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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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our legal analysts said this is unusual but it has happened before. >> if you a prosecutor and you can introduce evidence of to murders in the same form, it can strengthen the case against each of them. >> the three suspects are accused of killing audrey carey of canada of golden gate park and steve carter on a hiking trail in marin county. they could face the death people at if convicted. >> breaking news, a report is set to second that a malaysian airplane plane was shot down by a russian-made missile filed from eastern ukraine this is a picture from a press conference in the netherlands. you can see the reconstructive encourage laws that was put together by the man speaking at the podium. these are sketches from the crash. 298 people on board were killed. this is what it look like today, findings were revealed by a bush
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newspaper prior to the report being officially released. the report will not say who was to blame. western nations and the ukraine have previously charged that russian backed rebels shot it down. russia claims that ukraine. >> an regulation is underway into a gruesome discovery near los gatos one called the sheriff deputies yesterday after spotting a human skull at sherrys way. investigators combed the area but have now found any other body parts. detectives will back this morning. janet has a report at the top of the hour from the scene. >> a hearing is set for the three jail guards charged in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate. 31-year-old michael tyree died after being found unresponsive. an autopsy showed he died from trauma blunt force and southwestern -- internal pleading. three deputies remain charged. they have not enter add plea.
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>> an investigation is underway into a fight outside dodgers stadium that left a man critically injured. an eyewitness said the man fell and hit his head in the park lot after getting into a fight on friday night. a friend of the victim tweeted that embarrassed to be a dodger fan as my mets fan friend is in the hospital missing part of his scuffle after being hit by a low life. dodger stadium was under national scrutiny after an attack left bryan stow with brain damage. >> more problems with the bay bridge according to the "san francisco chronicle" and immediate action is needed to protect the main cable which will be presented to an oversite committee this afternoon. a year long study found that the bridge's overall integrity had no issues and raised the red flag of likely corrosion. these are the latest issues about the new eastern span which also is encountering problems with rods and access to the main structure. >> quick action by fires save add man from drowning in the san
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francisco bay. we were there moments after rescue swimmers pulled the man from the water near the ferry building. witnesses say he jumped into the bay from a d do tossed him a lie preserver but he did not reap for it and conscious when paramedics took him to the hospital. >> wildfire is burning out-of-control that break out yesterday afternoon. no injuries have been reported. there is no structures threatened. officials estimate that the fire is about 200 acres. there is no containment. a man faces charges involving indecent contact with a child and there could be other victims. david elliott has been a foster parent for five years. detectives arrested him when a 12-year-old told him of the inappropriate behavior. he was not a foster child. police are hooking for additional victims would may is known him while a foster sparrents. >> volkswagen announced big changes, planning to switch to
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new technology in north america and europe to reduce emissions. second, volkswagen will cut more than $1 billion in annual investment spending. a spokesperson said the company is struggling to overcome the scandal of the vehicles with some wear letting them to evade united states emissions test. >> democratic fight night in las vegas. this is inside the hotel where they will host the prime time debate with contender facing off and anderson cooper is the moderator. here is more on the buildup to the mill battle. >> it is a high stakes debate in sin city. round one for the democrats tonight and hick he will be front and center. >> hours before the prime time debate the frontrunner made a surprise appearance at a rally outside the las vegas hotel of donald trump. >> i don't think donald trump is
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entertaining when someone insults immigrants, insults women and that is not acceptable. >> truck is not on the stage tonight and neither will joe biden although the podium is ready. national polls show hillary clinton with a commanding lead but new polls in two primary states provide a sobering look for the rivals, hillary clinton has 25 point lead in south carolina and 16 points in nevada where the debate could be make-or-break for the candidates on the bottom. >> whether it is from the right or left or democratic or republican, i ask whether it works. if it is working we do it. >> o'malley and webb spoke by vat light at a new hampshire forum launching a steady stream of attacks against the embattled former secretary of state. do not expect the political approach from bernie sanders. >> let's treat each other civilly.
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>> former president bill clinton will not be at the debate although he is in las vegas. >> will we debate the weather? it has like it will be hot. >> no debating, up to eight degrees warmer hike in hayward when you step outside, maybe you did not sleep so well in san francisco around sunny sigh at 70 degrees right now, and the cool spot is ocean beach and park presidio at 60 and chrissy feel at 61 along with bayview and the mid-60s west portal mission, downtown, ferry building and the financial district, and the mid-60s from richmonds nadia lama drove and belmont and young city at 62 and santa clara at 58, pleasanton 60 , and 54 at petaluma and pacifica is 68 degrees. we have a main miles per hour wind. high pressure is dominating our forecast. so are the mid-80s in san francisco. just like yesterday.
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everyone else is pretty much in the low-to-mid 90s east bay, 89, close enough. here is a look at san jose, where it is clear this morning and 65 degrees right now, still going to be hot inland but with increasing clouds it will take the heat away from us tomorrow, and the fading heat will drop us back into the 60 and 70s and 80s by friday, and i will have the weekend forecast coming up. here is sue. >> good morning, mike, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday. we are looking at the minor accidents right out of the chute, northbound 880 at dickinson landing road. it is out of the lands and involving a big rig and a car. traffic does not seem to be slowing. otherwise it is road work, southbound 280 between sam hill road and alpine road is in the lanes until 5:00. also in the peninsula, north 101 from willow road to marsh road, last lane is blocked with construction. another area, east 580, you are used to this, work in the lanes
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until:30. and westbound is showing a few yellow sensors approach the a passion that will be heavy in the thick of the commute. matt and >> one-of-a-kind community for foster kids is days away from closing and the personal plea the kids are making to save the kids are making to save their homes.
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never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> walnut creek, burlingame, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a look from our sutro tower camera, a beautiful shot of the city and, yes, it will be a little bit warmer today in most places.
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meteorologist mike nicco will have the details in a little bit. >> two kansas city firefighters are called heroes after losing their lives in the line of duty. the wall of the burning apartment building collapsed on them as they made sure no one was inside. two other firefighters were hurt. the collapse happened minutes after firefighters on ladders rescued two people from the building. this is the second fire at the same building in a year. >> in the south bay the mayor of san jose will unveil a new device alerting parents if though live their baby in the car called i remind, for prevent hot car deaths. sunshine baby posted this video on youtube showing how it works. it comes from a small sensing system including this by placing it under the car seat and attached second part of the device to the side of seat and notifies you immediately if you leave your child in the car. >> legislation signed by governor brown is designed to move foster kids into family-based kids but group homes like in the north bay will be closed and kids' future is
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now unknown. cornell bernard found everyone is hoping for a miracle. >> young residents are sending out an s.o.s. with signs that cry for help, the villiage must close the doors next week. >> it was actually devastating to me because this was my him. >> 18-year-old has lived at the children's village for seven years alongside her five brothers and sisters. the unique facility was founded to do just that: keep foster kids together. we have agreed not to she her face. >> we got to grow up together with my siblings which is a big deal because it could not happen any other place. >> state funding has vanished. the governor brown signed legislation to close most group homes in california. getting kids into fell-based foster homes is the new focus. >> this is their home. >> last week, the director broke the news to 16 kids still live here. this was pizza and bounce houses
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but nothing could soften the blow. a boy said that means no one cares for me, i might as well goly under a bridge. >> 94 percent of kids would called the villiage him have graduated high school and went on to college. >> no one knows where they will go. >> the kids are placed into new pass step homes:30 employees could be laid off. >> until then kids are writing letters to taylor swift and president obama looking for donations and help to save their home. >> happening today, the national park service is accepting bids to rent a beautiful ocean side home in marin county which is known as quarters 17. it was home to ebbs of the coast guard. it will accept the highest offer on a one year lease and the real estate agent lists the price at $6,500 a month. >> worse fan, get your thunder
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sticks ready, a season tip-off celebration for the warriors tomorrow at city hall and the mayor will present the team with a key to the city. the warriors will lead 150 students through two basketball clinics in the plaza. they start the quest to begin the title october 27. at home. against the pelicans from new orleans. >> defending champions going into the reason and a last teams thought they may have gotten lucky last area. >> please the. >> they have a chip on their shoulder to prove they are the real champions. >> hard to repeat. maybe the chip will most motivate them. >> a tough day inland east bay, not to turn on the air conditioning. at the golden gate bridge, no worries, a wind at three miles per hour. no fog to speak of. that will stay true. through the morning commute. walnut creek, the camera shows
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66 degrees. quick warmth because we are starting so warm and late high clouds but a day where you want to protect the eyes and the skin. the heat will slide starting tomorrow and showers are possible this weekend. i know we talked about a possibility of showers on wednesday and thursday. we talked about how it was a small chan and smaller now that it will break the heat wave. >> three miles per hour wind at concord and everyone else, nothing. here are the would areas of high pressure dominating our forecast and the low is turning to the south and that will throw the high clouds late this afternoon into the evening and's it does we will make another run at record high temperatures. to low is what will deflate the area of high pressure and break the heat starting tomorrow. until then, how about 90's throughout the south bay, low-to-mid 90s but for milpitas and you are behind it at 89, all psychological. santa cruz is 86, and on the
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peninsula, today, we will flirt with 90 from redwood city south to los altos at 92, and warm, millbrae and splay i don't, mid-to-upper 80s and warm at the coast, half moon bay at 78 and pacifica is 80 and in the upper 70s in sunset and daly city and this cloud cover is overdone. low-to-mid 80s for downtown south san francisco and sausalito and in the low-to-mid 90s throughout the north bay with san rafael and vallejo at 90 to santa rosa and napa at 94 and the east bay shore, the hottest, fremont at 89 and you get inland at 90 at castro valley and san leandro and hayward, low-to-mid 90s. it will be another warm one tonight. we are going to be in the 50s in the north by valley. along the coast, too, the rest of us in the low-to-mid 60. better sleeping weather tomorrow night as the high finally breaks tomorrow afternoon. look at saturday, 60s at the coast and mid-70s around the bay and barely 88 inland and it will feel like that on sunday
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with a slight chance a shower both saturday and sunday and more likely, it is just going to continue to be cooler. sue? >> good morning, on tuesday morning it is looking good with a shot of the beautiful eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is flowing nice through through the item they will and the city with in delays at the toll plaza and san mateo bridge is more of the same, and the flat section of the high-rise toes for story city it is about 14 minutes where an accident involving a big rig and a car on the right shoulder, northbound 880, i am not see any delays at this hour of the morning. and we will look at the road work, westbound 24, the transition to westbound 580, a lane is closed new for a few more minutes and if you travel north 680 to the 80 junction at cordelia we have a lane closed this. you may find a little bit of slow traffic but it is looking pretty good at this hour. >> it is 4:4768 facebook wants
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>> good morning, a look from the east bay hills and the bay bridge, in the background, it look like traffic is going okay but weather is hot, already warmer if man places. >> we had some scary video from utah showing what can happen when drivers are distracted by the cell phone, really distracted. this video is from the camera on a utah highway patrol car, the trooper pulled over a driver and look what happens, a ford comes screeching around the corner, and rolls several time. the driver looked down at the point and looked up and saw the
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trooper's car and had to swerve out of the way. she is in the hospital severe injuries but she will recover. >> a florida woman was taught a lesson of drinking, driving and social media. >> i am really drunk. i am... >> 23-year-old was streaming on the periscope as she drove home drunk and said she hoes she would not get a d.u.i. if she hit a street sign. people called 9-1-1 and police used landmarks in the back ground do catch up with her. >> she was out of it. it was obvious by watching the live streaming video how bad she was. her attorney said she is out of jail and will plead not guilty. >> real estate database company released the list of the best city force trick-or-treaters. number one? san francisco! followed by san jose. los angeles, milwaukee, and phoenix.
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>> hope you are taking notes. presidio heights and sea cliff and glen park and the valley are the best places, zillow determined where kids can get the most candy in the least amount of time in the safe of the area so the huge homes that are very far apart, spread apart you have to walk too far. >> you want the homes that give the full-sized candy bars. >> how are you celebrating halloween? our viewers are showing spirit because it is easy to gin the because it is easy to gin the fun posting photos or toothbrushes? you are that kind of guy? my wife does, absolutely negotiation candy for you unless you come see me. >> your wife is a dental high jobbist? >> absolutely. my neighborhood, wealthy neighborhood adjacent to mine, they gave away ipod
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year. mid-to-upper 90s through the central valley and other record highs are possible in lake tahoe 80, and san diego and los angeles high 80s and minimal clouds. here is how wild our ten swing is, san jose is an example, 90 today, our average high is 76. we get there on saturday and sunday but it will be brief. already, a warming trend next week. how is the traffic? >> not bought. good morning, everyone, we are looking outside right now at walnut creek as you travel southbound 680 beyond north main to the 24 junction. all the way through the san ramon valley to the 680 dublin entrepreneur. irat the limit. san rafael is looking good, past the civic center, and up to the hill with though delays into the city. golden gate bridge will have four lanes for the southbound commute and the city this morning, and faking a look at a
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minor accident involving a big rig which is drivable as is the car but they are off at shoulder right now, northbound 880, at dickinson landing root not causing delays and we do have road work, still, southbound 280 up to alpine road for a few more minutes. matt and kristen? >> thank you. california's specificless tobacco products is now a law with a law prohibiting the use of smokeless tobacco in the five professional baseball parks. the leaders say this will reduce teen tobacco use. the centers for disease control said that high school athletes use smokeless tobacco twice as much as nonathletes. san francisco banned the youth at at&t park this year. >> a if you study under scores the response of breast cancer screening for minority women especially african-americans. overall african-americans and hispanic women are 30-60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with late stage of breast cancer
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compared with whites. american indian and alaska native women face a higher risk of stage four breast cancer. researchers say women any minority communities do not get the same access to quality treatment as white women. the report is published in the journal of cancer. >> 20 people on a hot air balloon in phoenix escaped after there was a heartlanding. a man was flying with an 80-year-old grandmother yesterday celebrating her birthday. suddenly, the balloon started going down. fast. the man's gopro camera captured the landing and the passenger brock identity in applause. the pilot was run out of fuel and had to make the pest landing you could. when you are in arizona are you to watch out for the cactus. >> not a lost options in that area where he was. >> a louisiana man went all out to impress a would on first day, he stole a plan. >> how would that impress you?
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>> done. no second date. >> happy was crashed yesterday morning in a texas field because he ran out of fuel. the 21-year-old date survived the crash and he was arrested for stealing the plane and is charged with the unauthorized use of a fly vehicle. the date was not charged. the happy was for sale and uninsured. let me recommend flowers the,time. >> much better choice. >> next at 5 o'clock, the new business a bay area's last record stores is eyeing in the struggle to stay alive. >> neighbors in another bay area >> neighbors in another bay area community tackle soaring rent.
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>> neighbors in another bay area community tackle soaring rent. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. thanks for joining us at 5 o'clock on tuesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. in kansas city officials are about to discuss a fire that took the lives of two firefighters. >> two died when the wall collapsed. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco, what about the weather here? >> the big story is it is warmer. check out live doppler hd with the lack of clouds from overnight you can see from the east bay hills camera it is crystal clear waking up to temperatures in the


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