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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's saturday october 10th good morning. thanks so much for joining us. parts of the bay area off to a foggy start. here is our first look at live doppler. >> good morning. you're right, a very foggy start. you can see the fog lined up along the shore line. half moon bay, a half mile. mile and quarter for mountain view, a quarter of a mile napa. so certainly be careful out there. it's 60 in san francisco, 59 in hayward, 58 in livermore with 56 in los gatos. low clouds and fog will slowly
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retreat. but this morning the marine layer insulating us and we are warmer up in santa rosa and napa. so a partly cloudy day, 70 in san francisco and a little bit more humidity, we'll talk about the second half of your weekend and the week ahead in a few minutes. president obama is resting up in san francisco for another busy day on a quick west coast swing. air force one landed at san francisco international at 8:30 last night. the president was met by governor jerry brown and san francisco mayor ed lee before heading off for a fundraiser. his motorcade drove down the bay shore freeway before turning on to mission street. people shot cellphone footage as the president passed turning a regular night into extraordinary. >> just kind of found out that the president was going to be here, so we're spending the evening hoping to get a glimpse of him. >> i'd love to see will hhim if. i'm a federal government worker, so he's actually my boss.
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>> this morning the president will attend a fundraiser at the war field theater with kanye west. he'll then take off for los angeles. the president stayed briefly at his hotel and then went to a funds raiser, a private event in the south market district posted by a pair of tech industry insiders. >> reporter: the president's motorcade arrived at this exclusive fundraiser and his hosts are drop box co-founders. 20 people paid nearly $34,000 each to be there. this wraps up a west coast trip that started in it oregon. marine one touched down in roseburg, president obama there to meet privately with the families of the nine people killed last week in a mass shooting at umpqua community college. >> obviously moments like th this -- >> reporter: plenty of protesters showed their
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opposition to the president's call to tighten gun control. accused of politicizing the tragedy, but he didn't shy away from calling for changes. >> there are going to be moments as we go forward where we'll have to come together and figure out how we can stop things like this from happening. >> reporter: and then he continued up to seattle before flying into san francisco. a multigroup rally featuring members of the naacp and brothers against guns will be held in front of the because field theater this morning at 10:00. organizers say while two african american celebrities raise money, the economic plight oig of blacks in san francisco grows desperate. part of what organizers claim is racism against blacks. stay with us for continuing coverage of president obama's visit to the bay area. we'll have live coverage on the saturday morning news beginning at 8:00 a.m. and you can get
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updates anytime on twitter. just follow us @abc 7 news bay area. and police are investigating after a an elderly woman was hit and killed while walking at around 7:15 last night. witnesses at the scene said it was a bus, but police would not confirm that. the driver is cooperating with police as they conduct their investigation. pittsburg police are searching for a gunman who fired into a car with a man and two children inside yesterday afternoon near california. a bullet hit the driver in the neck, but he was able to flag down an officer on the street. the shooting was near the campus of martin luther king jr. high school. police say the driver is expected to survive. the children were not hurt. yesterday afternoon, a firefighter fell about 13 feet when a deck collapsed during a fire at a residential building in east oakland. sky 7 hd was over the scene on east 21st street.
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it took about an hour to put out the flames. the firefighter was treated and released from the hospital. four i'm wepeople are displaced the cause is under investigation. we're getting a better idea of the interstate crime spree that three drifters are accused of carrying out. >> reporter: sean michael angold, lila scott alligood and morrison lampley remains in jail as abc p news first told you, now accused of murdering audrey carey last weekend before taking the life of 67-year-old steve carter two days later. here is how the crime spree spanning two states played out according to new details san francisco police say the trio of drifters stole a gun from a car parked at fisherman's wharf. that gun was reported missing last thursday october 1st. on saturday, october 3, the body of audrey carey was found at golden gate park. two days later on october 5, a
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hiker found the body of 67-year-old steve carter in marin county. police tracked carter's stolen car to portland, oregon and that's where they arrested angold, alligood and lampley this past wednesday. >> and investigators say they have had a difficult time finding out more about the drifters, one reason because the suspects appeared to be deliberately living off the grid. here is abc 7 news reporter melanie wood row with more. >> these three i believe have chosen to stay off the radar. >> reporter: the identity of the trio was released by tipsters who contacted law enforcement with pictures and surveillance video. >> the tips that we've been receiving have been incredible. >> reporter: leading investigators to commit them to the deaths of steve carter and audrey carry. none of the suspects had a driver's license or state i.d. card. >> so we're having to take a lot
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of extra steps to confirm who thieves people have been and their activities leading up to this point. >> reporter: according to her facebook page, lila alligood went to high school in hawaii. a school official we spoke with says according to their error z, she was born in santa barbara county and attended school as in hawaii and most recently san diego. by phone, a relative told abc 7 news lila had problems growing up, including with drugs. also that she fell into the wrong crowd and left home at 18. the relative said lila's mother is heartbroken. 23-year-old suspect morrison haze lampley previously faced stolen vehicle and stolen dog charge. even less is known about sean michael angold. a puzzle that the lieutenant says is not quite complete. investigatiors are exploring th possibility of more crimes. >> of course our imagination doesn't stop there. we need to depend recreate all the events from the time these three have known each other up until the time that they were
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arrested. >> reporter: in marin county, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. stay with us for continuing coverage of the murders of steve carter and audrey carey. get update as they happen with push alerts from our app. go to three months ago, kate steinle's killer also found a gun inside a car in san francisco. authorities say he shot and killed the 32-year-old at pier 14. the gun belonged to a federal agent and was taken from the agent's car. yesterday police warned people not to leave their firearms inside their vehicles. >> san francisco has a burglary problem. if you don't log your car, someone will be in your vehicle. and even more importantly, if you have a firearm, leave it at home. we have to do our due gill against so they don't he said up in the wrong hands. and that goes out to everyone. law enforcement included.
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>> last month new legislation was introduced to stop officers from leaving guns in their cars unattended. spencer stone who helped stop a gun man on a train in you're of that quickly recovering after being stabbed in sacramento. stone and several friends got into a fight with two men outside a bar early thursday. stone was stabbed three times. police are searching for attackers. yesterday doctors up tragraded stone's consider to fair. he's out of bed, moving around and in good spirits. our time is 5:09. and weather-wise, fleet week in full swing. how will it be for all those sailors out there? >> it should be pretty nice. in fact we'll bring a little bit of cooling in and you're waking up to some really dense fog and that usually is associated with a stronger onshore push. so the golden gate bridge, nobody there, 59 degrees. we have dhave fog everywhere fre down the peninsula and up authorinorth. we'll talk about any airport delays and the rest of the weekend in a few minutes.
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happening today, the burial of the oakland artist shot and killed while working on a mural. antonio ramos was painting this mural on west street last month. he exchanged a few words with a passerp
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passerby who then shot him. this is the person of interest wanted in connection with ramos' murder. the funeral is on telegraph avenue at 1:00 this afternoon. we have new details about the man accused of abducting and killing cats in san jose. the father of the 24-year-old suspect robert farmer is a retired san jose police officer and his mother is a teacher. police arrested farmer in a home depot parking lot thursday morning. they found a dead cat in his car. investigators believe he could be connected to the deaths of other cats. fleet week activities continue today in san francisco. you can expect aerial acrobats with the blue angels but with the good comes the bad such as huge crowds and gridlock. alan wong as the story. >> reporter: fleet week got under way with the blue angels flying wing tip to wing tip over san francisco bay. earlier the parade of ships sailed under the gold en gate
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bridge to prepare for a weekend of free tours. >> i see this as a celebration of what we've achieved over the many years. >> so open and friendly, they want to come up and talk to you, take photos. it's great. >> reporter: fleet week is expected to attract more than a million people, combined that with president obama's visit to san francisco and you have a recipe for gridlock. safety is also a huge concern. drones will be strictly prohibited from flying within a 5 mile radius of the air show. >> it's extremely dangerous. they can get caught in an engine. >> reporter: and while you're taking that hash tag selfie and posting it to twitter, remember that large crowds can attract people looking to commit crimes of opportunity. so police are asking everyone to look out for something suspicious. >> if you see something, say
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something. ♪ >> it makes me sing. >> police are hoping for a fun and safe weekend, so strike up the band and get ready for fleet week 2015. appl alan wong, abc 7. so many of you in our abc 7 now community are sharing your photos with us. from selfies with sailors to ships and the blue angels, we'd love to see more. just use the #abc 7 now. and you can watch a live stream of all the blue angels events today and tomorrow. coverage starts at 3:00 this afternoon on and you'll find a complete list of fleet week activities online. twitter is planning company-wide layoffs starting monday. that's according to technology news outlet. layoffs come a week after the twitter co-founder jack dorsey was named ceo. twitter had 4200 workers at the end of june, more than double
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the 2,000 they had in 2013. twitter officials say they will not comment on rumors. crews in southern california hope they get another chance to help a whale entangled in some sort of line. the adult whale was spotted off dana point yesterday. it appears some sort of wire is tightly wrapped around the whale's body. rescue crews tried several times to cut the line, but the whale eventually swam away. this was the third time the whale was spotted, but the first time crews got close enough to attempt a rescue. the white house has gone pink to recognize breast cancer awareness month. to, made the occasion, the white house tweeted one in eight women in america develop breast cancer, we lit the white house pink in their honor. breast cancer is the second leading cancer death for women in the u.s. after lung cancer. but when breast cancer is caught early and treated, survival rates can be near 100%. happening today in alameda
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county, the first ever fan fest 2015. there is not only 5 k events going on, but also activities throughout the day such as line dancing and skateboard competitions. more than 60 booths will be set up along with health screenings as great food, live music plus stormer the oakland as mascot and it all equal as big day of family fun. fan fest 2015 gets under way at 10:00 this morning. and lisa, we of course hope that the fog will lift by then. >> yeah, it will be close. shortly thereafter if it doesn't. because it's pretty dense out there. although the deck is shallow. so we're looking at visibility restrictions all around the bay. sun up at 7:30 and the sun angle a little lower this time of year, so it will take some time to evaporate the fog. in fact we will add in high clouds to the mix. so we will look for not only a few more clouds, but the relative humidity is coming up today and that will add to a
5:18 am
different element kind of sticky up there in spots. so take a look. we haven't looked at this in a while with visibility restricted anywhere from a quarter of a mile in napa and from oakland, half mile. hayward, san carlos, morgan hill will 2 1/2 miles on the coast. and up to about half mile in santa row a. so certainly some issues there. we'll have high and mid level clouds. san jose you're in the upper 50s with 59 san francisco. should have some airport delays in a little bit with half moon bay in the upper 50s. it is a pretty gray and soupy start out there with low 60s in napa, 65 delta, upper 50s concord and livermore. so we are looking at elevated surf for one and also with the humidity out there, temperatures will feel still warm even though they won't be quite as high as
5:19 am
they were the other day. but we are looking for a warming trend just by a few degrees to come up tomorrow and then it looks hot monday into tuesday before cooler weather heads our way the middle of the week. so i talked about the beach hazard statement where the long period swell will be elevated making for very dangerous conditions from sonoma down to monterey. and this will continue into sunday. so with the nice weather, people block to the beaches. we're looking at clouds and elevating the surf all up and down the coast. so that's the one element that will cloud us up today. but then the onshore flow increases. and we'll look for temperatures slightly cooler today, but that of course offset by the dew points that are climbing. so fleet week activities with the mix of sun and clouds about 70 today a downtown, 74 tomorrow and then by monday, notice full sunshine and we're looking at those temperatures soaring once again. so highs in the south beta ranging from the upper 70s
5:20 am
closer to mill peas today. 79 in mountain view, 68 in the sunset. and that fog will be a close call, with us at the coast today, we'll call it partly cloudy in san francisco. 76 in is an lee an droes. you head inland, we're looking at low 80s in pleasanton, 48 pi 7 8 pittsburgh oig. warm days monday, tuesday and then 90s inland wednesday. cooler thursday and friday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7 hd anytime with the weather app. and more information at so saw it yesterday. wasn't even in the city and saw
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the blue angels. >> always a fun time. coming up next, a hike through the woods ends in a terrifying plunge into the water. we'll show you what happened next. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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is no match for that. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly. so why choose anything other than lysol? thumper claims that the new median price for a one rebedroo fran is now up $90 in just a month. the median price for a two bedroom rental is $5,000. the most expensive neighborhood
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is the financial district. san francisco is the most expensive city in the country to rent a home. appliances are getting more and more so phisticated but can also be harder to repair. a san francisco family had a frustrating experience. michael finney has their story. >> reporter: john's washer is it more than wash. it senses things. >> right now it's sensing the load. >> reporter: it did a good job of both computing and scrubbing at least for a while. >> about six months. it started leaking. >> reporter: john noticed water flowing from beneath the washer. and lg technician cooperauldn't the problem and it leaked again. >> we had a rug in front of it and we noticed it was all wet. >> reporter: another technician cleaned this little valve and the leak stopped. but not the for long. >> it was an intermittent r
5:25 am
problem. >> reporter: lg said use less soap but it still leaked. the manufacturer's warranty was about to expire, so john bought an extended service plan. sure enough, the leak started up again. john had enough. >> i think this is a lemon and i think you should replace it. >> reporter: the extended warranty promises to replace the machine after four repairs for the same problem. however, it doesn't include repairs done during the manufacturer's warranty period. so all those previous leaks didn't count. >> i said how is that possible? >> reporter: john contacted 7 on your side. we told lg what happened. it sent out a new technician with a new solution. >> he replaced the same little valve but told me it was redesigned. >> reporter: lg acknowledges it did modify the valve saying lg is constantly changing our product design to make customers' experience better and
5:26 am
we're proud of our products. so far water is staying inside john's washer. >> until that happens again, i will continue washing my clothes. >> reporter: in spite of the redesign, lg says the main cause of leaks is using too much deter xwept. the company says use only the amount listed in the owner's manual. i'm michael finley, 7 on your side. four french hikers got more than they bargained for when a suspension bridge collapsed in new zealand. as this dramatic video shows, the hiking party was sent plunging 28 feet into the river below when a cable gave way. no one was seriously injured. the fall is being blamed on a manufacturing defect. it happened back on september 3, but the video was just released. the bridge spans 215 feet and it's supposed to be safe for up to 10 people at a time. our next story is for anyone who has outgrown their selfie stick. there is a product made by dji. a company known for its line of
5:27 am
drones called the osmos. users can choose selfies on the go and not he said up with jittery video. but it sells for $650. and at that price, you better love those selfies. might soon see some fluttering in the sky. monarch butterflies have gun their fall migration into northern california. they have reappeared at one of their favorite spots and they add color to tree canopies in is an dree leandro and santa cruz. much more ahead on the abc 7 news saturday morning news. pondering his next move. will joe biden make a run for the white house? also, how a service dog who belonged to one of the victims of last week's campus shooting in oregon is
5:28 am
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half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks so much for waking up withis. let's start with a quick look at the weather. hi, lisa. >> hi, everyone. we do have a good deal of fog out there reducing visibility from the north bay up toward napa p napa. quarter mile there. 2 1/2 miles half moon bay. more clouds and fog certainly an issue on the coast today. but we'll get clearing throughout san francisco. a few high clouds, as well. increasing humidity, low 60s right now from vallejo, napa, oakland. 59 in san jose. and we will look for partly to mostly sunny skies today. the high clouds will be exchanged for the low clouds and low clouds hanging out at the coast, mid-60s to near 70 there
5:31 am
with 70s around the bay to near 80 in san jose. mid-80s inland. and even getting a little bit warmer for the second half of your weekend. we'll talk about even hotter weather next week. this morning in washington, d.c., there is still no idea who will be speaker of the house. this after republican house majority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield pulled out of the race. now a new name has emerged. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: house republicans are trying to convince a reluctant paul ryan to run for house speaker. >> paul is looking at it, but it's his decision. >> reporter: the former vice presidential candidate has repeatedly turned down the job. >> i don't have anything to add right now. >> reporter: but some republicans say it's part of his appeal. >> he is more humble than most members of congress. >> reporter: the house majority leader kevin mckcarthy says the
5:32 am
party need as fresh face. and many believe ryan is the person who can do it. >> if paul decided to run, he would be expected probably unanimously. >> reporter: a source close to ryan says the congressman is discussing the possibility of pursuing the job with his family and another candidate congressman daniel webster of florida says he's ready to fill john boehner's shoes. >> i'm not running defense anybody. i'm not running against a personality or a name. >> reporter: also jason chaffetz is in the race. he says he would paback ryan ife runs. >> i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. i would hope he would do it. >> reporter: and gop presidential candidates capitalizing on the political turmoil on capitol hill. >> i have urged every republican in the house that the necessary speaker of the house should be a
5:33 am
strong conservativconservative. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news about. and the big question, will the white house? shear a here is cecilia veg ga. >> reporter: behind the security barrier and inside his delaware home weighing the political decision of a lifetime. sources tells abc news biden believes he has about one week to make up his mind. this week biden joking about his political future. >> if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> reporter: but behind the scenes, sources say his ehire adrianzas had a very serious meeting with democratic party leaders to discuss critical rules and fast approaching ballot deadlines. what it would take to launch a campaign. >> things can change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: and now the
5:34 am
emotional ad about the 1972 car crash that killed biden's first wife and their daughter paid for by a group supporters urging him to run. it was supposed to air next week. but that has changed. former obama adviser david axelrod called it tasteless and biden himself didn't want the ad to run. and we're hearing joe biden will likely push this decision past the big debate on tuesday. cecilia vega, abc new, new york. michelle obama will be in connecticut to christen a submarine named after her home state. she will smash the bottle of champagne againstillinois. can carry out a range of mission wills including anti-sub warfare, delivery of special services. a teen sharing his
5:35 am
experience for the first time. 18-year-old matthew downing released a written statement saying chris harper mercer reloaded his two guns during the incident and fire order people who were lying in the room including a woman who had picked up a desk to defend herself. harper mercer killed 9 before shooting himself. one of the victims sarena moore was shot in a wheelchair. her dog bullet lay by her side as she died. bullet is now back with serena's fiance, and the two friends are trying to help each other cope. >> he goes to the door and lay down you because he used to go in the room and sleep with her. >> three of the victims all 18 are being buried today. quinn cooper, rebecka carnes and lucas will have their funerals this oregon. in flagstaff, hundreds turned out for a vigil for the four victims of yesterday's early morning shooting at northern arizona university. one person was killed and three
5:36 am
wounded, all members of the delta chi fraternity. the suspect is a fraternity pledge at northern arizona university. police believe steven jones opened fire after a fight with members of another fraternity. jones claims he was trying too get away from a group of people. >> we have of course shocked and deeply saddened by the circumstances that bring us together this morning. our thoughts are with the victims and their families and our entire lumber jack family. >> jones remains in jail on $2 million bail.entire lumber jack. >> jones remains in jail on $2 million bail. an 18-year-old fresh thman dead after another shooting this morning, this one at texas southern university in houston. one other person was wounded but is expected to survive. police say they have detained two people for questioning. tsu's president says it all
5:37 am
happened during an argument. 5:36 is our time. a student has been arrested after police say he threatened to shoot up the school. a satistaff member contacted po with poinformation about a thre. police tracked down the suspect, a 15-year-old. they found documents at his home suggesting he was planning a scoot shooting. sky 7 hd was above campus yesterday showing a heavy police presence. investigators believe the threat may be related to bullying. happening today, a woman called the bike angel will be delivering brand new bicycles to victims of the valley fire. images like these spurred will her to action. she delivered about 2 dozen new bikes, but the demand tar drought numbered the supply. so today at noon, candy and other volunteers will bring 40 new bikes to the kids all donated by the livermore community. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news,
5:38 am
automating your drive. what carmakers are doing to make the next generation of smart cars safe from hackers. but first, here is a live look outside from our explore tore yum camera. heavy fog out there over the san francisco skyline. lisa will have the full accuweather forecast. abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month. today we recognize andre connell. they work to create leaders within local communities. he's help to go make a difference in the lives of lola tee know immigrant communities. we have more details on instagram.
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tomorrow morning pedestrians a and cyclists will take over several miles of streets. they will stretch from downtown east san jose linking several city parks from 10:00 to 3:00. you might notice signs like this streets that will be car free on sunday. they will have activities for people of all ages. there is a chance to see all super bowl trophies won by the raiders and 9ers. and there are the signs right
5:42 am
there. happening today, you can help celebrate 25 years of art and wine in san carlos. activities for kids and adults and a classic car show. the festival starts at 10:00 and is located on san carlos avenue. you can't make it today, no worries. the festival runs through tomorrow. hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> speaking of the peninsula, we'll go there right now where it is foggy. temperatures right at 60 degrees. a high today eight degrees cooler than yesterday. so we'll talk about the high clouds and warmer second half of your weekend when we come back p. also next, three time cy young award winner clayton kershaw is money in the regular season, but hasn't had the same success in the post. could he lead the dodgers to victory or would he get outpitched by the mets? th
5:43 am
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in sports the san jose sharks play their home opener at 7:30 p.m. in college football, only two bay area schools are in action today. at 6:00, san jose state travels to las vegas to play unlv. and at 7:00 p.m., the cal on the utes. and the national league takes central stage today with game two of both division series. last night the playoffs started off rough for the dodgers. here are the highlights. no bay area teams to root forks but you can always root
5:46 am
against the dodger, right is this kershaw's postseason struggles continued with the mets. he struck out 11, but one big mistake and here it is in the fourth, daniel murphy gets all of this. solo home, 1-0 mets. degrom was throwing smoke. karl crawford, cory seager, you'll all get nothing and like it. he was pulled in the 7th. mistake. david wright makes him pay. knocks in a pair. mets take the opener 3-1. game one cubs and cardinals, chicago's jon lester former ace struck out nine, but gave up three including this bomb from tommy fam's his post postseason at bat. and two batters later, his first career postseason bomb bomb cards take the series opener 4-0. game two rangers and blue jays,
5:47 am
bottom of 13. josh donaldson admiring a foul ball he thought was going to be the game winner. he broke the unwritten rule by gazing. the benches clear, but no punches thrown. he strikes out a chasing donaldson. top 14, a two out single to center. the throw, play at the plate, and he slides inside ways and safely. 6-4 texas. rangers take a commanding 2-0 series lead. orioles and astros, it 5 d-4. thatknotted at a game a piece. cal and utah are the only two unbeaten teams left in the pac-12 and they meet tonight in salt lake city. can they carve up the rugged utes defense? they're ranked fifth in the
5:48 am
country. this is new territory for the bears. they went 1-11 two years ago and thousand now in the spotlight. >> just the buzz around the program is really exciting. we haven't been ranked in a while, haven't been 5-0 in a while. so this team very confident just very excited to just go out there and see what we can do. and there is no secret to success. it's just hard work and coach does a great job of preaching like nothing will change. so what this is on game day. we still have work hard and that's the only way he can be successful on saturday. >> and we got college football here on abc 7 this afternoon. 5:00 kickoff between miami and florida state. hope to see you afterwards for after the game. have a great weekend, everybody. a new california law will prevent communities from banning the artificial turf. several communities have banned
5:49 am
fake grass believing it to be low quality. californians have responded well to the drought meeting the governor's 25% water use reduction for three straight months. we're starting to see more of those fake grass lawns pop up. almost like it's too fake. because you can tell it's not real. >> what about the ones that they say. >> i've seen that, too. i think that's a little better. >> well, some alternatives for you as we continue with some dry weather the next seven days. in fact the temperatures into next week will be getting hot again. but let's start with right now live doppler 7 ht, low clouds and fog are situated not only at the coast, but they have invade parts of the bay allowing for visibility to be reduced not only in the north bay, but the worst is over towards oakland at a quarter mile visibility. half mile from half moon bay san carlos, mountain view and napa not so great at half mile. but we're fine inland.
5:50 am
this marine layer is compressed and that's why we're looking at the fog. but it will evaporate rate. not right away, but we will look be at a mixture of clouds and sun. 59 in san jose. a nice afternoon for you. 56 in morgan hill. a few extra clouds san francisco and oakland later on. 62 in oakland with your fog this morning. and check it out, you can hardly see, 57 in santa rosa. upper 50s in napa. 60 by the delta. and 58 in livermore. golden gate bridge, take your time here with some very dense fog along the coast. and it will be a cloudy day from half moon bay and point reyes just in the 60s for you. so cooler today by about two or four degrees, but the dew points coming up. so it will be sticky on the peninsula and all around the bay. we'll see a warming trend beginning tomorrow just by a few degrees.
5:51 am
clouds clearing out. and some very hot weather as high pressure builds back in for monday and tuesday, but then more change heading our way by wednesday. elevated surf is an issue take and tomorrow all along the coast. so from sonoma county all way up to to monterey, those long period swells are back and the possibility of rip currents. so very dangerous conditions here. they get above 7-feet right on through the afternoon today. with high pressure in control deflecting this weather system to the north, this is the remnants of what was tropical storm and hurricane, now nora is in the pacific, that makes 16 for the pacific season. very, very active. and with this system, the swell increases, the high clouds and that will make for slight lie cooler afternoon. but the humidity, as well. so we'll get rid of all that for the second half of your weekend.
5:52 am
boy, is this a hot southern california. 96 along the coast. fog to help you out this monterey, but santa barbara, santa maria, very warm conditions into san diego. 88 today. so we'll look for some sun, mix of high clouds. san francisco 70 fog at our coast, warmer tomorrow, 77 on monday. and then san jose, i talked .warm-up in the days ahead. you'll be reaching 90 by tuesday. average highs about 78. and today, you'll be in and around 80. 78 in free month, palo alto. and low 70s to mid-70s in oakland and around the area. emeryville, 80 inland. '90s sun aday and monday. tuesday, quite warm. by wednesday, we could be getting an area of low pressure bringing extra clouds that cool us off. >> warm temperatures don't want to go away. >> that's october for you. all right. so the line between car and computer getting blurrier by the
5:53 am
day. but the new frontiers can also pose new challenges. jonathan bloom attended a forum in mountain view hand takes the story. >> reporter: it's not a plug-in or hybrid. >> the most abundant thing that we have is hiydrogehydrogen. the only esmigs water. emission is water. >> reporter: it's part of silicon valley reinvents the wheel. >> they have become connected devices like your smartphone. >> reporter: and connecting to your smartphone whether it's an iphone -- >> all of the applications. >> reporter: -- or android. >> so buyers don't have to get into that situation. >> reporter: self driving cars now a museum piece with technology showing up in advanced cruise control. >> it accounts for cut-ins, it will stop all the way t whe way
5:54 am
speed. >> super computers. >> reporter: much like a self driving car. >> we can get 80 respect about of the benefits with the technologies that we have today. >> reporter: but with so many reasons to automate cars centered around safety, one question being asked more you are gntsly. how do you keep the bad guys from connecting to your connected car. >> anytime you hook up anything to a network, you send signals over the air. it's open for someone to get into. >> reporter: this security author says the recent were just demonstratio demonstrations, but a wake-up call. >> taking over entirely a car's controls and using it as a weapon. obviously that's the kind of thing that people lose sleep over. >> reporter: securing data is new for automakers, but he says automakers may not be leading the charge. it's could google, apple, uber,. three out of four aren't really car makes.
5:55 am
jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. up next, honoring john lennon. where you can see the special exhibition featuring art work by the beatles legend.
5:56 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night. 8, 9, 21, 63, 75, mega number 14. nobody picked all six. so tuesday night's jackpot grows to $75 million. now a-to-a big miami stomil. john lennon would have been 75. and there are 60 works of art being displayed from lennon. he illustrated three best selling books and attended the prestigious liverpool art institute. the art exchange gallery is open from 10:00 to 6:00. next on the saturday morning news, president obama is waking
5:58 am
up in a san francisco hotel. what he'll be doing this morning on his latest bay area visit. plus fleet week isn't all fun. the gridlock problems the blue angels and thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better
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it's saturday, october 10. thanks for joining us s. some parts of the bay area are off to a foggy start. lisa, i certainly noticed it as i drove up the peninsula this morning. >> definitely. it's reducing advise avisibilit. a quarter mile from napa. look at that quarter mile around half moon bay. san carlos airport very foggy all the way up and down the peninsula through mountain view, san jose.


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