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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 14, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a grim crash scene in san jose. the accident kills they young people. it left one in critical condition. police believe two cars were street racing before the deadly citizen. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. >> family members are confirming the names of two of the victims, 18-year-old and a 16-year-old be both from san jose. janet has been at scene all morning with light developments. family and friends are in deep
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grief shocked to learn what happened. can you see the glass scattered. candles are set up to mourning the loss of three young lived and prayers for another still fighting for his life. >> an 18-year-old was killed when the honda accord took down a light pole and slammed into the street last night. oscar died at hop and family are trying to understand how he ended up in a stolen car. >> it is not his character. when we her it was stolen we could not understand why, what happened or who is at fault. >> there were three other teens in the stolen honda, a boy and girl who have been declared dead at sketch. a fourth teen is in critical at the hospital. the honda was towed away early this morning one of two cars
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involved in a high speed race in a 30 miles per hour zone. >> this were teens. they were young. they had a whole life ahead of them. now it is taken were. >> neighbors are not surprised speed was a factor if this part of downtown san jose. >> usually open fridays and saturdays when i walk around i see a lot of people racing, and hanking and yelling. >> a tragedy that could have been prevented. it is too soon to say goodbye. >> we just seen him on saturday an his grandparent's birthday party having a good time with his phelps. >> the second car involved in the deadly race, police say that it was a dark help colored acura and hope to find the driver of that vehicle. they hope to leadership more details about what happened last night. thank you. new details this midday three people were charged with murdering a yoga instructor and
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canadian backpacker appeared in court this morning. amy hollyfield joins us with what happened before the judge. amy? >> the defendants all had shaved heads. you can see morrison haze lampley's tattoo, roman numeral thin, and we got a sense of how much attention this case is getting. every seat was taken. a lot of them by courtroom or courthouse employees who came to watch. all three were in the courtroom together with 18-year-old lila scott allgood entering the room first. she looked nervous, and surprised to see the packed courtroom. >> i said i would get an attorney for her and take a deep breath and we will get someone to help her. >> james whisperd to her during the hearing. >> she was anxious or feeling tense...just relax.
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she is 18. very young. >> he is not the attorney but is part of a program that will find one for her and co-defendants, sean michael angold. the public defender can not take all three days and is representing morrison haze lampley and shawn. >> when a public defender cannot represent an indy -- poor person, they are contacted. >> the attorney issues are being worked out and media was discussed, the judge decided newt allow cameras in the courtroom but suggested she would at future hearing. the attorneys hinted they would be asking for a gag order. >> there is the potential of that. it is being discussed. that could be the case. audit public defend are made one comment after the hearing and focused on the media coverage so far. >> we do plan to mount a vigorous andth 8:00 defense on
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our client's behalf. please remember that press coverage is not evidence and all three defendants are still entitled to the presumption of innocence. >> i got word of why the heads were shaved. a spokesperson said it was because of a medical condition but federal privacy laws prevent him from saying exactly what the condition is. all three defendants are back in court open october 26. >> thank you. an assault happened open a bart train led to service delays this morning. an off-duty san francisco police sergeant stopped the assault on a woman and struggled with the suspect at the montgomery street station. there is no word if anyone was seriously hurt. but officials have reported 10-15-minute delays on the system listen wide just before 8:00 this morning. service returned to normal two hours later. >> students at american high school in fremont evacuated when a small fire broke out in a
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restroom. sky 7 was overhead as the students filled the courtroom outside the school waiting for the all-clear from the fire department. first responders tell us that anyone was in danger. evacuation was a precaution the fire department shared this picture with abc7 showing what the restroom looks like after the fire was put out. no one was hurt. all students are now back in class. >> we are now less than 3 minutes away from the end of an era for long-time san francisco water front restaurant. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting the sheriff will change the locks on sinbad's at 11:30 this morning effectively evicted the owners. the co-owners say it is not going do happen. the restaurant has been tied up in a legal battle with officials over the pier 2 prosecute on the embarcadero. they want to use the rot to build an expanded ferry terminal. >> we are watching san ramon this morning after two dozen earthquakes rattled the area in less than 24 hours. the u.s. geological survey said they were north of crow canyon
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road. the strongest? 3.0 magnitude earthquake at 8:14 and before that 2.9 magnitude earthquake at 3:50 arm and 3:2 a 2.6 magnitude earthquake. it is the two sides of the fault rubbing together. >> popcorn is the same, you put it in the pot and snap, snap. then nothing for a while. it is the same with an earthquake. >> the earthquakes were along the calaveras fault from danville and walnut creek and it is fairly routine along that fault. >> we could get a much needed break from the hot temperatures. from sutro tower we can see that clouds are hanging over san francisco and the clouds could bring showers later today. >> meteorologist mike nicco is joining us now with more on that. mike? >> thank you. good morning, everyone, from the top of the broadcast center. we have a lot of high clouds,
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not the kind we will get rain. we have been tracking the area of low pressure to our south and that is what is hurling the clouds up to us. look at the south, the showers and the storms moving toward santa barbara and that storm is going do migrate our way and we could possibly have a stray shower even a thunderstorm around 9 monterey bay and the santa cruz mountains. i we no you are sneaking a look down at the lower part of your television where more storms are developing. i will tell you if they have a chance coming our way in the big forecast. >> thank you. if you do get rain where you live please show us what you are seeing you can share your votes with us using # abc7now. we could use what you send us on air or online. >> a new controversy is brewing over a life-saving drug for people battling aids. business insider reports that turning pharmaceutical martin
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drug, after raising it 5,000 percent and he is, paing down from the promise to lower down after a public outcry and business insider reports that he plans to keep the price at $750 a pill until he can determine a more accurate price based on demand. >> troubles nba star and reality t star remains in a las vegas hospital after being found unconscious at a nevada brother they will. odom is in critical condition, the, wife, chloe kardashian has been by the bedside. he was found unconscious 70 miles out of las vegas. and the county reports they have obtain add warrant to gather blood sample to determine what he suffered a drug or alcohol overdose. >> twitter is flooded with tributes to odom including many from celebrities and basketball
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stars. >> prayers have been sent out for basketball star including chris humphrey, everyone, please, pray for lamar odom to make it. >> warriors star said, pray for my own. #prayersareforthatma. that is trending. >> the bated el at -- battle at the top during the race for the
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>> breaking news from berkeley, abc has learned a world renowned astronomer has announced plans to resign after he was found guilty of sexually harassing students. as we first reported yesterday, jeffrey marcy was found guilty of engaging in inappropriate behavior with students including groping, kissing, and massaging them. marcy posted an apology. he was banned from a december conference in hawaii. there is no word when he will step down. >> it is wednesday but a lot of monday morning quarterbacks across the country following the first democratic presidential primary debate. >> hillary clinton has the center spot but she was challenged from all fronts. here the highlights. >> five democratic contenders on stage. it was really a two-person show. >> secretary clinton is bernie
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sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. >> all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want: keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns. >> help hick versus bernie sanders. [ inaudible ] >> i want to talk not about my e-mails but what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> she got a boost from bernie sanders. >> let me say something that may not be from politics. but the secretary of right. that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders is shake up the primary race but still trying to explain his far left
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position whether he can win the general election. >> democratic socialism is about saying it is a moral and wrong that the top .1 percent in this country own almost 90 percent. >> the other three candidate as missed opportunity to make a splash. and where does vice president biden fit in? the closest supporters state window is closing for him to announce a run. >> republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is also weighing in on the debate talking to george stephanopolis by phone on "good morning america" calling clinton the clear winner after bernie sanders miss add clear opportunity. >> bernie gave up for a good soundbite, a wonderful sound bite but you have an f.b.i. investigation going on and he gave up the e-mail situation right then and there and it is a mistake. he is losing quite a bit, losing by so much he we should not have done that but it was a nice moment for him.
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>> truck said it was a kind debate. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> if you stick with me through the break i will have a couple of things to talk about the cooling trend at the going, it is warm, and a couple of chances of rain and when it will finally feel like autumn and how long it will last. >> the world champion warriors could get tips from the basketball stars in just under an
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is abc7 news.
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>> today mayor lee will honor the defending nba champion warriors at a tip-off celebration at san francisco city hall. the mayor is going to present the team with a key to the city at noon underway right now and hosting a pair of basketball clinics at civic center plaza. we will go through. klay thompson and green are there and then at 1:00 o'clock, there will be the basketball camp stuff to run kids through some basketball drills. how lucky are they. >> it would be an honor to go this to have my shot swatted into the stand. it would be wonderful. >> i would love it, too, it wrote be a lot of fun. >> you would like to watch him swat my shot into the stands? >> that is right. >> we are right here. >> we could have cheryl take over. >> we talked about the heat picking up and we tied a record
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in san jose and livermore hit 101. it makes you melt. doesn't it? right now compared to 24 hours ago, can you see most of us are -- wait, a great video from sutro tower. you know the saying, red sky at night, sailor tonight, and red sky in morning, sailor take warning. it usually has some truth a new system is coming in and storms are possibly on way. that is part of the forecast. first, before we get to that back to the 24 hour temperature change and we are up to six degrees cool we than yesterday but, still, running in the 70's just about everywhere with a few 80s and the biggest difference is san francisco and half moon bay at mid-to-upper 60. a look at san jose shows it is clear, and that is one of the areas that could possibly see one of the better chances of a stray shower today. still going to be warm everywhere but not record highs and we will have a second chance
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on saturday, and that will drop us back into the fall-like conditions for two days and next week we could be above average once again. the rope we are not going to drop is we do not have a sea breeze and the only reason we are dropping is the hot part of the air mass is moving to the east account clouds will dim the sunshine a little bit and take some of the sting out of it. here is the low we have been tracking, heading north, and it is moisture starved but, it is going to have enough of an influence to take away our record-setting temperatures and just enough moisture to create cooling, probably more than the showers will get. here is what i mean. still very warm, 28 in milpitas, mid-to-upper 80s elsewhere and, month were hill is still in the 90 and cool weather on the peninsula, low-to-mid 80s, but millbrae is 77, and water temperature is low-to-mid 60s and air temperature is low-to-mid 70s and upper 70s , downtown and sausalito and we have 92 in cloverdale and 82 in vallejo and 80 in richmond and berkeley and 84 in fremont,
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and inland temperatures in the low 90s. did not be ashamed to use your air conditioning that is why we have it. here is a look at our lows tone, upper 50s to low 60s, association almost as stuffy as the last two onlyings. here is the low and you can see the storms are possible along the big sur coast during the afternoon hours and it kind of falls apart and we lose the heating and look at what happens in the sierra tomorrow our best chance of storms and we will look at what is coming in from the north and how that system loses its moisture. we will wake up to the drizzle and a chance of a shower and see increasing sunshine on saturday, and maybe a little breezy but look at the drop in temperatures in the mid-60s at the coast, mid-70s at the bay and, maybe, 80 inland and a good 10- or 15-degrees cooler than today and on monday, boom, we are right back before average. unfortunately, the rainfall this time of career is not a lot and we are not going to get much out of it but it will be cooler fur ready for fall. >> thank you, mike. >> uber is jut just giving you a ride but driverring packages
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door-to-door with a new service called uber rush in san francisco, chicago, and new york city, participating businesses can use a when base dashed board to track an uber delivery person would can be a driver or bicycle messenger a month after it -- uber eats was delivered at lunch time. >> like that. a california company is moving on up. >> because of the $2 find at a junk shop and how an old photo can make them instant
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>> coming up at 4:00, a scary chose scale at los angeles airport a wrong turn by a worker nearly ended in disaster. >> they say a picture is worth a thousand words but a rare photo is worth a lot more. >> a central valley couple bought it for $2 in 2010 and recently had it authenticateed in tiburon. this photo is the second ever photo of the outlaw bully the kidd taken around 1878, is valued at...get this, $5
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million. billy the kidd would hold you up for this picture. ironically. awful circle. >> wow, a great find. >> from all of us at abc7, thanks for joining us.
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you're invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thanks, everybody. thank you. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good, because today's returning contestant is 24-year-old jess cashin, who is appropriately called "j. cash money." from somerville, massachusetts, please welcome back jess. [cheers and applause] hello. >> hello, old friend. >> hello, old friend. i do feel like, at this point, we're just old friends.


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