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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> walmart store security people spotted a suspicious man in the store pushing a cart around with what appeared to be a large bottle of charcoal lighter fluid around in the cart that leaked as he pushed the car through the floor. the man in the afternoon started to put the fluid and ignite the halloween costumes on fire. >> reporter: now, the suspect was detained by store security and is under arrest. he is described as a 40-year-old oakland man, police say store surveillance captured him walking around with a lighter fluid element. now, the health department has been inside all afternoon making sure that the food products here, especially are okay. and again, store just opened here about ten minutes ago. the suspect we're told is being checked out at a local hospital. no word yet on any motive.
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in san leandro, laura anthony, abc 7 news. all right, laura, thank you so much. the san jose man accused of being a serial cat killer appeared in court today. also in court, dozens of cat lovers outraged by the crimes. 24-year-old man is facing charges, the charges now from san jose, vic? >> reporter: well, cheryl, every seat in the courtroom was filled many holding pictures of their cats who went missing or were found dead. now the judge rejected a defense motion to release robert farmer. instead, he imposed bail of $75,000 which by the way is higher than the scheduled amount for a crime of this type. robert farmer, son of a retired san jose police captain, was formally charged with animal cruelty and other related crimes. the prosecutor said he had been kidnapping, then hurting and killing cats since
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mid-september. she thanked community members for coming forward with information. >> the victims that mr. farmer targeted were speechless victims, they couldn't help us with this investigation. >> reporter: a cat owner in the packed courtroom was forced to leave when she objected loudly to a motion to release farmer on his own recognizance. she was one of dozens of residents who attended. >> i do not want to see this guy loose because i think he is a danger to people too. >> he needs to be in a mental institution. >> reporter: marion martinez says her cat was found killed. >> cats -- i'm just really upset. >> reporter: police arrested the 24-year-old transient last thursday sleeping in his car with a dead cat. police say he matched the description of the cat napper in the security camera video. he snatched go-go the cat from a home in the cambrian district last month after abc 7 news began to report on the
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possibility of a serial cat kidnapper. other neighbors say they too had cats missing and had blunt trauma or force. this cat here was wrapped in plastic with rocks piled on top. today, go-go's owner came to the farmer's arraignment. >> i couldn't look at him. he is so bad. >> go-go is still missing. >> go-go is still missing. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. a viewer e-mail to abc 7 news tipped us off to this story. so if you see news, please take a video and share it with us using the hash tag abc 7. and you may see it here on abc 7. and warmth around the bay increasing our fire danger. alamont park here, people enjoying the weather.
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and now, the camera looking at the bay, abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel has a look at the temperatures. >> yeah, cheryl, fall is definitely living up to its name. it is warm to hot outside. the two records tied so far. 93 in san jose, tying the previous record set in 2010, 92 degrees, 101 in livermore today. 96 concord, 96 santa rosa, 93 redwood city, 87 in san francisco, half moon bay, 77 degrees. and 97 in fairfield. when you take a look at live doppler 7 hd notice some of those high clouds down in the south bay. i'll be back to let you know where those clouds are coming from and if there is any raindrops in our future coming up, larry? >> all right, thank you, sandy, breaking news on the peninsula right now. sky 7 hd is on scene where a train has seen a pedestrian on
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the tracks in san mateo. nobody on board the train is believed to be hurt. no word on the person who was hit either. the sheriff's department will have more on what happened and we'll post you on what happened here on abc 7 news. security camera video is providing valuable details to police in a fatal hit-and-run accident in san jose. a man crossing south white road this morning at florence court was hit by a white pickup truck. the driver then took off. there is a picture of that truck which was seen on surveillance video. abc 7 news david louis live at the accident scene. david, have they found the driver yet? >> reporter: larry, san jose police hope somebody will recognize the driver or the truck. now the identity of the pedestrian has not been released pending notification of next of kin. take a moment and look closely at this video. this is believed to be video of the driver shown on security video when he stopped at a bakery at 6:30 a.m. he is
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accused of striking and killing a pedestrian a block away at 7:00 p.m. at the corner of south white road and florence court. the pedestrian was walking across white road when he was hit in the northbound lanes. >> once the vehicle struck the pedestrian it made a quick left turn on westbound florence to white road. >> reporter: still photos taken from the security video shows the vehicle, a white full size pickup with dark rims and tinted glass. san jose police released this photo of the driver described as an hispanic man between 25 and 30 years old. residents of this san jose neighborhood say they often see people trying to cross white road sometimes at mid-block and sometimes at marked crosswalks at intersection, however, critics say drivers don't give pedestrians a break. >> the trouble is, people don't stop. there it went right there, did you hear it? see, people wouldn't stop. >> reporter: this four-year resident of florence court says
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he takes the time to cross at intersections with traffic signals, another neighbor acknowledges the crosswalks are far for some residents. >> they have to walk that way, here it's on east oak, it's pretty far for them to do it. so a lot of people just jaywalk. >> reporter: the driver could be facing hit-and-run charges and felony manslaughter charges, they could get prints from the nearby bakery, david louis, in san jose, abc 7 news. and a judge issuing new rules today in the case of three santa clara guards who were charged in the death of a mentally ill inmate. farris, loubin, and rodriguez were ordered to stay away from county jails. they are accused of killing tyree, they are expected to enter a plea november 9. and defendants will testify
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against a man on two counts of murder. the reputed gang leader is set to go on trial for multiple charges, including conspiracy to receive stolen goods. the charges preceded an incident where a former business associate was found dead in marin county. and police arrested a suspect trying to kidnap a young girl last friday, near the intersection of lasalle avenue, near hunter's point. the police say the girl was walking to school as albert brown grabbed the young girl by the collar and pulled her to garlington street. she was able to get out of his grasp. >> this was a little girl taken from her family. so we're grateful for the
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officers making that apprehension. and the bravery of the people who helped to identify the person and get him off our street. >> during an unrelated service call police discovered the suspect and brought the victim in to identify him. we know more about how a fatal bicycle accident in san francisco sunday actually happened. police say one of the bicycle's tires became caught in the track near sutter and the rider wars thrown under the bus. muni said the driver will undergo drug and alcohol testing. the family says the man was recovering from a stroke he suffered two years ago. they say he was an experienced bike rider. and you can see pg&e crews working in walnut creek here in the view from sky 7 hd. they're dealing with a power pole that is along saint carlos drive. police suggest avoiding the area until the right lane is reopened. all right, coming up at
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5:00, new details in the case of those three drifters who were charged in two bay area murders. police say they shot and killed a popular yoga teacher a marin county and shot his dog. plus? remembering the victims, the prayer vigils today for family and friends held for a teacher and a tourist killed in san francisco. plus, a man buys for just $12 then gets a reward, what he does next may surprise you. and the
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. new details this evening about these three people, sean
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angold, lila alligood, and lampley accused of murdering a tourist in san francisco as well as a hiker in marin county. they will make their first court appearance tomorrow. sky 7 was there when three suspects were arrived at the jail and extradited yesterday. the marin county sheriff's detectives believe that morrison lampley was the person who shot and killed steve carter on a hiking trail. and san francisco police are investigating whether the same gun was used to kill canadian tourist audrey carey in golden gate park. and prayer services were held for steve carter and audrey carey. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: well, there were two different murders obviously that happened in two different counties and today vigils for the two victims, a very sad moment for people who new steve in marin county earlier this morning. ♪ ♪ oh lord hear our prayer ♪
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♪ >> reporter: this prayer vigil in the wooded area of golden gate park was for 23-year-old audrey carey, the canadian tourist whose body was found here october 3rd. father daniel said he hopes her family in montreal will know that residents in the city of st. francis are honoring her. the three accused in her brutal murder will be arraigned in marin county after being brought back from portland to face charges. maggy and her owner are in golden gate park every day. posen says he believes he met at least two of the suspects two weeks ago. >> they were sitting at the table, a woman and man, had had a few pleasant words about our dog. >> reporter: when he saw the fondle photos on tv, he said that lila
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allgood's photo was recognized. >> we are just saying our prayers for everyone who was -- is affected by this. >> reporter: the group formed a semi-circle around a collection of flowers and pictures marked where steve carter was found shot to death. he was still hanging onto his dog's leash, he just returned to the bay area to care for his wife who was battling cancer. clearly friends are shocked about everything regarding the carters, the vigil was a chance to start to heal. today, teachers and staff at oakland schools started to wear special badges aimed at making life easier for lgbt students. abc 7 news was at the ceremony where they put the badges on the school staff. and the badges say out for safe schools, worn by personnel who were willing to help out gay and lesbian and transgender teen whose may need somebody to talk
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to. >> i have been depressed, telling the teachers about the problems i've had concerning lambert. and now that the teachers identify themselves as an ally and will give us relief and give others relief in the same community. >> oakland and san francisco you among eight schools allowing those badges. and pay pal will return costs this season. reimbursing the customers' shipping costs for up to four returns for items today and january of next year. the company will cover up to $30 for each return shipment. pay pal offered a similar service in almost 40 other countries before unveiling it here in the united states. how about this story, a man who bought the name bought it for $12, didn't get a reward, but a former employee showed this credit card transaction for the purchase. but within a minute the purchase
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was cancelled and the money refunded. he alerted the search engine's security team and was offered a reward for finding the flaw. instead of taking the money, he said give the money to the art of india living foundation, which funds schools in india. no word on how much the reward was. and a big three-day sale under way, worth $100 round trip. and getting under way today, ending on thursday, you have to get on it. it covers winter travel from december 2nd through the 16th. and it's been january 5th through the tenth. the shorter the route the more likely you can fly no under $100 round trip for the bay area you can fly round trip from under 100 to l.a., las vegas, orange county and san diego, out of oakland and san jose you can
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also fly to burbank and ontario. friday and sundays are excluded. the consumer group testified in sacramento today accusing oil companies of artificially driving up gasoline prices in california. consumer watch dog says the gas between the pump and the wholesale level has never been greater. >> the oil refineries used to take home about 48 cents on every gallon of gas, in july, the owners took home a buck 60 a gallon. >> when our refineries have a problem it tightens the market because our fuel comes from our refineries, or special fuel. and when that market tightens prices go up. >> the oil industry blames the higher prices in california on supply and demand. higher taxes, and a special blend of gasoline required here in california. comcast cable launching a pilot program they hope to improve their service. they're calling customer s when
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the diagnostic system detects a household is receiving a poor system. they make a promise to visit the house. now, the pilot program is taking place in oregon if well received will roll out nationwide. so if you got a bad picture you don't have to call them, they will get you. what you get is, looks like the picture is bad for your house, we'll take a look. >> nice, all right, let's talk to sandy. >> really feeling it out here today. larry and cheryl, to my south i'm seeing high clouds to the north. just bright and sunny, but you will definitely notice there is a gentle breeze coming through setting the stage for some chqn
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toçii=]ñthursday, friday, a few sprinkling possible. a slight chance of showers coming our way on saturday. the possibility is wednesday, thursday, high pressure today brought us the record heat. of course it was a couple of ties so far. that is all going to change. this area of low pressure southwest of los angeles is going to move northward. so the cooling begins tomorrow as the wind switches direction, we get more of a southerly wind flow increasing the cloud cover. and wednesday night you will
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notice around the south monterey bay, sprinkles possible at 10:00. early thursday when many of you are sleeping still sprinkles possible moving north in the mt. hamilton area, all gone by thursday. we're tracking another system coming in from the pacific. this doesn't have a lot of moisture associated with it. a slight chance of showers from the north bay on saturday. if we get anything it will be less than a tenth. first thing tomorrow morning, mid-50s to low 60s, both low and high-level cloud cover. so really a mild start to your morning. don't need to worry about staying warm. tomorrow afternoon the sun will keep you warm. although not as hot as today it will still be on the warm side. 92 in gilroy, 85 in san jose, 84 santa clara, 80 in santa cruz, on the peninsula, 83 palo alto. 72 in half moon bay, compared to
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today where it wats 77 degrees, downtown, san francisco, 82 in vallejo, 84 san raphael. 88 santa rosa, in the east bay, low 80s, oakland, hayward, in the inland spots, 92, 8 8 walnu creek, the heat is easing, you will notice temperatures drop to the mid-80s thursday, increasing cloud cover, maybe sprinkles, fridays are own cooler. mid-60s to low 80s, a slight chance of showers in the north bay saturday. we'll keep you in the fall-like comfort zone as it should be. 60s to low 80s as we head into the rest of the weekend and next week. relief is on the way. hang in there, cheryl, larry. >> i'll take the comfort zone. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. enter at your own risk, cheryl. the california haunted house so scary you have to sign a waiver to get in. no way.
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all right, new at
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a manhattan woman will receive nothing from a lawsuit she filed against her own 12-year-old nephew. jurors took just 25 minutes to bring the verdict against hit. her nephew accidentally broke her wrist when he jumped into her arms for a birthday hug, he was just eight at the time. connell says she thinks he should be held accountable. well, the jury didn't think so. people in orange county call this the scariest haunted house they ever experienced. [ screams ] >> it's called the 17th door, featuring 17 different rooms each with a unique theme and created with a painstaking detail filled with monsters
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lurking around every corner. >> there is still a lot going on, it's very interactive and kind of invades your space, you may get touched or whacked. oh, my, so scary guests are required to sign a waiver before they go in. or at least, that could get them on tv. they won't be shown the way out until they say mercy! about 800 people are still stuck in there, they all paid about 35 bucks apiece to get scared out of their wits. i'll say mercy now! send us your pictures or video a hash tag, spooky on 7, you may use them on line at abc 7 news. coming up at
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. we have more breaking news in the south bay, fire crews are definitely trying to rescue a person in the south bay who is trapped in a light rail train. this is happening at southwest expressway. >> the person was hit just after 4:30. you can see how strongly they are working there. the heavy rescue squad is on team. the team has emergency tools to deal with situations like this. learn more about the situation on our breaking news continues on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. and ama has more on what is ahead. >> yes, larry and cheryl, new at 6:00. only a few years old but the $6 million bay bridge may need more expensive work to keep it from rusting, also? my house is flooded with water. an epic plumbing problem, 7 on your side shows you where the water ran 24 hours a day for two months and no one came to help. all coming up in half an hour on
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abc 7 news at 6:00. >> oh, boy, too bad. now we know that october not only brings mild weather to san francisco but sharks to the bay. just in time to mark the occasion new video of the rare shark encounter. this video is from alcatraz cruises and captures a great white attacking a seal this week off alcatraz island. >> marine biologists say it is extremely rare to spot this, this time of year. viewers were just blown away. >> i saw the shark right in front of me. it was amazing. >> shark enthusiasts call this a great opportunity to see the great migration. >> the shark octoberfest, we have it preferably on the beach and not in the water. >> that will do it, i'm cheryl
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jennings. >> all right, breaking now. fight night in vegas. hillary clinton center stage for the first democratic debate. her surprise move. donald trump weighing in. clinton shooting back. and joe biden. watching it all. new reporting here on whether he'll run. we now know what brought down that passenger jet. malaysian air flight 17. the missile shattering the cockpit. the oxygen masks revealing what the passengers may have known. the new warning for american passengers tonight. the one item they're being told not to check with their bags. fears of fire could be ignited. the raging inferno in one american city. two hero firefighters and then the wall comes crashing in. and the lawsuit tonight. we've all been to a family get-together. tonight, the 8-year-old sued by his aunt after jumping into her arms, breaking her wrist.


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