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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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today to talk about their son. >> i'll see you in two days, dad. i spoke to my son two hours before he took off. he said see you in two days, dad. >> reporter: the tightly knit family, sister, mother, daughter lived here 17 days. the past day has seen terror and grief. >> the only sad thing is that we won't be able to see him anymore. >> reporter: they heard a jet crashed and then, hours of no information. >> three marine officers were walking towards our house. they said it was your son. devastating. >> reporter: the marine fighter
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pilot was one of six jets coming back from the persian gulf. he ejected but did not survive. one final move was to avoid crashing into homes. his sister says she learned she knew it was taj. he graduate ready from university of san francisco in 2004, joining the marines in 2005. the mother's worrying began. >> yes. i just worried. he said think of it like this is my passion. i love to fly. >> reporter: for this home, no more questions. the second night knowing taj is gone. for a family, a father when does the waiting end? >> i'll wait the two days forever. he said i'll be back in two days.
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>> reporter: he will be honored tonight at the university of san francisco. his teammates and coach say his love of fast cars possibly motivated him to become a fighter pilot but also his sense of duty. >> he was with a kid that liked to serve others. >> defending the country is something he was looking to do, and see the world. >> reporter: there will be a moment of silence tonight before the soccer matches. police are searching for three burglars who shot a san jose homeowner. sky 7 hd was over the neighborhood where it happened before noon. officers say a 29-year-old made an unscheduled return home. he found two burglars and a get away driver outside. they were ransacking his house. he tried to chase them out. one shot him in the shoulder.
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>> he will recover. the doctors patched him up. you know. there is nothing damaged. >> reporter: his mother lives in the home and suspects the boy must have been keeping an eye on the house. officers say the suspects got away in a blue honda, leaving behind potential evidence like bloodstains from cuts. san francisco police are searching for a wanted man right now. he could be armed and dangerous. sky 7 was over the scene at fitzgerald avenue and jennings street. police tell us they crashed his car and ran away. in pinole today, seven students at pinole valley high school went to the hospital after ingesting a drug that treats anxiety disorders. xanax. the students were said to be acting strangely. witnesses say they appeared
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intoxicated. >> his eyes was rolling back. he was slurring and wobbling. >> staff called authorities. there is an investigation happening now to find out how those students got the prescription medications. new information in the shigella outbreak linked to a san jose mexican restaurant which has hospitalized some infected. health officials say the outbreak spread to three other bay area counties. officials say the number of suspected cases of the bacterial illness stand at 110. 92 in santa clara county, the rest across other counties. officials confirmed 24 cases. >> in this outbreak, it's just so important to get the message out that hand washing is really
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very important to prevent the spread to others. >> officials link the outbreak to the restaurant and two diners filed lawsuits against the restaurant which is closed by the health department. >> in richmond, look at the flames coming off of the structures. that 22 street and grant avenue. we don't know if anyone was inside. you can see the intensity of it. firefighters putting water on it on the screen. flames just raging at this point. >> we've been keeping an eye on this here. and this is a heavily residential area. flames have just engulfed it. looks like one structure may have been adjacent to the house is where the fire started. and looks like that structure is
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going to be a loss. >> you can get the latest here on abc7 news and follow us on twitter, abc7 news bay area. >> there is a new twist in the tale of three drifters accused of killing a woman in golden gate park and a man in the marin county jail. the suspects remain in jail. now, they're being accused in an attack in san francisco's district. >> investigators told us they would look into the path to see if they committed other crimes, now, it appears they did, right here. a lot of young transient hang out. many say many transients are squatting. two of the three are charged
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with murdering this backpacker and this yoga instructor. a regular at the bar in the haight says he was beaten by lampley as he was smoking. a doorman says an 18-year-old came at her with a taser. both recognized the two from mug shots. >> yes. it's gotten difficult by haight street. >> they're pan handling more aggressively. >> if you ignore them, they'll comment and say things to you, you know? >> people tell us the new breed of young drug addicted transients scare them because
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they seem to have a violent streak. >> they have no respect for themselves or anyone else. they also have no fear. they'll do a crime, and not think about the consequences. >> lampley, aligood and angold are charged with the two murders. napa police have identified a man who tried to lure teen-aged girls inside of his vehicle. he is alleged to have asked 15 girls between 12-17 to ask if they wanted a ride. police put out a community alert. the d.a. is investigating the incidents and charges could be filed soon. air bnb is pulling in bill boards after rolling out a controversial ad campaign less than two weeks before voters decide whether to impose tighter restrictions on rentals like air
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bnb. we're live with more on the story carolyn? >> reporter: the city had the pressure air bnb to pay back taxes. and it just days away from the date. air bnb is telling the city what to do. it was t it was an apology. the key election could alter the so called air bnb law implemented in february. opponents gathered signatures to
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put a more restrictive measure on the ballot. it limits owners from renting out units to 75 days per year, requiring them to submit quarterly reports and allows neighbors to sue. it calls for fines against air bnb violators. >> you've got to be able to find them when listing unregistered units. >>dale carlson believes air bnb is contributing by taking rental properties off the market for tourists accommodations. >> limit air bnb to listing and rent heing only those units that are registered with the city. if we do that, 90% of the listings go away. a chunk come back into the housing market. >> but opponents point out the city just recently stream lined the registration process. >> give people an opportunity to follow the law before we start assuming that people are just
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not obeying out of choice. >> reporter: and patrick hahnon says blaming housing prices on air bnb hosts is disingenius. >> the voters decide november 3rd. in san francisco, abc7 news. a campaign to save lives. >> it's important to stay out. >> next, a mistake one school hopes students don't repeat. clouds are arriving. we're still in search of rainfall. it's within reach and within my accu-weather forecast. coming up. and in fairfield, you can get married here, but don't expect the certificate any time soon. the story, coming up. also, device stopping
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in this world of digital documents, counties are dealing with a paper problem that could make it difficult to get the records they need. the one company that produced paper for the documents has gone out of business. abc7 news in solano county where
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record keepers are expected to run out of paper after today. martin and melanie said i do today, only to find out they won't be able to have a marriage certificate until november. the paper was in printing like the u.s. currency. >> it comes out at you. and is difficult to duplicate and use it for fraud. >> this is what you would get. a document with the word "void" on it. every county is using one company. northern bank note out of ohio that went out of business, leaving everyone scrambling to find another printing company.
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>> 35 counties reached out to canadian bank note in ottawa. solano county ordered a thousand bank note statements at a cost of $27,000. the shipment won't arrive until november. the recorder is asking people wanting a certificate go through the county health department. people will have wait to get theirs. >> if it comes a week or month after that, i'm okay with that. >> worth the wait. in fairfield, abc7 news. >> the rain water is becoming a political football and
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republican lawmakers sent letters demanding state or federal governments come up with a plan to store water for droughts instead of allowing it to >> here in the bay area, an effort is underway of water weight. >> flood control folks out here admit it's hard to sell this message, but if true, they want to remind kids that these water waves could become dangerous once the rain hits. at the height of the winter, the
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canal can swell by as much as ten feet. bridges and waters that could be deadly. that is what happened in february, 2011. two juniors died after trying to raft down a creek. >> the possibility of heavy rains predicted for coming winter, the goal is making sure the kids don't try anything risky. >> we're taking seriously predecisions of a wet winter. so get the message out. it's important to stay out, stay alive. >> that is why they took on a week long project that is important at this school. students have decorated bridges with warning signs and held this contest. >> where is it okay to go
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rocking? or canoeing? >> tell when would you tell a friend? >> don't. i don't want you to die because you're my best friend. >> ten people died in drownings since this flood control channel was built in 1965. it seems to happen once every ten years. the hope is that this generation will get the message. in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> taking a look right now at santa cruz beach from our camera there. looks like everyone has gone home for the day. one person is enjoying solitude on the beach. spencer christian, the king of solitude.
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>> oh! >> well, i'm king of something. here is live doppler 7 hd. high clouds moving through and otherwise clear skies throughout the bay. looking live at golden gate bridge, traffic is flowing nicely. it's 66, 67 degrees in san francisco. 71 in oakland and mountain view. 61 in half moon bay. here is a view of the setting sun. there is some beautiful sun sets. 80 in fairfield. and here is a view from our south beach camera. looking at clear skies, these forecast features, mild to warm again, tomorrow, cloudier and cooler conditions this weekend. there is a chance of rain. taking a look at hurricane
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patricia. winds 150 miles per hour and closer category 5 storm expected to make land fall tomorrow. there are hurricane warnings that could be a devastated rain producer. and it approaches the coast of mexico. in the bay area, high pressure is building back briefly. but we're going to have high clouds overriding that high pressure ridge. here is our forecast, we've been looking for rain this weekend. sunday is trending drier now than expected. tuesday, looks like a better chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. clear skies, low temperatures
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mid-50s and tomorrow, mainly hazy sunshine. highs in the south bay, upper 70s to around 80 degrees. upper 70s on the peninsula. downtown san francisco, a high of 73 degrees. and we'll have low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling with clouds coming in. fall-like pattern settles in by monday. a chance of rain tuesday, showers are likely to linger into wednesday. but this is not the kind of major rainfall we're hoping for. just light rain. >> hopefully we're easing into it. >> i hope so. >> thank you. >> okay.
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abc7 news was in hayward as a mobile pantry pulled up in the jackson triangle area. the need is great here. 80% of the students in this neighborhood qualify for free or reduced lunch so the food bank brought the food to them. residents were able to shop in a farmer's market type atmosphere.
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>> not everyone wants everything we may they think want. people are able to choose and leave behind dislikes. >> it serves 14 sights in oakland, hayward and newark. star wars fans have another reason to look forward to december. >> you can catch the first star wars movie across the country. it leads up to the preemor of "the force awakens". the metrion is participating and we should mention disney owns the rights to star wars and is the parent company of abc7. facing the heat from congress on benghazi the moments
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for hillary clinton during an 11 hour day on capitol hill. a california based grocery chain is shutting down. some local employees plan to do next, plus... the important test for the bay area's newest train.
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11 hours is how long the congressional hearing on the benghazi attacks went on in washington before adjourning just minutes ago. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton answered questions all day long about the attack that left bay area native chris stevens and three other americans dead. >> reporter: tensions were high as hillary clinton entered her 8th hour of testimony. >> you say everybody else is responsible for everything else, what were you responsible? >> for sending chris stevens as an envoy, for supporting a temporary mission that we were constantly evaluating and
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responsible for quite a bit. i was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions. >> are you the most-heated exchange did not involve the former secretary of state. >> i don't care if you sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon. smoke signals. >> make sure the record is correct. >> that is what i want to owe do. >> clinton spent the day mounting her response to the attack that left four americans dead. >> i would have imagine i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> republicans insist the hearing is not a partisan witch hunt. >> we're going to pursue the truth in a manner worthry of the memory of four people that lost their lives. and worthy of the respect of our fellow citizens. >> during her testimony, clinton challenged the committee to look at the bigger picture. >> these are complex issues mr. congressman. i think it's important to look at the totality of what was
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going on. and tonight's bay area business watch, southern california based fresh and easy announced it will close stores, including 97 locations in nevada, and california and arizona. eight are in the bay area. more than 3,000 employees will be losing their jobs starting a week from friday. >> i'm looking for another job. so hopefully, i can kind something. >> crazy. i come here often. lunch, quick, easy do it yourself. i guess shocked. >> the store was aimed at time crunched shoppers to quickly grab fresh food using self service checkouts. >> the party atmosphere in emeryville this morning. 600 people lined up for the
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newest nordstrom rack. nordstrom has 190 rack stores, it brings jobs to 60 people that were hired to staff the opening. you want your groceries delivered? well, amazon launched it's prime delivery service. members can down load a special app and order right away. two-hour delivery free, one hour, $7.99. the markets had a great day. dow finishing up 220 points. mcdonalds stock hit a record high today. >> that after a rebound in quarterly sales showed that the company's turn around plans may be working. the fast food giant has been trying to rebrand itself, boosting quality and simplifying menus. it rolled out all day breakfast and used chicken from birds raised without antibiotic that's are used to treat humans. >> pandora confirmed it will fork over $90 million as payment
6:34 pm
for pre-1972 recordings. it would be the second company to settle. in june, sirius paid to resolve a similar lawsuit. the sonoma marin rail transit system has become a visible testing program. and wayne freedman went along for a ride. >> reporter: look in novato today. it's not as fast as a speeding bullet, but getting there, the smart train system, linking sonoma and marin counties has begun test runs. this commuter railroad remains a better part of a year away from beginning service. whit began, high speed testing, we asked for a ride on the railroad said... meet us along the track.
6:35 pm
the train speeding along the track will be 79 miles per hour. today, it's 50 miles per hour. and they've applied brakes at that speed. >> they went about 300. >> reporter: he runs the program, including computer analysis and human element in the form of engineer best. who spent ten years driving freights. if you think all trains are the same, you're wrong. each train will need testing and certification before the next step. running them on the same stretch of track. >> we're going to test what we call the positive train system, requiring us to run trains on the system at speeds many, many
6:36 pm
times to ensure safety features of the system that informs us. >> reporter: if you travel through the north bay, get used to this sight. no rides for the public yet, but you know what is going on inside. don't give money to someone calling you claiming to be with the irs. michael finney has to step in aafter doing that led to issues for one bay area veteran. for one bay area veteran. how to keep it from happening t welcome to the hotel san francisco. ♪ livin' it up at the hotel san francisco ♪ tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave. illegal airbnb hotels are evicting thousands of san franciscans from their homes and causing rents to skyrocket. prop f will crack down on illegal airbnb hotels and hold corporations accountable with common-sense rules. vote yes on f before we all get checked out of san francisco. open!
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a military veteran in daily city got taken for hundreds of dollars. >> michael finney says this wasn't the end of his troubles. >> reporter: he became a target of more problems. he called me, hoping to warn you, and described what he did in the end. it gave him a certain pay back.
6:40 pm
>> felt bad. >> he can't shake the trauma of that day. >> we have a warrant out for your arrest. >> the caller said he was from the irs. kevin never paid his taxs. >> that i'll be going to jail and they'll be coming to handcuff me, and take me away. >> reporter: the man stayed on the phone the whole time, he drove to the bank. then, to 7-11 to wire a payment. >> he was keep asking me are you there? i said, yes. 7-11 didn't have the forms. >> he told me get out of the store and go to another place. >> the man told him to drive to a check cashing place. >> it had a locked door. they buzzed me in. >> he wired the money and the hahn called back. >> you need to go back to the bank and withdraw $1500 more dollars. i told him, no. you're not taking all of my money. >> the caller got angry. >> then, he just told me that in
6:41 pm
profanities that you just got scammed. >> i woke up and i heard my husband. >> his wife, nellie awoke to her husband, screaming. >> no. no. no. you're not taking my money. >> nellie says it took two days to calm down enough to tell her what happened. >> he was trembling. >> reporter: kevin got on a hit list. this text claiming to be his bank and five more calls from scammers. . >> i told them i know this is a scam. asking why are you doing this? >> to his surprise, the scammer responded. >> he said this is our only way to make money. we don't make much money doing this. but it's some money. >> reporter: the crook said he was working in a scam center in india and didn't like it. >> i told him i'd pray for him,
6:42 pm
he said thank you. >> reporter: kevin isn't sure, but it brought tears to his eyes. the irs will never call you to demand money or threaten to arrest you. scammers count on scaring you into giving up your money. they found forceful and intimidating. don't believe anything they say. just hang up. to see my reports go to and click on the seks tab, then, select 7 on your side. we want to thank him for telling his story. it's rough but happening to thousands of people. >> you're right. it's a story people will not forget after seeing that. thank you. using in the electricity in the brain could save lives. the technology helping doctors [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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bay area researchers are working to perfect technology that uses electricity in the brain to fight diseases. as abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings discovered it could be more effective.
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>> reporter: watching jim wiseman's hand tremors is like tracking a passing storm. it stops after turning on a device that keeps his parkinson's in check. >> it just gets rid of it. >> it's known as deep brain stimulator,ed intoi stimulator, but the neurologist believes it could be more effective if it were more precisely tarring quitted. >> this is how we've been doing brain chasing. brain stimulating is on, all the time. >> now, they're working to make dps behave like modern, computerized pace makers which only activate when a heartbeat gets out of rhythm. to accomplish that in the brain, jim wears a sensor, detecting when tremors are starting.
6:47 pm
>> we're programming a computer that will adjust the stimulations based on the patient's symptoms. >> reporter: it sends a signal to the computer that tells when and where to activate and what power level. by tweaking settings, the team is hoping to find the electronic frequencies needed to control the tremors without blanketing the brain with electricity. >> that means is that the simulator might be as lower voltage and may not see sithe se effects. >> beyond safety, she believes the system will allow researchers to target multiple symptoms such as disruptive muscle motions, perhaps adding sensors that adjust if a patient is sitting or walking. >> our goal is that patient
6:48 pm
shouldn't have to worry about it. the pace maker will adjust based on what the patient is doing. >> freeing the patients to live their lives seamlessly. >> incredible. >> yes. let's take a look at the forecast. will beings like we're heading into a nice weekend. >> nice and calm, let's take a look at the tropical pacific. we have hurricane olaf maintaining category 2 strength. it's expected to make a northward move and turn northeast into the cooler waters and weaken and lose features, look for sunny skies, highs into the low 80s and there is hazy sunshine from upper 60s on the
6:49 pm
coast and here is the accu-weather forecast. i clicked off the panel at the 7 day. and we'll have a chance of rain here next week, tuesday, into wednesday but not looking like heavy rain. just light rain. >> thank you. >> we'll take it. >> yes. >> in sports, we'll update you on the 49ers game. and now, question is wh
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space.
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[whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. dodgers and manager don maddingly agreed to part ways today. five conditions with the dodgers maddingly was 80 games over 500 and that is the first time dodgers made playoffs three times, believe it or not. and l.a. has gone nine straight. that is the category you want to be leading in.
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is call and josh rosen, the rosen one as they call him, late in the first yard touchdown. jared goff is projected by some to be the number one pick in the draft but he told esnn he's just another kid trying to clean up his room. >> everything is perfect. perfect view and perfect quarterba quarterback. >> you almost want him to be real. >> when you look around the country, you want to be the face
6:54 pm
of your program. and this program is everything. >> what you hear people say that, what is yours first reaction? >> i don't know when you're talking about. there are a million things i'm trying to work on. >> so any character flaws? >> it's hard, hard to pick one. >> sometimes i can be too relaxed. my room gets messy. >> and as for stanford, they move up to 10th and host washington. it's the fourth start at 7:00 or later and sixth of the season. head coach shaw feels their pain. >> i don't mind.
6:55 pm
it's just rough when week after week after week. i have kids and we play two hours past their bed time which makes it difficult for my wife to get them to be regular human beings again. >> the raiders off their bye week. raiders quarterback enjoyed himself on the bye week and said in order to get better he cannot go without football during time off. >> you have to give your mind on it. it's like your tongue is tied. the physical start is what you take off. mentally, you've got to stay locked in. >> 49ers getting hammered by seattle.
6:56 pm
marshon lynch on a bomb, niner offense has been dreadful. 55 yards, four series, four punts. highlights, low lights at 9:00 and 11:00 as well as post game. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 why employees are unhappy tonight at 9:00, then, honoring a hero. contribute united states for a bay area native killed in a fighter jet crash. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> from our entire crew, enjoy another fantastic sunset and have a good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a manufacturing technician from windham, maine... a high school librarian from falls church, virginia... and our returning champion -- a video editor from new york, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, johnny. hi, folks.
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at the end of the program, when we're standing on stage hiand chatting, one comment that i've heard many, many times from the contestants on "jeopardy!" is that, "boy, the half-hour went by so quickly." well, it went by very quickly for dennis on yesterday's program. and if you figure the amount of money he won, he is winning cash on our program at a very high rate, and it could happen to jennifer and philip, our newcomers. let's start finding out if it works that way. let's go into the jeopardy! round, shall we? and let's take a look at the categories, starting off with... followed by... notice the "k" in quotation marks. and finally... each correct response will be two words, obviously. dennis, start us off. i'll take the herb, alex, for $400. [ laughter ]


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