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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. high stakes showdown. the democratic presidential hopefuls set for their first debate facing off in las vegas. hillary clinton takes center stage, warming up at a protest at one of donald trump's hotels. >> and i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. >> the republican front-runner fires back ahead of tonight's crucial showdown. breaking news for our vi viewers in the west. the final report on that catastrophic explosion that brought down malaysian air flight 17. has been released. the final moments. why were they flying over a war zone? breaking overnight. deadly collapse. a massive blaze breaks out in an apartment complex. >> command did you copy? major collapse on the west side. major collapse. >> two firefighters killed after
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pulling families to safety. the walls collapsing on them in front of a crowd. the very latest this morning. ♪ suddenly i see and cover-up. the big change coming to "playboy." the iconic men's magazine known for its sexy centerfolds covering up its models. we'll tell you why now. and good morning, america. stage is set for tonight's big debate. let's take a look at the wynn hotel in las vegas right now. that's the outside. inside the podiums are set up for all five candidates currently in the race. there you see it right there. spotlight on the democrats tonight. big question, will they get the kind of huge audience we've seen for donald trump and the republicans? >> he's weighing in saying he doesn't think that will be the case. but former president bill clinton is in las vegas with the front-runner. he is not expected to be in the room tonight. abc's cecilia vega will be there and she begins our coverage this morning. good morning, cecilia.
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>> reporter: i will be there, robin. good morning to you. all eyes on las vegas. the democrats have descended upon sin city. this strip has never seen a show quite like this. overnight, hillary clinton emerging from the secrecy of her debate prep and making her first stop in las vegas right here in the shadow of donald trump's hotel. >> you know, some people think mr. trump is entertaining. but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders showing up too, at least in name anyway. painted on a clean energy car that did a drive-by right after clinton left. in just a matter of hours, they will come face to face for real. five candidates in all, clinton's front-runner status earning her the coveted center stage spot. clinton holding mock debates,
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with her aides playing the role of her rivals, for her first primetime debate since her first run for president in 2008. >> you're likable enough. >> thank you. >> mr. vice president, everyone wants to know -- >> get out of my way, will you? >> reporter: the one person creating the most predebate buzz won't be anywhere near the show. while they're setting aside a podium for joe biden in case he makes a last-minute decision to jump in, as of now, his official schedule has him at the white house all day. the vp expected to decide by the end of this week whether or not to run. while aides say biden will likely watch, one viewer is guaranteed. >> i'll be watching. i don't know how long. it's going to be hard to watch. i think it's going to be -- i think it's not going to be a very exciting debate. >> reporter: republican donald trump not offering big predictions for tonight's main event. why? >> because trump isn't in the debate. i'm only kidding. i think it's not going to be highly rated.
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i think it's going to be -- you're going to watch it for 10 or 15 minutes and people will get bored and turn it off. >> reporter: yeah, donald trump says he's going to try to help make this debate more entertaining by live-tweeting throughout the whole thing tonight. we'll be watching that. look at this. hillary clinton tweeted this photo out overnight. that's her from her high school debate team in the back row there. she says she's been debating important issues since high school. george, she hasn't had a debate as important as this one yet. >> no question about it. cecilia, thanks very much. let's talk about it with jon karl. hillary clinton is an experienced debater on the national level, as well. she will be the real target. we know of the moderators. which of the other candidates are going to take her on? >> this is not going to be the all-out slugfest that we saw with the republicans. it's just not going to be that way. hillary clinton is clearly the person to beat, the biggest target. i think the person to watch will be standing right next to her, maryland governor martin o'malley, he's nowhere in the polls.
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he needs to break through. and he's been the toughest on her on the stump. criticizing her on trade, criticizing her on gay rights, criticizing her on wall street reform. he will most likely be the one to go after her. >> candidates who also have to balance introducing themselves versus taking her on. bernie sanders, his first national debate. comes in with a lot of momentum. >> i think that he's the one that has the most at stake. he has exceeded everybody's expectations, clearly including his own. he now is emerged as the alternative to hillary clinton but, george, he's only really broken through in iowa and new hampshire. he needs to prove he can be a national candidate and have appeal beyond the core left of the party. >> jim webb and lincoln chafee up on the stage. not clear they're running real campaigns. >> lincoln chafee, 0.4% in the polls. last time i checked. so they need to at least show everybody, hey, i'm here. i'm running. this is their moment in the sun. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. more on this from jennifer granholm who advises the pro-clinton super pac.
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correct do record. former michigan governor. governor granholm, thanks for joining us this morning. >> you bet. >> you are a supporter of hillary clinton. how worried are you for her tonight? what's at stake? >> there's a lot at stake but what i'm so excited about tonight is that really for many people, this is going to be the first time people actually hear her agenda, her policies. and we all know she's really known as a policy wonk. she's very substantive. so the biggest issue that she's been obsessing about that americans have been obsessing about is the economy. how are we going to create jobs in america in a global economy? and i think you're going to hear the policies that she has heretofore been unable to break through on because of all the nonsense about e-mail. >> we're just learning right now that the draft biden movement is going to put out a new ad tonight. this is their second ad. i think we have a little bit to show right here. >> we had a pretty good idea what all those families, all you americans in trouble were going through. in part, it's because our own families --
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>> so there's vice president biden there. you actually debated with him. you played sarah palin back in 2008. >> right. helped to prepare him, yeah. >> do you think he'll get in the race? what difference would it make? >> you know, it's so -- who knows whether he is or not. it's just such a deeply personal decision. and running for president is such a soul suck. and his soul has been so bruised and damaged and really sucked out by what he's been going through. so who knows whether he will or not. you know, competition is good. i think hillary clinton would welcome anybody to come into the race. but who knows? >> correct the record, taking some shots at bernie sanders. do you think hillary will tonight? >> no, i think that hillary clinton is going to be very respectful of the people who are on the stage. i think this debate as jon karl was saying, i think this is going to be a debate where people can really see what the policies are of the democratic candidates.
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she'll be taking shots at republicans and, of course, she will respond if she is attacked with facts, but respectfully. that's what i think is going to happen. >> all of us and donald trump will be watching. jennifer granholm and jon karl, let's go to robin. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, george. now to the breaking news on the plane that broke up over ukraine last year killing all 298 people on board. a final report on what brought down malaysian airlines flight 17 is out this morning. and abc's lama hasan has the details. joins us this morning from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning. the dutch safety board revealing mh 17 was shot down by a russian-made surface to air buk missile. a blow by blow animation of what happened. shrapnel from the missile hit the left-hand side of the cockpit first. then breaking apart from the rest of the plane. the victims' families are
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learning it is unlikely anyone was conscious. investigators asking why the plane was fly egg over a war zone in the ukraine. a criminal investigation will likely reveal who was behind those missiles. we turn to that breaking news overnight, terrible apartment fire in kansas city kills two firefighters. details still coming in and abc's gio benitez is here with that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning to you. as you can imagine, fire officials there calling this the worst day. four firefighters were clearing a heavily damaged building when it all came crashing down. overnight, a massive blaze. the kansas city fire department responded monday night to a two-alarm fire in an apartment building. battling the flames, successfully rescuing two residents from the second floor using ladders. but moments later, this. crews begin to back up fearing for the stability of the building when a wall collapses. >> command, did you copy? major collapse on the west side. major collapse. >> reporter: two firefighters
7:10 am
killed. two more taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the tragedy, say fire department officials, is a reminder of the harsh reality of firefighting. >> he leaves a wife, a mother, and many immediate family members. the other firefighter leaves the wife, four young daughters, as well as many family members. >> so hard for them. and this morning, we still don't know the identities of the firefighters. but the two who were injured are still in the hospital recovering right now, george. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. it is heartbreaking. >> it is. now to that controversial slide that left the mets' ruben tejada with a broken leg. l.a.'s chase utley was in the dugout last night. he was available to play while he's appealing his suspension. but he did not play. and the mets, well, they managed a little bit of revenge. t.j. holmes is at citi field for again this morning. good morning, t.j.
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>> reporter: hey, there, robin. like you said, he was eligible to play, but did not get in the game. yes, the most talked about and even hated man in baseball the past few days didn't even take the field. still, mets fans got a chance to send him a message. that message was loud, and it was clear, and it went on for awhile. overnight, showdown at citi field. the mets and dodgers meeting for the first time since that slide seen around the world. >> tejada is down. >> reporter: dodgers infielder chase utley's controversial play sent the mets' ruben tejada to the dl and fans into a fury. >> i think it was dirty. >> reporter: fans embraced the chance to express themselves. tejada, with a cast on his broken leg, limped out to a rousing ovation. as for utley, new yorkers let him have it. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the booing went on and on and on. >> number 26 infielder chase utley.
7:12 am
[ crowd booing ] >> reporter: nearly four minutes of boos and chants. utley is eligible to play pending appeal of his two-game suspension. but he was never called on to enter last night's game. >> that is a joke. >> no. >> do not do that. >> reporter: adding to the tension at the stadium, a delay before the first pitch for what many assumed was to warn the mets about retaliating on the field. turns out, a phone wasn't working in the dodgers' dugout. when the game got under way the mets retaliated with their play. >> and that ball is absolutely scorched to left! >> reporter: pounding the dodgers, 13-7 and putting them one game away from winning the division series. well, things maybe didn't get too nasty on the field last night. but they got nasty on twitter between the two mayors of l.a. and new york. guys, check this out. look at what mayor bill de blasio sent to the mayor of l.a., saying "this is what happens when the dodgers don't play dirty." now, i know you all have been
7:13 am
talking about this democratic coming up tonight but two democrats going at it last night over baseball. >> no, he didn't. oh. >> oh, yes, he did. >> yes, he did. he went there big time, t.j. you going to be there for the game tonight, t.j.? >> reporter: i'm not sure. >> oh, come on. >> reporter: i'm waiting on my assignment. >> i volunteer. i volunteer. >> getting him a ticket right now. >> we are. hey, thank you, t.j. now to some answers concerning that fire that forced an alaska airlines jet to make an emergency landing. a credit card reader is to blame. and abc's david kerley has more on what went wrong. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you've used your credit card to buy food or something else on an aircraft. the flight attendants use a card reader. it's not the card reader, it's actually the power source. a lithium ion battery similar to this and these are the batteries that worry aviation regulators. that emergency landing in buffalo leaves an alaska airlines jet surrounded by fire trucks. >> the fire is out at this time. >> reporter: but what fire crews who boarded the 737 find is a
7:14 am
burned up card reader device similar to this. in flight, that credit card machine started smoking, sparking. even catching fire before the crew extinguished it. the model of reader new to the alaska fleet, the device powered by a lithium ion battery which alaska says seemed to be melting. lit yum -- lithium ion batteries, which power everything from our phones to computers, can be a problem on a jetliner. they can overheat. start a chain reaction. this is an faa test of batteries that burst into an almost uncontrollable fire, which is why the government wants to ban the shipment of large quantities of lithium ion batteries on airliners. it was a large lithium battery pack on the dreamliner which led to two major smoky fires and grounded the fleet for a period of time.
7:15 am
in buffalo, passengers had to wait for a new aircraft to finish their flight from the east coast to seattle, as the airline and investigators take a look at those card readers. that was a brand-new card reader for alaska airlines. they pulled them all off the planes. put on the old card readers. the maker says it's recalled all similar models. it says it won't speculate on whether it was the battery involved. it believes or it says at least, robin, it believes it's an isolated incident. >> i know you'll stay on top of it, david. thanks so much. amy with the morning's other top stories with a big deal for beer drinkers. >> that's right, robin. a megadeal is brewing in the beer industry. the owners of anheuser-busch and miller have agreed in principle to a merger worth $106 billion. but the deal will need regulators' approval and the justice department is already investigating whether anheuser-busch has tried to block competition from craft brewers. it could be a rough day on wall street because of new worries about china's economy. overnight we learned about a major drop in chinese imports which could be a sign that the world's second largest economy is, in fact, slowing down. well, the u.s. military is
7:16 am
trying a different approach in syria. cargo jets have air-dropped 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups fighting isis. the u.s. is now arming the rebels instead of trying to train a new force. well, a story of survival from the australian outback. a hunter got lost in the desert for six days in 99-degree heat. he had no food, he had no water. he survived by eating ants. trackers found him sitting under a tree nine miles from his last known location. well, finally if you drink your coffee black, like i do, this study may leave a bitter taste in your mouth. researchers in europe found people who enjoy black coffee and other bitter-tasting drinks tend to be more vain and selfish and more likely to exhibit psychopathic behavior. but critics argue the so-called study was a personality survey and did not scientifically prove anything. george, you drink your coffee
7:17 am
black, too, right? >> i do. thanks a lot, amy. >> i can't believe you admitted you drink black coffee and then you talk about what it means. >> because the study is wrong, robin. the study is wrong. >> this is warm water with lemon. no coffee. >> add a little honey. >> i ask for more milk. you hear me every morning. >> so two psychopaths. >> we didn't want to make the correlation. we're just talking about the news here, george. >> thank you, amy. a dramatic rescue on the high seas in just 30 seconds.
7:18 am
coming up on 7:18 with that sea rescue near hawaii. a sailor adrift for five days. we saw the video on monday. this morning we're learning what really happened. abc's matt gutman has the details. >> reporter: for five days, he bobbed in the pacific. >> left from hilo and was drifting all the way past the islands. and then kauai being the last island from where he was drifting. >> reporter: a storm had taken out his mast and he was running dangerously low on food and water. the sailor, whose name has not been released, finally drifting close enough to kauai for his radio to get a signal. >> he's lucky we caught him on the vhf radio. if he e got past us, who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: within minutes a plane is in the air. its infrared camera zeroing in on the boat. a towboat arriving. >> once we arrived on scene, you could tell on his face there was a huge sigh of relief. >> reporter: after five days the sailor hitching a ride home. but apparently it didn't have to
7:19 am
be that long. >> this case highlights the importance of having the proper equipment on board such as electronic positioning indicating radio beacons which gives the coast guard an exact position of your distress. >> reporter: you saw that sailor popping the the flare on that video. the coast guard recommends you have several of these on your boat. what you do is pop the cap off, pull a tab, and the flare goes several hundred feet in the air and can be seen for miles around. george? >> thank you, matt. much more ahead this tuesday morning. randy quaid and his wife in court after five years on the run. and caught on camera. a terrifying moment when people at home saw a drunk driver online.
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broke out in parts of illinois and now that cold is moving east. all right. thanks, ginger. now we're looking at what is making headlines in the bay area. sheriff's investigators are expected to be back in the santa cruz mountains discovering a human skull yesterday near sherry's way. sheriff's deputies still have part of the area closed this morning. they combed the air into the night but have not found any other body parts and have nod said if the skull belonged to a man or woman. three drifters accused of the bay area murders will be arraigned tomorrow in court. the three were arrested in portland, oregon, last week, accused of killing two people. all three are facing special circumstances in the murders making them eligible for the death penalty. they will stand trial for both murders in marin county.
7:25 am
good morning. we go straight to san jose. earlier sigalert has been lifted. that's the good news. northbound 101 at the key. the bad news is traffic is just jammed all the way back to highway 85. you're looking at a 30-minute delay there. in fact, all northbound freeways through san jose still remain very slow this morning. and a new accident here southbound 280 at highway 84. you can see traffic is now stacked up on your approach towards woodside road. kristen? thank you. we'll check out your forecast
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good morning, thank you for sticking around. checking out the forecast, we'll start with what is waiting outside. mid-50s to mid-60s from the north bay to south bay and inland east bay. our destination near record warmth temperatures.
7:28 am
90s inland. 80s around the bay to near 80 at the coast. tonight will be a little stuffy. not as stuffy as this morning. mid-50s in the north bay valley. the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. the first significant drop in the temperature will be tomorrow and thursday. the showers will stay mainly around monterey bay. then another drop this weekend with the showers possible across the north bay. kristen? mike, thanks. coming up on "good morning america," strahan's secrets to happiness and transforming your
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welcome back to "gma" and you're looking live at the wynn casino in las vegas where the democratic presidential hopefuls will face off tonight. their first debate, five candidates on stage, front-runner hillary clinton will be smack dab in the middle. >> as we learned donald trump live-tweeting during the debate tonight. we're covering that. also, a lot of other headlines this morning. starting with breaking news, final report on malaysian air flight 17 says it was a surface-to-air missile that brought down the plane killing all 298 people on board. and a wild finish on "monday night football." pittsburgh steelers score a touchdown. there it is in the final play of the game. ball made it into the end zone even though the player -- there we go. steelers beat the chargers, 24-20. >> that's official. that counts?
7:31 am
>> you just have to break the plane. >> just has to break the plane. all right, now, jesse. i know you read "playboy" for the articles. but there are some changes that are happening with "playboy." >> it's the journalism, robin. this is actually a big story. a lot talking about this and tweeting about it. one of the top tweets, no nudes is good nudes. we'll have all the details of that coming up in our "speed feed" just ahead, robin and george. >> made for jesse. that is coming up. we begin with the latest on randy quaid. the oscar-nominated actor and his wife in jail after being arrested at the canadian border in vermont. they were charged with running away from vandalism charges in california five years ago. abc's david wright here with the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a story that reads like an indie movie script. a famous actor and his wife arrested at the border, thrown in a vermont jail over the weekend, awaiting possible extradition to california. they're hollywood fugitives.
7:32 am
after five years on the run, actor randy quaid appeared in court monday playing the role of defendant. quaid barely recognizable behind that big santa claus beard as he attempted to explain his lengthy disappearance from the u.s. >> we heard about it through the internet that we missed this court appearance that we didn't know anything about. >> reporter: quaid and his wife have a lot of explaining to do. they were arrested friday trying to cross from quebec into vermont. they fled to canada in 2010 after allegedly being discovered squatting in the guest house of the santa barbara home they used to own. their attorney says the couple is innocent. >> he was never in the house. he was in the pool house. >> reporter: as for the couple, they say they feared for their lives in the u.s. >> we believe there are to be a malignant tumor of star whackers in hollywood. >> reporter: quaid and his wife say the group hollywood star whackers were responsible for the deaths of their friends actors david carradine and heath ledger. prior to his disappearance quaid appeared in a number of blockbuster films notably "independence day" and in the national lampoon "vacation"
7:33 am
movies playing the archetypal nightmare house guest cousin eddie. >> a honey of a tree, clark. is it real? >> reporter: his brother is the actor dennis quaid. the couple sat down exclusively with "gma" in 2010 to discuss the strange turn their lives have taken. >> we are refugees. i mean, that's essentially what it is, hollywood refugees seeking to be left alone by the criminals in america. >> reporter: quaid is being held on $500,000 bail in a vermont jail. his new role? convincing a judge a five-year disappearance was one, big misunderstanding. it's a strange story. the couple expected back in court on thursday. >> strange is an understatement. >> five years. >> five years on the run for breaking into his old house. >> all right, david. thank you. now to a drunk driving arrest that you probably have never seen before. online good samaritans calling police after seeing a drunk young woman behind the wheel.
7:34 am
she was streaming it live on periscope, which allows anyone to broadcast their life. abc's ryan smith is here with the story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. imagine logging on to periscope and seeing this, broadcast worldwide a 23-year-old woman saying she's drunk over and over showing the chaos behind the wheel in real time. and as viewers pleaded with her to stop before she hurt someone, police had the daunting task of finding her and stopping her before it was too late. >> i'm driving home drunk. see if i get a dui. i don't think i will. >> hi, there. i just saw a girl on periscope driving drunk. she doesn't know where she is and she's driving really fast. >> reporter: this morning, police are saying a smartphone app helped them take an allegedly intoxicated driver off the street and put her behind bars. >> how do you know she's drunk? >> she's slurring her speech and she's going from one lane to another on the street.
7:35 am
>> i know. i know. i am super drunk, [ bleep ] drunk right now. >> reporter: police say 23-year-old whitney beall was using the live-streaming app periscope to share her saturday night out in lakeland, florida, with the world. in real time. starting off at a bar. and getting behind the wheel of her car. >> i really don't know where the [ bleep ] i am. i am so [ bleep ] drunk. >> reporter: people who didn't even know her saw her video and called police. >> do you have her name or anything? >> no. i don't know her, these are just people -- random people that pop up. >> reporter: a police officer used his personal account to find her location. pulling her over, reportedly smelling alcohol on her breath, arresting her, and charging her with dui after failing several field sobriety tests and refusing the take a breathalyzer.
7:36 am
>> you hear her saying she's drunk. after 30 years of law enforcement i hadn't seen anything like this before. >> reporter: police had no way of finding her so had to go from landmarks in that video to track her down. she was taken to a local jail, released on bail. authorities saying they're thankful this didn't result in an accident or anyone being hurt, robin and george. >> oh, my goodness. you were describing it a little bit, ginger, about how it works. >> anybody can do it. you would have had to leave it open or save the video to have all that video. so -- interesting. >> what a crazy thing to narrate. >> thanks, ryan, for that. coming up, tom brady's business partner and personal trainer under fire. now the star quarterback is coming to his defense. >> you guys may think i'm full of crap but the proof's what you see on the field. >> why some of his health -- why some say his health guru is just like a, quote, snake oil salesman. we'll have that coming up.
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and business partner, a man who some call a, quote, snake oil salesman. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: lara, good morning. that man has been described as a key part of brady's success. some teammates calling him mr. miyagi. but now, brady is defending his nontraditional way. as some have called it quackery. from brutal sacks -- >> here comes hardy on brady and he's got the sack. >> reporter: to devastating injuries. superstar new england patriot tom brady is still one of the nfl's best players, even at the age of 38. >> this is for you guys. >> reporter: and he gives much of the credit to this man, health guru and close personal friend alex guerrero. >> he's been an incredible influence in my life. >> reporter: but this morning, the quarterback is playing defense against a new report guerrero is a snake oil
7:42 am
salesman. >> i wouldn't be playing today if it wasn't for, you know, what he's been able to accomplish with me. >> reporter: guerrero under renewed scrutiny after a recent boston magazine article focused on a 2005 federal trade commission action against him for pretending to be a doctor. and using tv infomercials to sell a product called supreme greens. claiming it seemed to cure or prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, with studies showing remarkable results. >> out of those 200 people that were terminal, we lost 8. eight. >> reporter: but the ftc found he was making false advertisements and there was no real evidence at all which guerrero himself eventually admitted to abc's "20/20." >> you have no scientific support for supreme greens? >> no, there is no scientific support for supreme greens. >> reporter: but since then he's become one of brady's closest advisers, even godfather to his younger son ben. >> does he regret his past, alex? >> yeah, i definitely think there's things he wished he would have done differently. >> reporter: in a new radio
7:43 am
interview with weei, brady says guerrero's holistic approach is the key to brady's success. >> now you guys may think i'm full of crap but the proof's what you see on the field. >> reporter: brady so confident in guerrero's methods they've become business partners opening a sports therapy center together, right behind gillette stadium. >> i know what i've spoke with with alex over the years. and i have tremendous belief in alex and what he's accomplished with me. in the 10 or 11 years we have been working together, he has never been wrong. >> reporter: now in settling the supreme greens claim ftc ordered him to pay a $65,000 fine and banned him for life from ever making such claims again. we reached out for comment from guerrero but got no response. >> all right, mara. thank you very much. coming up, the "playboy" shakeup. everybody is talking about, everybody including jesse in social square with more. >> it could be called the ultimate cover-up. what's really behind "playboy's" new move?
7:44 am
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♪ my blood runs cold sing it, all. ♪ my memory has just been sold
7:48 am
>> nobody else? that's it. ♪ angel is a centerfold >> thank you. >> we knew with this story, jesse, it had you written all over it. don't take it -- >> award winning compelling journalism, robin. >> that's it. >> that's right. "the speed feed," you got that. i got it for you right here. >> reporter: miss march. miss april. miss maybe not anybody. because starting in 2016, "playboy" says the women it features will be naked no longer. wait. what? after 62 years of sexy centerfolds and unclothed celebrities from marilyn to madonna to, whoa, "playboy" without nudity? said one internet commenter, it's like "vogue" without shoes. >> i'm hugh hefner. editor/publisher of "playboy" magazine. >> reporter: starting in the 1950s, the iconic hef fired the
7:49 am
first shot for hetero men in his grou groundbreaking magazine, showing women unclothed and unashamed. some unknown, some famous, some looking to become famous once more. he surrounded those nudes with news making interviews, high-end journalism and pleasure principles of the playboy philosophy. >> embracing sexuality is a part of what it means to be free. >> reporter: the playboy mansion, playboy club, playboy bunnies. then journalist gloria steinemwent undercover as one. the first to feature the likes of jenny mccarthy, pamela anderson and anna nicole smith, hef changed the world. but the world changed, too. with anything goes sexual content all over the internet, the magazine's readership plummeted from a one-time high of 5.6 million 40 years ago to 800,000. hef addressed it with john donvan in 2010. >> i think it's had a dramatic impact on "playboy." people get the information in
7:50 am
different ways now. >> reporter: hef now 89 and his team hoping that putting some clothes on those models will make playboy content both safe for work and internet-era sexy. though as "playboy's" cory jones told "the new york times," 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to chris connelly for bringing that piece to us. >> that's right, guys. and the news is trending on facebook and twitter right now. >> you don't say. >> one of our favorite tweets. no more nude women in playboy. when you say you read it for the articles, you won't be lying. >> i like how he decided this at 89. you know what? enough's enough. >> they were offered the vanessa williams photos way back when and they said, no, we're not going to print them. that's why it went to "penthouse." >> that great jacket. >> silk jacket. vin diesel. firing back against body shaming. come on back. ♪
7:51 am
♪ ♪
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. a male was killed in a hit-and-run earlier this hour. it took place near james cook high school. the suspect is on the loose. we have a crew on the scene gathering more information and will bring it to you as soon as it comes into the newsroom. we'll check on the morning community. >> yes, it's a fatal accident on the east side of san jose at south white at florence. chp and police are on the scene there. it is closed south white at hobart and backed up for several blocks past story road. if you want to get around this, you should take south capital and continue on in the northbound direction to avoid the road closure. here's mike with a look at your traffic. weather, excuse me. no getting around, it's going to be hot again. as i walk around the flag, it's pointing gentleman you have shore. that means near record highs.
7:57 am
the closest in redwood city within two degrees. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be considerably cooler with a better chance for a shower on saturday. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," a never-ending
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. vin diesel firing back after this picture. the action star, a surprising target of body shaming. what he told only "gma" about the body backlash. >> honestly i would rather it come to me than somebody else. i can take it. >> and the picture now that's got so many people talking. compulsive texting. is your teenager so attached to the phone that they can't put it down? how too much texting could be affecting school performance. the new research revealing girls are more affected than boys. ♪ i'm happy transform your life starting this morning, michael spills his secrets to waking up happy. "wake up happy," it sounds like an order. >> yeah, i'm ordering you, george. wake up happy. >> what really scares him and the rules he lives by to get the most out of every day. ♪ shut up and dance with he me
8:01 am
big drama on "dancing." >> i broke his nose. i feel awful. >> the american hero suffering a major setback in the ballroom. and maks is back. >> because i can, a 10. >> dishing on all the contenders only to our cameras, as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> and good morning, america. let's see, joe jonas, charlie puth are here. there they are right there. they are going to announce the nominees for the american music awards in just a little bit. >> looking forward to that and looking forward to your chitchat with michael strahan. we've been seeing the promos and we all said, oh, they're dressed alike. >> oh. >> we coordinated that, yeah. >> did you plan that ahead of time? >> in part, he went golfing because he plays as hard as he works. >> he does. and we wanted an hour off, too. >> look how cute you are.
8:02 am
>> let's move on. >> the bromance is alive and well, people. hey, this morning we're kicking off a new series we're calling it "baby oh! baby." i wonder why, ging. our ginger, with baby on board, tracking the latest in pregnancy news and the latest trends in how mom can save money and look fabulous. >> can we say you've always been beautiful in how you dress but really during this pregnancy. >> thank you. now you'll find out how, because i've been renting. >> oh. >> it's very exciting, yes. >> because it's only nine months and it changes all the time. >> it changes all the time. believe me, by the day. >> yeah. >> that is coming up. let's get the morning rundown from amy. >> all right, good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. new details about the passenger plane shot down last year over ukraine. investigators are releasing new video showing what they believe happened when a russian-made missile hit malaysia airlines flight 17 killing all 298 people on board. abc's lama hasan is here with those details. lama, good morning.
8:03 am
>> reporter: and good morning to you, amy. well, this morning the dutch safety board revealing mh-17 was shot down by a russian-made surface-to-air buk missile showing a blow-by-blow animation of what happened. investigators saying the missile hit the left-hand side of the cockpit first and then breaking apart from the rest of the plane in midair. the victims' families learning that in those final moments as the plane was hit, it was unlikely anyone was alive. investigators asking why the plane was flying over a war zone in eastern ukraine blaming the country for not closing its airspace and for airlines failing to recognize the dangers from the armed conflict on the ground in ukraine. now, a criminal investigation due in the next couple of months will identify who was responsible. amy? >> all right, lama, thank you. and back here at home tonight is debate night. the democrats running for president are gearing up for their first face-off of the
8:04 am
campaign, with with hk hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominating headlines. it could be make or break for the other three contenders struggling to get any attention. clinton's first stop after arriving in las vegas was one of donald trump's hotels for a union rally. meanwhile, there is a new push this morning to get vice president joe biden to enter the race. the group draft biden is actually running a new ad right before tonight's debate. well, in medical news, a warning about those popular health clinics popping up in drugstores across the country. the american college of physicians says the retail clinics are effective in treating minor issues like the common cold. but they warn anyone with chronic illnesses, like diabetes and asthma, should consult their primary care doctor. doctors are concerned too many people are giving up proper health care for the convenience of clinics. well, your teenager's texting habit may be more serious than you thought. a new study finds teens who text compulsively are a lot like gambling addicts. sharing the same inability to cut back and often lying to hide their habit. the study also found that girls
8:05 am
are more likely to suffer academically from that compulsive texting than boys. and finally, talk about devotion to duty. take a look at this photo. it's going viral of a bride at the scene of a car accident. sara ray was on the way to her own reception when the call came in that her grandmother was in a collision, so she raced to the scene in her wedding dress because she's also a paramedic. her mom took this photo. >> i just have to laugh because i know the face that i'm giving my mom is the -- really mom? right now you're taking a picture? >> yes, so she was a little embarrassed that mom took her picture but her mom said that is because it shows her daughter's true character. speaking true to form, guess where the bride is spending her honeymoon. >> where? >> well, she is teaching an ems class. >> of course she is. >> yes, on her honeymoon. she's giving back. >> that's a great photo. >> isn't it a beautiful photo? >> i'm glad her mom took that photo. >> her mom is very proud of her. rightfully so. let's go to lara now in the social square.
8:06 am
>> thank you. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first up action hero vin diesel is taking on body shaming. what he's saying now about it only on "gma." and then a stunning night on "dancing with the stars." we are backstage for all of the action. and then we're waking up happy. michael strahan going one on one with george revealing strahan's success, the secrets to that success. all that, plus joe jonas and his band, charlie puth, all here on "gma." a lot coming up live, so don't go anywhere. i like that move. [ doorbell rings ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't you wish everything could put itself away like reflex?
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8:09 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma." time for our "heat index" and this morning's hot button, vin diesel, "fast and furious" star firing back at body shamers after he took heat for photos posted online. jesse palmer with the story. hey, jesse. >> hey, george. you know, vin diesel is known for his fast-paced action movies. but it was when he was out of action that got so many people making cruel comments. and now, he's taking on all those body-shamers. >> let's go for a little ride. >> he's been a "fast and furious" car thief. >> you're going to stop the monsters now? >> i am the monster. >> reporter: a sci-fi hero and a navy s.e.a.l. >> gotcha. >> reporter: but now vin diesel caught on camera revealing a
8:12 am
softer side. slammed on the internet with some questioning whether his famous physique is really a dad body. >> you know what i'm afraid of? nothing. >> reporter: while female stars are frequently body-shamed online, now a new and surprising target. male action heroes. vin diesel captured in the cross fire firing back on instagram with this abtastic photo saying for those who wanted the show for all the angels who love the dad bod regardless. this morning vin diesel speaking out exclusively to abc news admitting his new role in "the last witch-hunter" didn't require as much time in the gym as his past roles. >> the director kept saying you know, there's no gold's gym in the 13th century. >> reporter: the high octane superstar is taking the criticism in stride. >> get out. honestly, i would rather it come to me than somebody else. um -- i can take it. it's -- i started working out when i was a teenager. i was a bouncer in new york city. so i started working in new york
8:13 am
nightclubs at 17. and because of that, i started training then. i don't care really. i'm not trying to be in super shape all the time. i am trying to master my craft of making films. >> reporter: the 38-year-old actor has maintained a ripped physique for nearly all of his life. but this morning proving it's his character that's his super strength. >> i do think it's wrong to body-shame. there are trolls on the internet, there are all kinds of atrocities they commit on the internet. >> we've seen so many women fighting back against body shaming. it's refreshing, though, to finally see someone like vin diesel now calling for change. >> it sure is. kate coyne from "people" magazine joining us. vin diesel said he can take it. does he change the conversation? >> i don't really think he does. i'm sorry to say. i mean, i think the very fact that part of what he was being accused of having, a dad bod, which is in and of itself that's a term that's kind of adorable. no one is like, ooh, check out
8:14 am
the hot mom body on her. whereas dad body has become an adorable phrase for a guy with a little bit of a gut. well, he clearly didn't because the way he fought back against the body shaming was by showing it doesn't apply to him, so it's a little bit of a conflicting message, because, on the one hand, it's like, hey, don't body-shame me. and a few hours later, it's like, because, by the way, pal, i still have the six pack. so it's, you know, god love him for trying -- >> also, kate, he's showing he's just like us. he's not training for a movie and so he lets himself go. you can't keep in that shape all the time. >> i mean, honestly, i think if you look at the soft photo of him with the little sort of belly bib that he had going there, the bigger problem is he's holding a cigarette in his hand, if you ask me. you know, i think really everybody is allowed to have a day in which you look like that. have a burger the night before and, you know, a little bit of a belly the next day. >> he is a lovely guy. every time he's been on the show he's just a really nice person and you know what, he spoke out. i'm sure he didn't like it. nobody wants to be examined like
8:15 am
that when they're having a day off. >> especially not when you have that under your shirt. i mean, you know, about to show off at the end. >> all right, kate. thanks for stopping by. appreciate it very much. next up on our "heat index," the old switch-a-roo in the ballroom. always one of the toughest nights of the season. and the couples were facing a tough critic. maks was back as a judge. abbie boudreau has all the action. ♪ >> reporter: the stars shaking things up on switch-up night hitting the floor with new partners for one week only. wildlife sweetheart bindi irwin got her cha-cha on. ♪ darling hold my hand ♪ oh won't you hold my hand >> reporter: paris train hero alek skarlatos suffering a preshow scare injuring his nose during rehearsal. but recovering in time to rock the rumba. ♪ >> reporter: but that wasn't the only comeback setting tongues
8:16 am
wagging. surprise. >> maks is back. >> reporter: pro dancer and season 18 champion maks chmerkovskiy returning to take the hot seat at the judges table. >> why am i sweating. it was not a great quickstep. it was an amazing quickstep. i loved it. i loved it. because i can, a 10. >> reporter: at times drawing some boos from the crowd. >> i wish it was a little more fluent. you were just trying not to mess up. >> reporter: and even younger brother val. >> it was definitely the longest. it's not nice, but such is this ballroom. >> reporter: you're kind of the bad boy of the ballroom. >> when i go to sleep tonight my conscience is very, very clear. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> he's back. >> all that maks. all that maks. "dancing with the stars" is back next monday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. and now we're going to turn to michael strahan. he's got a brand-new book, "wake up happy: the dream big, win big guide to transforming your life." it is out today.
8:17 am
we went to golf and body, new york city, to talk about his rules for staying happy and squeeze in a little practice. ♪ a lovely day >> reporter: so what does this song. >> get in there! >> reporter: and golf tell us about michael strahan's new book? ♪ a lovely day it turns out a lot. he writes that both keep him waking up happy. so, michael, looking at this cover, you're smiling and happy. >> uh-huh. >> you say wake up happy. it sounds like an order despite your smile. >> yeah, i'm ordering you, george. wake up happy. >> reporter: the book is both a memoir and a how-to guide to happiness. 18 rules he's learned along the way. like rule number one, help can and will come from the most unexpected places. this is something i can't even imagine. i'm trying to get the picture in my head. michael strahan working out to jane fonda videotapes. >> yeah, jane fonda saved my life, george. jane fonda got me -- and it was very unlikely because i was a
8:18 am
chubby kid. my brothers called me bob which meant booty on back. my booty was so big. and i found jane fonda tapes, because she did all the leg lifts and all these things that literally worked your butt off. it was the first time in my life that i saw through my attitude or just through my desire that i can change something and i did. >> reporter: that change led to a love of fitness and, of course, football. a career that believe it or not almost never got started but then his dad taught him rule number four. hit pause before you out and out quit. you really went back after your freshman jeer of college, you were going to quit football? >> yeah, i was done. after my first semester in college but then it was so fast for me. i was away from my family and i went back for christmas break and took the lightbulbs out of the lamps. i was not going back to that college dorm room. and my dad said, what are you going to do? and i said, i'm going to stay
8:19 am
and work with you. and he again said, what are you going to do? i realized at that point i had to do something for myself and i had quit at that point and he basically ordered me as an army officer was to get back on the horse and make something happen for myself. >> reporter: what he's made is not one but two or three different careers. using his rules to reinvent himself. seems like another big secret to your success that can apply to anybody. you have to be fearless and be willing to try just about anything. >> i'm scared 90% of the time. but i have -- i do things. i push through it and we're all intimidated. we're all scared about things that come along in our life. i was scared to go back to college because -- and i was scared to play football and i was scared the first time i did "live." i was scared to come on "gma." >> scared to come on "gma." come on. >> you scared me. you're an intimidating guy, george. >> yeah, right. >> i was scared. but then i realized, you have to get out of your comfort zone. >> and that bill withers song is number nine, the secret lies not in luck but in the things you do every day. something we share, you can't survive without a routine.
8:20 am
>> for me the routine just sets my mind for the day. it sets -- i wake up in the morning, my routine is i wake up and i put on music. music makes me happy. >> bill withers. >> bill withers. "a lovely day." so that's one of the songs that in my mind kick-starts my attitude of being happy and just enjoying the day. >> reporter: which brings us back to golf. and rule number eight, play is the business of adults. so there's actually a reason we're on the golf course today. rule number eight. the importance of play. >> very important. >> why? >> because i think we all get so tied up in what's going on in work and all these other things that we forget that life is supposed to be fun. i try to bring that same attitude as much of the fun and play as you can bring to a job, i try to do it. >> what do you say to someone watching at home that says, well, it's easy for michael strahan to be happy. >> no. it's not. >> he's on the top of the world. >> michael strahan was not happy. even when michael strahan, as everyone sees -- i'm talking about myself in the third person, a little weird. >> that's dangerous. >> but even when someone sees it
8:21 am
and goes, oh, he should be happy. all these things going, that doesn't make you happy. for me i wake up and choose to be happy. and it truly is as choice. your life is going to be as happy as you want it to be as long as you make the decision that you want to be that way. >> and michael is already on his big book tour starting this morning. to his dressing room getting ready for "live with kelly and michael." hey, michael, how happy are you this morning? >> i'm very happy. finally, george, you can finally read this book. i'm extremely happy. i mean, it's a great day. it seems like a long time coming. >> well, let's talk about it, bob. excuse me, michael. not bob anymore. thanks to jane fonda. i got to say, michael -- >> that is not going to be my new nickname at the studio. >> it's okay. >> only sometimes. >> it's okay, but i really appreciate the fact that you talked about overcoming fear. i remember when you came on the show and how you would look at george. i remember you on the red carpet that time at the oscars.
8:22 am
and coming over and talking to you. why was it important for you to share those points, as well? >> because i think, you know, everyone thinks that it's easy and everyone thinks, people come up and say, oh, just a natural thing, you went from football, it's amazing. and it's not natural. i have fears just like everybody has fears, but fortunately for me i've had you, robin, on the red carpet. you saved me my first time ever at the oscars. george and everybody on set there saves me every day when i come in. because you guys have put my fears at ease and you have made me feel like i'm a part of the team and what we're doing. and i think it's important for people to know that even though on the outside, it may look smooth and may look like you'it just natural for you, we vul a fears and you have to push through your fears to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. >> he brings that happiness to that set every morning. >> happiness is contagious. you make up happy, michael, each and every day you're here. >> that smile of yours just lights up a room and we love having you here. congratulations on the book.
8:23 am
>> congratulations, michael. "wake up happy" available today. there it is right there. >> he'll be here tomorrow. >> he'll be here tomorrow. >> we love you, michael. >> and ginger is outside. ♪ clap along >> guys, michael comes in every morning, makes sure to hug and kiss everybody. i'm going to start doing that out here. i don't know about that but let's talk about the fall foliage. if you wanted to see it, it is changing in some places but it's not going to be the absolute best everywhere. a couple of reasons for that. that wind took a lot of the trees out or the leaves out in the northern plains, and you're seeing the peak colors in curren good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. check out our flag, pointing out to the ocean, which means it's going to be hot again today. cooler tomorrow with showers around the monterey bay and valley. cooler yet this weekend with a better chance for showers near the coast and up into the north bay. near and along the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s land. still warm tonight with the mid-50s to mid-60s. my accuweather seven-day
8:24 am
forecast, 10 to 20 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> i say we stay happy, lara. get some "pop." >> that is a perfect transition, ginger, because we start "pop news" with very happy news. i love this song. ♪ loves all of you and john legend, of course, in the song sings he loves all of chrissy teigen's curves and all of her edges. well, the supermodel is announcing this morning she'll have even more curves than ever to love. the proud parents-to-be posting news of their baby on board on instagram late last night. teigen writing, "it hasn't been easy, but we kept trying because we can't wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family. we are so excited, it's finally happening." i have chills. >> that's exciting. >> they're just the loveliest couple. teigen recently revealing, of course, her struggle, their struggle trying to conceive. it happened during an episode of "the fablife," that talk show she does with tyra and "all of me" and all of us here at "gma" want to congratulate both of you on your wonderful news. >> wonderful news. [ applause ]
8:25 am
congrats. >> so exciting. and this one is for you, george. i did not know this about you, but i love working with you because i find out something new about you every day. >> maybe i will, too. >> killer golf swing and you and michael have matching outfits. now i find out you love will ferrell movies. >> i do. >> i didn't know that. so will ferrell fanatics, including george, have a place of their own to call home. everybody, look for george on the lower east side. it's a bar dedicated to the funny man. it's just opened called stay classy new york. and needless to say it's, quote, kind of a big deal. inside is a shrine to the actor and his cinematic achievements. basically it's just wall-to-wall will ferrell. on the menu, as well, cocktails with names like mugatu mule. i hope it comes in a copper cup. not that i would know what that was for. glass case of emotion and milk was a bad choice. those are a few of the cocktails. the owner says he was inspired to pay tribute to the star because he was obsessed with "anchorman." he watched it five times a week
8:26 am
for three years and decided he needed to create a place where 35-year-old to 40-year-old people could come and not be intimidated by loud, tech know music. bonus points if you know the words and the moves to this song. ♪ don't hurt me no more >> you can sing, jesse. jesse has some good pipes. ♪ baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more ♪ >> we're just going to let him sing it out. go ahead, man. [ laughter ] >> i may have done that once or twice in my life before. coming up, "baby oh! baby" brought to you by baby ddrops. the sunshine vitamin in just one drop.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. we are following breaking news of a man being hit just after 7:00 two blocks from james high school. the suspect's vehicle is a white ford or chevy pickup with a loud exist, black rims and tinted windows. it's not clear if the victim was on the sidewalk or street, but it was an older man without i.d. we'll bring you more details as they come into the newsroom. here's the rest of the commute with sue hall. >> we are looking at slow traffic in the westbound direction of 880 and also in the eastbound. it is just starting to ease up with the earlier accident in the eastbound direction blocking the lanes near gilman avenue. that's just cleared out of the lanes. and the fatal accident we talked about in east san jose is still blocking lanes. south white is closed at hobart.
8:28 am
take capital to get around it. thank you. we'll check out the
8:29 am
welcome back. check out our temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s. but we are lifting off the lows warmer than yesterday. now we have the offshore breeze continuing. you can see the flag there at the golden gate bridge. that means we'll threaten a few records. the best chance near redwood city, the 90 there in san jose within a couple degrees of record highs. where are we going to end up?
8:30 am
about 80 along the coast. 80s near the bay and 90s inland. this is the last hot day. our best chance of right now, time to count down "the top 5." [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't need a coat. don't need a coat. it feels good out here. welcome back to "gma" and that's right, time now for "the top 5," a new countdown every morning. taking us to the biggest, best, buzziest, jesse, you're here with that. >> we got "top 5." ama nominations is coming up. this morning, we have the top five biggest concert tours of the year. these are all the acts, guys, that brought in the most money per city as compiled by poll star. are you ready? here we go. number five, country superstar luke bryan. riding high with his "kick the dust up" tour. his fans known as the nut house. >> yes, i was telling you that his rear has its own twitter
8:31 am
handle. >> it does? up on stage shaking that booty. >> number four, the '70s rock act, fleetwood mac. their tour is called "on with the show." all right, number three, we got our second big country act, the man with the hat, this guy loves bicep curls, kenny chesney. his crew, the no shoes nation. this guy bringing in the coin. the no shoes nation. i like that. so we got our final two, you guys want to make a quick guess. >> rolling stones. >> taylor swift. >> bon jovi. >> taylor swift and rolling stones right out of the gate for you two? >> yes. >> yes. >>. >> you two are good. number two coming in hot, the one, the only taylor swift. going strong with her "1989" tour. she's now with the girl squad. number one -- >> do we have a drum roll? [ drum roll ] >> i will come over here with help. you guys, any guess who could be number one? >> well, it's got to be the rolling stones.
8:32 am
>> that is right. crushing it. after more than 50 years in rock 'n' roll mick jagger and company the number one concert. what do you think about that going 50 years strong. still number one. >> amazing. >> what does that say to quu guys? >> mick jagger still can do it. >> it's unbelievable. we'll talk to you more just ahead. that's your "top 5" list for today. we want to know what you think. go to "gma's" facebook page and twitter and tell us who is in your "top 5." robin, with no coat. >> thank you, jesse. donna karan stunned the world when she announced this past summer that she was stepping down as chief designer of her namesake company. now the fashion icon has a new memoir, it's called "my journey," got a chance to sit down with her to reflect on her incredible life and career. what do you want someone reading your book to be able to apply to their life? >> whatever you do, it has to come from your heart, not from your mind. >> what a journey. why did you want to put it down in black and white? >> i needed to put it down before i forgot.
8:33 am
i was constantly reflecting and looking at the past and realizing how the dots all connected. >> reporter: during her 30-year career, donna karan launched two successful clothing lines, donna karan and dkny building a fashion empire and redefining the way women wore clothes and in one memorable television ad letting women in on the secret to her success. >> never confuse fad with fashion. never forget it's your name on every label. and when showing your line to the press, never let them see you sweat. you know, when you're starting up a company, and somebody said to you, you know, don narks ndod some money. and i go, yeah, so? well, how about dry idea? never let them see you sweat. >> i don't think many of us will forget that. how does that make you feel knowing that you were given credit to actually changing the way women dress? >> i'm very flattered.
8:34 am
but for me it was a natural. i love, love, love designing. it's part of my being. you know, i love designing with other women. i love designing men's clothes a lot. a real lot. far more than i thought i would. and i picked up a hot group of guys that i like to dress. >> yes, president clinton. >> well, couldn't get hotter than that. okay, let's start at the top. >> reporter: for karan, starting at the top meant dressing man who would occupy the oval office. being asked to design both of former president bill clinton's inauguration suits. what was that call like? >> i don't think i've ever recovered from the phone call because we did have an argument, a little bit of an argument. a discussion. i said, what size suit are you and he said a 54 long. i said that's impossible. you're a 54 extra long. you know president clinton was right. he wore a long, not an extra
8:35 am
long. and i could not believe it. >> reporter: while she has dressed some of the most powerful men in the world, it's her late husband, stephan a statalented artist who was he greatest inspiration. the love of your life, stephan -- >> sitting here i feel his energy. >> you do, don't you? >> oh, yeah. >> his passing stays with you. >> forever. and ever. ah. yeah. this is stephan's studio. you know, stephan built this. i had nothing to do with it. there was this line between us that i was allowed to be the decorator. he was the architect. and never the twain shall meet. and i think that's what made stephan and i so great. this piece says it all. he left the canvas outside and he said, talk to me so he -- >> we're still in new york, right? we're still in new york, right? >> like we're not in new york? >> reporter: and it's her husband's legacy that continues
8:36 am
to sustain and drive karan's passion to help others. >> i've always said why don't we just have a philanthropic store where we can give all our money back? and that's really how urban zen started. >> reporter: urban zen is a foundation that connects karan's life mission to help redefine health care, preserve cultures, and empower women and children. where do you want to see it go, donna? >> my dream is that urban zens are all over the country. they're all over the world. that it's not about me. this is about a call out to action. >> call out to action. donna karan is an exceptional, beautiful soul. urban zen is so incredibly important to her and the love that she has for her husband. i'm telling you. her book "my journey" is available now. and let's go ahead and get into some weather, shall we? and say good morning to some of the folks behind us.
8:37 am
hello, good morning. how about we talk about the cold fronts? you all ready for cold air this weekend. if you're sticking around in new york cold front number one and number two by sunday morning you'll feel subfreezing in a lot of places. so, yeah, that's close to average. supposed to happen. but we've been so warm. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. another day of near record heat with 80s in san francisco. 90s for the rest of us. my accuweather seven-day forecast, our first drop in temperature tomorrow. a more significant drop this weekend and a slight chance of showers saturday also. >> and all that weather brought to you by boost. years ago his brother, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. joe has a new band, dnce and they are here with us. bandmates, cole whittle, jinjoo lee and jack lawless all in line.
8:38 am
thank you so much for being here. you know what else? they've got a really exciting preview of their first video. let's take a look. >> yes. ♪ so talk to me baby i'm going to miss this sweet craving whoa-oh let's lose our minds and go crazy ♪ ♪ i-i-i-i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ♪ ♪ walk for me baby i keep hoping you'll be naomi whoa ♪ ♪ let's lose our minds and go baby crazy ♪ ♪ i-i-i-i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the oex ♪ >> and dnce, again here. you have a very special announcement this morning. >> yes. >> tell us. >> that's where our first video is here. we're excited for the release of our ep. october 23rd and we can't wait for everyone to hear the music. >> okay 23rd, we'll see more of
8:39 am
you then, too. >> yes. >> see you perform which we can't get enough of. that song is called "cake by the ocean." what was the inspiration for that. >> i was working with a few producers from sweden that kept confusing sex on the beach with cake from the ocean so we came up with a song from there. >> dnce is also a play on dance and we'll hear a lot more about that and you're going to be here talking about the amas. all this coming up. plus we'll tell you how you can make over your maternity wardrobe. please don't go anywhere. "gma," more of it just ahead. thank you, guys. >> t
8:40 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:42 am
we are back now with the first installment of our new series "baby oh! baby." all about modern pregnancy, a thing i know a little bit about. any mom, though, knows that maternity clothing can be super expensive, especially when you want to look fresh every day. look at this. a little secret here. i've been renting these dresses and you can, too. from kerry washington's beautiful bump to the ever elegant pregnant kate, we love to see what the stars are wearing when they start to pop. but for those of us with baby on board and a budget, buying a whole new wardrobe for just a few months can sure make it tough to feel red carpet ready. this is all i have for maternity. none of this fits. none of that fits. this fits. i got a whole closet over here that doesn't fit and i've got another couple months left. jersey is the pregnant woman's best friend. >> exactly. it's comfortable.
8:43 am
it's loose. >> here it is. enter companies like mine for nine that rent clothing for up to 75% off the retail price. not bad when women can spend up to two grand on their maternity wardrobe. >> our average ticket runs between $90 and $100 and in those order they'll usually get four to five items. >> who is this specifically for? >> for anyone that's pregnant. even if you're a stay-at-home mom and you just want to put something on that makes you feel good on a date night. they can rent something for a month. >> instead of buying this navy maxi dress for $175, i could rent it for 60 bucks for two weeks. thanks to maternity rental now i don't have to lose sleep with what to wear with this ever growing belly. i swear it grows every day. we are now joined by mindy walker, executive editor from "american baby" magazine. welcome to "gma" again. we love to see you. >> thank you, thank you. >> this dress just for an
8:44 am
example, 40 bucks and i get to keep it for a month. >> from mine for nine, wear it as much as you want for $40. >> i have a baby shower coming up. a lot of reasons you could have multiple times to wear it. >> exactly. >> i know it's an ever-changing body, like we said. the flin months is a long time. and you grow out of things. >> exactly so women are -- we're finding women can spend up to $2,000 on maternity clothes because your body is changing but yet you don't want to wear your cousin's hand-me-downs the whole time. you looked stylish before you were pregnant. you want to look stylish while you're pregnant. subscription services make this possible. >> i don't want to keep it all after. even if you get pregnant again you don't know if the season is going to be the same. a lot of factors that can affect that. >> yes, definitely. let's bring out our models and start with ingrid. >> okay, great. >> ingrid, come on out. >> ingrid -- >> whoo! ingrid is wearing this great outfit from le tote. it's a black and white top. it comes with a den anymore
8:45 am
jacket and hobo bag. le tote comes to your house, you choose what you want. online. if you want office looks or casual looks and then you wear it as much as you want for that month. >> how much have we saved here? >> so this outfit would retail for $245. but she's getting it for $59. that's a savings of $186. >> it's huge. >> it is huge. >> it is. and especially because so many of us, there's so many -- you could wear this over and over. you could pull it off for days. all right, one more look, we've got shelly. >> shelly coming out. so she got her fabulous dress from belly bump boutique. >> and you're due any day. >> she's due any day. and it's not easy to pull off great look when you're due any day. but shelly does it. this outfit is great for, let's say, you have a wedding or a shower you want to go to. you can go online. book it in advance and go on, say, okay, reserve it for that week and get this dress. >> bring it. give me the savings. >> $118 retail. she gets it for $35. >> wow.
8:46 am
>> yes, so she's saving $83. >> thank you so much. thank you, shelly. good luck. >> thank you. >> and mindy, thank you for being here. and thanks to "american baby" magazine. follow me on my blog and website. on yahoo! and we have the next part of the series, safe effective workouts for moms-to-be in every trimester. that will come up later this week. the ama nominations coming up live, next. ♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪
8:47 am
♪a whole new world welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers, visit or call your travel agent.
8:48 am
you've been waiting all morning long. time is here. ready for the big reveal. the nominees for the american music awards. this is the world's biggest fan voted awards show. >> yeah, so excited this morning to have singing/song-writing sensations joe jonas and charlie
8:49 am
puth to announce the nominations for some of the hottest categories. guy, take it away. >> all right. in the pop or rock music category, the favorite album nominees are ed sheeran, "x" sam smith, "in the lonely hour." taylor swift, "1989." and in the pop or rock music category, the favorite female artist nominees are ariana grande, taylor swift, and meghan train trainor. >> in the pop or rock music category favorite male artist nominees are nick jonas! ed sheeran. and sam smith. >> in the new artist of the year presented by kohl's category, the nominees are -- fetty wap, sam hunt, tove lo, walk the moon, and the weeknd.
8:50 am
>> nice. in the song of the year category, the nominees are mark ronson featuring bruno mars, "uptown funk." ed sheeran "thinking out loud." taylor swift, "blank space." the weeknd "can't feel my face." wiz khalifa featuring charlie puth, "see you again." >> oh. wow. that's -- sorry, i was caught offguard there. but, in the artist of the year category, the nominees are luke bryan, ariana grande, maroon 5, nicki minaj, and ed sheeran. >> sam smith. taylor swift. meghan trainor. the weeknd. and one direction. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's it.
8:51 am
>> yeah. >> thank you, guys. >> that caught me off guard. >> nice to hear a familiar name, charlie. congratulations. >> thank you. i'm a little under the weather right now so that really kind of made my day. >> there you go. >> you were honestly surprised there. >> i really -- this is all a dream to me still. the fact that i get to come here, a place where i used to walk, and be in the bright lights with joe. >> in times square. >> celebrating a little bit. last week the video for "see you again" hit a billion views and it went three times platinum. and you also have an album coming out. >> i do, yeah, in january. basically music about what's happened to me this year to show my crazy year. >> you seem pretty excited about your brother there. >> i'm so excited. we were texting before this. he's like, he's on the west coast. he's like, what time are you announcing the awards? so i'm really happy for him. >> we're happy for you too, nick. well deserved. that's terrific and you guys,
8:52 am
what is the show mean to you as artists? amas. it's fan-based, so -- >> well, for me, i got my start with like youtube and got everybody commenting on my stuff all the time. and i was only in the online world. so for me, i'm just getting to perform. he's done a lot more performing than me. the fact that i get to perform in front of fans that i met online, that's insane to me. >> everybody gets to tweet in their votes. great show coming up. go on facebook. everything. jennifer lopez. who else are you looking forward to seeing? >> just niece nominees are incredible. ed sheeran is always an amazing performer live and sam smith kills it. looking forward to the show. >> it's going to be great and i believe it's here on abc. correct? >> it is on abc, 43rd annual american music awards broadcast live from l.a. on november 22nd. right after "gma," more nominees via live stream at on yahoo! congratulations. >> congratulations. congrats. >> we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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tomorrow if you're whoopi and hit a fork in the road on your way to work you go to -- >> good morning, america. >> then you head up to "the view." >> follow me. >> it's a whoopi morning takeover tomorrow. plus, what tom hanks is going to say on "gma" tomorrow that will surprise you? just watch. >> whoopi, tom hanks.
8:56 am
>> and you never know. >> have a great tuesday, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> so long. ♪ crazy y ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. developing news out of east san jose where a man was hit two blocks from james white high school on florence avenue. the suspect's vehicle is a white four-door or chevy pickup with loud exist and tinted windows. not clear if the victim was on the sidewalk or street. it will be a warm day. let's get the details from meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning to everyone. we'll be close to record highs, especially around redwood city and san jose. within 2 to 3 degrees there. inland in the 90s and 80s. upper 70s at the coast. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast, fall returns this weekend. hi, sue. >> good morning. we have a problem at 680 near monument. this is slow onto 24. an accident on the peninsula southbound 101 at san mateo
9:00 am
blocking burlingame. >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "crimson peak," jessica chastain. and star of "being mary jane," gabrielle union. and things to go with your pulitzer besides making a pie. plus, recording artist ciara takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are michael strahan and ciara! [cheers and applause] ♪


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