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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 13, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. sky 7 shows the san jose intersection that remains closed right now after a fatal hit-and-run accident this morning. police are searching for the driver and the vehicle that took off after the collision. thanks for joining us. >> we have learned the victim was a man. he was hit by a pickup after 7:00 at south white road and florence avenue. our reporter is at the scene. janet, police have released surveillance video. >> the intersection just opened up a short time ago after being closed several hours and you can see there is police presence out here. investigators were busy trying to gather as much evidence.
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that includes getting surveillance video from businesses. police are now looking for an hispanic male if his 20s who was accused of the fatal hit-and-run accident. the car he was driving is this white ford pickup with an extended cab, black rims and tinted windows and damage to the front end of the vehicle. sky 7 shows the scene this morning fought long after a pedestrian was hit and killed on white road. san jose police believe the pedestrian was either on the sidewalk or on the street closest to the sidewalk when the truck came racing through. >> once the vehicle struck the pedestrian it made a quick left turn on to westbound florence from white road. >> it drove over a curb, crossing the corner of the intersection on to florence. >> police have yet to identify the victim but they say he is an older man who may live in the
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area. the driver could face vehicular manslaughter and fatal hit and run. both are felony charges. >> janet, thank you. breaking news from berkeley where a house is on fire. look at the scene. sky 7 is flying over head near ellis and oregon street and firefighters are on the roof trying to put out the flames. can you see burning through the roof right there, and they have ladders and it is a dangerous situation. police advising people to stay away from the area. the area to martin luther king westbound is closed. >> the call came in 30 minutes ago and this is video from our east bay hills camera and what it look like. the good news so far is there are no reports of injuries and we will keep an eye on this. >> prayer services are held for the people who police say were killed by three drifters from oregon early in october. steve carter was shot and killed on the marin county trail and
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audrey katy was killed in golden gate park. amy hollyfield joins us with more on the services from fairfax county. amy? >> yes, cheryl, members of the st. francis catholic church of san francisco arrived to the trail outside of fairfax county to pray if the soul of steve carter. this is the location of where he was killed. can you see there is a memorial here, evidence of the impact his death had on the community. new we will get to the video of the people accused of killing him. the three people arrived in the bay area yesterday being brought in from portland where they were arrested. the flee of them now have shaved heads. they were seen wearing orange jumpsuits. we have learned they will stand trial for both the murders they are accused of in marin county although the murders took place in different counties. they are accused of killing audrey carey of canada. she was killed in golden gate park. she was beaten and shot to death. the three then accused of moving to marin county where they are
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accused of killing steve carter on a like trail outside of fay park they have been charged with the delegates and a few our crimes. they will be arraigned tomorrow. if convicted they could face the death penalty. outside of fairfax when they are finished with the prairies for steve carter, the group plans to move to san francisco to golden gate park where audrey carey was killed. they plan to hold a vigil for her there. reporting in marin county for abc7 news. >> thanks, amy. abc7 has learned that one man is dead, two are injured after their fishing bet capsized off the cost of the islands over the weekend sailing from oyster point on south san francisco on saturday, not long after the boat took on water. two were rescued by a tour boat but the other drowned before he could be saved. >> investigators are become at sketch of a gruesome discovery in los gatos. someone called santa clara county sheriff deputies yesterday after spotting a human
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skull near sherrys way. investigators search intoed night but found no other remains. authorities have not said if the skull was a male or female. >> and fan violence is having devastating consequences with police searching for those involved in the fight outside dodgers stadium that left a new york mosts fan in critical condition. our reporter joins us with new details from the news room. tiffany? >> many are drawing comparisons between this recent fight account violent attack on a giants fan back in 2011. >> four years ago san francisco giants fan bryan stow suffered permanent brain damage after an opening day altercation and this shows the aftermath of a fight after the domeers loss in game one of the national league sears on friday night. maria saw the victim firsthand. >> the gentleman was on the floor. he was bleeding profusely from
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the head. >> a friend of the victim tweeted "at dodgers embarrassed to be a dodgers fans as my mets san francisco friend is in the hospital missing a piece his skull after being hit by a low life." police are not saying much. only that it began as a verbal argument and escalated. >> a couple of witnesses say the two gentleman were arguing and walking away and the tall gay -- guy came back and punched him and he is listed in critical but stable condition in the hospital. he hit his head. >> detectiveare searching for suspect in the video. the american who attacked brain stow are both behind bars. >> dodgers lost the institute bryan stow and were ordered to pay him $18 million. our sister station if los angeles reached out to the dodgers about the most recent fight. the team responded with "no
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comment." >> happening today, a plea hearing is set for the three santa clara county jail guards charged in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate. the 31-year-old died after being found unresponsive in the jail cell. michael tyree died from internal pleading and trauma. the correctional deputies were arrested and charged with murdering michael tyree and are due in court this afternoon. >> a renowned uc berkeley astronomer banned from a conference in hawaii after he was found guilty of violating the university sexual harassment policy. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with students including groping and kissing them and massaging them. the astronomer has retaped the job but told by the university any other violations will lead to sans that could include suspension or dismissal. he posted an apology on the web site but said he does not agree
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with each complaint made. >> new details about a wailed fire burning out of control which has scorched 300 acres since it broke out yesterday. it is industry percent contained and 250 firefighters are battling the flames. no structures are threatened. there are no injuries reported. >> and the hot temperatures we are seeing are not helping the firefighters. >> it is shaping up to be a sizzler this afternoon. you can see the hazy sunshine from the camera. >> meteorologist mike nicco has more on what to expect where you live. mike? >> enjoy thing -- enjoying the sunshine. i know the picture is out of focus but the flag is not moving and that is all you need to know about the forecast. we started off eight degrees warmer-than-average. we are up to ten degrees in some
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places including napa and surging our way to temperatures warmer than yesterday and getting near record highs. most records are in the low-to-mid 90s and our highs today from 88 in san francisco, oakland, 87, to 90 in mountain view, san jose and 94 in livermore. this is all going to change soon and cannot last forever. that is in the trust. >> thank you, mike. tonight, the stage is set for the first democratic presidential debate in las vegas. here are the five contenders: hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin oh mallly, lincoln chafee and jim webb. most attention is go to hillary clinton and sanders but because hillary clinton is leading she will be front and center and likely to continue to take aim at item truck, the republican frontrunner. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining but i don't think it is entertaining when
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someone is insulting immigrants, insults women. that is unacceptable. >> vice president biden has a lot of people wandering if he will run in case he make as last minute decision, the organizers have set aside a podium at the debate just for him. >> twitter slashing staff and has people sounding off and how the c.e.o. is promising to help employees land on their feet. >> trending on twitter, a move for ladies to ditch the bra. for one day only. this is driving home an important message. >> sky 7 is over the break news story of a house fire in berkeley. can you see the flames are roaring.
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>> we have an update from the tonight newscast a house burning on elle street is fairly under control right now but we can still see some small says -- sections breaking out. it is dangerous to be on the roof and the crews are fighting it now entirely from the ground. you can see it from downtown oakland. there are no reports of injury and can you get breaking news 24/7 by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> twitter announced company-wide layoffs to cut
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costs and attract new users. matt has more on the announcement from the new c.e.o. >> keeping a secret is tough in a social media world. news of impending layoffs at twitter leaked out open friday. today, jack dorsey, the twitter co-founder named chief executive of the company last week tweeted this, made some tough but necessary decisions that enable twitter for move with greater focus and reinvest in our growth. he said he planned to partways with up to 360 people, 8 percent of the workforce saying product and engineers will see the most significant structural changes. the layoffs come as the san francisco-based company has struggled to increase its users and advertisers have complained twitter offerings are less compelling than those of facebook and google. the c.e.o. said twitter would provide exhibit packages to those laid off and help them find a new job. >> it appears that 336 twitter
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emblow ayes will have ever opportunity if the # #twitterlayoffs. there is tons of interest, hey twitter engineers, we are hiring. shoot me a private message. >> trending now on twitter is the #nobraday. it is in honor of breast cancer awareness month "national no bra day," an annual social media campaign. people are encouraged to ditch their lingerie to raise money and to support the survivors. the american cancer society estimates that bit end the year more than 231,000 women, and women, will be diagnosed with breast cancer. >> we can safely ditch our jackets with the forecast. it is so hot. meteorologist mike nicco is checking it out.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if you are looking for the best place for your children to stock up on halloween treats, listen up. real estate database zillow is out with the list of the best cities for trick-or-treaters. number one, congratulations san francisco! followed by san jose, los angeles, milwaukee and phoenix. >> take some notes, the list of the best neighbors in san
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francisco to trick or treat. presidio heights, sea cliff, glen park and the valley. zillow determined where the kids get the most candy in the least amount of time in the safest areas. >> if you want to see how your neighborhood stacks up, head to >> we want to see how you and director family are getting into the halloween spirit. >> you can share director picture and our viewers sent this impressive picture of the house decked out in orange lights, and mr. buster pose, to relation to the real buster posey and use #speakyon7. we can use them on air or online. >> halloween could be an the corner but it does not feel like fall. we are looking ahead to see watt weather is like. mike? we could fall back but it is if the back half of the forecast and those that are scared it will never get here, i promise, it is coming, but, today is not that day to be thinking about
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how to stay cool. we will look at the winds on live doppler hd, they will always tell the tale of the story, they are light and variable and were 3-6 miles per hour and a lost those are pointing to the ocean, including here in san francisco. we are looking over from sky 7 and it is absolutely gorgeous picture and well tack about what is going on with temperature-wise with microclimates in san francisco from 67 in the ferry building to presidio and west portal at 80 and sunny side 79 and financial district, 77 degrees. look at pacifica, 80. belmont is 82, union city is 80, tear together 81, and 85 in walnut creek and pleasanton. well on our way to all of us reaching 80 today and when we reach 80 today in lake tahoe that is a record high for the third consecutive day. here is another look at sky 7 and we will use that, all the
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cars...summer heat peaks today, cool tomorrow, showers to the south, and cooler this weekend with a better chance of showers especially across the north bay and along the coast and trying to find a cloud but the upper left happened corner of your screen and because of that, low-to-mid 90 through the south bay, to 86 in santa cruz where the water is, 63 degrees. mid-to-upper 80s millbrae and san mateo and millbrae, and 90 on the peninsula, and 82 pacifica, today, but daly city is the warm spot and 84 and pushing 90 in parts of san francisco around downtown and we will hit the low-to-mid 90 through the north bay valleys and mid-to-upper 80s along the east bay shoreline and the air conditioning could be running, again, inland east bay, low-to-mid 90 and we are going to have high cuds roll in don't and that will mean another mild night with mid-50s in our deepest valleys and most us in the low-to-mid 60s. the best chance of a sure tomorrow is going to be around monterey bay but most of us will see 4 listen 8 degree drop and
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thursday is looking like another four degree drop and a couple more dead on friday and saturday we have the best chance of drizzle and shower in the morning and it should start to clear out in the afternoon but look at highs, 60s at the coast and the rest us in the 70s where we should be this time of the year. one more day of near record heat then we shade back to fall this weekend. cheryl and kristen? >> new this morning, san jose mayor liccardo helped unveil a new app aim at protecting babies from accidentally being left in hot scars -- cars that shows how the product works on youtube, with a small sensing system and you place the pad under the car seat and attach the device to the other side. you are notified if the child is left in the car. these are tragedies families do not overcome. no one can imagine a worse fate than losing a child.
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yet with technology so much more can happen. >> sun shine baby is the manufacturer and all conceived and launch in silicon valley. >> a couple getting married got the ultimate wedding crasher: president president of the united states!
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>> breaking news the library at city college of san francisco has been evacuated. we are seeing a lost police activity outside. sky 7 is overhead. >> they have not said exactly what led to the evacuation but for more updates on the story follow twitter@abc7newsbayarea. there is obviously a big response. >> moving on to something more positive. a southern california bride cried tears of psychiatry on her wedding day but not for the reason you might think. >> look, a wedding photographer captured this once-in-a-lifetime moment of the bride and groom with president obama. >> wow. the couple say they knew the president was in san diego playing golf on sunday and they does not think it was where they were at the golf course. >> they were getting married she started cry when she saw the president heading their way and he shook hands and told the newlyweds congratulations and good luck. that is a great memory for them.
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>> how wonderful. thanks for joining us.
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>> can you think of anything more exciting than someone answering a single question in front of millions of viewers with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line? me neither. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to go, ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good. because today's first contestant is a family man who's been living under one small roof with his wife, three boys, mother-in-law, and he has another baby on the way. this man needs some money and probably a day off. from south jordan, utah, please welcome travis johnson. [cheers and applause] what's up, buddy? good to see you.


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