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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 23, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is in san leandro where sky 7 was over the scene of an officer-involved shooting near the corner of 137th and bancroft avenues. officers responded to calls of a suicidal man in a car. he fired and they were forced to fire back and the suspect was shot. >> the investigators are not sure if he was shot by officers or self inflicted no officer was hit. the man was taken to a hospital. >> stay with abc for more on the story. can you follow us on twitter for new developments.
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>> i am kristen sze. >> hour other top story, develop news the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere coming to the pacific coast of mexico. here is from ixtapa, hurricane patricia is now a hurricane five hurricane and people are warned to evacuate on the central coast. >> the sirens were warning people in puerto vallarta where it will make landfall today near the coastal city and move northeast to south texas. we have a posting on video the white house is urging people in the path of the storm to make preparations immediately to protect life and property. >> meteorologist mike nicco has been tracking the eye of the storm six hours from making landfall. mike? >> at 5:00 news this afternoon,
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that is when it will start coming ashore. let me show you what is going on. it is setting several records. it developed faster than any other hurricane. it is also reaching the theoretical limit of how fast hurricane winds can reach which is 200 miles per hour. there is thought with el nino stronger and deeper 220 is not out of the ordinary. i will stay over here and press the button you can see the map because my remote is not working. the eye is moving to the north at 12 miles per hour. they have a hurricane hunter that just took off from brownsville flying through the storm and we will have the latest on that. right now, 200 miles with gusts and that will reach 245 miles per hour extending across the eyewall and that means it is like a 15 mile-wide tornado the strongest tornado you can have. at 4:00 it is moving ashore.
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it will produce very heavy rains and mudslides are going to be the biggest problem from puerto vallarta to manzanillo. >> a lost problems because of this. we will continue with our coverage of hurricane patricia with eric thomas at san francisco international airport and the impact on the flights. >> despite the power of hurricane patricia only one flight lab canceled from for from for to puerto vallarta. patricia is having an impact, southwest and alaska are waking change fees for travelers who do not want to tangle with this powerful hurricane. coastal cities like puerto vallarta and ixtapa are the most affected along with manzanillo and flights in the middle like mexico city have been impacted. >> it was smooth. the captain said, we have to be
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careful and there could be turbulence because we have the problem with the hurricane. everything was smooth. there was some turbulence. >> more flights will be affected in when way or another either canceled, delayed or put off. you want to stay tuned to abc7 and our weather reports on the hurricane and you will also want to call ahead to your airline to see if anything has caked in your travels. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of hurricane patricia on abc7 at 4:00, action and 6:00 with updates on all website. >> and oakland police and file moved in on a number of locations arresting suspected gang members and confiscated guns and drugs and cash. our reporter joins us outside the oakland police department.
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>> they were focused on two gags. police and f.b.i. agent seized weapons, drugs and arrested several known gang members. here are pictures of the oakland police department releasing showing evidence they were able to seize today. they referred guns. they found a large marijuana drove with more than 100 plants. officers also confiscated three ounces of cocaine and heroin. the raid happened this morning. this is video from one of the busts near international boulevard. the raid is part of oakland's operation cease-fire where police give gang members an opportunity to make a change asking them to use resources and to stop committing crimes. today they served search warrants at the known gang members' homes who do not make the changes. >> we took a proactive measure to reach out to them and let them know we cared about them and does not want to see them dead or in jail and if they did not stop violence we would follow-up on our promise to hold
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them accountable. today is the day to hold them accountable. >> 15 people were detained and police are questioning some of them about a murder that happened in oakland a couple of weeks ago. this is video from september when officers found a man shot to death near skyline boulevard which could have been retaliation killing. 100 officers from several different agencies participated in the raid this morning. >> thank you. heroic neighbors saving each other's lives with early morning fire at an apartment building left dozens of people without a home but thankful for each other. amy hollyfield is at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> look at this devastation. the roof collapsed on this unit. 12 units in total in the building were damaged. 30 people now displaced. this devastation is tough for
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residents to look at. >> running from fire is one thing. going back and seeing the damage it left behind in the light of day is something else. >> it was too dark to see at night to find out how bad it would look. now it is worse. >> the fire started while most residents were asleep when some woke up at 2:20 they knew they had to get everything else out safely. >> i saw the flames coming through my window, my balcony and i grabbed my phone and started banging on everyone's door "get out, get out." some do not know if they would have made it without the door knock. >> we barely got down the stairs fire was coming out of the guy's apartment and i ran doubt the flames were just everywhere. we lost everything. >> the fire chief said all 12 units in the building are damaged. with the roof collapsing on to
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the top unit some are worse than others. >> fire damage in six units and water damage in the other six. it is going to be a while before anyone can move back in. >> residents focus on what they have. >> happy to be alive. >> no one was hurt. firefighters do now know the cause of the fire but a resident pointed out it looked like it started in the empty unit where renovation work was underway. >> in the south bay investigators are searching for the cause of a house fire in san jose. five people and seven dogs were displaced when fire ripped through a home at 2:00 a.m. on sundown lane. the red cross is helping the familiar find a place to live. >> new details in the shigella outbreak another jump in the number of people ill, with 141 cases now of those, 1189 are county residents.
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14 cases from san mateo, alameda and santa cruz counties. one of nine alameda county cases is a child. results are pending for all workers at the mariscos restaurant the epicenter of the outbreak that started when people ate at the restaurant on friday or saturday. investigators say a sick worker with poor hygiene could spread the bacteria. >> the search is on for the driver of a car that slammed through a music store in san francisco. the cell phone video shows the damage before 3:00 a.m. at the union music company at the corner of market street. a blood trail was found near the car. the front of the building is damaged and you can see it has been boarded up. the light pole was damaged, as well. >> new support for a fallen bay area firefighter pilot and the community is stepping up to honor major taj sareen. >> terrifying moments for grocery star employees in pittsburg and what load up to a triple standing. >> how would you like to see
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county with a section of the highway to be closed until noon. it has been shut down for more than 12 hours. police say a car with he people flipped and valued into a power pole before 11 o'clock a.m. and a woman was killed. two men were ejected and they were take were to the hospital with injuries believed to not be life threating. >> police are searching for a man who stabbed three employees inside a pittsburg grocery store and this is a surveillance video of the man, authorities say employees of the winco foods got into an altercation last might and they tried to stop him from stealing razors. police say he pulled a knife and stabbed three of the workers. they all expected to survive. >> support is growing this morning for the daughter of a fallen fight are pilot, for the daughter of major taj sareen has raised $28,000 and it is climbing. his friends hoped to get donation for her college fund or perhaps her first car. taj sareen was honored at the university of san francisco last
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night. he played tennis there when a student. a moment of silence was held for him at the women's volleyball game. taj sareen was one of six firefighter pilots coming back to the united states from the persian gulf when the jet crashed in england on wednesday. if you would like to donate to gofundme gofundme there is a link on >> the shaking continues in san ramon with the latest on the earthquake today. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. mike? good morning, we will look from mount tamalpais with low clouds and high clouds encroaching on the neighbor and that means changes are on the way and i will tell you about the cooler weather and the possibility of a soaking rain in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, and a new twist on modern parents letting kids dye their hair and how to help your children express their personalities without doin
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a series of small earthquakes continuing to rattle the san ramon and danville area. seven earthquakes struck this morning. this is what they look like on the u.s. geological survey site map. the latest was 2.4 just before 10:30 this morning. here is a different version of the earthquakes. the abc7 shows the strongest was 3.2 magnitude earthquake at 6:45 centered near crow canyon road and further south than hundreds of others we have seen. dramatic. >> i was sitting at table ready
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to leave for work and heard it and i thought, who is breaking into the house? i felt the second one and i felt the third one and i thought there was no way we had two earthquakes in a minute of each other. >> baby ones. >> baby ones. just an earthquake. no one breaking n. >> only an earthquake. >> just an earthquake. >> the latest on hurricane pa with our warming and the rains will fall and this will be a ton of put slides in the mexican riviera. i am sick to my stomach thinking of what will happen. now, the winds are onshore but bringing a warmer air mass with them and that is why temperatures are warmer than
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year. the cloud cover shows the fog clingy along the coast. the high clouds are a mainstay and here they are, the first thing in my forecast highlights, high clouds, warm afternoon, not so warm this weekend, feeling like fall and the best chance of rain is when. our main player is the area of high pressure with the low and the counter-clockwise throw bringing up the warmth and it is only going to be here a day and the low will take over and that will start to drop our temperatures. we will start inland where it is warmest at 82 in morgan hill, low-to-mid 80s inland east bay valleys and upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay from 79 in san rafael to 82 at santa rosa and money 70s away the bay shore and into san jose at 79 and upper 60s along the coast. tonight you can see the fog rolling into the bay, the north bay valley with upper 40s and the rest of us are waking up with temperatures in the 50s. grab a coat.
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until you walk to the local coffee shop. here is a look at our increasing clouds and the best chance of sunday is to the north and we could have a little bit of drizzle during the morning and that will quickly take we over. and olaf is coming together and the models are trying to show half an inch of rain. that is impressive for this time of year. it is impressive consider we have to wait until wednesday. it is going to change. what will not change is the cooler temperatures by the time we get to sunday, mid-60s are the norm at the coast, low-to-mid 70s around the bay and mid-to-upper 70s inland and, probably, wednesday that is our cool of the day. right now i may not have the temperatures cool enough if the rain does not materialize. a lot of thoughts with our friends in mexico, the strongest hurricane ever comes on shore when you are on air at 5:00. >> on to something lighter, you probably have seen a lost celebrities changing their hair
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color to pink, green or other fun colors but for your own kids, should you let them imitate this popular trend? for a family in los angeles the answer is "question." the ten-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son have been allowed to change color. some parenting experts say letting the kids between the ages of nine to 14dye their hair can be positive. >> i might change to blue. i don't know. >> hair dy self a great way to express their individualness in a less permanent way. it has a lot smaller effect than a tattoo or pierced. >> before buying colorful dyes parents should check with the school dress policy, research the coloring product and talk to director kids to understand why they want to dy. their hair. >> i brought a bright blue wig
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it looks like that. >> it is finally friday and time to meet our perfect pet. find out t we value sticking with things.
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come up at 4:00 and pack we are tracking down the paths of hurricane patricia that will make landfall in a few hours. hear from our bay area residents trying to contact families in mexico and local residents would have homes this. we will have their stories at 4:00 and action. >> we want to lighten things unfor friday and it is time for perfect pet. meteorologist mike nicco is pack with his friends. >> this breed is a a name incorrectly, a schitizo. >> she represents our senior dogs and we have senior dogs, including poodles, and maltese, she is 12 and the advantage of a senior dog you know what you are getting. she is house broken, and was surrendered to us so we have a history on her.
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i have a 15-year-old who has great energy and the smaller dogs live longer and she is healthy. we want you, her, to get a new home. >> tell us of the big event? >> a wonderful gala, and you are coming, it is a sellout and it is sold out because you are coming. >> no! >> two weeks from now. >> two weeks from now and you can donate at the peninsula humane society site on the intent or call 650-304-7022. >> see you in a couple of weeks. >> finally learned how to say that name correctly, mike. >> thank you for joining us today. who wants to an millionaire is next.
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we have clouds and fog remaining, but it will be a lovely weekend and cooling down for the weekend. be safe.
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>> one player, three lifelines, $1 million. any questions? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire". [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] that's good, because our returning contestant is battling his way to the million dollars for a very special reason. from meridian, idaho, please welcome back matt warnick. [cheers and applause] good to see you again, bud. >> good to see you again. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> what is this special reason you're playing for today? >> well, my wife and i have been married for five years. we have a beautiful three-year-old boy, turning four soon, and we've been wanting to have more kids for a while without a lot of luck, so if we had the money to do it, we'd love to have more children-- either get fertility treatments if neces


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