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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, this thursday, at 5 o'clock a.m., and it is nippy. >> it is. but it is no longer thursday, it is friday eve. >> friday eve. it is friday lite. it is meteorologist mike nicco. >> still thursday though, you have to go to work. >> that is right. optimist. >> now, fog, less than quarter-mile at petaluma and up 101 through rohnert park and quarter-mile in santa rosa. we are looking to the weekend because it will be cooler than. physical then i will watch sfo with let clouds lingering along
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the coast and they could make it here and cause delays. 66 to 84 by 4:00. >> thursday was so to hours ago the spirit friday eve. now, the spay we bridge show travels looking nice with clear conditions and no citizens to report the we have more cars collecting in the cash-paying lanes, punching up in the far last at the baby babe. if you can, we have cash-paying slaves on the right-hand side and i suggest using those. at orinda, a crash is cleared, westbound highway 24. we have delays from orinda but this is showing green. it is looking slow in the westbound direction. >> new details of breaking news following in the east bay. a home in san lorenzo where the alameda sheriff is executing a search warrant right now. investigators say a homeowner came home before midnight to
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find two men inside the house stealing his medical marijuana plants. a fight wreck out between the these guys and the home owner grabbed a nice and chased them. our reporter is gather new details with a report in next half hour. >> we are lending more of the bay area fighter pilot killed in a crash in great britain yesterday. amy hollyfield is at usf, with more. amy? >> yes, i have been watching twitter and people from around the world expressing their grief through tweets having the kind of things to say even calling him a hero, former classmates at ucfs expressing grief and sharing nice thoughts and memories. major taj sareen a native of san mateo county graduated usf in 2004 a pilot in the marine corps for 11 years. those who knew him say it was clear that he wanted to make a difference. >> he was where he wanted to be.
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he was with the squad. they were over had for a while. flying missions. that is what he wanted to be doing. >> his jet crashed in england yesterday morning, and it was one of six jets coming back to the states from the persian gulf. witnesses say it lacked like the jet steered, it was troubled but was steering away from home right before it crashed and it does not surprise people who knew taj sareen calling him "selfless and honorable." >> thank you, democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is about to jump into the hotseat on capitol hill testifying before the house of representatives committee on the benghazi attacks. we are in the newsroom with that officer. >> the testimony begins at 7:00 a.m. and hillary clinton will appear before a house of representatives competent about the attack that killed four americans. this is video from the night it happened in 2012.
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armed islamic militants assaulted the diplomatic come pup and set buildings on fire. united states ambassador chris stevens was killed. republicans leading the investigation want answers. especially if the attack could have been prevented and if the state department should have provided better security there. they might even dig into her private e-mail scandals. >> we want a window into libya and what was happening in the woos and months before they were killed, why would you not look at the ambassador's e-mails? >> a clinton aide plans to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the attack during her open statement today. she will focus on what we can learn from benghazi. it is going to be a very long day of questioning. the testimony is expected to last at least eight hours. >> school leaders in marin county are urging parents to
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talk to their kid after five students sent to the hospital for taking cough syrup to get high. three students were tweeted after being sick after abuse the over-the-counter medicine coricidin which is combined with a host drink to get a high. it is called triple c. all five high schools sent letter to parents notifying them of the dangers of the drug. >> marijuana localization was a hot topic for presidential candidate bernie sanders making an appearance on late night tv appearing on jimmy kimmel say he was willing to consider marijuana legalization. that went over well with the audience. bernie sanders indicated in the democratic debate he favored legalization of recreational use of the drug. >> we have large numbers of lives that have been destroyed because of this war on drugs.
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and because people were caught smoking marijuana. we have get to under the war on drugs. looking at what ising for on in colorado and elsewhere, but i am not unfavorably disposed to moving to the localization of marijuana. >> palms show him doing better against donald trump than hillary clinton in the general election. when asked of the greatest extent he said bringing voters back to politics. >> santa clara county will not be fogging for mosquitoes if neighbors have their way. they landing to protest in cupertino to stop the pesticide fogging scheduled for 11 o'clock a.m. tonight. the treatment in cupertino and sunnyvale is necessary after test samples came back positive for west nile virus and they for not want people to get it. the protest is set to take place at saratoga sunnyvale and
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homestead starting at 4:00 today. >> glad criminal officials are working with students at walnut creek middle school to keep them safe in the event of fast rising storm waters and middle schoolers are being reminded of the danger of theed this control channel surrounding the campus part of the "stay out stay dry." two students drowned after trying to raft in the canals. >> new the weather situation. it is chilly. >> feels like fall. 51 degrees, oakland and hayward at 54, and young city and san leandro at 55 and berkeley at 56, fremont at 58, and alameda is 59 and richmond is warmer at 60. orinda, at 57. pleasanton is cool at 52. concord at 54. san jose and mountain view at 56. pacifica, same thing and upper
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40's around novato and napa at june. from the east bay hills you can see in the distance the lights are not so easy to see with clouds developing along the coast. we will turn our attention to the sky rather than long the surface with a few high clouds and temperatures a degree or two cooler. we top out at 722 in san francisco, east bay around 80 or 81. look at the cooling trend, as we look at walnut creek it is clear and 55 and the cooling trend will hit this weekend, and remember this is a chance of rain on sunday. that is in the seven-day forecast. >> you mentioned fog. we are tracking fog. you can see the yellow as we traffic weather and traffic together so there is socked in conditions. 101 through santa rosa and rohnert park, use low beams. to the south, south of highway 37, you are looking clear through san rafael and toward mill valley. no problems.
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today oracle world will open so how war street will be shut down dean 3rd and 4th street. muni will be re-routed. bart and ace train and muni, egg on -- everything on the tracks and the roads all running on time. >> a hugely popular toy could be in short supply this weekend through the holidays. >> apple is manufacturing -- moving to clean up its act had china. china. >> stay tuned.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, 5:12 on thursday morning. from the east bay hills toward the bay, and the bay bridge. we will have an update on how traffic is moving there. and elsewhere. coming up in a few moments. >> new research finds the mediterranean diet could slow down the aging in your brain which is based on olive i'm, first, notes and fruits and vegetables.
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brains shrink with age which is associated with cognitive impairment and alzheimer's disease. a new study finds the more you adhere to the mediterranean diet the more help you get for your brain. >> cupertino-based apple is cutting pollution at the operations in china and some of the pollution comes from the company that puts together devices like the itch phone and ipad. apple is committing to switching power from the current coal and oil citizen operators to clean solar and other renewable equal to taking four million cars off the road. the apple united states operations currently run on renewable energy systems. >> you will not see fresh and easy grocery stores of longer because they are shutting down after struggling. they have eight stores in the bay area. they will all be liquidated and closed the next few weeks. layoffs have been going out to the employees. >> nasa jet laboratory is
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predicting that los angeles has a 99.9 percent chance of experience an earthquake of 5.0 or greater in the next 2 1/2 years. a physicist said where it would happen, predicting the center happen, predicting the center would likely be in the said this has never been a successful prediction but it is not a stretch to assume that it will be another big one in that area. >> the new york mets have won national league pennant and are headed back to the world series for the first time in 15 years. that is the sound of cub fans, after a four game sweep of the cubs in chicago. you can see that homer, a for the mets beating chicago, and he await the winner of the
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blue jays and the royals. the royals load the bet of -- best of seven series 3-2. they are always at the end of the season. >> i cannot stop talking about daniel murphy, homers in five straight games? that is amazing. >> like a goalie standing on his head and carries his team through. >> bumgarner last season. >> good. >> had to throw the ice hockey in there. >> now, moving on to weather. east bay hills camera she the clouds rolling across and develop along the east bay shore line. the thickest fog is in the north bay valley and long the coast. we will watch the east bay shore. if it stays over there we do not have to worry about sfo with any issues. becoming warm and sunny today so
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we will see the clouds evaporate. killing arrives on the weekend and next chance of rain is wednesday. we are quarter-mile at petaluma and quarter-mile in santa rosa and less than quarter-mile in petaluma to quarter-mile in santa rosa. either way, it is dangerous on 101. as far as our temperatures today, we have a passing high cloud with a lot of sunshine and upper 70s to low 80s through most of the south bay. we are not going do have such a strong offshore breeze, maybe a degree or two cooler today, we have 82 in morgan hill and 84 in gilroy. up the peninsula we will hang around 80 in most neighbors until san mateo and millbrae and drop into the mid-to-upper 70s. you can see the difference in the wind at the coast, mid-60s and 67 in sunset and low-to-mid 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley from 81 in san rafael and petaluma to santa
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rosa at 84 and short of that at 79 in vallejo and the east bay shoreline oakland and san leandro at 77 and maybe up to 80 in castro valley and inland east bay, from 81 at san ramon to livermore and antioch and fairfield at 85. this evening, great tailgating weather with temperatures in upper 70s and falling interest the my 70s by the kickoff at 5 common 25 at stadium, seahawks this town. tonight we are dipping down and the 40s in the in the bay valley and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 50s. saturday and sunday, you can see the storms passing up to the north and it is wednesday when olaf and the cold front come together have a better chance of soaking rain. temperatures are falling back into the 60s and 70s by sunday. leyla? are you positive disney did not have anything to do with the nagin of the system? >> hushes are destructive...
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>> that was your government. >> now the south bay, that is 101 nothing is better than the commute to the san jose commute 101. looking clear. no accidents. no construction. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin we are more normal than heard. we had an early accident yesterday. that was quite light. we are back to normal today when and highway four building and antioch to concord 2 members and 101 southbound north bay, 18 minutes and through petaluma, slow down, we have heavy fog in the area and we have construction here if you are headed downstairs on the bay bridge away from san francisco into the east bay until can a.m. we will have the construction blocking the lanes to treasure island. slow for cone zone. >> a spike in coyote sighting has promised city officials to
5:19 am
hold a community meeting. coyotes are native to the city and northern california but run ins and attacks have left residented unnerved. the meeting providesness on how to co-exist with the animals take >> retail therapy today, in san francisco, a new target store is opening on ocean avenue. in emeryville, nordstrom rack opens at 9:00 a.m. at the east bay bridge center next to the home depot. the store is holding a day long celebration with music, food, and giveaways and raffle off 30, $100 gift cards and one winner gets $1,000 shopping spree. >> u.p.s. has settled a lawsuit claiming formed delivery times. >> good morning, topping america's money, a major
5:20 am
settlement involving u.p.s. >> they will repay $4 million to settlement a lawsuit. >> customers claim they paid a premium for overnight deliveries that did not arrive on time and especiallyees falsified the delivery records preventing them from collecting refunds. >> lego will run short and will not be able to make enough for the shop season. >> lego is expanding factories but are not fully ready for years. >> a new potato chip winning over millions. >> southern biscuit and gravy in first place in the flavor contest from lay's and the creator gets $1 million prize or 1 percent of the net sales. >> that is america's money. >> that sundays good. >> hungry? >> we are. >> "sesame
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. breaking news, alameda county sheriff deputies looking for burglars would broke into a house in san lorenzo. a homeowner found two men steal his medical marijuana plants and they got into a fight. >> abc7 has helped that the marine fighter pilot killed in a crash near london is from san mateo county. major taj sareen graduated from the university of san francisco in 2004 and on way back to the united states from the persian gulf. he leaves behind a family and a
5:24 am
young daughter. >> hillary clinton is set to testify before the house of representatives select committee on benghazi facing criticism over her role in the 2012 deadly attack on an american diplomatic compound. >> four, just another warm day. look what is going to happen. two chances of rain in your seven day forecast. it lacks impressive -- it looks impressive. >> five, the cash-paying crunch at the bay bridge toll plaza waiting to get and the city but fast extra, is moving along fine with no crashes. >> the story of the taiwan woman who gave birth on the flight to los angeles and has been deported to taiwan without her baby. now, a flight attendant claims she kept asking if they were in united states airspace before the water broke much the airline said they would not have let herfully if they knew she was nine months regulate.
5:25 am
usually they keep it at 15 months. >> drivers should expect heavy traffic around levi stadium for the 49ers matchup against the seahawks, and are running ten extra trains before the game and a dozen after. caltrain is adding to special northbound trains after the game with kickoff at 5:25 p.m. >> "sesame street," has a new girl, julia, with autism. the centers for disease control say one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism, and while the diagnosis is common, they say public understanding of autism is not. the introduction of julia is part of a new initiative that aims to reduce the stigma. there will be more on julia on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 this morning. >> 5:25 is the time, and klhloe kardashian and lamar odom have withdrawn their divorce papers from the court. it has been a difficult time for the couple can it is sensible to
5:26 am
put such a big decision on hold. odom is recovering at cedar sinai after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. >> i am shedding tears my kids love science because of a popular show that has the final system in "myth busters," the show is calling it quits based in san francisco. back in 2011 the hosts conduct add cannonball stunt that went wrong when one ripped through a dublin home. they knew the enwas coming all year. >> so they have been planning for a big bang, so to speak. >> look, forward to that. >> another full 90 minutes of news including the land to put more police officers on streets in the east bay. >> if your teen is homing to attend a university of
5:27 am
california campus there is a deal to increase enrollment across the state. across the state. stay tuned.
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kohl's live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:29 on thursday. otherwise, tone as friday eve. thanks for joining us. i am eric kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike reminds us thursday is friday eve. >> good morning, everyone, it is dangerous in the north bay. we are tracking thick fog.
5:30 am
less than quarter-mile. that is dangerous visibility. it is serious headed up through rohnert park and quarter-mile if that area. did you feel the wind yesterday? cooler along the coast in san francisco. that is the case today. inland we will be warm. in the mid-80s and upper 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. leyla has traffic. >> we are heading up to antioch. we are tracking heavy traffic. it is away from 160 with the bulk of it around hillcrest. as you push in the westbound direction it starts to improve but we have an accident. that is what i want to get to, we have green that could change to red. westbound highway 4, if you continue up to 680, traffic is looking heavier as you make it out of pleasant hill to highway 24. >> thank you. more on breaking news we are following authorities are looking for two burglars who
5:31 am
tangled with a home owners who caught them trying to steal marijuana plants from his home. matt? >> the sheriff deputies --. [ inaudible ] >> matt, we will try to get back with you while we were on the audio. more breaking news, a school in sweden has a mask mad with a sword went on a rampage before being shot by police. the attack took place in the school cafe area. the 11 and 15-year-old students were taken to the hospital. swedish media is reporting there has been a meeting to discuss teacher concerns the school was too open and not safe. stay with us for new developments. you can follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> developing news, friends and family are grieving the loss of a manner firefighter pilot from san mateo county.
5:32 am
major taj sareen died in evening hand yesterday when the jet crashed. it happened at a royal air force base northeast of london. officials say he ejected from the aircraft but did not survive. taj sareen graduated from the university of san francisco in 2004 and was the pilot in the marine corps for 11 years one of six jets coming back from the persian gulf. he leaves behind a family and a young daughter. >> at 7:00 this morning, hillary clinton will testify before the house of representatives select committee on benghazi. the former secretary of state faces credited civil over the role in the deadly attack open an american diplomatic compound. the competent wants to know the unwas in benghazi in the first place and whether the deaths of four americans included away and bay area native chris stevens can have been prevented. slow may face questions of her use of a roast e-mail account for government business letting to benghazi.
5:33 am
>> a new washington post/abc news poll shows 53 percent of americans believe the benghazi investigation is politically motivated. , 54 percent disapprove of hour hillary clinton has dealt with questions on the issue. >> former republican vice president can detail paul ryan is poised to be the next house speaker after winning the caucus in a closed door meeting. a group of three dozen conservatives was a hold out. >> san jose restaurant at the officer of a shigella outbreak faces new lawsuits. a man filed the first suit year. there are 93 cases in the san there are 93 cases in the san jose area, all linked to the is believed the largest outbreak of the bacterial infection in santa clara county.
5:34 am
>> the university of california president janet napolitano wants to allow thousands more of undergraduates into the school with a plan she reveal in san francisco next month. she will not go interest details but we know the legislature is prompting there will be an extra $25 million in funding if the system can enroll an additional 5,000 undergraduates in the 2016 and 201 school year. critics wonder if they can add enough dorm rooms and classes in time for the new students' influx. >> breaking news we have been following, authorities looking for two burglar whose tangled with a homeowner who he caught stealing his medical marijuana. matt? >> yes, sheriff deputies have a search warrant and are congress through the home right now. this is a problem if you grow
5:35 am
marijuana if your hole. if you are burglarized sometimes the person investigated is you. the alameda county sheriff said a man came home to find to men gathering his pot plants at 1:30 last night. do men bet up the home owners and the home owner chased off the burglars. a neighbor called 9-1-1 subsequent he her the commotion and the home owner did not want him to call. the sheriff arrived to fight 2nd pot plants. the problem? the homeowner was a medical marijuana card but only supposed to have 30 plants. so the sheriff needed a search warrant and why they are busy inside the home right now. there no word if the home owner could face charges or if the extra pot plants will be confiscated. he was beat up but not taken to the hospital. the burglars escaped and this is in way did know if they are injured in the fight with the homeowner. >> five police departments will beef up for thes with the
5:36 am
physical money according to the physical money according to the contra cost extra -- cost involvement and increase youth outreach. >> a san jose police officers who sparked protest for the tweets on the black lives matter moment, has been fired. san jose police con firm that philip white was terminated after two decades on force. one of the tweeted said threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you. the other was directed at protesters saying that he with be at the movies with his gun. some protesters who called for white's removal say the right decision has been made. >> maybe he felt this was okay but the level of responsibility as an officer in using better choice of words. >> he will not face criminal chaps for the tweets. >> happening fed, the president 's family marks the
5:37 am
second anniversary of a shot death by a sonoma county sheriff. friends and activist will hold a candlelight vigil for andy lopez and picket in front of the sheriff's office at 4:00 p.m. in 2013 lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked like a real ak-47 as he walked in downtown santa rosa. deputy say he feared for his life when he shot and killed lopez much the deputy was cleared of wrongdoing after an investigation by the sheriff's office and the d.a. >> a man wanted for two attempted an did yous in berkeley is now linked to a third case. a man approached a girl in the area of college avenue and webster street on sunday. he tried to liar the girl into a van. she refused. police think it is the same man who aetched three girls and tried to get them into the vehicle. they ran off and he chased them but they got away. police say the man was driving a black full-sized cargo van with no side or rear windows. >> agreements are in place for
5:38 am
pleas of two men suspected of looting during the valley fire one guilty of two were chaz of burglary. the plea is expected tobly a five year prison sentence. the other suspect pleaded guilty to being in a restricted area during a rescat and roy sterling was sentenceed to 75 days jail. >> the lake county chapter of habitat for humanity has a fundraising effort to help low income families rebuild and repair homes lost to the valley fire according to the press democrat hoping to raise $1 million to be eligible for receive help you must be from low income families own both the house and the land, and be either uninsured or underinsured. we added a link on our website at you can donate. >> start out chilly but it will
5:39 am
turn around quick limit >> absolutely, everywhere but where we have the fog where it will take a couple of hours for the fog to evaporate and petaluma is at 50 and rohnert park is 48 and same this santa rosa and guerneville at 48, all socked in with fog. by novato it is clearing at 46. we have american canyon at june and vallejo is 59 and sausalito at 58. 60 this morning is the warm spot at alameda, and cupertino is 52 the san jose is 56. san carlos is 55. san jose shows 87 near the shark tank and it is clear. our bay is almost as west as yesterday with a couple of degrees shy at 74 to 80. more cooling today at the coast and san francisco. you will see the sunshine at 65 to 73 and inland, 81 to 85 and the higher elevations are breezy like yesterday. walnut creek is 55. year was 52 degrees.
5:40 am
70s in san francisco through saturday and secretary by sunday and we are in the 80s elsewhere and 70s and 80s on saturday and only 70's by sunday. two chances of rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. leyla? how is the commute? >> metering lights are turned on. we have a swarm of cars coming in from the east bay to san francisco. right now the time is going to be fifa minutes to get in from the east bay toward san francisco. we are going to take you over to the altamont pass with slow and go conditions at 18 miles per hour leaving tracy and in the eastbound direction at greenville to north friend road we will have construction lasting until 11 o'clock and you can see where it is light in that area but it backs up west of vasco road into livermore so it will take all in all tracy to dublin 44 minutes. the orinda crash is cleared.
5:41 am
>> carmakers are doing everything they can to keep you connected on the road. why they could be putting your safety at risk. also, how far would you go to find your missing pet? the search that led a pay area cat owner to the heartland. >> you are looking live at a beautiful picture of san francisco international airport, hopefully no great delays good hopefully no great delays good to any weather. [female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n, get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:4. you are, looking at moment, a missing 8-year-old boy was reunited with his parents in hayward yesterday. his father said the boy got upset and ran off during p.e. class the at elementary school. police found him five agonizing hours later several miles away. >> we are very happy with the hayward police and the alameda county sheriff. we are very glad to have our son back. >> he was hungry and went t mcdonald's to get a happy meal. >> volunteers and staff and police helped search for the boy. >> hands free devices in cars that use voice commands are highly distracting for drivers. university of utah researchers say it can take up to 27 seconds
5:45 am
for a driver using a voice-activated entertainment system to regainful alertness. so a car going 25 miles per hour can travel the length of three football fields before the brain fully recovers from the act of changing music or dialing a number. >> vallejo woman hired a private detective to find her missing cat. show said her cat disappeared in set and thought cat was taken by family of a deceased neighbor as they hauled his belong insurance back to the midwest. >> he is friendly and jumped into the back of the truck or maybe they took her because she is such a nice cat. >> she tracked the family to nebraska and contacted them by social media and by text and offered a reward with no response and she hired a private investigator. they say the was belonged to
5:46 am
their family but she is back now at home with her cat. >> tonight, the thursday football game with the seahawks is at 5:00 p.m. with a traffic head with the game coinciding with rush hour. there are ten extra trains before the game and ten extra after the game and a regular weekday schedule before the game but will add two special northbound trains. general parking lots open at 1:55 with the stadium gates opening at 3:25. >> the hearts are red even though our clothes are blue. >> for the 49ers. >> got to beat the seahawks to get the record going in the right direction. sunshine at 75 at 5:25 and 8:55 we will drop down to 65.
5:47 am
you will need something besides short sleeves or whatever you wear into the game. it will be cooler. golden gate bridge is not foggy but it is just liquoring east coast and we have the southwest wind at 5-8 miles per hour so it will be hazy if not foggy at the end of the commute. our pattern is steady the next two days. the cooling trend for the weekend is still on schedule, and, still, two chances of rain if not showers in the forecast. now, what is happening right new, less than quarter-mile visibility in petaluma, and six in santa rosa, and that is at the airport so the fog could be moving around rohnert park and to petaluma. it is going to be difficult getting around. the rest of us, light and variable winds. here's the forecasts weather the winds are doing today, i think they will be on shore pus of the cold front moving through the two areas of high pressure and
5:48 am
because it is a dry cold front, there are minor changes and we will lose a degree or two today. that puts us in the upper 70s to low 80s through the south bay with san jose at 80 can cooler in santa cruz at 72 and from 74 at millbrae and mountain view at 80 and along the cost you will see the biggest drop at mid-to-upper 60, and low-to-mid 80s through most the north bay, and 84 in santa rosa and vallejo is 79, a cool spot and the east bay shore, richmond at 7 pa and oakland is 77 and castro valley and fremont at 80 and 81 if san ramon to 85 in antioch and livermore. for saturday into sunday, the system is still trending to the north. we will jump ahead to what is going to happen when olaf and the cold front work together, by tuesday night, into wednesday, watch this wall of water coming in so we could pole get a good soaking. next wednesday. that is several days away.
5:49 am
we will tweak the forecast. fall like temperatures sunday and monday with 60 and sunday. leyla? >> we will start in the richmond and san rafael area, at the bridge and the toll plaza with traffic collecting on the far last happened or right happened side. the rest of the traffic is moving along fine and we have top speed. to the north by, mike has been telling us we have fog as you traffic weather and traffic, you can see the area of orange an indication of where the fog is affecting the commute. along 101 and rohnert park, we are at top speds and you hey want to slow down because with the socked in conditions, it is disy. in the southbound direction the tail lights are pushing to mill valley and traffic is lacking great and at orinda in the east bay, again, that accident is cleared and right now we are look at top speeds in the when direction on highway 24. >> it is 5:49.
5:50 am
the bay area's newest public transportation system is up and running but you cannot ride it and the reason trains in the north bay are moving without passengers and air b airbnb is e offensive and targeting a ballot measure. a would-be package thief caught on camera and something the criminal did not expect it. criminal did not expect it. stay tuned.
5:51 am
5:52 am
odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park.
5:53 am
>> this thief tried to steal a package in concord, but she could not lift it up so she decided to steal the resident's dirty shoes, called an epic thief fail. >> airbnb will remove a series of ads in san francisco that appear to take a swipe at a move to limit private rentals in the city. that ad suggests that san francisco's public library system should be spending money that is paid in tabses to stay open later. another temperatures the city tax collector not to spend all the money in one place. airbnb is the target of a respect six on the ballot next month. if passed it would limit private rentals through sites like airbnb to 75 night each year and force guests to pay the hotel tax. >> you have always been fascinated by the weather and the flood preparedness is underway and marin county is
5:54 am
looking for dedicated weather watchers for the rainy system. there is orientation this evening with no registration necessary. people of all ages can volunteer even children with parental permission and 1,300 volunteers including 45 this marin county. mike, when you were here you would love to do something like this. >> win they had the co-op program. i on take part of that you can join with the kids and introduce them to the environment if a positive way. good morning, everyone, we will tack about the state, we will have low-to-mid 88 lake tahoe is 63 and monterey a few more clouds and cooler than yesterday at 69, with mid-to-upper 70s around san diego and los angeles. we will see what olaf is doing, he has been looking very impressive but, still, category three. as we have been talking all week it will miss hawaii but a last
5:55 am
surf heads that way so watch out for the rough senator in hawaii -- the rough serve in hawaii. >> from albany to the maze, it is four shore minutes. 880 southbound, is looking good and 280 from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes. down the east shore freeway to the macarthur maze you can see it is clear. we had early construction at macarthur maze headed in the eastbound direction but it is getting picked up. >> thank you. >> bruce willis is making the broadway debut with previews of the stage adaptation of "misery," playing the novelist who is rescued from a car accident and is cared for by a derained -- derangeed fan. one fan in the office will be
5:56 am
his daughter who is performing as roky in "chicago." now she can dance so well a perfect role. >> man from hawaii was minutes away from death attacked by a massive shark but the will to live was stronger. tony lee told of the attack over the weekend off the coast of hawaii saying the shark had both legs in his mouth and pulled him underwater repeat through. lee put up a fight. >> i had goggles on and i could see clearly. i kept thinking if i punched him enough he would let me go. he wasn't going it. >> lee lost a foot and will have surgery today to save the second of the he is an athlete and doctors say that will help him in the recovery. he looks forward to getting back to hiking and bicycling.
5:57 am
>> if you at 6:00, an east bay woman who said her husband was wrongly kid by antioch police loses a lawsuit against the city and the reason her claims have been then out. >> the tests underway in the north bay on the new smart train system and when the trains could be open to the public. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza with more traffic and weather and news traffic and weather and news when we return.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, it is 6:00 on this thursday, thank you for starting your day us with. i am kin christian. >> it feels like fall and we will find out more from mike. >> there is a crispness in the air and fog, too, so i have fog dialed down on petaluma, and mcdowell boulevard and less
6:00 am
than a quarter-mile, so be careful. it is very highly concentrated around petaluma and rohnert park, and up to santa rosa at san rafael. clean as a whistle looking south on 101, so you need a heavy coat, and the day planner is cooler at the coast, mid-60s and in the my 70s inland and mid-80s by hurricane. >> good morning, everyone, if you are waking up with us at 6:00 am, we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and our metering lights are turned on at 5:30 and that has given traffic a chance to backup so if you are headed from the macarthur maze from san francisco it is 15 minutes. a couple of problems on the south bay, the nimitz at dibs -- dixon landing, six or seven cars are open shoulder. a brand new crash northbound 101 at alum rock avenue and one lane is blocked and a couple of vehicles, as


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