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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 10, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, turkey terror attack. protesters for peace targeted by bombs. around 100 killed. even more wounded. who is behind it? flood emergency. a fresh punch for waterlogged south carolina. the new storm hitting right now as more people evacuate and the floodwaters rise. the heartbroken homeowners, everything they own under water. >> you can really see the power of all of this water, and that is why people here are so worried. >> how will they cope with this new storm? rob has your forecast. breaking overnight, the shark attack. a surfer in critical condition. >> shark attack, ems should be on scene also. >> good samaritans rushing in to help.
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>> we were afraid we were going to lose him. >> how they used his surfboard to save his life. and survival story. two little boys lost in the woods for almost a day. a camping trip taking a terrifying turn. >> i just had like this feeling that god was with them the whole time. >> how they were finally found, plus the brave 7-year-old speaking out this morning. good morning, everyone. we are live on the west coast. on a weekend when we are following breaking news in turkey, they are dealing with what is being called the deadliest terror attack in that country's history. twin explosions outside a busy train station targeting a peace rally. right in the center of the capital. upwards of 80 people killed. well over 100 wounded and those numbers continue to rise.
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abc's jennifer eccleston is in london with more on this latest act of terrorism. hello, jennifer. >> reporter: hello, paula. it was meant to be a peace rally against violence between kurdish rebels and security forces and it turned into a massacre. 86 people are now confirmed dead and over 186 wounded. 28 in critical condition after twin bombings just seconds apart in turkey's capital of ankara. 62 people died at the scene while 24 others died after being taken to the hospital. there are scenes of absolute devastation and chaos as you can imagine, bodies are strewn across the roads near the city's maintain station. turkey's leaders are calling it an act of terror, although no one has claimed responsibility. authorities in turkey have been on high alert since agreeing to take part in the u.s. air campaign against isis in syria. paula. >> tragically those numbers continue to rise. i know we'll keep an eye on this
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throughout the day. we want to move to the unwanted development for waterlogged south carolina. it is just what they do not need, another bout of rain hitting the state this morning with 19 dead, thousands without power and rivers jumping their banks, how will they deal with this latest punch. rob will have the forecast in just a moment but first let's get it straight out to abc's phillip mena who is in georgetown county for us, hi, phillip. >> reporter: paula, good morning. to give you an idea of just how high the black river has risen, take a look at that house behind me. that is a two-story home built on stilts, and there are dozens more around here nearly submerged in floodwater. this morning more rain heading to slam south carolina. dangerous and widespread flooding devastating residents. so many, like burt jordan, wondering when this will all be over. >> say, well, maybe this is it. there's no way it'll get this high but it kept coming. it kept coming.
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>> reporter: as we head to jordan's sister's house to help her retrieve what she could find. so, we're coming back here to get some of your things. >> the only thing left in there is some of my baby pictures. most of it we moved upstairs before i left because i wanted -- that was important to me. >> reporter: at least 19 people killed from the catastrophic floods. authorities still rescuing people from homes isolated by floodwaters as tens of thousands are left without power and drinking water. >> they are taking across food and medical supplies to the residents that are stranded on the other side. there's about 200 residents plus. >> reporter: washed out roads and hundreds of houses submerged under as much as 20 feet of water. residents urged to evacuate as rising floodwaters begin to flow into already swollen rivers. state and local officials warn of more flooding headed to the area of eastern south carolina. >> don't underestimate the power of water. that's headed this way.
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we're under a 72-hour window where we need to be extremely careful. >> reporter: residents of the eastern coastal county say this flooding is historic. >> i've been staying here since all my life since about 1966 and had never seen nothing like this before. >> reporter: with thousands of residents already displaced, more rainfall is on its way leaving many to wonder whether they'll make it. >> i'll say we didn't think it was going to get this bad. nobody did. >> reporter: the university of south carolina was scheduled to host one of its biggest football games of the year today against lsu, but because of the flooding, that game will now be held in baton rouge with all of the proceeds going to help the victims of the flooding here in south carolina. dan. >> a lot of people in need, a real mess. phillip, thank you. and with more rain on the way, let's get the forecast now with rob. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. certainly not something they need here and this could be heavy at times today. we've got several advisories -- all you see in red, those are
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the rivers that are either still rising or in flood stage and this additional rainfall will slow that to say the least. flash flood watch out for 1 or 2 more inches of rainfall. this wave developing along the front that came through the northeast last night. and that will increase the rainfall. thank goodness there is not a tropical connection. and it will be drier tomorrow but in the next 24 hours, it looks like we could see 1 to 2, maybe more inches of rain, maybe more, especially columbia and south to charleston. more about the national forecast in a bit. paula, back to you. >> thanks, rob. now to the ominous scene breaking overnight in north korea. the government there putting on a show of military might. we're talking missiles, tanks, rocket launchers and thousands of soldiers, and the leader himself, kim jong-un, threatening that north korea is ready to stand up to america. abc's bob woodruff is right there and joins us with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. yeah, some very big news this morning, actually this has been a big event, a celebration of actually the 70th anniversary for the workers party but the thing was that the president, the supreme leader, kim jong-un
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stood up up here on the balcony and made some comments and said their priority in their country is actually to strengthen the power of their military so they can deal with any possible wars in the future, especially with the united states. that was a very big point that he wanted to make while these troops were walking and goose stepping up and down the trees followed by the tanks and missiles and of course experts from if they will be more powerful, able to travel further, closer to the united states as they have in the past. this is a question being looked at. this was a very impressive event and as usual, the people were just shaking the ground with the weight of their boots. dan. >> bob woodruff right there on the ground in north korea. bob, thank you. we switch gears now to that shark attack in hawaii. the beautiful blue waters there running red as a surfer was attacked. people on the beach teaming up to save his life. we'd like to remind you that
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shark attacks are rare but this one was horrific, and abc's kendis gibson is here now with the latest. kendis, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, it was horrific. this morning people on high alert at a popular surf spot in oahu. shark sighting signs are posted all along the beach this morning. local officials warning people to stay out of the water following a vicious shark attack on a surfer. overnight a surfer fighting for his life after being savagely bitten by a shark at a popular hawaii beach. >> shark attack. ems should be on scene also. >> he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: his boss, john carper, seen here working to keep him awake as rescuers fought to keep him alive. >> we're three minutes out. >> i just wanted to keep him alive. that's all i was thinking about, just keeping him conscious. >> reporter: according to lifeguards, 25-year-old colin cook was surfing near oahu's north shore friday morning when a large shark latched on to his left leg severing it from the knee down.
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>> they say he's got his leg bit off. i thought big giant gash on it but then when we brought him to the beach, i mean, you know, it's gone. it's gone. >> reporter: officials say a paddleboarder came to the surfer's rescue helping him out of the water, a nearby kayaker towing the pair to shore where a group of good samaritans jumped into action using a surfboard leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. >> we definitely first off want to commend those people that were quick to action. they did the right thing. >> reporter: medics rush cook to the hospital in critical condition, but his cousin saying he was in good spirits before going into surgery. >> i got there, and i'm all, what's up. i heard you were fighting with a shark. and he started laughing and smiling. he was like, yeah, i got a couple good cracks on him. >> dan mentioned shark attacks are rare. this was the fifth one in hawaii this year. a woman was killed while snorkeling off maui this spring, the first fatal shark attack in years. by the way, cook apparently used his bare hands to fight off the shark. >> wow, wow, impressive. kendis, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, kendis.
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and we want to move now to political intrigue surrounding the search for a new speaker of the house. republicans are scrambling after their top candidate suddenly dropped out of the race. but a familiar name and face has emerged, but so far paul ryan has said he doesn't want the gig but now that prominent republicans are saying he's the only man for the job, could ryan be changing his mind? abc's devin dwyer with answers for us this morning from capitol hill. good morning, devin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. you know, the stakes in this drama could not be higher. in just a few weeks the government is set to max out its credit limit and run out of money. the speaker of the house at the center of it all, and republicans this morning are searching for a new one. >> and the house will be in order. >> reporter: it's one of the most powerful jobs in politics that nobody seems to want. >> do you want the job? >> no. >> does anybody? >> we'll find out. >> reporter: republicans plunged into chaos over the speaker of their house not once but twice in two weeks. first it was john boehner suddenly calling it quits then
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his heir apparent, kevin mccarthy, abruptly stepping aside. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> reporter: this morning a search for a speaker suitable to conservatives has become desperate. >> can't go on like this where one small group is allowed to hijack the entire house. >> reporter: but one man has emerged as a potential savior. >> i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. >> i think he would be an amazing speaker. >> i did everything except carry his gym bag this morning trying to get him to do it. >> reporter: ryan is the iron pumping cover boy and former vice presidential nominee. he insists he doesn't want the job, but pressure is building. his former running mate mitt romney wants him to get into the race for speaker. there's even a new twitter account tracking his decision. is paul ryan speaker yet? not quite. as he makes up his mind, he's only talking publicly about his hometown team, the green bay packers. >> packers are at home and they're going to beat the rams and they're going to cover the spread so -- >> where will you be watching the game? >> at home. >> reporter: ryan would be spending much less time at home
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in wisconsin if he did get in the race and become speaker. that's a top concern this morning he's talking over at home with his wife and three young children. paula and dan. >> devin, thank you. and there's another political cliffhanger this morning. this one involves the democrats and the race for president. it's "your voice, your vote," and joe biden is really running out of time to decide whether to throw his hat in the ring. the veep's top aides just held a major meeting with democratic party leaders, the latest clue that biden may actually be on the cusp of a historic leap here and abc's david wright is here with the latest. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. not since hamlet has so much drama hung on one man making up his mind so slowly. to run or not to run, that's the question the vice president is still pondering this weekend back home in wilmington, delaware, with his family. meanwhile, his aides are doing everything to keep his options open. the presidential race may be well into act 2 -- >> vice president joseph biden. >> reporter: -- but joe biden still can't decide whether he'll take the stage.
7:13 am
>> hello. >> reporter: for weeks now he's been openly speculating. >> people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. >> reporter: will he or won't he run? [ cheers and applause ] the fact that we're still asking the question threatens to overshadow the candidates who have already declared, especially front-runner hillary clinton. >> it absolutely impacts hillary clinton the most. >> reporter: abc news has learned this past week biden's aides met with officials from the democratic national committee. the purpose, to learn about upcoming filing deadlines to get his name on the ballots in different states. the first of those deadlines comes up in less than a month, alabama, november 6th. by that date he'd have to pay $2500 and submit 500 signatures in order to qualify for the democratic primary. helping candidates figure out all the requirements is part of the dnc's job. but is biden a candidate? even though he's not yet decided, the polls show him doing pretty well. >> when you look at the vice
7:14 am
president's ratings, he's the most popular potential candidate on both sides right now, more popular than hillary clinton and more popular than any other republican in this race in the general election. >> reporter: ideally he'd make up his mind by tuesday's democratic debate. if he doesn't, the stage might as well have one extra podium standing empty waiting for him. obviously this is a tough decision for biden especially given the year that he had. people are giving him some slack, but the process has a timetable, and he's got to make up his mind soon. >> deadlines are deadlines. leave it to david wright to class up the joint by bringing up shakespeare, to run or not to run. >> hamlet. >> i love it. >> and to do news -- >> i avoided something is rotten in the state of delaware, though. >> oh. actually you really didn't avoid it because you just said it. >> to do news or not to do news, i think ron has the answer. the answer is we will do news. good morning, everyone. we begin with those deadly school shootings. new details of that inside an arizona university.
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freshman steven jones shot dead a frat member thursday. the terrifying moments captured on newly released 911 calls. >> there's a guy outside shooting people. there's people on the ground. this one at texas southern university on friday. authorities there have arrested two people after one person was killed on that campus, this as president obama visited families and victims of the college massacre in oregon. jerry parr, the secret service agent who helped save former president ronald reagan from an assassination attempt has died. parr was just feet away from reagan when john hinckley jr. opened fire on the president outside of the washington hilton hotel back in 1981. parr grabbed the president and shoved him into a waiting limousine and then jumped on top of him. nancy reagan put out a statement overnight saying in part, "jerry parr was one of my true heroes. without jerry looking out for ronnie, i would have certainly lost my best friend." parr was 85 years of age.
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and walmart today is hosting what's being called america's biggest health fair. more than 4400 stores across the u.s. will take part from noon until 4:00 p.m. free blood glucose tests, blood pressure, vision screenings will be available. and finally, one flight attendant is on a quest to make the skies just a little bit friendlier. for more than a year now, taylor tippit, that's her name who works for american airlines has been leaving little empowering messages on little slips of paper for passengers to discover on their seats, messages such as remember your courage and be the reason someone feels loved. here's a little message just for you. >> just for me or for dan? >> no, just for paula. >> never look a mad dog in the eye. >> oh. that's some useful advice. >> that is. that is. >> is that advice specifically related to you? >> trust me. >> you are the original mad dog. >> paula, avert your eyes.
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>> i know. >> yet again another installment of words of wisdom from uncle ron. >> thank you, ronald. >> you can take it to the bank. >> as long as you don't run into a mad dog along the way to the bank. thank you again, ron. sara, by the way, also filled with words of wisdom at any given moment, she has an extraordinary survival story for us this morning that involves these two cute young boys. >> adorable. >> yeah, it actually all started as the dad was pitching a tent and preparing dinner when two boys wandered off and a night in the woods quickly turned into an entirely different adventure. overnight, a family reunited after a camping trip in kentucky took a terrifying turn. >> what was the best part of your adventure? >> sleeping. >> reporter: cousins, 5-year-old michael and 7-year-old adrian getting lost alone in the woods just before nightfall thursday. and sharing their story of eating sticks and huddling together to survive their 20 hours stranded in the wilderness.
7:18 am
>> a tree scratched you? >> yeah. >> reporter: the two wandering deep into kentucky's red river gorge, a densely wooded area dotted with steep cliffs popular with rock climbers. searchers battling the rough terrain and an incoming storm. >> i knew if it rained and then they were out in the rain and especially if they spent a second night wet and cold, that it just would not be good. >> and i saw the cliff edge. >> oh. did you stay away from the cliff edge? >> no, once we were just standing right on it but we -- >> i don't want to hear that. >> reporter: that fate avoided thanks to a vigilant forestry service agent who brought the two little outdoorsmen back safe and sound. >> i mean, they were in great spirits. they were just happy. >> reporter: and surprisingly, unfazed by their unexpected adventure. >> i knew they'd be fine. it wasn't that cold last night and they were together. you're always panicked but i just had like this feeling that god was with them the whole time. >> now, even though they were 5 and 7, they said
7:19 am
they weren't scared, weren't cold, snuggled up under a tree and they said they ate sticks because they smartly knew not to eat berries or mushrooms which i thought was really smart for a young kid. >> and they're grounded until age 32. >> no, that mother was way too calm. >> that's what kids do. they wander off, usually in a target or something, not in the woods. >> i wouldn't trust my boys alone in the woods for ten minutes. >> i'm surprised they said even though it wasn't cold, they said it was really dark, we couldn't see each other and they weren't scared too. >> amazing. the mother, did you notice the calling? >> did you hear the last clip? did you go to the cliff? and she goes, you didn't go close, did you? as we stood on the top of it -- she goes, i don't want to know that. >> no, no more. no more. >> take a peek. >> okay. we'll save the danger for weather, right? >> well, you know, we had storms coming through the northeast last night and brought some damaging winds to some spots. i have some video out of york, pennsylvania. heavy rain also and some clouds that were ominous. at one point we had a tornado warning to the west of philadelphia. that thankfully expired and no tornado touched down. we'll give you an idea just how
7:20 am
rough that weather was that rolled through the i-95 corridor. as a matter of fact, this picture, there you go, one world trade, boom. getting struck by an intense bolt of lightning there last night. those storms coming through the big apple right around the rush hour, 6:00, 7:00 last night. we want to turn our attention to the northwest where a storm is going to be coming through the pacific northwest. wind advisories are posted, red flag watches are posted for inland and as this storm comes on board, it will bring some heavy rain to the coast and to the cascades. they will take it, but it's going to be a wet one in austin stadium as the ducks take on washington state. it never rains in austin, right? down across the southwest, temperatures well above normal. 96 degrees in los angeles, 108 just outside of l.a. yesterday so another steamy one today and some of that heat goes all the way up into canada. temperatures, 20, 25 degrees above average.
7:21 am
>> after those storms roll through the northeast, the cool front bringing cool, crisp autumn air. great day for pumpkin picking. >> or football. >> football. oh, yeah. >> remember, don't look any of those mad dogs in the eye. >> don't look at a mad dog. >> don't take any wooden nickels either. >> eat sticks if you're lost in the forest. >> there we go. >> any sticks. >> all kinds of words of wisdom. >> a repository of wisdom this morning. coming up here on the show, caught on camera, look at this. a teenage girl jumping out of a moving car to escape a suspected kidnapper. why police think they are close to an arrest in this case. >> incredible. plus one of bill cosby's
7:22 am
co-stars on his hit sitcom speaking out about the comedian's sexual assault allegations. what malcolm-jamal warner says it will do to the show's legacy. and the controversial soda switch. why some diet pepsi loyalists have a bad taste in their mouths this morning. we'll tell you about that coming up on "gma" right here on a busy saturday morning. keep it here. "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. (door bell rings) trick or treat! hello, don't you look so cute! happy halloween! (door bell rings again) trick or treat! you two again. thank you! (bell rings... yet again) wow! (announcer) this halloween, whether you want a little fun or full-on festive, petsmart will help you celebrate your way - with costumes, toys & treats. ♪... you're my best friend. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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♪ how can we not talk about family when family's all we got ♪ ♪ everything i went through you were standing there by my side ♪ ♪ and now you gon' be with me for the last ride ♪ ♪ it's been a long day it's "fast and furious" for wiz khalifa's "see you again." it just became the first rap video to hit a billion views and it's featured in "furious 7's" touching, close iing tribute to paul walker. and the co-writer said he got the inspiration to write it from a friend who died in a car accident eerily similar to walker. surely a big contender for a grammy nod. really great song. coming up on the show this morning, stinging words from the actor who played bill cosby's son on "the cosby show." what malcolm-jamal warner is saying about the show's legacy now as cosby faces questions about yet another sexual assault claim. that's coming up.
7:31 am
but first here, the new developments in the hunt for a woman wanted for allegedly abducting a teenager. >> the quick-thinking teen's escape, it was all caught on camera right here when she managed to jump out of that moving car and tumble on to the road. abc's tai hernandez is on the story for us. good morning, tai. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it was an unusually chilly day so this young girl said yes to a ride, not realizing that moments later she would risk that serious injury to get to safety. just watch as this teenage girl jumps from a moving car to escape her abductor. tumbling, she hits the asphalt lucky to sustain only minor injuries and even luckier to be alive. according to police, the victim whose name is being withheld says she was walking to school monday morning when a woman offered her a ride. >> it appeared to be a good samaritan simply offering a ride to the student because it was cold out that morning. we don't have a motive yet.
7:32 am
>> reporter: but what seemingly began as a good deed turned into something out of a bad dream when the teenager says the hispanic woman in her 40s began assaulting her, and she made that split-second decision to jump. surveillance footage and members of the community helping investigators track down this toyota with a missing bumper and the suspect in question. >> it was information from the community cooperating with the police that led us to discover the exact pinpoint location of the vehicle. >> reporter: detectives have spoken with the female suspect who has hired an attorney. she has not been charged with any crimes at this time. >> i'm hoping that we will be able to serve an arrest warrant upon the suspect. >> the surveillance video that was key in helping police identify the car in this incident is thanks to something called the safe corridors program in bridgeport which has
7:33 am
set up cameras along the streets that surround schools, so sad it's considered necessary, but extremely in this case police say. >> you answered the question that was on my mind. how did they get that video? sad it is necessary, indeed. thanks for that report. appreciate it, tai. thank you. >> a reminder never to get in the car with a stranger. >> absolutely. >> ron is not a stranger nor are the news headlines. >> hi again, paula and dan. >> can be strange but not a stranger. >> yeah, thank you. >> he's just a mad dog. >> anyway, good morning, everyone. we begin with fresh new details in the bowe bergdahl desertion case -- army desertion case. the presiding army officer at his preliminary hearing last month appears to have decided that bergdahl should not face jail time or a punitive discharge for desertion. bergdahl allegedly walked away from his unit in afghanistan then was captured and held for five years by insurgents. and several norovirus outbreaks in schools in two states. 768 students at 17 schools in reno, nevada, have been sickened as 178 other students from an elementary school in greely, colorado, contracted the virus. and the new version of diet
7:34 am
pepsi appears to be leaving a, well, a bad taste in the mouths of some or many customers. the company replaced aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener, with yet another sweetener, and diet pepsi drinkers, many of them, at least, do not approve, some saying the new taste is terrible. sales have fallen by 6%. and finally take a look at these munching meerkats in the halloween spirit. the curious little guys from the indianapolis zoo seemingly loving the jack-o'-lantern climbing on top of it and eating it and looking inside. pumpkin is not normally part of a meerkat diet, our veterinarians on the set say, but they like it so much, the zookeepers have begun feeding it to them as a special treat and they're scarfing on it. >> that's so cute. >> is this a public health thing like if i put a -- >> dan. >> -- pumpkin out on my front lawn, will i -- >> it will attract meerkats on the front lawn of your high-rise.
7:35 am
>> they're meerkats, they're not mere rats. >> they're adorable. >> the new york version. >> the mere rats are in the subway. >> no, they will not carve your pumpkin for you if that's what you -- i know you're always looking for a way out. >> i'm always looking for the short way. >> yes. >> what you got? what's popping in the weather department? >> great day to take your meerkat for a walk or pumpkin eating. >> sorry about that transition, rob. >> i got it. >> we apologize. >> here's a live picture of what's going on in new york city area, speaking of. beautiful shot after that lightning hit that beautiful building. last night we are in the clear here, temperatures in the lower 50s. we'll get up into the lower 60s. it will be breezy at times and that will be the case for much of the northeast as cooler air drops in. cool the next few days but we're looking at a bit of a warm-up as high pressure kind of brings in that southerly flow. so from the 60s and 50s we'll get into the 70s. should be pretty decent over the next three days. in contrast we're looking at kind of a roller-coaster ride of temperatures across the northern tier. temperatures right now, 20 to 25 degrees above average. 86 in billings, montana, 87 today expected in rapid city and we'll go from the 80s to the 50s
7:36 am
in minneapolis sunday to monday and then warming up again, so two seasons kind of struggling here. october can often be like that. meanwhile, watching carefully these rains developing across the flood zone of south carolina, flash flood watch up here as this wave dumps maybe 1 or 2 more inches of rain exacerbating the flooding situation there but drier weather looks to be in place as we go towards the rest of this week and warm across the midsection >> this weathercast brought to you by state farm. i want to point out that a nasa scientist said that el nino this year is too big to fail. meaning it's coming and certainly for the folks in southern california that are hoping for rain, 7% chance of a dry winter across southern
7:37 am
california so high chance of significant rainfall there. >> wow. >> they'll take it. >> yes, indeed. >> all right, rob, thank you. coming up up here on "gma," the actor malcolm-jamal warner is speaking out on how he thinks bill cosby's sexual assault allegations will affect the legacy of that famous show. >> and, sara, meanwhile, what's popping on periscope? >> well, if you're big fans of the show, you can always tune in on our periscopes which are hype the scenes. we've got some pretty crazy stuff. we have rob dancing. ron screaming violently that he's a happy man. dan avoiding every question. >> doing nothing. >> yes. >> but it's a good way to get to know us on things we can't do on tv but i have heard the bosses watch. >> i don't perform on cue. okay? >> i've seen you. >> do something funny, dan. >> yeah, be funny, man. be funny. >> i do perform on cue but -- >> you weren't supposed to follow me. >> no, paula, i was watching your performance. dan wasn't capturing this. >> finally. >> we will be right back. ally. >> we will be right back. been cool with everything. you were cool with my band. you were cool with that english accent phase. remember that?
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there it is, "the cosby show," it was a huge hit and also a cultural landmark when it went on the air 30 years ago. and now one of the stars of the show weighing in this morning on what bill cosby's rape allegations mean to the show's legacy as we get ready to hear the latest about a grilling that cosby was scheduled to get in a new sexual
7:42 am
assault claim, and abc's linsey davis who has been on the story from the very beginning has more. >> reporter: this morning, bill cosby's tv son is speaking out about the comedian's damaged reputation. >> the legacy can't help but be tarnished. >> reporter: malcolm-jamal warner say he's still in touch with the man who delivered countless heart-to-heart life lessons on "the cosby show." >> thanks, dad. >> go get 'em. >> reporter: warner says he fears the sexual assault allegations against cosby may undermine the legacy of one of the most popular african-american tv families. >> the negative stereotype of people of color, we've always had "the cosby show" to hold up against that, and the fact that we no longer have that, that's the thing that saddens me the most. >> reporter: on friday cosby was once again under oath facing tough questions in a deposition as a civil lawsuit filed against him in california moves forward. judith huth is accusing the comedian of giving her alcohol
7:43 am
before molesting her in 1974 when she was just 15. >> we would like the truth to come out, and we want justice and we want accountability. >> reporter: her attorney, gloria allred, represents 26 of the more than 50 women who have come forward accusing cosby of sexual assault, drugging or rape. cosby's lawyer calls the suit a meritless and unsupported 40-year-old claim. the comedian's attorneys have denied the women's allegations from the beginning and no charges have been filed against the 78-year-old former sitcom dad. >> and reality is the situation and i can't speak. >> reporter: a judge has ordered the video and transcript from cosby's deposition remain sealed until at least december. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all right. thanks, linsey. coming up on "good morning america," get ready to mark your
7:44 am
calendars, everyone. release dates for a whole bunch of long awaited sequels are coming at you in "pop news" by the one and only, the lovely -- >> you forgot her name. >> -- sara haines. no, i was going to say ron claiborne. >> you got to put my name on the prompter, people. >> no, i was going to say ron's name. "how to find your true calling." i hear it's better to do most of your planting in the fall. what are you? a plant whisperer? maybe. select annuals now 4 for $10 at lowe's.
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7:48 am
squaring off with her rival michele rodriguez before realizing they both have something in common. they then join forces to kick some -- well, we can't say that but you know what, but it was quite a performance. i love those videos that tell a story. >> about a girl fight or the ones that tell a story? >> like "thriller." things where you watch a whole story play out. you get popcorn. you get popcorn. >> what's the next pop in "pop news"? >> segue, dan harris. what a night it was for fans of "the walking dead." a packed madison square garden for a huge premiere and first look at the start of season 6. the event was so big its star had to attend a rehearsal to prepare and there was also a panel of 18 cast members who were overwhelmed by the reception. >> 18,000 seats and led zeppelin has played here. i think muhammad ali fought here so it's really a special venue. >> fan favorite norman reedus made his way to the stage in
7:49 am
style on his character's motorcycle. >> nice. >> what a moment. "the walking dead" returns to amc tomorrow night and i for one cannot wait to watch. i think that's the type of hit show that you should show up in costume. you know like when you go to "star wars" or -- they all dress up. imagine going to a fan thing where everyone is a zombie. >> my son asked to be a zombie. >> am i the only one excited right now? >> no, sara, we all agree. >> it's a great show. >> it is amazing. i think i'm a season behind. i got to like binge this weekend. >> i envy that. that would be fun. >> something to do on maternity leave. >> that's three months or six months -- oh, my gosh. oh, my word. six months, six months, people. >> one of the two. it's time to mark your calendars. our parent company disney has just announced a release date for the long awaited sequel to "the incredibles." i know people get booked out early, so we're going to give you a lot of time. clear your schedule for june 21st, 2019. >> what? >> for the -- yep. >> i'm busy that day. >> fair warning. of course, you are, ron, for the return of mr. incredible, elastigirl and their superhero kids. now we got a couple more
7:50 am
announcements. disney also announced "cars 3" will be coming to theaters in summer 2017. "toy story 4" has moved to june 2018, and it looks like paul ruud needs to get back to the gym because the marvel sequel "antman and the wasp" is due july 6th, 2018. don't tell us we don't warn you in advance. >> i got a tee time that day. >> ron, you are the one person with the busiest social life ever, ever. >> that much is true. >> and john goodman is wowing fans with his dramatic new look. the actor showing off a newly svelte trimmed down figure at the london premiere. >> oh, wow. i don't even recognize him. >> yep. he's spoken out about his struggles with weight over the years, one time revealing he topped the scales at 400 lbs but his new regime definitely seems to be paying off and goodman's rep telling us that it's all thanks to diet and exercise. good for him. >> yeah, he looks like a different person. >> and he is a huge talent. we want him around for a long time so great that he's working on his health. >> yeah. >> i love him in so many things, especially "the big lebowski." >> "the big lebowski."
7:51 am
oh, yeah. >> absolutely. >> right there. >> i could watch that movie a thousand times. anyway, enough about me. we'll be right back with more "gma." >> "raising arizona." that's another great one. >> one to watch on maternity leave. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of tylenol for what matters most. >> yeah. okay, so we were talking earlier -- >> sara has something to say. >> sorry. i have the floor, people. remember the meerkat that was eating the pumpkin, which we loved. we wanted to pull that up for a second because we also have the new york version of -- >> oh, no. >> -- a rat with a pizza pie. >> oh, no. >> a mere rat. >> yuck. >> eat it, eat it.
7:56 am
>> yeah. >> this is where you put money down on the right or left. >> tell us when we can look again if we don't like rats. >> entertainment till your train comes right there. >> well, i guess we'll leave you with that this morning. we'll see you tomorrow. you with that this morning.
7:57 am
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kgotv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. it's saturday, october 10th. good morning and joining us, i'm chris nguyen. we're off to a foggy start throughout much of the bay area. let's send it over to meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. we have a compressed marine layer due to that pressing down on the fats fear the fog is denls. it's a shallow layer and will be lifting after 9:00. visibility impacted from hayward, napa, santa rosa quarter mile visibility. it's getting better at sfo, but hour and 7 minu


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