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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. thanks for joining us at 5 o'clock on tuesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. in kansas city officials are about to discuss a fire that took the lives of two firefighters. >> two died when the wall collapsed. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco, what about the weather here? >> the big story is it is warmer. check out live doppler hd with the lack of clouds from overnight you can see from the east bay hills camera it is crystal clear waking up to temperatures in the 50s and
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60s and 72 to 86 so it spring board from a warm to hot lunch if you are outside, be prepared. 78 at the coast at 4:00, and 94 inland, and that is as hot as it is in the seven-day forecast, and i will have the cooler weather coming up. guess who is joining us today? >> all right, thank you, good morning, everyone, sue is here for leyla, going to the bay bridge and we have a couple cars backed up and they are cash-paying lanes, very minor delay with no metering lights. the commute lanes are a great way do go, car pool. to san jose, 101, this is the 880 overcrossing, and traffic is slowing nice. as you move northbound. we still have a big rig and a car on the right hand shoulder, northbound 880, at dickinson landing, out of the lanes and i am not seeing any slow traffic and we will keep our eye on it. >> yes, sue, investigators have a mystery on their happens this morning after a human skull was
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found near los gatos, and our reporter is at the santa cruz mountains with what is happening now. janet? >> yes, matt, the skull was found off the road near sherrys way and there is a deputy here making sure that no one goes up the road. they want to preserve the area. later this morning, homicide detectives and crime seen investigators are expected to be back to gather more evidence and were out here yesterday when they got a call from someone who discovered a human skull. officials say they are now treating this as a crime scene but it is too soon to say how the person died and if there is full play. neighbors who were escort the by deputies to get home say the news is unsettling. i got some text from the neighbors because i live here. >> detectives have not confirmed if the skull was that of a man or of a woman. they also do not know how long
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it has been out here. so far, no other human remains have been found. >> thank you, janet. we want to talk about the kansas city firefighters who were killed in a building collapse. >> they tried to revive the firefighters and a third was transferred to the medical center and a fourth transported nonemergency to st. luke's at 8:27. the operations have turned through the might and a complete investigation with the assistance and kansas city police department, a national response team from the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearms is underway. more details regarding the investigation will be released as the information develops. >> the deceased firefighters are >> the deceased firefighters are 167-year--
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larry j.leggio, and 13-year veteran firefighter, john z.mesh of pumper 10. leggio leave as wife and mother of many and immediate family members are firefighter american leaves a wife and four young daughters and many family members. >> obviously, very sad moment here. the fire chief speaking of the two fires killed in this massive fire in kansas city. it happened overnight at an apartment building. two firefighters dead much the fire is still burning 12 hours after the place began. they do say that the firefighters were heroes, two residents were saved shortly before thing collapsed around them. >> back to the bay area three
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drifters accused of two bay area murders are faying arraignment while in jail. marin authorities transported sean michael angold and morrison haze lampley and lila scott allgood back to the bay area after being arrested this port lap last week. investigator say they killed two people, hiker steve carter in marin, and canadian backpacker, audi carry. they recall have shaked heads and arrived at jail facing special circumstances in the murders such as lying in wait and murder during a robbery. that makes the trio eligible for the death penalty. they will stand trial for murders in marin county although they took place in different counties. our reporter will have a report from the marin county jail at the bottom of the hour. >> los angeles police are searching for the people involved in a fight that left a fan critically injured outside the dodgers' stadium drawing comparison to the beating that left bryan stow permanently injured. our reporter joins us with new
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information. tiffany? >> los angeles police are reviewing surveillance video and trying to fine witness whose saw the fight this morning. a friend of the victim tweeted "at dodgers embarrassed to be a dodger fan as my mets fan friend is in the hospital missing a piece his skull after being hit by a low life." the fight happened in a parking lot after the dodgers lost game one of the national league division series on friday night. police are not releasing many details only saying that the fight started as a verbal argument and escalated. witnesses say the punch knocked the mets' fan off the feet and his head slammed into the group. the victim in critical but stable condition. >> the gentleman was on the floor. he was bleeding row -- profusely. >> the incident is similar to the violent attack open brain stow a san francisco giant fan who suffered a permanent brain injury after getting beaten in the magazine lost dodger stadium
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on opening day in 2011. he sued the team saying in was insufficient security and lighting and a jury awarded him $18 million last year. >> a 13-year-old antioch girl is recovering and facing charges after shooting herself in the hand with a gun. it happened last when. the girl said she found the firearm in a bathroom at her middle school. police did not specify which school. they say the girl claims she kept the gun and accidentally shot her sell when she was showing it to her grandmother at home. the girl who was a long arrest record has been book the at a juvenile hall. police are investigating who owned the weapon. >> marijuana could help a company stay in business with a store planning to turn the jazz room into a medical marijuana dispensary with the co-owner saying music needs saving and hopes though can do it.
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they have set up a pot shot to draw if more business called green evaluation. >> mains in marin have a chance today to speak out on how they can no long are ard -- in long are afford to live there. the costs are up 66 percent since 2005 and you have to earn an average of $100,000 to represent a house and double that to buy a house. the board of supervisors wants to hear suggestions and have the joy to lower prices during the public workshop. >> rent is going up, up, and up just like our temperatures. >> like my property tax now the housing crisis is over. good morning, everyone, look at the microclimate and what to wear, what to wear in the north bay with tiburon at 70 and rohnert park at 52. napa is 60 and san rafael is 63 and mill valley is 57. vallejo is 63. we have 63 in san francisco. san carlos and newark at 62.
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alameda is 64 and moan is comfortable at 59 and san jose is 64 and cupertino 60. walnut creek is clear and 61 degrees right now, inland from the north bay to the east bay, 90 to 96 and we will neither with records at the coast with clouds rolling in late at 75 to 80 and our last hot afternoon around the bay at 82 to 90 and all of us will see high clouds and it could be a beautiful sunshine # abc7now. by friday we are in the 60s around san francisco and 70's to 88 and 10- or 15-degrees cooler than today and tomorrow. sue? >> good morning, everyone, so for, so good. we have a couple of trouble areas but we will go to the golden gate bridge first with four lanes moving at the limit from marin county to the city. and we do have clear sailing on the east shore freeway, however, it is getting busy as you can see with the wall of headlights here, and no major stalls or accidents to slow you making
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your way to the macarthur maze but a last company. we have a new accident just reported westbound 580 before vasco road and it looks like it is in the center divide but i am sighing slow traffic approaching and we do have this early significant northbound 880 at dibs son landing road involving a big rig finally cleared out of the lanes and it looks like the tow truck got it out of there, as well. >> the volkswagen scandal is getting the attention of hollywood, and the america's money report is next. >> need a reason to dine out? where you can enjoy a good meal and help people in need. >> not even her wedding could keep a paramedic from answering keep a paramedic from answering a call for help.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> fremont. palo alto. north bay. and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if you need another good reason to go to luncheon the planes, we have one. participating restaurants are donating 10 percent of proceeds to charity for the meal on wheels program. each week volunteers deliver 1,300 hot nutritious meals to home-bound seniors and adults with disabilities in san mateo county. you can find a list of participating stopt extras on
5:14 am >> espn documentary film telling how sacramento managed to save the nba team is for longer on the network's national schedule. the reason is, a renewed focus on past sexual assault allegations against a major figure which is the mayor johnson while a member of the phoenix surgeons 20 year -- surgeons 20 years ago. a 15-year old said she was inappropriately talked by johnson. ticket holders who saw the film last night say they still support the mayor. >> weigh the bad over the good because we were that close, that close, from losing our team. >> johnson was never prosecuted. he continues to strongly deny the charges. the documentary was originally set to air october 20. espn said adjustments could be made in the film. >> it is supposed to be the happiest day for a tennessee bride but it took a terrible
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turn when her relatives everyone involved in an didn't. she left the wedding minutes after saying "i do," walking away from the scene of an accident in the wed dress in a rain and her dad and grandparents were driving to the reception a drive ran a red light and slammed into the scar. slow and her husband, also, a paramedic, went straight to the scene. >> i checked on her to see how she was doing and she was upset that she rue i'med my day and i said it wasn't her fault. >> her father and grandmother had minor injuries and the grandmother was not hurt. we turn our attention to the weather forecast. if you thought year was hot, have not seen nothing yet. i went out for a run at 3:30 with no water and i drink a lot of water before i go and halfway through i said, that meteorologist mike nicco was right. >> for the first time? >> he is always right.
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by the afternoon i for get what you say early morning. >> you are not the only one. we will be more forceful about the forecast: san rafael shows 63 under clear skies and no fog to speak of this or, and this is how it looks from sutro tower with the twinkling lights and calm conditions on the water for the ferry ride. summer heat hold on the horizon with a better chance of showers foam and thursday, and, really, fading from the forecast quickly. seven miles visibility at half moon bay so this could be haze, fog trying to form and everyone else is good. we will talk about the temperatures, starting in the south bay, we will be in the low-to-mid 90s from sunnyvale and santa clara at 90 and gilroy at 95. milpitas is 89. to monterey bay, santa cruz is 86 where the wart is 63 degrees. pretty refreshing. temperature is flirting with 90 around redwood city and menlo park and palo alto and los altos and mountain view and everyone
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else in the mid-to-upper 80s and flirting with the upper 70s to nearly 80 along the coast and legal 80s downtown and south san francisco and sauce let. 90 is the cool spot and santa rosa is 94 and the east bay sure, richmond is 84, oakland and hayward and san leandro 87 and nearly 90 in castro valley and fremont, and more air conditioning inland east bay, low-to-mid 90 this afternoon. the temperatures tonight because of the high clouds coming in, the blanket heavy fact means it will be another mild morning. with mid-to-upper 50s in the north bay valley and rest of us in the low-to-mid 60s so stuffy this morning. the area of low pressure, was going to come up and bring us a chance of a shower and the best chance right here is tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. around monterey bay and the salinas valley. as we led to wednesday and thursday, the showers taper but more clouds and more cooling. jump start to friday to the
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north, by saturday morning, a weak cold front will bring us a slight chance of a shower and what it will do just like the low does on thursday, it is going to reinforce the cooler weather. our temperatures by the time we get to saturday will be a good ten-15, maybe 20 degrees cooler than today. hope you have a good day the how is the commute? >> so far, so good, happy tuesday, 5 jon 18 and mass trance i, bart, all on file, the ace train in the central valley is looking good and no problems with muni this morning. in san jose, 87, and headlights headed in the northbound direction past julian and a five minute ride from s.a.p. center toward 880 so it is very light traffic conditions this morning. the problem here is westbound 580's vasco road and it is in the center divide but i am seeing slow traffic now coming off the altamont pass approaching the accident and from the central valley, slow up the altamont pass, and you are look at a 30-minute drive from
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the 205 and tracy, out to the dublin interchange this morning. matt and kristen? >> wall street is quickly regaining a lot of the ground it lost to the end of summer in america's money report. >> good morning, topping member's minute, a major merger is brewing. >> overnight we learned the parent company of miller beer is finally accepting a merger offer from the company that produces budweiser. together, they make almost a third of the world's beard. >> a huge shift for playboy decide they no longer showing nude photos of women in the print magazine. >> fear not, the 62-year-old magazine will still have photos of women in provocative poses. >> a new protect for dicaprio reportedly signing on to produce a movie about the volkswagen emission scandal. the company is face $18 billion in fines and he has produced
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several films including the "wolf of wall street." >> thank you was a good one. >> really good. that is america's money. we have posts to instagram and recognize a bay area nonprofit serving as a platform to empower all women providing access to mental health services, beauty services and expressive arts that promote he willing including supporting victims of we child sex tra >> more drama in the ballroom and what you did not see on last night in "dancing with the night in "dancing with the stars."
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light & fit greek. >> he are seven things to know before you go. >> public one, mother submit confused. it feels like summer outside. we have near record highs but notice as we look at santa rosa there are two distinct drops in temperatures, each coming with a possibility of a shower. i will show you when and where. >> two, detectives are still processing a scene near los gatos are a human skull was found, someone found the skull without a body yesterday at sherrys way. they are not saying if it belonged to a man or a woman. >> three drifters accused this two bay area murders now with shaked heads are waking up in the marin county jail this morning. they are scheduled for arraignment tomorrow accused in the murder of a popular row good instructor if marin and a canadian backpacker at golden gate park. >> the fire chief in kansas city
5:24 am
identified the two firefighters killed when a burning apartment building collapsed. one was 13-year veteran of the force and the other a 17-year veteran of the force. to people were saved before the wail collapsed. the fire is burning 12 hours later. >> number six, a light early morning commute to san rafael with a problem in the central valley off the altamont pass >> a new crosswalk signal designed to help pedestrians in san jose is actually causing haynes for drivers along the way. the signals uses three lights to make it easier to cross but drivers are not sure how to handle it so they pull up to the signal and just stop. >> and where the "martian," would have been taken by the
5:25 am
spacecraft and shows the fictional terrain. the science fiction shows the struggle to return to earth after a storm leaves him stranded on mars. nasa have enjoyed we the movie and showing what the red plan set in light. >> big announcement for model the spouse of john legend. she is three months pregnant and admitted to having problems con receiving saying she and her husband have seen fertility doctors and looks ford to all of the testing. i now have a dancing with the stars emergency, alek skarlatos almost does not make the switchup. can you not tell bit performance but alek skarlatos inyou are idea his nose during rehearsal
5:26 am
on monday. the new partner for the week, emma, elbowed alek skarlatos in the face. not sure if his nose is officially broken. he is baiting to hear from the doctor today for the official diagnosis. he was able to stop an alleged terrorist attack on the train but he is elbowed by his partner at "dancing with the stars" and he would probably consider this a high point hit in the nose by a high point hit in the nose by a beautiful gallon -- monday >> a look at the city, a beautiful shot, and how we keep beautiful shot, and how we keep you up to date
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on tuesday, at 5:28. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. today is october 13. yesterday, it was really hot. >> thought you were bringing the heat? >> we need to town down the air conditioning. >> i called it. we like it 60s and the ladies like it 80s and we you can see the winds are three miles per hour or less. without the wind no cooling effect from the ocean so we have temperatures much warmer this morning, mid-50s to my 60s. we will warm rapidly. low 70s at the coast. already, 80s around the bay and inland by noon and we are near records with upper 80s at the coast and low-to-mid 90s an the bay and inland and
5:30 am
the coast and 76 ambassador the bay. hour the highways, sue? >> partly stuck. out of tracy to dublin it is over 45 minutes. antioch to concord, now, is slow be as well, and i don't have official confirmation but i would bet money the metering lights have been town on. the car pool lanes are moving nicely with no delays on the spans. the accident is still blocking lanes, westbound 580 before vasco road continues very slow up and over the altamont pass to the livermore area and it picks up nicely as you maker way into the dublin interchange with no problems the still there are lane closings and the road, is in place until 6:00 a.m. this morning, northbound 680, from bay shore all the way to eastbound 80. matt and kristen? >> three drifters accused in two bay area murders are in jail.
5:31 am
the three were brought to the bay area yesterday from oregon where they were arrested. our reporter is at the marin county jail. >> kristen, they are back if marin and they will be here. we have learned they will be tried if this county. we will get right to the new video we have that just came in yesterday afternoon when they were rot back to marin from oregon this is our first look of the three since their arrest. they arrived here with shaked heads and wearing orange jumpsuits. they are accused of murders in san francisco and marin county. they will be tried for everything in marin. our legal analysts said this is unusual but makes sense as a strategy. >> overlapping facts, you have people who are involved in the same crime. you have evidence that will relate to both crimes. >> the trio is accused of shooting and beating audrey katy to death in golden gate park and shooting steve carter to death
5:32 am
on a hike trial. it is believed they used a gun they stole from a car in san francisco. if convicted they could face the death penalty. from kansas city, missouri, two firefighters are called "heroes," after losing their lives in the line of future. the wall of the apartment building collapsed as they tried to make sure no one was inside. the fire chief spoke minutes ago at an emotional news conference. >> the rapid intervention team witnessed the collapse and held witnessed the collapse and held ground for ten seconds. to abort rescue. they located uncovered and removed four firefighters from the immediate area.
5:33 am
>> chief was very emotional talking about the two firefighters who died and the families they left behind. two other firefighters are hurt. the fire still is burning right new. this is the second fire at the same building in a year. >> breaking news, the dutch safety board said malaysian airlines was shot down by a surface-to-air missile over ukraine by russia announced in the netherlands with the backdrop of the plane. the report said that the jet should never have been flying over ukraine because the country hud have closed its airspace to civil aviation. 2398 were killed. the report did fought say would was to blame adding that the missile exploded less than a yard from the cockpit. western nations and ukraine have previouscy charged that russian backed rebels shot down the plane. russia flames ukraine. >> an investigation is under way this morning into a gruesome discovery near los gatos. someone called santa county
5:34 am
sheriff after spotting a human skull at sherrys way. investigators combed the area into to night and they have not found any other body parts. detectives will be back out there this morning. janet o is at the scene with a report at the top of the hour. >> happening fed, a plea hearing is set for the three santa clara county guards challenged in the death of a mentally il lot inmate after he died in august in the jail cell dying from blunt force trauma and internal pleading. deputies were arrested and charged with murdering michael tyree and have not enter add plea. >> an investigation is underway into a fight outside dodgers stadium that left a fan critically injured. the fight break out between dodger and met fans after the game in los angeles on friday. a mets fan was punched and fell hitting his head on the ground. the bystanders tried to help the man some using the rally towels they got to help stop the
5:35 am
bleeding. dodger stadium was under national scrutiny after an take that left san francisco giants fan bryan stow with brain damage. we will have more on the developing story at top of the hour. >> more problems for the bay bridge according to the "san francisco chronicle" with a report suggesting immediate action to protect the main cable. the report will be presented to an oversite committee this afternoon a year long study found issues with the bridge's overall integrity and raised red-flag of corrosion. the span has encountered problems with the rods and access to the main structure. >> action by firefighters saved a man from drowning in the san francisco bay, we were there moments after rescue swimmers pull the man out of the water near the ferry building. witnesses say he jumped into the bay from the dock. the crew tossed him a live preserver but he did not reap for it. he was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. >> a wildfire is burning
5:36 am
out-of-control that break out yesterday afternoon. no injuries have been reported and no structures are threatened. the fire stood at 200 acres. there is zero percent contain president. >> a man faces charges involving indecent contact with a child and there could be other victims. david elliott has been a foster parent for five years and detectives arrested him when a 12-year-old told his mother about inappropriate behavior and contact. police are looking for additional victims would may have phone him while a foster parent. >> volkswagen were announced big changes in the waning of the emission scandal. first, they will switch to new technology in north america and europe to reduce diesel emissions and cut $1 billion in annual spending, a spokesperson said that the company is struggle telling overcome the scandal of the vehicles equipped with computer software that lets them evade tests.
5:37 am
>> and the first democratic debate is tonight in las vegas, and the democrats debating are hillary clinton, bernie sanders and former maryland governor o'malley and former united states senator webb and lincoln chafee. vice president biden has not decided if he is going to run. >> do not do what matt did if you are running this afternoon, notablying water and getting overheated at 3:00 when mike said to take the water. >> i should also listen to mike's voice in my head, different from the other voices in my head. >> good morning, everyone, we are up to eight degrees warmer than we were yesterday spring boarding us to remain wither temperatures this afternoon. even the peninsula is stuffy belmont at 65ing ifs, and san bruno and san mateo at 62, and redwood city at 60, and foster city and woodside and menlo park
5:38 am
anywhere from 56 to 59 degrees. hayward and san carlos and mountain view and san jose and antioch at 64, san ramon at 68 and we have napa and mill valley at 57. nothing is moving on pier nine or the embarcadero is how light the winds are. that will public us in the my 80s in san francisco like year, and east bay 89, and everyone else, peninsula and south bay inland east bay and north bay in the low-to-mid 90s in the warmest spot. and san jose and what we are dealing with, our temperatures that will slowly drop about ten degrees by friday. 60 at the coast and 80s inland with more cooling this weekend and a couple of chances of showers. i will show you that in the forecast. sue? >> yes, everyone, happy tuesday, 5:28 if you get on the road this morning it is not a bad time, and traffic is moving nicely through walnut creek on the way to the 24 interchange and tail lights headed southbound. all the way through the san ramon valley you are looking good, and a lot of company from
5:39 am
golden gate field to berkeley the east shore freeway is moving but a little bit sluggish as you find yourself in a last company approaching the macarthur maze with the accident out of the lanes in the center divide westbound 580 before vasco road continuing slowly approaching the scene as you can see by the red sensors and beyond that, traffic is looking good into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. kristen and matt? >> a one of a kind community for foster kids is days away from closing and the personal plea to children making to save their home. >> new device unveiled in the south bay to make sure that parents do not forget the most parents do not forget the most precious passenger they carry.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a look from the sutro tower a beautiful shot of the city with beautiful hot weather, again, today. the temperatures are feeling like summer and mike has the forecast coming up. >> scary video from utah showing what can happen when drivers are
5:43 am
distracted by the cell phone from the dash camera of a utah highway patrol car, the trooper just pull over a driver and look what happened. a ford comes screeching around the corner and rolls over several times. the driver of the expedition said she looked down at the phone, looked up, saw the trooper's car and had to swerve out way. she in the hospital with severe injuries. >> happening today in the south bay the mayor of san jose will unveil a new device that air hers parents if they leave their baby in the car accidentally. the app was created by san jose resident designed as a safeguard to prevent hot car deaths and was posted on youtube. it comes with a small sensing system. just place it under the car seat and attach the second part of the device to the side of seat. the arm notifies you if you leave your child in the car. the national park service is
5:44 am
accepting bids to rent a newly remodels house, the light hour which is quarter 17. the park will sent highest offer on a one year lease. the agent handling the bidding starts the price at $6,500 a month. >> warriors fan, get ready, san francisco host as season tip-off celebration for the warriors tomorrow at city hall and the mayor will present the team with a key to the city with two basketball clinics in the plaza and the nab champions begin the quest to defend the title on october 27 at home against the new orleans pelicans. >> how would you look your morning cup of joe delivered to your desk when you need a jolt? >> we all say yes with a pilot program to do that. unfortunately, it is not here. they are starting at empire state building in new york city so if you work which, you can
5:45 am
so if you work which, you can order the latte and it will be delivered to you in 33 minutes. in word when the service will be expanded. >> i want to see the names written on the cup. >> can i use your eye liner? >> go right ahead. good morning, everyone, hot coffee, maybe not this morning, maybe ice coffee and that is what i am talking about, golden gate bridge we have a northeast wind at three miles per hour and that will chase the fog away. enjoy your fog free commute. walnut creek is 61 degrees and
5:46 am
clear and traffic is building, sue will have the hotspots in less than two minutes. quick warmth today so we will end up higher but also have some late clouds. if you take a gorgeous picture you have been sharing with us # abc7now. the heat slides starting tomorrow and the best chance of showers shift to the weekend. here is a look at the visibility russia rigging at half moon bay at five miles and not so thick as it was year. the main players two areas of high pressure holding the hold at bay but it is going to split both of them and when it does, it is going to take today as the last day of near record heat and the low will deflate it and break the heat starting tomorrow. get ready for low-to-mid 90s throughout the south bay and the, exception is milpitas at 89 and santa cruz at 86 degrees. we are nearly 90 today. in redwood city. two degrees shy of a record high. mid-to-upper 80s around millbrae and san mateo. flirting with the 80s along
5:47 am
the coast and upper 70s and near 80, does low-to-mid 80s in south san francisco a lot like yesterday, and low-to-mid 90 through the north bay valley and warm at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70s and along the another bay shore, warmest at 89 fremont, and 90 at sass crow valley and down to 85 in berkeley and 84 in richmond, and, yes, the humming of the air conditioning is more likely, with low-to-mid 90s this afternoon. tonight it is going to be stuffy with the high clouds rolling in and blanket us keeping us in the low-to-mid 60s and mid-to-upper 50s in the north bay valley and along the coast. at look at what is going to happen, we will shift our attention north as we head into saturday and the weak cold front and moisture starved cold front brings a chance of a drizzle and shower saturday only through the afternoon and it will increase the chance of cooler weather so we drop six degrees tomorrow and
5:48 am
another four to six degree on thursday and by the time you know it we are in the mid-60s at coast and mid-70s at the bay and barely 80 inland and it will feel like fall. sue? evening thats, mine, this is a cool spot. not too bad at all moving at the limit across the flat section toward the high-rise and over to 101 and i just checked the drive time, from 880, over to 101, about 14 minutes. not a bad ride. at all. this is san rafael, heading southbound, getting busy as you make your way up the hill out of novato starting to bunch up. but it picks up when you make your way and central san rafael. we have a problem in the center divide, an citizen, westbound 580's vasco road keeping things very slow behind the scene and everything is about 18-20-25 minute. the good news is when you get the good news is when you get beyond the accident scene
5:49 am
>> twitter announced hundreds of layoffs and the c.e.o. put place said he made some tough but necessary decisions t enabled them to reinvest with growth and 300 people are laid off. we will have more on this coming up on abc7 at 6:00 confused about new health insurance rules. it will be easy to fine the it will be easy to fine the right plan for your famil
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>> time is running out for foster kids in the north bay with the unique foster care youth home losing their home. they are sending out s.o.s. signs for help because the governor is closing most group homes in california unless they can find new funding. right new getting kids into family-based foster homes is the focus. >> no one cares for me. i might as well live under a bridge. >> 94 percent of kids would have called the villiage home graduated high school and went on to college.
5:53 am
kids are writing letters to celebrities such as taylor swift and president obama looking for donations to hopefully help save their hope. >> a florida woman was taught a lesson of drinking, driving and social media. >> i am really drunk. >> 23-year-old was streaming on periscope as she drove home drunk and said she hoped they would not get a d.u.i. people watching the stream called 9-1-1 and the police used the landmarks to catch up on her. >> she was out of it. it was obvious how bad she was. >> she was out of jail on bond and her attorney said she will plaza not guilty. >> real estate company released the best cities for trick-or-treaters. san francisco is number one and then san jose, los angeles, milwaukee, and phoenix. we hope you are taking notes
5:54 am
with the best neighbor in san francisco to trick or treat and presidio height and glen park and zillow compiled the lists by determining where kids can get the most candy in the least amount of time in the safest areas. >> we have sophisticated formulas to figure that out and see how you are celebrating see how you are celebrating halloween this year. online. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco and it does not feel like halloween. >> it does not. i put this together for you, right here, the middle one, where it says running and it says "fair," because it too hot for some of us. if you are going for a bay water and the beach, it is going to be warm and there will be clouds rolling in, late, here
5:55 am
is a look at sfo now expecting any delays but redwood city has the best chance of seeing a record high and we are only two degrees shy. mid-to-upper 90 through the central valley and third day in a row with a record high forecasting 88. sue? >> good morning, everyone, metering lights are on as of 5:31. and traffic is stacked up to the overcrossing but prior to that, the macarthur maze is whoing good and as usual, if you can car pool, you will zip right on through the toll plaza with no problems, stacked up here, as well, the east shore freeway, the top of the scene with the golden gate past university avenue to emeryville it is moving but you are in some company here. >> thank you, sue, a new study underscores the response of breast cancer screening for minority women especially african-americans. researchers found overall, after can americans and hispanic women are 30-60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with late stages of breast cancer compared to non-hispanic whites. the american indian and alaska
5:56 am
native women are also face higher risk of stage four breast cancer. researchers say women in minority communities do not get the same access to quality treatment as white women. the report is published in 9 journal of cancer. >> on board a hot air balloon in phoenix escaped with minor scrapes and bruises after the balloon made a hard lining. a man was flying with the 80-year-old grandmother celebrating the birthday and the balloon started going down, fast, and the camera captured landing as passengers broke into applause. the might was running out of fuel and had to make the best landing he could. >> a louisiana man was all out to impress a woman on the first date. but he had the wrong idea. he stole a plane. he confessed after crashing the plane in the texas field yesterday morning and ran out of fuel, the 121-year-old date survived the crash the he was arrested for stealing the plane and is charged with unauthorized
5:57 am
use of a flying spring. the date was not charged. authorities say the plane was for sale and uninsured. >> tracy morgan makes a triumphant come back during the first performance since the horrifying crash. >> a confusing commute in the south bay a stoplight is making south bay a stoplight is making this commutes a whole lot
5:58 am
♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> at 6:00, twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey announce layoffs for the soldier media giant in san francisco. we reported yesterday morning it is likely coming this week and twitter is cutting 8 percent of the workforce. >> that is 336 employees and the majority of cuts take place in the engineering center. in a statement, dorsey said the
6:00 am
official media giant provides generous exit packages to help find a new job. the statement said this is not easy but it is right. the world need as strong twitter and this is another step to get there. >> we will follow the story today, of course, on abc7 and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> thanks for joining us on tuesday. i am kristen sze and i am matt keller here for eric thomas. it is looking hot? absolutely. feeling hot and warmer this morning with the lack of clouds on live doppler hd. our temperatures are running up to eight degrees warmer and from the east bay hills camera, the bay is almost like glass at 54 to 64 through 7:00. that is a warmer start so 8 inland and check out the temperatures as the heat peaks and you may need to grab a coat at 86 inland with the cooling trend coming up. we are going to san jose, first, 280 in


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