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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> a police officer shoots and kills a man in san francisco. that shut down market street for hours today. now, we're learning how a call for help actually escalated into a fatal shooting. >> we'll take a closer look at that shooting scene tweeted out by community member nick kaye. it happened just after noon. wayne friedman is live at the scene. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, alma. any time a san francisco police officer shoots and kills a suspect, this is the fifth time it's happened this year to date.
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>> both sergeants are at local hospitals in stable condition. apparently, it was catastrophic. >> san francisco's fifth officer shooting involved this construction site about noon. like all the others, it was fatal. one of the workers complained about a man throwing bottles into the street and leaving broken glass behind. three officers, including two senior sergeants tried to arrest that man. it did not go well when the suspect jumped on one of the sergeants. >> he's getting my gun, he's got my gun, shoot it. >> reporter: police found two bullet casings on the street. the suspect died at the scene. two of the three officers went to local hospitals! one of the officers had pretty good facial injury. the other officer, the officer that was on the ground, it looks like his knee, possibly his
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wrist and, again, he has other facial injuries. >> about 3:00 p.m., officers began pulling out their police tape just in time for rush hour and for jeffrey white who couldn't go anywhere with a work truck parked inside the crime scene. on market street in san francis francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> the f.b.i. rescued 150 children from forced prostitution during a nationwide crackdown on human trafficking. one of the girls is just 12 years old. the f.b.i. provided us with this video. operation cross country was its largest sex trafficking sting ever. >> in the bay area, six underage victims were recovered and seven were arrested. additionally, 52 jobs were arrested. >> 29 bay area law enforcement took part. 153 traffickers were arrested in
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135 cities. >> police arrested pedro cortez for a fatal hit and run. yesterday, officers on routine patrol found what they believe was the missing truck. >> police are still looking for a driver who took off from a street race that took the lives of three teens in san jose. 15-year-old jayline, 15-year-old arntny ramos and oscar tavledo died tuesday night when the honda they were in spun out of control and ran into a tree. >> a sink hole saga in the east bay is taking on a whole new look today. >> it's a lot bigger than what we saw last night. and drier. take a look at the gaping hole now in alarado boulevard. you can see the water main beneath it has been cut off.
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a look at what crews are doing to fix this mess. david? >> well, alma and larry, the cause of the sink hole is still not determined. the utility companies say that their first priority is to repair the damage and to restore utility service. the water service has been restored to homes and schools nearby. but they say they'll get to the cause of the sink hole later. the sink hole has gone from six feet by six feeto 25 by 25. and it's slowly getting deeper because of excavation. crews from alameda county water district have gone down 10 feet in order to repair a 16 inch water main. underneath the intersection is a maze of utility pipes including gas lines and a sewer line. the repairs are being done one step at a time. >> able to dig down a little bit deeper to where their sewage pipes are. that will help us to move closer
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to determining the cause of this sink hole. >> replacement pipe for the water main has arrived and is being soldered together. a broken water main is 44 years old, first installed in 1971. the water district did not say if it was slated for replacement. >> this appears to be unusual circumstances. we don't want to make any speculations, but we do have on going investments in our infrastructure. >> the resident reported the bump in the road yesterday is surprised to see how big it is now. >> i didn't realize it was going to be this big. i thought it was, you know, a small bump or a small sink hole. when i saw it right now, it's crazy. >> a baseball tournament next to the sink hole is scheduled for this weekend. >> i don't want the kids during the game to focus over here and the ball gets hit to them and they get hit in the head. hopefully u they keep their mind on the game and just play baseball. >> in union city, david louis,
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abc news. >> the posts say about 1200 drivers nationwide will take part in a work stoppage starting tomorrow. the drivers reportedly want uber to hike rates, add a tip option and raise cancellation fees. >> check out this amazing video showing what's happening right now in the los angeles area. a flash flood is ripping through trees and shrubs just north of l.a. happening west of lancaster, the mud has damaged several homes and communities along lake hughes. near the town of green valley with residents slamming in. we are seeing lots of cars stuck. the entire area is under a flash flood watch until later this evening because of heavy rain and thunder storms. >> and we may see a lot more of that right around january. a new assessment issue backed up what we've been hearing for the past few months. that is everything is pointing towards us having a very wet winter.
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>> this year's el nino is expected to be larger than the storms we had back in 1997. while it should be wet,there might not be a lot of snow. abc 7 news meteorologist has a look at what we can expect. >> and we talk about el nino a lot. the status has not changed. the forecast can be in place through winter to have significant impacts on our winter weather patterns. that mean, most importantly, an active storm track across the southern half 069 united states. what is new today, the national oceanic administration came out with the winter weather outlook for the season ahead. no shocker right here. it follows the pattern. the southern half, wetter than normal. as we zoom into california, what does that exactly mean for the bay area? they feel announced a number for having a wet winter. a 40% chance here in the bay area that we will have above average rainfall. so what does all of that mean?
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above average rainfall in a normal year, look at this. where you live, this is what you would expect in tirms of normal rainfall. they're giving it a 40% chance that we will see above these numbers. typically, in a strong year, it gets soaking rain between mid and late january. also, this system tends to be on the warmer side, guys. >> it sounds okay, but not exactly drout buster category. we need the rain, obviously. but you'd rather have more snow in the sierra than we'll say rain in san francisco, correct? >> correct. you want to have that snow, especially in the summertime, have the snow slow melt and give us that long, beneficial water. too much rain in a short amount of time, it's a lot of flooding and a lot of mud slides. we'll keep track of it right here for you. >> let's take a look at what's happening right now outside. hi, spencer? >> well, we've got a couple
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sprinkles today. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have a couple areas of, again, light sprinkles passing through. to our south, that's where the terminal weather is. flooding rain counting as much as south ern california. a funnel cloud in lancaster. and, of course, we have the flash flooding and swift water rescue underway there on lake hughes, as you pointed out with the video. meanwhile here, back home, we have that view from emoryville. it's currently calm with 60 degrees san francisco, 77 san jose, morgan hill, 82, 64 in half-moon bay. tomorrow, rooftop cameras will see a little more in the sky, but not much. currently 77 in santa rosa. >> so will we get any rain out of these clouds?
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we'll have that forecast in a few minutes. >> president obama promised to end the two wars he inherited. but, today, he said there will still be a u.s. military presence of 5500 troops in afghanistan when he leaves office. >> reporter: president obama today explained his shifting timeline in afghanistan. >> i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests. >> nearly all of the 9800 u.s. troops currently in afghanistan were supposed to be home by the end of 2016. president obama will now leave as many as 5500 on the ground. i want's a remarkable term for the president, but, today, he said that while the u.s. presence in afghanistan will continue longer than he planned, it will be a narrow mission. counter terrorism operations and training and assisting afghan forces. >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision i make. >> but why the shift in policy?
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top officials believe afghan forces weren't read did to operate on their own. last month, taliban fighters took control of the key cities. afghan forces battled back with support from u.s. air strike. but one strike is catastrophic. a hospital was hit. 22 people dead, including 12 staffers from doctors without borders. >> we would never intentionally tar get a protected medical facility. >> president obama insisted this decision is not disappointing. and while it won't be the last time policy adjustments are made. >> the secessation of our comba role will not rest. >> reporter: karen traverse, abc news, washington. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a new proposed gun law and what it might change. >> plus, the great california shakeout. we live in earthquake country.
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>> is this the end of the line for passwords? what could be taking its place. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. we'll have him live a little bit later.
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a small earthquake continued to rattle the east bay. it struck just after 6:00 this morning. there have been no reports of damage. at least 36 minor quakes have
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been hit since tuesday. >> san francisco students dropped cover and held on. >> abc 7 news reporter took part in feeling the effects. look at her. of the 7.8 earthquake. ensuring we are ready for the big one. >> it looks pretty cute. and creates some giggles. but one day, this will be serious. scientists say the big one is coming and we need to know what to do. >> i've learned that earthquakes can be very scary. and i just really want to be prepared for when it happens. >> so california dropped, covered and held on at 10:15 today for the great shakeout. a statewide earthquake drill. san francisco city officials join school children for the drill. >> a lot of us were in a pretty big earthquake a few years ago. >> talking about earthquakes all
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day may make you feel anxious. seismologists say take a deep breath and arm yourself with information. >> the earthquake is inevitable, but the disaster is not. and the things we do can keep the damage from happening. >> is your large furniture bolted to the wall. >> make sure you have a fire extinguisher and they know how to use it. it's going to be a long time before the fire department can get to you. >> just because the kids practiced at school today, doesn't mean you shouldn't be practicing too. just every now and then yell out earthquake and make sure the kids know what to do. >> you'll find guidelines for a survival kit and developing an emergency plan for your family. >> yahoo just released a new mobile app for an e-mail
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service. users do not need to remember their password to log in. yahoo says the renovated app is used to phase out passwords. it lets the users sign in by using a notification sent to their smart phone. yahoo users can still type in a password if they do prefer. >> the dmv gave $100,000 off the buyer user referral -- $1,000, correction there. the other incentives, as well, include ag $25,000 discount for ten referrals. this practice violates california law. so far, tesla has only received a written warning. >> could you smart phone or tablet be what's keeping you up at night? >> there's the cell within your retina. only capture the blue light.
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so what it does, it captures whether you light and it makes your body activated. >> how that light may affect your sleeping patterns and the new types of glasses that can help protect you. abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings brings us that story tonight on abc news at 11:00. >> the bay for san francisco school kids. abc 7 news as these fourth grade students set sail near the bay bridge. that's a good day of class right there. but not just a fun outing. it's part of the curriculum now being offered to all public school fourth graders in san francisco. >> they're learning about where the wind comes from, what general rates it, why we have some great wind here in san francisco bay, how wind can propel a sailboat forward. >> the students also learn basic engineering principles in the classroom.
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>> you may notice many of us are sporting a little bit of purple today. >> for a reason. we're supporting spirit day and taking a substantial doubt against childhood bullying. >> the abc 7 morning news team showed off their spirit today. you can take a pledge to support the spirit day on our web site, abc 7 news dot com. >> spencer christian outside with the accuweather look. >> exactly. here's what's happening right now. we've got cloudy skies and some widely scattered sprinkles. but no csignificant rain yet. we've seen the pattern we've just described very clearly. widely scattered and little areas of moisture moving through the north bay right now, finally crossing the bay coming from east to west over to the north bay. again, just very light, scattered sprinkles. here's the view of the golden gate bridge. clouds hanging rather low. here's our forecast features.
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cloudy skies tonight with cloudy sprinkles continuing. partly cloudy, mild tomorrow. and then a slight chance of showers tomorrow morning. we told you about the flooding earlier in southern california because of the upper level lows triggering thunderstorms. along with flooding rains and even a funnel cloud. meanwhile, we have an approaching cold front moving into the bay area on saturday. that may also produce a moment of rainfall. we'll have clouds in the overnight hours and maybe even a chance to continue sprinkles into the early morning hours tomorrow. and mainly dry conditions for daytime hours tomorrow. >> as we resume the animation, notice that weak front comes in and can produce spotty showers as well. so we're not expecting significant rain from either of these systems. but there will be a period of
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damp to wet weather. overnight, mainly cloudy skies. and, again, occasional light showers or spotty sprinkles. low temperatures will be maybely right around 6 0e degrees. tomorrow, a dry day. lingering clouds, high to a range of mid 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay to low and mid 80s inland. here's the 7-day forecast, another chance of some light showers, mainly in the north bay on saturday. and partly cloudy, dry on sunday. and then it starts warming up late next week, tuesday and wednesday, we'll see inland highs, low 80s around the bay and up to about 70 degrees on the coast. >> thank you so much, spencer. up next, the george lucas museum is one step closer to reality. >> and new, after 4:30, a bar for some very specific movie lovers. >> and we want you to honor hispanic heritage month with
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posts to our instagram feed. jose grew up as an undocumented child immigrant north of sacramento. graduated valedictorian of his class and went onto become a computer science major. he now works as a software engineer in san francisco and spends his time volunteering for the afterschool program.
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a plan by film maker george lewis has been given the go ahead from the city's park district. they signed off on a 99 year lease. the cost of the lease, only $10. he originally wanted to build his lucas museum of art but he pulled out after years of "doodling" around by san francisco officials. >> details on that event and more as you explore where you
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live. >> reporter: a traffic jam of unique proportions. san francisco's 12th annual dances. local troops perform site-specific dances. from mission bay to the bayview. audiences catch a free ride this weekend. music got a whole lot funnier. the 2015 music cycle will feature a spectrum of generas. for the first time ever, a comedy tent. now, the winner has been crowned and the nearly 2,000 that squashed the competition. pick out carved masterpieces that will put your jack o lantern to shame. for more information about news and other events where you live, d go to our web site at
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>> that's abc 7 news for today. >> a new gun law proposal has been announced today. how it could change the rules for gun owners buying ammunition. >> and the fallout after yesterday's computer glitch at airports all across the nation. >> at 4:26, checking the skyway in san francisco, you're not moving in either direction. over to the east bay on the right-hand side, that is your southbound traffic trying to get to 101 south. it's not looking good right now.
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ahead at 4:30, san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened at a construction site just after noon today. according to chief of police, the suspect assaulted a police sergeant, tried to take his gun. another sergeant opened fire twice killing the man. abc 7 news reporter vick lee with this from the incident. both officers involved in the incident were hurt and taken to the hospital. vick reports the injuries are not life threatening. david louis is in union city today where we first told you about yesterday keeping growing. david says it's now 10 feet deep
4:30 pm
in some places. san francisco after a 101 california high-rise. outside of a deadly shooting massacre back in 1993. live there with the story. carolyn. >> well, as you said, california already had some destructive gun control laws in the nation. because of the tragedy that happened here, well, now, this proposal calls for even more than reform. >> lieutenant governor daven and his supporters often sidestepped the gun lobby's influence on lawmakers by asking the voters to approve five new gun control measures, including one that would prohibit the possession of large-capacity magazines and another that would require background checks for ammunition sales. >> if you're going to purchase
4:31 pm
ammunition, you should purchase it from a licensed dealer. and you should be subject to the same background check you're subject to with gun checks. >> this high-rise was the scene of carnage july, 1993 when a gunman entered offices, including a law firm, killing 8 people and injuring six before committing suicide. >> this is still something that our family lives with daily. the law. >> she's now part of the lawyer's group dedicated to preventing gun violence. the proposed measures may not have prevented his rampage. but the lieutenant governor says the initiative poses some loopholes. >> we have the can passworpacit things around. >> san francisco's only gun store, which is closing at the end of the month, they expect the nra to fight the initiative.
4:32 pm
>> i just don't see how it's reasonable. again, what makes it touchy is that it's a right to own them in the constitution. so that's very touchy. >> nuisance measure requires nearly 366,000 signatures to qualify for next year's ballot. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we're getting some incredible video coming out of southern california right now. take a look. this is north of los angeles. cars have been buried by the rushing water and mud. cars completely sub americaned there. people running away abandoning vehicles. many roads just not passable at this point. the flash flood just ripped through a canyon near lake hughes tearing through everything in its path. so far, no reports of anybody injured. >> an attorney says the former house speaker tends to plead guilty in a federal health department case.
4:33 pm
a group is being finalized after a hering in chicago today. the 73-year-old illinois republican is accused of breaking banking laws and lying to the f.b.i. so he can pay someone 3.5 million dlarsz, reportedly, to hide claims of past sexual misconduct. >> a parole board has decided that oscar pistorius can be released from prison and moved to house arrest. he's served a year of his five-year sentence. he'll be moved to correctional supervision, which is a form of house arrest. >> homeland security officials said today customs computers braught down were not the result of hacking or terror results. it went down for about 90 minutes including sfo.
4:34 pm
>> so i filled out the form and everything was all set after that. >> the airlines unable to check in passengers. homeland security officials say the computers aren't the only to check. >> a pennsylvania woman who says bill cosby sexually abused her while she was just a teenager is now suing cosby for sexual abuse. 48-year-old anita hill worked on picture pages. last year, repeatedly drugging her and molesting her in a hotel room. >> finally, on this lawsuit, is one more step towards seeking justice for what happened to me and is holding bill cosb accounting. >> stemming from the alleged
4:35 pm
abuse. more than 50 women now have accused cosby of sexual assault, drugging or rape. cosby has never been charged with a cross-claim. meanwhile, two more colleges are taking back the honorary degrees they gave to cosby. tufts university has withdrawn two degrees. several other universities, including the university of san francisco, have already pulled their degrees. >> a vermont judge has released from jail. state police arrested the couple friday as they tried to cross from canada into the united states. the two are wanted in santa barbara on felony charges after they were found squatting in a guest house of a home they previously owned. >> coming up, the changing face of oakland's waterfront.
4:36 pm
why a new proposal is so controversial. >> i ohm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. >> they're live a little later. >> you can see, we have areas of light showers, as well. i'll tell you how long those will last in my accuweather forecast coming up. >> taking a live look at the san mateo bridge, that is your eastbound traffic heading to 880. looking a little better on the right-hand.
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the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. walter front advocates are pressing for more greenery in a proposed park in oakland. a mix use development project that is now under construction. the revitalization through a series of public park social security one of the most anticipated features of the plan. the planning commission will vote next wednesday. >> an unusual new bar has opened up in new york city. stay classy, new york, is a manhattan new york tv and movie characters. the bar will host parties inspired by far, including anchor man and the owners say he's always welcomed to drop in.
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>> they're putting his name on a themed restaurant. so many of those came up pretty much. >> well, here's spencer christian now with a check on our weather. we are cooling off, spencer. >> we are, indeed, alma, cooling off and sprinkling down a little bit. you can see how thick the cloud cover is over the bay area right now. we have pockets of moisture passing over that are producing some skaterred sprinkles through the golden gate, near san francisco and the east bay. but the more significant weather jumps out with flooding rains, mud slides, thunderstorms, lightning strikes. new york lancaster, a funnel cloud, and nearby areas in water rescue, which is in progress the last half hour or so. it may still be on going. meanwhile, tomorrow, maybe some thundershowers in the sirra.
4:41 pm
farther north and west, you'll see drier weather despite the chance of sbringles here tonight. tomorrow will be a mainly dry day, although there could be some early rn wantings. high temperatures could range from 60s at the coast to 70s at the bay. another chance for showers. >> still ahead we're learning more about exactly what sent former nba star lamar odom to the hospital. >> i'm michael finney taking your questions. coming up, a couple on parking violations.
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8.
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chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. new details today about lamar odom, fighting for his life. answering the 9-1-1 call when found unresponsive. >> the
4:45 pm
the sheriff's office dispatch the male had been using cocaine. >> odom unresponsive and barely breathing in the v.i.p.suite rushed to a local hospital and then moved to las vegas. >> at the moment, at this time, he's recovering. >> the kardashian family also rallying around the former nba star. chris jenner sending her prayers over instagram. >>. >> i really hope that he really pulls through. that's really important. he's had such a big heart and he's touched so many people. now it's our time to help him. >> staffers say lamar was there drinking and take iing her ball
4:46 pm
viagra they had on site. >> he was eating healthy. >> but one employee at the love ranch saying something changed monday night. >> was there any sign of his kind of attitude changing? >> he did get a phone call. and that that phone call has seemed to -- the night before he was hospitalized, you know, he told the girl that he wanted to spend that night alone. >> on tuesday morning, he was visited one at 6:00 a.m. and then again midday when he was asleep. but when he didn't rise by 3:00, two women found lamar completely unalert. >> it hasn't been easy after splitting with wife, chloe kardashian. this past june, one of his best friends died of an apparent drug overdose.
4:47 pm
>> there's still no official word on odom's condition. >> tom brady, quarterback of the defending superbowl champion new england patriots is now on the offense against coca-cola and tony the tiger. he got heated during a boston radio station. he even called coca-cola poison for kids. >> the fact that they can sell that for kids, that's poison. that's just america. and that's what we've been conditioned to. we believe that frosted flakes is actually a food. >> coca-cola reacted by saying that all of its beverages are safe and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle. kelloggs also defended its product saying frosted flakes cereal is associated with a lower body mass index for both children and adults.
4:48 pm
>> the scary way your job might be harming your health. >> a cheap new blood test could change the way doctors treat patients. it could give what they call a running commentary on how cancer mule tates. that means they could test blood at regular intervals. it works by adjusting to a patient's dn rarks. if you've ever complain that had your job is killing you, you may not be totally off base. for women, the contrast is even more stark. doctors categorize high demand and low control. >> vitamin d and calcium may not reduce the risk of rectal cancer and ten other academic medical centers.
4:49 pm
the studies did not support that. and a study in the new england journal of medicine found that dietary supplements led to 20,000 emergency room visits last year. they involved young adults as card cardiovascular problems. from the nasz dnasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> first question, while my car was in valet's possession, they got a violation for double parking. wo's responsible? >> it all comes down to possession here. >> i've done a report. you can go to our web site and check it out. it's on demand valet. so if you show up and hand them
4:50 pm
your keys, that's your. if you hand them the keys after that, then they would have to pay for it. >> well, we have harry e-mail is it legal for san francisco to cite visiting drivers for not turning wheels to the curb correctly. i see drivers getting tickets on my street daily. >> well, they're not really innocent if they're getting the ticket daily. as you know, if you're pointed downhill, you have to put your tires into the curb and not out into the street. that isn't just a san francisco law, that's statewide, probably in every state. i know it's statewide here in california. i don't know that they're doing anything wrong. the whole thing is safety. if the car should break loose, you want it to go toward that way. >> what happens to a rental deposit when the landlord sells the home. >> legally, the landlord has to give you the deposit back or give it to the owner or -- the
4:51 pm
new owner -- or have it be part of the time frame saying he's not going to give the money to the new owner. what does this mean to you? it's not your problem. it's their problem. if you paid a depoz sill, it's on deposit. whether it's this owner or the next owner or the owner after that. here, in san francisco, that can happen. so the bottom line is they need to keep track of it. >> so if you were to move out, the new one -- >> well, you know, there's minor details. and you know what, i posted something on their web site. so almost everyone, it's that simple. but you've got to keep track of it. here's the other thing. they can give it to you back and a higher depoz sit. that is sometimes allowed.
4:52 pm
>> abc 7 news at 4 couldn'ts. up next, one bay area woman wants to bring back a sense of normalcy to students in lake county. a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> some provocative billboards blanketing the bay area. the new nonstop flight coming from international.
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here's a look at what is ahead tonight. grey's anatomy followed by scandal at 9:00 and how to get away with murder at 10:00.
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>> wild fires devastated people living in lake county this year. more than 1200 homes have been destroyed. but it's even more damage than that. one woman wanted to step up the health. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live with her story. hi, laura. >> reporter: hi, alma. it looks like a high-end department store in here. all to go with these dresses. none of this is for sale. all of this is a gift to the girl's middletown high school. it didn't take long getting all of the images of the valley fire for one woman to see a need and want to fill it. >> i said i have an idea. i said are you still going to have a homecoming? they said yeah, postponed. >> middletown high school survived mostly in tact. but many students lost their homes and all of their
4:57 pm
belongin belongings, including the dresses they plan to wear to the homecoming dance. >> i have dresses with tags still on them. i've got short dresses, long and formal. >> until this saturday, more than 150 dresses to middletown high to the girls who need them. there are also shoes, purses and make-up. all donated by the community. >> 40 dresses here, 30 dresses there. it's a daily thing. and i'm still getting calls. >> night of great memories. a great night to push aside all of those thoughts of all they lost. abc 7 news. >> a wonderful effort. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> happening now at 5:00, water
4:58 pm
pouring down cars stuck in the mud. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist. live doppler 7 hd is tracking that storm that is dumping rain on southern california. i'll let you know if we see any showers coming up. >> shooting down san francis ke's busiest street for two hours. >> all over the bay area, what the people behind it want you to know. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> take a look at what's happening right now in southern california where they are getting a preview of what e el nino may be bripging this coming winter and it disnot look good. thunderstorms brought heavy rain to that area. the weather and mud moved along
4:59 pm
and damaged homes along a long strep of san francisco and c cal trans because of mud slide danger. >> the damage here is vast. this shows the situation near lake hughes. the flash flood moved with so much force, it buried several cars with one woman fleaing its vehicle, abandoning its vehicle. several communities are just covered in mud. no word yet on any injuries. search and rescue teams have been able to flash stranded people out of harm's way. the danger of rushing water appeares to have past, at least for now. >> some incredible video that you're showing. we'll talk about where that's coming from. an area of low pressure just off
5:00 pm
of southern california coast. you get the heating from the sun and those thunderstorms are firing up. radar estimates of rape fall in the area, anywhere from one to two impbls. the national weather service is now tweeting rain of four to six inches an hour. some very intense rain. flash flood warnings, and even a severe thunderstorm warning with parts of southern california where they've seen numerous reports of flooding, hail and some heavy rain. you take a look at what aes happening here in the bay area. we do have some moisture moving westward from the east. a few drops falling, sprinkles, maybe a light shower. as you take a look at richaoich richmond, sunset district.


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