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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 19, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> passengers on a flight bound for san francisco take to social media to express frustration after being delayed for hours because of a dispute between two passengers. >> thanks for joining us. >> f.b.i. now is leading the investigation and the most bizarre in-flight disturbance. witnesses say it began over a woman reclining her seat. matt keller is at sfo. matt? >> yes, kristen, the pass juries finally arrived at 1:36 a.m., a frustrating night for them and it played out on social media.
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southwest flight 2010 was only in the air for a brief moment last night when the pilot declared an emergency and returned to l.a.x. with law enforcement waiting on the tore mack. the pilot told air traffic control why he did it. >> southwest 2010. flight attendants called and we have two passengers that are in a physical altercation so we need to get itemed around back to l.a.x. >> law enforcement removed a man from the flight. a passenger named christian posted this photo of an officer on the plane. another passenger named mariah said "witness this dude physically harassing the woman in front him over a chair reclining." all 136 passengers changed flights and arrived five hours late at sfo an end to a frustrating flight. she tweeted "i want my next flight to be free because being delayed at l.a.x. for three hours and coming back to los
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angeles is nonsense and a waste of time." >> man removed from the plan was questioned and detained by the f.b.i. he was released. the f.b.i. said they still have to question other passengers before determining if more charge will be filed. >> thank issue matt. united said it will announce publicly whether to appoint an interim c.e.o. after the new chief executive was hospitalized for a heart attack last week. the company said little about the condition since he was admitted to a chicago hospital for unknown medical problem. united board said a decision about leadership will be announced either today or tomorrow. the c.e.o. is a month into the job replacing the former khloe who was dismissed. >> developing news in san jose, police are trying to find out what caused a driver to slam into a restaurant. sky 7 shows where the vehicle want through the front window of
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the vietnamese sandwich shop at 7:15. no one was hurt. firefighters determined the structure is fine. police say the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with the investigation. it is not known if drugs or alcohol were a factor. >> big makes are coming to the bicycle lanes on market in san francisco to make them safer. construction crews will raise the lanes a few inches off the ground on eastbound market between gough and 12th. amy hollyfield, what do you have? >> construction just got underway the last sure. some bicyclists are questioning, is this going to do more harm than good? >> bicyclists say it is already tense navigating on market street alongside the cars. some have traffic imagining how they will do it in a lane raised up higher than the cars. >> more people are probably
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going to bike on the curb. >> construction on a new raised lane started today. the idea is businesses on similar lanes in amsterdam seen in this picture. with any new idea come questions of how it will work. >> i don't know, will people be fearful? >> the pillars are will still be in place and the lanes green. official are not worried about people falling off the raised lanes. >> we think it will be beneficial and positive for people riding bicycles, people walking and people driving because it organizes the streets. what we are seeing is how high is comfortable and how low makes a difference. >> another question came from a driver who feels the to lanes are plenty separateed. >> i think it is not necessary. >> transportation official say, yes, since the number of people on pikes have gonna 200 percent
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since 26 fix they think something new is necessary. >> we are trying something new to improve safety, and try to be innovative with ways we improve transportation. >> it translates to being more aware. bicyclists and drivers, for the construction that is underway, you need to be aware of each other more so than usual and bicyclists splay to borrow the driver's lane while the construction is taking place of the when the lips are completed in a month officials want feedback and know what you think of it before they move forward. >> than you. new this morning, san leandro police are looking for the vandal who slashed tires own dozens of cars over the weekend. residents living at the apartment complex on 143rd avenue were stunned to find so many vehicles targeted by 9 tire slashers. gerald found out he was
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victimized when he tried to drive to work on sunday morning. >> the frustrated tenants. hopefully this is something we will never seen again around here. >> he said a liver investigating the crime was nice enough to give him a lit to the drive. residents held a meeting with property manager to discuss security. this are no arrests. >> the officer involved shooting on market is prompting a community meeting today. 27-year-old man died after a sergeant shot him on thursday at market and 8th. police say he grab another sergeant's gun during a struggle. the officers are expected to provide more information at the meeting today that will take place at noon at the specific auditorium. >> animal rights activist will protest outside a san jose courtroom this afternoon as a man charged with animal cruelty goes to enter a plea. the 24-year-old robert farmer was arrested while sleeping in his car with a dead cat. police say he matched the skim
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of a cap napier caused on security camera in san jose. the prosecution believe he abducted cats that were later killed or injured. he is the tran cent son of a retired san jose police captain. >> the san francisco medical examiner has identified the person whose body was found floating in the bay yesterday afternoon. the victim is 44-year-old rich around raydel from phoenix, arizona, spotted between angel and treasure island. firefighters brought him back to the fire boat station. officials have not said how he died. >> santa cruz police are investigating after a car plunged off the wharf on saturday night. it killed one man. it left another critically injured. witnesses say the driver of a white cadillac was speeding. he barreled through a 4' rail and went down 20' into the water. therapy underwater for half an hour before being rescued. >> this is a somber anniversary, 24 years since the deadly firestorm in the oakland hills.
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65 miles per hour winds fueled the flames and this is how it looked. there were 3,000 homes that were destroyed. at the height, the five burned a house every loaf were seconds. 25 people died. 150 were injured. >> oakland mayor schaaf will join the oakland fire chief and members of the market district to commemorate the anniversary. the shaking still is not stopping in san ramon after two dozen small earthquakes in the past 24 hours. the biggest was 3.3 magnitude earthquake at 3:30 and in the past week the respond area has seen 177 minor earthquakes. the small earthquake shook lake county and sonoma county yesterday measuring 3.4 magnitude earthquake with no reports of damage. >> happening today, stanford graduate and ambassador to south korea mark lippert will speak seven months after he was attacked with a razor.
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the assault left him needing 80 stitches for a gash to his face. this happened back in march while he was giving a lecture in south korea. today the ambassador speaks at stanford about his experience. the man convicted is serving a 12 year prison sentence. >> today kicks off voting for thous of stall faculty members to decide whether to authorize a strike over pay. faculty from 23 campuses can vote between now and october 28. the faculty association said it is seven years since they received a real pay raise and they want 5 percent boost to the university's offering of 2 percent. >> a company is making a move to launch annoy public offering with a payment processing start-up lured away a former yahoo executive, 9 outgoing chief develop president officer and jumping to the san francisco-baseed company to head
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up the business financing. she will report directly to the founder and c.e.o. jack dorsey named c.e.o. of twitter. they have filed for initial stock offering valued at $275 million. >> oprah is hoping to turn weight watchers around acquiring a 10 percent stake in the company and take a seat on the board. she said she had a positive experience with the company's weight loss program. she wants to partner in the evolution of weight watchers moving the me cuss from weightless to overall happiness. the profits fell 50 percent in the first half of the year. >> still ahead, the truth about drinking during pregnancy. is it okay in moderation? the hard-line that doctors are drawing and why it goes beyond nine months. >> you do not her this very often, represent prices dropping in the bay area with communities where that is happening and how much you request save.
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>> if you are looking for a place to live a new reporter shows which areas in the bay city where the rents have actually drop. the typical monthly represent in palo alto is down by $37. to $3,410. a month. in mountain view, rents have
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dropped a couple of bucks to $2,829. it is not clear if this is a friend but the most dramatic increases were further north, solano with 16.5 percent increase. 16 percent in napa. statewide rents in the third quarter were up 9 percent compared with 2014. >> a new warning of the dangers of drinking while pregnant in a new guide for doctors on fetal alcohol syndrome they danger a strong stand on dropping during pregnancy. this is an under recognized cause of developmental delays and is totally avoidable. >> first this was yelp and now there is an online community where women share expenses, information, about current and former employers.
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it offers maternityily resource extra so woke can compare maternity leave policy. right new, only five of fortune 100 companies publicly list the maternity leave policy on the website making it tough for women to consider starting families to compare firms. mike? >> at the coast it is fall-like but i have a warming trend on the way and a potential fire hazard for parts of the bay area. i will map that out in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. some congestion relief coming to east bay drivers with a new adid ocean to interstate 880 that can make eight breeze for settlement. >> bad effects of helicopter parenting and how to give the distance they need from mom and
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> caltran is expected to on the if you lane tomorrow although it was supposed to open today. sky 7 shows the area where the h.o.v. lane will open, a three mile stretch in the southbound direction between oakland and san leandro to marina boulevard. an extension of an already existing h.o.v. lane. this is going to be available for drivers with two or more passengers monday through friday between 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the evening, construction began in january of to 13 on $107 million project and they hope it will ease the traffic congestion.
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>> how quickly the weather items. yesterday was chilly, will we continue in that direction or turn it around? >> i know who could know the answer. >> good morning, thanks for that. absolutely, seven-day forecast forecast has a last changes and that is a good observation. we will look at what happens this morning, did you get caught under one of the stray light showers here we go from twitter, from san jose, a light shower, a little bit of a rainbow if you looked above the trees to the left you can see that and thing do brought in some mud so that is the byproduct of the light shower. in san jose right now, clouts are still lingering here and across the santa cruz mountain where quote have a few more drops and you can see a clearing trend as we look from sutro tower back to the east bay hills and we will call it cloudy today and seasonal and maybe not so cool as yesterday, because we will have more sunshine, and warmer tomorrow, and that will bring a high are fire threat and
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next week we are looking cooler than this weekend and more unsettled so that means better chances of rain, fingers crossed on that can you see from the san mateo bridge, south, and that is where the clouds are holding on now and we have the before chance of sprinkles over the next hour or so. as far as our temperatures, we are going to run in the 60s along the coast, mid-to-upper 60s, and richmond and san mateo, 70 is the cooler spots and we have 72 in san francisco, and everyone else between 73 and 78 diagnosis. a nice day to be outside. tonight, we are going to be cool again especially in the north bay upper 40's to mid-50s and the rest of us are in the money 50s and we could see a little bit of fog developing along the east bay shoreline and out over the coast as the high pressure develops over our neighborhood and you can watch it develop as we head into the afternoon hours as the dry air rushes in you can see the clouds are rating from the santa cruz mountains and the evening commute will be dry and overnight a few clouds and can you see the fog forming around
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the bay and watch as the high pressure takes over and the offshore breeze develops by noon tomorrow and into the afternoon all the clouds then, erase from the sky. however, the transition is going to be breezy especially across the north bay mountains with a fire weather watch so conditions are likely in 24 hours when they become even more set in continue they will upgrade this to a red flag warning our highest for fire threat. northeast winds at 10-25 miles per hour, and humidity is 50 percent so dry air, dry group, breezy conditions and rapid fire growth is possible. the temperatures are jumping 2-10 degrees tomorrow. well hand out in the 70s along the coast into thursday and friday and 80s along the bay can nearly 90 before the temperature slides this weekend but it is not until monday of next week with the potential pattern change for wet weather and fall-like weather.
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>> mike, listen to this helicopter parenting is ament issue among parenting styles and now some say it can ruin generation of children. so caught helicopter parenting is when the parents are overprotected and love are like a helicopter over their child's every move. some say by doing this they raise a generation that are under prepared for the wheel world. an expert said that parents need to give their child freedom and let them make their occupy mistakes. >> they do not have the life skills or the skills needed in work and they have higher rate of anxiety and depression. >> some tips to avoid him corporating parent is not arguing, stop doing the kids' homework and make sure they do their which ares to girlfriend them a since of accountability. otherwise they end up like the parents at "the job interview," with the parents all group. >> this is good, star wars fans, "the force awaken," the place you can town in to watch the trillion for the highly
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>> coming up at 4:00, a turf way with more problems with the turf at levi stadium and what it could mean for the upcoming super bowl. are you thinking of making your
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home solar? coming up at 5 o'clock, "7 on your side" has an important checklist things to know before you spend the money. >> talk about a solar system and beyond, later today, you can get an exclusive new look at highly anticipated star wars "the force awakens." the movie. >> this is going to be shown during the giants and philadelphia eagles matchup tonight on espn, with tickets on sale after that. the dark and light side together on new official movie poster released yesterday, opening december 18 with the star wars franchise owned by disney which is the parent company of abc 7. >> another reason to watch monday night football, of course sex to see how cold the players will be, the baseball players were in their ski mask playing
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basketball. you will see that along with the star wars trailer. >> but they are paid the big bucks.
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