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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fullyood hnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. system. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biehl. >> and i'm alma dean. >> perhaps you heard the roar of jet engines in san francisco this afternoon. that's where the u.s. navy's blue angels are getting ready for tomorrow and sunday. we're joined live with more about fleet weerk. hi, wayne. >> hello, boom, roar, shake. here comes a plane. no, it's something from this direction. you don't really see them then you hear them then they're gone. we had about an hour of that today. if they're like me, they have
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sore necks. many on the green. >> but that was before the good stuff really began. we've seen the parade of ships and a fly-by at 300 feet by a united airlines 7-5-7. but this is what they came to see. >> speed. i want to see a lot of speed. >> every year, the blue angels start and every year, fleet week stops the city, no exceptions. they performed their stunts to the square foot. abc 7 news. >> they are absolutely captivating and so are these images. a spectacular sight here.
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the ships passed undernooet the golden gate bridge this morning. the ships included the u.s.s.coronado and a fire boat! if you can't catch the blue angels show, we will be streaming it live on our web site this weekend. for our full list of events, all you have to do is go to abc 7 news dot com. >> you can see it's sunny all over the bay area. a little thin and when i say pill high clouds. looking towards the golden gate. 74 degrees in san francisco. nice and mild. 82 at morgan hill.
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72 at half-moon bay. so the coast is rather mild, as well. check out this view with a little bit of san francisco there. n n napa 84. here is our fleet week weekend rest of fleet week forecast with our air show performances, a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. but, more sun than clouds. bright and sunny on sunday. and then even warmer and sunnier on monday. skies looking pretty good for the air shows, except for just a few clouds tomorrow. >> we'll see you then, thank you, spencer. new details on the murder of a woman who was killed at golden gate park last weekend. >> three people accused of killing a man have now been named in her death. abc 7 news reporter is live at san francisco police headquarters now with the story. vick? >> well, alma, sitly put,
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is good police work. police say sadly, she was the victim of a crime of opportunity. audrey kerry arrived from her first solo backpacking trip. the adventurous wanted to see the west coast. >> just taking in the sieblgtings and doing what young people should be doing. she had been in the area a week. her body was discovered the nerks day. police found trama and she had been shot in the head. commander tony chaplain is head of investigations. >> just two days before the sad discovery, the owner of a gun report that had his weapon had been stolen from his car parked
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near fisherman's wharf. >> he had the weapon in his vehicle secured in a lock box which was stolen. >> two days after the body was found, tantra steve carter had been shot and his car was missing. san francisco police noticed similarities and concern tacted the county. >> there was not a great distance in the time that both homicides occurred. both in wooded areas. >> the possible link? fast tracked. things then happened quickly. the three murder suspects were arrested in portland, wednesday. investigators found kerry's camping fweer in a stolen car and a gun. >> the weapon was then trapped back to an autoworker here in san francis doe. >> police are continuing their investigation to see if any other unsolved crimes can be linked to the three drifters.
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>> one of the big questions in this case or cases that seems to be so bizarre? who are these people. this is one of the suspects. into the past of all of them coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> first, one person was killed and three others were injured. janet o with the details. >> this morning's shooting is unprecedent unprecedented. >> the sooting toork place in a parking lot near mountainview hall. >> two separate groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical and one of our students, steven jones, 18 years
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old, produced a handgun. >> campus police say jones, a freshman, fired multiple times killing another fresh mavn and injuring three others. some of the victims are members. a great many people are involved. a lot of things need to be accomplished before we can release any details. >> nau police say he did not try to run. >> kouchsling centers are now set up for students and staff. >> this is not going to be a normal day at nau. our hearts are heavy.
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pligs say they've arrested two suspects in the shooting. the shooting may have happened during an argument. classes were cancelled after that shooting. >> president obama visited roseburg, oregon, today to meet privately with family members and surviving victims of last week's deadly shooting there. afterwards, mr. obama said the obamas were very grateful for the out-pouring of support that they received. >> her thoughts. her prayers. >> mr. obama muted his message about new laws to stem gun violence to say today was about the families. the president arrived in san francisco tonight for a private fundraiser. >> a student has been arrested
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after police say he threatened to shoot up the school today. last night, a school staff member called police with information about the threat. police tracked down the 15-year-old student, interviewed him, zernled their home around took him into kusz day. >> there's some good news from sacramento about training hero, spencer stone. he can get out of bed and walk. surveillance cameras captured the fight that left him with three knife wounds. >> police officers, firefighters and community members followed first responders with prayers and tributes today.
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the sound of bag pipes filled oakland's cathedral today. lunger's father appreciate it is community's support. >> there's been a continual flow of out pouring from the chunty. it's just been fantastic. >> the battle for a new leader in congress. plus, he does not seem to want the job. >> a big closure in the south bay. while six miles of roetz will be shut down for several hours this weekend.
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>> it looks good in both drebss. a beautiful shot. both skies.
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>> reporter: house republicans are trying to convince a reluck tarnt paul ryan to run for speaker. former vice presidential candidate has repeatedly turned down the job. but some republicans say it's part of his appeal. >> he is more humble than most members of congress. >> the house majority leader unexpectedly withdrew from the race yesterday. he said the party needs a fresh face to unify the conflicting fashions. and many believe ryan is a person who can do that. >> a source close to ryan tells abc news the possibility of pursuing a job with members of his family. meanwhile,congressman daniel webster of florida says he's ready to fill john boehner's shoes. >> i'm not running against a personality or a name.
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>> also for race, the chair of the powerful oversight and government reform committee. but he says he would backline if he runs. >> i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. i would hope that he would do it. >> gop president rl candidate kapt liezing on the plit dal turmoil on capitol hill. >> the next speaker of the house should be a strong conservative. >> the house today voted to lift a 40-year-old ban on crude exports. the white house calls the measure unnecessary and argues a decision should be made by the commerce secretary. the bill would mainly benefit big oil companies. >> an uncertain future today. the panel approved the san diego theme park's 100 milli$100 mill
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expansion but with conditions that would limit the transfer of whales in and out of the park. >> not in my wildest dreams did i think it would be 11-to-1. >> sea world officials refused to comment on camera following the vote. they saying they're disappointed but say that breathing is a fundamental and important part of an an ma mall's right. members fully expected a legal challenge to their decision. >> the cash-strapped golden gate bridge district is facing arn uphill battle. san francisco assembly man voted if charging walkers and
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>> the first ever direct from downtown to east san jose linking several city parks from 10:00 a.m. to 3 pvm. you might notice signs like this that will be car-free. some highlights include trivia with michael johnson and a chance to see the eight superbowl trophies won by the 49ers and raiders. >> we'll also be making a stop through san francisco for fleet week. military members and their families can get a close-up look at the superboum trophy. you can also play the quarterback challenge game and enter for a chance to win superboum xv tickets.
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so keep them coming and, tlout the weekend, as well. send us your pictures using the hash tag abc 7 now. >> and our station manager chris thought would rnt that be great if i got them whizzing by in the shot behind us? and he did. and he caught them. >> he's lightning quick. >> chris is going to be out on a boat underneath a bridge looking up with his family. they perform tomorrow. and i assume it's going to be beautiful out there? >> it's going to be lovely. maybe a few more clouds than we had today. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. a different view of how lovely it is right now. mainly cloud-free skies, mild to warm conditions all across the bay area. check out this area where skies are blue. we'll have cooler conditions tomorrow than today with just a little bit higher humtty. a warming trend begins on sunday
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and it will be downright hot in some trending areas. here's that ridge of high pressure dominating right now. but notice the clouds sort of skaterred out to our northwest. leftovers of what was -- what's hurricane and then tropical storm oho. it's also kicked up the beach hazard statement. it's tomorrow morning through beaches from the north coast, north bay coast down to monteray bay. strong rip currents are a possibility. just bear that in mind and stay away from the clothesline if you don't need to be there. next few days look like this. a cooler afternoon, a little bit more humidity. highs ranging from 70 at the coast to 80s inland.
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brighter on sunday with the inland highs up to 90 drk and warmer still on monday. it will be heating up to low to mid 90s inland. on monday, we'll see low to mid 80s in the bay and mid 70s on the coast. >> there will be fog at the coast tonight, low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. tomorrow, look for, again, mainly sunny skies. but with clouds here and there, we have mild day from coast to inland ranging from upper 60s. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's the warm-up, sunday, monday, tuesday, low to mid 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. mid 70s on the coast, in is going to be beach weather early next week. just like summertime. and then we'll have a cooling trend developing towards the end of the week. all-in-all, certainly lovely weather for the remainder of fleet week. >> sounds great. >> well, up next, imam muck
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calls out apple. what he's accusing the cupertino company doing. >> you're not going do believe what this car is made out of. >> and abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today, we recognize san francisco's latin film festival. the festival showcases work by film makers from latin america, spain and the united states, along with ten other countries. [during sleep train's the triple choice sale. big for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts
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a special screaming of steve jobs. the film starts michael fa fastbender as jobs and shows three product launches during jobs' career. screen writer aaron sorkin will be on hand for the festivity that is get underway at 7:00 tonight.
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>> the new iphone 6s and 6s +. some consumers say their phones are overheating and there are new reports that these are also having problems staying charged. apparently, half of them have samsung chips in them, the other half don't. they're being blamed to cause the chips to burn about an hour faster than the other. >> a war on words with apple. the palo alto car maker's ceo to build an electric car. muck told a german newspaper apple hired engineers who have been fired by tesla. we always jokingly call apple the tesla graveyard. he also says cars are very complex compared to some or smart watches. today, must-use social media to clarify tweeting yo, i don't hate apple. it's a great company with a lot of talented people.
4:25 pm
i love their products and i'm glad they're doing it. >> that gets the point across. >> this week, lexus unvailed a fully functional electric car made out of card board. it's being called the oragami car. 1700 pieces of corrugated card board stuffed together. the process took three months, analysts say. it's obviously a promotional stunt, but, regard less, i think it's pretty cool. >> what do you do with that car now? >> i don't know. put it on display somewhere. not in the rain. >> yeah, it does not do too well in the northeast. but they probably had a zillion guys working on it. >> yep. >> all right. when we come back on abc 7 news at 4:00, president obama on a whirlwind west coast tour. what you can expected when he arrives in san francisco tonight. >> and could the president use executive order to change gun
4:26 pm
laws in the u.s. what he's saying today when we talked with gun owners when he attends this weekend's gun show. >> plus, they site people at circuses, but could elephants hold the secrets to keeping humans healthy. >> checking your traffic, this is san jose, 101 southbound. it's all backed up. that traffic coming toward us. northbound, looking good. this is right wfr you hit that 880 interchange. st it'll be here before you know it.
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and here are your head looirns at 4:30. three people connect today a pair of murders in the bay area. investigators believed these three used a gun stolen from an unlocked car at fisherman's wharf to shoot and kill a canadian woman and a well-known yoga instructor. investigators tracked the trio to portland using a gps and the yoga instructor's stolen car. the kouchbty sheriff tweeted this. all three suspects have waived rights to extradition hearings, allowing all three to be brought back to face charges. the protesters will be marching outside mosque today and tomorrow as part of a nationwide demonstration. david louis tweeted there are no
4:30 pm
protests planned in the bay area. local muslims see the protest as an out reach opportunity. : the president was kbreeted by people in seattle where he landed less than an hour ago. he'll be in the bay area later tonight but spechbt the day in the northwest where nine people were shot and killed last week. abc news reporter has more. >> and president obama arrived in oregon. signs of disapproval for his message on gun laws. but the white house says he will be solely focused on the traumatized survivors. those mourning the nine killed in last week's massakre at a commune kill college. >> an emergency call at another college campus. one dead, three others wounded in a shooting orr night near a dorm at northern arizona university in flag staff.
4:31 pm
>> this is not going to be a noer mall day at nau. >> his staff is looking into whether he can use executive actions to expand background checks. most republican presidential candidates say the focus should be on mental health. today, dr. ben carson is defending his recent suggest that part of the shooting could be mass shooting to more guns. >> do we need to have a mechanism? >>. >> so far, at least ten school shootings.
4:32 pm
tomorrow, the president will be on stage for a democratic fundraiser. the cow palace will have a gun show this weekend. there have been several attempts to shut it down, but unsuccessful. this show not as big as what we've seen in previous years? >> no, not as big at all, larry. you would think that perhaps the shootings, the recent shootings, had something to do with this. but the organizers of this event say they haven't.
4:33 pm
more than 4,000 people are expected to attend. the organizer of the event. he said sales are expected to be slow this time around. but he claims it has nothing to do with the recent mass shootings. >> there's pending legislation that people are worried that they're going to have their gun rights taken away. and usually, that makes people come a lot more. >> this time, there is no pending legislation. a few california lawmakers have tried to keep them from coming to the cow palace. but the building located between san francisco and daly city sits on state land. >> why does the state impose a gun show in these very dangerous
4:34 pm
and heightened times. >> but two go nors have vetoed both. it's likely supervisors in san francisco would vote to ban the gun show. in a few weeks, they will vote on another bill requiring that the only gun shop in town video tape every transaction and send it to the police department. instead, the shop has decided to close at the end of the month. he'll introduce legislation again to try to ban the gun show. until then, their show will go on. >> a judge had a call to the executions of eight death row inmates in arkansas. today's ruling came after the state was beginning to put prisoners to death for the first time in a decade. a new secrecy law about the manufacture of drugs put the
4:35 pm
inmates at risk. >> a washington, d.c. man has been cited for flying a drone near the white house today. drones are prohibited in washington, d.c., but the fine is only $85. this is the third drone incident near the white house this year. >> the united nations made a move to try to prevent further deaths on the mediterranean sea. the resolution authorizes the operation for a year. the international organization for migration says nearly 3,000 people have died this year trying to cross the mediterranean to get to europe. >> handed the award to the tunesian national dialogue
4:36 pm
quartet, made up of members of four organizations, formed back in 2013. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 4, the best and worst places to raise a family. the bay area cities that made the list. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is still ahead. i'll achx questions live here in just a little bit. >> check out the gorgeous blue sky over the bay area now. it looks like a great weekend coming up.
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. >> three strikes? i'm not a baseball guy. >> it's three strikes. you don't have to be a baseball guy. >> i was home. >> dr. ken premiered last week. actually had very strong ratings here in the bay area. it follows the inventions of dr. ken clark. abc 7's layla gould caught up with him recently. >> you actually are a doctor? >> i was a physician for seven years practicing general medicine. so this has been a very surreal journey. >> you remember him from the hangover movies, as well.
4:40 pm
>> you might soon see some fluttering in the sky. monarchs have reappeared at one of their favorite spots. they also add color to tree canopies. the federal government just spent money to find out why fewer monarchs have been spotted in recent years. >> a lot going on. >> that's going to be pretty. >> well, the skies are pretty blue at the moment. i'm hoping they'll stay that way through the weekend. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. certainly had a lovely day today. that pattern won't change much over the weekend. no dramatic changes.
4:41 pm
some showers along the south atlantic coast. most of the remainder of the nation will be dry and mild to warm. and that will be the case across the state of california tomorrow. we'll see a few clouds up around eureka. the rest of the state looks nice and dry. look for highs of 86 at chico. at yosemite, 96 in los angeles. very warm outside. san diego, 89. a high of 99 in palm springs. once again, a little bit more humid tomorrow than it has been the last couple of days. but, generally, the weekend is looking great for all activity including the blue angel's air shows. larry? alm snarks. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, ma jest ijestic animals,
4:42 pm
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there may now be a potentially crucial weapon in the fight against cancer. researchers have discovered that elephants have an abundance of a gene that prevents them from getting cancer. the question is can humans also benefit from this discovery? >> roll up, roll up for an astonishing tale of jie gagigan circus elephants and a skinny little scientist. >> in this elephant blood, i totally, truly believe lies the secret to >> elephant blood.
4:46 pm
>> the thought that our elephants could actually do something for pediatric cancer is amazing. >> we have only two, elephants have around 40. and elephants hardly ever get cancer. >> the shipment is? >> looking for drugs that mimic the effect of having these extra copies. >> shipman is inspired with his pachyderm pals by his patience. >> everyone open their mouth and say ahh. very good. >> abc news, salt lake city. >> when it comes to family life, some bay area cities are good and some are not. fulsome was number one.
4:47 pm
east vale in river side county was number two. so a lot of east bay representation. palo alto came in nooibt. as far as san francisco, 178. oakland was 239. outs of 240 cities in the survey. several factors were considered including affordability, health and safety. >> most students aren't prepared for college. >> jane king with today's wellness report. >> a new study shows more first-dwreer college students aren't ready to make the transition. they're more likely to coffin soup drugs and alcohol and have a bad college experience. one in eight children under the age of 17 is likely to get sick.
4:48 pm
the university found the problem that's most acute in kids ages three and under. organic cheese over lis tier ya fears. the u.s. d.a. is in routine testing. shawn parker was president of facebook and also has severe food allergies. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> october is such a busy month for urban out fitters. at its shipping facility out by philadelphia.
4:49 pm
the e-mail says the company will pay for lunch and transportat n transportation. >> a lot of takers on that. >> time now for ask vinnie who i can tell you will not guilty work for parades. >> i'd like to do some team building. >> >>. >> generally, vacation cloud is another term for a timeshare. maybe they'll fly you there, put you up for three days and say you only have to stay for an hour at the meeting. it's going to be a really, really hard, hard sale tactic. it's pretty hard when you know the meeting is coming up or the meeting is over and you're
4:50 pm
exhausted. they might also be a complete and utter ripoff. you have to worry about these. they're very, very tough. >> can a credit card company charge $10 to plak a payment on a card if i pay with a debit card and not a check? >> maybe. probably. depends on what you did. here's the deal. they're not allowed to charge you to make a payment. there's a couple exceptions. one, if you're doing it last minute and the only way you'll be on time. >> any tips for cutting the costs of autoinsurance for adult sns. >> when i give speeches around the bay area, i often ask the
4:51 pm
entire crowd, hey, everybody raise your hand if you're using your parents' insurance company. inevitably, half the hands go up. so the prize will be going up where if you went in the open market, they could be going down. i hate consumer reports that say shop around. but this one is actually true. it will blow your mind. >> abc 7 news at 4:00. bill cosby is testifying today. we'll hear from his accuser on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, who are these people. we're learning more about three suspect who is could be behind two murders in the bay area. we'll have the latest. and bay area muslims say they
4:52 pm
are not worried about protests nationwide. why they see this as an out reach opportunity. see it for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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abc 7. we have the last man standing. followed by dr. 10. shark tank takes over at 9:00 and then 20/20 at 10. >> bill cosby is being deposed
4:56 pm
for the first time since those mounting allegations. >> and his testimony is tied to a civil lawsuit that a judge refused to throw out this week. randy has the details. >> bill cosby is being deposed today about allegations he sexually abused judy huff at the playboy mansion in the 1970s when huff was just 15. >> the law is moving forward as you can see. >> it's part of a civil lawsuit against cosby. huff is one of more than 50 women accusing the 78-year-old of drugging or assaulting them. >> it sues a merit list and unsupported four--year-old claim. >> it's something that's out there. >> the 25-year-old also filed a civil suit this week claiming cosby drug and also assaulted her at the playboy mansion in
4:57 pm
2008. she can pursue criminal charges. >> she is, we believe, square within the statute of limitations. >> and i could see justice for all of those. >> this isn't cosby's first deposition, either. cosbj admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women. that case was settled out of court. bill cosby's location is being kept secret and a judge could decide if any of it will be made public. abc news, los angeles. >> the cosby show charged by the sexual allegations made against cosby. he has been in touch with cosby but would not comment on their conversation flt. >> that will do it for this edition. thank you for joining us. >> i'm larry biehl.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news begins at 5:00. i believe he chose to stay off the radar. >> two people dead, one arrested. what we're learning tonight. >> they're saying that they see this as an out reach opportunity. plus. >> and a mesmerizing sight in the sky. the blue angels show over san francisco this afternoon. >> and picture perfect weather for the show. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist. i'll let you know if the bright sunny skies last through the weekend. >> live from the broadcast center, this is ab 7 news. >> they are responsible for one-on-one and now two homicides. what other things might they be responsible for. >> who are these people. tonight, we're learning about three suspects, accused of two murders in golden gate park.
4:59 pm
thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl generalings. >> tonight, san francisco police say a gun used to kill a yoga teacher and a canadian tourist was stolen from a car near fisherman's wharf. melanie woodrow is live with new details about the three isn'ts these three people you're looking at accused of these killings. melanie? >> county officials say tip sisters were essential in identifying the trio, especially people who noticed them hanging out in the area and also noticed they've never seen them before. how they're con nerkted and for how long is critical information they're not ready to release. the lieutenant with the county sheriff's office says none of the suspects had a driver's license or state id card. >> because of that, we're having to take a lot of extra steps to confirm who these people have been. and, beyond that, their activities and their life leading up to this point.
5:00 pm
>> according to her facebook page, the 18-year-old went to high school in hawaii. a school official we spoke with there, according to their records, says she was born in santa barbara county and, most recently, san diego. by phone, a relative told abc 7 news lila had problems growing up, including with drugs. lila left home at 18. the relative said lila's mother ishearted broken. the 23-year-old suspect previously faced stolen vehicle and stolen dog charges. even less is known about 24-year-old suspected. >> these three individuals, i believe, have chosen to stay off the radar and not to be people that could be easily identified or recognized. >> their an nonimty uncover ds by many of the tip sisters who were identified by law enforcement. leading investigators to


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