr. jennifer ashton. this is very important. we're talking about skin discoloration which is more than just being cosmetic. we see them in different types of shades like this in brown. let's start here. >> we wanted to bring some of the colors of the rainbow,
8:15 am
remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and this can be more than just a cosmetic issue. this can have deeper medical significance. when we see a brownish-blackish discoloration of the skin like you can see here oftentimes we see it in the crease of the neck. armpits, groin, you can see even see it on the fingers, knuckles. they aren't dirty and makes you think of undiagnosed diabetes. you can see it in all skin tones. so if you notice this, you want to get tested for diabetes. >> right away. >> absolutely. >> yellow discoloration. what could that be the cause of? >> this is something we take seriously in medicine. when we see a yellowish discoloration of the skin, not subtle. we see yellowish discoloration of the whites of the eyes. this is a condition called jaundice. this is caused by a deposition of bilirubin in the skin, red flag for liver disease, if you notice this, without delay, you want to get seen by your doctor.
8:16 am
>> i remember way back when my dad, it was hepatitis. that was it. so the red discoloration. >> we're not sure but people with reddish discoloration, typically see in this in a fair skinned person. >> you see that a lot. >> rosacea and more -- you can see it here with broken capillaries triggers by alcohol, coffee, stress, extreme temperatures, a lot of treatments for this. ranging from topical vaso- constrictors that constrict that redness and blood vessels to low dose antibiotics. this is more of an embarrassing issue but can lead to disfigurement of the nose if not treated. >> so you should be contacting your doctor if you see some of these. >> absolutely. >> discolorations and things like that. you'll be on twitter. >> all morning. >> she'll be taking your questions. tweet her @drjashton. george. >> almost 25 years since "aladdin" opened up a whole new world to so many fans. now a whole new version released on dvd with robin williams tapes
8:17 am
that have never been seen before. take a look. ♪ a whole new world ♪ don't you dare close your eyes ♪ >> reporter: that unforgettable oscar winning song. ♪ let me share this whole new world with you ♪ >> reporter: and the unmistakable voice of robin williams in "aladdin." ♪ heard your princess was a sight lovely to see ♪ >> reporter: the 1992 disney classic changed the landscape of motion picture animation forever. >> 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck. >> reporter: now for the first time we're getting an exclusive look. >> hey, go get him you little crazy guy. >> reporter: at never before seen clips. >> come on, kid, see, got to get the snake. he's waiting for you. >> reporter: of the movie's legendary star -- >> luke, the force, the force. >> reporter: in the recording booth voicing everyone's favorite genie. >> na, na, na.
8:18 am
>> reporter: the iconic character brought to life by animator eric goldberg. >> in addition to being funny he was such a warm person. >> good relationship between he and aladdin was genuine. >> be yourself. >> bigger than life. >> reporter: new outtakes. from the bigger than life entertainer. >> unusual use of reptile. >> reporter: his lost characters that didn't make the film. >> champ, what do you think? i think he has to be able to come in there and go against the magic. >> reporter: now a new generation can celebrate the charming and timeless comedic genius. >> can we call you al or maybe just din. >> reporter: of the beloved actor. >> keep your hands and arms inside the carpet. we're out of here. >> it is so great to see robin williams. we're excited to have ron clements and john musker, alan menkin, scott weinger,
8:19 am
brad kane and linda larkin and lea salonga and jonathan freeman to portray jaafar. welcome to all of you. so great to see all of you. alan, let me begin with you. just tell us about working with robin williams. we see him in action again. >> oh, it was amazing working with robin. absolutely incredible. >> yeah, we wrote the part with robin in mind. we didn't know if he would do it and fortunately for us he did. >> you didn't know he would do it. >> no, we were probably walking down the plank. if he said no, we were in big trouble because the whole concept was based around robin. >> no one else could be the genie and fortunately he agreed to do it and he did -- he worked so hard, we recorded him in four-hour sessions. he would be going four hours straight. we have practically four hours of recording. by the end he was just drenched -- he had so much energy and so much passion. >> i was very concerned because what we had written "friend like me" was written for a fats waller type, and my first concern was, can robin sing like fats waller? >> and? >> and he could.
8:20 am
he learned to. most of that ended up on the cutting room floor because after we got the vocal we wanted from him we let him go wild and he went incredible. >> jonathan, you are jaafar. >> yes. >> give us your favorite line. we need a little jaafar. >> i think without a doubt it must be -- oh, yes, my most abject and humble apology. >> did you write that? and, scott and linda, let's have a little street rat and arabian princess. >> okay, jasmine, i do love you but i got to stop pretending to be something i'm not. >> i have the best line in the movie. i get to say, it's all so magical. >> that is the best line in the movie and you guys have the best song. >> yeah. >> in the movie, as well. >> is there any count to how many have done their first wedding dance to "whole new world."
8:21 am
>> i actually sang it -- at the time he was my boyfriend now my husband, we have actually sung it for people that have gotten engaged. there was a surprising -- >> wow. >> we would be hiding with wireless microphones and would sing "a whole new world" and they would just start crying. >> after i actually recorded the song with lea i didn't sing it with anyone else until my wife at my wedding. >> you guys sang it together. >> with my wife at our wedding. the only other jasmine i sang with. >> do you have a count, alan? >> no, but it's amazing. it was one of those things that took off. it won song of the year which was incredible. as well as the oscar and it's changed my life, changed tim rice's life, wonderful. >> it made a lot of people happy. it has moved a lot of people. we are so glad to see "aladdin" back. congratulations to all of you. good to hear from you again. you can find a lot more "aladdin" on our website including exclusive performance from the cast and the "aladdin"
8:22 am
diamond edition blu-ray combo pack. how about that for a mouthful. next tuesday. ginger. >> loving everybody over there. so nice to see all of you and so great to have everybody here. let's check on oho, the remnants of what was a hurricane made it up a lot further north. it'll bring big-time waves to the west coast and a big-time storm for the late weekend in alaska. is tha good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. the forecast, fewer clouds today with heat peeking inland. pulling back temperatures a little everywhere and humidity, up a little bit. might feel sticky for us. going to get warm, even hot again next week. 90s inland east bay. 80s just about everywhere else until you get to richmond and san francisco. to the coast, where the 70s will be. accuweather forecast, a new warming trend begins sunday. >> i think we can give away the award for the brightest sign
8:23 am
dancing all the way from kendallville, indiana. lara, "pop news." >> i heard you sing. >> she can dance. >> she can do everything but don't ask her to drive a truck in the city. >> in the city. >> all right, "pop news" time, everybody. happy friday, by the way. and we begin with this, john mayer. you guys -- you know john mayer is like my music crush. >> add to the list. >> say what you need to say, john, please. the eyes of the world including mine cannot wait to see john become a member of the grateful dead. guys, this is true. the crooner is joining dead and company with three of the original members of the cult classic band. you may remember the dead announced they would retire after their final tour this past summer but then they said they just had too much fun out there. they're just not ready so john mayer and the boys will be trucking right here to new york city for a free concert, 5,000
8:24 am
fans can win free tickets to the show that's coming up in november at msg, sign me up. >> i would never put them together. >> i was a big deadhead. i loved the dead in college. saw them in cleveland and john mayer is just my -- john's my jam so -- >> he can jam. i mean, the dead can jam. he can totally do that. >> doing many tour dates. they're just doing this one concert to say, hey, we're here. a great combination as you can probably tell. also in "pop news" this morning, if you like to start your day with a run to relieve stress it's high time to listen up. you know that feeling that athletes talk about that's like -- euphoric wonderful feeling during a great workout. it's like a happy invincible moment. some people call it the runner's high and now in a "pot news" investigation, a new study shows that name is spot-on. scientists say that feeling is
8:25 am
very similar to the feeling that you get when you smoke pot. for years doctors thought it happened because endorphins were released in your body. now a new theory says that it could be due to a substance in your brain called endocannaboids, a good run triggering the brain, reduces anxiety and affects mood, creativity and, yes, your appetite. hey, after burring all those calorie, though, guilt-free munchies. guilt-free munchies. >> i heard from a friend it's a very different sensation, more like falling asleep after one of them. >> i have no idea. i only know what my pot news investigation has -- >> revealed. >> you have a theme going, grateful dead. i'm starting to see linkage. >> it is friday. >> that's true. i wish i had a third one to really wrap it up. but instead i'll show you this and i think you will like it. nothing beats that friday
8:26 am
feeling, right, when you see the weekend coming. kind of like this baby and dog when they see their daddy's car pull into the driveway. just enjoy this video, everybody. daddy's home and he's got two very special friends waiting for him and that is how we feel right now, everybody. happy friday! >> that is something to come home to. thank you, lara. >> "the walking dead." lara. >> "the walking dead."
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. police say three young people suspected in the shooting death of a yoga teacher in marin county are accused of killing a canadian backpacker in san francisco. morrison lampley, sean angold and lila allgood accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter. during the investigation authorities found item belonging to audrey carey, found dead near a stage in the hardly strictly bluegrass festival saturday morning. they will be arraigned later today. right now your morning commute. leyla gulen, how's it going? >> goodness, not too well. accident at the bay bridge. toll plaza. heavy backups you can see pulling in from the maze. it's going to take you about 23 minutes to make that trek across. we've got an accident in the san
8:28 am
ramon valley, southbound side of 680 at stone valley road. check at the traffic. we've got heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic, 44 minutes from highway 4, kristen? thank you. check out your forecast with
8:29 am
[during sleep train's the triple choice sale. big for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. lack of clouds means a cooler start from about 47 in santa rosa to mountain view and fremont, 62. heading to the blue angels, fleetwood festivities, bright.
8:30 am
need the sun screen the most sunday. cooler this weekend. ho ♪o i love this audience. they bribe the camera people to get on camera like that. they paid the most, right? wait, it is friday here. >> you can see we're having a lot of fun. more fun ahead. the hoverboard crew performing live. yes, it's a live performance on their hoverboards and then, you know, improve this! some fall fixes. >> absolutely. some fall fixes for messy garages so really simple easy
8:31 am
tips. >> steve carell. you see him in "freeheld." funny and moving performance with julianne moore and ellen page. what they're saying about that movie in a bit. let's go upstairs to ginger right now. >> it's a huge weekend for "the walking dead" fans. one of the most popular shows on television is back and rachel smith went behind the scenes to see what it takes to be a walker. >> reporter: i am just one of about 200 dead hopefuls trying to make the cut. >> season 6 "walking dead" zombie school. >> greg nicotero holds auditions once a year looking for new blood. >> action. >> i think we end up auditioning about 150 to 200 people per season and of that we have 25 or 30 that are superstars. >> reporter: do you see that the walkers have evolved?
8:32 am
>> in season one, there were a few instances where the zombies moved a little faster than they do now. they actually picked up rocks to break into the department store window. we were still kind of laying down the rules. >> reporter: you may remember this wall behind me from the season five finale. father gabriel leaves the gate open which is setting us up for season six. >> we got, you know, more action, more walkers, more just intensity and craziness and the great thing about this show we continue to reinvent it. >> reporter: but don't hold your breath for a cure. eugene ruined that last season. >> i don't know how to stop it. >> reporter: maybe the cure is in eugene's mullet sweat. you know. >> the cure might be here. >> mullet sweat extract. bottle it and spray it on the walkers. >> got the wardrobe, do this. the makeup. the process can take over an hour for the up in the face deadbeats. >> no smiling. >> reporter: it's showtime. >> oh, that was good. >> thank you.
8:33 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, "the walking dead" set. >> wow! rachel smith can only look like that and now please welcome the women that take down the undead in "the walking dead." danai gurira, sonequa martin-green, lauren cohen and melissa mcbride. ladies, i feel very honored to be sitting right here. this is a huge deal. 15.8 million viewers in the season finale. danai, it's got to feel amazing. people have developed workouts on your sword wielding. pretty amazing. what's it like to train to be her? >> it's pretty intense. i looked at her in the comic book and i was like, i'm supposed to do that. i read some script, i'm supposed to do that, you know, but stepping up into her has been really awesome and exciting to do and challenged me beyond what i thought i could do which i think we all get to experience doing the show so it's been
8:34 am
pretty awesome if has to be. beyond even the activity of it, the emotion of it. there's so much, lauren, it looks like you all shoot in the hot summer sun. >> yeah. >> in atlanta. this is a big deal because i know that affects you. when you started reading over the scripts and saw the action scenes will be that hot. you thought what? >> we've been doing this in the summer the whole time. this summer there's been so much more action and we definitely have this running joke of like, this was not written in the heat but we're doing it in the heat. but it's great. it's a character in the show, you know, when you don't feel that sort of oppressive heat character, you actually miss it. so, yeah. >> next time you get the writers outside with you. >> we have a winter season. >> and then sonequa's your choice of weapon is a machine gun and it works but, of course, yours shoots blanks. what it's like to train with something like that. >> i love it.
8:35 am
we all have our weapon of choice and i rather enjoy my m5. it's my -- it's sasha's baby for sure and, you know, we have some good people behind the scenes helping us look cool, making sure that we're holding it correctly and everything. as sasha, i have a bit of training that i decided to get on my own as a firefighter, that's my back story with that. so i have a little bit of experience with it and i've certainly been doing a lot of target practice recently. i do enjoy it. it's fun. >> you pull it off. and then, melissa, carol has a bit of a split personality right now. we have a twitter question asking what's the most challenging part of playing undercover carol? >> of playing undercover carol? oh, i don't -- i don't know. it's really not challenging. it's just fun. you know, the more the merrier. when i get to scramble around in mie head and go back and forth like that, it's fun.
8:36 am
>> it looks fun. >> it is. >> i feel like that but i don't act like that. questions any can answer. who out of you is most likely to break character on set? >> nobody. >> nobody. >> nobody? >> you'll get -- >> professionals always. >> we're goofy but we're not -- not when it's time to work. >> it's game time. >> we shoot these things -- we shoot episodes in either eight or ten days. there's literally no room for error. you come ready to go so there's not that -- >> sometimes we fall over or don't look quite as -- the door won't open or the gun jams. >> or when melissa goes between her two carols it's like, yeah. she makes us laugh sometimes. >> between scenes it's very fun. >> who has the best tough girl face and can you do them right now. >> andy. >> wait, no, no. >> oh, a mean --
8:37 am
>> well. >> we don't have time for tough girl face. just got to get it done. you got to strategize how to take them down, you know what i mean like how we look, we don't even think about it. >> this show, you don't think about how you look. >> exactly. >> that's you know when you're being authentic. >> we can be pretty today. >> if you can pop up, i want to see your best action moves so that i can learn a little pose -- >> oh, wow. >> is it like -- >> can i take my shoe off? how is that. >> that was good. >> like -- that's it. >> put everything ahead. >> i would say moving very little because you don't want them to see what you're about to do, you know what i mean so it has to be like lightning quick. >> lightning quick. >> i just did it but you didn't see it. [ laughter ] >> i thank you all. thank you. [ applause ] >> "walking dead" premieres this
8:38 am
sunday on amc and we can't wait, lara. >> you're right about that. thank you very much. those girls are great. now, though, it's time for, ready, one, two, three -- >> all: improve this! >> today we have fall fixes for your garage and i met up with a couple of experts who po a thing or two about turning a grimy garage into a spike and span storage space. here to show us is chris and peyton from hgtv's "going yard." you always come with great tips. we have so many responses on twitter from our viewers with messy garages so everybody can use simple solutions. what do you say we improve it. boys, take it away. >> take it away. let's see them. >> whoa. >> first up right here, so simple. pvc piping. >> you can get this at lowe's or any home goods store. >> buy it and then do you need to get these sort of 2x4s. >> yeah.
8:39 am
get the 2x4. give it a coat of spray paint. make it more fun so your work space is bright and cheery. >> a couple screws in there. put it up like that. all your tools organized. done. >> i love that. what is next? >> right this way. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's show them the tips. >> everywhere in my garage. i have these bins all on the floor. you guys are suggesting to hang them. >> definitely a space saver. take your 2x4s, hang them on the wall and label them on the front so you know which sport is which. >> baseball, football. team helmets. >> and pull it right off the wall and ready to go. >> how do people do this. >> you'll take your 2x4s. nail one on top of the other and the bin latches underneath. >> really that easy. >> and the wall, the chalkboard paint, spray paint it on, paint it on, write your whole schedule, the score, we got chris. >> wist, 1, lara, 0?
8:40 am
>> no, i'll let you win today, 10. >> then like this, the bungee cord idea i thought was fun. i'm glad we can share that. >> the sports balls can be everywhere. >> mine are usually in a bin but they overflow. >> you guys are suggesting to use bungee cords. how do we use them. >> take your 2x4s and nail them together and wrap your bungee cord. >> instead of putting them in a bin, you can shoot it in. >> another tip for making it look nice, stain the wood. you don't have to leave it raw and dresses the area. >> really inexpensive easy ideas. you can find out more on these projects by going to our website on on yahoo! tell everybody the name of your show. >> "going yard". >> on hgtv. [ cheers and applause ] and you can find out all about those tips on our website on yahoo! a final check of 9 weather with ginger. >> lara, i don't know if anybody got to see this amazing set we
8:41 am
have created for "the walking dead" so let's get a forecast because i see trees down around us. that could happen in the northeast thanks to that cold front rushing along the low in new england. it'll move on to the east and bring heavy rains this wee good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. ready for more sunshine and warmer temperatures? 74 in san francisco. mid-80s to near 90 for the rest of us. still have a cooling trend tomorrow and sunday, but the heat will all that weather has been brought to you by farmers' insurance. we're all walking. come on, guys. lara. >> thank you. if i make a mistake i have a new stage manager. the name? robin roberts. coming up on "gma," these hoverboarders stake -- they're taking over times square so be careful. their live performance coming up right here in the middle of new york city. ♪ "gma's" improve this!
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we have someone really special here. a live performance. one of the hottest viral videos around performed in times square. here are bot brothers dancing to "what do you mean" on hoverboards.
8:45 am
let's do it, guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ what do you mean oh oh oh oh oh oh oh when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no ♪ ♪ what do you mean hey when you don't want me to move but you tell me to go ♪ ♪ what do you mean ♪ oh what do you mean ♪ said you're running out of time what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh oh oh what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ ♪ you're so indecisive what i'm saying trying to catch the beat make up your heart ♪
8:46 am
♪ don't know if you're happy or complaining don't want for us to end where do i start ♪ ♪ first you wanna go to the left then you wanna turn right ♪ ♪ wanna argue all day make love all night ♪ ♪ first you're up then you're down and then between ♪ ♪ oh i really want to know what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh oh when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no ♪ ♪ what do you mean hey when you don't want me to move ♪ ♪ but you tell me to go what do you mean ♪ >> hey! ♪ oh what do you mean ♪ said you're running out of time what do you mean ♪ ♪ oh oh oh what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean ♪ >> hey. ♪ what do you mean oh oh when
8:47 am
you nod your head yes but you want to say no ♪ [ applause ] >> that was fantastic. let's hear it again for the bot brothers. come on, give it up for them. whoo! david joining us now. you are the choreographer. this is wonderful. usually these are the guys in the background but they are now up front and center. tell us where the inspiration came from. >> actually i saw justin on instagram had his own board so that kind of inspired me to buy one and then the "what do you mean" song seems perfect to marry the two together. >> how long was the rehearsal for all this. >> we rehearsed for pretty much a week and sought for a day in a couple of hours. >> that's it. >> we fell about 178 times so a lot of falls. >> a lot of falls. >> so where does it go next? >> we're going to make another video for sure. we have a couple of really great opportunities coming up that hopefully we can kind of capitalize on it and do a 2.0
8:48 am
version really soon. >> wonderful. chris, you guys, you make it look so easy. we've had it on the program and know just standing on them is not easy and to have all the moves -- >> and down. >> yeah, yeah. of course, they're going to show you. >> they will. >> david, thank you, josh, thank you, guys, very, very much. appreciate it. can't wait to see what the next video is going to look like. coming up next, the superstar cast of "freeheld." oh. steve carell. julianne moore, ellen page, what they are saying about their new film. come on back.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
8:50 am
the new movie "freeheld" tells the story of a gay couple's fight for equal rights. also a love story and nick watt sat down with the all-star cast led by julianne moore, ellen page and steve carell.
8:51 am
>> "freeheld" is a timely yet historic movie. it's victorious and tragic. political and a love story. >> you hope someone can watch it and, of course, see themselves or feel the anguish or understand truly what, you know, discrimination does. >> reporter: the true story of laurel hester, a new jersey cop diagnosed with cancer fighting so her partner can get her pension, keep their home. when she dies just like any heterosexual spouse would. >> i'm only asking for equality. >> reporter: between the three of you, all of you oscar nominees. >> winner. >> winner. >> it's pretty high class company here. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: michael shannon play's her partner who joins the fight. >> i'm a straight white atheist cop. you okay with that, sweetheart. >> i am, that is very hot.
8:52 am
>> reporter: this moving amazing story was first an oscar winning documentary. >> i watched it and i wept. i was completely moved and i said, yes immediately. >> what attracts me to something is if it touches me and this touched me and not only felt true but it was true. it was real. >> i am not a radical. i'm a middle class jewish heterosexual from new jersey. >> reporter: he plays a rabble-rousing activist steven goldsteen. >> he was there my first day of shooting. steven goldsteen was standing at the monitor like essentially giving me notes like i would do it this way. i would do it that way and i'd hear him. >> reporter: it's called "freeheld" because the so-called freeholders of ocean county were the ones denying hester and stacy andre their rights. >> i wonder what they think of the movie. >> they're right here. come on out. >> on a purely superficial level i loved julianne moore's farrah fawcett hairdo. >> i saw all these photographs with this beautiful blond hair. everybody said this was her thing and loved her hair and
8:53 am
suddenly the well laurel came into focus. >> reporter: fought for equal and love when she knew she was dying and won. >> when my heterosexual colleagues die their pensions go to their spouses but because my partner is a woman i don't get to do that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> powerful movie. what a
8:54 am
8:55 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by quaker. off you go. >> there are the bot brothers. thank you for a terrific performance. have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ ♪
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the blue eighths will zoom over san francisco this afternoon for fleet week. watch them perform live starting at 12:30. the air show goes until 4:00. check out the parade of ships, get there early. parade starts at 11:00. a full schedule on along with a live stream of the blue angels smoep the viewing should be fun given the weather. mike? >> sunglasses, sunscreen, maybe ear plugs for the kids. 74, milder tomorrow, more cloudiness, almost total sunshine sunday. accuweather forecast, temperatures pull back a little and heat returns monday. leyla? >> not breaking sound barriers. traveling on southbound 680 blocking two lanes causing big delays. the drive from high 4 down will
9:00 am
take you approximately 45 minutes. taylor street at eddy street, police activity blocking that >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actress kate winslet. and from the series, "fargo," ted danson. plus, a special performance from singer and songwriter sara bareilles. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are your emmy-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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