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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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station. i am eric thomas. >> glad mickey mouse released you from his grip. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco on the weather. windshield wiper action. >> drizzle on the peninsula to the santa cruz pound tapes and we town our attention to the big story tomorrow which is the fire weather watch in the north bay mountains. it will be hot and dry. the fire danger will be intense across the north pay. this morning you can see it is light as we look to the ferry building. i have heard the precipitation is light, like drizzle, to sprinkles and the peninsula and along the coast. that is the case headed through 7:00 but the temperatures are from 49 to 60. the clouds open, the air is drive, and the threat of wet weather ends by noon, 64 to 70. 4:00 better 64 at coast. a few clouds.
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78. a lot of sunshine. 62 to 72 this evening. >> we have a branch new accident in the north bay but, first, as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is clear. nice commute. from the east bay. in the north bay toward santa rosa to petaluma we are at top speed and no issues for us here, and when you get further to the south than novato, all green and closer to sausalito that is where we have a brand new accident blocking three lanes so this is not quite clear before you get to the robin williams tunnel or out of it. at the golden gate bridge northbound side is a great drive and no fog. >> san francisco begins construction on something the city hopes will reduce the agree number of accidents between bicyclists and cars.
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our reporter is on market street with the details. >> kristen, in the last if you minutes we have started seeing the commute of bicycle riders down market street. it is early at 5:00 a.m. soon they will fine changes to the bicycle lane on the other side of this car the they will raise up the lane, the green lane, and they will start the work today. there are 3,000 people who bicycle to work and man say it can be dangerous. it will look similar to the picture we have of a raised bicycle lane in amsterdam but if san francisco it will stay green. they will keep the plastic separation posts. bikers think it will help. >> it will make people feel safer on the weekends when drivers and bicyclists are not familiar with the area. a raised bicycle lane makes it
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harder for the cars to interpret lane and encourages people riding in the bicycle lane rather than the sidewalk. >> they will start this at 12th on market. they will test different heights but it will be lower than the sidewalk. who are not talking much of a raising. the construction will take place during non-commute at 3-4 weeks for commission. when it is done the city hopes to hear from you with feedback. >> 5:03. new this morning a last frustration for passengers headed to san francisco and the might on southwest flight 2010 turned jet around after take off after it was violent ten two passenger on the plane. the original flight path shows the pilot declared an emergency 13 minutes after take off. a passenger tweeted that a man was upset with a woman who reclined her seat. the officers met the plane at
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the gate and took one person off the flight. the other passengers and crew switched planes and took off two hours later landing at sfo five hours after the journey was to begoing. matt keller will have a report in sfo next half hour. >> what a story. >> officials are investigating a deadly do met tick dispute over the weekend. a 71 year old woman shot and killed a 69-year-old woman inside this home on saturday. neighbors say the women are sisters and they described block as "normally peaceful." >> usually ice is like water main breaks or a small fire...nothing like this. it is unsettling. >> the investigators have not released the name of the victim. the suspect has been backed for homicide. she is identified at 71-year-old linda june thomas. from washington state. >> the san francisco police department will host a community
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meeting today to discuss last week's fatal officer involved shooting on 8th and market. 27-year-old died after a sergeant shot him on thursday. police say the sergeant opened fire after he grabbed another sergeant's gun during a struggle. the meeting is at noon at the civic auditorium. >> two north bay cities want to expand the smokingen behalves to protect the community. a new city ordinance will prohibit smokers from lighting up in multifamily housing. in the city council meeting the ordinance is approved and in sonoma officials want to step the smoking ban to participates attached to town homes and other outdoor spaces. there is a city council meeting in sonoma to discuss the new rules. >> police are investigating a car crab that left a man dead and another in critical condition after their car plunged off the santa cruz wharf on saturday night. witnesses say the driver of the wide cadillac was speeding before it barrel through the rail and down 20' into water. a good samaritan jumped in to
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help minutes before the santa cruz fire department rescue swim others dove in to fine the car at the bottom. >> it was remarkable what they did considering they did it with no tanks. they are going 25' down search ing for 30 or 40 seconds and coming back up and taking a gasp of air and going back down. >> a witness said the car narrowly miss add family. >> officials want your input at a community meeting of a propose ed change to fare rates and fees for parking at 6:00 p.m. at plaza conference room in mountain view city hall the last of four meeting this month. officials will talk about changes to fees for packing, pay for tickets and the go pass and fares a survey shows the number of caltrain passengers reached an all-time high >> the san ramon area is still rattling from a swarm of small earthquakes with several earthquakes overnight and through the weekend. in fact, there have been two
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dozen in the past 24 horses much the biggest was 3.3 around 3:30 yesterday afternoon upgraded from 3.1. and our sports anchor felt a jolt in danville. a small, shook parts of sonoma and late county measuring 3.4 and was centered just northwest of the geysers with no reports of damage. >> fee any better? mike? >> i did not i was on the back pat wrote and my son felt it. that was interesting. >> good morning, everyone, quarter-mile visibility in napa and same in santa rosa so there is ebb and flow to this. in american canyon, possibly headed your way and rohnert park , and heading into, maybe, the valleys around gunville, watch out for the fog. now the temperatures as you step outside, santa rosa is 46 and renorth park is 48 and everyone else in the 50s until san
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rafael at 62 and stick ron at 60 and vallejo at 59. we have 60 also in lafayette and san francisco and san carlos and san ramon and san jose at 61 and alameda and newark and cupertino and redwood city at 62 and brentwood and tracy cooler at 57 and 56. walnut creek is cloudy and as we head into to afternoon hours you are going to be joined along with the north bay inland east bay, warmest at 78, peninsula and east bay top out at 74 and south bay is 76 and van 72 and it sounds slightful considering how hot it will be starting tomorrow. san jose where the clouds are keeping us in the low 60. we will hit the my 80s inland to nearly 90 on wednesday and mid-80s on thursday and around 80 for the bay with high temperatures tuesday and wednesday and 78 on thursday and 68 tomorrow at the coat with 70's on wednesday and thursday.
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leyla? >> we have an injury accident in the north bay, southbound highway 101 expect delays. so far we are not finding delays but it is south of highway one near donohue street so if you are coming in from mill valley to make it to sausalito over the golden gate bridge into san francisco expect to see plenty of activity blocking three lanes. that were miles one lane gets you by and that is going to start to bottlenecks the traffic because more folks are on the roads. and looking to the eastern span of the bay bridge the traffic is smooth as you push in to the west. in delays as you head in the eastbound direction despite some construction with traffic lasting until 6:00 this morning. moving over to the san mateo bridge this is a high wind advisory included by c.h.p. so if you are driving anything high sided keep both happens on the
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wheel and try to stay in your lane. slow down your speed, as well. we will keep you updated. >> it is 5:10. a 14-year-old muslim boy from dallas is visiting the white house and bringing the homemade clock that made him famous. mohammed was taken to police custody when school officials in texas miss took the homemade clock for a bomb. tonight, the freshman will attend an astronomy night event at the white house. >> 5:10. a deadly problem with takata airbags continues with the new vehicles. >> is china violating a cyber agreement with the united states. what a california company is accusing the company of doing that involves private that involves private information.
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that involves private information. ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, 5:13 on the morning news. a look at traffic on the eastern span of the bay bridge. just moving right along. more news now with kristen. >> it is expected that iran will take months to live up to its end of the seven nation nuclear
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pact making major changes to an underground nuclear facility, a heavy water reactor and rain in the nuclear program for relief from sanctions. >> the chairman investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks is criticizing hillary clinton and insisting the inquiries are about facts. gowdy said there was a disconnect between hillary clinton staff while secretary of state and the security needs of united states personnel in libya. four americans died in the attack on the united states embassy including ambassador and high school graduate christopher stevens. hillary clinton will appear before the committee this week. >> two people died after a typhoon made landfall in the pill -- philippines year. 16,000 have been forced to leave homes. volunteers are rescuing trapped
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villagers with gusts up to 115 miles per hour it jumped town a foot of water in some areas. nine provinces have no electricity. extent of the damage is not known for several days. >> the power packed in those is amazing. >> is it 15 or 25 tie they have been hit this year. amazing how the philippines get it year after year after year. it ruins their infrastructure, it is rebuild and another one is headed their way. >> quiet back hole. a few sprinkles along the coast. our walnut creek camera shows it is quiet with temperature around second togethers and morning sprinkles and have the sunglasses for the afternoon hours and you do not need the umbrella this morning. you will not need it this afternoon. another heat wave is coming and we will taper the temperatures
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and possibly next week with several chances of wet weather if you are thinking of doing the garden, mums this time of the year can be planted. our winds are on shore at ten miles per hour or less in most neighbors and here is a look at some of the light sprinkles and showers rolling through the santa cruz mountains and all of this is nothing, it is something, because the radar is picking it up and what is happening at night when get an aversion the warm air on the cold air will not pens trait the difference and that is why you see it. at 7:00 you can still see a few showers off the santa cruz mountains and the dry air rolls in by noon and the friend is gone. by the afternoon, most of the clouds are also are raced with a few of them re-developing in the evening and overnight as high pressure moves in and that means we can wake up to fog along the
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coast and a few clouds spilling into the bay tomorrow morning. we are in the my 70s across the south bay and into santa cruz at 76 today in san jose. we will run from 70s in san mateo to mountain view at 75 and millbrae is 68. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast today and low-to-mid 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and the temperatures sound close do where they should be, they are. 76 in napa and vallejo to santa rosa and novato at 78, and richmond is 70 and oakland is 75 and newark and fremont at 74, and inland, we will start at 73 at pleasanton and walnut creek jumps to 77. livermore is 76. tonight you can see a few clouds especially along the east bay shoreline and the peninsula coast, most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s and the north bay is upper 40s to low 50s. speaking of the north bay 5:00
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tomorrow morning law 11 o'clock on wednesday morning we have a fire weather watch. look at the 70s at the coast, starting tomorrow, through thursday, 80 around the bay and near 90 on when and thursday. have a great day. >> we have 38 bart trains running on time, and no delays reported on ace train one on time and vasco will reap them in three minutes. muni, all bursts -- buses and rails are not delayed. san rafael, 101 pumping to mill valley, and you get beyond mill valley that is where the problem is. we have a crash involving three lanes currently blocked. right now, south of highway one be aware we have crews on the scene and the ambulance is superintendent out because they do believe that injuries are involved.
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three lanes are blocked and the robin williams tunnel everything is fine up to the golden gate bridge. moving over to the altamont pass, heavy right now. we have construction that is late being picked up working their way back and the cope are lifted and it caused clay delays out of the altamont pass, and 580, tracy to dublin is an hour right now so it is a quickedup. highway 4, westbound, antioch to concord is 23 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> 5:19. the ink is dry on newest agreement define china and the united states and beijing is accused of violating it. a company in southern california said that china is after american corporate intellectual property and said china has been trying to get its way in with
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electronics for the past three weeks since the agreement was signed if late september. it stopped the attacks before the secrets were stolen. >> general motors is recalling 2015 models in connection with the air was recall with details in america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, the massive airbag recall is still growing with 400 new vehicles reavailed by g.m. the if inventories include the 2015 g.m. models. the takata airbags could explode when deployed. >> weekend for goosebumps a family friendly horror flick with jack black took in 23.5 million. "the martian," was second and "bridge of spies," was third. burger king has the black hamburger bun so kelloggs has this, pork patty with bacon and let discuss thousand island dressing on a steamed bun sold
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in china. i am sticking with tofu. >> you have to try sesame ice cream, it is delicious. >> tofu? >> or the bacon. >> needs to be crisper. >> seven things to know as you stat your day >> experts call it a race against time and what they say needs to be done to protect residents from rising sea levels. >> as you get your day in gear, we will show you the bay bridge toll pl ♪ ♪ ♪
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working on my feet all day gave min my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at a look at the golden gate bridge commute into san francisco, traffic is moving fine. there could be drizzle for some folks and meteorologist mike nicco will talk about that in a minute. >> whether you are just joining
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us or headed identity the door, a reported fight between passengers and a flight to san francisco forced an emergency landing with the southwest pilot turned around after taking off from l.a.x. last night. the plane landed finally about five hours late. matt keller will have more on what sparked fight. >> investigators are working to determine what started a two-alarm fire in alameda last night. two homes were damaged badly. resolution dopes -- residents are staying with family and friends. today is the 24th anniversary of deadly oakland firestorm with 25 people killed and 3,500 homes and participates were destroyed when embers spread to neighborhoods. the fire caused an estimated $1.5 billion in damage. >> we are looking at a fall flavor to our forecast with temperatures seasonable. the number four thing to know is that the heat is going to return
5:25 am
and twirl bring a fire danger with it. i will show you how warm it will be and how long that lasts and where the heat creates the fire danger. >> as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, if you come in from the east bay we are see eight minutes on the clock to get between the macarthur maze into san francisco and busy is the altamont pass expect a one hour commute time from tracy to dublin. >> construction is delay the opening of the new h.o.v. lanes on 880 southbound in the east bay. a three mile extension from oakland to marina boulevard in san leandro was supposed to open at 5:00 but caltran said road work is pushing it to tomorrow morning. >> pediatricians are drawing a hard line on drinking during pregnancy saying it is never okay. the american academy of pediatrics said alcohol abuse can lead to developmental delays and mental health should for children and say women should
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not drink when trying to conceive. >> rescuers are looking for a humpback whale that is covered and stuck in netting. they say the mammal was agitate asked kept breaching and teams will evaluate the condition of the whale based on photos. this is the third team in two months whale watchers have witnessed a large mammal in distress. >> we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> including a heads up for bart riders where work will begin today to improve another station to make your commute smoother. >> and we are showing you a picture of downtown san picture of downtown san francisco. ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> i'm back. hello, everyone, eric thomas here. now a check on the wet forecast and how fall like is it? >> we have thick fog this morning. quarter-mile visibility in napa and petaluma and santa rosa is our main reporting stations. 101, 29, 16, possibly 37 is going to be foggy but here is a look at san rafael, as we look southbound on 101, the day planner over the next 12 hours we are in the 40s in the north bay valley and the rest of us in the 50's and 60s and in the mid-to-upper 60s at the coast and hit the mid-60s to extend around the bay and inland by noon and sprinkles are over by then. grab the sunglasses, low-to-mid 70s the leyla? without the fog closer to sausalito, not sure what contributed to this accident but it is still blocking three lanes
5:30 am
southbound 101 south of highway one and not fining any delays, still early in the commute. as we look at drive time traffic 101 from santa rosa to petaluma further to the north that is 14 minutes, 580, westbound, castro valley to the pays, a quick 14 minute commute and 101 northbound from the 280/680 split, it is 13 minutes, and 101 near 880 be clear going and no accidents. >> the f.b.i. is investigating a fight on board a southwest airlines flight from los angeles to san francisco that delayed the flight for hours last night. matt keller is at sfo. when did the passengers finally arrive here? >> the plane landed four hours ago and ultimately the people are getting much needed sleep but obviously they were frustrated. check out the photo posted on
5:31 am
snapchat from the original delight. the passenger named christian wrote that two people gout into a fight and now we are landing. another passenger witness add man harassing a woman of a reclipping chair and southwest flight 2010 returned after being in the air thin minutes because the pilot declared an emergency. law enforcement met the plane at the gate and town one person from the flight. the others switched planes and took off two hours later. some passengers expressed their frustration. one tweeted i want my next flight free because being delayed at l.a.x. for three hours and nonsense and a waste of time. christian feeted if nothing else is wrong i should be in bed at 3:00 a.m. so it took two hours tofully than to drive. the fbi is now investigating the indidn't. there is no word open any arrests. >> alameda officials are
5:32 am
investigating the cause of a two-alarm fire that ripped through to homes. a home owner said he barbecued for dipper before hearing an explosion and seeing the flames. he thinks the grease burning on the hood of the barbecue could have ignited the flames. >> i got on -- it got on my roof and upped to their roof. i am shocked. shocked that something this serious could happen so quickly. >> residents in both homes got out safely and are staying with relatives or friends. >> developing news the san francisco medical examiner is, welcoming to identify a body found floating in the bay yesterday afternoon. a better spotted the body between angel island and treasure island. firefighters property the man's body back to the fire boat station along the embarcadero. officials have fought said how the man died. >> a man charged with animal cruelty to cats will enter a three in san jose courtroom.
5:33 am
the 24-year-old robert farmer, the transient son of a retired san jose police can't was arraign on tuesday. he was arrested while sleeping if his car with a dead cat. farmer matched the christmas of the catnapper caught on security camera in san francisco. it is believed farmer was the mystery kidnapper who abducted cats that were later killed or injured. >> happening today, san francisco's busy market street will have a change designed to make it safer for bicyclist. crews are raising the bicycle lane a few inches off the ground. bicyclists say the elevation will separate them from car traffic and make drivers more aware of bicyclists. amy hollyfield will have a report on the new bicycle lane at the tonight hour. >> throughs of california state university pack ultimate of all 33 campuses vote to decide to go
5:34 am
on strike over pay. contractor talks broke off between the california faculty association and the officials. the association wants 5 percent raise but they countered with 2 percent past. >> we have not had raises, anything substantial, for seven years. often before that raises were if you look at ten career average of what faculty have earned, we have not kept up with inflation >> voting will continue until october 28. if the faculty votes to strike it could take months to walk off the job because the upcoming secret only authorized union cleared to "consider," calling a strike the >> scientists say it is a race against time to restore it laps an the san francisco bay. according to a new report an area twice the size of the city of san francisco needs to be restored in the,15 years to avoid flooding because of rising sea levels.
5:35 am
experts say some places will need sea walls including san francisco and oakland airports treasure island and shoreline communities like foster city. wetlands are violate for wildlife and critical for people, as well. the marshes provide a buffer zone to prevent flooding in northbound by communities. wart moves the elevator makeover program to embarcadero cleaning and repairing the expire elevator before putting down new flooring. the new harding will not absorb the odors or lick wees like the old one lasting a week. in all, 127 elevators at bart stations will get the makeover. the entire project is going to be finished by december of 2016. >> the 49ers are back in the "win," column betting baltimore ravens at levi stadium and kaepernick had a touchdown pass at smith giving the 49ers 13-3
5:36 am
lead. ray develops quarterback had trouble with direction throwing an interception to a wide open 49ers and the 49ers win 25-20. they of home against see at on thursday. ed raiders had a bye week. >> now, the monday morning weather forecast. >> you can see a few drops at sfo so a little bit of drizzle is possible and the low clouds show flight arrival delays. we will know in 25 minutes if you have to step away i will put it open twitter. seasonal inland with mostly sunny conditions this afternoon, and 73 to 78 from the north bay to the east bay, along the coast, the clouds are opening for sunshine after drizzle this morning, 64 to 69. it will be a brighter and more dry afternoon an the bay with temperatures close to average or a degree or two warmer from 70 to 76 headed into san jose.
5:37 am
as we jump forward to tomorrow here is a look at what is going to happen as far as the winds, they will pick up out out of the northeast with humidity dropping down to 10 or 15 percent and with the dry vegetation out there, higher elevation, napa county, sonoma county, and marin county we are going to have a fire weather watch. that goes from action tomorrow morning physical look tomorrow on wednesday morning when you need to be heightened about your actions and how they could spark a fire. san jose is cloudy and temperature is 61 degrees, and have not heard of any precipitation until you get into the santa cruz mountains so want out for that. san francisco is 76, and being conservative with the 80 on wednesday and back in the 70s by thursday and most of us are in the 70s and 80s tomorrow and all of us in the 80s they nearly 90 on wins and most of us outside of san francisco in the 80s again. i will let you know how long this heat wave will last and i have unis thed weather in the back hatch of the seven-day
5:38 am
forecast. leyla? any hotspots? >> i do. they are not causing delays. i would say 30 seconds ago it cleared to the shoulder, southbound highway 101 in the north bay coming up from highway one before you get into the robin williams tunnel is where it is. we do have a brand new crash open highway 17 but the lanes are not blocked. the drive time traffic shows the red, an hour right new on the nose, from tracy to dublin, westbound, look 580. highway 24, westbound walnut creek to highway 13 is nine minutes and if you get there, along 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek is since minutes. continuing and the san ramon valley you will not find any delays, northbound either. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights have been turned on from the east bay so we have ten-minute delay. as you need from oakland to san
5:39 am
francisco. that is a look at the accident. right now, all lanes have cleared. that is good news if you are headed out of mill valley. >> 5:39. today you can get a if you look at highly anticipated "force awakens." it will be shown dug the giants and philadelphia eagles matchup on espn with tickets on sale after that. it is the dark side and the lighting to on the new official movie poster released yesterday. the movie opens december 18 and the franchise of star wars is owned by disney which is our parent company. >> it is has been a lot like ... winter in parts of the country and where mother nature is tightening her icy grip.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look at the golden gate bridge and you can see the traffic is moving along. >> we will fine out if the zipper trucks have put the
5:43 am
barrier if place. cold is the weather issue. try 10-20 degrees below normal in the northeast with snow on the ground. people are waking up to christmas-like conditions which does not bother marathoners in michigan. >> i woke up and i thought it was christmas >> good weather to run in. from weather to run in. >> however, forecasters say by wednesday the temperatures from philadelphia to washington, dc, will be back into the 70s. >> a stretch of highway in the antelope valley will not be re-opened until thursday because of the depth of mud and the number of vehicles stuck. portions of highway 58 remain closed and crews removed 200,000 cubic yards of mud over the weekend but there is still more to go. 100 vehicles were trapped by mudslides in one county.
5:44 am
>> it is going to change and hopefully we not sigh that emily if january, february and march when i believe along with the climate prediction center the heaviest of the rains are going to fall. as far as sfo a few drops in this area and the morning sprinkles and the people sunshine today you probably do not need the umbrella. heat wave on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and on friday and transition to fall this weekend and next week potentially a few storms. rain through the santa cruz mountains and you can see a few radar runs sliding south toward us but a lot them are falling apart in the northwest corner of sonoma.
5:45 am
there is drizzle close to the coast with uniform winds as less than ten minute. radar is picking up the shower activity and instability and notice as we head throughout the afternoon we are seeing clearing in the north bay and the if ensure what by 5:00 with a lot of sunshine. we will have a few low clouds developing during the evening and overnight hours especially along the coast as high pressures sellings over our neighborhood and starts the warming trend. mid-70s in the south bay from 74, 75, and 76 and we will be near significant in millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 70s for the rest of the peninsula and manipulate 60s along the coast and a if you in south san francisco. sausalito up to 78 in santa rosa and sonoma and novato, richmond is the cool spot long the east bay shoreline at 70 and everyone
5:46 am
else up to 76 and oakland at 75. around 73 to 78 degrees inland east bay. my seven-day forecast shows do not for get the fire danger. from tuesday to wednesday. it is still going to be warm on thursday but you can see tapering of temperatures on friday and through the weekend of the we have an causing delays northbound highway 17 at the summit you can see where it is red. folks are driving too fast in this area so, try and slow down as you make it to lexington hills to the reservoir. as we make it to the north through los gatos and up to highway 17 where it machines with 880 you are at top speed, 280 are not seeing delays and highway 85, 17, 87 looking clear but busy on 101 at 36 miles per hour. beyond alum rock avenue. when you are up to the full its you are good to go to santa
5:47 am
clara and toward the san jose airport. no problems. 580 westbound tracy to castro valley at one hour and nine minutes. 101 northbound to the san jose airport has delays with 18 minutes. 280 north bound through daly city into san francisco is continue meant commute. the bay bridge toll plaza is busy to the tolls but across the water it is only five minutes. >> former nba player and reality tv star lamar odom is slowly making progress after weighing up from -- waking up from a coma in las vegas after 35-year-old was found unconscious. kim kardashian said he is alert and smileed and close klhloe kardashian said he is off dialysis and the kidneys are all
5:48 am
right. the olympian who killed his model girlfriend is released from prison and under house arrest. the release happens later today our time. a year ago the runner famous for using brother nets to run was sentenced to give years for manslaughter in the death of reeva steenkamp. the prosecutors are saying oscar pistorius is guilty of murder according to the report and the appeal will be heard next month. >> happening today, flying a drone could get tougher. the f.a.a. will were veil new rules and one requires owners to register the devices a move to regulate the market in you manned aircraft. some pose real dangers in the air and on the ground. >> sooner or later we will lose an airplane to a drone because of a collision. do you not need to abillion enthey. what you should do is build into the software that every drone now has prohibition where they
5:49 am
cannot fly. >> americans own 500,000 drones and the new regular polices could take affect bit end of this year. >> antioch teacher's aide is called a hero after jumping interest action that may have prevent add possible kidnapping. our news anchor spoke with the aide turned rescuer who save an 11-year-old girl. >> i got a sick feeling in my stomach and i turned back around. >> thank goodness she did. sandra ferguson woke you on friday morning as a help tooer asked that united called a guardian angel. i want with my feeling. it felt weird. it did not feel right. i want to check things." she was in the car and she noticed an 11-year-old getting into a truck with a middle aged man. ferguson recognized girl as a former student at sutter elementary. >> i asked, was that her dad, and she said, no.
5:50 am
i immediately blocked the vehicle with my car and told her to get out of the truck. >> completely alone she blocked the truck with her car and waited for miss. they arrested the june-year-old santiago -- the 51-year-old santiago salazar on suspicion of kidnapping. he did not attempt to run. he did not know the 11-year-old. >> i did not give it a second thought. i helped her. the outcome was g >> for the family, great could be the understatement, persian son said the biggest reward is knowing a firm student is safe tonight. >> it gives me a good feeling. >> when asked if she was worried for her own safety she said she did what needed to be done and does not give it a second thought and hops others will act when something gives them pause. >> next, at 6:00, a battle over
5:51 am
sports in the north bay, some residents are not happy about a man to build a new sports complex. >> a house on the move and we explain the rare sight on an oakland street and why local hospital gave away a home for free. >> a surprising twist after a gram bailed on his bride. how homeless people are benefiting from the wed disaster. >> -- the wedding >> -- the wedding stay tuned. today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did.
5:52 am
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>> good morning, everyone, you are look at traffic on the eastern span of the bay bridge slowing down. the volume is picking up. we will talk with leyla and get the traffic situation. >> how do you move a house? slow and steady. that was theme. crews moved an entire house to make room for a if you outpatient center. for 13 years the little white house was offices. officials did fought want to tear down the home and offered to free to someone who could move it. it went to two men in oakland who said they were spending $200,000 to move it just one block. >> and a lot of reaction on face book to this story. a jilted bride in sacramento turned her nightmare of a wedding into a night some complete strangers will never forget. a gram called off day before the ceremony but rather than
5:55 am
canceling the dinner the parents decided to turn the 35,000 event into a feast for sacramento's hopeless, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion at the hotel, one of the finest venues. >> very generous. to lose out and then give it to someone else is giving. >> the braid's mother said she knew it was the right decision when the first person showed up more than half an hour early. the honeymoon, also nonrefundable which is not being wasted mom and daughter are headed to belize. >> so, silver line nothing that cloud. what about our clouds? >> fantastic. they would do that on so many levels it is from. >> good morning, everyone, our exploritorium shows the cloud cover there, we have had a few sprinkles and it is possible through noon that will continue and the temperatures are close to average but for inland east bay we will below average. you can see the thunderstorms
5:56 am
are possible around free necessity and lake tahoe and to yosemite at 59 if lake tahoe and 7 a in yosemite and scattered showers around san diego and los angeles. temperatures after the morning are refreshing for outdoor activities. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is packed like sardines at 20 minutes to get between the macarthur maze to san francisco. you have a wait. you want to give your self extra time. grab the coffee to go. the santa cruz mountains have an accident not blocking lanes but slowing at it will miles per hour reaching the summit. beyond that, toward the lexington reservoir you are look at clear conditions. along the peninsula, 280, at top speed through los altos, the valley, 101 into and out of east palo alto so no problems. to the north, between highway 92 and highway 84 it and clear
5:57 am
this, as well. >> almost halloween so that means some people are decorating pumpkins to put out on the front porch and others are cashing huge gourds. in utah, people made boats out of the pumpkins to take part in the race in salt lake city. this is after giant pumpkin growers competed to see who could grow the largest and they hauled the 700-1,500 pumpkins are hall load out and they row. >> oh, my gourd! >> at 6:00, a special trip to the holy see, a teen lands a meeting with the pope. >> big changes for bicyclist on the busiest street in san francisco.
5:58 am
>> keep tabs on weather and traffic. traffic. the ♪
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, if you helped to use one of the new h.o.v. lane on interstate 880 you are out of luck. you have to wait at least one more day. >> the commute is changing for bicyclists in san francisco and what you need to know about new bicycle lanes on one of the business of the streets. >> thanks for joining us on monday the hope you had a from weekend. >> first up, a check on the weather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> nice to see you. you may not be happy to see this. the visibility is down to quarter-mile in santa rosa. 101 heading through rohnert park and petaluma at h


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