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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie, friday, october 16. >> i am kristen sze. >> love the sound of it. >> friday, my friends. >> meteorologist mike nicco is lovin' this friday. >> hope so. good morning, everyone. we have a few showers showing up on live doppler hd in antioch. that is headed to brentwood with possibly some sprinkles. we have more developing just to the east of discovery bay coming across highway four to the altamont pass. we have a new sprinkles show up in san francisco.
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from the roof camera. 56 to 62 through 7:00. we will top out at 68 to 80 with more sunshine this afternoon. leyla? the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is looking busy here if you pay cash in the far left. we do have fast trackers moving along at a from clip. we still have a sig-alert. this is in glen ellen traveling along highway 12 a good update is we have when way traffic control with all lanes blocked after a car slammed and a power pole and all the lines came down and no word weapon lanes will be re-opened. reggie and kristen? >> crews worked all night in los angeles county to clear a major portion of i-5 shut down by flash flooding. highway is the clean up going? >> still going. i-5 is still closed both direction through the grapevine.
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crews are working to clean up the mess but their work is out out nor them trigger by severe flood asking thunderstorms in northern los angeles county yesterday afternoon. drivers say they saw a rush of water and debris spilling on to i-5 and a river of mud trapping anyone near the area. c.h.p. said more than 100 cars were stuck and drivers would were unable on go anywhere waited and much withed. >> it is so bad. like a lake. it is incredible. it is while. it is not only just dirty water i have no idea what is in the water. >> despite the mess this are no injuries to report. they, too, have been busy responding to cars rescuing people and pets from the floods. thank you, janet. it could take until next week for craws do repair a gaping sinkhole in the middle of a union city intersection which is four times larger than it was on when when it first opened. workers digging 10' below the
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boulevard to figure out what caused the sing hole and suspect it could be a threing water or sewer main. they hope to have the street open by tuesday. >> a search is under way for a missing 66-year-old map on the peninsula last seek in east palo alto eight days ago at his sister's help he suffered from a medical condition and could become disoriented. he is believed wearing a plaid shirt. he drove away in a blue 1996 chevrolet suburban. >> appeal officials are looking for someone to take over operations of an animal shelter after denying claims the city is trying to shut it down for a car dealership. >> matt? >> yes, i checked. this is a pete on there are 3,000 signatures. the problem according to palo alto is the information is not true. in a post title "save the animal shelter," a resident of los
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gatos said the 121-year-old animal shelter will be sacrificed for the dollar because the city wants to, span business and retail. show writes that palo alto city manager is hellbent on the shelter with a honda dealer ship. this petition is getting traction with people in palo alto and the city issued a press release to combat " "misinformation," they are closing the shelter and say it is untrue and threatens to undermine the progress the city is looking for for operation of the animal shelter saying they will maintain the shelter location in palo alto while looking for nonprofit or private animal service providers to partner with to help with the operations. the petition started two days ago and has less than 2,000 signatures away from the goal of 5,000 total signatures.
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it seems that napa has a bit of a rodent problem. according to the napa valley register, pest control officials are seeing an increase numbered of calls about mice in homes, farms, and even waynerys. the problem is blamed on a one-two punch of drought and while fires. getting rid of food and water sources that attract the mice and screening open pipes on homes is businesses will hopefully reduce the problem. >> the commute will get better in the east bay, caltran will announce a new opening 6 an h.o.v. lane on 880 beyond oracle arena and extending to the exist ing car pool lane three miles south to the marina boulevard exit in san leandro. >> registered measures are making demands ahead of the transfer and sale of six daughters of charity hospital. the measures urged the california attorney general kamala harris to include
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stipulations that safeguard paint care and preserve existing jobs of the next hearing is scheduled this morning at the event center at half moon bay. the plan is to invest a quarter of a billion in the hospital chain. >> a man would help stop a terror attack on a train is out of the hospital and posed for those from with the care girlfriends before the release. he was stabbed three times while protecting a friend from a fight a week ago and police are still looking for the attackers of the stone and two friends stopped a terrorist attack on a train headed to paris in late august. >> worse head coach is expected to gin the team on the trip to southern california for three pre-season games and the interim coach does not know how much he will be involved in practice and games but said it is a sign that he is improving as he recovered from a spinal leak caused by back surgery. the warriors will play in san diego on saturday against the laker before going to the los
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angeles and anaheim area for two more gays and has been on leave of absence from the warriors for two weeks now. >> the warriors will be without the center after suffering a broken nose before half time in the worse pre-season victory over houston. look at that. he was injured when rockets guard mcdaniels attempted a dunk but hit his know on the follow through. the 7' player will have surgery today or tomorrow and try to may a with mask on thursday in anaheim in the final pre-season gale. >> hopefully he can do better. we will see what the weather is doing this morning. seeing any rain? >> radar runs, absolutely, and just reaching the ground in the form of sprinkles. if that. showing up as green with the dry layer at the surface pulling away from crockett point and pulling away from 80 and 780 and headed over to san pablo bay and to the point.
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alameda and down to the oakland airport, possibly a few sprinkles also, and as we head through the mcthree hours, watch as this rotates again from east to west and scattered sprinkled throughout the morning commute. this is how it looks from the east bay hills, the clouds are not that thick and we do not have much rain. inland, east by, 79 to 84 and more low clouds along the coast in san francisco at 64 to 69 and the rest of us are beginning to be closer to agency, 70 to 79 as you head into san jose and up to santa rosa and 87 near the shark tank we are in the 60s and 70s and a few 80s inland, today, and possibly tomorrow and a little bit warmer as we head into monday with next week's forecast. >> let's get through friday. good morning, everyone, we will see how the traffic is managing to be friday light and right now
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as we look at 680 head through pleasant hill up to highway 24 the drive is smooth and we have big gaps between the cars. that is what we like to see. this is we have a couple of vehicles that got tangled up, westbound 580 at the dublin grade we have a box truck and one semi truck blocking the number 5 lane which is the far right hand lane, slower lane, from left to right. we have light traffic in the area and we do not see delays behind it but that is now the only accident on 580 because when you are closer to the macarthur maze at highway 24, we have another crash involving two vehicles and so far, no delays. >> more people are play hooky from work. the america's money report is coming up next. >> law is a cell in the eye that only captures blue light and it makes your body activated. >> the light of the computer could cost you a good night
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sleep with glasses that could be sleep with glasses that could be your answer.
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we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. [annouduring sleep train's latriple choice sale.ig for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the abc news app open go, on your schedule, us that lives where you live. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos
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and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, coming up on 5:13 and a look from the sutro tower, at the city, hoping you enjoy the day. >> those lights are okay but if you have trouble sleeping it could be your computer or smart phone. >> glasses can protect you from the side effects of the blue screens. >> spending hours in front of the flowing screen can strain your eyes but could a specific wavelength of the electronic light actually disrupt your sleep? >> this is a blue right. with a regular glass you can see the blue light go straight through it. >> this man is with the japanese eye maker that opened their first store in san francisco with glasses designed to limit the amount of blue light reaching the eye. the theory is the blue of the light affects our bodies in the same way as daylight. >> there is a cell in the eye
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that captures the blue right and activates your body. >> studies have linked the light to sleeplessness and lower level of the sleep hormone. >> it is harder to get to sleep. >> the filter blocked 25 percent of the blue light spectrum and other brands are also appearing on the market. still, some experts believe that more studies are need on the long-term give. the chair of the department of opthalmology in san francisco said this. >> there are a lot of other variables if addition to the new lighting exposure. >> as people struggle with growing hours of screen time glasses are growing in popularity in an effort to keep the technology in better balance with our body and natural rhythms. >> stanford fans are celebrating
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the big win over number 18, ucha but, also, what many are calling the "catch of the year," and stanford and the wildcat formation to kevin hogan who lineed up and somehow the ball was trapped on the defender's back and despite being interviewed with maintained the draw as the two fell to the ground for 41-yard touchdown. cardinals cruised to the win over ucla >> i give this cardinal credit although... >> so generous of you. >> system catch. >> an intimate moment for both of them. >> awkward. >> get off now. now, homecoming for a few high
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schools. >> walnut creek, looking at a light shower heading your way and we are look southbound 680 and you may need the windshield wipers a little bit is here is a look at that will coming down from clayton to walnut creek and concord and alamo to danville and possibly over to lafayette. we have a few sprinkles to novato and to marinwood and possible san rafael this morning. big picture shows again, same story, storms are pushing in. the showers are rolling over mount hamilton and could move into sunol grade, and fremont, and san jose the next 15 to 20 minutes. so watch out. in san rafael, it is dry. looking south on 101, morning sprinkles and a cooler afternoon and our last chance of showers is tomorrow.
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it will be sunny and warmer next week. we will look at what will happen today. folks seeing on the main layer, it brought some damage to los angeles and surrounding areas and it will be nothing like that for us but it is going to prius the morning sprinkles and low clouds along the coast and trying to push cross the pay from time to time with a last high clouds and this is tomorrow's weather maker how it plays out at 7:00 to unanimous our best chance of wet weather if noon to 2:00, and most of that starts to fade away and we should have a colorful evening # abc7now. you can take beautiful pictures watching football and tomorrow morning wake up to a chance of showers but it is not a good chance and the afternoon hours it is gone and we are going to see increasing sunshine and temperatures, again, slightly cooler than today because of the breeze that is around tomorrow. 76 in milpitas and gilroy at 83 and the peninsula is from 78 in mount family view and los gatos to 70 in milbrae. we are in the mid-60s to upper
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60s along the coast into downtown and san francisco and sausalito up to bodega bay, and 72 in vallejo to santa rosa at 78 and along the east bay shore, 69 in richmond to 77 in castro valley and comfortable inland, 79 san ramon and livermore is 84. my seven-day outlook is coolest and the fastest breeze tomorrow and that will bring in more sunshine on sunday and it looks like autumn is going on hiatus next week. leyla? >> my goodness, the temperatures, we will get going and i have several thin to get to, first, how lit it is over the altamont pass, and this is after a busy week and a series of busy fridays. these pockets are just showing 38, 33 michigan, respectively but everything else in between, a lost green and moving along at posted speed end when you are beyond the dublin interchange and to the dublin grade we have a block and semi truck that were tapping eled up blocking a lane. they have big rig tows coming to
5:19 am
the scene and they will be out of lanes quickly. moving into oakland, closer to the maze may, we have this accident westbound 580 at highway 24 but as i am sure you realize there have been quit a few construction projects and this one from grand avenue to 980 is not sure if this contributed to the accident but it will be around until 5:30 and we have projects in the east direction a quick new crash southbound 280 to the southbound highway 101 connection with one lane partly blocked. >> if you are a lucky charges fan it could be your dream breakfast. cereal without cereals general mill has plans to release ten boxes of marshmallow only charges but only if you win a contest. >> to win a box of lucky charms you have to post a selfie to twitter or instagram. >> general mills said the idea for the cereal free where as
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they received countless calls, e-mails and social media posts from customers would demanded they only each sugar. they only each sugar. >> okay. >> you another strike against daily fantasy sports fight, with teams no longer available in nevada after regulators there said they needed gambling licenses. >> the sites claim they do not need licenses because they offer games of skill and not a chance. >> more united states workers are calling out sick when they are well, a survey is out with the best or worst excuses such as my grandmother poisoned me with ham. >> perhaps, even more out ragous a woman saying she was going to the beach because her doctor said she needed more vitamin d. >> good excuse. that is america's money.
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>> mash pillow only cereal. >> thank you is not an excuse that will make you sick for sure. >> seven things to know as you start your day. amazon is hiring and what you need to know. >> keeping a drone free zone over your home with technology that disconnects the devices from the prayers making flying impossible.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. the interstate 5 is closed with several hundred vehicles are stranded north of los angeles following massive put slides and flooding. we do not know when crews are going to re-open that. they are still working. a flash flood warning is in effect for parts of los angeles county. i hope that is not a forecast for what is going to come later
5:24 am
when the rain season begins. number two, we have sprinkles and the moist layer between 12,000 and 16,000' but it is not all reaching the ground. we have cool ever weather coming in the weekend forecast. check out this friday light, a look at the golden gate bridge away from marin to san francisco and if you leave the city, no delays. >> east bay mud has shared water records showing the top ten excessive water,"s and billy bean uses an estimated 6,000 gallons a day, 24 times the average and he temperatures us that he tried to reduce the water use but has a large landscaped your. >> if you think uber this weekend, watch out, could you have to fine another route. drivers across the country are planning on striking for flee days. though want the company to raise fares and add tip option to the
5:25 am
app there is speculation that lamar odom may have taken spiked sexually enhanceed pills which is common to be laced because it is not f.d.a. regulated. odom is in critical condition in lot vacation. >> it is time to say goodbye to us airways after 76 years. the final flight is tonight right here in san francisco, a flight to philadelphia that will merge tomorrow with american airlines. >> there is a new way to take down a drone over your property at the defender which takes down a drone by blasting it with radio waves and preventing it from accepting commands and in september the governor made it airline legal to operate a drone 350' of private property without the owner's concept. the defender said this is a way
5:26 am
to protect your air spas. >> we have new images from the spacecraft that provides the best ever views of the northern best ever views of the northern region of the icy craters. it will continue to transmit the images and other data for the next few days. our amazon hiring for a if you rig and mortar store where littings for assistant manager and other positions on the johns website -- jobs website according to a report by "forbes" magazine part of university focused campus pickup point program that amazon rolled out in february. the jobs start in october in berkeley according to the job posting. this month. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the reason thousands of faculty at the california university system could soon be walking off the
5:27 am
job. this is san francisco and the embarcadero with weather and traffic and perhaps some sprinkles coming your way to talk about ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:29. you made it to friday. relief, right? >> i am kristen sze. >> mike? how is the weather? >> good morning, starting with live doppler hd, pittsburg along highway 4 to bay point coming out of this to concord and possible to 242 a few sprinkles around there and san ramon and waiting for the spring olds to come out of the mountains and head to milpitas and san jose. you can see walnut creek is looking theirly dry. we had a few sprinkles rolling through early with temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60 and
5:30 am
the day planner is upper 60 at the coast and mid-70 around the bay and 80 inland and brighter this afternoon. is it friday lite everywhere? that is the question. we have cars piling in to san francisco from the east bay with the metering lights now turned on at 5:29 which is early for a friday. looking to the eastern span of the bay bridge from emeryville and beyond the meter lights traffic is slowing smoothly. 580 tracy to castro valley, at the dublin interchange, a 40 minute commute 101 northbound highway 85 to the san jose airport, 11 minutes and 280 is clear through daly city. >> if you head to southern california you may want to find an alternative. a launch section of interstate 5 is closed not of los angeles after severe flooding. we have the latest from janet.
5:31 am
>> it is called a sea of mud and you can imagine it is a big mess as crews continue to work at this hour to clean up the aftermath of yesterday's severe thunderstorms and flash flooding in northern los angeles county. right now, a 30 mile stretch of i-5 is closed through the grapevine with drivers being recused. people are pitching in to dig the car out and this woman seen trudging through the water and opened her door and is walking through the water. another driver was seen jumping open top of this semi as he waited for help. more than 100 cars were stop but no one has been injured so there is a lot progress to be made. >> it is amazing no one was hurt >> it is amazing no one was hurt >> oakland always
5:32 am
more than the average water user in the county. former chevron vice chairman kirkland of danville averaged 12,600 gallons of water. a day. over 60-day period. he said he had a leak at the property. two on the list is venture capitalist mark pine of alamo at 8,000 gallons a day. billy beach, he used under 6,000 gallons a day at his home telling us that he has tried to cut back and he has a large yard. >> a top water user has a if explanation for high use that is beyond his control. amy hollyfield is in danville with that part of the story. amy? >> yes, the list this morning shows danville is a hotspot for excessive water use and a lot of people using a last water live in billy bennett's and george kirkland's neighbor, more than
5:33 am
two dozen live on their two streets which are adjacent to each morning you heard that kick land blamed his issues on a leak and we heard that in another excessive war user in walnut creek. we caught up with him last night and his name is dane and he lived in walnut creek and records show he used 5,700 gallons of water. a day. coming to 4,000. he said he did not intentionally use all of that but he found the leak. >> it was liking at a place where we do not travel much at all and when i found the look i can see the dirt was public bubbling up and i turned off the supply to the water system and called my gardener and he came out on an emergency basis and fixed the leak. >> east bay mud said leaks can waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water a year and they
5:34 am
do offer a home leak detection kit on their website, some for think about if your bill seeps excessively high. east bay mud will dress the list and the issues at a press conference later this morning. >> that should be interesting. if you live in part of solano county you will see less of this, warring your yard with sprinkles now is only allowed one day a week in benicia and you can turn on the sprinklers friday or saturday before 8:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. and this limitation runs through man of next year and the new rules apply to residential and commercial customers. >> two san francisco police officers are in the hospital and a man is dead following the city's 5th officer involved shooting which happened at 8th and market not far from city hall. a construction worker initially flagged down two sergeants and someone was throwing grass bottles at the site and the safety concern became more
5:35 am
drastic when the sergeants attempted to handcuff the man. >> a strugglen sued. the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner "he is get my gun, he is getting my gun, he has my gun, soot him." >> so, what they are talking about this is the 5th officer involved shooting in san francisco this year. >> you have gotten a push alert from us when the shooting happens and you can get it free through the app store on all mobile devices. >> a charter school. highway he accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old is headed to court and will speaker a plea, the 18-year-old worked part time as a spark carter school and was arrested after the girl came failure. the investigation revealed that school opened without completing. highway he background checks and
5:36 am
shut down forker several days until the investigation was complete. >> a car fire snarled traffic for hours at 5:30 right in the middle of rush how. kristen shared this poe to with us. the people inside the car get out safely. you can see the flames, mopes' they put out the fire. the northbound lane was closed until they were sure the flames would not spread. >> san jose police hope the only survival of a street race cracks wakes up so they can figure out what happened. investigators are still looking for the driver of a gold acura who took off. the 15-year-old remains in critical condition one of four if a car that was stolen or taken without permission if involved a street race on tuesday. these teens died when the honda
5:37 am
spun out of control and slammed into a tree. >> if you use uber to get away, thousands of uber drivers around the nation of planning a strike this morning. drivers say they will protest starting at 11:30 demanding unbetter hike rates by 60 percent and add an option for customers to learn a tip. usually only employees of a company can strike and the drivers are contract employees. they are still calling it a strike. they are independent of the company. a driver who did not want to be identified said they want to be paid fairly. >> we are fed up. we want the changes so we can pay our bills, pay our republicans, whatever we have do document >> the advocates say many drivers make less than minimum wage when you add in the cost of doing business and uber said they always welcome feedback. >> teachers at statute state
5:38 am
university campuses in cam will vote whether to strategic and the vote follows a second meeting with montgomery county last week that produced no results the union is demanding a 5 percent general salary increase for all members say university management is only offering a 2 percent increase and approximately 25,000 faculty association members will be able to vote online or in person until october 28. >> and now on the friday morning, we will see how it looks. >> we have sprinkles. good morning, everyone, and we have live doppler hd along 37 from sears point to the boulevard south of novato, we are looking at a light shower pulling away from men, heading down crow canyon and possibly all the way down on crow canyon into castro valley part of the area of low pressure spinto our south will rotate a chance of sprinkles influence our forecast all the way until 2:00. here is 101 and 880, and the
5:39 am
sprinkles have not made it out of mount hamilton yet. we will top out at 68 in san francisco today. peninsula and east bay at 76. south bay and north by at 79. 78 inland east bay at 85 and a little bit move such shin this afternoon than yesterday. temperatures are in the same ballpark. we have a nonexist. wind at the golden gate bridge where there is fog lushing off the coast -- lushing off the coast rolling in in the afternoon keeping the coast in the 60. tomorrow, we have a chap of a sure as the cold front moves through. it will clear out on sunday. this will be warmer weather on monday. i will show when the rain will get to your neighbor tomorrow in my seven-day forecast. first, i will see how long it will take you to get anywhere. leyla? >> this is 101 near 880 and the headlights are pulling away from 880 to the san jose airport with tail lights moving in the south
5:40 am
direction and we have a great commute, no delays, no citizens in this particular part but to the south i recorded an early accident, minor injuries involved on the southbound 280 connection to southbound highway 101. you could find cars at actually moving off the freeway and northbound traffic is not a problem and 680 is looking clear in the northbound and southbound direction. drive time traffic 101 in the north bay, clear conditions, no fog, top speed. 14 minutes santa rosa to petaluma 580 when castro valley to the maze is 14 minutes, and 101 northbound, 13 minutes is how long it will take you to make it away from the 280 and 80 split to mountain view. >> small detail in the san jose wage law that will cost minimum wage workers hundreds. >> the local firefighters lending a helping hand to those who lost their home in the cam
5:41 am
devastating wildfires. >> a look outside at sfo where tonight they will have the very last us airways night. ever. you can keep traffic of weather and traffic on the outside of and traffic on the outside of the scene during the commercial
5:42 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy
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5:44 am
bay, by bay >> good morning on friday. it is 5:43. we will look at the eastern span of the bay bridge and it is suddenly very busy. pack your patient. and an extra cup of coffee. >> fires and charities are coming together to help dozens of firefighters would lost their homes in recent fires with the goal nor entire fire department to adopt a family with a tool up of unprecedented project. had 10 news conference this morning to let everyone know how they can pitch in to help. >> a small incentive or error in minimum wage law is costing hundreds of dollars because of the way the law is written a loss of $900 with cost of living increasing 2.5 percent over last
5:45 am
year but the san jose minimum wage of $10.30 will not adjust because the city's cost of living is based on the national price indetection that decreased .3 percent. >> workers have lost value. they are $10.30 is not worth $10.30. >> san francisco and oakland are not affected by this because their cost living ajustment is tied to the bay area consumer price index which is so much higher. time so say goodbye to an airline mere and dear to your heart. >> now, the redeye out of sfo is the last departure of us airways flight 1939 takes off at 9:5 and the reservation system will be come bained so no more us airways delight when the many
5:46 am
touches down in philadelphia at 3:18 our time tomorrow. flight 1939 is significant because that is the year the airline began as an airmail service called all american airlines. airlines. >> end of an era. >> now, we will turn things over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> now, flying out of sfo we have not had any issues getting in or getting out with the low clouds lurking along the coast. i will let you know if you are away from the tv open facebook and twitter. the blob of green, heading through the high country east of santa clara valley has not quite checked into the sunol grade yet but do not be surprised if you get sprinkles with another wave of spring olds moving along highway four at discovery bay
5:47 am
and hopefully bringing in all of the cherry trees and the strawberries and the next three hours we still have scattered sprinkles anywhere south of 37 in the bay and i don't think it will mess up our commute because it is just sprinkles. if we saw anything significant we would not be able to see this far to the east. morning sprinkles, cooler afternoon, pretty simple forecast, and we have a chance of showers tomorrow and that is our last chance in the seven-day forecast forecast because it will be sunny and war next week. there is devastation in the mountains around los angeles coming right near us and as it does, we keep the sprinkles in the forecast and continue our attention this afternoon to this, what spencer and drew and sandy will be spending time on how it affects your saturday with an update.
5:48 am
from 7:00 through 2:00 we have a chance of sprinkles and brighter this good morning. have the sunglasses handy. at 8:00 in the morning there is drizzle possible, a light shower, and not a lost green on the map. the clouds will thin as we head into the afternoon. as far as temperatures today, 60s at the coast, 70s everywhere else and we will hit the 80s inland, and mid-60s at the coast tomorrow and mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of us with more sunshine and the breezes will taper on sunday and temperatures are the same and we take off to above am -- average levels and low-to-mid 80s for most of us. leyla, are this any issues? >> we have had a few accidents. but the shoulder is clear asked we have light traffic in most areas. i say "most," being operative because we do have seriously some traffic here builting as the toll plaza on the friday morning.
5:49 am
we have 42 bart trains running on time. if you plan on ditching the car keys if you let someone else do the driving you are not going to be late. if you are heading into the vehicle that is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and to make it from the maze to san francisco, 4 minutes so that is longer than it normally takes. it is usually nine minutes. headed into the south bay this is northbound along 101 at story road the crash on the shoulder is slow-and-go traffic at alum rock and smooths out at the nimitz. and 880 and 280, all in great shape. kristen and reggie? >> the effort to ban gay conversion therapy for teens around the nation. >> the recipe for a tasty taco got the attention of the first lady. lady. stay tuned.
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lady. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> california's attorney general has raised $6 million for her senate run next year releasing the financial reports yesterday showing she has raised were more than her fellow democratic and republican challengers combined in the race to replace senator boxer. she is ahead of the pack of senate candidates with 30 percent of total voter support
5:53 am
and representative sanchez of southern california is second with 17 percent. >> october is bullying prevention month and a lost groups are trying to maken aware of the issue including this one. the only female on the harlem globe trotters. she is great. she teamed up with the school in san francisco to explain that stopping bullies could be as simple as apc. >> a is action. b is for bravely. c stands for compassion. >> the globe trotters are committed to spreading anti-bullying across the country and yesterday was expert day in the nation and our crew wore purple in support. and if you are taking a stand against bullying we would love against bullying we would love to see your photos at hub are in for a treat if you love tacos a nine-year-old prepared
5:54 am
her winning recipe nor the president and the first lady. the nine-year-old will make her delicious california rainbow delicious california rainbow tacos with a she will be this one of 55 young chefs to have lunch at the white house in july after winning the healthy lunch time challenge. i have heard eat the rainbow each day and you are healthy. all the different fruits and vegetables. >> nutritious and delicious. >> mike? >> i like the lucky charm story. >> mike likes the lucky champion story, the marshmallows. >> just marshmallows? really? wow? sprinkles in silverado resort and spa with the players teeing
5:55 am
off and trending dry and 68 by 10:00, and colorful end at 7:00 with all the storms in the high desert and not causing any flooding like it did around the grapevine. 80 if los angeles and 87 in fresno and thunderstorm at lake tahoe, dry in the central valley and if you are going to the game on sunday at the stadium, mid-70s and mostly sunny. enjoy. leyla? i an surprised it took this long to come up with marshmallow only isn't that what we wanted? >> we picked them out. >> starting off with mass transit bart we have 40 trains running on time and on ace train one and three they are on time where no delays if you head through east bay or coming into the city, using ac transit we want to get you back up to the north bay and this is where we had an early sig-alert with no update what the sig-alert exists and we had an accident that took down the power lines on highway
5:56 am
12 arnold drive at dunbar road and that is where they message. you can use arrest northland -- arrest northland drive as the alternate. >> we will talk abut crocodile love. two of the rarest and most endangered fresh water crocodiles cost los angeles home from singapore zoo hoping the female will mate with the male. zoo keepers have to evening -- make sure they will get along with a partition in the pool to make sure they like each other. the process can take up to a year. i know it. >> all right. crocodile capability is dangerous. >> a birthday express for the world find out gorilla housed right here. the 44-year-old primate got a
5:57 am
liter of kittens and the companion said she fell in love with the grave one. cocoa is known for her special relationship with robin williams and showed sadness when she was told of his death. >> new at 6:00, volkswagen prepared to issue a "fix," after admitting they rigged thousands of cars to chief the tests but it could be months' a recall is issued. >> an animal shelter is the center of a controversy between the residents and city officials the residents and city officials .
5:58 am
5:59 am
(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, developing news, crews working around the clock to clear mud and debris from a busy speaker state limp important and southern california and how drivers reacted when the flash flood,
6:00 am
occurred. >> a local city is accuses of shutting down an animal shelter to make way for a car dealership. >> easing the commute when officials will reveal new details of the new h.o.v. lanes long interstate 880. happy friday. thanks for joining us. >> it is almost the weekend. i am reggie here for eric thomas. it is friday, october 16. how is the weather looking? >> sprinkles. good morning, everyone, the same area running along concord boulevard out of clayton to concord and toward martinez and it could be going across hercules and over the next three hours it gets us into the end of the morning commute with sprinkles possible. so far, leyla is say there is not much happening as far as affecting the commute. sutro tower shows


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