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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it has been a terrifying moment for neighbors neighbors in alameda as flames ripped through two homes. neighbors jumped into action to stop the fire. thanks for joining us. >> the fire burned on norich road off sea view parkway before 6:30 tonight. melanie woodrow is live near the scene. melanie? >> natasha, there are just a few firefighters here watching the house for the night, but the fire investigators will likely pick back up tomorrow morning of the -- tomorrow morning. the people that lived in the houses that caught fire were home at the time and are okay even though fire investigators have not identified the cause just yet, the individual where the fire began told me that he thinks he knows how it started. >> he was going gang busters.
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>> he says his relaxing weekend was interrupted by an explosion and flames. simon and his wife just finished dinner. they had barbecuing. >> when i closed the hood there was a little grease burning. >> the fire which he believes began at the back of the house quickly spread to a neighbor's home as well. he feared his house was next. >> i got on my roof and jumped to their roof and was watering down that house. >> people in both houses got out okay. neighbors on norwich road looked on in awe as firefighters received assistance from oakland. >> i am shocked that something this serious could just happen so quickly. >> glad to be alive. ron simon found humor in distress. >> my wife had an uh point meant to have a kitchen remodeled so they will definitely need that now. >> abc7 news. a did you mess stick dispute turned deadly near
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this home in rodeo. they say a 71-year-old woman shot and killed a 69-year-old woman. it happened early yesterday morning. neighbors tell us the women are sisters and they describe their block as usually being a peaceful place. >> not concerned about safety or anything, but you never want anything bad to happen to anybody. >> investigators have not released the name of the victim and the suspect is linda june thomas. she lives in washington state. >> just look at that. it rained in northern california today. yes, you just heard lightning and thunder there. gina williams in our abc7 news community tweeted this picture from vacaville. a flash flood warning was in affect in solano and yolo county. >> most of what was there burned out sending rocks and debris down the cliff side
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north of vacaville. >> and check out this video of the clouds over yolo county as the storm was moving in earlier tonight. drew is off and lisa argen has a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. lisa? >> closest to us it was northern lake county. otherwise we enjoyed a nice day with 60s and 70s. you saw the cumulus build up. we'll take you back in time where you can see the clouds. this was 2:00. then the lightning strikes. there you go. the very heavy rain that brought down anywhere from .78 in vacaville to an inch and a half by that rag fire scar area. now live doppler 7hd right now is showing low clouds and fog. we are looking at the possibility of showers. we saw sprinkles and light rain from half moon bay and pacifica and millbrae and also in oakland. by 2:00 in the morning you
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will notice the green is representing rain. it will be with us through the the morning hours, and then we are looking at a whole different story. a few drops right here and an hour and 40-minute delay at sfo. so just a few more hours left of this disturbance, and then we will be talking about temperatures well above average for the middle of the week, but it won't last. a look at the seven-day outlook coming up. >> see you then, lisa, thank you. abc7 news viewer sent us weather pictures. patricia sent us this of hayward of the sunsetting. >> and raymond sent us this double rainbow picture. that's lucky, you know? send your pictures with abc7 news on twitter and facebook and instagram and you may see them on abc7 news. thousands of california state university faculty members will vote on whether to go on strike. they remain deadlocked on a new contract with the big sticking point being raises.
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voting will take place over 10 days and eventually the union leaders will decide if faculty members will walk off the job. you you won't see a strike likely until january at the earliest. construction crews on san francisco's busy market street will build a new kind of bike lane. crews will be raising the lane slightly above the rest of the road. lilian kim shows us why a lot is riding on this two-block long experiment. >> on a typical work day 3,000 people ride their bikes down san francisco's market street. and many will tell you it has its risks. >> you have to be very aware as a cyclist. people turn right and people are looking at pain things around a -- looking at many things around the city. >> now a project designed to make it safer for cyclists. crews will be raising the bike lanes. the city will be testing different heights and each section will be higher than the road. >> we are only talking inches. the distance between the sidewalk and the road is only
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slightly higher than the length of pie pen. but according to cyclists, that can make all of the difference. >> it makes the bike rider space more prominent and it makes the riders more visible from a driver's perspective. if you come into the bike lane you will feel a bull p. >> it will look similar to this of the this photo is of a raised bike lane in amsterdam. the lane will stay green and the plastic separation post will remain. >> we will see how this works in san francisco. it adds another level of convenience for people riding their bikes. as soon as the new bike lane is ready they will be counting on the public for feedback. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> san francisco police are trying to find out more about the body of a man found floating in the bay this afternoon. firefighters brought the man's
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body back to the fire boat station along the embarcadero. a boater spotted him floating between angel island and treasure island. the medical examiner will work to identify who it is and how he died. >> there were a number of people mourning at san jose state university. a senior there died following frantic efforts to save his loif after he was found unconscious. first responders were rushing to help. our media partner the mercury news said his family took him off life support last night. earthquake swarms continue to rock the san ramon valley. more than two dozen quakes rippled along the fault starting just before midnight on saturday through 3:30 this afternoon. a quake storm hit the same area last week. the most prominent being a 3.4 magnitude on thursday morning. usga officials say it is unusual to experience swarms in this area.
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>> i didn't even notice as typical guy fashion. >> i did. i was sitting there at the table and there is a shifting feeling where you feel make you are having a stroke. >> bruce survived the loma prieta earthquake and his car ploppinged into a gap of a collapsed section of the bay bridge and ended up on the lower roadway ?ie. still to come on the news at 11:00, the effort underway to free a whale, a humpback who is entangled in a net. why it is not safe for experts to help it right now. >> and witnesses describe the moments just before a car ploppinged off the santa cruz wharf. >> and beware. amazon is cracking down. why they are suing more than a thousand people. that's when the n
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gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> rescuers are once again looking for a humpback whale off the los angeles county coast. it was spotted yesterday entangled in netting. the netting covered the whale's head and that made it unsafe for crews from the national oceanic and atmospheric association to help. they say the mammal was agitated and kept breaching. teams will evaluate the whale's condition based on photos taken at the scene. this is the third time in a few months whr a large -- where a large mammal has been in distressed. a man whose car plunged off the wharf, his passenger died. the driver of the white cadillac sedan was speeding before hue broke through a
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four-foot rail. a person jumped into help minutes before rescuers -- swimmers dove in and found the car at the bottom. >> it was remarkable what they did especially considering they did it with no scuba tanks. they were going 25 feet down and searching for 30, 40 seconds and coming back up and taking a big gasp of air and going whack down. >> one witness says that car narrowly missed a family before going off the wharf. officials don't yet know what caused that crash. >> one woman in antioch was in her car when she saw something suspicious. instead of driving on she jumped into action and may have prevented the kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl. they spoke with the teacher's aid turned rescuer sara ferguson today. >> i just got this little sick feeling in my stomach and i turned back around. >> thank goodness she did. she woke up on friday morning
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as an antioch teacher's aid and by that night she was being called a guardian angel. >> such as my feeling. it felt weird. it didn't feel right. i went to check things out. >> she noticed an 11-year-old girl getting into a truck with a middle aged man. ferguson recognized hr as a former student at sutter elementary. >> i asked her if that was her dad. she told me no. i immediately blocked the car with my car and i told her to get out of the car. >> that's right. completely alone she blocked the truck with her car and waited for police. they arrested 51 yoorld santiago salazar on attempted kidnapping. he didn't attempt to run and didn't know the 11-year-old girl. >> i did what i needed to do. i didn't give it a second thought. i just went and helped her and
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the outcome was great. >> for the girl's family great may be an understatement. ferguson says the biggest reward is just knowing a former student is safe tonight. >> it gives me a good feeling. >> when asked whether she worried for her own safety, sandra said she just did what they'ded to be done and didn't give it a second thought. she hopes people watching tonight will ask the next time they see something that gives them pause. >> thank goodness for her. a lot of us in the u.s. look forward to pumpkin patches, fall festivities. old man winter is hitting the northeast hard. residents living in upstate new york got this. they have seen five inches of snow so far and it is still falling. >> my daughters woke up at 6:30 this morning. they were so excited. they thought it was christmas. they were a little disappointed that they missed halloween. we would like to have fall back. >> that's why we live here. crews were out if full force cutting tree branches because they feared they would fall
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from the snow gathering on the leaves because the leaves haven't fallen from the trees yet. that's ridiculous. >> jerry does -- doesn't seem as excited as his daughters. >> i don't blame him. we don't want that here. >> i grew up close to there and not an unusual occurrence. it will thaw and they will have more of an indian summer. low clouds and fog creating a visibility issue the past couple hours, but the rain is pretty welcome. we had some light rain in hayward and fremont. it is falling under the radar so low-level moisture is hard to pick up from the radar. we have a few drops here from sfo and airport delays are stack up. 63 in oakland. mountain view 61 half moon bay. very misty and drizzly along the coast. mild with the cloud cover. north bay is clear of the the temperatures are cooler in the 50s.
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you'll notice mid60s with the cloud cover. concord livermore. 59 in novato. we will look for the isolated shower chance. not only this evening, but through the overnight hours. a little warmer tomorrow and by say 10:00, 11:00 we will break into more sunshine and the offshore winds are getting underway monday night. tuesday and wednesday the temperatures shore and the winds can be gusty in the north bay mountains. we could see the offshore wind expanded into the east bay mountains. over night tonight and here is where we will see the cloorer, cooler -- cooler temperatures, upper 50s and perhaps a shower. 57 in san jose. when you wake up early tomorrow you will notice we are still looking at the green on the screen here right on through about 6:00 in the morning. notice once gren the north bay -- notice once again the north bay stays clear. 8:00, 9:00 still looking at showers, but by noontime we are sunny. this area of low pressure is heading out of the way and making room for a high
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pressure that builds on in. one system will be moving out and the next one is bringing the warming and drying conditions. in fact, with the offshore winds and the average relative humidity is 50 and maybe 70% in the afternoon. but with the offshore winds in the north bay and the higher elevations are down to 15 and 25%. i said it could be expanded to the diablo range, we have to wait and see. certainly a rapid fire development is possible. be careful out there say through thursday. 74 in fremont. we are warmer on the fringes with 78 in antioch and santa rosa. 74 in morgan hill. 70 san mateo and partly cloudy skies. there should be a nice pleasant fall-like afternoon. after that it is back to summer, tuesday and wednesday and midto upper 80s and 70s around the bay and even close to 70 at the beaches. it is short lived by the end of the week. we'll see the cooler conditions with the extra cloud cover. the forecast model is still a
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toss up as to whether or not we can get rain out of the next system next weekend. >> i hope so. >> thank you so much. coming up on abc news at 11:00, am i seeing things or is that a house moving down the street? we will explain. the unusual sight oakland neighbors saw. >> and the force awakens. how you can get an exclusive look at the "star wars"
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>> it is r2-d true. >> oh goodness. >> thank you. you can get exclusive look at the highly anticipated "force awakens" movie. it will be playing during the giants and eagles match up during monday night football on our sister station, espn. tickets for the film go on
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sale tomorrow night. they will be available everywhere the movie tickets are sold, even though the movie doesn't come out for two months. here is the new poster. it is the dark side and the light side together in one place . that poster also released today. the movie opens on december 18th. and by the way "star wars" franchise is owned by disney and which is owned by the abc company. >> r2-did true, i like that. here is a take on moving day. it takes many wheels and plenty of precision to move an entire house. it didn't even have to go that far. this little lighthouse just fit beneath the bart overpass. ucsf children's hospital gave the house away for free. as long as the new owner agreed to pay for most of the moving costs. >> it is very nice to maintain the heart of oakland. the main character is the neighborhood.
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>> the location where the house was will be the site of our new outpatient center. we are adding a second outpatient center on the spot. we are thrilled our little white house has a new home. >> the 81-year-old house moved about a block in all to a property owned by long-time neighbors of the hospital. love that. look who's here. it is shu. >> shu-baca. >> the 49ers coming into their own with a win over the ravens. it was a complete effort. all of your highlights and
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niners. both are 1-4 and the only to advance to the playoffs with a 1-5 record was the cincinnati bengals. kaepernick deep to tory smith and beat the man the niners just released. he goes 76 yards. 49ers lead it 16-6 at the half. the third quarter and ravens at the san francisco 41. flacco scrambling and throws an interception that lead to a 49er field goal. later in the quarter. ravens down and this time he finds steve smith senior in the end zone. got away with a pushoff. 19-13 niners. ravens had a chance to cut the lead, but justin tucker made two field goals and slips on the turf and hits the goalpost. the bad field finally pays off. kaepernick with 340 yards. a little scramble and going deep makes a great dwrab. 51 yards. five catches and 102 yards.
11:30 pm
kap again dancing in the pocket and finds a wide open quinten for his first career touchdown. sharice wright burned again. the game wasn't over yet. ravens down five and flacco biding time for the hail mary and no time left and ball is knocked down and niners end their four-game losing streak improving to 2-4. >> we feel like as a team if we play the way we are capable of playing we will be okay. obviously we were happy about that today. we'll see where this takes us. >> any win at this point. take it one game at a time. we played well overall as a team for the first time. >> i think we are gradually taking the momentum and playing better and better and it is something we have to it is something we have to
11:31 pm
10th ranked team in the nation and cal while losing to utah and having a bye moves up to 20 from 23 in the polls. stanford gets washington and cal will take ucla thursday night in l.a. to the diamond in nlcs and taking a 2-0 series lead and 41-degree temperature. he has been lights out, but even he couldn't stop daniel murphy. the first to do so. he got the win and 5 and two-thirds strong inning. got some help as he robs coglin. the former a and he add had an r.b.i on the infield singlen the third. the mets take a commanding 2-0 series lead to chicago, 4-1 your final. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. we will have the sports action and the plays of the day. you two don't have a choice.
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>> even if we did we would be here. a feud over september 11th. donald trump said he could have prevented the terrorist attacks. how other republicans are responding. >> and escalating violence in the middle east. what is being done to ease the tensions. >> and why amazon wants to take mor
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nature valley sweet and salty bars. broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. here are tonight's headlines. the fire damaged two homes in alameda breaking out on norwich road around 6:30 this evening. nobody was hurt. one homeowner thinks it was started by a backyard grill. workers are trying to pinpoint where the fire started.
11:36 pm
heavy rain pelted the area near where the rag fire burned. rocks and debris slid down a burned out hillside there along highway 128 north of vacaville. drivers reported standing water in that area. and work against to modify the bike lane you see on the screen. you can see the bike lane raised. it is a little higher than the existing roadway between golf and 12th street. 2 will make it safer for cyclists by making it harder for people to drive in the bike lane. >> and now for the race to the white house. two of the biggest names are trading attacks and meanwhile hillary clinton weighed in on vice president biden and when he should decide to join the campaign. abc news reporter devon dwyer has the latest from washington. >> it is a feud few republicans expected to see. donald trump and jeb bush going at it over 9/11. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. well, the world trade center just fell down. am i trying to blame him?
11:37 pm
i am not blaming anybody. the world trade center came down. when he said we were safe, that is not true. >> jeb bush fired back in a campaign video and on tv. >> it looks as though he is an agoer ter playing the -- an actor playing the role for president. >> the controversy began when trump suggested that george w. bush may be to blame for the 9/11 attacks. >> say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can't blame grsh for that. >> he was president. >> he said a tougher stance would have stopped the 9/11 hijackers. >> i am extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe if i was running things i doubt those families would have -- i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> mr. trump talks about things as if he is on "the apprentice." >> all eyes are on joe biden. >> maybe the greatest honor i
11:38 pm
have received in my public life. >> and still no word on the race for president. hillary clinton says she is not interested in adding pressure. >> i am not in anyway suggesting or recommending the vice president accept anytime table other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> a decision that could come in the next few dayses. abc news, washington. tensions are high in the middle east. police say a gunman opened fire at a bus station in southern israel killing an israeli soldier and wounding 10 other people. officers shot and killed the attacker. the latest attack comes as 300 soldiers were deployed to help police patrol the public transit stations, buses and the major traffic arteries in jerusalem. the secretary of state john kerry is now getting involved the he will meet with benjamin netanyahu on thursday and ma mud abbas 10 days later.
11:39 pm
the typhoon has weakened after blowing ashore. the monsoon h-style rains up to 115 miles an hour are responsible for two deaths and the evacuation of more than 16,000 people. the typhoon is forecast to hit taiwan on tuesday. meanwhile, new regulations are coming for drones. the f.a.a. will unveil new rules tomorrow. it is now requiring the drone owners to register their aircraft. americans own about a half million drones and retailers expect to sell even more during the holidays. pilots wore rue about the dangers posed by drones while one lawmaker believes the technology may unlock the mystery to keeping our skies safe. >> sooner or later we will lose an airplane to a drone doo you to a collision. you don't need to uh -- to abolish it. you need to geo fence it. it builds into the software that every drone has. prohibitions where they can't
11:40 pm
fly. >> the new regulations could take affect by the end of the year. >> amazon is using a new tactic to reduce steak reviews on the site. it is suing the people who write them. amazon took legal action against the websites that either promote or facilitate the fake reviews. now it is going after a thousand people who made money for pumping up and reviewing products that many never use. >> h time going after the actual people who are writing the review makes it clear to anyone considering that as a way to make money that amazon is being very deliberate about making sure it doesn't happen. >> all of the defendants have accounts on a woibsz called -- website called pfizer which is a place for odd jobs. for right now, they are all listed as john do. john doe. coming up, a second chance. why these two young parents say their 2-year-old daughter was just born again. >> and a new alternative to
11:41 pm
gas stick bypass surgery. it alters the stomach not with a scalpel, but with balloons. >> and we are getting rain from hayward to santa clara and the peninsula as well. outside our window here though it looks nice. san francisco cloudy skies, in the 60s. hope you are enjoying the little wet weather because tomorrow things are going to warm up. your full weather forecast
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bay and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a young mother and father prepare to lose their newborn baby girl. they got a second opinion and a second chance at life. abigail jones was born with a cancerous brain actualer and down syndrome. -- brain tumor and down syndrome. they told her it was inoperable. they took her home and made funeral arrangements for their little girl, and then abigail continued to grow. her parents got a second opinion and that ultimately changed all of their lives. >> the doctor came out and told us he got the tumor out and that they did not think it was ma lig nant and he did not think it was going to come back. >> it is the best stealing there is to make -- the best feeling there is to make funeral arrangements and then say we won't need you anymore. >> so happy for them. abigail is now two months old and she is thriving. >> they said they didn't even build a nursery for her because they didn't expect her
11:45 pm
to be around this long. >> so glad to hear that. how many of us have struggled just to lose a few pounds, right? for many people who are seriously overweight the challenge is more difficult and more urgent. >> now as cheryl jennings discovered, a new technology is available at stanford hospital that is offering hope. >> watching stacy meyers glide across the campus you may not think of her as being heavy. her weight shot up after a back injury several years ago. >> my highest weight was 221 pounds. i was miserable. >> it is still more than 200 pounds. stacy turned to dr. john morton and a newly approved technology. it is an alternative to gastric boo i pass surgery that alters the stomach not with a scalpel, but with balloons. >> this is hent to catch obesity in its early stages. >> the device is made up of two balloons which are inserted through the throat using an endoscope.
11:46 pm
once in the stomach the balloons are inflated. the entire placement takes minutes. >> and those 10 to 15 minutes can change people's lives. >> in clinical trials the patients were able to lose 60 to 7 pounds or more. unlike gastric bypass surgery, the system doesn't change the anatomy of the stomach. after six months, the doctors deflate the balloons and simply remove them from the body. they believe the nonsurgical approach could at this time a wide range of weight loss patients facing risks such as diabetes or heart failure. >> 18 million people qualify for weight loss surgery and less than 1% are getting the needed therapy. >> she was the first to be i'm i'm -- implanted with the balloon during a procedure at stanford. her goal is to get back to the 140-pound range and return to sports and the outdoor activities she loves.
11:47 pm
>> i am anxious for the next chapter in my life. my husband and i will be empty nestors in about -- empty-nesters in about six months. >> abc7 news. >> two dozen checkens have flown the coupe and made their way from so-cal to new homes. they were there for the animal adoption event. the organization works with california farmers to find homes for chickens that are no longer wanted. 5,000 chickens were placed across california. they always have chickens available for adoption. i know you are super interested. >> it is a thing. >> it is a thing. >> let's turn to lisa argen. >> people are still excited about the little bit of rain they have been receiving this evening. just got a tweet from someone in santa clara with the rain showers there. so anywhere from fremont and millbrae and pacifica on the
11:48 pm
peninsula and it has been damp. 62 at san mateo and hayward. 57 in napa. unfortunately the north bay will not see much. here is the way it will play out the next couple hours. most of the activity will run parallel to the coast by the time we get to the morning rush. can't rule out a pop up shower between now and about 8:00. then we will look for sunnier conditions and it will allow for temperatures to warm up. 78 in sacramento tomorrow. cloudy skies and los angeles at 75. and we will look for the winds to increase as well. come tomorrow night into wednesday offshore winds up to 35 miles an hour above a thousand feet and the relative humidity plummets. the next couple days, the numbers really sore. here is a look at livermore. 76 tomorrow and look at the upper 80s through friday and then finally things should cool off a little bit. 74 for fremont and look for 70 in richmond with 72 in san francisco. the accu-weather seven-day
11:49 pm
forecast, it will be a warm week, and the warmest days will be tuesday and wednesday and then slowly cooling with extra cloud cover into next weekend. you know, you gotta love october out here. >> you know, october is pretty great. it is pretty great. hopefully we'll get some more rain. >> october is not bad for the sports arena. >> definitely we will take a tour of the nfl action. always fun with the plays of the day. the putt of the day came on the 18th hole. it took two tries. we'll explain next in sports. >> when it happens where you live. >> work to bring back the bay lights is a permanent fixture. >> the the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> live in marin county. >> in los gatos. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is set up to help people. >> this investigation started with a tip. >> i sure wanted to see that video. >> your everything. >> this mural was conceived by the local school children. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> in roseburg, oregon.
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♪ ♪
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brought to you by xfinity. >> let's tee it up for the fry's .com open. tour rookie and a 25 footer for the out right lead. he is right behind him and
11:53 pm
drained the birdie on 18. sent it to a playoff. watch his approach on the third shot. he shanked the second so he has to get it close to have any chance of staying staying in sudden death. that leaves it for the birdie. sudden death is extended. second playoff hole and this time he doesn't miss the 10-foot birdie. his first pga tour victory. 1.8 million dollar day and a trip to the masters. >> you say masters and this is awesome. there is a lot of people behind me. my wife, my caddie, my manager, they all always behind me and supporting me. so this is for them. >> the raiders get some much needed rest this week with a bye and face the chargers next sunday in san diego. time for our plays of the day. chargers taking on aaron rogers and the packers. throw back uni's. rogers to james jones. rogers' second td pass and 24-17 green bay.
11:54 pm
san diego marched it down the field with under a minute. but the packers defense with the big goal line stand and the pass is knocked away. green bay is 6-0 with the victory of the seahawks hosting the panthers. carolina had four 80-yard drives. down threw with 36 seconds and cam newton to greg olson. the panthers are now 5-0 beating them in seattle. the cardinals were in pittsburgh. andrew jones entered through two td's. he did all of the work on this play. 88 and was 137 yards right here. unbelievable run. he had two touchdowns. the cardinals drop to 4-2. patriots hoping to stick it to the colts after deflategate last year. dumbest play ever. moved everyone to the right. he is trying to draw the pass off sides and he snaps the ball and patriots make the
11:55 pm
tackle. colts were down one possession with a bone headed play and lead to good field position. the patriots win it 34-27. the bengals match their franchise record. andy dalton threw td passes -- three td passes. the ball lands in the end zone. later in the third and a quick four-yard toss. they stay perfect. broncos and browns and they threw three interceptions and he did throw his first td in nine quarters. the game was decided in over time. brandon mcmanus kicked his fourth field goal of the day. the lions and the bears oh my. 25 seconds left in the game. matthew stafford connects with megatron. they kicked a last-second field goal to send it to over time. 3 -- 37-34 in over time.
11:56 pm
other ideas and a four-yard dart and 10-0 minnesota. fourth and 10. the pass is incomplete. the chiefs lose their fifth straight. the jets hosting washington. he had a big game. brandon marshall makes the grab. the second td pass to eric decker. the jets are now 4-1. 34-20 the final. they put up big fantasy numbers. 148 yards and he had two touchdown catches from the quarterback texans will beat the jags 31-20 the final. to nascar sprint for the cup, five lapse to go. matt kenseth is leading. he tried to pass and kenseth says no and nearly takes him
11:57 pm
to the wall. joey didn't take kindly to that because he spined kenseth out. wish i could do that on the freeway. the second in a row and five more races left this season. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. big game on thursday between seattle and 49ers. that's enough for me. >> say he does do that on the freeway. >> i have seen the way you drive, shu. >> gotta go. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> ♪
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