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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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kgotv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. it's saturday, october 10th. good morning and joining us, i'm chris nguyen. we're off to a foggy start throughout much of the bay area. let's send it over to meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. we have a compressed marine layer due to that pressing down on the fats fear the fog is denls. it's a shallow layer and will be lifting after 9:00. visibility impacted from hayward, napa, santa rosa quarter mile visibility. it's getting better at sfo, but hour and 7 minute delay.
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nice and sunny in san jose. 61 in mountain view, 60 san francisco, a little milder with that blanket of overcast overhead. the peninsula temperatures for you with that on-shore flow and despite the higher dew points it's going to be cooler, mainly in the upper 70s from belmont, san carlos, we're talking 60s by the coast. details on a warmer second half of the weekend coming up. president obama is getting set to host a rare morning fundraiser in san francisco. the president landed at sfo late last night, drove to his hotel on mission street, then left immediately to a private fundraiser. this is the second day of the president's quick three-day trip to the west coast. happening right now, the war field on market street is opening its doors to a dnc fundraiser featuring the president and performer kanye west. melanie, how is the crowd this morning? >> reporter: they are dedicated and pumped up. this is the ticket that will get you in this morning a nice young man named matthew has let him
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told his for just a moment. necessary line here. we're talking about a full block here all the way from mason to sixth on market and even though all of the people you are seeing here in line have tickets, they all got their tickets ahead of time, most of them got here overnight because they wanted to ensure a good spot inside. we've seen a lot of college students here, their tickets were $100 the other general admission tickets were $250 and we have heard from some vip ticket hold erers, theirs are w into the thousands. san francisco police were also here this morning setting up barricades to the sidewalk along market street. we talked to some ticket holders about what brought them out here in morning. >> we were at a cal berkeley game and we all jumped on it. >> this is a historical moment. i was at the inauguration in 2008 and this is kind of the pinnacle for me. >> reporter: and most ticket
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holders told us they don't know much about the timeline of today's events other than this t. should be wrapped up at about 1:00 this afternoon. president obama is expected to take the stage at 10:50 a.m. and depart for san francisco from los angeles at 11:50. we're also expect to go see a group of naacp protesters sometime around 10:00 a.m. in a press release an organizer said this is the time to recognize african-americans in the community that have been left behind. we will look for those protesters and bring you much more from outside the war field in just about 30 minutes. live in san francisco, melanie wood row, abc 7 news. we will see you soon. now to the east bay where police are investigating after a vehicle hit and killed an elderly woman in fremont. she was walking near fremont boulevard and sundale drive at around 7:15 last night when she was hit. witnesses at the scene said it was a bus, but police would not confirm that information. however, the driver is
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cooperating with police as they conduct their investigation. pittsburg police are searching for a gunman who fired a shot into a car with a man and two children inside. it happened yesterday afternoon on diane avenue near california. a bullet hit the driver in the neck, he flagged down an officer on the street. the shooting was near the campus of martin luther king jr. jr. high school. the driver is expected to survive, the children were not hurt. yesterday afternoon a firefighter fell about 13 feet when a deck collapsed at a fire in east oakland. sky 7 hd was over the scene on east 21st street t took about an hour to put out the flames. the firefighter was treated and released from the hospital. four people were displaced from their homes. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. 8:04. two murders, a stolen car and a stolen gun. we are getting a better interest of the interstate crime spree that three drifting are accused
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of carrying out. ama daetz reports [ sean michael angold, lila scott alligood and morrison haze lampley remain in a portland oregon jail as abc 7 news first told you they are now accused of murdering audrey carey in san francisco before taking the life of steve kartder in marin county two days later. here is how is t. prayed out according to new details. san francisco place say the trio of drifters stole a gun from a car parked atohcçñ fisherman's of. on october 3rd the body of audrey carey was ground at golden gate park. two days later a hiker found the body of 67-year-old steve carter in marin county. police tracked carter's stolen car to portland, oregon, that's where they arrested, angold, alligood and lampley october 7th. >> those threes drifters made a bad impression i don't think the street people of hate street.
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the con skal were reported the three were known as tweakers for their meth habits and angry outbursts at liquor stores. authorities know little about the trio but believe the three were deliberately living off the grid. one of them had a driver's license or state id card. >> because of that we are having to take a lot of extra steps to confirm who these people have been and beyond that their activities and life leading up to this point. >> lila scott alligood ran away from home, relatives said she fell into drugs. morrison haze lampley once faced stolen vehicle and stolen dog charges, even less is known about sean michael angold, the try owe will be brought to the bay area to face murder charges. stick with abc 7 news and for continuing coverage of this case and you can get updates as they happen with push alerts from our abc 7 news app. just go to our website three months ago kate steinle's killer also found a gun inside a car in san
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francisco. authorities say he shot and killed the 32-year-old at pier 14, the gun belonged to a federal agent and was taken from the agent's car. yesterday police warned people not to leave their firearms inside their vehicles. >> san francisco has an auto burglary problem. if you don't lock your car someone is going to be in your vehicle and even more importantly if you have a firearm, leave it at home. we have to do our due diligence so they don't end up in the wrong hands and that goes out to everyone, law enforcement included. >> last month san francisco supervisors introduced new legislation to stop officers from leaving guns in their cars unattended. airman spencer stone who helped stop a gunman on a train in europe is recovering after being stabbed in sacramento. stone was stabbed three times. police are searching for the attackers. yesterday doctors upgraded stone's condition from serious to fair. they said he is out of bed, moving around and in good
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spirits. sfleet week festivities continue today in san francisco. you can expect aerial acrobats from the blue angels. huge grouds and gridlock. alan wong has the story for us. >> reporter: fleet week got underway with the blue angels flying wing tip to wing tip over san francisco bay. earlier the parade of ships sailed into the golden gate bridge and pulled up to the embarcadero to prepare for a weekend of pre tours. >> i see this as a celebration of what we've achieved over the many years. >> they were so open and friendly, we want to come up and talk to you and take photos. >> reporter: fleet week is expected to attract more than a million people this weekend, combine that with president obama's visit to san francisco and you have a recipe for gridlock. >> we're taking part. >> reporter: safety is also a huge concern drones will be strictly pro hiblted from flying
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within a five-mile radius of the air show. >> it's extremely dangerous. drones are very small, they can get caught in an engine. >> reporter: while you are taking that hashtag selfie with twitter. police are asking everyone to look out for anything suspicious. >> if they see something, say something. >> it goes into my ears and it makes -- and it makes me sing. >> reporter: police are hoping for a fun and safe weekend so strike up the band and get ready for fleet week 2015. in san francisco, alan wong, abc 7 news. so many of you in our abc 7 now community are sharing your fleet week photos with us from selfies with sailers to ships and the blue angels. we'd love to see more of your photos and videos from fleet week. use the #abc7now. you can watch a live stream of all the blue angels events today and tomorrow. coverage starts at 3:00 this afternoon on
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you will also find a complete list of fleet week activities online. turning to weather now and lisa, despite the fog we're hoping for pleasant conditions. >> it will be a new story by 3:00. the dense fog advisory will be lifted. check out the golden gate bridge. wow. visibility is very much reduced here but not only did he golden gate, pretty much everywhere except our inland valleys r we will talk about when this fog lifts our cooler than warmer weekend all in a few minutes. also ahead the workweek ends with the fear of pink slips at a social media giant. plus, a shark attack on how do you start the day brighter?
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happening today, the burial of the oakland artist shot and killed while he worked on a mural over a 580 overpass. antonio ramos was painting this mural last month, he exchanged with few words with passer by who shot him. oakland police are searching for a person of interest wanted in
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connection with the murder. the funeral is on telegraph avenue at 1:00 this afternoon. social media giant at which timer is planning companywide layoffs starting on monday. that's according to technology news outlet recode. the layoffs come one week after jack did dorsey was named ceo. twitter had 4200 workers at the end of june, that's more than double the employees the company had in 2013: twitter owe sfishls say they will not comment on rumors. now to the shark attack in hawaii. the waters running red after a sur officer was attacked. people on the beach were able to save his life. candace gibson has the latest. >> reporter: overnight a surfer fighting for his life after being savagely bitten by a shark at a popular hawaii beach. >> there was a shark attack. ems should be on scene also. >> he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: his boss seen here work to go keep him aback as
8:15 am
rescuers fought to keep him alive. >> i just wanted to keep him alive and keeping him conscious. >> reporter: according to lifeguards 25-year-old collin cook was surfing here oahu's north shore when a shark latched on to his left leg, serving it from the knee down. >> he got his leg bit off, i saw a big giant gash on t when we brought him to the beach, you know, it's gone. it's gone. >> reporter: officials say a paddle border him kaim to his rescue, helping him out of the water, the near buy kayaker towing them to shore where good samaritans jumped into action using a leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. >> we want to commend those people that were quick to action, they did the right thing. >> reporter: medics rush cook to the hospital in critical condition but his cousin saying he was in good spirits before going into surgery . >> i got there and i'm all what's up, i heard you were fighting with a shark. and he started laughing and smiling. he was all, yeah, i got a couple
8:16 am
good cracks on him. >> and that was candace gibson reporting. crews in southern california hope they get another chance to help a whale entangled in some sort of line. the adult fin whale was spotted off dana point yesterday afternoon. it appears some line or wire is tightly wrapped around the whale's body. rescue crews tried to cut the line but the whale eventually swam away. this was the third time the whale was spotted but first time crews got close enough to attempt a rescue. >> fan 15 in ashland and cherry land, a 5k. add great food, live music, plus the oakland a's mascot and it equals a big day of family fun. fan fest 2015 gets underway at 10:00 this morning. >> 8:16. as we bring in meteorologist
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lisa argen for a check of the weather. those flight delays at sfo continue to pile on. >> certainly. over an hour right now. later on in the afternoon plenty of 70s for the east bay, cast pro valley and peninsula so that will feel better. temperatures in some areas down as much as 10 degrees but we have other things that will add into an interesting picture over the weekend, namely mid and high level clouds and recommend a nants of what was a hurricane, that will influence our relative humidity, bring up the dew points. right now you're probably wondering how foggy it is out there with the dense fog advisory, visibility down to a half mile and quarter mile from half-moon bay to hayward. look at san jose, eighth of a mile. it's clear in our east bay valleys, but still lots of fog from napa to santa rosa. with the lower sun angle it will take sometime after 9:00 for the nothing fog to lift. showing you this system because this is what is going to ramp up our on-shore flow and school us off a little today. things reverse for tomorrow. a look from our tower camera
8:18 am
looks pretty enough up above the cloud deck, upper 50s from san jose, 61 mountain view, good morning, observing land, 62 for you and everyone socked in except if you are over east of the caldecott tunnel, mt. tam right now should be a cooler day here except if you are around cloverdale, still well into the 80s and clearlake, 60 bit delta, fog all the way out towards fairfield, a. 57 in concord as well as santa rosa. from santa cruz a cool 54 degrees but fog free for you and 78 later on for an afternoon high. so dense fog, the warming trend, our conditions will reverse tomorrow, that begins for the second half of your$kh weekend then no fog at all. we've got hot temperaturesh arriving for monday and tuesday as an area of high pressure expands. we will be looking at more 90s. also, though, a beach advisory with the elevated surf, southwesterly swells today and northwesterly swell tomorrow from sonoma county all the way
8:19 am
down to monterey bay with sets over 8 feet. very dangerous. keep your eye on this low, this is going to come into play by about wednesday. this is the 13th named storm of the season. it was hurricane oho now we have norah which is 14th and we are looking at the remnants in terms of the swell and high level clouds today and dew points coming up for a slightly cloudier afternoon. that low i showed you come wednesday morning we have some precip for southern california into wednesday night, we could see a few light sprinkles, maybe a shower and maybe even into thursday, but in terms of your fleet week forecast today, 70s, mix of clouds and sun, 74 for tomorrow and by monday it's another warm one downtown, upper 70s. 80 today in san jose, 78 palo alto as well as san rafael, 86 in livermore. that's a good 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. the accuweather seven-day forecast we're warming it up and bright thing it up and then mid
8:20 am
90s inland, 80s around the bay, clear and 70s at our coast. with that cool down maybe some extra cloud cover and a few sprinkles. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd anytime with the abc 7 weather app. it's free in app's app store or google play and more information at we're going from heat to maybe a few showers all in that seven-day period. >> we certainly need the rain. thank you. coming up next, a hike through the woods ends in a terrifying plunge into the water. we will show you what happened next. ♪shining, shimmering, splendid ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world
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appliances are getting more and more sophisticated these days. computer controlled features are great but can also be harder to repair a san francisco family had a frustrating experience. 7 on your side's michael finney has their story. >> reporter: john smith's lg washer does more than wash. it senses things. >> right now it's sensing the load. >> reporter: it did a good job of computing and scrubbing, at least for a while. >> about six months it started leaking. >> reporter: john noticed water flowing from beneath the washer. >> a little river about this much. >> reporter: an lg technician couldn't find the problem. after he left it leaked again.
8:24 am
>> we had a rug in front of it and we noticed it was all wet. >> reporter: another technician cleaned this little valve and the leak stopped, but not for long. >> it was an intermittent problem. >> reporter: lg said use less soap. still every few weeks, it leaked. >> it was upsetting to me because it's not a cheap machine, either. >> reporter: the manufacturers warranty was about to expire so john bought this extended service plan. sure enough, the leak started up again. john had enough. >> i think this is a lemon and i think you should replace it. >> reporter: the extended warranty promises to replace the machine after four repairs for the same problem. however, it doesn't include repairs done during the manufacturers warranty period. so all those previous leaks didn't count. >> i said how is that possible? >> reporter: john contacted 7 on your side, we told lg what happened, it sent out a new technician with a new solution. >> he replaced that same little valve, but told me it was
8:25 am
redesigned. >> reporter: lg acknowledges it did modify that valve, saying lg is constantly changing our product designs to make customers' experience better. we are proud of our innovative products year after year. so far, water is staying inside john's washer. >> until that happens again, you know, i will continue washing my clothes. >> reporter: despite of the redesign lg says the main cause of leaks is using too much detergent. the company says use only the amount listed in the owner's manual. i am michael fibby, 7 on your side. four french hikers got more excitement than they bargained for when a suspension bridge claimsed in new zealand. as this video shows the hiking party was sent plunging 28 feet into the river below. thankfully no one was seriously injured. the fall is being blamed on a manufacturing defect. it hand back on september 3rd but the video was released.
8:26 am
the bridge spans 215 feet and is supposed to be safe for ten people at a time. this next story is for anyone o no has outgrown theirselfy stick. a new product out there, it's made by dji, a company known for its line of drones called the osmo it has a built in swiveling camera and high tech stabilization system. that means users can shoot selfies on the go and not end with jittery video. it sells for $650. so at that price you better love those did he havees. you might soon see more flut ring in the sky, monarch butterflies have begun their fall migration into northern california. they have reappeared at one of their favorite spots, monarch grove in ma civic grove and add color to tree an piece. the federal government just spent money to figure out why fewer monarchs have been spotted
8:27 am
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> announcer: live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. half past the hour on this saturday morning. it is great to have you with us,
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i'm chris nguyen. let's look at a quick look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> we are live at sfo with delays over an hour. big time problems from the peninsula on south. to the north part of san jose visibility is less than a tenth of a mile. with the dense fog advisory in effect it will be after 9:00 when everyone gets into some clearing. we even have fog out by fairfield, but clear in concord and livermore, 57 there. another look at the visibility in miles, oakland at three-quarters of a mile, san jose with just about an eighth of a mile. livermore you are in the clear but the north bay is very foggy. from our sutro tower camera, looks beautiful from on above. temperatures in the 60s at the coast, present yies of 70s peninsula and east bay shoreline and a few 80s as well. turning to breaking news, turkey's health minister says two bomb explosions in the
8:31 am
turkish capital consider r have killed a total of 86 people, the health minister says another 186 people were injured in the attacks during a peace valley. the turkish prime minister says there are strong signs that the attacks were suicide bombings. air force one landed at sfo late last night, president obama greeted governor jerry brown and san francisco mayor ed lee at the bottom of the stairs. he attended a private fundraiser friday night hosted by a pair of tech industry insiders. those ticket prices were through the roof. mr. obama will hold a rare morning fundraiser in just a few hours and tickets are much more affordable. the president along with another headliner is hosting the fundraiser at the war field theater on market street. people were lined up early to get to that seat. abc 7 news reporter melanie wood row is live with details. nel me, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i will tell you the line is moving, there is a little bit of a lull right now but the door opened a few minutes ago and people are pretty excited.
8:32 am
this is your ticket, right, your general admission? >> yes. >> what are you most excited about for today? >> definitely both to see kanye and president obama. hopefully president obama will endorse kanye here today. >> reporter: there have been some jokes about the fact that kanye west has said he will be running for president. not the first person to mention that. we want to show you video from overnight when people were lined up, a lot of them got here overnight. we have seen quite a few college students specifically. their tickets were $100. other general admission tickets were $250 and some vip tickets are well into the thousands. san francisco police were here early this morning as well setting up barricades along market street. we did talk to some ticket holders about what brought them out here this morning and for many this is a family event. >> came out to give me children a good time, to get to see the president and of course listen to kanye west which is one of ryan's favorite artists. >> i think it's going to be
8:33 am
pretty interesting. kanye is going to be running for president himself in 2020, maybe they will talk about that. that would be fun. >> reporter: so that is the running joke here this morning, by the way, that kanye west has said in the past that he would be running for president. a lot of ticket holders told us they don't know much about the timeline today other than president obama is expected to take the stage at about 10:50 this morning. he won't here long, he is supposed to depart from san francisco to los angeles around 11: 11:50. the event should be totally wrapped up at about 1:00. i want to show you what's happening. there are two lines here, i think they are separating out the women so they can check their purses and go through some security checks. something else that we're expect to go see out here this morning is a group of naacp protesters. they have said they would be here at 10:00 this morning in a press release and organizers wrote that it's time to recognize african-americans who have been left behind in the community. we are going to keep an eye out
8:34 am
for them and of course get pictures and video inside the venue. everybody we've been talking to have said they will be tweeting their photos and sending us video. hopefully we will be able to show what you it's like on the inside. live in san francisco, melanie wood row, abc 7 news. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of president obama's visit to the bay area. we will have more live coverage on the abc 7 news at 4:00 and you can get updates anytime on twitter, just follow us @abc 7 news bay area. the reap party's efforts to find a new leader on capitol hill continue to flound there are morning. some of the rank and file are trying to convince one man to ran for speaker but he doesn't want the job. abc news reporter devin dwyer has the story. >> reporter: it's one of the most powerful jobs in politics that nobody seems to want. >> do you want the job? >> no. >> does anybody?
8:35 am
>> we'll find out. >> reporter: republicans plunged into chaos over the speaker of their house not once but twice in two weeks. first it was john boehner suddenly calling it quits, then her heir apparent kevin mccarthy abruptly stepping aside. this morning the search for a speaker suitable to conservatives has become desperate. >> we're one small group that's allowed to high-jack the entire house. >> reporter: one man has emerged a potential savior. >> i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. >> i did everything but carry his gym bag trying to get him to do it. >> reporter: he insists he doesn't want the job, but pressure is building. his former running mate mitt romney wants him to get into the race for speaker. there is even a new twitter account tracking his decision is paul ryan speaker yet? not quite. as he makes up his mind he is only talking about the green bay pack sneers packers are at home
8:36 am
and they are going to beat the rams and cover the spread. >> where will you be? >> at home. take care, guys. >> reporter: and ryan would be spending much less time at home in wisconsin if he did get into this race and become speaker. that's a top concern he is talking over this weekend with his wife and three young children. devin dwyer, abc news, capitol hill. the teenager chosen as the lucky one in the oregon massacre is sharing his experience for the first time. 18-year-old matthew downing released a written statement. he said chris harper mercer reloaded two guns during the incident and fired on people who were lying in the room, including a woman who had picked up a desk to defend herself. harper mercer killed nine people before shooting himself. one of the victim serena myers walls shot in a wheelchair. bullet is back with serena's fiancée, the two friends are trying to help the two cope.
8:37 am
>> he has been acting droopy. he is used to going in the room and sleeping with her. >> three of the victims all 18 years of age are being buried today, quinn cooper, rebecca karns and lucas lup hole will have their funerals. what car makers are doing to make the next generation of smart cars safe from hackers. here is a live look outside from our moupt tomorrow camera. wake up to fog throughout much of the bay area. lisa argen will have the full forecast in just a few minutes. abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram speed today we recognize andres connell in east palo alto. he works to create leaders within local communities and advocates for their increased presence in both civic and economic efforts. connell is helping to make a difference in the lives of local
8:38 am
latino communities. we have more details on instagram.
8:39 am
8:40 am
happening today, you can celebrate 25 years of art and wine in san carlos. the event is the san carlos art and wine festival, there's activities for kids and adults
8:41 am
from live music and magic to a classic car show and micro brews, the festival starts at 10:00 and is located on laurel street between san carlos and aroro avenue. the festival runs through tomorrow. we are crossing our fingers for decent weather. >> october usually always fog free, now and again we get some of this. in san francisco airport delays one hour and 17 minutes with the dense fog advisory for another 20 minutes or so, but it lifts not until like 10:00 some places. we will talk about how it impacts the blue angels and have a look at the rest of the weekend next. also next, three-time cy young award winner clayton kershaw, could he lead the dodgers to victory or would he dodgers to victory or would he get outpitched by the mets? dodgers to victory or would he get outpitched by the mets? ♪ ♪
8:42 am
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breaking news in the south bay. northbound caltrain 423 is stopped after a fatal collision near the santa clara station. there are 125 passengers on board the train. we will continue to monitor that situation. turning to sports now, tonight the san jose sharks play their home owner against the anaheim ducks, the puck droms at
8:45 am
7:30 p.m. in college football at 6:00 p.m. san jose state travels to las vegas to play unlv and at 7:00 p.m. the battle of pac-12 unbeaten. cal takes on the utes in utah. >> the national league takes center stage with game two of both division series. last night the playoffs started off rough for the dodgers, here is larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. no bay area teams to root for this post season in baseball, you can always root against the dodgers, clayton kershaw's struggles continued last night. he struck out 11 in this game but one big mistake. in the fourth daniel murphy gets all of this. homer 1-0 mets. jacob degrom was throwing smoke. struck out 13. carl
8:46 am
mets take the opener 3-1. game one cubs and -- from career minor leaguer tommy pham. two batters later steven piscoti his first year post season. the cards take the game. josh donaldson admiring a foul ball he thought would be the game winner, he broke an unwritten rule by gazing. kayla takes exception, the beverages clear but no punches thrown. top 14 alberto lines a two out single for center. play at the plate and obdor slides in sideways and safely.
8:47 am
rangers take a commander 2-0 series lead. orioles and astros. another former a, ben zubras singles? escobar. royals take it 5-4. everybody happy in kc. that series a game apiece. nobody talked about cal and utah in the summertime, they are the only two unbeaten teams left in the pac-12 they meet sont in salt lake city. can jard goff fire up that utes defense. they are ranked fifth in the country. new territory for the bears, 1-11 two years ago, now 5-0 and in the spotlights looit snoot atmosphere and buzz around this program is exciting. we haven't been ranked in a while, haven't been 5-0 in a while. this team confident and excited to go out there and see what we can do. there's no secret to success and it's just hard work and the coach does a great job of
8:48 am
preaching nothing is going to change. so what this game is on espn game day, we still have to work hard during the week, that's the only way you can be successful. we have college football on abc 7, 5:00 kickoff between miami and florida state. hope to see you afterwards for after the game. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. 8:48. lisa, we have been talking about the fog all throughout the morning when is it going to lift? >> the dense fog advisory is through 9:00 but they could extend it to 10:00 because it's pretty dense. san jose just an eighth of a mile visibility and also some clearing there as well also on the peninsula. so really a mixed bag with live doppler 7 hd showing our sweep on top of mt. st. mel in a and we bring in the visibility. hayward was improved slightly in the past 30 minutes with a mile and a quarter with mile visibility in mountain view, a half mile or less from san carlos to san jose and quarter
8:49 am
of a mile half-moon bay. getting a little better newspaper novato and napa and concord and livermore are clear with some fog by the dell tachlt this system here is impacting us by increasing our on-shore flow today and that fog will be situated at the coast and it will be just pulling back enough so it shouldn't be a problem for the blue angels, but we are also going to add in some high and mid-level clouds. we're talking mainly 60s on the peninsula, 62 morgan hill, 59 half-moon bay and here is your foggy san jose where temperatures are ranging from about 58 up in santa rosa 59 livermore with some sunshine and 61 in novato. so we have got not only the high and mid-level clouds but the dew points are increasing, it's going to feel particularly sticky out there in some neighborhoods. so the fog and then tomorrow things will switch around, we will get a warm up with clearer conditions and that begins about a three-day warm up. in fact, temperatures will peak by tuesday and we are looking at
8:50 am
some interesting weather after that with maybe even a few sprinkles in the forecast. elevated surf later on today from sonoma down to monterey. that southerly swell impacting most of northern and central california today and then even tomorrow northwesterly swell gets going. pretty dangerous out there, high pressure deflecting this system to the north. we have the swell and also the clouds and that low down there is hanging out near baja, that's going to travel to the west and then up to the north to central california by the middle of the week and that could be the reason why not only we cool down, but get some precip perhaps. here is a look at today, you will expect some clouds around and those humidity levels with the dew points in the 60s it will feel sticky. heat advisory for san diego. 96 los angeles, 76 at that low and fleet week today about 70 san francisco, 74 tomorrow. so it's warmer, sunnier, upper 70s on monday and we will be
8:51 am
looking at temperatures in san jose from about 80 today, 90 by tuesday. that's your warmest day out of the next seven. 83 concord, 78 fremont, upper 70s for san rafael, 80 napa. everyone down around 5 to 10 degrees today. 78 in santa cruz. it's sunny there now. the seven-day forecast we are a little stickier today, a little cloudier, returning warmer through midweek and then cool off and hoping for a few rain droms wednesday, thursday. >> we know a lot of people will head out to the marina green today for the blue angels. at least not too hot. >> sunscreen, jacket, have your bases covered. >> thank you. so the line between car and computer is getting blurrier by the day with high tech features that keep you safe and eefktly keep you from having to do anything as the car drives itself. those new front tears can pose new challenges. jonath jonathan bloom attended a forum
8:52 am
yesterday. >> reporter: it's not a plug in or high bride. >> it's hydrogen. >> that's what powers toyota's first cell after car. it's part of an industryos called silicon valley reinvents the wheel. >> we're looking at how cars with becoming connected devices kind of like your smartphone. >> reporter: and expecting to your smartphone whether it's an iphone. >> this shows you all of the applications. >> reporter: or an android phone snoot car pretty seamlessly supports both platforms. >> reporter: google's first self driving car is a museum piece with some of its technologies following up in things like advanced cruise control. >> it will stop all the way to zero speed when traffic does. >> reporter: it uses powerful computer vision. >> super skpurts that are on a chip the size of your thumbnail. >> we can get 80% of the benefit of automated driving with the technology we have.
8:53 am
>> reporter: one safety question is being asked how do you keep the bad guys from connect to go your connected car. >> anytime you hook up anything to the network you send signals over the air, it's open for someone to get into. >> reporter: james pooly says the recent jeep and tesla hacks were demonstrations but they were a wake-up call. >> taking over entirely a car's controls and using it as a weapon. obviously that's the kind of thing that people lose sleep over. >> reporter: securing data is new for auto makers but brian cooley says auto makers may not be leading the charge. >> it's google, apple, uber, tesla. three out of four of those aren't car makers. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. up next, honoring john lennon, where you can see the
8:54 am
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do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. now to a celebrity milestone. john lennon would have turned 75 years old yesterday. to honor the beatles legend the san francisco art exchange is displaying over 60 works of arts from lennon. included is the iconic self portrait. lennon is better known as a music legend but he also illustrated three books and attended the liverpool art institute. the gallery is open from 10:00 to 6:00. final weather check. >> all this fog should lift within the hour, most of it anyway, still the dense fog advisory and dis i believe certainly impacted. 78 later1átoday in fremont, pal
8:57 am
alto, 80 in san jose. cooler numbers, but it's going to feel a bit stickier out there today. partly cloudy for the blue angels. tomorrow warmer, sunnier and the warmer days come monday and tuesday inland with 90s there, 70s at the beaches and cooler by et end of the week. >> thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. college football is next. number 10 oklahoma faces texas at the con bolt and the red river show down. acc action, georgia tech is at number 6 clemson, that's followed by abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. then at 5:00 the miami hurricanes battle their rival 12th ranked florida state in tal. that's how old by after the game with larry beil and mike shumann at 8:30. with our abc 7 news app. for lisa argen and td rest of us here at abc 7 news, i'm chris nguyen. make it a great day, everybody.
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