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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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spot. we can have a car here, and it may not be what drivers were hoping for. in theory this, is supposed to be the day they told managers they're mad but was it a roar or whimper? >> are you disappointed? >> there should be more. >> if there was a ground 0 for the strike, you're looking at it outside of the company head quarters. >> next time, it will be bigger and better. >> as uber seize it, there cannot be a strike when drivers are private contractors. to quote a statement if a spokesman, we welcome feed back from driver partners. but this kind of feed back? >> they're not going there.
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their greed is beyond belief. >> drivers want a tip option and a 60% rate hike from the company that keeps cutting rates to attract customers. >> do you regret having left a cab company? >> sometimes, i do. >> that is sometimes bitter taxi cab drivers walk from the side line. no one is winning. >> they're under insured, their rates are not transparent. they change by the minute. the drivers are not licensed. >> plenty of drivers did go to work today, josh stevens took an uber car to the airport this afternoon. >> there is no problem. >> what do you think the strike? >> i have no idea. no impact. >> how ironic that san francisco muni drivers emerged from a union meeting. among them, president eric
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williams. >> they're fine. fine. >> not yet an effort that tried uber users. let's see what the weekend brings. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> also today, uber is addressing a serious complaint involving a driver. a san francisco woman says a driver threatened to rape and kill her. she hailed the ride but cancelled it after the driver used curse words when he couldn't find her, then, he pulled up where she was standing he threatened over the phone to rape and kill her. she says the driver called her five times demanding she cancel through uber app and left voice messages while on the line with 911. >> cancel the trip. what kind of human are you? cancel the trip so we can work.
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why are you disturbing people? >> uber says this behavior is unacceptable and driver's action to uber has been removed. uber says it's refunded the charge incurred. coming up, abc7 news reporter alisa harrington spoke with baity and you're going to hear from her. >> 250 residents of a long term care facility were forced out ever their homes because of a power outage. 17 ambulances showed up and a small kitchen fire knocked out power to the building. no injuries were reporting and officials say they don't know when electricity will be restored. firefighters were able to take charge of a dangerous fire in a dense area of san francisco. this is on second avenue.
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firefighters were able to evacuate safely. they're okay and fought the fire. >> now, to some of the heaviest water users during drought there. is a list of names including oakland a's executive billy bean. laura anthony is live with the response. >> reporter: well, it's important to point out this list was released only after the folks had a chance to appeal. they were given time to appeal, but still, very big games on the list. one day after his name appeared on a list of water users, there is a leak detection truck outside of the home of billy bean. bean appeared third on a partial list released by east bay mud as
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top users over 60 days including july and august. number one is george kirkland, a former chevron executive and neighbor of bean's, averaging 12,000 gallons per two. number two, mark pine, 8,000, and then, bean, nearly 6,000 gallons per day. >> i don't like to hear about, you know, folks that are abusing, you know just because they can afford to pay the fines and all. that i'm just going to do it. i think it's bad community spirit. >> bean told abc7 news, quote, multiple irrigation leaks and a pool leak were discovered and are being corrected. we're more than displeased and embarrassed and taking immediate action. >> these customers should have told us during appeals they had a leak and should have filed an appeal to get off the list while we've investigated. but they didn't. >> also on the list, cal
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football coach, sonny . he says, quote, we're very disappointed but are working to fix the problem to ensure that we're doing our part to protect california's limited resources. the average household usage for an east bay mud customer is 250 gallons per day. and we need that rain, desperately. we can be getting a little bit tomorrow. >> yes. we're tracking the chance of a few showers, we have a fine friday evening on hand. a live look from our camera showing you that sun and we're tracking changes for saturday. live doppler 7 hd. a fair amount of cloud cover and
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there is a cold front that will bring the threat of showers. so clouds increase, 7:00 in the morning, perhaps north there could be showers popping up. by mid day, anyone is fair game and will be a quick moving system. we'll talk about what the second half of saturday has in store in the accu-weather forecast. >> a fiery crash on walnut creek left drivers stranded for hours. it happened before dawn. a fire blew out and a truck lost control, slamming into the center divider. that rig slid 500 feet, then sent chunks of concrete flying. several drivers were injured. a big rig burst into flames
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this morning. this is video here from the ground you can the chp says the fire damaged the lanes. >> life at sea? >> this is my home. >> why many techies are moving to the bay. illegally. a bigger feathered friend may be able to return >> and escape from alcatraz and great whites. swimmers are ready to make a leap of faith tomorrow. >> we're going to hear from a family helped by a ronald mcdonald house in
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a car stuck in the mud, a 15 mile back up, here is a look at the aftermath of the mudslide in southern california and there is more rain that could be on the way. so sid, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: now, we're dry. it's just a little bit windy.
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good news here is interstate 5 in both directions is open. just before 1:00, the northbound side opened up, then, the southbound side. crews worked 24 hours clearing the ton of rocks and debris. he we're clearing a lot of the shoulders of mud and pushing it to the side. >> before the freeway opened, motorists were stuck in gorman for hours. big rigs were stopped throughout the street. >> how long have you been stuck here? >> since 5:00. >> where are you trying to go?
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>> north and to stockton. >> these brothers are hoping to get to hollister yesterday to visit family. but mother nature give them detours. >> we got stuck and they're saying about an hour, turns out we spent the night in the car. >> my broejer >> caltrans were relieved to learn there is no damage to the road and both side of the roadway, wide open.
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back to you up north. >> tons of mud and rock still clogging parts of the highway there. take a look. you can see caltrans crews spent the day cleaning off miles of roadway. and north of the grapevine, some families and truckers are stuck, some since 6:00 p.m. on thursday. >> if it rains again we're going to be here for a month. >> many drivers say they drive the grapevine multiple times per year and say this is something they've never seen before. >> breaks news on the central coast. the patrol reporting 100 vehicles including a school bus are trapped on highway 166 near the north of santa barbara.
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rescuers are on the way but there is heavy flooding and they haven't been able to reach the scene. the fbi is asking for help to find a man who may help them locate a teenager who could be in danger. the bureau believes this man is driving from mississippi to california and may be accompanied by a teen-aged girl who may be in trouble. the man is driving a blue mazda with a stolen alabama license plate. there is no front plate. this is believed to be the car. >> three bay area residents are among the biggest tax dodgers. one man owns city apartments, next is the head of burlingame's aero century corporation. and third, david hayden a
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silicon valley entrepreneur. his unpaid bill is $1.8 million. living at sea? the bay area housing crisis is causing people to come up with creative solutions, including choosing to live on a boat, much of the time, illegally. abc7 news reporter has the growing trend. natasha? >> reporter: we know how expensive it is to live here, you can sleep on the water legally if have you a permit but the waiting list is three years now. that is why many young techies seem to be jumping on a sail boat. just imagine, that is your alarm clock every morning. >> this is my home. >> home for edward agajanian. he's grown a sea beard to match. >> my wife likes it. >> reporter: a tv, microwave
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two, bedrooms and a bathtub. water inside and outside, too. but he says maintenance is constant. it's not as cheap as you think to legally live on a boat. >> it's $2,000 per month. >> at pier 39, only 10% of the boats can be home. the harbor master tells us the waiting list has never been longer. >> we used to get 1 or 2 calls per month. now, we get 20 per day. everybody is struggling to find affordable places to live. >> sometimes, they're just trying to sneak aboard. >> sneaking around the system are people like this young techie. these are the photos on instagram. the only way she can afford to live here, she agreed to skype but asked us to blur her face. >> seemed like a feasible solution. and just the magic of waking up on the water, every day. >> she says she's paying $350 for the magic, not bad.
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but edward says he wishes people would think twice before swapping a view of a lawn for a wheel. >> two happiest days in a man's life is the day he buys a boat and the day he sells a boat. we were curious if there were consequences. this man can't recall anyone getting arrested for illegally living on a boat and fines fall on the marina that can reach tens of thousands of dollars. >> thank you. a group of bay area firefighters is calling for mutual aids to help 30 firefighters who lost their homes during recent wildfires. the oakland fire department says it's raised $30,000 going to go to firefighters like paul duncan. he was battling the valley fire when he learned his house was gone. >> left the fire line about 11:00 in the morning.
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and drove down, saw the house. just amazing to see the devastation. there was nothing left. >> each firefighter is being adopted by a department who are going to try to help them recover. >> a big habob over chandler. here in the bay area, we can see rain over the weekend. no habobs in the area. >> no. that is creating issues in southern california with flooding. it's going to move out and a cold front moves in. we'll talk about the timing on. that it's a quiet friday night. the way we like it. we'll track changes with clouds rolling in but this is where
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they had down pours. there is a flash flood warning in effect until 12:00 morning. san francisco, 62 degrees and showers moving through and another chance of rain on the way for saturday there. santa rosa, 64. and back here, across the bay, a quiet night is ahead. a cooler pattern this week. you will like saturday, and sunday. spotty showers likely. the sun returns sunday and warmer temperatures next week.
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this is the area of low pressure responsible for flooding in southern california and dust storms in phoenix. this is going to move in. and lacks moisture. we're not talking about soaking rains but the chance is there. clouds increasing tonight, scattered showers and continuing into afternoon. if you do see them, showers won't last that long and by saturday night, we're taking clouds out and turning cooler sunday. by afternoon, sunshine and temperatures mid to low 60s. overnight tonight, cloud cover is overhead. it's a mild night. temperatures upper 50 60s.
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77 in santa rosa. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunday we're drier and sunnier, then, high pressure moving in. >> thank you. >> sure. >> we're going to take
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the federal government may get in the middle of a fight involving a bay area duck. the trouble began last month. the mallard flew to her home to a neighbor's yard. the neighbor called a wildlife rescue organization. federal law regulations kicked in. now, it's getting federal agency involved. and they are working to get a
6:26 pm
permit to get back with the seniors. >> preparations are underway to welcome tens of thousands to the treasure island music festival. some of the big acts, national twigs last performance scheduled in 2015. and it is this saturday and sunday. star wars fans had been soon able to purchase tickets, monday is the big day for fans. minutes after, the blog i 0 9 reports they'll go on sale for screenings and it is owned by
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disney, abc 7's parent company. >> are you going to save my place in line? >> maybe. >> or not. >> will joe run? >> the field is a good field. i don't see there is a space. >> what barbara boxer is saying about when he can make the decision. >> and lamar odom's recovery. just days after passing out in a nevada brothel. >> and final u.s. airways flights ever to stop. why
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>> it is getting down to the wire as joe biden decides where to make a run for the whites house. a california senator says he needs to move on. >> reporter: as joe biden decides whether to run for
6:31 pm
president, some believe his time already passed. . >> i don't see anything lacking in the field. i think the field is a good field. i don't see a space. >> reporter: in an interview, senator boxer said the vice president should endorse hillary clinton saying there is no rationale for his campaign. today, she maintained her stance but offered this. >> i will respect him whatever he decides to do. it is his choice, for sure. >> biden made a series of calls this week to democratic strategists in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, seeking out clarification how to launch a campaign. reports indicate his family is on board with whatever he decides. paul huntry, who leads a grass roots group in support of senator bernie sanders says he would welcome biden into the ra race. >> he would be a qualified candidate, for sure.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: president obama declined to comment on biden. >> we very much share a vision of an economy that works for everybody and effective pursuit of america's national security through all of the tools that are available to us. and i was very impressed with all of them. and they're good people. >> reporter: a senior democratic official says biden could make an announcement in the next three days. on the republican side, donald trump ignited a verbal fire storm with jeb bush, implying that his rival's older brother, the former president george w. bush was partially responsible for the september 11th attacks. jeb bush tweeted back, we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. former nba player lamar
6:33 pm
regained consciousness. the u.s. times reports he was able to open his mouth and speak. investigators believe he drank alcohol, used cocaine and took an herbal form of viagra. a wild scene in houston. scaffolding came tumbling down. six workers had to be rescued from piles of rubble across the street from minute maid park. none of the injuries is life threatening. the company is working to figure out the cause of the accident. >> it's time to say farewell to us us -- us airways. it will make a final departure, ever. a red eye flight at 9:55 back to
6:34 pm
philadelphia. >> i don't think there will be a part of that again and i wanted to be part of history. >> that is 13-year-old ethan, talking his parents into buying tickets. they left from philly, went to charlotte, then, to phoenix, and and they're in the air now and will be back to philadelphia. staff will be removing all u.s. airways branding after the flight arrives back just before 6:20 tomorrow morning. >> ethan is adorable. i hope he's having a good flight. >> yes. >> facebook is promising a fix for battery draining ios app. experts say it's not sleeping properly and one analyst says it cuts battery life as much as 15%. facebook's stock went up slightly. new state numbers tonight show california employers adding
6:35 pm
8200 jobs in september. ride services like uber and air b and b are gaining popularity. for the first time, car services like lyft and uber are being used more than taxis. >> just ahead, an inside look at the new ronald mcdonald house in the new
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ronald mcdonald house has two facilities to help parents of children being treated for life threatening illnesses. cheryl jennings takes us to meet the woman who runs the catch yan and the family who brought the help needed for their very sick child. >> he's got an upper airway obstruction. can't swallow. >> this family drove from their
6:39 pm
home in san joaquin valley to talk with us about their son, and why they're so grateful to ronald mcdonald house of san francisco. they recently stayed in the brand new house in the new childrens hospital at mission bay. little benjiman was being treated for health and breathing problems. he was born early. mom and dad both served in the u.s. army. but they fought the battle of a lifetime after the pregnancy suffered a terrible complication called eclamsia. >> started having seizures. >> i was in the same room when my mom and dad was. my mom fainted. >> benjiman was transferred to childrens hospital and the family learned about the ronald mcdonald house inside of the hospital.
6:40 pm
they can be close to their baby, have a real bed, a hot meal, do laundry and get support. they stayed here and transitioned to scott street. >> you're not alone, then, you can sit down and have a meal together and form friendships. >> the ronald mcdonald house here was always full. one thing that needed to change was we needed to do something that would eliminate a waiting list. >> lois moore has been the executive director on scott street for ten years. and she led the capitol campaign to raise $8 million for the mission bay ronald house where this family stayed. >> we just remodelled the kitchen. >> mike caught up with the location. >> we began to think offering
6:41 pm
the best inside of the hospital would be a good idea. >> she introduced pioneering programs. we had volunteers. >> from staff, they began looking at what we were doing and one day said would you like to talk about having a house inside of the hospital? with wings? >> the first expansion was designed to scott street and he joined the ward he's known lois from the beginning. >> she leads quietly but with great intentionity. >> she is about to retire with a stunning legacy. >> we addressed the issue of needing to have a house that would be even closer to the
6:42 pm
family. we're not stopping only at serving families who are staying at one of our two houses. we have programs in the hospital that are reaching over 25,000 family members per year. you never go home and wonder if what you did was worning while. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> the gala fund-raiser is happening now in san francisco. cheryl is the emcee. for more information log on to >> escape from alcatraz. >> the concern from swimmers ahead of the trip across the bay. this after a rare great white sighting in a week. [announcer] through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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most of october has another name, sharktober, and people flocked to the pier. that is the shark catching its lunch, a seal. it may seem like bad timing for swimmers to plan a race across the bay. they're still jumping in
6:46 pm
tomorrow. >> reporter: the ridge fal escape from alcatraz was much tougher. >> it's unique in terms of triathalons. >> the dolphin club starts with a swim from the rock at low tide. >> i first started swimming here it was calmer. >> this is no movie. it's a great white shark devouring a sea lion in the bay. swimmers have seen the video. >> it's in the back of your head. if you're not worried about it, you're thinking about it. >> organizers say there is no need to panic. >> a lot of kayak >> it's been said punching a
6:47 pm
shark can help you escape. imagine a jaw from a fully grown great white can be three times as wide. >> don't dress like this. this is a mascot preparing for a big celebration. >> this is our annual celebration of the return of white sharks. >> they live just off the coast and sometimes, come into the bay. those swimmers don't bless like this. >> if you're wearing a wet suit, you look like a seal or sea lion. >> we swim without owe wet suits. >> they say they like their odds. >> it's more likely you'll get struck by lightning so i'm not worried. >> i'll see you tomorrow in the water, right ama? >> right. let's take a look at the forecast. >> a nice evening on the
6:48 pm
we do have a chance of wet weather, a cold front through here from seattle down to phoenix. the northeast will see a lot of cool air. freeze warnings across 20 states there. and temperatures in the 30s and a cold fronted slips south. this will end the season there. 68 in san francisco and 77 in santa rosa. accu-weather forecast shows you spotty showers tomorrow. sunday, sunnier and drier and cooler. >> looks like shu is here tonight. >> a little bit of everything for you tonight.
6:49 pm
stanford made quite a statement. and they destroyed ucla. meet the man who made a catch, next. in sports.
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6:52 pm
ucla and their favorites in the pac 12. quarterback kevin hogan gets the ball. lost towards the end zone and watch this. he could not see the ball and everyone is going crazy, and francis is keeping it cool. >> i wasn't thinking about it too much. so we'll see.
6:53 pm
>> this is on the board and apparently, my facial expression is just a fen knoll nal catch. >> in another edition of after the game, following penn state and ohio state game, yours truly and larry beil only on abc7. rematch of super bowl 47 in new orleans in which baltimore got the ring. today, carlos hyde was fined $23,000 for unnecessary roughness. his fine on this play. initiated contact. he was upset with 49er guard alex vuna.
6:54 pm
moving forward, collin kaepernick played his best game last week. hoping to build on that sunday. >> i think he's had a tremendous career. that is what you prepare for. when you've got player who's play the way they have, you know what they're capable of doing it goes for their offense. and you look at dangerous player. >> the sharks were dealt a blow yesterday. logan catro is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks. and new jersey devils, sharks got on the board, patrick marlo in the swap. and martin johns has been stellar. he's set a franchise record for most shut-out minutes.
6:55 pm
31 saves tonight. adam enrique, deflected and the game goes into overtime. two out of 3, 2 on the final. warriors center andrew bogat broke his nose but says he thinks he can play next season's finale but has to wear a mask. >> second round of in silverado. and that is a birdie. he's eight under, patrick rogers in contention, shooting a 369. rory mcelroy made the cut. but missed a lot of opportunities. birdie putt, no.
6:56 pm
171, he's five under back of brendan steel. 11 under into the weekend with a one-stroke lead thchl sports report hauz been brought to you by bank of the west. if you break your nose, it's tough to deal with, broke mine four times. i know you can't tell. >> thank you. >> definitely. >> tonight, the new plan to put a man on the moon who would live there, at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 a bay area woman says an uber driver threatened to rape and kill her. the action the ride company is now taking. and that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama daetz. for all of us, thanks for watching. have a great friday night.
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