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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 12, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the fallout from the southwest airlines computer glitch on sunday is extending into today. as the company tries to get passengers and baggage moving again on time. hundreds of flights and thousands of customers were delayed and furious. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for christian. >> southwest airlines said their teams work all night to fix the problem. our news reporter joins us from oakland international airport. janet? >> good morning, whatever caused the computer glitch is a thing of past and everyone is running smoothly at the airport, with flights on time and the passengers say though no long
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verify to get here two hours in advance as they were instructed to early this morning. to victim it up, back to business as usual. >> passengers at oakland international had the right attitude as they were prepared for the worst. they were told to come at least two hours before their flight and have their printed boarding passes. people tell us they only realized there was a major technical issue when they could not ask access the southwest airlines site. >> i had my iphone and computer and ipod trying to get through. >> we could not check in, really, not until last united. >> by 6:00 a.m. everyone was back to normal and passengers kicked in without hiccups. >> going for a girl's weekend and don't want to be late. >> there are those who need to rebook the flights or find the missing bags. yesterday's computer glitch caused more than 800 flight delays across the country.
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frustrated travelers waited in long lines at airports while agents were forced to write tickets and luggage tabs by hand. >> the company is apologizing. >> it is not an issue for me. not too much. we are in line at the airport now. >> southwest airlines is not the only airline to experience system-wide computer glitches over the summer. american and united airlines face similar issues. in all three cases it was not due to hacking. thank you, janet. new details emerge of the emergency landing of an alaska airlines plane in buffalo, new york. flight 17 was bound for seattle takoma from newark, new jersey, and a small fire was reported. an airline spokesperson said a credit card read are used to buy food and cocktails started smoking and extinguished by the flight attendants. the f.a.a. will investigate.
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all 181 passengers and six crew members on board are okay. >> a firm bay area journalists held in an iranian prison for more than a career has been convicted by iran in an espionage trial. jason rezaian is a "washington post" corporate based there since 2012. we are joined by tiffany. >> iranian media is report that jason rezaian is convicted but even the state department does not know the specifics. >> 448 days ago "washington post" reporter jason resolution rewas then into risen in iran. that is longer than the gas hostagessen held in 1979. rezaian faced four charges, the most seriousening espionage. allegations both he and the "washington post" deny. >> he is innocent. he is caught up in larger forces inside iran. >> the family has had limited contact with him over 15 months. he has been isolated and head
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and interrogated for weeks and weeks and on end. >> the trial was held behind closed doors and the family was not allowed. the iranian media outlets report rezaian was found guilty but no one has clarified guilty of doing what. the state department released a statement saying "regardless of whether there has been a conviction or not, we continue to call for the government of iran to drop all champions against jason and release him immediately." the executive editor of the "washington post" called this an outrageous injustice and contemptible. according to the "the washington post," the 39-year-old rezaian faces 10-20 years in prison and under iranian law has only 20 days to appeal. this morning, the paper questions whether the rezaian native has even been informed of the verdict. >> there are tweets saying that the iran shocking conviction of a journalist on secret evidence must not stand # freejason.
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>> thank you, tiffany. san francisco police have identified the bicyclist killed in a crash with a muni bus on market street, 47-year-old from berkeley. police say that he somehow came in contact with the muni bus and was run over. they do not know who was at fault but are reviewing surveillance video. >> happening now, the three accused killers of a marin county hiker and a canadian backpacker at golden gate park are property back to the bay area to face murder charges. sean michael angold and lila scott allgood and morrison haze lampley are being transferred from a jail in portland where they were arrested and brought back to the jail in marin county. the three are accuse evidence murdering 23-year-old audrey carey in san francisco before taking the life of 67-year-old steve carter in marin county two days later. police tracked cater's stolen car to portland, oregon, and arrested the three on october 7. >> in the east bay the family of
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two missing boys are relieved after the loved ones were found, but deputies searching for the boys shot a man armed with a knife. the 11 and 12-year-old brothers are home safe after being reported missing, and searching for them in castro valley, alameda county sheriff approached a hand with a knife, and deputies say he charged at them and they were forced to fire. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. after reporter lilian kim broke the story at look last night viewers called 9-1-1 saying they saw the brothers near fremont. >> i want to thank channel 7 for the coverage on this and getting the word identity because i believe that it was instrumental in finding the children when they did. >> deputies discovered the children safe just before midnight as they were walking to their father's house in newark. >> new this morning the warriors have formally purchased the san francisco site that is planned to be the team's future home. the 12 acre site is at mission bay just down the street from the giants ballpark.
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the warriors had purchased an office on the property last year but this makes it official for them to move forward with the building process. development plans are still going through environmental review and the warriors are hoping to open that new arena in time for the 2018-2019 nba season. >> if you are planning to spend the afternoon outside, prepare to poet the heat. >> it feels like summer already, taking a look from our sutro tower camera showing a blanket of sunshine. >> meteorologist mike nicco is in the middle of it to tell us how hot we will get and we will not need a blanket. >> not at all. maybe in the morning, but it will not be so cool tomorrow morning as it was this morning whether we had 40s in the for the bay valley. good morning, everyone, officer a very sunny top of the broadcast center, and i will start with the wind, live doppler hd shows fairfield is 12, but it is blow offshore, and the rest of us are six miles per hour to nonexistent and with the dry ground and the dry air, places like walnut creek are going to warm tremendously.
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all of us are 11 to 13 degrees above average. we should be in the 70s and we will be in the 80s and even 90s the next few days and record highs are possible. back to you. >> the annual world championship pumpkin weigh off is happening now in half moon bay and it brings owe the big crowds but the growers have mixed emotions and our reporter explains. >> the growers are very attached to their pumpkins. some of them even name them so they say while this is, of course, for the public, to them it is also very personal. that is a pretty big pumpkin but the grow are behind this huge beauty wasn't quite satisfied. >> i was hoping for heavier but that is fine. bigger is better. although it is fun to see all of the pumpkins brought in on a forklift and carefully placed on the scale, these are not the crowd pleaseers. >> i cannot wait until i see the
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biggest pumpkin. >> they save those for last and although they are huge the growers treats them like precious treasures. >> you put a matt under it so it does not touch the ground and a tent so no water gets to the pumpkin are on the pumpkin. it is like a baby. you are taking care of it. >> gary miller gets emotional when he cuts the pumpkin. >> can want people to see me because maybe there would an tear coming down my face. >> there is heartache, defending champion got six to his stomach when checking on his most promising pumpkin last month. >> in spot i had one that was over 1,500 that developed a crack that would make it illegal to interpret. >> he brother this one instead, not heaviest enough to win but he is proud of it. and the audience will be thrilled, no matter what. >> it is about a sense of community and hanging out with
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people we know. pumpkins are a reason to get together. >> this is big money in this for the winners, getting $6 a pound. the winner is at 2000 pounds we are talking $12,000. and others land to sell the pumpkins to store fronts or hotels if you are in loss vase. >> how do you celebration halloween? this is a picture from amy hollyfield's twitter page and she is standing next to a big, big flat pumpkin. our viewers are showing their experience so it is easy to join the fun with amy hollyfield and use #spookyon7. a lucky california lottery player woke up a millionaire and a san jose safeway own $75,000 richer. the superlotto was worth $15
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million purchased in san jose. the drawing was saturday night. the city coat holder has not yet come forward. get out the tickets, 37, 34, 28, 33, 21 and mega number is 17. the store as we mentioned gets $75,000 for selling the ticket. >> showdown with mother nature caught on camera, a story of survival with a big-rig driver's heroing -- harrowing story. >> and what zimbabwe leaders have to say about fate
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>> new this morning an american dentist who sparked worldwide rout rage when he killed a well-known african lion is cleared of wrongdoing and leaders of zip are scrapping plans to extradict him. he can return to the country as a tourist. zimbabwe's cabinet minister said he did not break hunting laws when he killed the lion with a bow and arrow in april. >> a united states postal worker driving a big rig demolished by a waterspout in florida is telling his horrible story. if you have not seen this already, check it out. a waterspout traveling on shore turns into a tornado knocking an 80,000 pound tractor trailer on its side and back on to all 18 wheels. randall survive asked said he
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was on the route in tampa bay and the truck was caught in the swirling wind. >> suddenly i felt the gust of wind and i thought, oh, no; this what i think it is? i have never been to hell but i thought i was in hell. first thing i did when i got whom was hug my son. god was watching over me. >> a terrifying sight. the incident last him humbled and very grateful. he said he feels fortunate to walk away with only minor bumps and becauses. and with his life. >> calm weather here. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we have talked about record highs possible today and tomorrow. we have fall-like temperature on the way and the transition offer as chance of showers, a timetable and the latest numbers in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. the big bust behind san diego football, a criminal investigation is not keeping one side from cashing in.
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have fall traditions like the pumpkin festival but it families like summer. >> amazing and this is october, right? you never know what will happen in october. >> it could change on a dime the absolutely. that is a good point that you make. we will try to change the weather back to those who like it a little bit cooler as we head to the weekend. as far as today, though, it will be warmer than yesterday, so, we will head up to the high country, record high yesterday in lake tahoe, and i am
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forecasting another record high, 80 degrees today. that does not sound like a good start for the snow season. as far as santa cruz, 88 degrees today and look how inviting that water looks. near the boardwalk. i wanted to show you the golden gate bridge because look what way the flag is pointing, it is pointing to the ocean and that is an offshore breeze and why we are going to be so warm today and tomorrow with record highs possible. there is a chance, small chance, but a chance of showers wednesday and thursday and what it is going to do is break the heat wave and fill run our temperatures back to average by the weekend. now, the fog is already starting to move in rapidly, with up to five miles visibility and the trend will continue. you can see it the last couple of hours dissipating along the peninsula coast, everyone is going to have sunshine and warmer-than-average weather today. here is the set up, high pressure to the northeast and with the clockwise flow that is
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offshore breeze and now if it is too hot for you that clockwise motion will also steer this area of low pressure and the showers across southern california toward us and that is wednesday and thursday but it will be moisture starved. sunnyvale at 86 and santa cruz, technically, 86 and everyone else in the upper 80s to low 90s until gilroy at 94. wishing the pools were open on the peninsula? mid-to-upper 80s in most neighborhoods and millbrae at 81. half moon bay at 74 and daly city, warmer at 78, sunset at 76 and low 80s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and nearly 70 across the north pay coast. we will go from 85 in vallejo to nearly 90 in santa rosa and napa through the north bay valley and warm along the east bay shores oakland at 84 but union city fremont is 81 and inland, even warmer than yesterday, we got close and high house was up to 77 yesterday. i cannot turn the air condition
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on, in ok, when the sun sets and it cools off quickly. temperatures in the mid-50 to mid-60s to significantly milder than the 40s and 50s we had year. here is the set up moving failure, an area of low pressure moving to us, wednesday, a slight chance of a shower, but the better chance as we head to thursday's commute through 9:00 and the chance dissipates as we head into the afternoon hour. look at the temperatures dropping by thursday, and we are about five or ten degrees cooler and we keep dropping into the weekend and by sunday we are in 60s at the coast and pretty 70s elsewhere. a touch of summer, a touch of fall and maybe a item of winter with the chance of rain. i would not count on it. >> new this morning, two of the most popular fan teas football operators say they had the biggest sunday of the until season with entries into the season highs with draft games taking in $25 million in fees and paid out $22 million.
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record comes as new york attorney general is looking to see if fantasy football site employees have won based on information not available to the public. >> a new trend to online daylighting taking hold. what do you think? men have found a creative way to get the perfect profile picture so they going to ikea to use the homie displays as a backdrop. a sick and span kitchen or clean home office. they think they may have women fooled but check out this, picture this book, it is upside down. >> at least the women know they have a sense of humor. >> reality bites when they show up for the date and they see the futon and it is not, working. >> able is a number. ask this florida man, and his secret of feeling
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>> no win others at the pull contain weigh off in half moon bay, they are still tallying the votes. the winner will be in the half moon bay art pumpkin festival on
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saturday, and sunday. the current leader is at 1,658 pounds, from washington. the grower would breaks the record if they break a record gets $30,000. is dangerous. so many options, which ultrahigh definition television should you my? "7 on your side" partners with consumer reports do check it out, which is best for you. >> 92-year-old world war ii veteran is live his life to the fullest. jack steven bake one of the oldest people to jump off of a plane near tampa bay, florida, but the buddies had question? why? why? why, jack? >> never do it before. let's try it. >> standing in the door. not a cloud.
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no noise. just floating. serene. >> it was 13,500'. he is looking forward again maybe for the 95th birthday. go, jack! an inspiration.
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>> 14 questions, 3 lifelines, $1 million. it all boils down to six simple words. "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] i am too. our first contestant works in a library and has quite the rolodex of information right here. from framingham, massachusetts, please welcome jon baril. [cheers and applause] jon, how you doing, buddy? >> very good, sir. >> welcome. >> all right. [cheers and applause fade] >> so you work in a library. >> yes, i do. >> tons of knowledge. obviously you love to read, but what are you hoping to get a question on today? like, what do you really hoping for? >> you know, chris, one thing that i really know is disney animated movies.


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