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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep.
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the cases are all linked to one san jose restaurant on north fourth street. the big concern is how it's spread from one to others. especially if an infected person is preparing food for a family. >> it's a bacteria that causes diarrhea. sometimes a severe diarrhea. and it's very, very infectious. as few as 10-20 individual bacteria can cause you to be ill. >> the number of cases is expected to grow as people see doctors and get treated. the county health department is investigating the source. the bacteria is spread through fee kal matter. health professionals say proper hand washing technique demonstrated here by a nursz is necessary. >> number three was shut down sunday before opening so customers at risk are likely to
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have eaten there friday or saturday. the restaurant ran a foul to inspectors recently. >> they had a major violation last month for cooling. but at that time, the food was voluntarily discarded. we had a few minor violations. >> this case has made people lazy. >> i think people get lazy sometimes or it's going to slip their minds. we're hoping that's not you when you go in there? >> in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> again, the latest numbers just in. at least 80 people have been sicked. we heard 40 earlier in the day. we'll keep you updated here and on twitter. >> also making news today, an american airlines jet was diverted to phoenix today because of an unruly passenger. the passenger was taken into custody on the ground in phoenix. take a look at an image tweeted
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out from the passenger on the plane. that plane continued onto dallas. >> developing news where sheriff's deputies are investigating a fatal shooting. three people were found dead in the remote railroad flat area. the bodies were found after somebody reported hearing gunshots around 9:30 this morning. >> more details about the arrest of this man. public safety officers believe the 38-year-old stabbed both of his parents during a dispute inside their home. officers say they had to use a taser and a police dog to capture him. both of his parents are recovering. >> one day after heavy debris came crashing down from the east bay freeway overpass, cal trans has inspectors on the scene. >> last night, some 450 feet of metal fencing fell onto busy interta interstate 880 on ten cars.
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laura? >> reporter: hi, alma. this overpass dates back to 1947. it is on the caltrans list to be replaced over the next two years. given here what happened last night, some are wondering fw that time line is soon enough. >> i thought maybe it was an earthquake. i couldn't really explain it. >> ian was driving one of the ten cars damaged on interstate 880 last night when fencing and other heavy debris came reigning down from the 23rd avenue overpass on to the busy freeway. >> i saw the guardrail and the fencing just peel loose. it pilled the other sections like a zipper. last night, we had the incident where several feet of railing and cyclone fencing came loose from the 23rd street overcrossing and fell down on to the freeway. >> several drivers had minor injuries but no one was seriously hurt. this cell phone video shows fire
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fiekt fighters and workers using a blow tornl to cut up the debris. >> today, several workers were out on the same overpass trying to figure out what happened. >> we were lucky. we were very lucky yesterday that nobody was killed. >> cal trans is in the process of dismantling the 68-year-old overpass with a plan to replace it over the next two years. in oak land, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a good sign in the progress to fix that massive zingd hole but opened up in the middle of an intersection late last week. this is what the sink hole looks like now, filled to the top with dirt and awaiting pavers to add a layer of as fault to the street. crews had replaced some damaged underground utility lines. city officials say the roadway could reopen tomorrow. >> a new hov lane is open for business along a busy stretch. sky 7 hd was over southbound 880
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this morning. it's actually an extension of an existing hov lane and now open for drivers with two or more passengers monday through friday. >> oakland city council is expected to decide tonight whether to replace car lanes on a part of grand avenue once designated for bicycles. this proposal would affect grand from elwood aver to g street. under this flannel, lanes would be removed to make way for a designated bike lane. the mayor is behind the idea. >> improving our bike and walk ability is an important part of increasing economic development as well as creating a great quality of life. >> now, some local merchants do not like this idea, but the mayor says a communality survey found 68% of neighbors do support the plan and, if approved, the $70,000 project could begin in the spring of next year.
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>> take a live look outside from our emoryville cam. >> spencer has the day when it's nice and beautiful. here with our accuweather up date. >> hi, there, larry and alma. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about what the weather looks like right now. it is clear here in the bay area. and, as we take a look at the 24 hour temperature changes, we're running about 10 degrees warm erp than this time in livermore. up five in san francisco, oakland, san jose, 8 degrees warm erp. nothing but beautiful blue skies from our golden gate bridge camera. 76 oakland. morgan hill, sfo cameras showing you clear conditions right now. mid 80s from our warmest spots from santa rosa to napa. if you're stepping outside, a
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little bit of haze there. clear conditions, low 60s to low 70s. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to upper 50s and in the afternoon, expect some more low weather with low 70s to upper 80s. we do have the possibility of rain in the accuweather 7 day forecast. i'll detail it out coming right up. >> people in the trivalley are living on shaky ground right now. small quakes keep rapling the san ramone area. the most recent one, a magnitude 2.8 last night at 9:30. the area north 680 on the west has experienced nearly 250 mile i don't recall quakes in just the past week. >> i felt a bunch of them yesterday. it's really unsettling. >> san francisco police are trying to track down two more pieces of art allegedly stolen by a man who was squatting inside an $18 million mansion. police say the 39-year-old began
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selling art from the mansion over the weekend and then neighbors became suspicious and called authorities. he's accused of selling 11 pieces of art valued at more than $300,000. neighbors say the 14 bedroom, 11 bath home has been vacant for years. now, it's unclear who actually owns it. >> abc 7 news was at city college of san francisco this morning. faculty members contend they're among the lowest paid communality college teacher ins the state. they say their last raise came in 2007. >> we don't have much of a response. who wants to have one of the worst salary ins the state. >> city college survived an accreditation.
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the city board has been ordered to reign in spending and increase the number of students. new guidelines for mammograms according to the american cancer society. women at average risk shoulgd get annual screenings at age 45 rather than 40 and switch to every other year at age 55. so what does that mean for you? local doctors are saying about the change and how it could affect your snurnsz claims. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the highly anticipated sneak peek at star wars did moral than just excite some fans. it actually shattered a record. >> plus, a little more than three months out from the superbowl and bay area hotels are filling up. what's being done to find rooms for thou sands of football fan sns. >> the biden watch continues. one possible sign that means he actually could run for president. >> we are checking your golden gate bridge for traffic. it east moving in both directions.
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we are closing in on superbowl. live in san francisco with the story. reggie? >> typical tuesday night. you can count on spending $400 on up for the basic rooms here. add in a big convention, and you can double that price. the superbowl, that's going to
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take it to the next level. >> we're starting off at $1500. for the regular room. suites go up to $10,000 a night. and we have a four day minimum that we require. >> they're charging that much because even more than three months for the superbowl, the demand is there. >> so much interest, the phone is ringing off the hook. >> down the street at the orchard garden hotel, rooms normally start in the 300s. for if superbowl, six times that. >> we're setting up some nonrefundable rates that are more attractive than $1800. i'm aware that it is too high right now, but there's really nothing available in the city. >> the fairmont hotel is no skpepgs. all of its regular rooms are sold out for superbowl week. just a few suites left, including this one. >> so we're in the library of the penthouse right now. it's a 6,500 square foot.
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>> how much for superbowl weekend? >> we're trying to get $250,000 for a four-day stay. >> the orchard garden hotel is aware their $1800 price tag may not get many takers. >> so eventually, how much do you think you'll charge? >> probably and $649, $679. >> that is a cash haul the city may get than it's never seen in a single week. >> a major announcement today to fight hunger in america. the nfl and superboum committee organizers gathered to announce the date for the league's annual taste of the nfl celebration. the event, which features food prepared by local chefs will be held january 6 thd. all proceeds go to food banks in
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nfl cities. taste of the nfl also features other local events. you can find more on our web site. >> rest rants need to do a much better job with diversity using government data and industry surveys. the group restaurant opportunity found that people of color and women disproportionately make um the work force in low-paying restaurant jobs. white workers are more likely to be at higher paying jobs. >> the better the restaurant, the better the wages, the more likely the serves were to be entirely white and often entirely white men. >> the group says the effects are detrimental for the family of workers and society in general. the restaurant indust rid employs nearly 11 million workers and is one of the fastest growing sectors. >> the biggest and best moment from our friends at good morning
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america in just 60 seconds. >> here's your 60 second hot list from gma today. hit it. >> waiting for joe biden. will he or won't he run for president. a new poll does show that his position has weakened over the last month. >> it ee's dramatic. now, hillary clinton has a 31 point lead leaving some of his supporters to think he's probably waited too long. >> the abc news exclusive. in his first in-depth tv interview since a plane crash nearly took his life. >> the plane is on fire. my hands are on fire and the plane exploepds. >> what does this feel like? >> that feels like hell. >> the first time last night, look at john boyar. he's played spin. >> i guess he liked it. >> bradly cooper joins us. you're an eagles fan. we have a little message for you from the cheer leaders.
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>> wow. i wish my dad could see that. >> and that's the gma hot list from today. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> and you can catch robin, george and the rest of the good morning america gang weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. right here on abc p. . >> i think weather in 60 seconds plus two minutes and change. >> oh, out there he's already giving you some stuff. >> it's in-depth. >> i was just going to say, we need to hear all of the details, all right? larry and alma, weather affects people. right now, bright and sunny outside. as we take a look at live doppler 7 hd, we'll take a look at what is happening around the bay area. it is actually quiet and fog-free here locally.
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here's part of the reason. we have a northerly wind. it's an offshore flow in fairfield and concord gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour. that's drying out the air. and you can see that the relative humidity, 19% in concord. 14% in santa rosa. it is pretty dry in parts of the bay area. a live look from our santa cruz camera. a few people there enjoying the beach. dry, fall pattern, mild days at ocean beaches and there are hints of rain in about a week. here's the reason for the warnt, high pressure is bringing us the warm weather here in the bay area. but next week, things will start to change. october 27th, tuesday of next week, cloud cover increase. there are hints of rain as we head towards wednesday, october 28th. stay tuned, obviously, the details will change as we get a little closer. tomorrow morning, starting out clear.
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you will see a few patches of fog flt coolest locations like this morning will be in the north bay valleys and the upper 40s. the rest of you in the 50s, afternoon highs, really plez sant today. 76 in san francisco. 70 in half-moon bay. 80 degrees, san jose. 79 in san mateo. 86 degrees in livermore. really, a nice, warm fall day. as you check out the accuweather 7 day forecast, the warmth is going to hold on right through the weekend. we'll see the temperatures at the coast gets a little bit. but for the rest of you, primarily 70s and 80s. and then, next week, we see the temperatures dropping a few degrees leading up to the possibility of rain. around i know on tuesday, it's just clouds thickening. but wednesday of next week, we do have a chance of seeing some rain. i know larry is saying yeah,
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yeah, yeah, and gets excited about rain. and then you back pedal and comes back up and down says you were right. >> she's always right and i'm almost always wrong. >> well, thank you. alma doesn giver me a hard time, just for the record. >> she knows better. >> i was hoping for more. >> she'll be back. >> thank you. up next, star wars fans help to break records and web sites. the excitement building up to the december premier. >> and celebrating a very special date t
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welcome to the hotel san francisco. ♪ livin' it up at the hotel san francisco ♪ tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave. illegal airbnb hotels are evicting thousands of san franciscans from their homes and causing rents to skyrocket. prop f will crack down on illegal airbnb hotels and hold corporations accountable with common-sense rules. vote yes on f before we all get checked out of san francisco.
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open! star wars fans in the bay area, in fact, all around the world proving the force is very strong. in fact, it is record-setting. >> i was raised to do one thing. i've got nothing to fight for.
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>> fandango announced today that the force awakens shattered the record for first-day ticket sales, previously held by "the hunger games." tickets went on sale last night with a premier of a sneak peek of the movie and the demand for online ticket sales was just overwhelming. >> the movie was crushing. i tried four or five different sites. i had no idea they were going on sale earlier so i wasn't prepared. >> many people just gave up and headed straight to the box office. the clip of the movie has had more than 14 million views on youtube. disney, by the way, owns the rights to star wars and is also the parent company of abc 7. >> fans of back to the future are counting down to tomorrow. wednesday, october 21st, 2015. it's the day marty mcfly and doc brown landed in the future in the second film. so where are all of those hover boards?
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this is what the original 1989 film got right in its depiction of 2015. >> the year 2015? >> october 21st, 2015. >> yes, october 21st, 2015 has arrived. but where are all the flying cars? a lot of the stuff marty mcfly saw in the future is reality today. the headsets being worn at the dinner table, well, we have google glass. they also look strikingly similar to samsung's vr. and, yes, video conferencing is also a reality. it's another one of the p predictions that back to the future part 2 nailed. marty also had self-lacing shoes. >> i'm hoping a future release will solve my shoe tie problems for good. speaking of waiting, in the movie, the cubs win the world
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series ending a more than 100 year drought that still exists today. and with the cubs in the playoffs, there's still a chance this one could come true. of course, the one invention everyone wants is the hover board. several companies have tried to make this childhood favorite. lexus concept must stay on track. and a company called hendo is developing one that works on a particular type of circuit. but if you want to buy one now, we're stuck with wheels. and then there are the items that exist today because of back to the future part two. pepsi put out a limited edition pepsi perfect bottle. all in all, 2015 has lived up to most of the promise. but, you know, i'd still like a flying car. >> or a hover board. >> yeah, a hover board. people want that. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. a shift in the poll as the race
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for the white house heats up. and a sign that joe biden plans to jump into the race. >> we're learning more about the teenage hacker who's targeting america's top security officials. >> plus, the sex scandal stirring up the college sports world and what
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. caltrans inspectors trying to figure out how a guardrail and fence fell from an overpass on 880 landing on cars during rush hour. two people were injured. the overpass was built in 1947 and is in the process of being replaced. abc 7 news reporter david louis is following up on severe cases of food poisoning including dozens of people who ate at the restaurant in san jose. that number has now doubled. 820 people are sick with 12 of them in intensive care. the health department has closed the rest rant. san francisco supervisors are set today to take on two resolutions about the city's sank chew ware city policy. one resolution would reaffirm the second would soften it.
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live with the latest on abc 7 news outside. now, a shift in the polls with the current democratic front runner rebounding. more with the story from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton is off the polls today but clinton is rebounding in the race for the democratic nomination with 54%. that's 12 points higher than a month ago. >> i spend between four and seven hours a day every single day with the president. >> an undeclared vice president joe biden is far behind clinton in this new poll. he spent the morning sitting beside former vice president. >> i wanted to be the last person in the room on every major decision. the vp has not made a decision. but he is busy calling supporters possibly waiting to pull the trigger on a run next
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week. on a cnn poll, donald trump is working to hang onto his lead over ben carson and the rest of the republican field. trump has a five point lead over carson. carly fiorina dropped 11 points since last month. >> we don't win anymore. we're going to. i say it. you're going to have victories coming out of your ears. you will, believe me. >> a biden confidant argued the odds are against him. now, hillary clinton's surge in the polls certainly doesn't help. >> republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is in the bay area today raising money for his campaign. his first stop was in san francisco were the pacific heights home. this is video of bush during his previous visit to san francisco.
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later, jeb bush will head down to wood side for another private event at the home of money manager paul edwards. >> now, to the hunt for a braiser hacker who lost the cyber attack against the head of the cia. an account associated with cia director john brennan and aan account were hacked. abc news sources say it doesn't appear brennan used the acount for government business. a teenager is claiming to be the hacker saying he posed as a verizon worker to get brennan's information and reset his password. >> now, a sex scandal that's rocking one of the top in the country. abc news reporter elizabeth hurr has the details. >> if they wanted to make extra money that's what the side deal was. sex. >> shocking claims from katina powell who alleges former
4:34 pm
director of operations for the college basketball power house, university of louisville cardinals hired dancers and paid for the arrangements. >> andre was the one who always had the money. passed out the money, made the deals, pay for the deals. >> in an interview with espn's outside the lines, the self proclaimed madame and author of the book says she attended about 22 parties between 2010 and 2014, s some in on-campus dorms adding she and several other women including three of her daughters took part in sex acts, would recruit team members and some of their fathers. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. >> meanwhile, the team's two-time national coach says he does not believe in cheating and he did not break any ncaa rules. >> four years, a boat load of
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recruits, a boat load of dances, loud music, alcohol, security cameras, basketball players that came in at will. >> powell does say she never met with or talked to patino. today, patino told espn she needs to do the right thing and tell the truth. abc news, new york. >> another round of thunderstorms causing flooding again today in the phoenix area. one person had to be registration cued this morning after her mrksz ini van became stuck? the fast-rising waters in the town of anthem. it took some two dozen first responders to bring her to savety. the national weather service is urging motorists to be on the look out for possible flooding all day long. >> a texas driver is now facing two counts of assault with a deadly weapon for a traffic accident that's been viewed online more than a million times since it happened on saturday. take a look at the video. it shows a car swerving into a
4:36 pm
motorcycle through the two people aboard to the ground. the video was shown to the 6le-year-old driver repeatedly saying that he didn't care that he hit the motorcycle. the driver is now offering an excuse claiming he was bitten by a spider. >> i didn't try to hurt anybody. it was a reflex from the pain. >> the car jerked over towards me violently. he had 100% control of that car the entire time. he says he's sorry the woman was hurt, but not sorry about if man driving the bike because he was doing something illegal. police agreed. they cited the biker for illegally passing the car. a teenage driver in kansas is also blaming a spider bike for a four-vehicle crash that injured 11 people. she became distracted when she looked down and saw a spider on her lap. she says she panicked and
4:37 pm
started swatting at the spider. >> coming up, possible alternative to rising rents. >> yes, how a google employee is getting around those high bay area prices. >> absolutely sunny skies across the bay area. i'll let you know how long this warm beach weather will last co
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a dramatic turn around from consumer reports about tesla's
4:40 pm
model s sedan. today, the agency announced it would no longer recommend the model s. >> an array of problems. display screen freezes, door handle malfunctions, sunroof leaks and full blown replacements of their car's electric motors. this extensive data allows us to forecast that owning a tesla will likely mean worse-than-average reliability. >> this decision comes just two months after consumer reports called the performance of the sedan the best it had ever tested. tesla satisfaction is very high and the automaker says many of the problems can be easily fixed. >> if you're looking for a job during the holidays, the retailer plans to hire 100,000 jobs around the country. last year, amazon hired 80,000 employees for the holiday
4:41 pm
season. >> a google employee says he's saving thousands of dollars a month. he lives in this 2006 ford truck that's parked in the company's parking lot. brandon posted these photos on his blog. it's call eed "from inside the box." another peckture taken at his truck warming party. the truck cost him 10,000 tlars. i know what you're wondering here, what does he do about food or showering or the bathroom. brandon says he has key card access to any building on the campus so they have a gym and shower and free food. >> time to check on our weather, it looks amazing out there behind us. look at the golden gate bridge with the latest. >> hi, there, alma and larry, it is a chamber of commerce day right now. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about what is happening. it's absolutely quiet right now. clear skies across the bay area.
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not so quiet in the pacific, tracking a powerful hurricane category four. hurricane olaf packing maximum sustained winds. it is moving west, northwest at 10. it is expected to move away from the hawaiian island chain weekend. and then moisture from olaf could possibly make it into the bay area as we head towards next week. and that could result in some rain. certainly flooding rains in arizona today and phoenix, in particular. and the thunderstorms and rain with flooding conditions expected for parts of new mexico, texas, oklahoma where flash flood watches are going for texas and oklahoma. denver, 48 degrees and if you're traveling around the state, you're looking at sunshine from top to bottom. bay area high temperatures, running on the warm side, just like today for your wednesday.
4:43 pm
le 6 in livermore, plenty of sun for your wednesday. i'll be back at 5:00 to let you know exactly when we may see the possibility of rain here in the bay area. >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, the battle over a baby bump. and good things come to those who wait. at least according to one study. >> and don't forget. when you see news where you live, take a photo or a video and share it with us using the hash tag abc
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doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. co-host christy tegan is saying she's not telling the whole truth about her pregnancy. abc news reporter has the story. >> reporter: photo of budding baby bump sparking unexpected criticism about the size of her pregnant belly. the model and tv host is known for sharing her life in realtime with millions of social media followers.
4:47 pm
so it may come as no surprise that she's doing the same with her pregnancy writing somebody is early to the party. thousands of congratulatory messages coming in. you got big fast. my besty is due in feb and she's half your size. >> i did ibf. one at a time. it isn't twins. i can see the thing. get out of my uterus. >> there is a multitude of factors that goes into how she appears when she's pregnant. at the end of the day, that's nobody's business other than hers and her doctors. >> it was just a week ago that tegan and hubby john legend revealed the exciting news. as many of you know, we've been trying to have a baby for a while now, acknowledging that in that intimate post, the couple
4:48 pm
struggled to conceive. >> honestly, john and i were having trouble, we would have had kids five, six years ago if it happened. but, my gosh, it's been a process. >> and to the dismay of her many fans, the scrutiny may have turned the star off from sharing the remainder of her pregnancy. writing no more preg tweeting for me. lesson learned. tegan showing she's one tough mom-to-be tweeting good thing i am unoffendble or this would be a rough few months. >> you can watch chrissy tegan on fab life every day at 3:00 right here on abc 7. >> some good can come from waiting an a extra year before delaying your kinder gartenner. some parents choose to delay starting school if they feel their child isn't emotionally ready.
4:49 pm
>> doctors in morine county are joining the fight against prescription drug abuse. today, rx safe morinne is a partnership to announce prescription dosage guidelines that doctors have agreed to follow. one mother who attended today's meeting lost her son to an overdose. >> i'm here today wearing this dress because this is the dress i wore to tray's funeral. and i want it to be a symbol of what can happen to parents. people don't talk about it. >> rx safe says in 2013, there were 27 accidental drug death ins morine. and most of those involve prescription drugs. county health officials are calling this a local epidemic. >> the owner of a vitamin supplement company gets prison time. >> and the fine for not having health insurance is going up. >> reporter: a company called floyd nutrition is under fire
4:50 pm
for selling diet pills containing dangerous ingredients. one has a medicine that was pulled from the market in 2010. another had laxatives that the fta declared unsafe in 1999. the fine for not having health insurance will double next year. the 2016 sign-up season for obamacare begins november 1st. and having no health insurance in 2016 will cost $695. the increased penalty to motivate the millions of people who are still uninsured to get health insurance. and the number of moles on your right arm could be tied to your cancer risk. . if there are 11 or more moles on someone's right arm, that could signify an increased risk of melanoma.
4:51 pm
>> well, hershey's kisses are getting big eer. i'm pretty excited about this. listen to this, they're double the size of regular kisses with a hazel nut center and crispy rice. the dlux kisses will be on sale through valentine's day. i just want to focus on that one more time. double the size, hazel nut in the middle and crispy rice. i'm not big on sugar because you kind of got me -- you've led me down the path of no sugar. >> but i would never say something like that wouldment taste amazing. >> we will be eating that. for sure. lots of them. >> up next, the window display that is ruffling a lot of feathers in san francisco's north baemp neighborhood. what is behind these cans? right now, cheryl is here with a look on what's coming up. >> coming up next, it's about to get tougher for taxi driver ins
4:52 pm
san francisco. drivers will undergo new tests. and changes are coming to subway sandwiches. what you may notice that's different on your next order when larry and i join you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00,catch, it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. and then, at 10:00, it's shark tank followed by abc 7 news at
4:56 pm
11:00. a controversial window with an art display has residents vaching their head. some are laughing, some are just about as angry as an angry bird. abc 7 news reporter is live on grand street outside what will be an art gallery, or so we're told. >> or so we're told. i hate to use a cliche here, but sometimes they really fit this thing. art is in the eye of the beholder. take a look at this window on grand street. $2.99 a can and there are the cans to prove it. now the argument. is this art or is this an affront to a san francisco icon. >> reporter: the artistic, some people say, can? $2.99? >> i think it's one of those things where you open the can and a parrot flies out. >> agreeing to disagree, albeit
4:57 pm
loudly, here is the latest. a coming attraction for the art gallery. parents are sacred out here. >> they are human beings. they don't play the same games that human beings do. >> one in the same as the mark bitner made famous in this movie, based on his book, why parents of telegraph hill. mark works a few blocks away and is not amused. >> it's supposed to be concept art. but, i thought it was little boy humor. they say they don't want to prolong a neighborhood controversy. they also said they firmly believe that walking by something you don't understand improves a day immeasurably. >> sometimes i think people have too much money and not enough brains. >> i think it's funny. i think it's great satire. >> they're trying to attract attention to themselves. that's all.
4:58 pm
>> it's working. but, i mean, so what. >> along grant street, san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and larry. >> a major shift in the age for mammogram screening and a controversy over new recommendations that women should be screened later. we were lucky. we were very lucky yesterday that nobody was killed. >> luckily, a close call for one driver after large pieces of debris came crashing down to a number of vehicles. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist feeling the warmth today. i'll let you know how long this trend will continue coming up. >> live, from the kgo tv broad kastz center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm cheryl jennings.
4:59 pm
>> there's controversy tonight over new recommendations for mammograms that say women should get screened at age 45 instead of 40. >> the new stand being taken by the american cancer society. >> the american cancer society published these guidelines after finding mammograms are not always accurate with a number of women. this conflicts with doctors who still say what's best for their patients. >> she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had surgery. she's 45. . with the help of a translater says if she waited until now to get her first ex-ray, she would have died. >> but the american cancer society issued new guidelines, raising the age for first recommended mammogram from 40 to 45. the organization also says routine mammograms can be skipped.
5:00 pm
the report is controversial. >> but breast cancer action says it makes sense. >> all of us have been told that early detection saves lives. unfortunately, the evidence doesn't bear out. there are very limited benefits to mammography screening. >> she says women are often overdiagnosed and overtreated. >> a few extra picture that is we may have to take, really, to me, is a risk or harm worth it in order to save more lives. >> dr. heather green wood is a report that would discourage women from getting checked. we started annual screening at 40. >> i asked the doctor how insurance could be impacted. she says mammograms are covered for women starting at age 40. >> the number o


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