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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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hurricane patricia is about to make landfall in mexico. take a look at the eye of this storm. it's gigantic as it moves towards land. this is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. look at the camera that was feeding live pictures from the small resort town of manzanilla beach. we've been monitoring this video feed all day long. at 3:15, the camera gets knocked down. tourists are getting out and taking cover. >> i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. many american tourists with baggage in hand after being evacuated from coastal hotels in port a vallarta. >> one tourist describes what's
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going on. >> we're evacuated from our hotel this morning for the hurricane and came to this convention center. then they said that it's not a safe place. so we're going to the texaco center and hopping on buses in the buenaventura hotel. they've been very good to us. >> here's a live look at the beach in puerto vallarta. you can see the moisture on the camera lens. seems relatively calm because puerto vallarta is miles from the storm. once it moves inland, there are worries about torrential rain triggering flash floods and mudslides in the mountain communities. >> let's get an update on the situation from spencer christian who is live with live doppler 7 hd. spencer? >> okay. let's go back to the infrared image of the storm. a category 5 hurricane. the strongest ever recorded in the western hemisphere. it's capable of producing unimaginable damage and
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devastation. here's another satellite view of it. the eye of the storm is only 17 miles now from the shore. expected to move on shore in just a matter of minutes now. once again, here's the image of the path of the storm moving northward up just north of manzanillo and -- maximum winds were 200 miles per hour. now at 190 with gusts to 235. this is the expected path of the storm. overnight crossing into central mexico, northeastern mexico and a as a powerful storm, not a hurricane on the border of southern texas tomorrow. let's talk about rainfall. this storm can produce up to 20 inches of rain in some spots in western and central mexico. so not only will there be widespread flooding, but probably widespread mudslides as well. very, very dangerous storm. we'll obviously keep an eye on this. continue to watch it and report
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on its movement throughout the broadcast. larry and ama. >> people in texas getting ready for record rainfall from hurricane patricia. they're dealing with flooding from days of rain. baseball fields and golf courses are buried underwater. in west texas, entire homes floated down flooded streets. i mean, that's unbelievable. in austin, practices for the formula one race were canceled today. patricia is expected to bring 12 additional inches of rain by early saturday. this is the most rain predicted in texas since last year's memorial day flooding that killed at least 30 people. >> it's no wonder that hurricane patricia is impacting flights. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne friedmann joins us live from sfo with that part of the story. >> it could get worse and may get worse. so far, there's been two canceled flights, both alaska airlines. the first one to puerto vallarta this morning and the other coming back this afternoon. those are the only cancellations
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thus far. there may be more tomorrow. we have to wait and see. we should be grateful tonight that port a vallarta is not a major airline hub. if it were, the lines at sfo might have been more frustrating today as if they weren't frustrating enough. >> i was on a flight at 3:40. that was canceled. i didn't find out until i tried to check in at the kiosk. >> did they tell you why? >> weather. >> there were complications and cancellations due to heavy rains in dallas. a mere prelude to what we may see next week if we have a heavy storm presence to the southwest as expected. >> we get hurricane hits houston and we know in a couple days dallas will get about three days of just solid rain and thunderstorms. >> it is a real possibility now. in such scenarios, airlines tend to plan conservatively. they take down flight schedules. >> they're not going to want to run a large number of flights into a region that could potentially see stranded flights, diverted flights. they don't want to get into that gamble anymore.
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>> for now, sfo remains pretty much unaffected by hurricane patricia. tell that to the woman who just flew in from texas for a weekend of fun. >> there wasn't anything i could do. i was already going to come here. that's the way it is. >> let's hope they packed some extra clothes. at sfo, wayne friedmann, abc 7 news. we're also getting different perspectives via social media. >> drew tuma has that part of the story. >> unique pictures. 250 miles above the earth's surface. astronaut scott kelly tweeted out this picture earlier this afternoon of hurricane patricia as it approached mexico. it is massive. he says be careful. video on the ground from puerto vallarta. you notice earlier today the sea breaking barrier wall going into the pool. another person, brad, from san francisco is in puerto vallarta right now and you notice what he's seeing. this is where he may sleep tonight. they're turning the hotel guests
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into -- they look like they're sleeping in massive cots in the ballroom. we'll here more from brad at 6:00. larry, ama? >> thank you so much, drew. if you have family or friends in mexico and they send you pictures or video, please share it with us using the #abc 7 now. we may show it on the air or at abc 7 santa clara public health officials linked 141 cases of shigella to the mexican restaurant in san jose. 118 cases are in sapt a clara county. cases have been reported in alameda, san mateo and cruz counties. some patients never ate at the restaurant but got the disease from close contact with people who did. the restaurant is still shut down. also, police and the fbi arrested 15 suspected gang members in a major raid across the city. abc 7 news was there when more than 100 officers confiscated assault rifles, various hand
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guns and more than 100 marijuana plants. plus cocaine and cash in multiple locations. police say those targeted were known gang members involved in violent crimes. all of them had previously taken part in operation cease-fire to help them get straight. >> we took a proactive step to let them know we cared about them, didn't want to see them dead or in jail. if they did not stop the violence, we would hold up our promise to put them in jail. today we held them accountable. >> investigators are questioning those arrested today about a man found shot to death near skyline boulevard and joaquin boulevard, police believe it was a retaliation killing. there was a shooting involving officers. they were responding to a call about a suicidal man this morning. this is the second police shooting for the department this year. abc 7 news reporter janet oh has the story. >> a sudden exchange of gunfire on 137th avenue.
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>> it is pretty scary because it happened so close to a high school. >> san leandro high school was on lockdown also. the sky 7 hd shows the scene. it all started at 9:00 this morning when officers got a call about a suicidal man sitting in his car. >> they were forced into a position that no officer ever wants to be in. that is to defend themselves or defend other members in the community. >> police responded immediately, which included officers who specialize in crisis intervention and hostage negotiations. lieutenant robert mcmanus said things were escalating and officers felt threatened by the armed man. >> they were forced into a position no officer wants to be in. to dee fepd themselves or defend other members in the community. >> the man was shot and is being treated for his injuries. it's not clear if police shot him or if he shot himself. police confirm at least one officer was involved in the shootout and they're can have depth it was all captured on officers' body cameras. >> our policy is written so that it's voluntary. what i can tell you is since we implemented this policy just a
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little bit over a year ago, the officers have really increased the usage of the cameras. >> that's very, very good. just for evidence and to show us the whole community that it's actually safe. >> alameda county district attorney's office will conduct an independent investigation. in san leandro, janet oh, abc 7 news. police identified the man accused of stabbing three people in a grocery store. 34-year-old anthony jar mill owe was identified from the surveillance video. the workers confronted him about stealing raise zors before they were stabbed. his whereabouts are unknown according to police. still ahead, neighbors helping neighbors. the heroic actions that saved the lives of residents of a bay area apartment complex. also, the generous move by twitter's ceo. big money gift on the heels of slashing hundreds of jobs. new at 4:30, why this could
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be hillary clinton's biggest day on the campaign trail in a long time. also, michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them live in a few minutes. search for michael finney on facebook or twitter and ask finney. taking a live look at our traffic. barely moving in either direction. possibly a little lighter on the right-hand side. that's your southbound traffic. on the left-hand side, you're trying to get to the east bay, lower deck of the bay bridge. i am spencer christian. here's an image of hurricane patricia about to make landfall right now near manzanillo mexico. we'll keep tracking this devastating hurricane. the
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image of powerful category 5 hurricane patricia making landfall now north of manzanillo on mexico's west coast. we'll be following this storm as it moves incompetent land. >> thank you so much, spencer. there are new allegations against a former uc berkeley astronomer who resigned over allegations of sexual harassm t harassment. three women from the previous job at san francisco state university say he sexually harassed students there as well. according to a report on buzz feed news. they accused him of unwanted touching, massaging and making lewd comments.
4:14 pm
he worked at sf state before taking a job in 1999 at berkeley. official versus no record of complaints against marcy. but they've announced they've revoked his title. neighbors saving each other's lives after an early morning fire. dozens are without a home but thankful for each other. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: running from fire is one thing. but seeing the damage left behind in the light of day is something else. >> it was too dark to see at night. to find out how bad it would look. but now it's a lot worse. >> reporter: the fire started while most of the apartment residents were asleep when some woke up at 2:20 this morning, they knew they had to help get everyone else out safely. >> i woke up to the flames coming like through my window. from my mal connie. first thing i did was grabbed my
4:15 pm
phone and banged on everyone's doors. get out, get out. >>. >> reporter: some residents don't know if they would make it without that door knock. >> we barely got down the stairs. there was fire coming out of his apartment and by the time i got down, the flames was everywhere. we lost everything. >> reporter: the fire chief says all 12 units in the building are damaged. with the roof collapsing on to the top unit, some homes are worse than others. >> fire damage in six units and water damage in the other six. it's going to be a while before anybody can move back in. >> reporter: residents are focusing on what they still have. >> happy to be alive right now. >> reporter: no one was hurt in this fire. about 30 people are now displaced. in sassoon city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. twitter employees are getting a huge gift from the company's ceo weeks after he slashed jobs. he's putting a third of twitter shares into an employee equity fund. the gift is said to be worth
4:16 pm
around $200 million. it amounts to a 1% stake in the company. the move comes just two weeks after he was appointed ceo and after he laid off 8% of twitter's workforce. let's get an update on the weekend weather update as well as the latest on hurricane patricia. spin certificate christian outside. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's very pleasant afternoon in the bay area. getting cloudy earlier in the day. cloudier than yesterday. no rainfall yet. a view from the camera looking at the western sky. lots of bugs flying around there as well. it's currently 66 degrees in san francisco. 78 at san jose and morgan hills 79. half moon bay, 63 degrees. here's a view looking over san francisco. you can see how thick the clouds are at the moment. getting even thicker. santa rosa 77. napa 66. it's 82 at fairfield.
4:17 pm
81 at car ka. 85 at livermore. a view above the financial district from our exploratorium camera, the forecast features. high clouds and a little fog overnight. it will be a mild fall day tomorrow and sprinkles are possible sunday morning. here's the satellite radar composite. holding on for one more day as the dominant feature of the weather picture. this weak front is approaching and on sunday we might get sprinkles. let's pick up the forecast animation on sunday. there may be isolated sprinkles to our north. more mainly in the north bay into the mid-morning and late morning hours. they'll dissipate quickly on the way to partly sunny skies. we skip to midweek next week, wednesday morning at 5:00. we'll have a little bit more vigorous system approaching us. that may produce more than just sprinkles. there's a chance of rain. but again, mainly in the north bay next wednesday. and on we go to tonight's conditions. overnight look for a little fog near the coast and locally out
4:18 pm
over the bay. locally inland we'll have low temperatures generally in the mid-50s with some mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. tomorrow, hazy sunshine with high clouds. highs ranging from upper 70s in cupertino and santa clara to mid-80s at morgan hill and gilroy. on the peninsula, 75 in san mateo. mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 71. 72 in south san francisco. in the north bay valley, 78. 80 the high in napa tomorrow. moving to the east bay, mainly mid to upper 70s from berkeley and oakland to castro valley and union city. 75 to 77 degrees. the inland east bay, highs in the low to mid-80s. pleasanton, 85 at livermore. 82 at fairfield. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll get a little cooler on sunday. then temperatures will stay in an average range monday and
4:19 pm
tuesday. cooling down again on wednesday as the rain moves into the north bay. and temperatures will stay in sort of a seasonal range right up until the end of the week. in just a few minutes, we'll give you another look at powerful category 5 hurricane patricia in west central mexico. >> thank you, spencer. a teenager wins homecoming queen and scores big at the game as well. the special moment for her family. sniffing out a disease. scientists are hoping one woman can help in their research. at 4:19. a live look at the afternoon commute. this is 101 in san jose as it usually is at this hour. starting to get backed in the southbound direction. northbound looks good and 880 over the top is fine except for the one lane that is circling down at the exit lane to get on 101. back with
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spencer christian here. a live image of powerful hurricane patricia, a category 5
4:22 pm
hurricane, which is now making landfall near manzanillo, mexico with sustained winds up to 200 miles per hour. we'll continue to update the storm throughout this newscast. ama. >> thank you, spencer. we want to get to today's gma hot list. the best moments and information from our friends at "good morning america" in just 60 seconds. all right. here's your 60-second hot list from gma today. hit it. >> series of headlines questioning what happened to carly fiorina. what's your answer to that? >> wow, george, you're a political pro. you know we're 100 days out. you remember when i launched my campaign on maye 4th on your show, nobody gave me a chance. including you. i'm feeling good about my momentum. >> can you show us, why is everyone loving this? >> let's see the ponytail. >> george, are you taking notes? >> i mean, hey! that was amazing. >> friday face-off, if you'd
4:23 pm
like to know the answers, buzz in. if it sound like family feud, we borrowed the strategy. horror movie villains. george? >> freddie krueger. >> survey says? >> well done. >> michael myers. >> i can't believe you didn't get number four. norman bates. >> that's today's gma hot list. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> and you can catch robin, george and the rest of the "good morning america" team weekdays from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. here on abc 7 skblierjts friday night lights never shined brighter for an alabama high school football coach and his daughter. >> that's west brock ton high homecoming queen, jody fehr net i in uniform, being escorted by her dad. on this night, she shed her role as a varsity cheerleader. she fulfilled a promise her dad made to her ten years ago. to allow her to suit up and kick an extra point in the game.
4:24 pm
>> every dad dreams of having a son that would be able to play football. now he can say my daughter kicked in a game that we won in. that's special. >> that is fantastic. not surprisingly, she made the extra point. she's been practicing since she was 10 years old. >> she drilled it. no doubt about it zierjts just ahead, the powerful hurricane slamming into mexico as we speak and the devastating consequences it may have on one san francisco artist. also, the identity of the u.s. soldier killed this week in iraq and why his actions may have made the mission a success. then later, why neighbors are so angry about this water main
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here's a look at the headlines as we approach 4:30. we just learned new details about a police shooting in san leandro this morning. sky 7 hd shows us 137th and bancroft where a suicidal man got into a shootout with police by a school, in fact. police announced that the 46-year-old man is in stable condition at the hospital. reporter janet oh will tell you what he's charged with at 5:00. you're looking at the latest video out of mexico where tourists in puerto vallarta headed to shelters to hunker
4:28 pm
down for hurricane patricia. the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere is makingandfall there now. meteorologist rob marciano tweeted out this close-up photo here from nasa showing the eye of the category 5 hurricane and calling it terrifying perfection. coming up at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter david louie will talk to people there. they're concerned about their relatives in mexico and how they'll make it through this storm. now the latest video from manzanilla beach in mexico. you can see the strong winds and growing waves just before the camera went off line a little over an hour ago. lyanne melendez live near the mexican consulate in san francisco with the story of a local artist watching this storm very closely. leeian? >> imagine having all your artwork lost to this mammoth hurricane.
4:29 pm
it's hoping in his words, praying for the best. so are many people here with family members in the state jalisco. >> they've been telling me than it's coming strong. >> manuel's work is big. hundreds of pieces made of mexican limestone and italian marble fill his studio located in san francisco's hunters point neighborhood. even bigger is his other studio in puerto vallarta. he says that city has never experienced a hurricane this big. >> they will have a few storms and then knock some of the pieces down. you lose them. >> reporter: it offers classes and accommodations for people who come all over the world to work with him. november through may is his busy season. his daughter travels back and fort there to help. >> i'm supposed to be leaving in two weeks to go.
4:30 pm
>> i hope i have a home to go to. >> yeah. it's scary right now. >> pal owes instructed his staff to secure and protect his work. >> we have some anchoring and wood and steel and anything to brace those pieces in there. >> like him, there are others living in san francisco who are concerned. the mexican consulate is receiving numerous calls. this man is from the state of jalisco. >> i worry about it. but they believe they will be fine. >> reporter: the staff is expected to start assisting those with family members in that area. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. at&t says it will not charge customers additional fees for text messages or international long distance usage from the u.s., puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands to mexico through november 21st. some hotels in puerto vallarta are turning into storm shelters.
4:31 pm
you can see one hotel moved all guest who is wish to remain in the area to the first floor where cots are set up. the person who took this picture says the ac is turned off and it's very hot. coming up on world news tonight with david muir in their hurricane coverage, you'll hear from a newlywed couple whose honeymoon was interrupted by the storm. the pentagon identified the u.s. army soldier killed in a raid of an isis prison in iraq. master sergeant joshua wheeler of roland, oklahoma. died from wounds received from small arms fire during the operation that freed 70 prisoners. >> the sacrifice and decisive action of this courageous american in support of his comrades reminds us of the dangers of the coalition that they confront in iraq and the important assist they provide local forces as they lead the fight against a barbaric enemy. defense secretary ash carter
4:32 pm
says his helped to rescue the hostages. carter will be on hand when wheeler's body returns. the u.s. inspector general issued a formal warning saying the agency is jeopardizing security citing the recent discovery of two officers sleeping at their posts. one at the white house. that officer blamed the incident on long hours while on duty during president obama's trip to kenya. the officer logged nearly 60 hours of overtime in the pay period prior to being caught napping on august 11th. now to your voice, your vote. new poll numbers show for the first time in three months, donald trump is not on top in iowa and there's been another dropout in the democratic field. abc news reporter kevin know ten with the latest from washington, d.c. >> what a week for hillary clinton. >> i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for bill clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> back on the campaign trail
4:33 pm
after her marathon day testifying on capitol hill about the benghazi attacks. vice president joe biden announced he won't jump into the presidential race and two democratic rivals, jim webb and lincoln chafee dropped out. >> three major democratic candidates left but still a large gop field where new polls show for the first time in three months, the donald has finally been trumped by one of his republican rivals. a bloomberg dmr poll has ben carson leading trump in iowa by nine points. 8 points in a recent quinnipiac university poll. but on a book signing tour making more headlines for his health savings plan. a possible replacement for medicaid. >> i didn't say i would abolish it. i said it won't be necessary with the system that i have made. >> meanwhile, john kasich is making enemies in the nba. kasich ran into the philadelphia 76ers in his hotel. >> the reason why some of them
4:34 pm
make a lot of money is because they have skills. not too many sixers have had that many skills lately. but they do. >> knocking kasich low poll numbers, the 76ers tweeted, at least we win more than 2% of the time. >> the sixers decided to stay out of politics and quickly deleted that tweet. the democratic candidates will be in iowa this weekend for the jefferson jackson dinner. president republicans will hit several of the early primary states. the jeb bush campaign is taking dramatic action to try to save money. sources say the campaign is cutting staff members across the board along with firing some consultants and removing some from the payroll. the sources say the campaign will downsize its miami headquarters. they're hoping to save a million dollars a month. the former republican front-runner is polling in the single digit nationally and in key battleground states. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the low cost alternative to the cancer drug that's price recently jumped more than
4:35 pm
5,000%. marshawn lynch, beast mode, going into a new business. how he's hoping people get their mornings off and running. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions. search for michael finney. i'll answer questions here live a little later. i'm spencer christian. powerful hurricane patricia, category 5 hurricane, continues to push on shore on the western mexico coast. the storm is expected to produce catastrophic damage. we'll continue reporting on this and a look at our local forecast coming up in just a moment as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. at 4:35, we want to take a look at your traffic. this is i-80 through berkeley. that is brutal. it's not really moving in either direction. your eastbound traffic is on the
4:36 pm
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4:38 pm
sumo wrestlers are not known for spripter speed. but three of them squared off on a 40-yard sprint. this is crisis video there. they're taking a break from the national video in japan. >> slow-mo will be great. >> the guy on the right here might have won by a belly. >> by a belly. >> he's being tested by gravity and a lot of motion.
4:39 pm
i think we ended that video at the right moment. >> on that note. >> nfl's oakland native marshawn lynch is teaming up with starbucks to help inner city kids. >> he's just here so he doesn't get fined. a special frappuccino called beast mode. >> that's his nickname. star running back helped to develop the beverage containing a punch of protein and raspberry drizzle and whipped cream. >> for a portion, go to his charity called fam. first family foundation. it's only available in washington and oakland. halloween a week -- a special treat today. >> what was i thinking? pillows are full of feathers. some of them there. >> that's abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian reading to students at the elementary school. the book was the halloween party from the black lagoon. >> spencer visits schools often.
4:40 pm
he's part of a group that encourages people gifted at storytelling to promote literacy in kids. what's nice, spencer will read to us often. >> the amazing thing is sometimes you comprehend. >> he's talking to you more than me. >> i totally deserve that. that's fine. >> actually, i want to thank miss sandy, the teacher of that third grade class and the students for inviting me to be a guest reader today. talk about attentive and engaged students, they were terrific. thank you. gordon lou school. live doppler 7 hd. high clouds moving into the bay area. lots of bright skies as well. down to the tropical pacific, this is not hurricane patricia, about which we've reported. this is hurricane olaf, which has been sort of near hawaii the last couple of days. that's a strong storm, category 3. posing no threat to any populated areas. it's expected to take this path in the cooler pacific waters the
4:41 pm
next few days. finally dissipating and not really threatening land areas. across the state of california tomorrow, mainly sunny skies with high clouds, interior section was the state will see highs in the mid-80s. as will some coastal spots like l.a. and san diego. here in the bay area tomorrow, look for hazy sunshine, high clouds and it will be mild. high temperatures ranging from mid-60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay to low and mid-80s inland. we're still waiting to see a hint of some rain. that hit may -- that rain may come in the form of sprinkles on sunday. that's all we can expect in the next couple of days. larry and ama. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead at 4:00, does daniel craig had a license to kill? what he says about playing the super spy, 007. a grandmother's powerful sense of smell may help doctors find a breakthrough for a
4:42 pm
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apparently playing 007 isn't all that great. because getting paid millions of dollars to work once every two or three years is apparently hard. actor daniel craig seems to have had enough of portraying james bond. not shy about it. the movie set to open on monday. and reporter nick watt has the story. >> reporter: critics are already drooling over spectre. but the brooding hunk is 00-done. >> are you -- do you know what i'm talking about? >> not really, no. >> i don't give -- >> daniel craig seems shaken and stirred by the press tour. >> pout like. you know when he rolls over. >> i think you need to move on. >> what's going on, james? they say you're finished. >> time-out london if you'll do another bond. no, i'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists.
4:46 pm
do you care who plays bond after you? >> i don't really give a [ bleep ] quite frankly. you're asking me to make a comment on it, i don't care. as long as they don't -- >> shoots first, asks questions later. >> rumor has it sony execs want him to cool it. going all m on them. >> you had no authority. none. >> sony had no comment. neither did craig. he did say this. jonathan ross. >> i get to the end of this and the last thing incompetent want to think about is doing another bond movie. >> you are doing one more. >> i don't know. >> for a rumored 60 million bucks, daniel, i'll do it. i'll wear the trunks they made you wear in casino royale. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. all right. there is a new potential problem for a taiwanese woman who gave birth on a flight to the u.s. an attempt to have her baby born
4:47 pm
as an american citizen. china airlines is considering billing the woman for the estimated $33,000 cost of diverting the flight to alaska. reports say the woman who was 36 weeks pregnant told the airline she was less than 32 weeks pregnant. under taiwanese law, passengers must provide a medical certificate showing they're fit to fly if they're past the 32nd week. one woman's powerful sense of smell could possibly be the key to early diagnosis and treatment of parkinson's disease. she noticed a change in her husband's scent. her husband's name is les. this was 20 years ago. he was later diagnosed with parkinson's. she wondered if the heavy, muskie aroma may have been an early detector. there was a study involved where she sniffed out those who had the disease nearly 100% of the time. that's remarkable. >> >> why spend $750 on a drug that you can get for $1?
4:48 pm
>> at a popular supplement company is under fire. jane king with the wellness report. >> oregon alleges that the dietary supplements that include illegal ingredients or against the attorney general says various gnc products contain the drug or the stimulant mbpea which are not approved for sale in the united states. gnc says it never comments on pending litigation. the move to boost the price from $13.50 a pill to $750 has one competitor pledging to offer an equivalent for $1 a dose. the company says they won't gouge people. it's used mostly for cancer and aids patients and pregnant woman. harvard school of public health says stick to simple carbs that don't take as long to process.
4:49 pm
pasta, peanuts and hummus and you can be addicted to cheese. cheese is addictive because of a protein found in milk products that releases opiates. chocolate was rated the second most addictive food. i'm jane king. here's to your health. time for ask finney. michael finney here answering questions sent by facebook, twitter and e-mail. renee e-mails. i thought there was a plastic bag ban in san francisco but i was given a plastic bag at a retail store in downtown san francisco. how could they do this? >> they could have broke the rules. a lot of times they're getting a biodegradable bag. that's what it has to be. if it's paper, has to be 40% already recycled within that bag. okay. gets more complicated than that. doggie bags you're allowed to get. bags for dry cleaning, fruits and vegetables, you're allowed
4:50 pm
to get bag. bags that separate one kind of food from another kind of food. there's all kinds of rules in there. if you're talking about a basic bag, you buy something, they put it in a bag, they have to charge you for that in san francisco and it's not allowed to be made out of plastic. >> twitter user who tweeted, if two california residents trade their vehicles with each other, different values, do any sales taxes or gift taxes have to be paid? >> absolutely. sales tax in california we call it use tax. you're going to pay full price on both of those. the bottom line is, you can't do a trade and go we're equal. state doesn't buy off that on. you go to the dmv website. there's a lot of information that will explain it to you. it will cost you what you think, 8.5% of the true value of the vehicle. maria e-mails, i'm being inundated with junk mail from charities. how do i get off the lists? >> oh, man. you know, it's pretty tough to get off the list. the best way is you go to the direct mail marketing association. you go there, you can sign, get
4:51 pm
off. cat lore choice. you know what i'm going to put them on the website. probably on saturday. but we'll get them up there. it's not an easy thing to do. because it's always rotating through. go to dma. you sign up online and it will drop it off. all right. good information. thank you, michael. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. it isn't the first time this water main has broken in the east bay. for those living in one neighborhood, say it's happened to them too many times. here's cheryl for a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> thanks, counterfeit drugs turn deadly in san francisco. what the city is doing to combat fake medicines in the neighborhood. the search for a cure. the life-saving work going on right now at stanford. and two 10-year-old twins becoming a part of it. those stories and more when larry and i join you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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santa clara, san francisco. east bay and all the bay area. this is -- coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00, it's last man standing followed by dr. ken, shark tank and 20/20 at 10:00. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. residents of one lafayette neighborhood say they've seen quite enough of a water main that keeps breaking and damaging their homes. sky 7 hd was overhead after the pipe on highland drive burst for the fourth time in as many years on wednesday. abc 7 news reporter laura
4:56 pm
anthony is live in lafayette with the story. laura? >> reporter: this is what patrick mckenna and his wife woke up to wednesday morning as thousands of gallons of water gushed down the hill toward their lafayette home. >> the water was coming down so fast, it's so hard to really get a grasp. it's dark. the water is coming down and people are screaming, yelling. nobody is coming. >> reporter: mckenna says they called 9-1-1 just after 6:00 a.m., but the water wasn't shut off until much later. >> they couldn't find the mains. that's an hour and a half. >> the city of lafayette repaved a portion of highland. >> reporter: according to them, the delay was due to the fact that city crews paved over their shut-off valves without marking them. apparently a common practice. we have more than 4,000 miles of pipeline to maintain. this one, like all the others that have continued to break are -- is in the queue.
4:57 pm
we're getting to them. >> i'm not sure if my road is undermined. >> in the meantime, homeowners with damage from this break to file a claim for the district. in lafayette, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00 on this friday. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with larry and cheryl. sirens sound along mexico's pacific coast as one of the strongest hurricanes ever is making landfall right now. >> resort towns are deserted. tourists evacuated. people here worried about relatives in mexico. >> we've seen coverage as a storm seen from space lays siege. >> lethal and fake. deadly con consequences in san francisco. >> did it make the streets safer? >> live from the kgo tv
4:58 pm
broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. that is the sound of a historic hurricane unfolding right now along the coast of mexico. tourists racing to get out. residents hunker down for a very dangerous storm. >> we've been watching patricia all afternoon. this is the scene at manzanilla beach as the storm barreled into it. you can see how the winds picked up throughout the day. until late this afternoon when one particularly powerful search knocked the camera to the ground. >> good evening everybody. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. these are pictures taken from the international space station. you can see how far the massive storm spread across the pacific. the video was taken today as the storm was upgraded to a powerful category 5 hurricane. >> let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel tracking the storm
4:59 pm
right now. >> larry, that storm made landfall a short time ago. hurricane patricia could be catastrophic. it's a category 5. it made landfall with 165 mile an hour winds along the southwest coast of mexico. now, that is just west, northwest of manzanillo mexico. here's an enhanced imagery showing you the eye of the storm. this was a picture sent to me about 40 miles west of puerto vallarta. where it was very quiet. the person tells me, he could still hear the birds and hoping that this is a good sign that they don't get the brunt. the and the brunt of it, i'll show you where it's going. category 5 right now. maximum sustained winds. 160 miles an hour. hurricane warnings are still going. expected to maintain category 5 strength and weaken to a category 3 eventually to a tropical storm and take some of the leftover moisture into texas where they'll be seeing more flooding rain. as far as rainfall totals along the coast of mexico, up to
5:00 pm
inches expected. there is higher terrain there. that means there is potential for mudslides and flash flooding in the area. obviously, it is going to be a long night for folks out there. i'm hearing from people who have family and friends in the area, hopefully they all stay safe. larry? >> thank you, sandhya. >> san francisco is the home for many immigrants -- >> abc 7 news reporter, david louie joins us live at a catholic church in san jose where many are gathering to pray for their families. david? >> reporter: larry this evening's 5:30 mass will carry special meaning today. that's because families of those with loved ones in that area of mexico will be saying special prayers for their relatives safety and welfare. they have brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents living in


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