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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. this abc 7 news. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us on this monday. >> a new push to keep the friendly skies safe. today the federal government debuted a plan to require anyone who buys a drone to register it3 abc news reporter elizabeth hour has the latest. >> if you think you are seeing and hearing about drones a lot more lately, this is why. according to the faa, drone sightings have doubled, including reports from pilots complaining about the remote control devices flying too close to planes in airports. >> we just about got hit by a drone. just about 20 feet. >> with the information, a
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little drone below us -- >> reporter: and others interfering with fire fighting efforts like this back in july. causing authorities to now require private owners of drones to register them with the government. >> if you intend it take it on to local streets or highways, you are expected to register it and operate it safely to protect the public. >> reporter: a newly-formedpç k force will need to weed out details and how rules will affect drone operators. an estimated three quarters after million drones expected to be sold as gifts this holiday season. >> the faa task force is a step in the right decision, but we also need timely decisions. >> these rules are a work in progress. toys and small drones could be exempted from registering. but all this now up to that new task force and the difference of the recommendation is set for
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next month. elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. >> time to turn to weather with spencer christian checking our accuweather. spencer? >> a lovely day. light pockets of light rain overnight. let's take a look at dry conditions across the bay area. mainly sunny skies. a few thin high clouds in northern california. light rain fall around eureka, moving toward hay fork. in the bay area, light rain overnight. half moon bay without heavy or widespread bay. this is looking at the west erp sky and currently 65 degrees in san francisco. open 71 in mountain view, san jose and morgan hill at half moon bay. check out clouds over lake tahoe looking a little gloomy there right now. other temperatures readings in the bay area, 76 in santa rosa. 73 in napa and livermore 75. and the view from the tower looking towards the golden gate
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and this is our first forecast. partly cloudy to mainly clear this evening. sunny and bright tomorrow morning. low temperatures ranging from upper 40s in some of the north valley locations to mid and upper 50s. then afternoon tomorrow, sunny and warm or mild to warm with highs ranging from near 70 at the coast to mid and upper 80s inland. i will have the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, looking forward to that. thank you, spencer. crews just finished getting the last car stuck in tons of mud from flash flooding in southern california. more than a hundred vehicles were buried, ranging from small cars to big rigs. forcing cal trans to temporarily close i-5, the grapevine, the main link from southern to northern california. >> new haven street exploded, 35
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by 45 feet, just collapsed. they are hoping to have the street back open by tomorrow. >> news out of sunnyvale, man taken into custody accused of stabbing his elderly parents. it happened on gavelon avenue. you can see officers on the scene there. they have tapes surrounding the home so no one can get in so they can process the crime scene. the suspect's parents are in the hospital. there is no word on their condition. police aren't saying what they believe motive was for the stabbing but be sure to get the latest breaking news here on air. abc news and twitter on abc news bay area. a large crowd of animal activists gathered at the santa clara county courthouse asking for justice for a cat killer. >> robert farmer has been taking
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cats own hurting for killing them since the middle of september. vick lee broke the story. he joins us now live from san jose. vick? >> reporter: robert farmer did not make veil of $70,000. he is charged with animal cruelty and other charges. most of the missing or dead cats came from san jose and that's where most of the large crowd here today came from. it was a brief court appearance but and the case was continued until december. but the crowd, large crowd, still had plenty to say. robert farmer's attorney argued he needed more time for evidence. the crowd was disappointed. but mike bassing who rescued one of the cats from the tree said he felt safe as long as farmer was in jail.
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>> you don't is have to worry about someone going out and killing pets or people. >> the son after former san jose police captain was arrested last thursday. sleeping in his car with a dead cat. police say he matched the description of the cat napper in this security video who snatched gogo the cat from a home in the cambrien district. others told us they the cats missing or found dead of blunt trauma. this was was found in a ritual burial in a bks. feline wrapped in plastic with rocks piled on top. representatives from animal care and rescue groups were here. >> cats lives matter. we are here to support all of the community. >> laws are getting stricter for animal abuse. and the status of the crime is being elevated. >> we are very encouraged about that. >> animal cruelty is no exception. these are victims and just like
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human victims, all victims need a voice in the courtroom. justice needs to be served. >> the 24-year-old transient comes back to court in december to enter a plea. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> the search is on in berkeley for man accused of trying to lure three girls into his van in the area of college avenue and webster street. it happened just after 6:00 last night. the girls say he started chasing them but drove away after they screamed. theñi incident is similar it la month near willard middle school on telegraph avenue. they have increased patrols around the schools. >> police chief greg sir answered questions about last week's fatal shooting near 8th and market streets. >> joining us live at the scene of the shooting with the latest on the investigation, carolyn? >> reporter: this is the fifth officer-involved shooting so far this year. as he always does, he held a town hall meeting to talk about the preliminary investigations.
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san francisco police chief greg sur says his heart goes out to the family of benitez. investigators say an indent began with a man throwing bottles at a construction site. and ended when he got into a confrontation with one of the two police sergeant who responded. >> the sergeant and suspect struggled, with the sergeant yelling, now, he's got my gun, shoot him. >> how did he get a gun from the police officer? >> you're right, it is difficult to get a gun from a police officer. it did happen this time. >> what measures were taken in this encounter. >> the sergeant tried to crow ate distance however mr. benitez closed that distance and escalated the situation.
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>> his family is skeptical. >> the herbert you are describing is not the herbert i knew when i would see him tuesday nights in bible study. and when we got this news, i'm telling you, we are just speechless right now. >> chief says if his officers have body cameras, that footage would support what his sergeant and witnesses are describing. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> police are trying to figure out what caused a driver to slam into a restaurant in san jose. we see where the vehicle went through the front window. north capital avenue about 7:15 this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. firefighters determined the structure was fine. the driver of the vehicle is coop rigerating with the investigation. >> man is believed to be responsible for slashing tires on 16 cars over the weekend. a 35-year-old unidentified man
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was taken into custody in hayward. the man was visiting family at park side commons apartment complex when the vandalism happened. the man will be charged with a felony and is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >> union faculty members of the 23 state university campuses are voting on whether to strike over stalled salary negotiations. the faculty association is asking for a 5% pay raise for its members. while csu trustees are offering 2%. the two sides have not made much progress over six months of negotiations. >> most of the faculty are falling out of the middle class. the cost of living is going up. the faculty at csu have not received a salary increase of any substance in almost ten years. >> csu spokesperson said the raise the union is asking for would cost $69 million more than has been budgeted. the association represents about 29,000 professors, librarians, counsellors and coaches. >> still ahead here on abc 7
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news at 4:00, vice president biden is closing in on the decision. will he run for president? what is holding him back for now? >> plus a plane to sfo delayed for hours. an everyday event that sparked the on-board fight. >> and changes you will see to bike lines in san francisco. >> taking a look outside, our live traffic camera in san jose. you can see that traffic is -- you know the traffic area better than i do. >> yes. >> this is 280 -- 101, excuse me, southbound, all of your backed up traffic there. on the left-hand side. that's your northbound traffic. it is clear this time of day. and this is the one going over
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sfo flight to san francisco, forced to return to los angeles after a dispute broke out between two passengers. apparently over someone trying to lean their seat back. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: southwest flight 2010 was only in the air for a brief moment late last night when the pilot declared an emergency and returned to lax to see law enforcement waiting on the tarmac. the pilot cold air traffic control why he did it. >> southwest 2010. >> go ahead. >> hey, flight attendant just called, ef tently we have two passengers in a physical altercation. so we need to get turned around back it lax. >> when the plane landed, law inforcement removed a man from the flight. a passenger named kristin posted
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this photo on snap chat of an officers on the plane. another passenger tweeted this. witness this dude physically harass the lady sitting in front of him over a chair reclining on the flight. eventually all 160 passengers switched planes and arrived to their destination late. mariah tweeted i want my next flight to be free because delayed at lax for three hours and back it l.a. is nonsense and a waste of time. >> the man removed from the plane was requested and detained by the fbi. he was eventually released. fbi said it still has it question other passengers on the plane before deciding if charges will be filed. at sfo, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, the bay area celebrity on that flight and what he saw. >> a one of its kind bike lane in san francisco that makes getting around on two wheels a lot safer. a new lane will run along market
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street. it will be raised higher than the street but lower than the sidewalk. transportation officials say it is all in the name of safety. protecting the number of cyclists from cars along busy market street. >> positive for people riding bikes, people walking and people driving as well. it organizes the streets. what we see here is now high is comfortable and how low makes a difference. >> the concept was inspired by raised bike lanes in the netherlands. here is what one looks like in amsterdam. one of the continents largest bike lane networks. some congestion relief will arrive tomorrow for southbound 880 in the east bay. sky hd shows you the area where a new bike line will open between oakland and san leandro. the extension really of an existing hov lane for drivers with two or more passengers
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between monday and friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and saturday between 9 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. a median is broken to a lane configuration won't be changed in time for the commute hour. but a pilot program has been launched to go from three lanes in each direction to go fourth northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. you're looking at a live picture at golden gate bridge where traffic is moving right now. it will jam up later ppt morning commute configuration is not affected. >> today marks the 24th anniversary of the deadly oakland hills fire storm that killed 25 and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. strong winds fueled a small brushfire that wasn't completely extinguished the night before. within minutes the small fire grew into an immense wall of plays. current mayor lost her home in that fire. >> with everything you've ever owned gone, is an experience i
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hope no one ever has to go through. >> we need the residents of oakland to continue with their fire prevention efforts. fire prevention in regards to vegetation clearance is a year-round effort. >> both the mayor and fire chief emphasize the fire danger is even higher now than it was in 1991 because of our drought. >> the shaking still hasn't stopped. we've had another two dozen small quakes in just the past 24 hours. the biggest was p 3.3 about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. in past week the danville area has seen 177 minor quakes. >> a video after shark feasting on a seal near alcatraz didn't keep a group of native americans from completing a life challenge in the bay this morning. ac news was at san francisco's aquatic park as this group of swimmers finished up their swim of more than a mile from the famous island. wrapping up an intensive week of
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health education and taught them how to lose weight and manage diabetes. some participants learned to swim just to complete this challenge. >> oh, my gosh, i feel amazing. it was so scary when we were getting ready to drop in. it was great. >> the program also helped swimmers overcome alcoholism and other challenges. the goal is for the swimmers it take what they learned back to their communities. >> congratulations. >> wonderful. >> huge. let's take a look outside with spencer christian. hey, spence. >> we have blue skies mainly across the bay area. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have a lovely and warm fall day across the region. looks like warm fall weather is the view. this is emeryville looking at clear and sunny western sky. these are our forecast features. clear and cool nights, with warm fall days. turning cooler over the weekend.
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satellite video showing low pressure system that brought sprinkling weather over the weekend p. that is moving out. high pressure building in and that will bring us a string of warm fall days right on through friday. so let's look at the tropical pacific now where a powerful category 4 hurricane has developed. this is hurricane olaf. its projected path appears to be taking it away from hawaii. it is expected to go north, west ward for a while, then go north ward. it won't have any affects of the hawaiian island. overnight, clear skies, pleasantly cool. temperatures mainly in mid 50s. up in north bay valley, even cooler with lows in upper 40s to around 50. then tomorrow, sunny and mild to warm in the south bay. highs mainly in low 80s, about 81 at santa clara. 82 at coop cupertino mainly low
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80s and high at redwood city and nice and mild with low 70s in most coastal locations. downtown san francisco, in and around, mid to upper 70s. we will see mid 80s from santa rosa to sonoma, napa. highs of 81 in castro valley. union city and fremont. and inland east bay our warmest region overall. maybe even a few upper 80s. here is the accuweather forecast. wednesday, thursday and friday, we will see upper 80s in our inland areas. low 80s around the bay and mainly low 70s along the coast. it will be a sharp and sudden cool down a couple degrees each day and by the beginning of next week, inland highs in the low 80s instead of upper 80s. >> spencer, thank you. up next, how can you catch
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this evening, we will get a new exclusive look at highly anticipated movie, star wars, the force awakens. >> chewy, we're home. >> harrison ford, han solo in a previously released trailer. the longer clip will be shown during the monday night football match-up between the giants and eagles. tonight our sister network, on espn. and that's not all. tickets open on december 18th, going on sale immediately after the clip airs. the rush to buy tickets in the united kingdom today was so huge, on-line booking systems crashed for most movie theater chains. >> that's crazy. >> check this out. force and dark side square off
4:25 pm
in the official star wars poster release over the weekend. there's a lot going on here with lots of familiar faces and some new ones. the star wars franchise is own bid disney which is also abc 7's parent company. >> part of an elite club of funny people, the kennedy center for performing arts, presented a mark twain prize. the top prize for humor. taking the opportunity to tell a few jokes, of course his first bit of standup in decade, a star-studded lineups of comedians helped honor murphy, including chris rock and tracy morgan. people in iraq think they have the plan to boost the struggling economy there. they launched a petition. the australian dollary doo, it comes from the simpsons. the picture from from the petition and shows an australian simpson's character. they state the change in the name of currency would spur people from around the world to snatch up dollary doos.
4:26 pm
so far there are 51,000 signatures, as a goal toward 75,000. >> never know. abc 7 news does continue. will he or won't he? time is running out for joe biden. when he could make a decision on the race for the white house. >> plus, another candidate heads to the bay area. what you can expect from jeb bush's visit this week. and concern about wetlands. the new report that says they are disappearing faster than expected and what can still be done to save them. and when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the
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at 4:0. federal government announcing it will require private owners of drones to register them. a newly formed patask force iro out details. there is a complaint of drones interfering with planes. vick lee tweeted out this picture of accused cat killer robert farmer. he was in court today on animal cruelty chargers. and there is more turf trouble for levi stadium. take a look at this image. we caught this during yesterday's game.
4:30 pm
news reporter wayne friedman tweeted that niners coach tells them he has complete faith in the turf. wayne is getting to the bottom of the sod situation. his report on abc 7 news at 4:00. the bay area is expected to raise dangerously high sooner than previously thought. what can we do about it? that's a question posed by a team of scientists who released their questions today. laura anthony joins us from richmond with the story. laura in. >> reporter: hi, cheryl. these wetlands will be crucial in years to come. this is an update to a report done 16 years ago but a lot has changed since then. especially as the timetable for rising sea levels here in the bay area. >> scientists say that the time is now to protect and restore the bay area's precious wetlands. to guard against destruction and flooding that could occur with rising sea levels. >> about 20 years from now, sea level rise will start
4:31 pm
accelerating. >> sam is the executive officer of the state coastal conservancy. >> what's the alternative? >> the alternative is that we build a lot of big honkin levees and sea walls and turn our backs as a community on the bay. >> according to a new report, the baylands, climate change, instead of relying on levees and sea walls to buffer coastal communities, it would be better to let nature do most of the work. >> we can use the wetlands to restore the shoreline. we can restore wetlands faster and redesign how we manage our land and water so that streams deliver sediment to wetlands and nourish them over time. >> wetlands can only keep up with rising seas if there is adequa adequa
4:32 pm
adequa adequa adequa adequate sediment build up over time. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the white house is enlisting corporate america to bolster its push for an international climate change agreement. there was a discussion with leaders from some of the 81 companies that have signed the american business act on climate pledge. intel, coca-cola, google and wal-mart are among those taking part. >> the clock is ticking but still no decision from biden. will he jump into the race for president? his time may be running out. kenneth moden is a washington reporter. >> reporter: climate change, afternoon meeting with obama, still no o 2016 decision from biden. >> this isn't an easy decision for anyone to make. he understands the pressure but he will make a decision when he is prepared it make it. >>. >> reporter: clinton is a stronger than biden, show polls p.
4:33 pm
but the vp is more likeable. more honest and trust worthy than the secretary of state. but clinton is leading the national horse race. polls at 48%. biden, 17. clinton spent the day off the trail. but bernie sanders was on it in hollywood discussing climate change, campaign finance reform and jobs. >> not my style, you know, to go around attacking people. but on the other hand, we have to lay things on the table. >> donald trump on fox news sunday doubling down on controversial remarks. so george w. brother jeb, is not to blame for 9/11. >> is the world more safe? is bush it blame? i don't know. but he didn't stop the towers
4:34 pm
from coming down. >> jeb bush will be bay area bound tomorrow. in san francisco and wood side attending fund-raisers. first a stop at a private event in pacific heights by techa tech entrepreneur and his wife. his brother, george w. bush, never made an official visit to san francisco during his eight years in the white house. and hacker claims to have breached cia director john brennan's personal e-mail account. and also breached homeland secretary jay johnson. that matter has been taken to the proper authorities. a suspect in saturday night's deadly shooting a at zombie themed street festival, capturing the panic after shot were fired in ft. myers. the shooter is described as a white or hispanic man in late
4:35 pm
teens or early 20s. he was wearing a t-shirt and red billed red and blackball cap. a junior college football player was killed in the attack. >> full of energy, full of life. he was the guy who was always smiling. whenever times were rough. whenever times were hard, he was a guy that could bring love just with his energy. loved to play. loved to compete. >> five others wounded and witnesses told police the shooter used a black semiautomatic handgun. >> the man known as the blade runner, oscar pistorius has been released from prison. convicted of fatally shooting his girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. he has served one year of his five-year sentence. he is now under house arrest. >> a 2.8 quake, and there are no reports of damage at this point. there what is been a cluster of
4:36 pm
dozens of small earthquakes since last week. >> nobody hurt so far. that's good. >> no damage. >> coming up, the gift of a lifetime for a teen with cancer. the idol he will get a chance to visit. >> and i'm spencer christian. east bay hills camera, quite a varied cloud cover there. i will give you a look at what is coming our way for the rest of the week in just a moment. >> and checking your traffic at 4:36 on this monday, 101 through san rafael. it is moving in both directions, which is always good
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which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. . a georgia teenager is embarking on the trip after lifetime. one made possible by the make-a-wish foundation. 16-year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia ayear ago. he made a life-time wish, to meet pope francis. this week he and his family will get that opportunity. the nonprofit made it possible for him to meet one on one with the pontiff. >> the pope is one step right below god i feel. just to have him touch me or touch my shoulder is just going to be a great feeling. >> amazing. he says his italian heritage and faith makes the journey extra special. the teen organized a foundation that raises money for treatment and cures.
4:40 pm
listen to this, rover curiosity shows what looks like a buddha statue. take a look closely at images. sort of, you have to really look closely, resembles buddha with his head turned to the right and plump stomach, that helps. some say the discovery is proof that intelligent life has existed on mars. when they caught the stunning martian god. >> interesting. >> how about our stunning meteorologist god. >> i like that. lets get to spencer christian. >> skies are hopefully blue right now. we've got lovely afternoon here in the bay area. few thin clouds around. tomorrow across the 48 contiguous states, pushing through the upper midwest and great lakes, temperatures in the 60s. up and down the rocky mountains, look for showers from great falls to phoenix. here in the state of california tomorrow, another warm day with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s in chico and sacramento.
4:41 pm
78 in llos angeles. near 70 at the coast to mid 80s inland. for a week ahead, we use downtown san francisco as our temperature range indicator. notice temperatures will remain above average for the next several days. and san francisco in mid to upper 70s and drop oping off a couple of degrees. varying average of 69 degrees. and saturday, sun day, and monday, the average temperature. >> amazon takes on some ofity critics, but not quite what you might think. . >> plus a new
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...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. bay area financial services makes a move to solidify the team ahead of plans it go public soon. yahoo!'s outgoing chief development officer is jumping to square it head up square
4:45 pm
capital. that's its business financing decision. reese will report directly to jess dorsey who was also recently named ceo of twitter. square filed paperwork for a public offering for $275 million. >> amazon is targeting reviewers. the company filed a lawsuit against more than a thousand unidentified people bho allegedly posted fake reviews. they are declaring legal war to stop them. rebecca jarvis has the details. >> those on-line reviews. we rely on them to tell us where to stay, what books to read. which clothes to buy. but are real people really writing them? amazon is suing more than a thousand allegedly fake reviewers, offering their services on the on-line marketplace, for posting ads like this one. promising an awesome five-star review for just $5. satisfaction guaranteed. >> if people start noticing
4:46 pm
there's a lot of very fake reviews on the website, they're just not going to trust amazon. >> just look how easy they are to find. i good on cyber, type in amazon reviews. and just like that, dozens of people offering to write a review for 5 bucks. in the complaint filed last week, amazon called the fake reviewers' actions unfair and deceptive. adding they knew that amazon policy prohibited both paid reviews and fictional reviews and tarnished amazon's brand. cyber tells abc news we actively remove services that violate our terms of use and promptly react to any unethical content. >> 717-year-old casey taylor two years ago said she wrote hundreds of glowing reviews for 4 bucks a pop. >> next day they were working on my bathroom -- >> she is not advertising on fiber and not part of the lawsuit. >> i feel like these people are
4:47 pm
gooding it pay somebody to write a review anyways. so it might as well just be me. >> have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no, i'm 17. >> amazon's efforts will result in fewer fake reviews. they are getting serious about stopping the problem. >> fiber is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. oprah winfrey is tackling a weight problem. the former talk show host paid $43 million for a 10% stake in weight watchers. she will also take a seat on the board of directors. the media mogul said she wants to partner in the evolution of weight watchers moving the focus from weight loss to overall health and happiness. stock fell nearly 50% in the first half of theier. >> turning to other health news, the warning of drinking while pregnant pap guide for doctors about fetal alcohol syndrome. they take a strong stand of
4:48 pm
women taking any alcohol during pregnancy. they say fetal alcohol syndrome is an underrecognized cause of developmental delays and says the syndrome is totally avoidable. still ahead, you may not really need eight hours of sleep after all. >> yeah. researchers uncover a possible new way it diagnose alzheimer's disease. we have your wellness stories in today's wellness report. >> 1 in 10 doctors are responsible for writing the majority of painkiller preskrimgs. cdc recently found the top 20% of doctors account for more than two thirds of all those prescription written. and these doctors are writing prescriptions for substantially larger doses as well. this conventional wisdom that you need 8 hours of sleep a night may be based on false scientific studies. current biology studied sleep of three preindustrial hunter gatherer societies and found those people slept 6 1/2 hours a
4:49 pm
night and also rarely napped. researchers have found a way it possibly diagnose alzheimer's disease. blood pest that mient find early markers of the disease. so far there is no fda blood test for alzheimer's. discovering something very peculiar about ageing with be how we feel about getting old matters. a lot. in test after test, researchers are finding that if we think about getting oldener terms of decline or disability, our health likely will suffer. if on the other hand we see aging in terms of opportunity and grej, our bodies respond in time. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> google plans to make solar powered contact lenses that may do more than correct vision. the tech giant has been granted a patent to make the lenses. they will be capable of communicating with computers and collecting data about the wearer. that data would be able to detect body temperatures, blood alcohol content.
4:50 pm
last year google patented a smart lens that measures the glucose level of diabetics. >> there is news. bay area representative dropped. the research company is reporting the typical monthly rent in palo alto is down by $37 to $3,410 a month. and rent dropping from $2,829. silicon valley business journal is unclear if cities are seeing a start of a trend. most da mattic increases were further north. experiencing 16.5% increase. 16% in napa and 12% in contracosta county. state rent up compared to 2014. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the turf at levi stadium, what it could mean for the upcoming super bowl. >> coming up new on abc 7 news at 5:00, an officer's gun is
4:51 pm
stolen in san francisco. is there a policy for law enforcement agencies to follow? plus -- >> we drop off, we pick up. and we didn't plan on that. that was something imposed on us. >> frustrated parents and overcrowded schools in fremont. why a major developer is now suing. >> and should you go solar? 7 on your side's michael finny has what you should no before buying those and more on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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. and here is tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, "dancing with the stars." castle at 10:00. then abc news at 11:00. this sod is creating more problems at levi stadium. >> wayne friedman has been following the story since the sod was first installed. today he sent out this tweet, showing it lifting during missed field goal in yesterday's game. joining us outside levi stadium, wayne? >> reporter: you would think for $1.3 billion, that's what the niners spent on the stadium, everything would be perfect. that the grass, playing surface, would never be a factor in any game. then there was, what happened yesterday. >> in the nfl, it is never an easy shot. a field goal strike from the ground with no tee. so when baltimore's justin tucker slipped while missing a crucial fourth quarter attempt yesterday, how does this factor in in a sinkhole and loose sod. home field advantage?
4:56 pm
let's ask 49ers coach tomsula. >> that field for me was great for us. >> the 49ers said the field held up good for 140 plays. but then one play it did not. and this is where you will see the super bowl a few months from now. >> couldn't be any worse than candle stick was. >> that is true. remember the 1991 play off between the niners and redskins? not only did the players slog through the turf, a few of them wore it. for next week the league replaced much of that sod. >> if there th were a patient in a hospital, what's the kg? >> we he have to operate. >> so they put all of the turf woes supposedly behind us. out in livington, the team commissioned west coast turf to grow and install acre upon acre of ben dera bermuda. it worked well at levi stadium for the earthquakes. and at stanford stadium for the
4:57 pm
cardinals. but levi stadium, not so much. since last year's opening the 49ers have replaced that sod five times. >> as much money as they spend on this place, you would think they could get the grass right. >> too many concerts? has anybody ever spent a fighting chance? coach? >> are you satisfied with the field? >> i am very satisfied with the field. >> easy to say when it's the other team's guys who slipped. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> warriors took on the lakers in an exhibition game in san diego. but watch the playoffs. and that game was marred by wet spots, that is so dangerous and can injury players. coaches calls off the game late in the quarter. they will offer refunds to fans who bought tickets to saturday night's very shortened game. >> thank you for joining us on
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 4:00 on this sunday. >> abc news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a chp officer's personal weapon is stolen from his car in san francisco. was he violating department policy by leaving it there? plus -- >> i fell asleep. i woke up it a commotion. >> midair fight. hear from a local celebrity about what happened on a flight to san francisco. >> why a major developer is taking the fremont school district to court. >> i'm spencer christian pl this weekend, sprinkles and weekday warm up begins. the father is coming up. another earthquake hits the danville area. this one is stronger than the rest of the former quakes shaken up that area in the past hour. first shaker hit at 4:00 this afternoon aej and registered 2.8. >> followed by 20 minutes later
4:59 pm
bay pair of 3.5 earthquakes. here is a look at the seismograph. there are two more smaller quakes. contracosta county has been hit about 25 small quakes since saturday. efforts say these are not unusual for the area. others tweeted another shakener danville, hashtag earthquake. a boom shake. and dan tweeted just have another earthquake in the oakland hills near the golf course. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> behave another developing story. this one in san francisco, a stolen weapon stolen from parked car. >> that may not raise many eyebrows but this was stolen from a police officer's car. and it is not the first time it happened. >> alisa with more on the story very broke earlier today. alisa? >> reporter: you know it is a bad idea to leave valuable items in a car but that's a mistake that members of law enforcement seem it make over and over again
5:00 pm
in the past couple months, putting weapons in the hands of the wrong people. >> the chp officer was off duty when someone smashed the window of his prius and stole his loaded firearm inside a backpack. officers are encouraged not to leave weapons in vehicles and they are looking into the incident. san francisco police are handling the investigation. chief greg sur explains laws for his officers. >> their guns are to be with them. if they have to, for some reason, put them in a car for a brief period of time, it is to be secured in a trunk or a lock box afixed to the inside of the car. under no cirques are this to leave cars overnight. >> this isn't the first time a weapon got into the wrong hands. in august, a hayward police officer's gun taken from a park in oakland. uc berkeley's police chief found her gun and badge stolen from her state-owned suv.


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