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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> >> it is saturday, october 17th. thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. we are off to a mild start, but there are changes coming. let's send it over to sandhya patel. >> a few returns, light to moderate showers around the for the ross area, highway 1, generallers. the showers will basically continue to move through. and as we take you a little bit wider perspective here you will
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notice the last couple of hours some thunderstorms have been flaring up from the san joaquin valley heading up to the sierra nevada. if you could have travel plans you will want to keep that in mind. the timeline of exactly when you can expect the showers is coming up. chris. >> thanks. >> uber is an app many have on their smartphones but one woman said requesting a wide turned into a terrifying experience with the driver threatened to rape and kill her. alyssa harrington tells us if passengers are still getting into that car. she's just wrapping up dinner when she summoned a uber driver to take her home. she was near 400 duboce avenue. the driver could not find her. >> he said i'm close to duboce avenue and you are not here. >> frightened, she cancelled the trip.
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the furious driver would not leave. >> you see that ramp? he started pulling up on that ramp. he came around the corner at that point and started screaming i can see you on your phone. look over and you can see me. and i hung up the phone. and he called back. and at that point he said, i'm going to find you, i'm going to rape you and i'm going to kill you. >> he left this voicemail. >> cancel the trip. are you new to uber? what kind of human are you? cancel the trip so we can work. why are you disturbing people? she contacted police. but it's difficult to track him down. there was a picture it but she's not sure it was him. uber apologized and said this behavior is absolutely unacceptable and the access to driver has been permanently removed. >> are you going to continue using uber? >> i think i am probably going to stick with muni or my car for a long time. abc7 news.
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[chanting] a three-day work stoppage by uber drivers will continue today. abc7 news was outside the company's san francisco red -- headquarters yesterday. the drivers are demanding fare hikes and a tip option. they accuse the company of treating drivers unfairly. uber maintains the drivers are independent contractors and with they welcome feedback from the drivers. dozens of elderly patients were loaded on ambulances and evacuated from their home in burlingame. a small power outage caused a small fire yesterday. this morning seniors are back home but others of waiting to return. we have the story.
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>> i often wondered what would happen if there was an earthquake or disaster. now i know. >> as roughly 70 burlingame long-term care center residents were loaded on to ambulances, scott edwards waited. >> i was one of the last to go, i guess. >> the destination, san mateo medical center. another skilled nursing facility. this, after a morning fire no bigger than a shoe box, according to fire chief, john. the preliminary cause, an overloaded circuit. the real issue took close to 300 elderly residents a lack of electricity. >> we didn't know when the power would come back on. >> a backup generator wasn't enough to keep the center running. it was just enough to keep first responders from having to carry residents down from the second floor. >> we had the elevator so that really helped. >> a sign spelled out the urgency. just as four ambulance strike teams loaded up the last few critical residents to transport, the power came back on, bringing with it at least 15 residents who were still in transit elsewhere for the night. >> we feel like they can be best cared for here. >> one man even came back by taxi. bob edwards never did have to
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go. >> i'm not trying to avoid it, it's just the way it happened. >> leaving him for a story to tell his wife, along with any future residents. >> melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> in southern california hundreds of vehicles are still backed up after a sea of mud rushed through a busy state highway thursday afternoon. with the help of the chp, some of the cars are moving gap on the grapevine. this is the main roadway linking northern and southern california. conditions have improved on interstate 5 since thursday. the interstate is crucial for truckers and now the drivers have to deal with heavy traffic for miles behind abandoned cars. severe thunderstorms and mudslides triggered mudslides on thursday. >> i looked out the mirror and the mudslide was coming at us as hard as can be. >> it's pretty scary to see the water on both sides and moving quickly. >> a los angeles county supervisor has called for a
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state of emergency to be declared for northern los angeles county because of the flooding. >> an east bay crew was stuck in a sinkhole that they were sent to fix yesterday. a woman called to report a river of gushing water that was carrying away chunks of the pavement. when the crews arrived they found out how serious it was. >> there were two member and the truck was going down. there had been there several times >> water officials say a cast iron water main built in 1931 caused the sinkhole. the main has been replaced, and the sinkhole has been filled. workers continue to repair another sinkhole in union city. the hole has steady grown to its current size of 35 feet by 40 feet and it's ten feet deep in some places. when it was first discovered on wednesday the sinkhole was only 6 feet by 6 feet. repairs should be done sometime next week. the city does not know what caused the sinkhole to form. san francisco international airport took part in airline
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history. the final u.s. airways flight took off from the airport last night. abc7 news reporter alan wang talked to the passengers on that flight. >> the last u.s. airways crew prepared to fly their passengers from sfo to philadelphia after a history of aviation that began in 1989. -- in 1939. all american aviation was its name back then. >> 1939 we started picking up the mail as youing the hook. as the single engine planes flew over we went through world war ii, providing pilots there, korea, 911 a factor. >> 180 passengers took the historic flight, including glenda, who still had her flight attendant uniform from 1980 when it was allegheny airlines. >> i flew with 50 passengers and i handled them all by myself. i was the only flight attendant on board. >> many are aviation fanatics
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who were on the last trip that started in philly, went on to charlotte, north carolina and then to phoenix before reaching sfo for its final leg back to philadelphia. >> when i get into philadelphia i will be crying because i will be sad because u.s. airways is gone. >> u.s. airways will now become american airlines with more than 6,700 daily flights operated by more than 100,000 employees. american airlines becomes the largest airline in the world. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. in san francisco, today is the twelfth annual women's half-marathon weekend with thousands of participants in the city. this is video provided by race organizers. it's last year's race. competitors can still train today in a two-mile course near union square to get ready for the big race. that is at 9:30 and 11:30.
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today is also the first-ever young athletes run at the stadium where youngsters can train with nike trains. 25,000 women are expected to run the half-marathon tomorrow. the first wave starts at 6:30 in the morning. sandhya, hopefully you have good news for them out there? >> it won't be downpours for the runners. maybe a light shower or a little sprinkle. but when you are running it feels good to have a refreshing cool mist or drizzle or shower, right? >> absolutely. >> i'll have a full look at the forecast coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. also ahead, a sniper attack at a critical piece of bay area infrastructures. what investigators believe what really happened. and escape from alcatraz. the danger in the water.
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to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. >> 6:12, the time. sky 7hd shows us where a fire drove people from their homes in the inner richmond district. it growing out yesterday afternoon near geary boulevard. crews stopped the flames before they spread to adjoining buildings and thankfully nobody was hurt. the community shared video of the fire. when you see breaking news where you live, taking your photos or video on social media with the #abc7now. >> a new theory has surfaceed
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that a costly attack on a pg&e substation was an inside job. a sniper nearly took out power to silicon valley after shooting transformers at a san jose substation in 2013. media reports, citing a homeland official, suggesting an insider was responsible. the fbi told us there is, quote, a significant gap between what was said and what was reported. agents haven't identified a motive or any suspects. this house will soon move to a new location in oakland tomorrow morning. ucsf children's hospital offered it for free as long as the new owner covered most of the moving costs. right now the house sits on land owned by the hospital, but plans call for a new building on that site. a couple will move it away and it will cost them about $200,000. actor snoop dogg is bringing his youth nfl team here to may. they will face-off against the san jose hit squad today at
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james lict high school. spectators can do their part by donating warm clothing for a coat drive at the game. the snoop youth football team aims to provide the youth with the opportunity to learn the value of character and teamwork through the sport. a muni bus pass may be your ticket to see some spectacular dance performances this weekend in san francisco. yesterday abc7 news was at the bay view boat club for the start of trolley dances. the performances are spread out along the mission bay and bayview neighborhood. visitors are given a bus pass to catch them all. >> they will set their pieces to the environment that the performance occurs in. that's probably the most significant thing about what makes trolley dances so different. >> the performances are free and will take place along the t-muni line. the tours begin at 11:00 a.m. and leave every 45 minutes from the bay view boat club both
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today and tomorrow. the month of october has another name around these parts sharktober. >> this may seem like bad timing for swimmers to plan a race across the bay. as jonathan bloom explains, today's escape from alcatraz triathlon has some people worried. >> long before it was called escape from alcatraz, the original escape was much tougher. >> it's very unique and strenuous in terms of triathlons. >> every year he still runs the original cars starting with a swim from the rock at low tied. the water is cold, currents are fierce and there's another threat. >> when i first started swimming here it was about the time the movie "jaws" came out. [laughter] >> jaws! >> but this is no movie. it's cell phone video of a great white shark devouring a sea lion
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in the bay. >> i try not to think about it. >> they have all seen the video. >> it's in the back of your head. if you are not worried about it, you are at least thinking about it a little bit. >> race organizers say there's no need to panic. >> a lot of kayaks keeping an eye out. we have a contingency plans. they do have a boxing gym. it says punching a gym can help you escape. >> this menacing jaw from a young white shark already big enough to bite my entire head off. now imagine that the jaw from a fully-grown big white could be three times as wide. >> they huge and ferocious if you are a sea lion. >> don't dress hike this. he's the mascot for the sanctuary, preparing for a big celebration. >> we have sharktoberfest. it's a celebration of the great white sharks. >> they lurk just off the coast this time of year and
6:17 am
and sometimes come into the bay. the swimmers don't dress like this. >> if you are wearing a wet suit you are dark and look more-like a sea lion. >> the swimmers say they like their odds. >> it's more likely you will get struck by lightning. i'm not really worried. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. and in celebration of sharktober, the free fest starts today. it's at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 at crissy field. you can enjoy live music, shark activities. >> there is the surfing competition this weekend and the grand prize winner takes every a $50,000 fine. -- or prize. there's so much going open this weekend. >> there a lot going on, chris. it's one of those weekends where it's not going to be a washout. a little rain doesn't hurt anybody for any of these events. tomorrow will be dry for other activity and events happening. there's so much happening, my producer here, shawn, gave me a list of things.
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the silverado country club is having the fries open. the women nike series, art and pumpkin festival. you notice right now things are pretty quiet except up around the northern portion of the bay. we are starting to see some showers now by ukiah. i will take you in to street level radar. you see this highway is seeing wet weather right now. very light returns. keep in mind this is just the beginning signs of the cold front coming through. as you take a look where the cold front is, it's right along the northern portion of the coastline and that's where they have been seeing the steady bands of rain moving in from crescent city to eureka. thunderstorms have been firing up through parts of the central portion of the state, heading into the mountains. and we have even seen a little bit of mixed precipitation toward yosemite.
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flash flood watch until 10:00 p.m. for the eastern portion of california. and flash flood watchings going until 8:00 p.m. for most of southern california there. this is sunday night, i should mention. so we are still expecting the potential for some flooding as we do have more showers and thunderstorms coming in. bay area, an isolated thunderstorm possibility. sutro tower camera showing you san francisco. 59 in half moon bay. really comfortable weather. our walnut creek camera showing you dry conditions on the roadways there. 58 santa rosa. it's 60 degrees in napa, 63 currently in livermore. east of the bridge looking good this morning. if you are heading out to take the dog out for a walk, do expect it to be cloudy, followed by a little drizzle and scattered showers this morning. isolated thunder is possible. looking at mild and mostly sunny conditions as we head toward the second half of your weekend. satellite radar showing you the system. the low pressure system that drew up all that moisture and
6:20 am
just dumped heavy rain on southern california, causing all those problems the last couple days. it's moving out. here's the cold front that's coming in. as it approaches the coastline here, we will continue to see the moisture increasing. so drizzle this morning. a few showers going into the 7:00 hour. and then at noontime some very scattered showers in nature. 2:00 p.m., can't rule out maybe one or two thunderstorms. we are keeping a slight chance. then those showers pretty much fade as we head toward the evening hours. if you are saturday night plans, you can keep that in mind. 80 degrees in gilroy. low to mid-70s in milbrae to san mateo. 64 on the coast in pacifica. daly city, 68 downtown san francisco. clouds will be around in the north bay for the afternoon. 77 santa rosa, 76 novato, 76 napa. east bay. 73 in oakland. 75 degrees in fremont, 79 in livermore. and once again, the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival is going on today. it's always a fun event.
6:21 am
if you are taking your family to it, a little drizzle and a few hours in the morning and then looking at cloudy skies, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. tonight's lows in the cloud cover in the 50s. you may see a little drizzle as we head toward the evening hours and into tomorrow morning. accuweather seven take forecast spotty showers will give way to dry, mostly sunny to partly cloudy conditions sunday. and then we will warm it up for you next week, chris. >> despite the possibility of showers. at least a pleasant forecast. >> absolutely it's a pleasant forecast. >> thank you. up next, a journey back to the galaxy far, far away. when you will be able to get tickets ♪ ♪
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>> paula joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning, massive cleanup efforts in california are underway after flash flooding and dangerous mudslides rescue people. drivers trapped in their cars and drivers now sharing their terrifying stories and images this morning. live from california with more on the aftermath. and more trouble off the field for cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. he was questioned by police after an alcohol field domestic argument with his girlfriend. we will have the details on the nfl bad boys latest brush with the law coming up.
6:25 am
and finally, there's hope for lamar odom. a hope close to the form nba star claims he is conscious and able to speak. these are the first signs of progress since he was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel five days ago. with he will have more open his condition and the recovery ahead coming up on gma. see you soon. >> a megawall of dust blanketed chandler, arizona yesterday about 20 miles south of phoenix. the intense dust storm, called a haboob, was yesterday. the same storm system that caused flash flooding in los angeles county is responsible for the 60 miles per hour winds that generated ulf this blowing dust. that right there is what you call precision. japan's master swordsman
6:26 am
successfully sliced a 100 miles per hour fastball in half, and it happened in the blink of an eye. machi is a guinness world record hold are for his skills. >> attention star wars fans. you will soon be able to punch your tickets to a galaxy far, far away. monday is going to be a big day for fans. the first full-length trailer for "the force awakens" is set to air on monday night football. tickets for the film will go on sale and those tickets will be for screenings from december 17th through january 3rd. the "star wars" franchise is owned by disney which is also abc7's parent company. >> the russians are intend to go send a lunar land to go the south pole. it will see a return of humans to the moon and a possible permanent spacecraft. it will explore the frozen south pole to see whether there's water and raw materials to make fuel and oxygen.
6:27 am
the european space agency released this seven of what the settlement might look like. it's reporting that the launch could happen in the year 2020. straight ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. the little pink pill goes on sale. more about the warnings you will see on the label. >> this my home. >> and why many tech kiss are so fed up with rising rents they are literally moving to the bay illegally. we will explain coming you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks!
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>> half past the hour on this saturday morning. it is great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. a cold front could soon be making its way through the bay. let's check in with sandhya. she's tracking the condition where you live. >> good morning. we are starting to see some slick roadways between ukiah, down towards cloverdale and basically the sonoma county coast starting to see the showers dealing and moving inland. i take you down to street level around guerneville you can see river road seeing some wet
6:31 am
weather at this hour. if you are doing traveling, tahoe, yosemite, scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. 60 in tahoe. up to the north some rain. and down to the south around los angeles could see a few showers. it's just a slight chance, 80 degrees this around. as we take look at the highs here in the bay area. a few showers not out of the question for a lingering into the around. its going to be a cooler day. temperatures in the upper 70s inland. mid-to upper 60s along the coast like. and as we take a look at the 49ers forecast for your sunday, if you are you are going to revs stadium they take on the ravens. plenty of sun and a little bit on the breezy side. showers today. sunshine tomorrow. the accuweather forecast shows you some warmer weather. chris. >> thank you. the drug sometimes called the female viagra goes on sale today. it will come with significant restrictions.
6:32 am
it comes with a warning saying it should not be taken while drinking alcohol and not used with a drugs. they describe the effect as modest. still it's expected to generate $2 billion in annual sales. the bay area housing crisis has some people giving up their homes for life on the water. it's not a new idea here in the bay area, but it's suddenly become a trend. the wait list is now three years, but in many cases it's illegal. abc7 news anchor natasha has more. [sea lions noise] >> just imagine, that's your alarm clock every morning. >> this is my home. >> home for edward. he moved into the euphoria about a year ago and he's grown a sea beard to match. >> my wife likes it. [laughter] >> a tv, microwave, two very modestly-sized bedrooms, even a bathtub. water inside and water right outside too. he says maintenance is constant. it's not as cheap as you think
6:33 am
to legally live on a boat. >> somewhere close to $2,000 a month. >> at pier 39 only 10% of the boats can be homes. the harbormaster tells us the wait list has never been longer. >> we used to get maybe one or two calls a month for people asking about live-a-boards and now maybe 20 a day. everybody is struggling to find affordable places to live. >> sometimes they are just trying to sneak aboard. >> sneaking around the system are people like this young techie. these are the photos she posted on instagram of her knew, illegal home. it's the only way she could afford to live here. she agreed to skype it but asked us to blur her face. >> a lot of people are doing it so it seemed like a solution. just the magic of waking up on the water every day. >> she's paying about $350 a month for that magic. not bad. but edward said he wishes people would think twice before swapping a view of a front lawn
6:34 am
for a wheel. >> two happiest days in a man's life is the day he buys a boat and the day he sells a boat. >> are there any consequences? this authority says in 38 years he can't recall anyone of -- ever getting arrested for illegally living on a boat. and meanwhile fines fall on the marina. those can reach tens of thousands of dollars. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> a fallen cal fire pilot will be hop in order today in sacramento as he joins the names of nearly 1300 others who have also paid the ultimate price on duty. jeffrey hunt will be added to the memorial at the capital. he graduated before being in the neighbor and then served 13 years as a cal fire pilot. hunt was killed in a plane crash last year while fighting a wildfire in yosemite. >> earlier this week we broughta story about a woman collecting dresses for a middle high school
6:35 am
today she is bringing more than 150 dresses, purchases and jewelry, all donated by the community to the school. nancy hopes the dress has give the kids a chance to feel great at their homecoming dance next month. the ronald mcdonald house of san francisco now has few facilities to help children and parents. and children being treated for life-threatening illnesses. the newest facility is inside the new ussf children's hospital in san francisco. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings takes us there to meet the woman who led the campaign for the second house and the family that got the help they needed for their very sick child. >> he has an upper airway obstruction, can't swallow. there was damage when he was born. >> they drove from their home in the san joaquin valley to talk to us about their son benjamin and why they are so grateful to the ronald mcdonald house of san francisco.
6:36 am
they recently stayed in the brand new house in at the knew children's hospital in mission bay where little benjamin was being treated for health and breathing problems. he was born two months early. mom and dad both served in the u.s. army with tours of duty in iraq, but they fought the battle of a lifetime after the tisha's pregnancy suffered a terrible complication called complication called preclampsia. >> i was standing in the same room as my mom and dad was when my mom fainted. >> they did an emergency c-section. >> bejamin was then transferred to the children's hospital and the family learned about the ronald mccdonald house inside the hospital. there they could be close to their baby, have a real bed and a hot meal prepared by volunteers, do laundry and get support. they stay here and then transition to the ronald
6:37 am
mcdonald house on scotts street. >> you realize you are not alone and you sit down and have meals together and you see people and you talk to them. you actually form a lot of friendships. >> the ronald mcdonald street on scott street was always full. one thing that needed to change was we needed to do something that would eliminate a waiting list. >> lois moore has been executive director of the san francisco ronald mcdonald house on scott street for ten years. they led the capital campaign to raise $8 million for the mission bay house. >> we just remodeled the kitchen. abc7's mike niko helped the house with fundraising for years. he caught up with lois at the scott street location. >> we began to think, you know, offering the best of ronald mcdonald house inside the hospital would be a good idea. >> she introduced pioneering programs. at ucsf children's hospital, where we send volunteers, an army of volunteers.
6:38 am
>> ucsf staff began lacking at -- began looking at what we were doing. one day said would you like to talk about having a house inside of the hospital? >> the architect designed the first expansion to scott street and was so touched by the mission that he joined the board. he's known lois from the beginning. >> she leads quietly. but with great intentionality. and with a little humility and deference such that everybody kind of falls into lock step toward the goal, toward the success.
6:39 am
>> loia is about to retire with a stunning legacy >> we addressed the issue of needing to have a house that would be even closer to the family. we're not stopping only at serving families who are staying at one of our two houses. we have programs in the hospital that are reaching over 25,000 family members a year. you never go home and wonder if what you did was worthwhile. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, getting involved to stop bullying. what the harlem globetrotters are doing to spread a message of compassion. but first a live look outside from our exploratorium camera. you see the clouds hovering over the final dis ♪ ♪
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>> october a bullying prevention month. the harlem globetrotters have teamed up with a san francisco school to deliver a message of compassion towards others. lyanne melendez has the story. >> the one, the only! [cheers and applause] >> he's one of the ambassadors of good will. the only female on the harlem globetrotters expedition team. tnt maddox came to deliver the globetrotters message of bullying prevention to the girls at the hamline school in san francisco. it's as simple as a, b, c.
6:46 am
>> the "a" stands for action. >> it's not right for people to go to school and be in fear. we tell the kids all the time school is for fun and learning. >> the "b" for bravery. >> it takes bravely to go to someone who you know has been bullied and you may be the target next but to talk to them about hey, it's all right. you have a person for you, yourself and myself cloud. >> one of the bravest things you can do when it comes to bullied is not join in. >> the "c" is compassion. >> the compassion is caring, but it's caring with enough care to act. not just to stand back and look but to stand up. >> students at the hamline school are constantly reminded of those three key words. action, bravery and compassion. >> ready? >> and there is always time to learn other skills while having fun. ♪ well, not everyone can handle
6:47 am
the ball like the pros. >> be extraordinary. >> if someone is bullying you because you are different, don't change yourself. that's a message the globetrotters are delivering to other schools and communities. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. . [laughter] >> what a fantastic story. >> absolutely it is. >> so weather-wise, we've got, you know, nearly 30,000 people in town for the nike women's half-marathon weekend and hopefully you have good news for them? >> i do. a little shower or drizzle is all they are going to see. there is a possibility of thunderstorms, but it's primarily going to be east of this area. >> good to know. >> so the eastern end of our viewing area and the far northern end of our viewing area could see an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. but right now the thunderstorm activity is well to the east of us. it's heading towards the central portion of the state and into the sierra nevada. i want to show you what is going on right now on live doppler
6:48 am
7hd. ukiah taking you down to street level. south state street on highway 101 getting some wet weather there. as i show you a wider perspective, the moisture is moving in and it's moving northwest ward. so do expect the showered to continue to move to the northwest. and speaking of, they have bp seeing some pretty steady rain around the northern portion of the state along the coastline from eureka to hay fork. here's a closer look at the sierra nevada. the thunderstorms will continue to fire off, especially as we head toward the around hours. tahoe has another opportunity for seeing the showers and thunderstorms on sunday, as well. down to the south we still have flash flood watches going for parts of southern california from 8:00 tonight. parts of eastern california until 10:00 p.m. sunday night. so not completely in the clear yet. a live look from our emeryville camera. you see the layer of low cloudiness there. temperatures in the low 60s from san francisco to san jose.
6:49 am
oakland. 59 half moon bay. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you gray skies. 67 in santa rosa. 60 napa. 63 livermore. this is one of my favorite shots of the morning. hope you are enjoying your morning and coffee. a little bit of a break in the cloud cover there. isolated thunder possible. mild and mostly sunny for your sunday afternoon. satellite radar showing you the system that just soaked southern california is moving out of here. what is really heading in is the cold front. that is going to fall apart as it makes its way toward the bay area. that's primarily why we aren't going to see a whole lot of activity. at 7:00 a.m. a little drizzle not out of the question. we head toward the 9:00 a.m. hour and we will see the showers around the sonoma county coast. could see isolated thunderstorm up around eureka and ukiah area. noontime a few showers still popping up. scattered around in the bay area. so not all of you will see those showers. some of you may just see cloud
6:50 am
cover with some sunny breaks. about you keep in mind the showers are still going around 3:00 p.m. in the south bay and by 7:00 umbrella most of the activity should be east and south of the bay area. highs for your saturday will look like this. 76 santa clara. in the south bay, san jose. 830 degrees in gilroy on the peninsula. feeling like fall, midpiece by the afternoon. 65 ahl moon bay. 68 downtown san francisco. north bay upper 70s around santa rosa, calistoga. 73 oakland. 75 fremont. inhand spots livermore 79. concord 78. and as you take a look at the forecast for tonight, it's going to be cloudy overnight. temperatures in the 50s. maybe a little bit of a drizzle from low level stuff. accuweather seven-day forecast spotty showers will give way to your sunday, which is brighter, a little more sun. not a wailing trend sunday but the temperatures start inching up next week. a little warmer.
6:51 am
autumn warmth is what i like to call it. >> we will see how it plays out. thank you. turning to sports, this afternoon the toronto blue jays will try to equal their american league championship series against the royals. last night kansas city took game one. here's the highlights of this morning's sports report. >> good morning. baseball is top of the order. down to the final four in the postseason. we kick it off in kansas city with the royals hosting the blue jays. last night game one of the alcs. the defending american league champs have some unfinished business from last year. a blue beard. now that's dedication. hope that washes out. the kansas city offense wakes up in the third inning. he is core bar starts with it a 2 rbi double.
6:52 am
3 runs, 6 hits in 5 1/3. the sixth inning, first homer of the postseason for perez. 3-0, kansas city. volquez just two hits and six scoreless. he walked the first two and gets three straight outs. volquez struck out five. top of nine. jays down 5-0. one man out for ryan. he fillets out to left to end the game. royals take game one, 5-0, your final. the sharks are only four games into the season, but they are hitting on all cylinders. unfortunately dealt a big blow thursday when logan couture broke his right fibula at the ankle in practice. he's heading back to san jose to have surgery. expected to miss four to six weeks. last night home come for peter deboer. sharks got on the board two minutes in. patrick marleau in the slot. 1-0 sharks. goalie martin jones, just his fourth game in san jose. already set the franchise record
6:53 am
shutout streak. 39 saves last night. the 234 minute scoreless streak came to an end with three minutes left in the third. deflected in and 1-1. go to overtime. martin jones stopped two of three. mike cammalleri shoots it wide. ends the game. the victory. the pg&e, first event of the year on the tour. from the 16 and nothing but net. he's 8-under. patrick rogers, he's 7-under. rory mcelroy is six back. miss. 1-under 71. he tied the course record thursday with a 63. shot 270 yesterday. great read on 10 to take the lead. he's 11-under heading into the weekend with a two-stroke lead. just two games remaining and three points out of a playoff spot the earth quakes needed to win begins sporting k.c.
6:54 am
47th minute. the score. quakes win 1-0. they are currently tied for sixth and final playoff spot in the west. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great weekend. >> keep it here.
6:55 am
6:56 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> welcome back, everyone. >> this weekend is the 45th annual art and pumpkin festival. you can see this year's winner of the pumpkin weigh-off. the heaviest pumpkin squashed
6:57 am
the competition and weighed in at nearly 2,000 pounds earlier this week. today it's on full display at the festival in half moon bay. festival parade will feature a pitching great as the grand marshal. the final weather check? >> there might be a shower or two there. that's about it. temperatures in the 60s if you are going to that festival. scattered showers this the forecast. just right now in the north bay. >> all right. thanks to you and thanks so much for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. as we say good-bye for you for this part of the morning. taking a live look outside from our abc7 roof cam pointed at the bay bridge this morning. it is a gorgeous sight to wake up to. don't forget, you canal head to our website for the latest news, weather and sports. see you at 8:00.
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gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. good morning, america. the big digout right now. the incredible flash flooding triggering those massive mudslides. hundreds of vehicles stuck. is anyone buried alive? the frantic search efforts right now. >> this is what i cannot get across to go home. >> and the struggle to get the roads cleaned up and back open. nfl quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend pulled over by police. their high-speed argument that had witnesses calling for help. the police report. was alcohol involved, and the nfl's new domestic dispute problem. caught on camera. scaffolding collapse. the massive construction accident. workers trapped. the debris crashing down. how did it happen?


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