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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. and that breaking news is in san leandro. look at this, a fight regarding customers in walmart after a halloween costume was set on fire. >> it happened in san leandro at the walmart. >> laura? >> hi, larry, well, this is what it looks like outside this walmart. let's show you the debris from inside the store. this is a pile of costumes that were brought out of the store, some of them still burning. this is what happened. let's look inside the store, this all happened at about 1:45 this afternoon, this video taken by a shopper, paul miller, who
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showed the events inside the store. apparently what man was in there, he used lighter fluid to set the costumes on fire, where they then spread over to the candy section, back to the costumes and put out by the floor personnel as well as alameda county. the suspect is in custody, joining me now is the lieutenant from the san leandro police department. tell us a little bit more about how this went down. >> yeah, like you said it was about 1:45 this afternoon, and a suspicious man was in the store for hours carry iing a bottle o lighter fluid. and at some point he went inside the store and lit the costumes on fire with the lighter fluid. he was quickly stopped by the store personnel and additional personnel started to put out the fire as police arrived on scene and took custody of the person.
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alameda county personnel arrived and helped put the fire out. >> and you said he was a 40-year-old adult, correct? >> yes, he is a resident of oakland and i don't have any other resident of him right now. he is mostly in san leandro just being treated for poll smoke inhalation before he goes to the san leandro county jail. >> all right, lieutenant, thank you very much. fortunately no injuries inside the store. and apparently no motive. the store closed inside here until the health department gives the all-clear. they do have food products in there and want to make sure everything is okay before they reopen. in san leandro, laura anthony, abc 7 news. all right, now to a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. police are searching for this man who is accused of hitting a pedestrian early this morning on florence avenue and then just taking off. >> abc 7 news reporter david louis has more on the search.
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>> reporter: that is right, larry and ama, the pedestrian has been described only as a white man because the coroner's office is still trying to notify next of kin. the driver has been identified by police as a hispanic man between 25 and 30 years old. now, the security camera are providing very important clues but police are hoping you can, too. the accident happened around 7:00 a.m. a pedestrian was crossing south white road near florence court when he was hit by a pickup truck going northbound on white. >> once the vehicle struck the pedestrian it made a quick left turn onto westbound florence. >> reporter: the vehicle is this white publickup with an extende cab and front end damage. police found the pickup from security cameras at a nearby store, and also released a photo of the driver also taken from surveillance video. this is believed to be the suspect inside a nearby bakery
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early this morning seen on the store's video system. police were attempting to lift fingerprints from the suspect at a glass cabinet at the bakery. police say some people walk at the unmarked crosswalks because of the distance of the signals. >> if they want to cross here, here it is pretty far for them to do it so a lot of people just jaywalk. >> reporter: the california code recognizes the crosswalks at the section, but it is not clear if the victim was at the corner or crossing mid-line. others yielded to pedestrians. >> but the trouble is, people won't stop. they go right there. did you hear it? >> i hear it. >> did you see? people won't stop. >> reporter: for that reason, this pedestrian says he will take the time to walk north on allen rock avenue to use the signal. the pickup driver could be facing multiple charges
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including vehicular and it is hot out there, plenty of people were walking around the lake despite the heat. >> yeah, let's take a live look out there right now with the camera. that is kind of a neat shot right now. spencer christian is outside on the roof enjoying the warm weather, or are you very hot out there? >> i'm enjoying it. a bit warmer -- uncomfortable earlier i should say. but there is a little breeze right now. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, with sunny skies, you can see high clouds beginning to move out from the south. let's take a look at the 24-hour temperature change, 70 degrees warmer in most locations, and clearly that minus 90 in antioch is a technical mistake, here the high so far, 90 in oakland, redwood city, fremont, 99 at
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livermore, 97 at fairfield, 96 at santa rosa, and the 92 high so far in san jose is just a degree shy of san jose's high, the record high of this state. here is the view from sfo, blue skies above, warm conditions below, this is our forecast. increasing clouds tonight, partly cloudy early tomorrow morning and a mix of sun and high clouds tomorrow and a little bit cooler tomorrow. the heat will ease up a bit but it will still be warm with high temperatures reaching 90 degrees or above in the warmer locations. the mid-to-upper 90s for a while. back to you. thank you, spencer, and you can share your photos of how your enjoying the warm bay area weather. just post your pictures and you may just see it on our news cast. and thank you to everybody who already shared their pictures with us. dozens of cat lovers filled a courtroom for this man here today, robert farmer accused of
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kidnapping and killing cats. a judge refused to release him instead ordering bail of $75,000. police arrested farmer last thursday and say they found a dead cat inside his car. he is the son of a retired san jose police captain. also in court today, three santa clara jail guards charged in the death of a mentally ill inmate. a police hearing was continued for the three. all three are out on $1.5 million bail each. they are accused of beating michael pyree to death last month inside the santa clara jail. prayer services honored two people murdered while visiting local parklands, local catholics prayed in golden gate park to honor audrey carey, who died after a robbery on october 2nd. and abc 7 news was in fairfax as two different groups paid tribute to steve carter with
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song and prayer. police detectives believe the same people who killed carey also shot and killed carter, all three, alligood, angood, and lampley will make their first court appearance in san raphael, this follows their arrest in portland, oregon last week. and today, an evacuation of a school's library. police say students got into a fight at the rosen burg library at the school's ocean campus. one of them pulled a gun, city college has identified the two of one of them is a student at the school. no shots were fired, the evacuation order lifted 30 minutes later. three people treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in their home in berkeley. sky 7 hd was above as crews worked to put out the blaze, the house had six residents, four were home when the fire broke out. a new york mets fan is in
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critical condition after being hit in the head at dodgers stadium following game one in the division league series last night. witnesses say the fan was punched and fell hitting his head on the ground. >> the gentleman on the floor is bleeding profusely from the head, we have towels on his head. police say that it started as a verbal argument, then later got worse. the man was described as a tall blonde man who left the seen. the incident reminds san francisco fans of another incident where brian stowe was left with brain damage after a fight. and police looking into the suspect who is suspected of kidnapping a girl on the walk to school. when the girl started to scream and got away safely he was
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arrested after an unrelated service call. and uc berkeley astronomer apologizing for violating the sexual behavior policy. he behaved with students with acts such as groping and kissing. he is still on the job but faces sanctions, he has been banned from an astronomer conference in december. an international peer review panel says the eastern side of the bay bridge needs a big upgrade, involving a state-of-the-art system on the tightly wrapped cable to stop corrosion. if the toll authority approves this the system alone could cost up to $20 million and it would be paid for by drivers. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, twitter may be huge but having troubles, layoffs coming to the san francisco company. and this may be the first of its kind of a woman arrested while periscoping, what she was
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accused of doing. and new at 4:30, now the democrats' turn, gearing up for the firstdebate and what donald trump will do tonight. and questions coming up from mich
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doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good.
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this is abc 7 news. a lakeland, florida woman facing drunk driving charges
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after she videotaped herself driving drunk. >> i am driving drunk -- i think i will -- >> my goodness, police say 23-year-old whitney beal began to share her drinking exploits on saturday night with the world. first at a bar, then when she got behind the wheel. people were watching and they immediately called police. 911 stepping in. >> i just saw a girl on a periscope, driving drunk, she doesn't know where she is and is driving really fast. >> an officer eventually located the girl after downloading the periscope app, they say she failed multiple tests, veteran cops say they never saw anything like this before. and twitter laying off, trying to cut costs while attracting new users. abc 7 news reporter matt keller
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has more. >> reporter: keeping a secret is tough in a social media world. today, jack dorsey, the founder, made it official last week, tweeting, made tough but necessary decisions to enable twitter to refocus and move forward with our growth. in a letter, he laid off 8% of its work force. he says product and engineering will see the most significant structural changes. the layoffs come as the san francisco bay area company has struggled to keep users, and others say their offers are less compelling. jack dorsey said they would provide layoff packages and help people find new jobs. >> and some of those layoffs are in high demand. you see tons of interests and
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offers from competing companies. palo alto based home ñrautomati systems said, hey, twitter workers, if you need a gig, shoot me a private message. and timing up with several organizations to help undocumented youth come out of the shadows. this saturday, the archdiocese is hosting an event with catholic charities to help these young people fill out applications for deferred action. that is the 2012 executive order that allows youth to work legally in the u.s. and obtain work permits. >> a huge difference, people wanted to hire me but before could not. now they were more than happy to have me as part of their team. >> the event organizers obtained grants from oakland to pay for the applications. it starts at 9:00 a.m. at the cathedral in oakland. time running out for foster kids in the north bay.
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their long-time unique group home is slated to close in only a week and the future is unknown at this point. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard says everybody is hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: young residents here at the village are sending out an sos, hand-written signs crying out for help, the village must close their door s next week. >> it is devastating for me. >> reporter: 18-year-old alyssa has lived in the village for five years, alongside her five brothers and sisters, the unique facility was founded to do just that, keep foster kids together. >> we got to grow up together, which is a big deal because it couldn't have happened any other place. >> reporter: state funding to run the village has vanished. governor brown just signed legislation to close most group homes in california, getting kids into family-based foster homes, the new focus. >> this is their home. >> last weekend, director utarid
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broke the news to 16 kids still living here. there was pizza and help, but nothing could soften the blow. >> a boy said that means nobody cares for me, i might as well just go live under a bridge. >> 94% of kids who called the village home have graduated high school and went onto college. kids will soon be placed into new foster homes. 15 employees at the village could be laid off. until then, kids are writing these letters to celebrities like taylor swift, even president obama looking for donations and help to save their home. in santa rosa, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. and a new app to protect babies from accidentally left in hot cars, called iremind. this video comes with a small sensing system including this pad, you place it under the car seat and attach the second part of the device to the side of the seat. the driver is notified
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immediately if the child is left inside the car. >> these are preventible deaths and these are tragedies that families do not overcome easily. nobody can imagine a worse fate than losing a child. and yet, with technology, so much more can happen. >> the whole thing was conceived and launched in silicon valley. san francisco's water department showed off a well that is being drilled to keep water flowing during a drought and after an earthquake, this is one of 16 in northern san mateo county. the well project is part of a larger multi-billion dollar effort to upgrade the water system. the city of san francisco and several bay area systems rely on this for their water. this will help those in the cities and the peninsulas, now all we need is water. and that will be great, spencer christian is here with the accuweather forecast. looking at a few drops possibly. i mean sprinkles in the next few
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days, no substantial or measurable rain is likely for a while. here we have sunny skies and warm conditions across the bay area. as you no doubt know, notice a few high clouds that are moving in our direction, but we're looking at only blue skies over the bay and over san francisco. it is currently 81 degrees in san francisco, mountain view, san jose, 82, 72 at half moon bay. here is a look at the lovely skies from the east bay hill camera. with temperatures at 94 degrees in santa rosa, 91 in napa and novato. 97 at fairfield, concord, 95. livermore 99. here is a view from the roof top camera at abc 7 news. the heat will ease up a bit tomorrow with cloudy and cooler conditions thursday and friday with just a slight chance of sprinkles or light showers on saturday. let me show you why, here is the composite. at the moment, the big ridge of
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high pressure is dominating, bringing record heat. here come the clouds from the south, moving north. the cooling begins here is the andimation, sprinkls are possible, we'll pick up the animation on friday afternoon at 5:00. here comes another potential shower-maker. a week cold front that will get even weaker as it moves through on saturday. also producing light sprinkles but chances of that are fading. overnight, increasing clouds, low temperatures in the 60s, lows in the mid-50s, tomorrow with hazy sunshine and high clouds and sun we'll see highs ranging from about low 70s at the coast to low-to-mid 80s at the bay, up to low 90s in the inland spot, warmer tomorrow, not quite so much inland.
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here is the accuweather seven-day forecast further cooling right through the weekend with partly cloudy skies generally for the seven-day forecast period and of course that slight chance of light rain or sprinkles on saturday. that is about all we can squeeze out of this approaching system, larry and ama. >> all right, thank you, spencer. slight and light. well, up next, tracy morgan gets back to his first love, stand-up comedy. and new, vin diesel takes on body shamers, the pictures that show she is just like many of u. and today, we recognize the bay area nonprofit that serves as a platform to empower all women. the group provides access to mental
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comedian tracy morgan is back on the stand-up stage more
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than a year after he was critically injured in a car accident. morgan appeared at the new york comedy center last night. he said it was his first appearance since 16 months other than his first appearance. he was critically injured when a walmart truck slammed into his limo on the new jersey turnpike. his friend was killed. singer taylor swift could make history at this year's music awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> swift has been nominated in six categories including artist of the year. if she wins all six she will pass whitney houston who has 21 wins, jennifer lopez will host the show airing right here on abc 7 news november 21st. and two new shows available
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for purchase. tomorrow land came out earlier and stars george clooney, it will be the first time a home movie gets a release, and the first time aladdin will be on bluray. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. abc 7 news continues, we're just an hour away from the first democratic debate. what can you expect if donald trump plans to participate. and what was said about the deadly malaysian crash in ukraine. and a live look at the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san raphael. oncoming traffic is northbound, here on the right side heading on the golden gate bridge and
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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. in news making headlines where you live today as we approach 4:30, the san jose police are looking for the driver of a white ford pickup who hit and killed an elderly man this morning happening at south white road at florence court. that is a street where many say people jaywalk, police say the suspect could face multiple charges. and a robber in court in san
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jose, the judge rejected releasing farmer and set bail at $75,000, vic will have a full report on abc 7 news at 5:00. three suspects accused of killing two people earlier this month scheduled to be in court in marin county. also at 5:00, sergio quintana will show us the vigil for the two victims. and democrats are getting ready for the first presidential primary debate here at the hotel. abc has more with the latest. >> reporter: for the first time, voters will see hillary clinton and bernie sanders finally face off. >> let's transform america. >> reporter: clinton appeared at a union protest rally outside donald trump's hotel monday ahead of the high stakes national debate that will also include jim web, martin o'malley, and lincoln chaffey, this photo was posted just in
4:31 pm
case vice president joe biden who is still undecided gets into the race. but his official schedule has him at the white house all day. >> it's highly unusual for a possible important contender not to be in the first national debate. >> reporter: a new abc news washington post poll shows clinton's favorability rating increasing two points at 35%. it is a much smaller field than the republican counterparts. >> yes, you did, you wanted it. >> reporter: and will likely have a more civil atmosphere. >> it will be very different from the republican debate. >> reporter: that is because the attacks between the democrats have been minimal, more on policy, less on personal. president obama did weigh in on the controversy on cbs' 60 minutes. >> she could have handled the original situation better and the decisions better.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: more will be on immigration reform and gun control. it is a key issue for the lesser known candidates to try and stand out. abc news, las vegas. even if joe biden will not be taking part in tonight's debate tv viewers will still get a look at him. the super pac trying to persuade him to run is airing a new ad ahead of tonight's debate. republican frontrunner donald trump is planning to make sure his voice is heard during tonight's debate. today he tweeted at the request of many and even though i expect to see a very boring two hours i will cover the democratic debate live on twitter. officials in kansas city, missouri are mourning the deaths of two firefighters who died after rescuing two residents from a second floor during a massive apartment complex building fire last night. the two men were veteran firefighters. >> they did not die in vain. two civilians carried them out of the second floor on ladders
4:33 pm
before the wall collapsed. >> two other firefighters were injured. none of the residents of the three-story building was hurt. we're learning new details this afternoon about what caused a passenger plane to crash in ukraine last year. investigators say they now believe a russian-made missile brought down malaysian airlines flight 17 killing nearly 300 people on board. abc has more. >> reporter: this new video animation showing a blow-by-blow of what the board believes caused the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17 over ukraine. >> flight mh17 crashed as a result of the airplane. >> reporter: investigators announcing mh17 was shot down by a russian-made surface-to-air missile, claiming that it caused the nose to break away from the rest of the plane in mid-air. >> the point of detonation as
4:34 pm
well as the damage that could be expected. >> reporter: the final report comes 15 months after the amsterdam to kuala lumpur flight plunged out of the sky over the pro-russian held territory. killing all 293 people on board. the families had had some relief learning no one probably had conscious during impact. many wonder how it could have happened. >> it should not have happened. it took ten years for the libyan government to wake up and do the right thing after lockerbie 103, we hope it won't take the russians that long to help the families. >> now an investigation is under way to determine who is responsible. the russian missile makers released their own report denying any russian involvement.
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elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. and a clash near bethlehem. protesters at a west bank refugee camp threw rocks at israeli forces who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. tensions followed a wave of violence in israel which has seen fatalities on both sides. the white house says there are strong indications that iran violated u.n. security council resolutions when it test-fired a new missile. the spokesperson said the violations are nothing new but are entirely separate from the historic deal recently reached between iran and world powers. still to come, the one thing you should do every day to help to improve your health. also, domestic national policy? yes, president obama becomes the ultimate wedding crasher. i'm michael finney, just ahead, i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook, just search for
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michael finney, i'll answer your questions live later. and i'm spencer christian, we could see changes in the weather pattern. we'll have th
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a southern california bride received a special wedding day gift. >> this is different, the wedding photographer captured this once in a life time moment of the bride and groom with president obama. >> yes, stephanie and brian say
4:39 pm
they knew the president was in san diego playing golf sunday but didn't know he was at torrey pines where they were getting married. the president shook hands and wished them good luck. and after body shamers, and an unflattering picture surfaced on line, diesel saw hateful comments say he had a dad's body. he then posted this picture, saying he takes the criticism in stride. >> honestly, i would rather it come to me than somebody else. i can take it. it's -- i started working out when i was a teen. i was a bouncer in new york city. so i started working at nightclubs at 17 and because of that i started training then. >> diesel said body shaming is always wrong. but he appreciates all the people who love a dad body regardless. i'm sure that vin will be
4:40 pm
okay with all of this dad body talk as he strolls into the bank to check his accounts. >> yes. >> 50, $60, million for movies. all right, still looking nice out but quite hot today. >> and spencer christian -- >> it's pretty warm, that is for sure, we have a cooler pattern beginning to develop right now with a look at live doppler 7 hd under mainly blue skies, high clouds coming up from the south. looking at the national picture tomorrow, mainly sunny and mainly mild to warm although expect a few showers down in southern california. a little bit of a southwestern arizona in the east mainly dry but maybe a few showers will hit southern florida and perhaps scattered showers in the northeastern corner of the nation. across california tomorrow apart from the chance of light showering activity moving into the san diego area most of california looks dry. we'll see highs of low 90s in
4:41 pm
chico, fresno, sacramento, 85, 77 in monterey, the forecast for the bay area, we'll see an increase of high clouds tomorrow but there will be hazy sunshine, mild to warm, not hot as we had today. look for highs in low 70s at the coast, in the bay, low-to-mid 80s, little chance of rain. all right, thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, big changes coming to play boy magazine. and michael finney on your side, you return something but don't get all your money
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san raphael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. some big changes coming to an iconic magazine, play boy is changing its popular centerfold. abc 7 reporter chris connelly with more details. >> ms. march, april, maybe not anymore. because starting in 2016, playboy says the women it features will be naked no more.
4:45 pm
>> wait, what? >> after 66 years of centerfolds and unclothed celebrities from madonna, it is like vogue without shoes, to many. >> i'm hugh hefner. >> reporter: starting in the '60s, the iconic hef fired the first shot for hetero men, at least, showing women unclothed and unashamed. some unknown, some famous, some looking to become famous once more. he surrounded those nudes with news-making interviews, high-end journeyism, the pleasure principles of the playboy philosophy. >> i believe that embracing sexuality is what it means to be free. >> there were clubs, playboy bunnies, and gloria steinem went
4:46 pm
undercover as one. others have changed the world. but the world changed, too. with anything goes sexual content all over the internet, the magazine's readership went down from a one-time high of 5.6 million 40 years ago to 800,000. >> i think it's had a dramatic impact on playboy. people get information in different ways now. >> reporter: hef, now 89, and his team, hoping that putting some clothes on those models will make playboy content both safe for work and internet-era sexy. but as one journalist said, 12-year-old me is very disappointing in current me. chris connelly, new york. and today, michael, a question comes from vincent w, who said i recently returned a taxable item to the store, i
4:47 pm
received back the price i paid but the store will not refund the sales tax. is that legal? >> you're not going to believe this, this is completely legal. yes, here is the deal, stores officially collect the sales tax for the state government. so they take the money they give to the state government, they're done with it. it is officially and legally, i got to tell you this is the first time i have ever heard of this, though, because what they do is keep track of all their returns and then the next quarter when they file they say hey, we gave back this money for the return, i have never heard of this policy being invoked but it's legal. >> interesting. all right, next question here, i purchased airline tickets in july and when i booked i reserved my seats, i just noticed they were changed. is that legal? >> it's completely legal, remember this. they don't even have to allow you on the plane, they can bump you if they feel like it. so if they feel like moving you over a couple of seats they're absolutely allowed to do that.
4:48 pm
what they're not allowed to do. we have a couple of issues with this. where somebody pays for an aisle seat and want to keep the price the same, no, they have to give you the extra money back, but they're allowed to move the seats around. >> all right, can i get the cash value of the remaining part of my gift certificate, one asks. >> oh, depends on how much money you want. the last time we passed laws about this and this was really a bipartisan effort, republicans and democrats got together saying what will we do, and the big thing they decided is with gift cards and gift certificates once their value falls under $10 you can say i want my change in cash. so if you have a $25 gift certificate and you spend $16 at the store you can say i want my other nine dollars back. >> okay. >> well, that is decent, otherwise, all bad news here. >> and -- >> not going to get the tax back -- >> the refund is so weird, isn't
4:49 pm
it? >> did they normally give us the tax back? >> this is the first time i have ever heard about it. i'm going to look into it. it's legal. >> think about it. really large purchases when you return something, the tax could be quite significant. >> now, the one place you might have a shot on this, i'm glad you brought this up. because now i'm thinking. you know, they would have to state that in their return policy. i think they would have to state that. i'll look into this off we'll get back. >> thank you, michael. all right, wine at dinner is safe and possibly beneficial for diabetes. >> and injuries while zip lining, going up as we have today's report. people who follow a healthy diet and drank a glass of wine with dinner ended up with better hdl, or good cholesterol, different from people who drank mineral water. the researchers can't say that people would have fewer heart attacks or deaths, though, if
4:50 pm
they drink wine at dinner compared to people who drink mineral water. and zip lining becoming more popular with more injuries, the injuries from zip lines rose from between 50% in 2009 and 2012, but kids nine and under accounting for 45% of those injuries, most of them happened when people fell off or crashed into something like a tree or zip line structures. and best foods to lift your mood, the green leafy vegetables help produce more calming measures, turkey works, as well, and the meat contains an element that builds up seratonin, which building unhappiness, and officials say it could be linked to anti-did he -- depressants if you eat it.
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they are looking at adjusting recommendations to children, for more than 15 years they advised parents to avoid screen fine for children under the age of two and to limit screens for no more than two hours a day for children older than two. and if you want to best treats for kids on halloween, listen up? this data-based company out with best treats. san francisco, followed by l.a. and phoenix. and best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in san francisco, they are putting together the list where kids can get the most candy in the least time in the safest areas. we have the list posted on abc 7 and we want to see how you celebrate halloween, abc 7 viewers are showing it. check this out. easy for you to join the fun
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just join us, you may see the photos on air or on line at and abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. coming up, one father's fight to help his son, right now cheryl here with a look at what is coming on abc 7 news at 5:00. all right, thank you, coming up next, a safer school environment what an east bay school is doing to allow students to express themselves freely. and a man buys for just $5 and gets rewar
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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coming up tonight at 8:00, the muppets, and at 10, shark tank followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. there is a new book about to hit store shelves about stem cell research. the subject may seem a bit dry to the uninitiated.
4:56 pm
but that could change as you meet the man behind it. as abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman shows. >> reporter: take a look at don read who works in an office that would be small for most closets. >> it would be 6 x 8. >> and you're trying to change? >> a world that changed his son, roman's world back in 1994. >> in one second, able to bench press 3400 pounds. >> reporter: roman was a prospect, went in for a tackle and didn't get up. >> my whole life changed, the doctor came in, said roman, you will never move your hands or legs or father a child. i said i don't believe it then, i don't believe it now. >> reporter: hence the team of father and son fighting for stem cell research, roman, and don for the broader applications. >> i have met so many people with so many different illnesses, conditions, diseases,
4:57 pm
and they have all been told the same thing, there is no hope. but there is hope, california's stem cell research program is hope. >> reporter: they made this research a constitutional right, their work has even taken them to the white house, and they're still not finished, especially don who is about to release the new book. >> it was the kind of book i wish had had been available when my son was injured. you may think this would be a dry read, this is quite the opposite. this is about people, their battles, struggles, solutions. it's stories, 71 stories, i picked that number because it came since '71. >> including roman's, the son traveling through life he never imagined. it's a long way from the nfl and embracing a better good. >> now, helping serve people, before i played football and helped myself, now i'm helping others, that is way better. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and that will do it for this
4:58 pm
edition of abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama dietz. developing news, a scary sight for customers at a san leandro walmart after somebody set halloween costumes on fire. plus. it's irrelevant whether it's a human victim or an animal victim, this is still a danger to our community. an accused serial cat killer faces a judge for the first time today. we'll hear from the dozens of pet owners who were inside the courtroom. and please take a good look at this truck, san jose police say it was involved in a deadly hit-and-run. calendar says fall but the summer-like sizzle is still with us, i'm meteorologist sandy patel. live, from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. and flames erupt at this busy walmart center as a man doused the halloween costumes and set them on fire and set
4:59 pm
families running. this is all happening on the walmart area. the costumes were on fire as the man started the fire. laurie anthony has more with the latest. >> reporter: hi, cheryl, the latest is the store just reopened. the yellow tape in front of the doors here taken down. customers as you can see heading on in. here is what it looked like though, earlier this afternoon before 2:00 p.m. as the costumes were going up in flames and store personnel were trying to put them out with a fire extinguisher. the fire spread to other aisles including the candy aisle before the staff and alameda county firefighters were able to put the fire out. now, the store was evacuated quickly and nobody inside was injured. here is what the man who shot the video, paul miller, told us by telephone. >> my big concern at the time was to make sure all the families were out. it looked like some kids were there. i saw parents who were helping them shop.
5:00 pm
>> walmart store security people spotted a suspicious man in the store pushing a cart around with what appeared to be a large bottle of charcoal lighter fluid around in the cart that leaked as he pushed the car through the floor. the man in the afternoon started to put the fluid and ignite the halloween costumes on fire. >> reporter: now, the suspect was detained by store security and is under arrest. he is described as a 40-year-old oakland man, police say store surveillance captured him walking around with a lighter fluid element. now, the health department has been inside all afternoon making sure that the food products here, especially are okay. and again, store just opened here about ten minutes ago. the suspect we're told is being checked out at a local hospital. no word yet o


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