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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> awesome. so far, 2500 packs of specially designed crayons and given to fi tonight, the new controversy over the takedown of bin laden. did joe biden just change his story? once saying he told the president not to pull the trigger on the operation. now he says, he quietly told the president to do it. the major shift tonight and the confusion when it comes to mammograms. the american cancer society now saying start mammograms later in life. and no longer recommending doctors and nurses feel for lumps. dr. jen ashton is here. vrnlg. the news conference a short time ago. the driver whose car was broke down, called for help. a short time later, shot down by police. bernie madoff victims, where they found the money to get their money back.
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and the new clues for the new "star wars." hans solo and princess leia now together. but the one thing fans are now asking. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we begin with the race for 2016 as the pressure mounts on vice president joe biden to decide whether he'll run, and a new headline. many now asking, did he change his story? biden appearing to revise his story about the takedown of osama bin laden. what he now says he told the president. we remember that image. the inner circle watching when the navy s.e.a.l.s moved in. biden long saying he told the president not to send the teams in. tonight, saying something else. that he told the president in private he should go for it. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: president obama has called the day of the bin laden raid the most important of his presidency, and his vice president clearly concurs. >> osama bin laden is dead, and
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general motors is alive. >> reporter: biden has described obama's decision as especially courageous because in that key meeting when it came time to decide, most of the president's advisers, including biden himself, were not in favor of the raid. >> i said, "we owe the man a direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is, don't go. we have to do two more things to see if he's there." >> reporter: today, biden offered an entirely different account of what happened on that fateful day, saying that he didn't give his opinion until after the meeting when he was alone with president obama and then he said go for it. >> so as we walked out of the room and we walked upstairs, i told him my opinion that i thought he should go but to follow his own instincts. but it would have been a mistake, imagine if i had said in front of everyone, 'don't go, or go,' and his decision was a different decision. >> reporter: but until today, biden has said he told obama and his team that night to hold off on the raid. >> ladies and gentlemen, i said,
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"wait another seven days for the following information." i wanted him to take one more day to do one more test to see if he was there. >> reporter: hillary clinton wrote of the fateful decision in her memoir, "vice president biden remained skeptical," she recalled. "but, i concluded, the chance to get bin laden was worth it." advice she alluded to in the democratic debate. >> so i think you're talking about the tough decision president obama had to make over osama bin laden where i was one of his few advisers. >> reporter: the white house today refused to say whether biden's new account was correct. so you can't tell me whether or not the vice president today was telling the truth when he said he advised to go forward with the bin laden raid? >> i'm telling you that i don't have any insight to share with you about the private conversations between the president and the vice president. >> jon karl with the tough questions at the white house today. jon with us live now. and the new poll numbers, the abc news poll shows hillary clinton shooting up 12 points in the poll since september. new numbers since last week's debate.
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jon, what you are learning from the biden camp about timing on his decision now and are they looking at the numbers? are they a factor? >> biden's team says the decision could come at any time, and as for the polls, the polls are not a factor for the vice president. but i spoke to several long time biden friends and advisers and they believe that the vice president simply waited too long and that his time has passed. >> jon karl, thank you. now to the other side and the war of words between republican rivals donald trump and jeb bush. tonight, bush taking aim at trump in a scathing op-ed, blasting the front-runner for what he calls a shocking lack of knowledge of national security, saying trump is running a reality show campaign. trump had already turned up the heat on his feud with jeb says 9/11 happened and the world trade center came down under president george w. bush. trump saying it would not have happened if he were president. one more headline out of washington at this hour.
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congressman paul ryan, so many watching to see if he will run for speaker of the house. ryan said he did not want the job, now expected to say he will not make a final decision until he talks to more republican colleagues and sources say he will make it clear to them he is now open to running. we turn to the major medical headlines tonight, on mammograms. we are reported on this before, the shifting guidelines. tonight, the american cancer society is weighing in, changing their recommendations for the first time in more than a decades. mammograms starting later at the age of 45 and no longer recommending clinical breast exams for doctors and nurses feel for lumps. there are many questions tonight. dr. jen ashston with the bottom line here in a moment. first, linzie janis with the new guidelines. >> reporter: tonight, the american cancer society now saying women should start having mammograms at the age of 45. five years later than its previous recommendation of 40. so, women between the ages of 45 and 54, who have an average risk of developing breast cancer, should have a mammogram
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once a year. but after 55, a mammogram every other year, as long as the patient is healthy. >> i can't believe that. >> yeah, i don't think it's right, honestly. >> these are the new guidelines. >> yeah, i hope that the companies will pay for it. if you want to have it more often than that. >> reporter: the new guidelines based on increasing evidence that mammography often produces "false positives" in younger women, results that lead to additional testing and surgery, often unnecessary. but at least one other influential group still recommends starting at 40. another says mammograms aren't necessary until 50. the american cancer society also dropping its previous recommendation that women have a manual exam so doctors can feel for abnormalities, because it's never been shown to save lives. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> let's go to dr. jen ashston. an obgyn her sfrl. a lot of confusion with the guidelines come out. you point out they are
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constantly looking at the numbers and statistics and the guidelines are a good thing. when they come out and are revived. >> absolutely, we are always learning. we are always studying. they crunch numbers. they evaluate the data and the reason for the delay from 40 to 45, they found that in women 40 to 44, a screening mammogram in terms of saving lives may in fact do more harm than good in some women. it's frustrating and you need to speak to your doctor about your plan. >> if you're 40, 35, you have concerns, bring them up to your doctor. >> absolutely. >> in the meantime, we heard about the clinical exam where doctors or nurses check for lumps. many women in the newsroom saying, this is a major change. >> in the world of evidence based medicine, no proof that an exam will save lives. as part as the human body though, as a medical d, i will continue to include it in a physical exam. >> do you think many of your colleagues will? >> i do. >> all right, jen ashton tonight with us. thank you.
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we hern to florida now and the shooting mystery at this house. a young man pulling over when his car breaks down, calling a friend for help. a short time later, he is found shot dead by police. authorities holding a news conference just moments ago and senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on what family and police are willing to say about this. >> reporter: family and friends of corey jones say he was a peaceful man, a church drummer, who ended up shot dead by a police officer after his car broke down early sunday morning. >> it's a big blow, a big blow. it hurts man. it hurts so bad. >> anything you need, corey would be right there. if you needed a shirt, he would give you a shirt. he would be cold just to keep you warm. >> reporter: the circumstances of jones's shooting by officer nouman raja on this highway exit ramp in palm beach, florida, are murky at best. jones had called a friend for help with his car a short time
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before being shot. officer raja was not in uniform driving an unmarked police car that night. he says jones was armed and confronted him when raja approached the disabled vehicle tonight, with concern growing in the minority community authorities held their first press conference. police say they confirmed that jones did have a handgun. >> the palm beach county sheriff's office recovered a firearm from the incident. the handgun was found outside the vehicle. >> reporter: tonight, they have no dash cam video to support the officer's account. now we motions running high, the mistrust my only grow. >> pierre, thank you. we turn to the hunt under way in st. louis after several fires at churches there. federal investigators searching a three mile area for clues. six fires in two weeks at six predominantly black churches. all of it not far from the community where michael brown, the unarmed black man was shot by a white officer. the story has not faded from the
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headlines there. alex perez tonight. >> reporter: tonight investigators in st. louis on the hunt, trying to figure out who is setting fire at churches. >> original doors built in 1948. >> reporter: reverend rodrick burton says the damage to his church could cost more than $7,000 to repair. the building's original 1948 doors, charred. >> if someone is attacking or stepping out, americans should come together and say, this is wrong. >> reporter: in the last two weeks, 6 churches, all within 3 miles of each other. the fires all set near an entrance different denominations, but mostly black congregations. >> it is arson, these are being intentionally set. it isn't spontaneous combustion so they're not occurring on their own. >> reporter: this area still recovering from the riots sparked after ferguson police officer darren wilson shot and killed michael brown. tonight, many in this community praying for the culprit and, for an arrest. you are see the flames so hot, completely melting the siding on the church here. atf investigators believe the
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same person is responsible for all of the incidents. tonight there is a $2,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. david? >> alex perez in st. louis, thanks, alex. we turn now to the extreme weather we are tracking. and in the southwest, a water rescue in phoenix. that car there simply overwhelmed. the passenger stuck inside. she was later rescued. and a funnel cloud in morristown, arizona, caught our eye in the last 24 hours. we want to get in ginger. who is tracking this and a major warmup elsewhere. and first, the severe weather. >> dangerous storms on the map right now. we have to get straight to that. most of them in new mexico. the severe thunderstorm watches from arizona to west texas. that is just tonight. damaging wind and hail, the main threats. that threat moves to the southeast. it's cut off low. it kind of gets stuck. and you say, that sounds scary enough. i think the flash flooding like the women rescued is going to be the main concern. west texas, the panhandle, 2 to 4 inches.
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flash flooding in the next 24 hourps. and finally that temperature about face. i want to leave you with a smile. many saying it's way too cold. don't worry, mid 70s back. the new headline tonight about bernie madoff. the mastermind of the largest ponzi scheme in u.s. history. wiping off the savings of thousands of his victims. and tonight a reversal of fortune. and many getting their money now back. brian ross on where they recovered so much of that money. >> reporter: when bernie madoff's massive ponzi scheme was exposed almost seven years ago, his wiped-out investors held out little hope of getting any of their money back. >> you jerk, you know? how could you, how could you possibly live with yourself? >> reporter: but today some good news for hundreds of investors from the lawyers tracking the madoff money. >> the calculations are that anyone who put in $1,161,000 is going to be made completely whole in this distribution. >> 100% back? >> correct. and that is for most of the people who had valid claims. >> reporter: and investors who lost more than a million dollars will get at least 61 cents for
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every dollar they first put in. a huge amount of the recovered money is coming from one man, the palm beach lawyer who was found dead in his swimming pool ten months after madoff's arrest. investigators have now determined jeffrey picower was in on the scheme with madoff for years, and after his death his widow turned over $7.2 billion, virtually every dollar he made in the scheme, much, much more than anyone else, including madoff himself. the lawyers tracking the money say they have now recovered 11 billion of the $17 billion stolen. tonight, they are saying they hope to recover another $2 billion to $3 billion. more good news for bernie madoff's victims, david. new trouble for johnny malg zuter malg zuter manziel after troubling dash cam video of the heisman trophy winner who once graced the covers of magazines, and now back on the field after rehab. what the new video and audio right reveal. here is gio benitez.
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>> reporter: tonight, the nfl reviewing that argument on the road, between celebrated cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend colleen crowley, listen. >> he hit me a couple of times. >> while you were in the car? >> yeah, but i don't want to. please don't make. >> reporter: the police report alleges manziel was driving at 90 miles per hour. during the fight, crowley reportedly tried getting out of the moving car. police releasing photos showing a mark on crowley's arm. police believe she got this when manzeil was trying to keep her in the car. manziel tried to explain the argument. >> she threw her phone out the window, i was trying to -- i like grabbed her arm, something like this, "hey, get in the car, get in the car." >> reporter: manziel won the heisman trophy in 2012. and has been featured on countless magazine covers, but his off the field behavior is overshadowing his past success. this shirtless mug shot going viral after a 2012 arrest. most recently, he spent more than 2 months at a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. david, police did not file
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any charges. manziel and crowley both suggested in tweets that the fight looked worse than it was. the nfl says it is aware, but has no further comment tonight, david. >> gio, thanks. tonight, president obama congratulating canada's new prime minister. justin trudeau. the 43-year-old swept into power with a message of optimism. saying canada beat fear with hope. trudeau making headlines in a charity boxing match. he is the son of canada's legendary prime minister, pierre trudeau. up next, the consumer alert about holiday offers already here. stores promising discounts if you sign up for their cards. the one thing to watch for. the major retailer hiring 100,000 workers and millions of fans looking for clues in the new star wars trailer. hans solo and princess leia together in one scene. the question so many asking tonight. hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv.
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. next tonight here, the new numbers. the average american shopper
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will spend about $805 on christmas gifts this year. tonight, a warning about a key offer we see leading up to the holidays right there at the check out. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: a warning tonight about just how much some of the plastic in your wallet could be costing you. >> if you are somebody who carries a balance, retail cards probably just aren't for you. >> reporter: according to a new report, the average store credit card carries a 23% interest rate. compared to 15% average for other cards. >> i have about six of them. >> reporter: retailers with the highest interest rates? staples charges 28% and zales, you have to fork over 29%. even when stores offer a deep discount for signing up, watch out. >> the 20% off at the counter can be a great deal. but when you team with it a 25% interest rate, it gets to become less of a deal. >> reporter: let's say the consumer makes a minimum payment
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on a $1,000 balance on an average store credit card. it could take 72 months to pay it off. a year and a half longer than a typical card. according to experts, you should only use a retail credit card if you pay your balance off at the end of every month. david? >> thanks. when we come back here tonight -- the giant beer maker owing a lot of americans a refund tonight. also, the high hiring spree for the holiday season. 100,000 jobs. we'll tell you who's hiring. and a major victory for customers at subway. it has to do with a key promise they made about those subs. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with
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the beermaker settling a $20 million lawsuit over deceptive packaging. look here in big letters. it says german quality but it's made in st. louis, missouri. no offense, st. louis, but authorities say labeling matters. subway customers complaining about false advertising. those foot long sandwiches that aren't really a foot long. well, word tonight that subway restaurants will now measure the bread. next year, they will switch to antibiotic free turkey and chicken. when we come back here on a tuesday, the new "star wars" trailer and a new clue. there is one question tonight so many fans were asking about sighing this image here. hans solo and princess leia. were you asking the same thing? , about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor
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finally tonight here, more finally tonight here, more than 20 million views and counting. the new trailer for "star wars." lucas film owned by our parent company, disney. tonight, clayton sandell with the new clues and the three questions many fans are now asking. >> reporter: the force might be awakening in our new mysterious hero, ray. >> the force, it's calling to you. >> reporter: she teams up with hans and chewy along with a good guy, fin. >> i was training to do one thing. >> reporter: the bad guy have a new planet killing death star. >> i will finish what you started. >> reporter: the trailer caused millions of star wars fans and the cast to suddenly cry out in joy. but silenced after record sales and demand caused online ticketing companies to crash. three things still have us guessing.
5:58 pm
whose body is ray crying over? what is wrong with sad princess leia and the biggest, where is luke skywalker? answers will come. but for fans, me included, a long two months it will be. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. thank you for watching here on a tuesday night. i'm david muir. hope to see you back here tomorrow. from all of us here at "world news tonight," have a good evening. good night. rrow. from all of us here at "world news tonight," have a good evening. good night. >> did they wash their hands before preparing this food for me? >> 80 people in a bay area restaurant have become sick. the i team is there for the final chapter of a man named
5:59 pm
lucky. nearly a full week of shaking and looking at critical east bay faults. paul ryan made a decision about whether he wants to be the next speaker of the house. >> i'd like to assume they're doing it right. the number of people sickened in a south bay restaurant has doubled and some are in intensive care. good evening. >> i'm ama daetz. the health department shut down the restaurant on 4th street in san jose. 80 people may have gotten sick from eating there. david louie is live where a dozen of the diners are in the intensive care unit. >> reporter: the number of suspected cases up to 80
6:00 pm
compared to this morning. the health department only knew of 40 cases. 15 cases have been confirmed by tests. it's unclear how many people got sick as a result of eating at the restaurant or whether getting sick as they came into contact with someone who did. the restaurants are inspected by the county. china inn proudly displays a green placard, indicating it passed. the owner has a valid food safety manager card of safe requirements. the restaurant on north fourth street passed two inspections but 80 pat trons started getting sick. the culprit? the shigella bacteria, spread through fecal matter. >> our investigation is underway to understand what happened at the restaurant. how might contamination have occurred and we're looking at all of the


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