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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 15, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> san francisco students drop cover and hold on this morning during the great california shake out. millions are taking part in the drill to make sure we are ready for the big one. >> good morning. i am cheryl jennings. >> i am kristen sze. the massive exercise is two days best 26th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. we continue to get small jolts in the east bay. there have been 30 minor earthquakes in the past 48 hours. biggest hit at 6:10 this morning measuring 3.4. we have coverage this morning withdrew tomb ma in oakland and amy hollyfield at a school in
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san francisco. we will start with you, amy. good morning. it took place all over the state but the children get to say they climbed under a table with the mayor lee during their drill. >> it looks pretty cute. and creates some giggles. one day this will be serious. scientists say the big one is coming. we need to know what to do. >> i have learned thattics can be very scary -- that earthquakes can be very scary. i want to be friend when it happens. >> california dropped, covered, and held open today for the great shake out an earthquake drill. san francisco city officials from the mayor to the police chief joined schoolchildren at the elementary school for the drill. >> a lot of us were in a pretty big earthquake a few years ago in 1989. >> talking about the earthquake could make you feel anxious but
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take a deep breath and arm yourself with information. >> rather than being scare, understand them and get ready for them. the earthquake is inevitable. the disaster is not. what we do can keep the damage from happening. >> is your large furniture bolted to the wall? did your family talk about how to find each other when the phones do not work? >> make sure you have a fire extinguisher and they know how to use it because after an earthquake you better put out your own fires. it will be a long-term before the fire department can get to you. >> because the kids practice at school today does not mean you should not practice at him. just yell out "earthquake," and see not kids know where to go and what to do. >> thank you, you which check out what it feels like to be in a little or big earthquake today. we were in oakland at shake trailer set up at the plaza as
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part of the from california shakeout to promote preparedness. drew is there with more. drew? >> yes, we were here and the great shakeout was a success. look what folks experienced. >> that sight and sounds, seem familiar? that was a 5.0, part of the from shake out across california. folk across the state have practiced their drop, cover and hold on to prepare themselves to survive and recover quickly from earthquake. for some, this is an invaluable tool for students. >> are you prepared for a big one? >> not exactly. fairly good. we have to have emergency kits. i am a teacher and that is what we are trying to teach the students. we know it is coming. the big one is coming.
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we hear have food, emergency kit, first aid, all those things. >> in oakland you can talk with officials about being prepared as well as the science behind earthquakes until 2:00. in oakland for abc7 news. >> thanks, drew. as drew pointed out, the key in any earthquake is to be prepared so we are very glad to help you do that with guidelines for stocking and earthquake survival kits and developing an emergency family plan. >> we have been tracking some wet weather this morning. there is a chance of showers. it is still hanging around with moisture out there. a look from our sutro tower camera showing haze over the bay. will you see rain where you live? meteorologist mike nicco has the answer. >> that is a great question. we would like to see it. you can see there is a lot of sunshine behind me pulling away from san mateo across 280, north
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of 92 is a possible light shower and that is heading over to the half moon bay airport. we have another one moving from brentwood holding to antioch and walnut creek and local me and san ramon and dublin and another light potential shower if it climbs over the east bay hills it could make it to piedmont and oakland and berkeley and richmond. over the next threw hours we have waves of the light showers but it is so dry a lot of this is not making it to the ground. >> is the giant sinkhole crews are trying to sink at the intersection of alvarado and new haven street right by a school which prevents some challenges for kids and parents and it looks like they are making good progress. matt keller is at the scene. >> the work conditions in union city. this hole started at 6' by 6' yesterday afternoon. now you can see it has grown to
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25' by 25' and 10' deep. the three agencies, the water company, the city and sewer we are company are meeting to figure out what to do next. when you have a big mess you need something big to clean it up. the alameda county water district got the machinery this morning to dig out the asphalt in the giant sink haul on alvarado boulevard and new haven. a car drove over it while it was forming and the sinkhole was small but it is crazy now. i cannot believe it is this big. it was 6' by 6' when first reported yesterday to the city. by association am today, it had green to 25' by 25' and 10' deep. the weight damaged a 16" water main buried underground creating a huge leak and adding to the size of the hole.
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students of the alvarado elementary and middle school showed up early for classes just in case because of the closure of westbound lanes on alvarado boulevard. a young city police officer helped direct traffic and besides the usually start, people said this looked and felt like a remain no am day around the campuses. >> parents and students have been giving here early coming through and getting to class on the back side of the school so everything is looking good so far. >> parents and students should be ready for another early start tomorrow with no timeline set on when the sinkhole will be fixed but it will not be fixed until at least tomorrow. reporting in union city for abc7 news. >> the el dorado county sheriff has identified two people killed in a plane crash in south lake tahoe, 73-year-old from oakley and 66-year-old from san francisco died when a single engine went down on saturday night. it crashed near vacation home
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where a san francisco couple was staying and they escaped before the home caught fire. federal investigators are trying to find out what went wrong. >> lt.governor newsom spent the morning in san francisco with a pitch for new gun control initiative in california setting the same near the site of a 1993 gun massacre that spurred federal restrictions on assault weapons. he said he wants to require background checks for ammunition. if it becomes law california would be the first state to require this at point of sale and pushing gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons to law enforcement. >> delayed homecoming for thousands of american troops with the president's if you plan to keep them in afghanistan longer and what he said is the reason. >> a baby monitor taking high-tech to a new level to help keep better watch on your limit one in the
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president obama said he is making a commitment to keep troops in afghanistan fewer than 10,000 men and women staying through 2016. we are joined from the newsroom with more. janet? >> this is another delay in pulling out troops but president obama said it is continued support that is critical for afghanistan but, also, to prevent terrorist attacked here at home. 9,800 troops stay in afghanistan for most of 2016 and by the end
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of next year that number will decrease to 5,500 troops stationed at a small number of bases. >> the afghan people who have suffered so much, america's commit to you and to a secure, stable, and unifyied afghanistan remains firm. >> to the troops he assured a safer environment. >> to our men and women in uniform, i know this means some of you will rotate back into afghanistan. at end of our cam bat mission this is not like 2010 when 500 americans were killed and many more were injured. >> president obama said the troops will focus on training the afghanistan forces and supporting counterterrorism operations and said the afghan military which has been fighting often its own is still not as strong as it needs to be to take on the enemy a threat that also puts americans in danger. >> as your commander in chief, i
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believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> there were 100,000 troops at the height of the war in afghanistan. in december the combat mission ended. the president wanted to be clear, without additional support terrorists can take over again. >> and to the american people, i know many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of underless war. >> the war in afghanistan is the longest in the history of the country and critics say this is a major set back. the president said he will work with allies to continue to have a presence in afghanistan after 2016. >> if you receive social security gives you will not see additional money next year, it will be the first year without a raise since 2011. the social security security administration miles it on decline in inflation driven by falling gas prices.
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inflation directly affected the cost-of-living adjustments which determines how much benefits go up. a third of medicare beneficiary could see big increases in their premiums. unless the government steps in. 65 million americans mostly retire careers, rely on social security. >> could your smartphone or tablet be keeping you up at night? it may be the blue light that is beaming out of it. >> the eye only captures the blue right and it makes your body activated. >> okay. how about a new type of glasses that could help protect you? we will have that story tonight at abc7 at eleven. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our forecast. >> yes, we do have rain in the forecast but likely you will not need one of these. i will explain why and the cooling trend continues, how much deeper we felt and how long it will last?
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you know it has to warm up this time the year. >> there is nothing basic about keeping an eye on your baby and how technology is changing the game for parents while they are behind the wheel. >> san francisco's famous cable cars are often display in a whole new way with a special event to show off their style as leyla gulen explores where
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>> in san jose, miss have announced the arrest of a driver suspected in the death of a hit-and-run accident. he is in custody and turned himself in yesterday.
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a man died after being hit by a ford pickup on tuesday morning. sky 7 was above the scene shortly after the driver got away. yesterday, officers on routine patrol found a truck they believed was linked to the crash. he turned himself in last night after police impounded the truck. >> you can now get directions to where you are driving and keep an eye on your baby in the back seat with one device. there is a baby camera that you can use on the head rest and garmen provided this video of what you will see while in baby camera mode. you can tap the unit which display as map and baby camera and works with certain g.p.s. units that cost $200. >> usually to know that the bennetts have to be turned to the back so...can you see how they react if they are getting sleepy the tired. hungry.
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safe. >> if you are going for a drive this morning, there is rain in some places. >> a lot of cute videos from this invention posted on facebook. you cannot see that well because the camera is focused more on me but there is a lost virga that is evaporated before it reaches the ground and that is why you will not need an umbrella although live doppler hd is going to show quite a few radar returns heading through the afternoon and evening, and our reporting station where i found the measurable rain is at 539', or in los altos .0 1". it is kind of falling apart and looking over that way and it looks like that is a lot of virga and we have another batch moving to stockton and it could be another chance. by far, the greatest threat of thunderstorms is south of us near the big sur coast headed
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down. from walnut creek you can see some drops from earlier today and those are not recent drops. they are making the lens fuzzy and 680 is dry. san jose, one of the areas that had a light shower this morning but 280 and 17 are looking dry, also. this is the big story today because this affects, probably, more of us than anything else, the cool friend from the lack of sunshine and when water evaporates it does the same as it does on the skin, it cools so we are 11 degrees cooler today. we are in the 60s and 70s everywhere but for fairfield at young degrees. getting closer to average with the marine layer developing. showers are possible, limited to no totals like this morning, and cool weekend breezes with a chance of a shower on saturday and fall is on hiatus next week.
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our future radar shows the batch in the central valley rotating to the north bay and that puts us under sprinkles with the p.g.a. event the rest of the afternoon and another batch could wet us overnight while we are sleeping and wake up tomorrow morning with fog but pretty dry. in the afternoon hours we are going to continue to remain dry. we run in the upper 60s along the coast and low-to-upper 70s around the bay and we will say low-to-mid 80's inland. tomorrow we will see more sunshine but we will be even cooler as the hot air mass continues to retreat and we will retreat two- to four-degrees and saturday we will be lucky to get out of the 70s inland and 60 at the coast. look how quickly it items around, mondays tuesday, wednesday, back and warmer than agency. a couple of chances of light showers. the medium-range models possibly the last beak of the month we could see a pattern change and real wet weather but that is a
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long ways away. something to help for. >> thank you, mike. the f.b.i. said they recused 150 children from forced prostitution during a nationwide crackdown on human trafficking and one of the girls was only 12 years old. the age held a briefing this morning in oakland to talk about operation cross country. 153 accused trafficers were arrested in sweeps of hotels and casinos and truck stops in 135 cities one of the biggest human trafficking raids carried out so far by the f.b.i. ain the pay area six underage victims were recovered and seven arrested as part of the take down of pimps. >> last year 3,500 sex trafficking cases were reported to the resource center of human trafficking. >> taking a walk on the wild side, dance combines with a san francisco staple and help the cable cars get moving in a new way
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we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. >> one-of-a-kind event featuring a san francisco favorite take over the city. our news reporter has the details on navy vent and more. a traffic jam of unique proportions the san francisco's
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troll dances and local groups perform specific dances on the key line from mission bay to the bayview audiences can catch a free ride during six, two hour tours. >> music is now more fun with the 2015 treasure island music festival feature as spectrum of genres including a comedy tents putting gig els in your graph. the winner has been crowned and families can come and see the 2,000 pound pumpkin that squashed the competition at half moon bay art and pumpkin festival with carved masterpieces and a haunted house and a lot of autumn fun with more information on these ever vents go to >> too many options. >> for all of us, thank you for joining us.
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>> we will take you outside for a look outside a gorgeous shot of the bay and any bit of
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>> to win the million dollars on this show, you've got to have a mixture of guts, brains, and nerves of steel. does one of our players today have the right stuff? we are about to find out when we play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. how you doing? thank you. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] that's good, because our returning contestant is a teacher whose only claim to fame is winning her elementary school spelling bee. she's hoping to leave a bigger legacy here today. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back lauren stripling. [cheers and applause] good to see you again, my dear. >> good to see you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. good to be back. >> you know, last we hung out together, you were just saying you were so relieved, because you crossed that $5,000


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