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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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in a statement today, nicholas durst called the resignation appropriate and said we want to state une kwif cably that
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professor's is determine ed >> i take full responsibility. mrksz arcy is considered a nobel prize contender. in berkley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a puppy has been returned. a good samaritan dropped off the two-month old pitbull named louis last night. somebody had taken louis last thursday afternoon. the woman who praubrought him b she got the dog off the street. louis will be up for adoption
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soon and hopefully will find a good home. >> it was another warm day across the bay area. >> spencer christian is here now with our first look at the accuweather forecast. >> okay, larp ri. a lovely day. not quite so warm as yesterday. but clouds are increasing. we've had active weather. we still have mainly clear skies here in the bay area. although clouds are on the increase. a couple of hours ago, a thunderstorm rumbled through the area producing a couple of lightning strikes. farther south, there was a more widespread area or i shouldn't say an area of more widespread thunderstorm activity. back to the immediate bay area for the next three hours, we expect little trickles of moisture to pass through. there may be a sprinkle or two, although we don't expect any significant rainfall. the big story is a drop in temperatures.
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at the most, only a few degrees cooler than yesterday. here's our first forecast, increasing clouds tonight, partly cloudy tomorrow morning and we'll have a mix of zun and high clouds tomorrow under mild but cooler conditions. >> thank you so much, spencer. a swarm of at least 20 earthquakes shook things up in san ramone. the strongest was a 3.2 that hit just after 8:00 this morning. >> i think it's exciting. i live closer to them than my office. and the small earthquakes are interesting because we can learn from them about the big earthquakes. >> scientists say there have brn lots of little swarms of earthquakes across the area. >> tomorrow is the annual great shake at earthquake drill which helped californians learn and practice what needs to be done when an earth quake hits.
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here's what it looks like in the world's biggest earth quake simulator. the big shaker can simulate earthquakes greater than 8.0. it will be in oakland tomorrow as part of an earth quake drill. the simulations show how to avoid injuries during an earth quake and how to skurp household items. >> fish are dying off in northern california. now, this is not uncommon, but scientists say two recent incidents maid not be so natural. according to the press democrat, a chemical spill may have killed 00 drepds of official ermier this moblt. sample tests of the waterer are going to be analyzed in state fish and wildlife officials are conducting their own analysis on fish car kass. >> to the victor go the spoils. the event was part of a day-long tipoff celebration for the defending world champs held
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conspicuously in oakland. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, scary moments at l.a.x. what was on the runway that forested a jet to avoid takeoff. >> all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> it was basically the bernie sanders and hillary clinton show. today, big questions about another democrat. >> and parents accused of beating their 19-year-old son to death at church. >> michael finney is taking your k questions on facebook. all you have to do is search for michael finney on face book or twitter to ask finniy. this is 101 stop bound is the backed up traffic on the
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left-hand side. 880 is moving in both directions.
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>> the campaigns of hillary clinton and bernie sanders are each declaring last night's democratic debate a success. and now, they're looking to build on top of that success. karen travellers with some of the debate highlights. >> reporter: record ratings last night for the democratic debate. 53 million americans tuned in to
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see the contenders duke it out for the first time. but, today, all eyes on president joe biden waiting to see whether he'll join the field. >> i was proud. i thought they all did well. >> reporter: last night, hillary clinton was aggressive. not waiting to respond, but, instead, going right at her main rival. bernie sanders. >> i'm a progressive. but i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. >> reporter: the on going controversy about her personal e-mail server, falling poll numbers and questions about her trustworthiness. but, now, even biden supporters say the window is closing for his announcement to run. after last night's debate, is there a place for the v.p. release? last night, it was the clinton and sanders show. former secretary of state getting a surprised boost of support. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> and the republicans feel no surprise to slam their potential opponent. jeb bush on fox news says he'll make sure americans keep hearing about clinton's e-mails. >> if she wins the nomination and i win the nomination, trust me u that's not going to end. >> reporter: hillary clinton is scheduled ed before the house committee investigating the 2012 attack in benghazi. >> last night, donald trump was tweeting live. and the debate proved that hillary is runing against the v team. she won't be so lucky when it comes to me. it's clear the democrats on stage are running for obama's third term. join me if you're ready to stop him. >> if fv.a.a. is investigating close call. a compass airlines kmuter jet had to abort takeoff when an airport employee drove a car on to the same runway.
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>> while that jet was carrying 78 passengers and crew members, the incident happened around the same time that air traffic controllers were dealing with requests of emergency landings from two other airliners. >> refurbishing runned down. abc 7 news is in the city's house minority leader touring this housing complex along with san francisco mayor, ed lee. san francisco is spending 700 million dplato refurbish public houdsing units. >> where we rebuild all of this housing, it's going to be complimented by world class trarns poration system. we're investigating in communality that is are strong. >> more than 4500 housing units
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will be up dated under this three-year renovation plan. >> alameda county responders were reunited with patients they say today. it came with an event hosted by the alameda county emergency agency. this young man went into cardiac arrest at a ymca camp and livermore paramedics resuscitated him. more than 50 firefighters and police officers were recognized for their key role in the july 16th berkley balcony collapse. >> we now know who won a $15 million superjackpot. thomas claimed his prize just three days after matching all six numbers. he bought the winning ticket at the safeway in san jose. we have an image of the winning ticket right here. he matched all six numbers including the meganumber. if he takes the cash option, he'll receive a lump sum of $9.5 million before taxes.
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have i mentioned my good buddy thomas? >> time to check only our weather and see if we're going to continue this cooldown? >> am i happy? i certainly am. i was tired of the heat. here's a look at live doppler h.d. we have a little low cloudiness pushing out over the bay right now. you can see right here and looking toward alcatraz. you can't zeal it at the moment because that finger of low cloudiness pushing out over the bay. much cooler than at this hour yesterday. 88 morgan hill, 68 half-moon bay. but we still have some warm spots as we look toward the golden gate. we see current termmperature readings of 81, and 92 at livermore.
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here's how it looks at the golden gate bridge. these are our forecastst. i say the showers are possible this evening and a cooler pattern will continue into the weekend. it will be dry and mild early next week. our satellite composite image, after kicking up some showers mainly to our south in central and southern california. there's a weak frontal system moving through the west. both of these systems had the potential to produce light rain for us. starting at 7:00, we'll see pockets of moisture moving through the bay area that could produce a sprinkle or two. then we get this little swirling mass of clouds and moisture that will swing through late tomorrow and tomorrow night that could also produce some scattered sprinkles or light rain. weapon will resume our forecast at 7:00 p.m. friday. and then this weak frontal system swings through. it's a very weak system, but it could produce some light shower activity or light rain in the
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north bay early saturday. after that, it just falls apart. so that looks like our best chances for rain. overnight, we'll see increasing clouds, some low, some high. it will be mild with low temperatures mainly in the up ere anothers to low 60s. today, mild today with hazy sunshine, at best. high temperatures will range from upper 60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay. low to mid 80s inland. here's our accuweather seven day forecast. the cool will continue through the weekend and then we'll start to warm up a little bit after the weekend. >> thank you so much, spencer. up next, the plan to save an endangered toad on the brink of extinction. the new role oakland zoo employees are assuming to save an entire species. >> the nationwide impact after a wisconsin gunshot is held liable for selling weapons used in a violent crime. >> abc 7 is honoring hispanic
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heritage month. today u we recognize rebecca, founder of the nonprofit group hash tag lunch bag sf. the group prepares and distributes lunches to those in need, 13,000 people so far. we have more
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s. we have breaking news to tell you. authorities updated the condition of lamar odom. they're telling us he had cocaine and ten sexual enhancement pills if his system when he was found facedown and unconscious tuesday night in a brothel. his condition is improving. the reverend jesse jackson visited him in his hospital room today. jackson says odom is responding to visitors. >> and now there's a new admission by volkswagen. the german automake has told
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people of suspect software in 0 2016 models. that disclosure triggered the worldwide cheating scandal. >> a one-year-old pitbull is safe thanks to the heroics of the off loaders in river side county. they collected ropes, straps and anything else they could tie together and lowered the member of the group into the shaft. >> as soon as i got there, she just held on for dear live and we climbed back up. she's just wonderful. an amazing, amazing dog. so o beepd yent. >> the pitbull which they named after the town of corona
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suffered some eye injuries and scratches. the owner can't be found, she'll be put up for adoption. >> the oakland zoo has been busy creating love nests for endangered toads from puerto rico. they had it in monsoon rain sounds to get the toads to breed. >> they would be shipped to puerto rico in a few days to make sure they can repopulate in their native ponds. >> once they finally reach sexual maturity, they will return to the ponds where they were born to breed themselves. >> three other zoos are also breeding these toads.
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>> they say a picture is worth a thousand word. but this rare photo is worth a whole lot more. >> a central valley couple bought it for just two bucks at a fresno junk shop. this was back in 2010. they recently had it authenticated by a western americana expert in tiberon. this is just the second ever seen of william h.bonnie, better known as the infamous out law, billy the kid. >> this historic photo values at $5 million. wow. >> all right, abc 7 news at 4 continues. san francisco's iconic sin bad's restaurant eludes eviction once again. >> ahead the last-minute owners are keeping it open for now. >> the heinous attack that left the man dead inside a secretive new york church. and why investigators believe his parents are behind the murder. >> plus, growing gentrification in the mission district.
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how a controversial measure could tackle sky high rents in the city. >> as we approach 4:27, well, there's a look at itunes. not so much the walnut creek. all right there it is. i thought maybe you were buying a song there for a second. but let's look at interstate 680. oncoming traffic is northbound. that's help i have as it usually is at this time. our right-hand side is southbound going back towards
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. >> checking the headlines today at 4:30. san jose police are looking for an acura that was involved in an accident late last night that killed three teens. police say a preliminary investigation reveals two cars were racing when one of the cars spun out and hit a pole. david louis tweeted this. he said grief and prayers at the scene of the crash as relatives and friends deal with the death of three teens. more details on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> a professor has resigned from his position amid sexual harassment claims. lauraabout anthony tweeted the
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department chair. one of the most controversial and emotional number social security proposition i. they say they're being pushed out by tech workers. abc 7 news reporter says she speak with both sides and she'll have that story for us a little bit later. >> a decision by a milwaukee wisconsin jury could have profound effects on gun shellers nationwide. the jury found that badger guns was liable in the case of two milwaukee police officers wounded by one of the shop's firearms. the panel ordered the shop to pay almost $6 million in damages. this all stems from this sale, a man buying the gun for the shooting suspected, at the time, was 18. hep was too young to make the purchase. the buyer even wrote on the form he was buying the gun for somebody else. >> a store with a bad track
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records and a phony sale. if that can't win, nothing will win. >> authorities say more than 1800 guns sold by badger firearms were used in crimes between 2006 and 2008. a 2005 document from an unrelated case called the shop the number one crime gun dealer in america. a couple from central new york is accused of a brutal crime. they beat their 19-year-old son to death. and this happened in church. but that's not all. abc news reporter has more on other accusations. >> a disturbing case inside this secret central new york church where police say a teen was beaten to death with by his own parents. the teen pronounced dead, the s.w.a.t. team then surrounded
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the word of life church, offices going inside and after hours of searching, finding lucas' 17-year-old brother also badly beaten, but alive. >> both brothers were continually sublted to physical punishment over a course of several hours. four other church members arrested, charged in the attack that left christopher leonard hospitalized in serious condition. >> i'm very sad for everybody. there's many rumors and i don't know what to believe. >> the teen's parents pleaded not guilty and are being held on a hundred thousand dollars bail. the victim's sister is among
4:34 pm
them and being held on $50 bail. >> the family of a sailor who died aboard a cargo ship is being sued for a hundred million dollars. they were negligent choosing to sail into dangerous weather. the search for survivors was called off a week ago. today, the pope asked for forgiveness. the pope made the remarks to thousands of people gathered in st. peter's square.
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still ahead, a dark night in the city of light. the spooky halloween offer that may change your view of paris forever. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> i'm spencer christian. you can see low clouds slowly moving into the bay area and we may have a little bit of rainfall moving in; as w
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now, to one of the most controversial members on the ballot in san francisco. one proponent would deal with the skyrocketing mission with what voter wills be asked in a matter of weeks. >> alma, i'm sitting right near an area that explains why this is really so heated. many in this area used toe do the bulk of their shopping at a 99 cent store. well, it's gone now. see that modern looking building? that's the new development. a two bed, two bath going for $7,499 a month. something has to be done. for the artist, this is the beat of his neighborhood. >> it was the cover. it was the music. it was the murals. >> all reasons he started working in the mission more than
4:39 pm
42 years ago. but, lately, he's watched the hipsters arrive. >> well, you know, hipsters are not that hip. >> not that hip, in his opinion. but more of them along with tech workers, are moving in. meanwhile, reneee sought eviction two years ago. >> it was pretty moralizing. my partner was very sick with cancer. and it was very stressful. >> he fought and was able to stay. but he's one of many in the plastered posters that say it all. this push and pull is at the center of proposition i. prop i would stop construction of market rate housing in the mission district for 18 months. >> 2,000 families have been destroyed. if you make less than 75,000, you have no opportunity to move into the mission district. >> the framework of what those 18 months would look like.
4:40 pm
but opponents halting construction would do nothing and could have the opposite effect. >> once you stop and study, a lot more evictions are going to happen and a lot more people are going to lose their homes. >> others say it's not meant to be a fix-all, but rather a pause. >> sometimes you need a cooling off period to step back, take a wider view of what's happening and come up with a solution. >> renee says he just doesn't want to see another friend get e vikted. that number just keeps growing. >> about 22. >> well, instead of trick or treating on hall wean, how about spending a night in catacombs filled with real skeleton sns a contest to give two people the opportunity to spend halloween night in the catacombs of paris. the permanent home to 6 million dead. the night includes a dinner, a real bed, even a private concert. hopefuls can submit a 100 word
4:41 pm
essay by october 20th explaining why you want to sleep with the remains. hmm, having a hard timing started on this essay. >> we want to see how we celebrate halloween even if you're not doing anything like that? abc 7 news is already showing their spirit. it's easy just host your photos or videos. you may see them on air or online at abc 7 news dot com. >> call me crazy, but i'd rather spend my time with the living. >> we've got mainly clear skies over the bay area right now. a little bit of shower activity passing over santa cruz. you'll see what looks like a sheet of light rain passing over these areas right there this afternoon.
4:42 pm
but it's gone now, pushing out to sea. there's a chance of a sprinkle or two that may return. and parts of southern california and western arizona may get a little shower activity tomorrow, as well. and we could get a sprinkle or two here in the bay area. but it's not looking very likely. here's our weather picture for tomorrow. we'll see hazy sunshine with high clouds passing through. by the way, i should mention there's a chance of a passing sprinkle or two overnight tonight as we have some low clouds and moisture and some high clouds passing through. there could be a sprinkle or two passing through. larry and alma? >> thank you so much, spencer. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, mixed messages from a florida detective. what he did at an antidrunk driving event that had attendees fuming. >> would you like some more face time with your cup of joe? the new feature being rolled out
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at thousands of starbucks nationwide to make your visit a little more person. >> what happens when your car dealer makes a mistake on the cost of your gnu set of wheels. are you on the hook? that question and many more
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. >> a member of a sheriff's department in florida is apologizing for showing up drunk at a mother's against drunk driving awards ban kwelt. officers say the county detective appeared intoxicated as he was walking through the hotel lobby hosting the m.a.d.d. event. >> the first word out of his mouth when he saw me was dude. and that kind oaf shocked me. and i asked if he would tell me his name. he said he wasn't growing to tell me his name. i said, well, you probably don't want to be at a m.a.d.a. awards banquet while you're intoxicated. >> was it really just a phase?
4:47 pm
teens and mood swings? >> yes, it lasts about a decade. and just so you know, for the future, jane king with today's wellness report. >> teenagers do settle down as they get older. a study tracked 500 teen ins amsterdam and found that early adolescence is a time of great volatility. the study found that young people learn to deal with break ups and curfews and the anxiety of college and jobs took their places. men are less likely to take post heart attack medicine. once they did get the medicine, women took it at the same rate as men. other research has shown that women are less likely than men to receive recommended therapies after a heart attack. eating organic does lower
4:48 pm
the amount of pesticides in a child's body. kids levels went down once they went on an organic diet. fruits and venn tabs are good for kids, whether organic or not. but there is a way to reduce exposure to chemicals. it's caramel apple time. but after a listera refrigeration of the apples did help reduce that breeding down. i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> star bucks is going high-tech. the coffee chain is upgrading drive throughs at 2400 caves. the screens will show the items orde orde order ordered, the cost and the barista's face. the screens will be added to
4:49 pm
stores over the next year. >> time now for ask finney. 7 on your side michael finney is here. our first one comes to william l. who says i bought a new car, signed a contract and took delivery on it. the next day, the dealership says they calculated the sales tax wrong. >> id wonder if anybody's ever got a call and said you know, we calculated wrong and owe you some money. generally there's two things going only here. one, you have a contractual relation shim. and that's the end of it as far as you're concerned. any mathematical errors are their problems. that said, most contracts from a dealership will have a resci rescinding clause that says they can rescind the deal for two or three days.
4:50 pm
but you don't have to go along with that. you say okay, you want to charge me more for sales tax, just take the car back. see how that works. >> your name stays on the car. but somebody has to be registered to the car. so although your name is registered on the car, also, along with that paperwork, because you filed all the right paperwork, it will say you're no longer responsible. it's very weird. >> i think once you say release from liability, it's not my car, it ought to be gone. the other person's name doesn't come onto it you believe till until they file their paperwork. >> how can a company charge for using an express lane in the bay area? >> it's 6 80 and highway 237 down there also in the south bay. and how it works is this.
4:51 pm
those are owned by the state. they're not private lanes. we don't have any of those in california anymore. they have some of those in other states. how it works is xerox has the contract to collect the money and all of that. so you can hear from xerox, you could hear from fast track, but it's the state that gets the money. so you're paying the state. >> up next, defieing eviction. how a last-minute move by owners of an iconic san francisco restaurant open for business. >> thank you. coming up next, california's top cop teams up with law enforcement. the new tool available to help victims of cyber exploitation. and how hackers can now expose your
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tonight on abc 7, modern family and blackish. after that, it's nashville followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> just when the port of san francisco thought it was evicting, sin bad delivered an unexpected surprise. it filed some bankruptcy protection. abc 7 news reporter joins us live with the details. le ix gh anne? >> this is what you definitely call an 11th hour move. you know, you can't really evict someone who was right in the middle of reorganizing. now, how do we get here? well, sin bads was supposed to vacate the property back in march. the owners didn't and here we are. >> sheriff deputies were supposed to show up this morning to evict the owners of sin bads and change the locks. then, the bomb shell. >> we had planned for the eviction at praxly 11:30 this morning so that has been cancelled. >> cancelled because this morning, the owners ooftst of
4:56 pm
the restaurant filed for bankruptcy protection. >> well, we filed for reorganization. we're not bankrupt by to moan p means. we're financially sound, even though we've been paying tons of money into attorney fees and this and that to rectify the situation. >> against the restaurant for back rent and even though a jury sided to have them evicted, the restaurant will be allowed to stay until the bankruptcy is settled which could take some time. sin bad's lawyer told reporters they know they can't stay permanently, but are asking to leave on their own terms and not immediately. >> if construction isn't going to take place until let's for example, say end of next summer, why is it that the port is so eager to take over this place and leave it dormant for the next few months! the owners say they want to make some money to pay off bills. >> we have scheduled for christmas and the holidays, we have the superbowl. we have all kinds of business
4:57 pm
coming in from the local people. >> we are adding up to three new landings that's going to service the public and provide a public benefit. >> it is being fined and the building is still standing. so far, the fines adds up to $13,000 and accruing. in san francisco, leigh anne menendez, abc 7 news! uber isn't just giving you a ride. it's now delivering packages to your door. a new service launched today in san francisco, chicago and new york city. partist pating businesses can use a red-based dash board to track a delivery person who can be a driver or a bike messenger. this comes a month after launched in san francisco. >> and that will do it for this
4:58 pm
edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. i'm alma dates. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now. >> alma, thank you, developing news in s&l jose. three young people are killed. another sense of a hospital after a street race in san jose. the investigation is under way right now. >> a big headache for some east bay commuters. a big sink hole closes an intersection in union city. >> plus, new details about lamar odom's condition. >> i'm abc 7 news tracking showers and thunderstorms south of here. i'll let you know if we see anything here in the bay area coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> not being able to see it ever again, you know. that's something we're never going to get used to. >> grief, shock, sadness and prayers. for the three teenagers killed
4:59 pm
in a high speed crash on a san jose street. another teen is in critical condition. police say two cars were street racing when the accident occurred. good evening, everybody, i'm larry biel in for dan ashley. >> the 18d-year-old, 15-year-old and 15-year-old anthony ramos from gillroy. abc 7 news reporter joins us live. >> cheryl and larry, this is really difficult for the families. but it also is difficult for san jose police trying to locate a second vehicle and a driver who are involved in this two-vehicle chase down east santa clara street. police said the two cars were racing eastbound when one of them, a gold honda with four teenagers inside, lost control, struck a light pole and crashed into a tree. 15-year-old jalene and 18-year-old oscar died at the scene. the other two were transported
5:00 pm
to a hospital where 15-year-old anthony ramos of gilroy later died. the fourth teenager remains hoptized. police discovered the honda was a stolen vehicle. >> when we heard it was a stolen carp, we couldn't understand why. we don't know what happened or who's at fault or anything. it's probably teenagers being kids. >> family and friends quickly gathered at the scene to pray and to create a memorial. jose said his cousin, jaylene had strayed down a wrong path. >> she started to -- she started going down, she started doing bad things, you know. >> danny was one of jaylene's best friends and she was late linking up with her last night. otherwise, she might have been in the deadly crash as well. >> we're always together. all of the time. and not just -- not being able to see her ever again, you know, li


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