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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 19, 2015 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some top stories we're following this morning on "world news now." another bold attack has rattled israel. jews and arabs facing off yet again. israel hastily erecting a wall to keep out attackers, raising fears this morning that the region could be on the brink of yet another round of heavy violence. the nuclear deal with iran is now in effect but the u.s. says it could take months before sanctions are lifted. iran must first show that it is limiting its nuclear programs. >> rescue efforts are under way in the philippines after a powerful typhoon came ashore. thousands trapped in the floodwaters. the storm is now heading toward taiwan. and millions of people in the eastern half of the country including the south are waking
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up to cold temperatures. some along the great lakesing are still shoveling out from as much as 9 inches of snow. those are some of our top stories on this monday, october from abc news, this is "world news now." we say hello to you. we're going to get started with the latest wave of violence creating more instability in the middle east. >> palestinian and israeli forces clashed in the west bank yesterday. troops responding to stone throwing protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. and the violence took a deadly turn in southern israel. abc's alex marquardt has the latest. >> reporter: gunfire at a bus station in southern israel. an armed palestinian killing one israeli soldier and wounding almost a dozen others before being shot and killed. a foreign bystander was shot, brutally beaten and reportedly died of his wounds. it's the latest in two weeks of lone wolf attacks and growing clashes which israel accuses
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palestinian leaders of inciting. this has become a daily theme, almost, in the west bank. palestinians say it's motivated by israeli infringement at the holy al aqsa mosque and young anger erupting over israel's occupation. in jerusalem, the city that israel calls its undivided capital, the divisions, physical and emotional, are growing between its residents. this wall went up just a short time ago here in this palestinian neighborhood, adding to the roadblocks that already surround it. measures that the israeli police tell russ necessary to try to stop this wave of attacks but which also fuel the palestinian frustration and anger. as israeli residents worry about the next attack, many palestinians now show their i.d.s to leave their neighborhoods. stop and frisk is on the rise. the violence also boiling over to biblical sites. joseph's tomb in the west bank,
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which is referred by jews was torched by palestinians. with neither side taking steps to ease the tension here, secretary of state john kerry is now getting involved. due to meet this week with israel's prime minister on thursday and with the palestinian president a few days later. alex marquardt, abc news, jerusalem. staying in the region, a top al qaeda leader has been killed in a u.s.-led drone strike in syria. the pentagon said sanafi al nasr was the head of an al qaeda cell which had been plotting attacks against the u.s. as well as europe. the u.s. with defense secretary calls his death a significant blow. as isis continues to face a barrage of u.s.-led air strikes, the iraqi government is showing off some attacks of its own. this video believed to be from the government showing an air strike on isis targets in the cities of tikrit and samarra north of baghdad. smoke you can see rising there from houses identified as hideouts for extremists. iraq is describing the strikes as painful and accurate. to politics now, fighting words from donald trump and jeb
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bush as the vice president remains mum about his next move. six republican candidates played to the same crowd in texas yesterday, trying to win over thousands of christian conservatives at a popular mega church. meanwhile, the gop front-runner has found himself embroiled in another feud. here's more from abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: a blame game over the nation's deadliest terror attack. donald trump suggesting he could have stopped the 9/11 hijackers. >> if i were running things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> reporter: a bold claim challenged swiftly by jeb bush. this new campaign video mocking trump and his ability to be commander in chief. >> he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president. not boning up on the issues. report bush on the attack angered by the suggestion that george w. bush is responsible for 9/11. >> i'm not blaming george bush. but i don't want jeb bush saying my brother kept us safe. >> reporter: meanwhile, joe biden nearing a decision on a
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2016 campaign. perhaps the biggest sign he'll run, biden calling the president of the nation's powerful firefighters union. the president of the union telling abc news they discussed in detail a planned campaign strategy. biden holed up inside his delaware compound after telling a new york city audience of the grief over his son's death. >> as my son beau used to say, just keep moving forward. >> reporter: his potential rivals are pushing forward on the campaign trail, and lampooned on "saturday night live." >> i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. >> reporter: larry david stealing the show as bernie sanders. a little humor ahead of a big week for democrats. hymn -- hillary clinton set to test it before house republicans on the benghazi attacks. devin dwyer, abc news, the white house. the search continues for a gunman who opened fire at a street festival in fort myers, florida.
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a 20-year-old man was killed and five others wounded at zombie con saturday night. the shooting sent revellers dressed as zombies running for their lives. so far no word on a possible motive. some new rules for those who operate drones in the u.s. will be flounced today. a move by the government to bring some law and order to what's been an unregulated activity. aditi roy has the details. reporter. the the government is set to unveil new rules for the drone owners across the country requiring those operating the gadgets to register their devices. the registry, just the latest move to regulate an exploding market in unmanned aircraft. some of those drones posing real danger in the air and on the ground. >> someone will fly their drone and we'll lose an airplane. >> it just popped up neath our nose. >> reporter: from close calls with commercial jets, to whizzing drones forcing no-fly zones for firefighters out west.
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the rest of us on the ground, on guard too. just last month, drones crashed in new york and california. hitting children on the ground. an estimated 500,000 drones already in the air and now those skies are about to get a whole lot buzzier. another 750,000 drones are expected to be sold this christmas. those new rules on drones like this one could be in place by christmas. details of part of the government plan will be announced on monday. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> all of that would mean that everyone hon took part in a two-day drone racing event in l.a. will have to register their drones. participants tested their flying skills along a half mile course. as one says, it was a unique flying experience for those at the controls. >> it's in essence a virtual reality flight. they're flying from the camera in the nose of the aircraft and seeing that either on monitors
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or in goggles and actually piloting it as if they are in the aircraft. >> it was a rough ride for some of the aircraft suffering some damage along the way. racing was worth it though. there was a $5,000 prize in cash and prizes available. >> interesting. >> not a fan of the drones. >> not a fan of the drones. >> you know what i do love is key west. you know what i love in key west is stone crabs. it's open season for it. they got off to a cracking good start over the weekend. >> look at the outfit. >> the fifth annual stone crab eating contest. >> dozens of participants cracked their way through 25 stone crab claws each. penalties were assessed for any crabmeat left behind. >> a guy named aaron sutcliff won the solo competition finishing in 14 minutes. the fastest two-person did it in under nine minutes. >> have you ever tried to crack
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that stuff? >> no, i prefer to have mine partially shelled. >> i'm one of those, please, can you please. >> do it for me. >> do it for me. yeah. so coming up, the chess teacher who saved his class from a life-threatening ordeal. >> also ahead, tracy morgan returning to what he does best -- making us all laugh. the comedy on "snl" after he recovered, the comedian that is, after he recovered from a serious accident. pushing for positive change and safety in a city known for its gun violence. the program that's reshaping neighborhoods one kid at a time. first, our monday forecast map. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by "world news now" weather, brought to you by
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a tragedy in minnesota. a sheriff's deputy was killed with his own gun by a hospitalized man that he was monitoring.
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police in st. cloud say the suspect got out of his hospital bed and struggled with the deputy before shooting him. hospital security officers then subdued the suspect with a stun gun. and he died soon afterwards. police say the suspect was not under arrest at the time and was not wearing handcuffs. >> it's evident that the u.s. is grappling with the surge of gun violence in our bigger cities and rising tensions between the police and the communities they serve. >> but there is a new program in our nation's capital trying to bring those tensions down and save young lives. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: it's a beautiful among along the potomac river and ha canoe is carrying a group of kids from inner city d.c. picked from neighborhoods with the highest homicide rates. they've been brought here by d.c. cops they hardly know. >> you guys hear that? >> no gunshots. no sirens. >> reporter: it's orientation day for one group in the city's youth creating change program.
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looking to transform the way more than two dozen teens view police. >> climbing. > and themselves. 17-year-old tamaji edwards is backing in the serenity. >> peaceful. quiet. i like quiet. >> reporter: but only days later, tamaji is carrying the casket of his cousin, a brother-like figure gunned down just across the d.c. line. >> you said someone got shot? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: at the funeral, a community leader chastises the young people. >> do black lives really matter? >> telling them they're part of the problem. >> he would not be where he is if some of you would have said something to somebody who knew what was going on. >> reporter: the murder remains unsolved. as the nation's capital battles a near 50% increase in homicide. >> so yeah, i need to start looking at spots that can be redone. >> reporter: even a ride with
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police for a community service project has its dangers. he and donye keep ducking into their seats. they're not playing games. >> those neighborhoods are actually you might say at war but they have a beef. >> a threat of violence these kids know all too well. how many of you guys have heard gunshots in your neighborhood? >> all of us. >> reporter: how many know someone who's been shot or injured? >> all of us. >> reporter: to slow the violence, many believe the young people must start to the trust police. >> some police think they can do what had he want. and that ain't true all the time. >> people will be like, i don't want to work with the police but then when they get with us and interact and see we having fun and want to have fun just like them, we're just like them. >> five weeks in, the young people end up somewhere many never imagined. >> for a traffic light? >> the police training academy.
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>> let them see what it's like to be on a traffic stop. to be the police officer and stop a car. >> how fearful were you? >> i'm kind of fearful when he got out of the car like he came towards me. >> so now when you guys out there, the police just shot this kid, you can relate now saying you know what? there might be more to the story. >> reporter: over the weeks and months we followed the teens, we see a transformation. on graduation day at fedex field, there's now pride and that elusive trust with police. >> at first i ain't like them. now i look at them different. you feel like they took me in as one of him. >> the young people are now embracing police trying to navigate the violence around them. >> you got to the keep moving forward and doing the best you can. >> pierre thomas, abc news, washington. fascinating program into it is an interesting program. i love the role playing that took place where they got to play the police officer and see
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what sort of fear police officers deal with on a routine traffic stop every day. >> trading roles, right? >> and there are many areas obviously we both lived in d.c., many areas that are good in d.c. but the violence is continuing in the southeast area where it is on the increase. it's a daily occurrence. >> what a great program. i hope other cities across the country try and use this one, as well. >> chicago needs it. coming up, a hero jumps into action in an unlikely place. >> the veteran that uses military training from 50 years ago to save children in a library. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ it's one of the most unlikely settings for a knife attack inside a public library during a children's chess class. but luckily, their instructor was no ordinary teacher. >> he was a retired army veteran who just happened to have mastered knife training nearly 50 years ago. here's abc's david wright.
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>> units to the library. >> reporter: in a public library in illinois, a violent attack by a man wielding at least two hunting knives. >> they do have the knives. he has cut another person who has a pretty good hand injury. >> reporter: 19-year-old dustin brown allegedly burst in to the room skriming, "i'm going to kill some people." that's when he met his match. >> good morning. >> reporter: 75-year-old james vernon was teaching a chess class at the library. >> i thought first, this is a really bad halloween prank and then i realized this wasn't a prank. this was the real thing. >> reporter: the army veteran put himself between the would be attacker and the 16 kids. >> i gave them the cue. they took the cue. they got up and ran out. just like little mice going down the hole, they were gone. >> reporter: the children, ages 7 to 13, all escaped unharmed. mom sandy rossi got out, too. >> our kids were definitely afraid and i was very afraid. >> reporter: vernon was all alone. then the attacker turned on him.
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>> he went overhand, i blocked with the left hand. >> reporter: brown is now >> reporter: brown is now charged with attempted murder. he was already facing 22 counts of child pornography. >> i thought maybe i could persuade him just to give up the whole idea. that wasn't to be. >> reporter: vernon's hand was slashed in the attack but he's expected to make a full recovery. at church, the congregation greeted him as a hero. david wright, abc news, new york. >> and he celebrates his 76th birthday next week. >> just amazing that he decided to jump right into action right there. he's been a retiree for well over a decade there. and he deserves the thanks of that congregation and many more all across this country. >> he retired from caterpillar in 2002 and underwent surgery to prepare his wounds. he sure has a fighting spirit though. >> yes, he does. worst halloween joke. coming up, tracy morgan triumphs. >> the comedian returns home to his "snl" roots to do what he does best. you're watching "world news now." s to do what he
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does best. you're watching "world news now."
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he lives in the desert and loves water. please welcome a camel. hey, who are you? >> i am jany shamberg of the american drop dairy research center and adjunct professor of veterinary science at rutgers university as well as copresident of the bergen county chapter of the aspca. >> are you done? >> tracy morgan back at it. dusting off his old character brian fellow on snl over the weekend. >> so good to see him back. he was critically injured in a car wreck last year. it was unclear whether he would ever perform again.
2:56 am
now he's proving he's tough, just as funny. sara haines has more. >> reporter: tracy morgan returning to the "saturday night live" stage. >> people were wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capaci capacity? but the truth is i never did. >> reporter: paying tribute to the show that launched him to stardom. and rushed about i a group hug -- rushed into a group hug from his "30 rock" co-stars including tina fey and alec baldwin. >> good god, trace. >> i hello. it's me. astronaut jones. >> a night filled with his most famous over-the-top characters. >> i'm brian fellows. >> reporter: a heartfelt and hilarious comeback for the 46-year-old critically injured in a 2014 crash. >> this is a terrible accident. the car flipped. it's on its side. >> reporter: the collision with a speeding walmart tractor-trailer injuring the star and two others and killing a fellow comedian. morgan spending five weeks in the hospital. taking a long road to recovery.
2:57 am
>> how are you doing, tracy? >> hey. hey, man. >> you look good, man. >> until you can be returned to your home, we are willing to help you, give you food and water. in return we ask that you help broker peace. help us make -- >> reporter: but it was on the stage that made him famous where morgan himself said it best. >> i'm black and better than ever. >> reporter: sarah haines, abc news, new york. >> he does look fantastic. we also forget that jimmy mack, one of his mentors was killed in that car accident. so pretty remarkable to see how far he's come. >> he's come a long way. he sued walmart and he said earlier that walmart did right by him in the settlement of that lawsuit. of course, he has a lot of scars, but it was good to see he could laugh at it. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook. >> remember to follow us on facebook.
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather as a wintry chill hits the midwest and northeast. >> the storm dumping several inches of snow, weeks earlier than usual to the powerful storm hitting the desert southwest. the pictures and the damage. international manhunt. the search for the notorious drug kingpin el chapo after his dramatic prison escape months ago. new details where he went. scary scenes at the annual zombie con gathering in florida. the fatal shooting that put real life fear into the crowd. and double trouble on the beaches of hawaii. at first investigators thought there were victims of two shark attacks. now it appears something else from the deep attacked. it's monday, october 19th.
3:01 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning to you, everyone, on this monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. cold snap. >> yeah. yeah, it is. >> it always drives me nuts when it's cold outside and the anchor on set wears sleeveless. who does that? >> because you have a warm heart. so it's warm inside. it's okay. this cold snap. i was saying, i have to do a speech later on this week at my alma mater. they got 6 to 8 inches of snow this weekend. i'm reconsidering that speech. it's a little too early for this. a lot of people are dealing with it. >> it really is. i thought it might be a little bit warmer. ginger zee did warn us it was going to be warmer. now this cold snap hitting earlier than usual. millions of people are in for a chilly commute later this morning. >> take a look at this. that's heavy snow falling in northern michigan. a scene repeated all the way to new england. abc meteorologist rob marciano
3:02 am
on the extremes from coast to coast. >> reporter: across upstate new york, a blast of winter bringing dangerous conditions along with it. more than 50 accidents in syracuse blamed in part on icy roads. up to nine inches of snow in some communities. and look at how fast the weather changed. just north of syracuse, this is what it looked like here last week. >> i woke this up morning and i thought it was christmas. >> reporter: enough for 3-year-old liannah ariola to build her first snowman. her mom telling us -- >> i have not seen this snow this early in a long time. >> reporter: that cold extending to michigan. temps in the mid-30s for these marathon runners in grand rapids. in northern michigan, nearly a half-foot of snow. and a fall wedding with a cold taste of winter. and in southern california, an winter el nino preview has antelope valley residents cleaning up from mudslides.
3:03 am
>> very little we can recover. >> reporter: neighbors coming together. most do not have flood insurance. >> you've just got to think about what you can do this hour, this moment, this day and then move on from there. >> reporter: harsh conditions and a rude awakening on both coasts. more of the el nino conditions expected in southern california and the immediate forecast for the folks enduring cold and snow, a nice little warmup come monday and tuesday. >> strong winds are moving across the southwest with flash flood watches all the way to salt lake city. in phoenix, wind blew this gas station canopy over crushing the pumps. no one was hurt. large damaging hail battered the area collecting in swimming pools and lawns. the storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers at its peak. >> we don't have the exclusive on this weather. take a look at this. parts of the philippines recovering after a powerful typhoon came ashore. at least two people died and thousands were displaced by the storm with wind gusts of up to 115 miles an hour. entire provinces are said to be without power.
3:04 am
the storm has weakened as it heads towards taiwan. it's expected to make landfall tomorrow. another weekend of bloodshed in the middle east. tensions continue in the middle east. a palestinian attacker he opened fire at a bus stop wounding an israeli soldier and wounding ten people before being shot and killed. israel put up a 15-foot high wall separating jewish and arab communities. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with leaders on both sides later this week. a top al qaeda a top al qaeda leader has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in syria. the pentagon says sanafi al nasr was the head of an al qaeda cell which had been plotting attacks against the u.s. and europe. the u.s. says he was funneling recruits from pakistan to syria through turkey. defense secretary calls his death a significant blow. mexican authorities may be closing in on the escaped drug lord known as el chapo. investigators say the notorious fugitive was recently hurt during an attempt to arrest him. more now from gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, mexican authorities confirming joaquin
3:05 am
el chapo guzman barely escaped an immense military operation near the sinaloa mountains, where el chapo has his infamous cartel. the mexican government says the kingpin suffered "injuries to his leg and face" during that operation. residents in this village describing an all-out siege. this woman showing where she hid as bullets ripped through her home during a fire fight. it's the closest law enforcement has apparently come to recapturing el chapo since his brazen prison break. abc news was the first american media inside the altiplano maximum security prison. >> there's that surveillance camera. >> reporter: the surveillance camera just released for the first time this week with audio captures el chapo removing his ankle monitor. he disappears into the shower. he just ducks and goes right
3:06 am
into that hole. all right, we're inside the el chapo tunnel. the freshly dug one-mile-long tunnel. these are the stairs he uses to climb to freedom. and here it is. this is the house where he just walked into and disappeared. guzman's sinaloa cartel is the largest drug trafficker in the usa and believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths in this country. u.s. officials now offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture of the elusive el chapo. gio benitez, abc news, new york. a minnesota deputy sheriff was killed with his own gun by a hospitalized man he was monitoring. police in st. cloud say the suspect got out of his bed and struggled with the deputy before shooting him. hospital security officers then subdued the suspect with a stun gun and he died soon afterward. police say the suspect was not under arrest at the time and was not wearing handcuffs. this morning a killer remains on the loose after a deadly shooting at an annual zombie themed festival in florida. 20,000 people had gather for zombie con, many dressed like the living dead, forced to run for their lives
3:07 am
when bullets started flying at the scene. we get more from abc's phillip mena. oh, my god! >> reporter: chaos in the streets of downtown ft. myers, florida. thousands of people running for cover saturday night after gunfire rings out at the annual zombicon festival. [ gunshots ] >> four or five shots at the same time. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> be advised, everybody's running down broadway, everybody's running. >> reporter: the ghoulish costumes, complete with fake blood, only adding to the confusion. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake, so we kind of ran and were like, was that real? when we went back, people were screaming, no, it was fake. >> reporter: five people injured in the shooting. one man shot dead. >> we saw a guy, he was laying on the ground. he was obviously already passed. >> reporter: 20-year-old tyrell taylor, a football player at a local junior college, killed. investigators searching for his killer are also hoping the public can provide more clues.
3:08 am
phillip mena, abc news, new york. a swimmer is in critical condition after a savage attack by a shark in hawaii this weekend. it was the sixth attack in the islands this year. this latest incident happened off lanikai beach on oahu. both of the man's legs were seriously injured. a surfer was seriously hurt in what was thought to have been another shark attack. it was later determined to be an eel that bit him. in health news, an emphatic new warning about pregnancy and alcohol. the american academy of pediatrics is taking a strong stand against drinking any alcohol while pregnant, and they say even women trying to conceive should abstain entirely. the group found fetal alcohol syndrome is a vastly underrecognized cause of developmental delay and intellectual disability. a little pink pill dubbed as female viagra is now officially on the market. but the world's first prescription drug to boost a woman's libido is not expected to fly off the shelves
3:09 am
yet. researchers say it only works 13% of the time for women and can also cause severe side effects and can't be taken with alcohol or certain other drugs. those limitations could lead to the development of better treatment for women with a low sex drive. a rather unique new world record in the books. the reason for that, it's already been digested. >> here's why. it was the world's longest baguette. it was baked yesterday in milan, italy, using a specially dined portable oven which was moved along its length. the baking took nearly seven hours because a baguette, get this 400 feet long. >> the record attempt was sponsored by the makers of nutella. love the good jar of nutella. afterwards, the baguette was certified and slathered with the hazelnut spread and served. >> to hundreds and hundreds of happy people. anything with nutella is better. >> why have we never done this? this happened at the milan expo in 2015.
3:10 am
the world's fair. it was at least the fourth world record declared during the six-month expo which included the longest pizza at nearly a mile long. we've got go to this next year. >> how have we not hosted the show from in? >> next year. right? >> yes. coming up, first grab your popcorn. it is sports with reena, and a play that may be perhaps the most confusing in nfl history. not because she will be reporting it, but it will be confusing. > it will be clear when i explain. also ahead, caught on camera. a collision on a highway between a motorcycle and a car. and the serious trouble the driver of that car could face. and an unusual murder investigation. police say it involves a love three angle and an angry wife and two teenagers are among the suspects. and remember to join us on facebook, and twitter, as well,@abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." twitter, as well,@abcwnn.
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a tragedy in the phoenix area. five members of one family died after their car went into a lake in tempe. both parents killed along with their three young children. investigators do not know what caused the crash or what led up to it. there are some witnesses who say it appeared intentional. and this from a road in texas. keep an eye on the motorcycle. the man driving it goes to pass a car which seems to swerve into the cycle's path sending the car and his girlfriend sliding along
3:15 am
the road. the woman suffered a broken wrist and deep cuts to her arm. the bike's driver was along and caught, as well. and police say that the car's driver may actually face felony charges. >> that biker was able to get up after that. incredible. well, we turn now to a wife and mother charged in a bizarre and really a twisted double murder plot in a story that is shocking a community in maryland. >> police say she orchestrated the killing of her husband and another woman. they were both involved with. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: it's a twisted bizarre story of love, betrayal and murder. a maryland woman accused of plotting to kill her husband and his lover. and police say she didn't do it alone. she, her 13-year-old daughter and her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend all charged with murder. >> it's very uncommon this type of a case. you know, a love triangle gone very wrong. >> reporter: police allege
3:16 am
42-year-old ann anastasi enlisted her daughter's boyfriend to kill her husband of 18 years, anthony anastasi, and 25-year-old jacquelyn riggs. >> the scene was staged well as a murder/suicide. the only reason we were able to determine this was a double murder was because of good detective work. >> reporter: police discover anthony in the couple's bedroom shot in the head a scene investigators say was carefully staged not carefully enough. a .45-caliber handgun next to not a match for the 380-caliber shell casing found nearby. riggs who also lives in the family's home was found stabbed to death in her basement bedroom. according to court documents, while ann and anthony were both romantically involved with riggs, according to court documents, their marriage was fraught with conflict. >> recently the relationship between mr. and mrs. anastasi had seemed to cool down. >> cooling down so much that police say ann sent a series of test messages to her daughter
3:17 am
and strauss covering the exchange of the gun, transportation to the crime scene, and the specific discussion of two murders. police say gabriel strauss has admitted to the killings. both he and ann are being held here at this detention facility. both facing charges of first and second degree murder. as for the 13-year-old daughter, she's being held at a juvenile facility also charged with first degree murder. mary bruce, abc news, anne arundel county, maryland. >> incredible story. >> fascinating case. well, coming up in our next half-hour, the holiday season's hottest gifts. we're talking about drones. set to explode in ownership the next year. before you shell out big bucks, some things you need to know before you take to the skies. first, the major league playoffs and the deflategate rematch featured one of the strangest plays in history. sports with reena next. of the strangest plays in history. sports with reena next.
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ welcome back. it is monday. that, of course, means a full segment of expert analysis and play-by-play we call "sport with reena. we'll start with baseball. >> why not? that's where it is. the action. the mets looking to take a two games to none league in the national league championship series against the cubs. on a cold, windy night in queens, they got off to a hot start with david wright, doubled in the bottom of the first. that put the mets up 1-0. next batter up, batter, batter, daniel murphy. he pounded his fifth playoff home run. mets up 3-nil at that point. they went on to win 4-1. 4-1, kendis. >> against chicago into game three tomorrow in chicago.
3:20 am
>> big-time. >> looking forward to that one? >> yeah. we'll see how it all plays out. the cubs' year. >> okay. in the american league, kansas city leads toronto, two games to none. their first, their game three is actually tonight. >> both series right now the are tied. >> yes. >> just the way we expected it to be into we like it to be dramatic with sports. kind of like a spanish telenovela. next up, how about some football. last night, the new england patriots traveling to indianapolis to take on the colts in a deflategate rematch. andrew luck and the colts stampeding for revenge, keeping pace with tom brady and -- >> what is that? >> what is that? what is that? >> pigskin. one of the most dumbfounding plays in nfl history. lining up for the punt. colts shifted nine players toward the sideline then snapped the ball in the middle of the field.
3:21 am
not surprisingly, getting immediately tackled. it was the beginning of the end for the colts. >> it really was a dumb play. >> they drew it up. >> bottom line was they lose. 34-27. patriots stay undefeated. up next, the world cup. rugby of course, right? that's the other football. check out a play by new zealand better known as all blacks. julian savaia gets the ball and smashes through three frenchmen. no pads. he scores. that's five points. all blacks a lot of them embarrassing france 62-13. next australia versus new zealand and next week argentina against australia. i can't believe we covered rugby and didn't cover the michigan, pitch cuban state game. >> it was a great game. >> did you see it, jack? >> rugby word cup. >> where is that poor punter this morning? can we track him down. >> all blacks. it was huge. >> i'm talking michigan. >> that has to be a first with sports with reena.
3:22 am
what? >> the all blacks. >> i'm talking about michigan and michigan state. the poor punter, we've got to track him down. poor puntser, we've got to track him down. what? >> the all blacks. >> the poor punter, we've got to track him down. til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. your clever moves won't stop the but disinfecting with lysol can.
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osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. time for the mix. time for the mix, what do you do if you get stood up at the altar? >> oh, that's tough. that's tough. >> this one guy did it. they plan this had lavish wedding in sacramento. so the mother of the bride said, we're still going to throw a party. but even better, for the homeless of that town. this is in sacramento. they spent $35,000 on a wedding reception so you can't cancel it at the last minute. you have the caterers, of course, and all these different people. they brought in 120 guests, homeless people. it was a buffet-style meal and threw this out. the meal included some salmon, some steak, and the giving didn't end right there. they've invited them to the honeymoon. >> oh, no, come on.
3:26 am
>> that part i made up. mother and daughter are going to go on a much needed honeymoon. what a nice gesture to the homeless. >> what great karma in such a tragedy. it's heartbreaking. >> the groom was partying somewhere else. >> oh. well, speaking of marriages, here's an interesting -- leave it to the farmers to come up with something clever as a marriage proposal. this farmer decided to carve right into the fields will you marry me. he tricked his girlfriend of seven years to come to a nearby hill overlooking this field and told her he needed her help to find the sheep and lo and behold, look what he had carved out. farmer's from scotland, and he proposed to his fiancee haley and mowed into this, "will you marry me?" >> how did she say yes? did she mow the lawn to say yes?
3:27 am
>> that's a good point. we don't know if she the took took out the lawnmower or took out a bunch of corn. >> be an interesting wedding for those folks. the blue jays were riding high going into the championship series they're in right now. this is how they ended it there with that well-known bat flip by jose bautista after hitting that game-winning home run there in their last series. one fan is so excited about this. we saw the guy who shaved it into his chest. cool. one blue jay fan took it a step farther by making it into a pumpkin. >> clever. >> the bat flipping and all. >> nice. >> cool. >> they're down two right now though. >> want to introduce you to the justin bieber of fast food. critic is calling it. it's a new burger by mcdonald's. it has a gray bun with black sesame. pork patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato.
3:28 am
szechwan thousand isla
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," political clash. trump's comments about 9/11 and who he says is responsible for the terror attacks. setting off a campaign firestorm be football tragedy. the latest high school athlete to collapse and die during a game. the grief, the investigation and unanswered questions. >> and new this half hour, a race like no other through the desert. >> the automated challenge pitting nation against nation and it's not about the horsepower. it's about cars that require nor -- require no fuel. and later in "the skinny," political punchlines. larry david as presidential candidate bernie sanders. the memorable laughs, how sanders is responding and the big question, will he be back on "snl" again. it's monday, october 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone. good morning.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone. good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. thank you for joining us on back to work monday. >> larry david has to come back. he was too good. you can't tell me he's not coming back. >> he was very, very good as bernie sanders. you know your campaign has made it when you get spoofed on snl. >> you're thinking was this the cnn debate for a second? it was pretty spot on. >> they did a good job. that was an anderson cooper likeness. we'll get to that later on in the show. we want to talk a little bit about the real guys and young women running for office. it is heating up with a bitter war of words between two gop hopefuls as the vice president takes his time to make a decision. >> six of the republican candidates descended at megachurch in plano, texas, making a personal appeal to
3:32 am
thousands of christian conservatives. donald trump did not attend. he was too busy trading jabs with jeb bush. it's your voice, your voice. devin dwyer covering the campaign. >> jeb bush and donald trump going at it over 9/11. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the world trade center just fell down. i'm not blaming anybody but the world trade center came down. when he said we were safe, that's not safe. >> jeb bush fired back in a new campaign video and on-to-v. >> it looks as though he's an actor playing the role of president not boning up on the issues. >> reporter: it began last week when trump suggested in an interview that george w. bush might be to blame for the 9/11 attacks. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can't blame george bush for that.
3:33 am
>> he was president, okay? >> reporter: trump insists he wasn't placing blame but a tougher stance on immigration would have stopped the hijackers. >> i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe if i were running things, i doubt those families -- i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on the "apprentice." >> on the democratic side, all eyes remain on vice president joe biden. >> maybe the greatest honor i have ever received in my public life. >> and still no word on the race for president. democratic front runner hillary clinton says he's not interested in adding pressure. >> i'm not in any way suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> reporter: a decision that could come in the next few days. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. thank you so much, devin. the historic nuclear deal with iran is now in effect, but the u.s. says it could be months before sanctions are lifted. iran must first prove that it is limiting its nuclear program. the vice president of iran says his country is anticipating a tsunami of tourism once the
3:34 am
sanctions are gone. >> a top al qaeda leader has been killed in a drone strike in syria. sanafi al nasr was the highest ranking leader of the khorasan al qaeda spinoff group. the u.s. says he was funneling recruits from pakistan to syria through turkey. he's the fifth senior khorasan group leader killed in the past few months. as isis continues to face a barrage of u.s.-led air strikes the iraqi be government is showing off attacks of its own. this is believed to be government air strikes in the cities of tikrit and tamara north of baghdad. you can see smoke rising from houses identified as hideouts for extremists. israel remains on edge this morning racked by more deadly violence. a palestinian attacker opened fire at a bus stop killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten people before being shot and killed.
3:35 am
israel put up a 15-foot high wall celebrating jewish and arab neighborhoods. attacks over the last month have claimed the lives of nine israelis and 40 palestinians. a long time sheriff's deputy is being mourned in minnesota after he was shot to death during a struggle. investigators say he was monitoring a patient in a hospital in st. cloud when the struggle ensued. the suspect grabbed the deputy's gun and shot him to death. the suspect later died of a heart attack after being shot by a stun gun. a man hundred under way in florida after a deadly shooting at a zombie themed street festival. a man was killed and five others wounded in fort myers sunday night sending revellers dressed as the walking dead screaming and running for their lives. >>ing about four or five shots at the same time. >> we started running because we saw a hoard of people running and heard two really loud bangs. > 20,000 people had gathered for the event. the man killed has been identified as tyrell taylor, a local college football player. so far, there have been no arrests and no word on possible motive. >> for the sixth time this football season, a high school
3:36 am
is mourning the death of a play. a 16-year-old junior from alto, texas, collapsed during a game on friday. on saturday the community returned to the stadium in his honor. ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: in tribute and in grief, family and friends, classmates and teammates circled the football field where cam'ron matthews collapsed moments after telling the coach he didn't feel right. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. he died the next day. >> so many people gathering here, it's very fitting, at the football stadium, where he spent so much of his time. >> reporter: just weeks into the fall football season, matthews is now the sixth player to die. although it's not yet confirmed his death is football related. since 2005, the deaths of 36 high school football players
3:37 am
have been attributed to on field injuries. two weeks ago, 17-year-old kenny bui died days after sustaining a head injury in a game in seattle. an autopsy concluded he died of blunt force trauma. catastrophic head injuries occur much more frequently at the high school level. one theory why -- few high schools have the sideline medical staff that college and pro teams do. >> they're still not getting the same medical care that the average college player is getting. >> reporter: with two more months of high school football, to play, the concern the likelihood there will only be more injured. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> sad trend continuing there. oscar pistorius set to be released on parole from a prison in south africa tomorrow. the track star will have served one year of what was a five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend, reva steenkamp. when he leaves prison, he will be placed under house arrest. prosecutors are appealing the original verdict against him claiming it should have been for murder. that will be heard in court in
3:38 am
two weeks. a powerful typhoon is heading to taiwan after leaving two people dead in the philippines. thousands were displaced interest their villages and entire provinces are without power this morning. the typhoon came ashore with winds gusting up to 115 miles an hour. but it is much weaker now. back here now to the southwest where flood watches are in effect. as strong storms move across the region in phoenix, fierce wind blew this gas station canopy over crushing the palms. no one was hurt. large hail battered the area collecting in pools and even on the lawns. the storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers at its peak. meanwhile, an early blast of winter hitting the east already. frost and freeze advisories reached into the deep south this morning, but the northern edge of the country is getting the worst of it. as much as 9 inches of lake effect fell around syracuse. bringing down power lines and trees still covered in leaves.
3:39 am
and in buffalo, the fans bundled up against the snow as the bills hosted the bengals. >> they're saying its too early. sticking with the nfl, quite a start for the new york yankee slugger, alex rodriguez who is joining fox postseason baseball coverage. he was introduced yesterday on the pregame show on fox. >> and this happened. a-rod made himself comfortable by throwing a pass that broke a studio monitor. he tweeted i'll try not to break anything else. >> while you were gone, we had some fun with football and our director sandy was getting nervous that we were going to do this. as i'm throwing the pass, he kept saying don't hit the monitor. >> you threw a pass. those things are pretty expensive. there could be so many jokes about people saying that a-rod is clean these days. he is. he still has an arm of some sort. coming up in "the skinny," bernie sanders responds to jokes
3:40 am
about his underwear. >> also ahead new rules for anyone flying drones. . the guidelines coming out today. are they enough to keep the sky safe? and later the daring guy named ray who has made quite a name for himself by swallowing a sword 25 times a day. that's after a chill on today's forecast map. what do you think it would look like if there was a football that had taken out one of those. new york would be missing, don't you think? >> i don't know. you could aim for orlando. >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by super polygrip.
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3:43 am
this is a death defying ride for a boston man just after setting off in a qualifying round of a mountain bike competition in utah.
3:44 am
loses control. crashes down the side of the cliff. his helmet camera recording it all from his viewpoint. this is unbelievable. he gets up. gets back on his bike. >> no way. >> and then finishes the race. on than course, it's amazing any of the competitors survived. it's pretty remarkable. >> did he win? >> no word. but the fact that he got back up is pretty remarkable. >> that would be winning. a race of a very different sort is going on in australia called the world solar challenge. nearly 1900 mile race from darwin to adelaide. 46 solar cars from 25 countries taking part in this one. it was first held in 1987. it happens every two years. the first cars are expected at the finish line on wednesday. >> interesting looking. now to new rules for drones set to be announced today after too many close encounters up in
3:45 am
the skies. the government now cracking down. >> they're going to be keeping a close eye on everyone who owns what really is expected to be a very popular christmas present. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: the faa announcing strict first-of-its-kind rules for the types of drones most popular with hobbyist pilots confirming the agency will lay out regulations requiring all new buyers to register their unmanned helicopters. part of their effort to get the popular but problematic aircraft under control expected to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. stipulates say as many as 750,000 will be sold by christmas. the unmanned aerial vehicles have already proven to be dangerous with case after case of airline pilots reporting drones flying too close to their aircraft endangering passengers. >> it just popped up. >> some even impeding fire fighting efforts like this big fire back in july. >> sooner or later we're going to lose an airplane due to a
3:46 am
drone collision. >> regulation pores commercial use of drones proposed by the faa earlier this year require a written test and limit flight to below 500 feet. >> the objective is to get people to fly where they're supposed to fly, keep them from flying where they're not allowed to fly. >> marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. knowing what i want for christmas. coming up, eddie murphy does something he hasn't done in decades. and bernie sanders talks about what we've all been curious about, his underwear. that's next in "the skinny." >> you wanted to know? "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
leading us off, the buzz from this weekend's "snl." boy was it good. >> it was a good show. tracy morgan returning to the stage that launched his career. it was much anticipated, of course. tracey triumphed really showing he's still got it after nearly losing his life in an accident as expected, he got plenty of laughs. >> but you know what wasn't expected? comedian and "seinfeld" co-creator larry david played who else, bernie sanders. boy, was he good. >> i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires they got three, four pairs. and i don't have a dryer. i have to put my clothes on the
3:49 am
radiator. >> yesterday sanders was asked >> yesterday sanders was asked about the "snl" sketch on the campaign trail. and here's what he had to say. >> yes, last week, i bought my second pair of underwear. that's a joke. all right? please, don't write it down. that was a joke. joke, joke, yes. >> three, four pairs. >> i can watch this over and over again. sanders also said he wants larry david to come on stage at his next rally saying "he does it better than i do." >> he does. he also added he has ample supply of underwear but did only have one suit when elected mayor of burlington back in 19 1. >> we trust you, mr. sanders. we don't need proof. >> we don't want to know what type of underwear. to another snl alum made a lot of headlines earlier this year by appearing at the 40th anniversary of "saturday night live." last week murphy said he backed
3:50 am
away from doing a bill cosby joke that same night. >> last night, murphy accepted the mark twain prize for american humor at the kennedy center and dusted off his old pudding pop joke and did a cosby joke among a series of others. >> it was the first time murphy has told jokes on stage since 1986. >> is that math right? >> that's insane. it will air on sunday night, november 23rd on pbs. i assume that's either raw or dangerous. i forget what they used to be called. >> you know someone else we haven't heard from in awhile? adele. >> the british singer hasn't released a new album in nearly five years. yesterday a mysterious 30-second clip aired on british television with white lyrics 0 on a black screen and an unmistakable voice singing them. ♪ hello, it's me ♪ i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet ♪
3:51 am
♪ to go over everything >> that does sound very much like adele. >> what do you think? is it new music from adele's upcoming album? >> because she found love and you know, found happiness that she wouldn't be all that good anymore. we will see. >> apparently adele's camp tells abc news "no comment about a new album." >> so it's her. and heads up. during a commercial break, during tonight's monday night match-up on espn, you will see the new trailer for "star wars."
3:52 am
>> kendis, i am not your father. >> nor my baby mama. >> coming up, swallowing swords. >> and why some people -- >> and why some people --
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ so way back before there were movies, americans had to turn to other forms of entertainment. >> yes, like sideshows and these relics of the past are making a comeback with a lot of people paying good money to do the unthinkable to their bodies. abc's juju chang has more. >> reporter: brooklyn's coney island is full of attractions not for the faint of heart. but there's one act in the circus sideshow that tops them all. ray is the resident sword swallower. >> let's do it. >> reporter: it's is the ultimate don't try this at home. >> down the hatch. down the scratch. >> reporter: during the course of a particular show day, he will swallow a sword about 25
3:56 am
times. >> someone who says that i'm risking my health swallowing swords would be absolutely right because i am doing that every single time i swallow a sword. i do it so i can entertain people. i have to defy death in the process, then so be it. >> reporter: believe it or not, more people are willing to take that risk. shows like "american horror story: freak show" have put the act back in the spotlight. seasoned performers and newcomers alike flock to the coney island sideshow school to learn the hottest acts. to them the $1,000 tuition fee is worth it to pick up the secrets of the trade from the professor, adam reelman. >> what you're about to see is the most dangerous art known as sword swallowing. there's been a few major injuries. every so often, you'll hear of sword swallowers ripping their insides up. >> reporter: for the students, it's part of the draw. >> you have to be in control of
3:57 am
something dangerous, and it looks fantastic. >> you want to be nice and relaxed. >> reporter: when they start, they go slow with bent coat hangers. when they master that, they charge onto the heavy artillery. the stakes are high, internal bleeding, punctured esophagus, perforated lungs and death can all happen if something goes awry. but adam says they can get there with a little practice and a lot of determination. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> is it over? >> i'm totally creeped out by it. >> it's done? >> it is done. you can look again. throughout the story, reena was can we cut out of the story right now? >> i just can't watch. not on tv. not at the show. not ever. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. no sword swallowing there. >> we promise that's it. no more sword swallowing. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
two decades. intervention against a
3:59 am
4:00 am
knife-wielding assailant andmor- fall freeze. a taste of winter in mid october. up to nine inches of snow in some areas. and the coldest temperatures in months. we're tracking it all. a new battle brewing in the race for the white house. donald trump versus jeb bush. at odds over september 11th. and who is to blame for those attacks. the back and forth playing out in a series of interviews and campaign videos. survival story. two people walking away from this fiery airplane crash. >> it was so fast. >> so fast. >> it just happened too quick. >> detailing the quick thinking that kept them alive in an exclusive interview. and "star wars, the force awakens." the just-released movie poster. where you'll see the first full trailer today and when you can buy tickets.


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