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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday from here in san jose. a 26-year-old man was escorted off the plane when it made an emergency landing in phoenix. it was supposed to land in dallas. police say the man who has not been identified was drunk, disruptive, and had to be restrained. >> he went in the bathroom and would not come out. some men went back to go to the bathroom and next thing they are holding him down. >> the man was sent to a local hotel in phoenix because the american airlines did not want to prosecute. the flight took off again an hour later. some of the 96 passengers say they miss their connections in dallas. police say the man is planning on taking another flight if phoenix today. >> thank you. happening now a search is underway for a miss five-year-old boy in mendocino. he was last seen near willis, and the sheriff said he vanish
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after walking away from the home at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. he is likely with his dog, a black lab. he is 4' tall and 50 pounds with monday air and blue eyes and believed wearing a gray t-shirt and blue unions and blue and orange tennis shoes. the search-and-rescue team is assisting. >> health officials will discuss the investigation into a south bay restaurant that left 80 people sick after they ate there. the health department is concerned the cases of shigella could spread beyond diners who ate at mariscos. here is the latest. >> i warned shrimp taco >> she has no idea her craving for seafood would land her in the hospital. >> i was praying, god, please, help me through this. >> it wasn't until she collapsed in the hall that her family rushed her to the emergency room. any later and she would have been in the icu.
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>> they got my heart rate pack to thunderstorm a.m. and blood pressure up. >> she is one of dozens sickened after eating at mariscos in downtown san jose. some of the unsuspecting diners passed on the ins fection to friends and family, 80 cases now have been reported. the restaurant is expected to be closed for several days while health officials trace the source of the contamination. >> we are lock, at all possibilities. >> officials believe someone preparing the food most likely spread the bacteria. stool samples from employees are collected and tested. her parents want answers and the owner to be held accountable. >> i was angry because i feel if anything, for their reputation you would thing they would say we will check into this but it was that they not compliant. >> they are trying to protect them byselves by washing their hands wheel she recovers at home. >> that is a if requested, the
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centers for disease control said roughly 500,000 people are infected with chicago eel each year in the united states. it usually lasts five to 15 days and is picking increasingly resistant to antibiotics and is most dangerous. good hygiene is the best defense against spreading it so wash your hands. more detail on how to prevent shigella at >> happening today, organizers will hold a special unveiling ceremony of a new peace mural in west oakland. the oakland super heroes mural is on west street below the interstate 580 overpass including a picture of anthony yows ramos gunned down while working on the antiviolence mural. friends say he exchanged words with a man who shot him much the she honey is from 2-4 p.m. people would live near a giant sinkhole in union city get a break. there has been a week of being closed and crews will partly
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open up amy hollyfield will be at the scene at the top of the hour with the last minute work being done on the street before it reoftens. >> new details on a road hazard if the bay area from sky 7. caltran inspectors are on the 23rd avenue overpass in oakland trying to figure out why part of the guardrail fell on to interstate 880 open monday. the debris hit ten cars. and several drivers had injuries. barriers are now in place while caltran tries to figure out what to do. it had plans to replace the overpass in two cories -- years. >> a man's body has been discovered buried in a mudslide after the flash floods moved through california under 6' of mud northeast of los angeles. the man was if his 40's and lived in the area. the must slide trapped hundreds
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of cars on the highways and damaged dozens of homes. >> next tomb you use a.t.m. a new crime is on the rise called shoulder surfing, police arrested two guys, 42-year-old and 33-year-old both of oakland. police say they stole thousands from other's accounts at two bank of america a.t.m., catching people pins by looking over the shoulders when the person extend away they punched the pin back in to try to get more money. police thing they made off with at least $10,000 in five rip-offs. >> it is 4:35. starting next year taxi drivers in san francisco have to have alcohol and drug testing. the transportation agency voted unanimously to approve annual drug testing. the drivers who have a value it medical marijuana car are exempt. taxi drivers say differs for on demand companies uber and lyft
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should have to face the same testing. they say they can now do that because they do not have regulatory thought over them. >> first responders and water safety officers are meeting to listen for the titans of maverick surfing event near half moon bay and they will discuss the hazards coming from strong el nino that brings more and sometimes larger waves. on saturday, the traditional opening ceremony will be held on the beach from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. the date for the titans of maverick event is set when conditions are just right to bring in the biggest waves, sometime between november 1 and march 31st of 2016. >> officialrd warning of next week's lie tide saying it is likely that low-lying areas near the bay will see flooding. the lower half of the park-'n-ride lot is closed along with highway one in marin county. the liest tie is -- the highest
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tide is monday and tuesday with more in november and december. >> one of the "back to the future," moments. >> king tide, it is that season and they will be everywhere next week, maybe a day or two this is where the high and low tide is for that. our temperatures in san francisco, ocean beach, 56, park presidio, 57. glen park is 56. we have crissy fields downtown, bay vow at 58. waking up to the mission at 59. through the ferry building at 62. on the way to 60 in the financial district. 40s out there at american can wrong and petaluma at 49, pacifica, warm 66 degrees. palo alto and santa clara, 50. pleasanton is 52. san leandro is 54. check out the golden gate bridge, a light breeze and no fog. a little bit of haze in the air but that is it.
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it will be breezy inland hills and 83 to 87 where most of us live. it will remain sunny at the coast, up to 76 in san francisco. san jose shows it is clear this morning with democrats in the 50s and move forward we will still be stuck in the 70s and 80s and i still see a will cooling friend this weekend with the rest of the forecast >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at the san mateo bridge and light traffic in both directions. as far as any construction is concerned, it looks like there is nothing scheduled for later this morning. or this afternoon in the eastbound direction like yesterday. right now, to get you between the east bay to the peninsula it will only take you eight minutes. not too bad. moving over to walnut creek, southbound 680, pushing in from pleasanton hill, taillies are looking nice and big spaces between the cars so you are running at posted speed. northbound traffic is lighter, of course, with no accidents to
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get us started. a look at san jose and the rest of the south bay 101 beyond the 280/680 split to the san jose airport you are at top speeds. do not get into 50 cuffs and 280 is clear and 17, 87, no delays >> first the pushing and shoving and then the angry words, next the onfield confrontation between a marching band and football team that had emotions high among parents. >> can anything storm donald trump? why his political fortunes are going from good to better. going from good to better. stay tuned.
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the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> breaking news, the crash of an f18 fighter jet in england that crashed moment after taking off from a british air force base used by the united states northeast of london. there is no word on the fate of the pilot. or whether anyone else was on board. we will continue to monitor this breaking story. follow us open twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> this morning, new york city police are mourning the loss of one of their own. a new york city police officer died when he was shot in the
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head. the officer holder was searching for a robbery suspect in harlem. holder and the partner confronted a map riding -- man riding a bicycle and he opened fire on them hitting the officer in the head. >> it is what every officer in the new york police department does, the call comes he ran toward danger. >> officers captured the suspect who was wounded when the officers fired back. holder is the 4th new york police officer murdered in levin months. his father and grandfather were also police officers. >> angry parents make their weapons clear. they did that in a meeting in pittsburg high school. at issue is an incident that took place just before friday's football game involving the school's ban in the deer valley high school football team. lilian kim explains. >> emotions high, four daze after the friday night football game. parents of the marching band say their children were pushed and shoved by the high school football players.
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a stepdaughter is among the band members roughed up the. >> she had a swell were ankle the size of a softball and has been icing it all weekend and taking it easy. >> the pittsburg parents say on the football field deer valley would not get out of the way during the pre-game national anthem performance. there was continuation often before both sides went on the field. parents claim the deed valley players pushed and shove band members lining up in the magazine lot. >> mouthpieces were broken and re. ds. >> the deer valley superintendent said it was regrettable but too soon to cast blame saying the deer valley players were confused by the warm-up time was cut short and the deer valley paren say their children should be given the benefit of the doubt. >> the accusation and talk of deer valley being thugs and not honoring the national anthem. >> the school districts are both investigating.
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students, and etch coulds and staff members and anyone who may have played a role are being questioned. >> a new "washington post" poll shows that donald trump has a commanding lead over the rest of the -- presidential hopefuls in two key categories, 42 percent of republicans believe donald trump will most likely win the nomination and 43 percent think he has the best chance to win the general election. according to the palm trump is betting the biggest contender, ben carson, by nearly 30 percent in both categories. >> paul ryan said he is in as speaker of the house with big conditions saying he will run to replace speaker boehner but only if key groups back him including tea party republicans. he has given them until friday to decide. >> wisconsin lawmaker. as changes to make it tougher to overthrow a sitting speaker and he wants to travel less so he can spend more time with his three children. >> i decided to take my delorean
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to work this morning. >> it is only appropriate because where are we? when are we? aadescending to hill valley, california, at 4:29 on wednesday, october 21, 2015. >> that is today. this date. you may remember those lines from the 1989 hit "back to the fight," the day in which the movie when doc brown and matte time travel. the movie nailed headsets and video conferencing, and since the cubs are still in the place off a world series win is in reach. hover boards? well, they are here. sort of. there are no flying cars or self lacing shoes but the same pepsi bottle because of the limited run and a jaws 19 in the movie so universal put out a fake trailer. more on "back to the future," day on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 this morning. >> the cubs winning the world
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series and less likely. >> doesn't look good. >> doesn't look good. >> doesn't look good. >> the love lightning we would not have an energy crisis. the east bay hills camera is jiggling with a wind up to 20 miles per hour. it is already breezy in the hills. that will continue heading through the morning with the afternoon. it was the breeze that originally prompted the fire weather watch but it never got fast enough to turn it over to a broad flag warning. it kept the temperatures up, they are in the 60. walnut creek shows it is 54 degrees. under a clear sky. we will use this as the backdrop to talk about unlimited warm sunshine. the highs will dip slightly this weekend and a hint of rain on
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sunday and again on wednesday. today, the area of low pressure we have been tracking continues to move away and high pressure firmly entrenched to the knows the 50 shore breeze is going to hang around and bring us above-average temperatures again today and to a lesser step tomorrow and to friday and then it will lose its grip. low-to-mid 80s in the south bay if you lived yesterday, a carbon copy today and san jose and santa clara, sunnyvale and milpitas at 81 and redwood city down to millbrae at 77 and low-to-mid 70s along the cost today with daly city and colma at 73 and mid-70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with nearly 70 along the north bay coast and mid-80s in our valleys again and vallejo is the cool spot at 82, along the east bay shore we have richmond, berkeley, hayward, right at 78, 79, and everyone else in the low 80s and inland east bay if you liked yesterday you will like today, mid-80s until pleasanton at 87 degrees working in the backyard.
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48 in santa rosa, 47 in napa and everyone else in the 50s. here is a look at olaf... on, tuesday into possibly wednesday, that is how little the chance is. my seven-day forecast shows sunday, our next chance of slight chance of rain in the morning with temperatures in the 60s over the weekend and 70s and 80s elsewhere. leyla? starting off with mass transit and no delays for a.c. transit. the golden gate bridge drive is smoot sailing and we have word of the zipper truck to see if it is running. right new, three lanes are open if both directions and usually they try to open up another lane in the southbound direction and that would be the headlights so traffic coming in from marin has easier of a time to get to san francisco but we have not heard
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from them. we will keep trying. the bay bridge from the east bay, pretty much at top speed with a last green and upstairs and down stares you are at posted speed 62 miles per hour and before treasure island and after you get out of treasure island into the city, all roads that lead into san francisco nice and clear. what is going to start tomorrow? we have detours in place and muni re-routes so plan ahead and this will last through halloween so do plan. it will be there for a while. >> apple music added millions of paid users but it is still not number one among music streaming services in tech bytes. >> the music streaming wars are heating you. apple music has 6.5 million paid subcribers since launching but spot file is one at 20 million paid users. google maps wants to help you make pit stops allowing users to search for everything from gas
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stations to restaurants without leaving the 23456 gas station screen. it is available now for droid devices. the future is now. october 21, 2015, the date they travel "back to the future." what technology did they get right? >> hover boards. and they talk on a video call and smart glasses like google glass, featuring children wearing similar high-tech headsets. if only you could get the cubs to inwith it would be the future. >> you never know. those are the technical pits -- the tech bytes. >> the report that has the vatican defending the health of pope francis. >> caught on camera unintended stunt at a gasoline station. stunt at a gasoline station. stay tuned. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some?
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. >> the vatican is denying a report that pope francis has a small curable brain tumor. the paper claims that the pope traveled to see a japanese specialist a few months ago. the doctor fond a small dark spot on the pope's brain that could be cured with surgery. the vatican spokesman said the report is irresponsible and unfounded and the pope is carrying on. >> today, 23 and me will, again, bring customers with gene
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testing kits two years after the f.d.a. made the company stop. the relaunch includes 35 kits that will tell users if they carry gene mutations for rare diseases and will cost $199. 23 and me cannot offer more than 250 other risk reports that were included in the original product. the f.d.a. forced 23 and me off the market two years ago because of concerns of accuracy and the interpretation by customers. >> tomorrow, the redwood city police department is throwing a pizza part and thank the people would live on castle hill drive for helping a person in need. residents helped officer involved in a violent struggle with an assault suspect a couple of weeks ago. the department said their actions likely saved the officer grave injury. the party starts ton at 6:00. >> that is fantastic idea.
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>> we will turn things over to meteorologist mike nicco with cool day. >> we could warm it up a little in the millions this only but it is cool elsewhere. the afternoons we are staying homogenized influence the central valley, and lake tahoe is 62 and yosemite is 78, and around 77 in san diego and mid-to-upper 80's around los angeles and palm springs. olaf is strong hurricane category 4 right new put winds are not so fast and it will miss hawaii directly but there are strong rip currents over the weekend if you are headed that way. >> we are teaing you to the altamont pass. do you notice anything missing? hopefully it will stay this way for folks heading to work right now because it is clear with no accidents and month congestion. you are in good shape over the altamont pass toism. over to 680 the top speeds show
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traveling along 84 there are no problems to the sunol grade. grave time traffic is green, 101, to san francisco airport, it is a great job and east bay, too. >> leyla, thank you. why me anyone who does this but sometimes some of us drive on the wild side. surveillance camera at a gas station in wales caught a woman going on two wheels after she misjudged the turn and rather than panicking she keeps her cool, gets the car back under control on four eels. >> just like in the movies. >> very proud of of her and all the work paid off. >> mike was not being sarcastic about anyone's driving. to my left. owe to burn or not to burn? how you can have a say in new rules on fireplaces aimed at cheaping up our air. >> a quarter million for a super bowl pad with special perks
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bowl pad with special perks come with your stay.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. halfway there. a little more than halfway. we thank you for the company. i am eric thomas. >> i am senior citizen. kristen sze. >> happy hump day. a lack of clouds and the lack of fog this morning. the air is bone dry. you could feel knit your throat and fingers


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