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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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he sees along 46, two times against iowa last week. >> all chris. coaching as a head coach against his good friend mike reilly. when they were hired. they have coordinated against each other as a hid coach. for the first time, the long-time friends, coaching against each other as head coaches. it happened to be in a crucial big 10 west game. big ten crucial game. second down and nine. 1:48 to go. ogunbowale. seeking space. he works to the 24. young on the stop. another time-out used by nebraska. their second. >> kelly: so far, i agree with the clock management. the opposition is in decent field goal range here. you want to go ahead and use your time-outs to give your
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offense some opportunity when you get the ball back regardless of what happens with the field goal. >> adam: a wild game so far today. 21-20. nebraska with the lead. adam amin, kelly stouffer and olivia harlan as well. one loss doesn't kill your big ten season. two losses is a really tough hurdle to overcome. >> kelly: we came into the game knowing these teams gave away games last week. that hurts big time. mike riley told us this yesterday. my team needs concrete evidence that what we're doing works. this is concrete evidence. they need . >> what we do works. they need to see something happening in this situation right here.
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he seals on the edge. he finishes him off. a minute 32 to play, 4th down coming up. he got to about the 21 yard line. well within field goal range here. nebraska will use its final time out. it was tackled inbounds, last time out for the huskers. wisconsin with a chance to take the lead. nebraska with a chance to potentially get the ball back. a huge kick coming up, indeed they go for the field goal. >> if you lose three close contests, the time management always ask a factor. i think it was well done right there by mike reilly. that's a great use of your three timeouts, regardless of what happens on that kick. you have a minute 30 to try to make something happen, regardless of what you need. >> that's an issue last week. 3rd down and 7. clock was stopped. you want to keep it moving instead of run him. armstrong handled the play call, it's a run.
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keep more time on the clock. for the lead, the brazilian born andbred kicker. trying -- off the uprights. a heart wrenching miss. and now wisconsin trailing by one with all three timeouts remaining. their defense needs to stiffen. this was a miss. >> well, mike reilly, as we've said, this team needs something. they need concrete evidence that it works. >> i don't know the goal posts
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are made of concrete. but that might be right there for them. but armstrong needs to make something happen. this one is not done yet. >> a minute 26 left. wisconsin needs stopped. they make the cross. there is a stop right there and quickly a timeout with 1:21 left. >> you are not going to run much of the clock. because wisconsin has two more timeouts left. and so eventually, if you don't make something happen with your execution on plays. you have to punt into a pretty stiff breeze. a lot left to happen right here. >> no, you talked about it, cal, nebraska has so much heart break. they are two and three for the first time before he began his career. ly the about the relief going through mike reilly's body and mind and soul. right now after the heart breaking losses that his team has dealt with. now all of a sudden maybe a little luck bounces it away. >> that reaction was relief.
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that's exactly what the relief looks like in real life. >> again, 1:22 in the second back on the clock. still two timeouts for wisconsin. they need stops and quick stops and quick timeouts. a 1st down could essentially put the game away. he's just getting his defender back on the field. >> it was a the 11th defender. a stop by dakota dickson ends up with the tackle there. inned is 2nd timeout. let's check in with kass by albert in the studio. >> reporter: we got an update from knoxville, josh dobson having a huge game. five yard score, thrown for 3. five to play, coming up later on abc. jinlbo fisher, number 12, florida state taking on miami 8:00 eastern, on abc. back to you.
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>> cassidy, impressive comingback by tennessee. a tight one. the out standing georgia running back injured earlier today. left knee injury back in the first quarter of that game. >> 3rd down and 7. wisconsin needs a stop. a 1st down could end this game for the huskers. >> janovich gets stopped. wisconsin gets the ball back with time on the clock. paul chryst uses his final timeout. so 1:14 to play. he said, kelly, special teams could be an issue. moments ago the miss. outstanding production. >> you would have expected it. he had a 45-yarder that could have been 55 going into the wind. >> again the distance was fine. it was just the target and the
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release that ends up affecting the kick. >> no doubt about that. wisconsin is going to get the ball back in some decent shape, baring some disaster, a minute 14 left. they just burned all their timeouts. so it's going to be the ultimate hurry-up situation. >> again, going into the wind. this wind. ericsson back to the chaur and sam fults, the big internal 10 team player last week trying to avoid that breeze. the week last week, trying to avoid wisconsin setting up for a return. fults keeping it low. to the 28 by erickson he is stopped after a very short return, forward progress to the 32 yard line. >> 1:03 to play, wisconsin now in the hands soft fourth winningest active quarterback in college football, with a chance to get wisconsin the lead.
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whether they get him a touchdown into field goal range, it's up to him now. >> the tight end, a big target. he hasn't exactly been hot. but ericsson also usually from that slot position, but this isn't a nebraska secondary that has something to prove. to the 30 yard line. four man rush. lungeing forward. the clock continues to move. he makes the grab. the tremendous run and catch to the side line. it was a good tackle. >> 45 second left. another four-man rush. inside at the 1st down. catch made out near mid-field t. clock will stop to reset the change, 38 seconds to play.
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ericson right here. >> four man rush, over the middle. it's caught, inside the 30 yard line down to the 28. 25 seconds to play. one of the best days in his career. takes him in the field goal range. now you have as to manage the clock as well. over again, it's broken up, incomplete. looking for a wheel, right, in on the coverage. it stops at 15 seconds, 2nd down and 10. maybe only one more play, two more plays, quickly, before you have to set up a field goal and you have to make sure the clock is stopped. >> exactly. that's what you have to set up for. i think a play over the middle
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is incredibly dang ris. he may have to keep it right here. side lines, incomplete. you got to go for a field goal now. >> you have time to the side line, just like that, you may flip the formation and run the same. >> on dan fults, the center he's down on the field. >> again, the clock moving, a run play the clock is moving, this goes down, then it's a ten second runoff inside a minute. because it was an incomplete pass which stopped the clock anyway, it was an official timeout, now with nine seconds left, you see he potentially is
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getting shd for what could be about a 45 over or 46 yard game winning field goal for the badgers. >> and fults is the center, regardless of the play you want to run, it isn't going to be with your starting center, whoever comes in, has to make a shotgun snap. >> i wonder if that plays a role. you go straight to the field goal. you bring in the regular field goal snapper. again for those of you just joining us, this has been the season for nebraska, both teams with big 10 loss loss lasted week. heart breakers for the cornhuske cornhuskers. byu, the comeback against miami for an armstrong pick and a field goal and last week, some mismanagement of the slot. tommy armstrong could not convert on 3rd down. he comes down and scores with
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ten seconds to play and now trying to avoid another heart break in wisconsin with a chance to win it on a 46-yard go ahead field goal drive out of nebraska. he just missed a moment ago. 46-yarder into the wind. to the uprights. he puts wisconsin in front with four seconds to go. heart break again for the huskers. an incredible drive by the badgers to take the lead in the final moments. >> he drives this one through. makes him the right upright.
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remember it was the right hash he missed the time before. it was on the right hash once again. i don't know how many times your heart can be broken, but nebraska is experiencing it again. it's the opposite on the wisconsin side line. >> scombl what a moment. how many times have husker fans seen this? >> that relief we talked about a moment ago. >> that's agony right there. that's what heart break looks like. >> gordon stephenson a foreman badger signee is back. they will go with the swift kick mear. it's oak. the time pay run out. it's kicked back behind the 30. the clock is going to run out on this game. the badgers with an incredible come from behind victory. a much needed pitch and the win. and it's heart break for the
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huskers here in lincoln again. >> 23-21 the final score. ball paul chryst against his good friend mike reilly with the wi win. >> what an incredible ends to this game. back and forth. two good friends, mike reilly, chryst on a crossover, so much emotion in this game a. crucial early season big 10 west game as well. wisconsin has the win. nebraska falls to 0 and 2. and we're down on the field with paul chryst. >> reporter: it comes down, what did you say to him after he missed the field goal right before? >> nothing.
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you know, i said something to him after the first one and that's the game. you got to keep playing, two teams just got playing. we will make the last play. it's okay to be in that situation and come through for his teammates. obviously, a lot of guys made that happen, that was a big stop by the defense. give credit to the offense for giving us a chance to get another chance, so that's why it's a great game. you got to keep playing it. today, you will be able to come on the winning side. >> one he'll always remember for sure. you got this win without most of your starting offense. how did they get it done? >> we had a quarterback that was big. they mentioned plays. there were some guys that you give them an opportunity to play. it's their moment to step up. they have done that. >> a lot of guys put it out here. we appreciate that. it was a good win for us there the quarterback finished what he
4:16 pm
started two years ago as a red shirt freshman, what did you do before that? >> i thought he gave us a chance and played with tremendous poise and competitiveness at the end and that's all this is. you know, you talk about giving yourself a chance, having a chance at the end, and enough guys did. that that's what you are proud of. >> coach, you didn't speak to your good friends mike reilly all week, what did you say to him there shaking hands? >> i said, i'll give you a call. >> looking forward it to, coach, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> incredible back and forth ball game, incredible, emotional game as well, back and forth between two good friends and a big win for the badgers. >> only one of the best friends can win, right? it was chryst this particular time, nebraska is still looking for that concrete everyday. i think there are good things happening. meanwhile, wisconsin the way they played defense, the way they are learning lou to play the game.
4:17 pm
their run game will get going. they're going to be in the middle of this big 10 west. >> the badgers win the freedom trophy the second time they battle for this one and a comeback victory for the badgers 23-21. the final score. for our fantastic crew here, we say so long from memorial stadium. later on tonight on abc, miami, unbeaten florida state. an incredible game and a big 10 win for the badgers. huskers are 2 and 4 for the first time since 1959. . .
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taking air show just ended. we have a live report with highlights from today's fleet week festivities. i always get a rowdy crowd in san francisco. >> no exception today. president obama teams up with super star kanye west for a fund-raiser here in san francisco. and we hear from a family thrilled after a personal encounter with the commander in chief. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the roar above. all eyes on the sky, filled with the thrill that attracts nearly a million people. >> and stops the city of san francisco in its tracks. good afternoon i'm reggie akia.
4:22 pm
>> i'm natasha do you best. cornell barnards that bestity seat, out there with the crowd. what a thrill for nearly a million people. >> reporter: an amazing show. the show just ended. lots of folks still walking around. they are flooding on the embarcadero. they came to see the best daredevils around. embarcadero grit gridlocked right now. came to a screeching halt when the angels took flight. blue anels gels did not disappoint today, performing their full fog-free show, which lasts the better part of an hour. my favorite part, the oh, the ahs, the wows coming from the spec at a timers, as the precision specialists white knuckled it overhead, coming ever so close to the ground.
4:23 pm
what do you think of that. >> it's spectacular. almost have no words. beautiful. >> the favorite part is the scariest part. when they get a little too close. from down here, it looks like they are that close. but from afarther probably not that close. but at the same time it's great symmetry. >> reporter: now, they are that close, actually. the roar of the jet engines overhead thrilling and a little unnerving for us on the ground as well. everyone asking the same question, how did they do that? blue angels are back on the ground tonight. but you can meet them in person a. live meet and greet, pier 39, 6:15 tonight. it's going to be thrilling. a lot of people will be there. who knows, they may even teach you how to fly. live on the embarcadero, san francisco, cornell barnard, ab 7 news. >> thank you guys at home for ulf your amazing fleet week photos. we've been looking at all of them work the sailors, the ships and of course the blue angels.
4:24 pm
use the hashtag abc7 now. and you can watch a live stream of all the events tomorrow. you will also find a complete list of all the fleet week activities on our website. an oakland family is going to remember this right there forever. president obama embracing their baby boy at sfo. joseph and monique gunther were invited to the president's sendoff. and they were secretly hoping the president would somehow notice their son, joseph the third. >> we thought how great would it be if he reaches for the baby. you think of those candid shots of president and ebb about. we hoped he would. we thought it was far fetched. but when he said give me that baby, we all swooned and melted. >> i'm still star struck. it was amazing. >> i hope he really didn't say give me that baby. >> give me that baby. >> you do what he says. another viewer tweeted this
4:25 pm
picture. moments after greeting the gunthers, he was on a short flight over to los angeles. that's where the president continues to raise money for the democrat national committee during private events. president obama will fly through san diego this evening and return to washington, d.c. on monday. president obama joined kanye west today at the warfield for a dnc fund-raiser here in town. medically woodrow caught up with ticket holders who got in line overnight. >> reporter: even with a guaranteed general admission ticket many people came out before the sun came up. >> president obama and kanye west together, i that the it would be great. >> i was at the inauguration in 2008. this is the pinnacle. >> reporter: the duo may be one of the most unlikely duos out. president obama had choice words for the pmpler at one time. but he had friendly advice for kanye. saying that office beautiful dark twisted fantasy, that's
4:26 pm
what's known as off message in politics. you can't say stuff like that. >> reporter: and serious words about gun control. >> we know we have got to do something the prevent the kind of gun massacre that we see with growing frequency in this country. it's not normal. >> reporter: the fund-raising event opened with oakland's mayor and the golden state warriors. it closed with a concert by kanye west. ♪ >> reporter: can way and president obama did not appear on stage together. outside an informational rally. >> we don't want obama to come to san francisco thinking everything is okay with the black community because it's not. >> firemen, policemen, school teachers, they can't afford to live here. >> reporter: tickets to the event ranged from $100 for students to thousands force vips who got to meet the president. >> kanye jumped off the stage. it was life changing.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: people coming out of the venue say that can way performed a little more than an hour and ended with his song, good life. breaking news right now in the east bay. i want to take you live to this fright train that struck and killed a woman in richmond. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon near cutting and carlson boulevards. the authorities say the woman was walking with her bicycle when the train hilt her. cutting boulevard is closed at carlson. all train service is suspended. call train will hold a meeting on monday after another one of its trains struck and killed a woman today. it's the 18th death this year. the train hit the victim near the santa clara station just after 8:1 this morning. a call train spokesperson says it is likely suicide. there were 125 people on board. none are injured. call train says it will discuss strategy and prevention at monday's meeting. ahead, code ed, how one
4:28 pm
group in the silicon valley hopes to jump start girls' interest in political science. a wonderful weekend out
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
daly city, dublin, loss gatt owes and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. dozens of young women got a chance to peer into that chrissal tal ball and see what future career they might choose. abc7 news was in palo alto for
4:31 pm
the girls smarts workshops. it provided sixth and seventh grade girls with a hands on tune to learn more about where technology is headed. it was gorgeous foult there for fleet we can, huh? >> it's time for me to admit i ran over to drew's weather office and said, hey can you sneak me up to the roof? did he? >> he did. i wanted to see the you build sky and the blue angels. >> we weren't the only ones. >> how about tomorrow? i want to know, can we expect the same blue skies and can i come up on the roof. >> we can. carbon copy of the weather today. if you liked today you are going to like tomorrow. a october fall like pattern we have the next 24 hours. outside we go. it is busy on the bay. boats out in full force. the blue angels just wrapped up their show. tom an exact copy of the picture you see right to you, lots of sunshine on the way. comfortable temperatures, oakland at 78.
4:32 pm
71 in freemont. 73 in san jose. napa currently sitting at 77. a refreshing breeze. but gusty in some spots. sfo it's gusting at 26 pirp. that's creating a problem at the beaches. it's churning up the ocean water. we have a beach hazard statement in effect through 11:00 for sprong strong rip current. little bit of fog moving in later on tonight. not going to be as dense as we had this morning. 10:00 around the coast and san francisco the fog returns. sunday 7:00 in the morning we will have coastal clouds. bay fog. that evaporates and we are looking rather nice especially tomorrow afternoon if you want to see the blue angels again. fleet week forecast for sunday a replica of the forecast we had today. nice and sunny, 71 by 1:00. we'll have that breeze with us. temperatures holding steady in the lower 70s.
4:33 pm
overnight tonight back here and across the bay area, temperatures comfortable. mid to upper 50s. 57 in oakland. 58 in san jose. 55 for santa rosa. highs for sunday. lots of sunshine after a few patchy foggy spots in the morning. up to 76 in oakland. 81 san jose. 72 san francisco. 80 santa rosa. accuweather forecast shows tomorrow is nice with coastal clouds. watch what happens. october can get hot around here. it's going to do that on tuesday. nearing 100 inland. the heat sticks with us. passing showers on thursday. all eyes on wednesday for that warmth to return. even the city is going to be nice and toesy near 80. >> i know you are sad. your alma mater didn't do so well in sports. >> no northwestern today. couldn't do it. >> were you here last week? >> i had a lot of concussions. i can't remember. >> big day in college football
4:34 pm
with cal traveling to utah. this could be a bears break
4:35 pm
4:36 pm
the 23rd ranked cal bears. college game day was in salt lake city early this morning. everybody picked utah to win. penn is lee coursa who put on the head of utah's mascot to delight the fans. the bears use this for motivation. >> we definitely talked about it in the locker room.
4:37 pm
they are ranked five. we are ranked 23rd, i believe. so if woe go out there and pull off a upset as everybody is saying -- but we go and expect to win. we are definitely looking at this as a good opportunity to go in the national spotlight and make a statement. >> i have highlights of kcal and the rest of the nation tonight on after the game with larry biel. 5:00 p.m. kick off here on abc7. the defending national champion ohio state buckeyes came into the season with three quarterbacks. it was a good problem to have. or so they thought. today against maryland all three got involved. myer hanging on to the number one ranking. they needed a good performance. kordell jones, 19 yards to braxton miller, 21-7, buckeyes. third quarter, now tied at 21-21. jones all sorts of time. air it out to marshal. jones threw for 291 yards and 2 touchdowns. third quarter, j.t. barrett ones
4:38 pm
in one of his three touchdowns. ohio state wins big, 49-28 was the final. baylor in lawrence to take on cannes as who hasn't won a game get yet this year. the jayhawks get on the board early. tied at 7-7, would kansas pull off the upset? the answer is no. first quarter, seth russel completely untouched. russel finds his 410, mcgouen, a lineman who took a snap at fullback. baylor scores 59. we'll take our first time out before we get to one of the greatest all-time match ups in college football. the red river
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lsu is the road team against the gamecocks despite being played in baton rouge as they switched the game due to flooding in north carolina. red cross was on hand to accept donations. lsu fans even wearing south carolina colors. when the game start the friendship ended. over the top, 14-3, tigers. one minute into the third, the front runner in the heisman trophy race fournette cuts back. he is good. 87-yard touchdown. looking for his fourth consecutive game.
4:42 pm
lsu wins big. 45-24 the final. red river rivalry, texas hosting oklahoma at the cotton bowl. johnson on the wide receiver hand off. battles through defenders. stays in bounds. tip toes for score. oklahoma cuts the lead to eight. late in the the fourth. oklahoma quarterback baker taken down. long horns carry embailg battled coach charlie strong around the field. look at this, crowd surfing. 24-17 upset. long horns were two touchdown underdogs today. fighting irish taking on navy. both teams with a lot of success on the ground. navy 6'1", 253 yards. can run. ties the game at 21. no can stop procite. 22 yard touch. scored three times. looks like he is going to be stopped in the backfield. gets through, spins around lands
4:43 pm
on a defender and reaches for the goal line. notre dame goes on to win 38-24. more college football, it is saturday after all. coming up. >> after the game, my favorite. >> that's right. up next a call to be better men. a message during a huge rally in washington, d.c. to mark the 20-year an varies r verszary of the million man march. plus we are learning new details today of what led up to the stabbing of a sacramento man. he was one of those who stopped a terrorist attack on a paris bound train. don't do it. don't drink and drive. >> good advice from a mother after her family survived a frightening crash. allist captured on camera. abc7 is honoringist hispanic heritage month. today we are recognizing the executive corrector of nuestra casa. they work to create leaders in
4:44 pm
local communities. he is helping to make a difference in the lives of local here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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now, from abc7 news, developing news out of, they now, where there is heavy police pa treel after two bombs ripped apart a peace rally at the
4:47 pm
capit capital. 95 people are he had confirm the hundreds more are wound. jennifer he cannelston has details. >> reporter: two bombs exploded within 50 yards and seconds of each other, targeting a joyful rally for peace and turning it into a place of death and despair. the bombs exploded as peace protesters and kurdish activists danced and rallied for more democracy and peace between kurds and turks in front of a train station in the capital an cora. survivors tried to help the wounded. ambulances rushed to the scene taking the injured too hospital. but help came too late for far too many. others had no chance. it was strong signs the attacks were suicide bombings. the internal affairs minister adding this terrorist attack is an atrocity against the turkish republic. we condemn it. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the double
4:48 pm
bombings. jennifer he cannelston, abc news, london. hundreds of thousands gathered in washington, d.c. for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. organizers called for justice for groups they say have been marginalized. michael brown sr. thanked everyone for their support. family members of trayvon martin and sandra bland also there today. lots of moms bringing their sons. >> aware of what's going on. and aware of the power that they hold. >> nation of islam leader lewis farrakhan said black men and women should some using foul language and stop kmiting acts of violence against each other. new details on the stabbing of train hero spencer stone in his home town of sacramento. a crowd inside a bar kmeerd for stone after a dj recognized him and invited him to come on stage. officials now believe a fight
4:49 pm
escalated when stone stepped in to defend a woman who had been punched. the fight ended with stone being stabbed. no arrests have been made. and police stressed thursday's crime has nothing to do with stone disarming a suspected terrorist in france back in august. stone is in fair condition now and is able to walk around in his hospital room. this is a crazy story. a woman's dash cam captured a suspected drunk driver crashing into her minivan twice. all of a sudden an suv runs over a sign, jump as median and plows into her. another woman urges the suv's driver to turn off her car. but the driver ignored her and backed up. what you are seeing is not an instant replay. the driver plowed into the woman and her daughters a second time. >> i was thinking like, i could lose my girls, too. i might survive, but they would die. it was very scary.
4:50 pm
i couldn't even imagine that she would hit us again. >> so many amazing things happening there. first of aushlg it's all on camera. >> did you see the person running out of the way. >> who can blame them, right? >> here's the thing. everyone's all right. her girls are only 4 and 7. and they got out of this without being injured. >> why did she hit her twice? >> we don't know. >> we still don't know what happened there. >> horrifying. >> we assume it was a dui at that point. all eyes to the skies today. and of course here's why. a stunning show by the blue angels. but you know it's not the only big attraction at this year's fleet week. we'll hit the water coming up next. and we're going to take a live lock outside right now. gorgeous day. look at all the people enjoying it. it. either from the it. either from the we live in a pick choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the columbus day sale.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area.
4:53 pm
this is abc 7 news. what a show! tens of thousands of people watching in as u.s. navy's blue angels soared above san francisco bay. so you are seeing this view from russian hill, which is about an hour ago. in case you missed today's show, the blue angels are back again at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting. we're also streaming it on our website, abc7 if you want to check it out. >> oh, my gosh. look how close they are. their creations may not last forever but that didn't keep sand castle builders from competing in san francisco. 2,000 people on 25 teams put their creative genius to the test. the contract attracted arc akts tekts and engineers on their day off. today marks the 32nd year for the contest. it raises money for art and education. >> it's summer again, drew? is that what's going on.
4:54 pm
>> this is what happens. october in the bay area throws heat curveballs. >> it is tea best month in the bay. except tuesday. a lot of people will be complaining as october furns the heat up. triple digits inland. live doppler 7 hd showing you we are clear. outside we go a. live look. nothing but blue skies. and sun sukked in san francisco. we are tracking these showers in the pacific northwest. that's a cold front. it's going the slide by to the north and reinforce the marine layer for tomorrow morning. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. antioch, the week ahead, tuesday, 97 degrees. and we'll be in the 90s for at least three days on the seven-day forecast. overnight tonight not too bad. coastal fog and little bit of cloud cover. 55 for san rafael. highs tomorrow. south bay, mild.
4:55 pm
# 7 for santa cruz. alone the peninsula. 77 menlo park. 66 half moon bay with clouds along the coast. afternoon sunshine in downtown san francisco, comfortable. 75 with daly city with fom sawing. 69 sausalito. go to 80 in vallejo. tomorrow in the east bay, lots of sunshine. 76 ooktd. 76 union city. 75 hercules, 74 berkeley. inland warm in the 80s but not bad compared to what we expect on the seven-day forecast. 85 livermore. and 82 for san re moem moan. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow looks great. carbon copy of today. coastal clouds. heat monday into tuesday. inland spots expected to be to the century mark. it's out of here by wednesday and especially thursday. one or two days it's hot and then more fall like weather. >> i understand you are going to talk about my alma mat center. >> not a good day for you.
4:56 pm
>> get ready to be depressed. match up with michigan hosting north western. jim haugh harbaugh has his boys balling. harbaugh had his team ready for an opening kickoff. which is a. takes fritd the 4 yard line. untouched. 96-yard touchdown return. that's how you start a football game. laid second quarter. 2 is-0, michigan. wild cats sorenson from his own goal line underthrowing his receiver. lewis picks it off. goes 37 yards down the sideline for six more. now 5-1. 38-0 the final. shut out their last five opponents. first team to do that since 1995. qulemson and lsu. bald within goes to the outside, gets the block. gone. untouched. 66 yards. clemson up early. kept it going. third quarter.
4:57 pm
clemson up 33-10. tigers zach brooks feeling nothing but the rain. 35 yards. more late scores. all clemson. 43-24 that final. homecoming for number 22 iowa hosting illinois. close game into the third. hawkeyes up three. then jordan. 75-yard score. iowa goes up 23-12. illinois hanging around. early fourth quarter. lund to allison. 53 yards. it is a three-point game. 23-20. illinois. a late chance. but a fumble. jewel of iowa rufrs. iowa wins 29-20 to start 6-0 for the seventh time in school history. how about golf? jerry west is in south korea for day 3 of the presidents cup. two rounds. teams tight at 6.5. u.s.a. heading up and they lead 9.0 to 8.5.
4:58 pm
>> looks great.
4:59 pm
great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us.
5:00 pm
which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> chris: tonight, the florida state nation awakens. they've been waiting for this moment. the miami hurricanes are in town. the first test for the reigning acc champs. a new identity, with former foe everett golson at quarterback. against a canes club in urgent need of a signature win. they are quietly confident underdogs. the big challenge, translating that to an upset tonight.


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