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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, showdown in vegas. the democrats now getting their turn on the presidential debate stage. hillary clinton's potential for a huge moment but will donald trump find a way to upstage her. we're live with the preview. breaking overnight, massive explosion, another huge blast rocks the same chinese city where 173 people were killed earlier this year. the warehouse combusts lighting up the night sky. sweet revenge. new york gives l.a. plenty of payback last night. the mets fans let chase utley hear it after he breaks the leg of ruben tejada and now the mayors are even getting into this east coast/west coast baseball battle. and pinup cover-up. "playboy" magazine doing away with nude photos.
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after decades of steamy shots the iconic publication appears to be turning over a new leaf but why now? good tuesday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm ryan smith. and we begin with a fight night in las vegas. the democrats who want to be president squaring off for the first time. >> tonight's prime time debate is a critical step for all five candidates and a big opportunity for the three relative unknowns to emerge from the shadow of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. abc's kenneth moton has a preview. kenneth, we're expecting a big night. will we get it? good morning. >> reporter: we really are. yes, good morning, reena and ryan. tonight hillary clinton's rivals are expecting to attack her from all sides while she tries to reassure democratic voters she's their candidate. it's a high stakes debate in sin city. round one for the democrats tonight and hillary clinton will be front and center. hours before the prime time
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debate, the front-runner made a surprise appearance at a union rally outside the towering las vegas hotel of, yes, donald trump. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining, but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women, that is just unacceptable. >> reporter: but trump won't be on tonight's stage, neither will joe biden even though his podium is nearby and ready. national polls show clinton with a commanding lead, but new polls in two primary states provide a sobering look for her rivals. clinton has a 25-point lead in south carolina, 16 points in nevada where tonight's debate could be make or break for the candidates on the bottom. >> i don't ask if an idea is from the left or from the right or whether it's democratic or republican, i ask whether it works, and if it works, we do it. >> reporter: martin o'malley and jim webb took a break from debate prep to speak via satellite at this new hampshire forum. they'll be working to get noticed tonight launching a
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steady stream of attacks against the embattled former secretary of state. but don't expect that political approach from bernie sanders. >> let's treat each other civilly. >> reporter: the spouses of the candidates are usually in the audience on debate night. former president bill clinton is in las vegas, but there's word this morning he won't be at the debate. reena and ryan. >> maybe a little less pressure there, huh? kenneth, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and unlike the first two gop debates, the democratic face-off not expected to be a big ratings bonanza. >> no, no, no, the candidates are promising to stick to the issues, and that may not translate into great tv. donald trump is predicting that viewers are going to tune in for a couple of minutes and then lose interest. >> well, i think it's not going to be very well rated. of course, trump isn't in the debate. i'm only kidding. i think it's not going to be highly rated. i think it's going to be you are going to watch it for 10 or 15 minutes, people are going to get bored and turn it off. >> are you going to be watching? >> by contrast republicans ripped into one another attracting more than 20 million
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viewers for each debate. breaking developments overnight in a critical issue for the next president. the controversial nuclear deal with iran. iran's parliament has voted in favor of the landmark deal made with the u.s. the approved bill allows iran to withdraw from the agreement if world powers do not lift economic sanctions. last week the obama administration secured enough votes to ensure that the deal is approved by congress. also breaking overnight, another explosion in china just two months after a massive blast tore through the city of tianjin. the latest blast caught on camera, the warehouse facility stored three tons of alcohol products. so far no casualties have been reported. the august explosion at a chemical storage facility left 173 people dead and missing. and we will get official word today on the cause of an airliner crash in the ukraine last year. a dutch safety board publishes its final report on malaysian airlines flight 17 today. a preliminary report already said the amsterdam to kuala
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lumpur flight was hit by high energy objects. "the sunday times of london" says we'll learn today those were russian made surface-to-air missiles. a fire on board a cross country alaska air flight prompted an emergency landing in buffalo. but unlike other airline incidents this week, it wasn't a problem with the part of the plane but with a credit card reader in the galley. the crew dumped it into a trash can and used a fire extinguisher on it, but the pilot took no chances. >> the fire is out at this time. we're still going to plan a stop on the runway. >> alaska air says the problem was actually the lithium ion battery in the card reader and is replacing all its new credit card readers with an older version that doesn't use that type of battery. the faa has been warning about the dangers of those batteries when aboard planes. a tragedy overnight in kansas city. two firefighters have died battling a blaze at an apartment building. the building was determined to be unsafe and all firefighters were getting out
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when it collapsed on them. two other firefighters were hurt and the kansas city fire chief called it, quote, the worst day. and there were flags and hugs and some tears as classes resumed at the community college in roseburg, oregon. the first time since the deadly shooting there. lines of people waving flags and signs greeted the students and faculty. state troopers and sheriff's deputies were also seen on the grounds. nine people were killed and nine others wounded nearly two weeks ago at the rampage. south carolina is gradually recovering following those deadly floods. a section of i-95 swamped by the historic floodwaters re-opened to traffic for the very first time in eight days. but the northbound lanes remain closed and many students in some of the hardest hit areas returned to school. the governor is promising to rebuild, but she refused to speculate how much it would cost. and turning to sports now. the only time dodgers' chase utley mattered last night against the mets was during pregame introductions. >> number 26, infielder chase utley. [ crowd booing ]
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>> yeah, you heard it right there from the new york faithful. they're booing utley but giving mets shortstop ruben tejada a hero's welcome. there he is. utley broke tejada's leg with this slide on saturday night. but you know what, he received a two-game suspension but was eligible to play because the suspension is under appeal. fans wanted to see him beaned but he never got into the game. instead, new york got its revenge by embarrassing los angeles, 13-7, and that blow-out prompted this tweet from new york mayor bill de blasio to his los angeles counterpart eric garcetti. "this is what happens when the dodgers don't play dirty." ooh. last night's 13 runs are a franchise record for the mets. in the postseason. new york now leads the series two games to one. >> heating up. >> fighting words right there. >> you're right. coming up, the american dentist wanted for killing cecil the lion now off the hook.
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and the police nabbing a young driver while she live streams herself driving under the influence. and later a change of heart for "playboy." the magazine says they're no longer showing nude women. then what will they show?
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the texas man who crashed this small plane did not have a pilot's license. he also didn't have permission. police say he stole the plane to impress a date, and then it ran out of fuel and crashed near the texas/louisiana border. neither of them were hurt. he's facing charges. the owner, though, is facing a loss. the plane was not insured. the american dentist who admitted to killing cecil the lion is no longer a wanted man in africa. a zimbabwe cabinet minister said
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that the july hunt that resulted in the renowned lion's death was legal. james walter palmer may return to the country as a tourist but not for hunting. palmer was ostracized after the lion's death and briefly went into hiding. well, breaking business news this morning. it took five tries but now budweiser can say this deal is for you. the parent company of miller beer is finally accepting a merger offer from the company that brews budweiser and it would unite sab miller and anheuser-busch into the world's largest brewer. together they make almost a third of the world's beer. the deal worth more than $100 billion. i didn't know they still use that tag line, this deal's for you. >> this deal's for you. and it's not just grown-ups who can't seem put down their cell phone. new research suggests that a growing number of teens are compulsive texters. the study of more than 400 students found that many overtexting teens exhibit the same signs as compulsive
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gamblers including losing sleep over texting and lying to cover up how much time they spend texting. doctors uncover more benefits of red wine. researchers in israel say one glass a night is a healthy choice for those with type two diabetes. it helped increase good cholesterol in diabetics. they monitored by about 10%. those patients were compared to those who drank white wine or water. the researchers also discovered the red wine drinkers tended to have a better night's sleep. maybe that's what we're missing on the overnight show. >> there you go, a little wine. >> a little wine. >> there you go. well, coming up, an epic finish on monday night football, the final touchdown at the last second, but should it have been called back? and randy quaid in court again. his bizarre antics and why he was arrested. type 2 diabetes ad your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum
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you are looking at a close call for one state trooper on a utah highway. it was during a traffic stop. a 55-year-old female driver distracted on a cell phone looked up to see that just in time, that trooper on the side of the road swerved. she then careened off the road rolling her car several times. she was flown to the hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. now, distracted drivers will be more of a problem on the roads today than the weather. scattered showers will make the roads wet in inland parts of the northeast and along the gulf coast. well, a florida woman is under arrest accused of driving drunk and streaming it live.
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>> yes, police say that 23-year-old whitney beall used the social app periscope to broadcast herself intoxicated behind the wheel. officers managed to track her down after viewers called 911 afraid that she would kill someone or herself. >> i'm drunk, and this is horrible. i don't even know where the next gas station is. >> police say when they tried to pull beall over, she ran into a curb and never even attempted to hit the brakes. they say she was disoriented and failed a sobriety test. a former texas a&m football player has been charged with murder for the brutal stabbing death of a jogger in dallas. police say 21-year-old thomas johnson confessed to the random attack saying he was upset about being evicted. the attack took place in a park as several witnesses watched in horror. >> i see a silhouette of a man and he's, you know, raising a machete up over his head down
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over his head down, probably saw six or seven blows like that. >> johnson made headlines in 2012 when he mysteriously vanished and turned up safe three days later. neighbors say he was struggling with inner demons and could often be seen pacing back and forth. actor randy quaid and his wife are in jail in vermont this morning. they are being held on $500,000 bail each charged with being fugitives from justice in california. the couple was arrested over the weekend while trying to enter the united states from canada. they face charges in california for trespassing, vandalism and failure to appear in court. well, tracy morgan is back. the comedian performed stand-up last night right here in new york city for the first time since a highway crash that nearly killed him. he wasn't listed on the bill at the comedy cellar but announced his return to the stage in a tweet to his 3 million followers. his buddy judah freed launder was scheduled for the comedy cellar but even he was surprised.
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well, back-to-back bombshells for college football fans. and in a wild coincidence, both school's initials usc. but first we start at the university of south carolina. steve spurrier has announced he's retiring effective immediately. the longtime coach won a national championship at florida and won the heisman trophy in 1966. he's leaving a team that has struggled this season. the interim coach will be named today. and at the other usc, university of southern california, they've fired head coach steve sarkeesian just halfway through his second season. sark was put on leave on sunday after showing up to practice while reportedly under the influence of alcohol. the offensive coordinator will lead the team in its rivalry game this saturday against notre dame. well, the mlb playoffs in full swing with all eyes on the bicoastal battle between new york and l.a. >> it's heating up and last night's gridiron battle came down to the wire last night. for more let's kick it over to the guys at espn. >> from the studios of espn,
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john buccigross, john anderson. baseball playoffs have been fun in full effect. >> the dodgers and mets couldn't wait to see that one. yoenis cespedes had three hits. that was a violent swing on alex wood. after they got the first three, mets scored ten in a row and won the game 13-7. looks like the astros might be moving on to face that blue jays/ranger winner in the alcs, but, nope, tough hop there. eats him up and they come back to tie the game up. gordon out but scores the go-ahead run and they would hang on to win the game out a couple more and they tie the series at two. game five back in kansas city. all right, cardinals and cub, this series tied at one. the big game three. kris bryant, cold entering this game in his young postseason career buts that a home run and the cubs take a 4-2 lead. and they kept hitting home runs. cardinals also hit a home run.
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jake arietta has been unhittable for the last couple months but the cardinals hit him and closed the gap to 5-4 but jorge soler homers. cubs hit six home runs. first team to ever do that in all the postseason games we've had in baseball history. monday night football, steelers/chargers, down to the final second, le'veon bell scores with zeros on the clock. go-ahead touchdown. steelers cap a 12-play, 80-yard drive with that td and win it 24-20 and improve to 3-2. then did i mention the mets won? >> the mets did win over the dodgers. >> why was that not a touchdown? >> his knee might have been down right before he reached the end zone and you have to break that plane while having your knees off the ground but they called it a touchdown and steelers win. up next in "the pulse," dramatic change in "playboy." their iconic photo shoots now including clothes. the bride leaving her own wedding to lend a helping hand. the image lighting up social media.
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♪ well, topping "the pulse" a huge shift for "playboy" deciding to no longer show photos of nude women in its print edition. >> the magazine's editor says with the internet nudity was passe but fear not, the magazine will still have photos of women in provocative poses. "playboy" had a huge influence on sex in america but its circulation has fallen from the peak of 5.6 million to about 800,000 now. >> so what's the focus now? >> good articles, high-browed legal advice maybe. >> no more provocative poses, kendra wilkinson. >> people have instagram now. come on. one bride's wedding day photo, let's move to this, okay, getting lots of attention this morning.
4:24 am
the bride's family was in a car accident in tennessee. >> sara ray was heading to her wedding reception when she heard about the wreck. she rushed to the scene because she is also a paramedic. her mother snapped this photo of ray in her wedding dress at the scene. >> i just have to laugh because i know the face i'm giving my mom is the really, mom, right now you're taking a picture? >> well, sara's mom says she loves the photo because it shows her daughter's true character. the bride is spending her honeymoon week teaching ems classes and her new husband is a paramedic. once in a lifetime moment for a bride and groom in southern california lucky enough to get a wedding crasher like no other. >> the couple was about to get married on a san diego golf course over the weekend just as president obama was hitting the links. at first secret service forced them to keep their distance but when the president greeted the crowd, they made a run for it. >> the president posed for a few pictures with the elated couple and wished them good luck and they said it was awesome. >> that's a great photo. >> i love that.
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 4:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. we had a hot day yesterday and another hot one today. >> hotter today. the temperatures we talked about are not so cool as yesterday and look at the visibility, unlimited and the coast is without clouds this morning. this is how it looks from sutro tower. this is the backdrop the next 12 hours, 48-60 this morning and 72 to 86 so the warmer start means a warmer lunch time and we are 72 at the coast and 92 inland, and still, stuffy inland at 7:00, and 86 and comfortable 66 at the coast. a comfortable commute and sue has more. >> a couple of things happening.
4:29 am
minor delays for cash listen paying folks at the bay bridge toll plaza. east on the bay bridge there is road work on the western side of the span, and it could be causing delays later this morning. we will follow that. a minor accident involving a big rig on the shoulder here with a vehicle. matt and kristen? >> three drifters are in jail waiting for the first court appear an tomorrow brought to the bay area yesterday from oregon where they were arrested. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at marin county jail. amy? >> the court appearance is the first up close look at them, kristen. they arrived back in the bay area year. we will get to the video we have of them pulling in from oregon where they were arrested. the three of them have shaked heads and wearing orange jumpsuits. we have now learned they will stand trial for both murders in marin county. the murders took place in different counties.
4:30 am
our legal analysts said this is unusual but it has happened before. >> if you a prosecutor and you can introduce evidence of to murders in the same form, it can strengthen the case against each of them. >> the three suspects are accused of killing audrey carey of canada of golden gate park and steve carter on a hiking trail in marin county. they could face the death people at if convicted. >> breaking news, a report is set to second that a malaysian airplane plane was shot down by a russian-made missile filed from eastern ukraine this is a picture from a press conference in the netherlands. you can see the reconstructive encourage laws that was put together by the man speaking at the podium. these are sketches from the crash. 298 people on board were killed. this is what it look like today,


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