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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now the news, why a teacher is credited for saving a girl from an attempted kidnapping. highway disaster in southern california. the weather system that brought on the onslaught of mud. a coach who was willing to risk his job to continue his controversial post-game tradition. abc 7 news starts right now.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo news broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. aware, alert and now considered a hero. a fast-acting teacher's aide rescues an antioch girl spotted inside a stranger's car. >> now, abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the scene of the attempted abduction. >> cornell, had the teacher not taken action, who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, reggie and natasha. this story could have taken a terrible turn if not for the bravy of one woman who made the right move at the right time. a suspect from brentwood pulled the young girl into his truck. >> it was kind of like the superwoman power thing. like, i can't believe i did that. >> reporter: sandra ferguson should feel like a superwoman after stopping the attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl on this antioch street. sandra was driving to sutter elementary school friday morning where she works as a teacher's
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aide when she spotted one of her former students sitting in a truck with a middle-aged man. she looked scared. sandra sensed something was wrong, so she stopped. >> is that your dad? she told me, no. he's my friend. and i said, no, he's not. he's not your friend. >> reporter: sandra told us by phone, right then and there, her instincts kicked in. >> i put my car in front of his car. i blocked him. and i told her, you get out of the car right now. >> reporter: the girl wasn't hurt. sandra called police. she said the suspect made no attempt to run. police arrested 51-year-old santiago salazar for kidnapping. neighbors can't believe it happened. >> we have to protect the kids more. that's my concern. >> reporter: sutter elementary principal said sandra was very brave. >> thankfully she was a guardian angel at that point, and preventing something terrible from happening. >> reporter: the girl's family has personally thanked sandra.
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>> i'm glad she's safe. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: police say the young girl did not know the suspect. in antioch, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. sacramento police released two composite sketches showing the men they're looking for in connection with a stabbing of an airmen. stone was stabbed three times while protecting a friend from a fight outside midtown sacramento bar on october 8th. he was released from the hospital this week after undergoing surgery. as you remember, stone and two other friends stopped a terrorist attack on a train in france back in late august. police in monterey are investigating another instance of vandalism targeting a statue. someone decapitated the statue. they say it could have been done as early as monday. no arrests made in this case. another statue was toppled and defaced at the mission in carmel
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a few miles south. it is a controversial figure for what man said they say was mistreatment of people. a suspected drunk driver left behind a huge mess. he crashed, sheering off a power pole in the north bay. pg&e crews were still working to repair the damage hours after this crash. this happened on francisco boulevard in san rafael. the driver is a 36-year-old woman. she was drunk at the time of the crash. the downed power pole caused a large power outage to the neighborhood and knocked out power to the demo ski shop. bad timing for them. because it had plans to handle a one-day mega sale today. >> we expected over 1,000 people today. of course, the pole's out right in front of our store. >> that shop owner brought out three portable generators and worked overtime to pull off today's sale. power was restored to his
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business and the surrounding neighborhood just about an hour ago. that ever-expanding massive sinkhole is still causing problems in the middle of a union city intersection. workers are spending this weekend trying to repair it. it now measures 35 feet by 40 feet in size. it has grown steadily since it was first discovered wednesday on al va rado boulevard. repair crews are trying to shore up the sides and fix the water and sewer pipes and expect to be done sometime next week. they still don't know what caused the giant sinkhole to open up. there is still a lot to clean up in southern california with crews clearing roads after a massive mudslides. state route 58 connecting central california to las vegas is still closed. its "walled up with mud as thick as five feet in some spots. that rush of mud trapped 115 vehicles, as much as 1.81 inches of rain fell in 30 minutes on thursday according to the "l.a.
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times." mol meteorologists say it's not related to el nino, but a preview of what's to come. >> reporter: crews clearing mud-blocked roads are racing against the clock and mother nature. saturday morning, construction equipment arriving to aid in the digout. before another round of weather hits. they're expecting more rain this afternoon. and if that happens, then what we're going to do is probably clear all the personnel working in the area, just in case there's more mudslides. >> it's pretty scary to see the water on both sides and moving very quickly and rising very quickly. i was thinking about how i was going to go out the sun roof to get on top of the vehicle. >> reporter: thousands of cars and trucks remain stranded after thursday's massive mudslides. >> this is why i cannot get across. >> reporter: this video showed how brutally fast the onslaught of mud and water swept across freeways and neighborhoods.
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as road crews worked, families and businesses are cleaning out, leaving mud-caked belongings out as trash, the road still so covered, it's hard to see the curb. >> we had a couple of firefighters stop to give us sandbags. >> we're probably about three inches thick in mud this morning. we've been pressure washing. it's been crazy. >> reporter: now everyone is holding their breath for a possible round two as more rain moves in. adi di roy, abc news, lake hughes, california. >> certainly nothing like that happening here. although we did get a little bit of rain in the bay area. michael caught these photos at sfo today after he saw a brief shower early this afternoon. enough to make the pavement wet in the upper level of the departure area. the first look at our forecast. drew, more to come? >> unfortunately, more soaking showers on the way. what we saw in the photo is what we experienced across the bay area. right now, across the bay area
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right now, we're dry. we'll slide to the east into the sierra we go. we had a couple of showers developing. some of them have a couple of lightning strikes. these will fizzle over the in ex hour or so as the front moves through. the wider view along with satellite, part of the problem we have is getting more rain. the area of low pressure itself was far removed from the cold front. it was lagging behind. if these two hadn't met up, more moisture would have been available. unfortunately the front is moving through and now we're starting to see more. the clouds are breaking down. first look at your evening forecast. pretty fall-like out there. temperatures nice and comfortable, in the 60s and 70s. we'll detail how long the fall feeling temperatures will last in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> i'm not complaining about the temperatures. thank you. we'd like to thank michael for sharing his photos today. if you have any interesting weather, we want to see it. #abc 7 now on twitter, facebook and instagram.
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all the girls at middletown high school will have homecoming dresses. that's thanks to generous donations. nancy rosenbloom, a business owner organized the donation drive after the valley fire affected 50 girls. the support was overwhelming. today she delivered more than 150 dresses. 65 pairs of shoes. along with purses and jewelry to go along with all that. the biggest donation came from a former oakland raider. these photos were taken of the happy teen. it was supposed to happen on september 19th. of course, that was moved to november 7th because of the fire. >> they all look great. a part of the east bay cannot seem to catch a break from a swarm of minor earthquakes. two more reported this morning in san ramon. one was 2.2 at 9:00 this morning, and 2.4 at 8:30. scientists say over the past 20 years, they've seen a lot of the long swarms in the area. they don't believe that this is a precursor to the big one.
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more than 50 small earthquakes have been felt in the bay area in just the past week. >> always a worry, right? thousands of athletes made a big splash in the san francisco bay today. the dolphin club's annual escape from alcatraz tri after the lan tested the endurance of the frigid waters and strong winds and fatigue in the 1 1/2-mile swim. it was a team effort for many of the contestants. >> doing the relay with my nephew. i did the swim, he's doing the bike ride. we're going to split the dipsy. >> the swim cap on his head. they call the event the original escape from alcatraz triathlon because it's been held for the last 35 years now. >> the sharks left them alone. we're happy about that. >> knock on wood. a post-game tradition has a high school football coach in trouble. >> he is defiant and he's going to fight for what he believes in. later -- take a look at
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that. our first look at video of a massive scaffolding collapse. what witnesses say happened
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see
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♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ a washington state high school football coach is in trouble for his game day tradition of praying. joe kennedy is at bremerton high. he delivered an onfield prayer
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after every game. the parents started complaining. the school district has ordered him to stop. administrators are worried that the prayers may give the impression that the district endorses religion. kennedy initially stopped the prayers until this week, when he decided to bring that tradition back again. >> my daughter is one of the cheerleaders here. it's not about the fun of homecoming and dance and everything else. >> the district is now taking action threatening to suspend or fire kennedy. meanwhile, the coaches received the backing of the conservation liberty institute which said he has the first amendment right to do whatever he wants after the game. snoop dogg put on his coach's cap today in san jose. his youth football team faced off against the san jose hip squad. the snoop youth football league aims to provide youth the opportunity to learn the values of character and teamwork through the sport. squad goals.
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>> look at you. >> you know? there you go. a nice night for football weather out there. the clouds are breaking down the light showers we had earlier moving out. a dry picture. a live look, mount tam camera showing you the clouds are breaking down, the sun peeking behind the clouds. we're comfortably cool. 66 in san francisco. oakland 69. mountainview at 68. san jose 70. morgan hill 73. half moon bay 74. the bridge is soaked in sunshine right now. it's 71 in santa rosa. napa 68. fairfield 73. 72 concord. and livermore at 70 degrees. a final look from the wal mutt creek camera showing the crowds are breaking down inland as well. the forecast will keep at least a chance of isolated drizzle overnight tonight. we'll watch the front get out of here. the chance for a light shower overnight tonight. tomorrow, though, feeling like
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fall for sunday. then we're tracking warmer air arriving for tuesday. live doppler 7 hd showing you the low pressure system lagging behind the front too far. that's why the showers didn't make it as far south as we would like to. now we're watching high pressure moving in, in the wake of the system. these two are really going to work together on tuesday especially to bring us that warming trend. future tracker temperatures and cloud cover show you tomorrow a nice day setting up for sunday. partly sunny out there, in the mid-60s, low 70s. warm response to topping out in the low and mid-70s monday. by tuesday, a rapid rebound in our temperatures. the week ahead for san jose, nice the next two days. we're really warm in the upper 70s and lower 80s through midweek this week. overnight tonight, we'll have the clouds overhead once again. perhaps spotty drizzle. otherwise 52, low 60s the name of the game overnight tonight. highs for your sunday, starting
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in the south bay, 72 san jose. 73 cupertino. along the peninsula, 68 redwood city, 63 pacifica. downtown san francisco 66. 63 daly city. north bay, 74 santa rosa. 71 san rafael. 73 napa. sunshine in oakland tomorrow, 71. we'll go to 67 in richmond and inland, comfortable in the mid-70s. and 74 for pleasanton. tomorrow, it is feeling like fall around here. nice, clouds and sunshine on monday. by tuesday, into wednesday, warm winds kick in. we're soaked in sunshine. even into thursday. coastal clouds start to cool us off. friday and especially saturday next weekend, back to the fall-like temperatures. >> thank you so much, drew. you can't catch a break over here. >> you're here to tell me minority western wildcats on homecoming day -- >> stanford to the south.
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and florida state. >> is that what they call it? >> college football rules the roost today. jim harbaugh and michigan wolverines hosting michigan state. that's what college football is [extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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jim harbaugh left the glitz and glamour of the nfl for the ceremony of college football. he returned to his alma mater, michigan. michigan fans viewed college game day today.
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low scoring affair. scott scores from 11 yards out. third quarter, the second touchdown of the game. hard one-yard score. appears to get stuck. pushed into the end zone. michigan can only manage a field goal. spartans come back. cook a couple of fakes and hit the wide-open fullback. first catch of the year. 74 yards to the michigan 1. they score on the next play. 23-21. fourth and 19 from the wolverine 45. michigan state had to go for it. throw nearly picked off. incomplete. michigan gets the ball. and right now, well, 27-23 michigan state. texas a&m hosting alabama. over 200 yards rushing through three quarters.
4:22 pm
first of two tds. texas a&m offense shot themselves in the foot. in the second quarter, throws another one. jackson returning it from his own 7 yard line. 93 yards. they go on to win big. we take our first time-out before we head down south where i was conflicted today. seminoles took care of my hometown. perhaps their best outing of the year. i may be
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baylor may be the best kept secret in football. number two in the nation, improved to 6-0 today over west virginia. baylor's skyler howard. back to the middle of the field. he's gone. tying the game at 7. but that's as close as west virginia would get. third quarter, russell to coleman. stopped on a dime. the defender taking some grief in the play of the game tomorrow. baylor up 34-17. today was all about russell. 36 yards here. 62-38, improving to 6-0. louisville taking on florida state. jameis winston back on campus. they open up the third giving it to cook, who is still nursing a
4:26 pm
hamstring. still managed to run for 163 yards, two touchdowns. check out the 54-yarder. he cannot be stopped. golson, 26 of 38. 372 yards. three tds. extending this play with his legs. turns on the jets for a 70-yard touchdown. florida state remains undefeated 6-0. 41-21 victory. ole miss on the road at memphis. kelly to wide receiver treadwell. one for one, 68 yards and a touchdown. all the way, 7-0 rebels. wasn't perfect, but did throw for three tds. airing it out here to frasier. time to storm the field. memphis improves to 6-0 with a 34-27 upset. hawkeyes facing northwestern. wildcats in evanston.
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all hawkeyes. all backup running backs. wadley breaks loose down the sidelines. few minutes later, wadley breaking tackle from four yards out. wadley ties a record with four rushing tds. 40-10. now 7-0. the northwestern loss didn't help. alcs game later in the newscast. we'll tee it up. stick around. i'll let you get to the -- >> did you say 40-10? like 4-0? >> last week they were totally shut out. they're making progress. thank you very much. still ahead, the latest run-in with the law. what the browns qb and his girlfriend are saying about the incident that led witnesses to call police. also -- >> oh, my god, this car is going
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democrats keep winning. will joe biden join the democratic race? here's the details from washington. >> reporter: vice president joe biden started running saturday, away from a possible 2016 campaign, to the sidelines of his granddaughter's delaware cross-country meet. the vp still undecided about a presidential run about the pressure is higher than ever. >> you can drag those questions to my very able vice president. >> i'll tell you what, didn't it make you proud to be a democrat? >> reporter: many biden supporters, even hillary clinton have nudged biden to make a decision. the vice president's inner circle sent out an e-mail describing the campaign he would run. but is that a sign? >> i think he's closer now to getting in. his staff wouldn't be having those meetings unless he was getting ready to get in this race.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: on the republican side, a fresh feud between two of the top contenders. >> i like george bush. >> reporter: donald trump complimenting george w. bush during an interview with bloomberg tv. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president, okay? >> reporter: jeb pubush fired back. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. trump reacting in typical fashion on twitter, calling jeb pathetic. the gop candidates will meet face to face for their next debate in just 11 days. abc news, washington. the fbi says police har taken a man into custody who they were searching for in connection with a teenager who may have been in trouble. the agency will only say that as a result of media coverage, this man was taken into custody in southern california. they say he was driving across the country from mississippi to california. the child fortunately is no
4:33 pm
longer in any possible danger. hundreds came together today to honor a pilot and fire captain. their names were added to the california firefighters memorial in sacramento. fire captain richard boise died in march at a battle with occupational brain cancer. he began his career back when he was just 18 years old as a volunteer. cal fire pilot jeffrey hunt was killed in a plane crash last year while fighting a wildfire in yosemite. hunt graduated from usc before starting his aviation career in the navy. had eserved 13 years as a cal pi local. phil lash was diagnosed with bladder cancer and treated in scottsdale, arizona. he posted the news on the facebook page of his restaurant and concert hall. he canceled his shows next weekend. he said he will have surgery to remove the tumors.
4:34 pm
more trouble now for a young nfl star johnny manziel, or johnny football. he faces a new brush with the law and is raising new questions about the league and domestic violence. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel on the defense, as police reveal the 22-year-old heisman winner and his girl friend were questioned over an alcohol-fueled domestic argument. wews obtaining this police report alleging manziel was speeding at 90 miles an hour. his girl friend calling crowley, making multiple attempts to exit the moving car. witnesses calling for help. >> kicked the door open, came out. was dragged back in. came out almost totally, and left arm was in the car and got dragged back into the car again. >> reporter: the report says crowley accused manziel of hitting her in the car and pushing her head against the
4:35 pm
wind window. both admitting drinking earlier in the day. they were released on the scene with no charges. >> he was not intoxicated, but had been drinking. that's a concern. because is this a major setback for him? >> reporter: overnight, the couple insisting on social media there was no violence. manziel calling it a dumb public argument, and embarrassing, but not serious. crowley saying jay and i are good, acknowledging, i can see how it may have looked. the nfl saying we are aware, but declining to comment on manziel and crowley's run-in. the league heavily criticized a response to domestic violence pieces. >> this has got to be a concern. it is not out of the question for the nfl to try to bring him in to have a conversation about what did happen.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: abc news, new york. houston, texas, six construction workers recovering from a dramatic scaffolding collapse. look at that. almost like dominos tumbling down there. a german tourist standing just feet away at the time caught this whole thing on video. this happened op friday at a luxury apartment complex under construction near minute maid ballpark in the downtown area. firefighters were able to rescue the trapped workers. >> i turn around, put on the video button. and took all the pictures. and the video. >> all the workers are expected to recover. but it will take at least until monday to clean up all of that mess. dramatic first-person account of the torrential mudslides that buried parts of the high desert and mountains on thursday. a woman found herself suddenly trapped. >> oh, no! oh, my god!
4:37 pm
>> ray eklund said she was on her way home with two co-workers when the rain started pouring. >> oh, my god! >> we were coming up on cameron. and we were like in a low spot. and it just kept raining and raining. and then the mud just started coming towards us. >> soon enough, the car she was a passenger in lifted off of the ground. >> oh, my god, this car's going to hit us! oh, my god! we just started floating, and banging in the car. >> eklund said the worst thoughts running through her mind as she continued to record -- >> we're in trouble now. we're going to hit! >> unsure of what was going to happen next, as cars turned into boats. >> oh, my god! >> we were bouncing off other cars. i was not sure whether we were going to make it out of there. it looked like there was cars going to float over the wall.
4:38 pm
it was really horrifying. >> once the rain finally came to a stop -- >> we might get out of this. >> the two women in the car with her crawled through the window. >> then we walked out of there. it took us hours to walk out of there. it was awful. walking out of there was really bad. because we were in mud up to our knees. >> they finally made it to safety. as for the car -- >> we ended up in the back of a semi. the car looks like it's ready to be hauled away. once we got through the mud and started walking up the highway, once we got to high ground, and we were out of the mud, you know, that's when we encountered all the other cars that were just sitting there on the freeway. >> eklund said she's experienced some crazy weather living there for about 38 years. >> back in '84, when we lived in
4:39 pm
the canyon, that was pretty horrendous. we were trapped in the canyon for like a week. >> but this was the first time that left her fearing for her life. >> i don't feel quite normal. i'm a little shaky. i'm just glad to be here. >> unbelievable. the woman who was trapped, you just heard from, she's glad no one was seriously hurt. and that people were helping one another as they had to walk for hours down the highway. >> can you believe that. happening now, day two of the three-day work stoppage nationwide by uber drivers. it's a technicality. the work stoppage rather than a strike, because technically only employees of a company can strike. some of them are avoiding three days, no service disruptions here in the bay area. abc 7 news was outside their san francisco headquarters yesterday. the drivers are demanding fare hikes, also a tip option. they accuse the company of treating them unfairly.
4:40 pm
uber maintains drivers are independent contractors and say they welcome feedback from their drivers. u.s. airways is no more. the last-ever flight for the airline landed at phillies airport early this morning, closing a storied chapter in the aviation history books. it left from san francisco last night where as you can see a big party was thrown at the gate to mark the departure of flight 1939. that's numbered after the airline's founding year. starting today, signage, reservation systems and u.s. airways brand, all going to disappear. u.s. merged with american airlines two years ago, and assumes their name. just ahead, can video games help bring world peace. turning competitive play into a cooperative effort. how the gaming industry is using virtual reality to make a real change. let's take a live look outside. we had some gray spots throughout the morning. it looks like things have got to work themselves out. look out over the city this
4:41 pm
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...but anyone can help a foster child.
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just as powerful as many video game consoles, no wonder there are more games and more players than we've ever seen before. as jonathan bloom found out, a pastime has become so universal, some think it could bring about world peace. >> reporter: in an otherwise peaceful hotel conference center, brandishing this plastic sword. call it a metaphor for the war in the game industry. >> the companies that are winning the mobile gaming war right now, are advertising at the super bowl, advertising on television. >> reporter: big companies pouring big money into virtual reality, and filling stadiums to watch elite professional players. >> count all the games you can actually make money doing this. probably more professionals in
4:44 pm
this sport than any other sport out there. >> reporter: for the independent developers here at the conference, getting players to notice them is an epic battle. >> the competition, mack a vel yan. >> reporter: it's all about setting down the sword. they believe video games could be part of the healing process, in some of the world's most bitter conflicts. like the one between israel and palestine. >> we think games are one of the unifying forces in the world. >> reporter: justin is part of an unlikely team. >> hello. >> myself, and an american, israeli co-founder and palestinian co-founder. >> reporter: they're cooperative. >> my partner just saved my life. we're able to help each other further along in the game. >> reporter: partners are assigned automatically based on your interests. >> people actually do have common interests. they're going to get paired together. >> reporter: you don't find out who you were playing with until after the game. >> you think, oh, wow, i had no
4:45 pm
idea this person who i thought was so different is so similar. >> reporter: a twist they hope will bring empathy to kids growing up in the fighting. >> we hit our initial goal in just ten days. people have been so excited about it. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> we were talking about video games and violence. it could be something that brings about peace. why not. >> that's really lovely. tell us about the weather. >> candy crush, that's what i would say. i'm like at level 78. >> you have to pay to play. >> mine's free. i can't pay for that. we'll show you, it's a really nice afternoon. after the isolated light showers this morning. it kind of looks like a tale of two dates, so to speak. live look from the sfo camera, the clouds are really breaking down. the sunshine is coming back out. that's creating a nice evening on tap.
4:46 pm
but it certainly is much cooler today than we were yesterday. the 24-hour temperature change shows you a lot of spots, double-digit cooler temperatures. novato, 13 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. certainly feeling like fall out there temperature-wise. comfortably cool at 72 in concord. livermore at 70. downtown san francisco, nice at 66. napa right now checking in at 68 degrees. live doppler 7 hd, here's the story we're tracking. first off, this weak front in the area of low pressure behind it. that was responsible for the isolated spotty showers we had earlier this morning. that's now moving through. and what's quickly replacing it, high pressure just to our west. and these two are really going to work together, especially on tuesday to bring about warmer air into the bay area. future tracker temperatures and cloud cover as we go into sunday, it's going to still feel like fall for the second half of our weekend. a mixture of sunshine and clouds
4:47 pm
out there. temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s across the region by sunday afternoon. a similar story is setting up for monday as well. more in the way of sunshine than cloud cover. still, temperatures on the cool side. upper 60s to mid and upper 70s across the region. tomorrow, levi stadium, ravens take on the 49ers. kickoff temperature pretty good, 66 degrees. light jacket. early by the fourth quarter, warming up to a temperature of 69 degrees. light breeze out of the west. temperatures overnight tonight, clouds will fill back in across the region. we'll call it mostly cloudy across the bay. also, a chance of an isolated pocket of drizzle. temperatures falling in the low to mid-50s. san francisco, 58. same in san jose. oakland dropping to 57 degrees. highs for your sunday, starting in the south bay, microclimate, san jose, below normal at 72 degrees. with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. 74 los gatos. 72 santa clara.
4:48 pm
along the peninsula tomorrow, 68 redwood city. 71 los altos. downtown san francisco, up to 66 tomorrow. 63 daly city. in the north bay, santa rosa nice at 74. 72 sonoma. 71 san rafael. 65 sausalito. east bay tomorrow, comfortably cool, 71 oakland. 67 richmond. and inland in the mid-70s. livermore up to 74 degrees. the accuweather forecast, we feel like fall for tomorrow. kind of a bit of a warm-up as we get into tuesday, and really into wednesday. warm winds kick in. we're soaked in sunshine. back to the warm air into thursday. a couple coastal clouds. cool off the coast. friday into saturday, it's much cooler to start off next weekend and back to fall. up-and-down trend really. tomorrow, a nice end to the weekend. >> is this october winding down for us, october in the bay? >> kind of, yeah.
4:49 pm
the variation, that's a good sign. >> thank you so much. should you buy an ultra-hd tv? buying the right one can be challenging with so many options out there. michael finney tells you how to find the best one for you. >> ultra-high-def tvs, regular hd tvs, four times the detail. "consumer reports" jim wilcox has been tracking the progress of ultra hd tvs since they first came out back in 2012. >> the best ultra hd tvs we've tested are superior picture quality. the vast majority are smart tvs. >> "consumer reports" said if you don't need a new set, you should wait to buy an ultra hd tv. >> even though prices have fallen recently, many major brands call $3,000 to $4,000. we think they'll be
4:50 pm
significantly less by this time next year. >> another reason to put off the purchase, ultra high def are still evolving. some features haven't been finalized yet. high dynamic range produces images by heightening the images between the darkest and lightest lines on the screen. >> wait for the standards for tvs, streaming media and blu-ray players are set. make sure your tv takes advantage of all of what hd has to offer. >> right now there's still not much 4-k content out there. what exists is primarily from streaming services, such as amazon and netflix. more streaming options are coming in 2016. and the first 4 k blu-ray players and disks are expected later this year. when is the best time to buy an ultra hd set? "consumer reports" said that will be sometime next year after uhd standards are set. prices have fallen. and there's more 4-k content.
4:51 pm
i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> we need to start a standard definition movement. what happened to soft focus? like 10-k. >> i'm holding on to that plasma. until it's burned out. usc lost to stanford. fired their coach. >> we're going to win. we're going to win. >> we'll get to that in a second. hold on there. we'll start with a little baseball. postseason of baseball, down to the final four in kansas city. game two of the alcs. you know the blue jays will have more than the three hits they had in
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
kansas city felt like they let the world series slip away
4:54 pm
last year. hosting toronto today, game two of the alcs. royals take a 2-0 lead. out to the k. great place to watch a ball game. alex can't grab it. jose batista scores. toronto is feeling pretty good. but the royals put together a big set. just gets one into right field. batista's throw home is offline. we're tied at 3. still in the seventh, gordon gets one into no-man's land. rolls all the way to the wall. kc fans loving it. 2-0 series lead with a 6-3 victory. good day to go to round three of the open. local flavor creeping up the leaderboard. roy mcilroy on the green. almost beaned in the head on the 17th.
4:55 pm
patrick rogers to get to 11 under. tie for second briefly. the long birdie putt on 18. settles for a 63. minus 13. just one back of the leader brendan steele. mcilroy's eight back. rogers five back going into sunday's final round. oklahoma lost to texas last weekend. sooners come out firing. defender makes it into the end zone. mayfield with the 28-yard score. third quarter, sooners defense gets into the act. zach sanchez intercepts cody cook. 38-yard turn.
4:56 pm
oklahoma rolls 55-0. michigan-michigan state. wolverines up two. punter gets in. trying to do anything. an army of blockers and scores as time runs out. couldn't believe it. especially jim harbaugh. michigan state survives in the big house. 27-23. what a finish. number 22 toledo, hosting eastern michigan. murdock scoops it up. the kicker tries to stop him, but all he does is spin him around. 45-yard score. third quarter, eli finds thompson. he's gone for the 88 yard score. 6-0, best start in 18 years. coming up next right here on abc 7, drew tuma, and nittany lions taking on ohio state. followed by another edition of
4:57 pm
after the game right here on abc 7. join yours truly at 8:30 on abc 7. how about a prediction there, big tuma. >> why do you think i'm wearing blue and white now? >> we're all wearing our colors. >> big game. >> we're good. thanks for watching. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
4:58 pm
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♪ >> chris: welcome to a dark night at the shoe. saturday night football on abc, presented by wells fargo. a soldout blacked out crowd here at ohio stadium, welcoming the buckeyes, who will be wearing all black for this rivalry game. the undefeated number one team and the dotting of the i, script ohio here at ohio stadium. this crowd on its feet and ready to roar.


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