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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. enjoy the sunset. we'll see you in 30 minutes for abc 7 news at 6:00. tonight, the breaking news. the monster hurricane hitting right now. the category five storm. wind gusts more than 200 miles per hour. the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. americans trapped for a time. airports closing. and now parts of the u.s. bracing for a double punch. >> 17 schools on lockdown, parents showing up, policemen telling them they can't come in or they'll be shot. and the major shift tonight for donald trump. the key state where he's no longer leading. and hillary clinton, new details. what happened the moment she got up after 11 hours of testimony? and the school scandal, the outrage over these mug shots. what families say these young men did to their son. and the drug price, suddenly hiked 4,000%.
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the competitor, promising a similar drug for $1. good evening, we begin tonight with this monster hurricane, already historic in strength. hurricane patricia on a collision course with mexico. and part of the system combining with storms already hitting the u.s. the view from space. this is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. winds far more powerful than katrina and sandy. tourists in mexico being rushed out. several airports already shut down. the track, all the way to texas before it's done. hundreds of thousands in its path. americans in mexico being rushed out. matt gutman is in mexico leading us off. >> reporter: bracing for catastrophe, as the record
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smashing hurricane making landfall tonight. those left, told to shelter in place. tens of thousands of americans. and in town, scores closing. streets empty, windows boarded up. the airport now closed. sandbags piling up, anticipating the dangerous storm surge. stacey zapar on vacation with her husband and two children. stranded. >> we've been running around, trying to find a way out. we're a little concerned, but trying to keep our game face on for the kids. >> reporter: marcus moore from our affiliate wfaa, just north. >> this is a mobile hospital that is being mobilized ahead of hurricane patricia. >> reporter: this record-setting hurricane is the strongest ever at its peak to hit the americas. 200-mile-per-hour winds. enough to make cars, even planes, go airborne. the lowest pressure ever recorded. by contrast, when katrina hit the gulf coast, it was just a category three. with 125-mile-per-hour winds.
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by the time sandy hit the northeast, it was no longer considered a hurricane, but it still had strong winds. hurricane patricia is expected to bring flash floods and mud slides. if there is a silver lining, it's a fast-moving storm, meaning it may not linger in one area. small comfort for these newlyweds on their honeymoon. forced to evacuate their hotel by bus. >> going to a school, apparently. so far, so good. >> reporter: david lloyd is planning to ride out the storm in his high-rise. >> this is our safe room. has a door that will protect us from any flying glass. >> reporter: patricia has made landfall. mexican authorities telling me they're very concerned about what they'll find at daylight.
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>> and rob marciano in texas, where this will cause even more problems. first, we want to show everyone at home this new image. look at the eye of the storm. have you seen anything like this? and what's the track of the hurricane tonight? >> reporter: i have not, david. just an incredible storm. i have not seen anything like this. flooding and mud slides, and this will make a run at texas over the weekend. >> and you're standing in the flooding in texas. 20 million americans bracing for more flooding, which could be made worse by the hurricane? >> absolutely. it's been raining for the past 36 hours, creeks like this have blown up, and the rain is far from over. >> reporter: tonight, the southern plains slammed by storms. the lone star state bearing the brunt. rail piling up quickly in ft.
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worth. cars hitting water and slamming to a stop. >> can't se anything out there. it's like it's on our window. >> reporter: historic floods swamped texas and oklahoma in may, killing 30 people. but since, the area has seen less than three inches of rain. look how quickly dallas has gone from drought to flash floods. already, a half foot of rain fooling across the dallas/ft. worth metroplex. over 400 flights cancelled in and out of dfw. and 20 million in the flash flood risk zone. >> let's get back to rob in texas. unfortunately, the folks in the south have to deal with this system before they can worry about the hurricane. what's the track of the system tonight? >> reporter: it's going to couple with the moisture from patricia in the next 48 hours, and bring a lot of rain, also to louisiana. here's the future radar. and we shift our focus from dallas to houston. that's where the heaviest stuff will be in the next 36 to 48 hours. flash flood watches expanded to louisiana and oklahoma. could see up to 12 inches of rainfall before the end of the system.
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david? >> a very dangerous few days ahead. rob, thank you. in the meantime, we turn to the other story unfolding today. a real scare for parents when 17 schools were suddenly put on lockdown in the northeast after violent threats were called in. thousands of students kept inside several connecticut schools for hours. frightened parents rushing to the scene, but they were kept at bay. all of this playing out just miles from newtown, connecticut. and you're about to see the moment some parents arrived, authorities warning them not to cross the line, or they could be shot. linzie janis is there. >> reporter: today, a connecticut town terrorized. 17 schools and over 10,000 kids on lockdown. >> we just want to see our kids and hug them. >> reporter: it all started around 9:00 a.m. this morning, a man calling an elementary school in fairfield saying he was heading there with an m-16 assault rifle. then two high schools in the district getting calls that there were bombs on campus.
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minutes later, parents in this town within 30 miles from newtown, connecticut, where 26 kids and teachers were killed at school, receiving this heart-stopping call -- >> all schools are currently in lockdown. there is a police presence at every school. >> reporter: although they were told not to pick up their children, some heading to school anyway. >> we cannot let you in. they are in lockdown. if you go in there, you're going to get shot, okay? >> okay. >> that's how it works. >> okay. >> reporter: by 11:15 a.m. the lockdown lifted, police giving the all-clear. david, the fbi and police now trying to figure out who made those anonymous threats. david? >> linzie, thank you. and now to the race for 2016. we've heard donald trump point so often to his lead in the polls. tonight, a real eye-opener, with his competitors gaining ground. two new polls showing dr. ben
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carson is in the lead in iowa, then trump, followed by cruz and rubio. tom llamas is in kansas tonight with ben carson. >> reporter: donald trump is never shy. especially about his poll numbers. >> i'm number one in every poll. trump on top. your numbers are unbelievable. boom boom boom. really amazing number. somebody said you love polls. i said, that's only because i'm winning every single one of them. right? right? >> reporter: not anymore. tonight, in iowa, trump now losing to dr. ben carson, who's drawn attention with his provocative statements. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: carson's comments seem to help him. particularly with key evangelical voters trump is trying to win. >> i'm a good christian, okay? remember that. >> reporter: praying with pastors at trump tower. >> so today we pray for donald trump. >> yes. >> reporter: and you won't hear "happy holidays" from trump. >> if i become president, we'll be saying merry christmas at every store. i'm saying merry christmas to whoever the hell wants to hear it. >> reporter: so today i asked carson, why is he doing so well?
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>> i don't change my message from one group to another group. and i think people observe that. >> reporter: carson tells me his success comes straight from god. and david, tonight, new signs of trouble for an early favorite who's been struggling. we've learned that jeb bush's campaign is slashing payroll by 40%. saying they never predicted the national republican front runner would be a reality television star. >> tom, thanks. and now to a number of a different kind. not the polls, but fund-raising. hillary clinton, after 11 hours of testimony on benghazi, her campaign saying the hour after she was finished was the single most profitable hour in their campaign. donations pouring in. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: hillary clinton literally took a bow today. clearly energized after surviving her marathon benghazi testimony. >> as some of you may know, i had a pretty long day yesterday.
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>> reporter: long indeed. at one point, she reached for a cough drop to keep from losing her voice. and 9 hours and 15 minutes into the hearing, mrs. clinton was asked her 218th question. it was about where she was the night of the attacks. >> who else was at your home? were you alone? >> i was alone, yes. >> the whole night? >> well, yes, the whole night. >> i don't know why that's funny. did you have any in-person briefings? i don't find it funny at all. >> i'm sorry, a little note of levity at 7:15. >> reporter: democrats had dreaded the hearing, today calling it a total victory. >> how about that 11 hours of testimony yesterday? >> reporter: the hearing was the culmination of the best ten days of her campaign, starting with her dominant performance in the debate. >> there is no question that since that debate we are seeing larger, more enthusiastic crowds and a more confident hillary clinton. >> reporter: this week, two of
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her democratic opponents dropped out, and joe biden said he wouldn't get in. but the benghazi hearing was by far her biggest test. >> a lot of things have been said about me, but quitter is not one of them. >> jon, you saw that quote saying, you can't knock her down. they must be relieved she made it through the debate and the hearing. >> but they know they can't declare victory yet. she goes to a big annual event with iowa democrats tomorrow. it was at that very event eight years ago, she got knocked down. barack obama's campaign took off. she knows it's still early. >> jon karl, thank you. and images coming in after the deadly raid by u.s. special operations forces taking on isis. video released by isis, claiming to show the aftermath. american forces helping to rescue dozens of people about to be executed by isis.
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tonight, the pentagon warning more of these operations could come. and more on the american commando killed, master sergeant joshua wheeler. father of four, 11 bronze stars. one month shy of his 40th birthday. martha raddatz reporting from the region. >> reporter: tonight, new details of that rescue mission emerging. u.s. reconnaissance identifying four mass graves near an isis held facility, intelligence showing hostages would be executed after morning prayers. so at 2:00 a.m. yesterday, american helicopters carrying kurdish troops and 30 u.s. special operations advisers land near the compound. a firefight broke out immediately. with the kurds pinned down and the mission on the verge of failure, the u.s. soldiers jumped in, with wheeler playing a pivotal role. up to 20 isis militants were killed, 70 hostages rescued, but wheeler was fatally wounded. david, the role of u.s. forces in iraq will be debated for
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weeks to come after this raid. but tonight, the focus is on delta force, a small, tight-knit community, suffering an unexpected and tragic loss. david? >> martha, thank you. back here at home, to a school scandal unfolding. fraternity brothers from the university of mississippi. some charged in a brutal beating. this evening, outrage, too, because of the smiles in their mug shots. gio benitez reporting in. >> reporter: five ole miss students. most of them smiling, not for school pictures, but for mug shots. after an alleged campus attack. students were arrested after what appears to be an assault. 19-year-old jeremy. suffering a concussion, several broken teeth, a ruptured ear drum, and a lung contusion, jeremy's father telling abc news his son, a sophomore, was in his
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fraternity house when he heard a noise outside and goes out to investigate. he confronts a young man dressed like a frat pledge. then another man appears wearing a black ski mask. one knocks his phone out of his hand and kicks him. the father telling us, almost killing him. the students were pledging for the pi kappa alpha fraternity. and today, the fraternity said it has cut ties with them. the university says the students are still enrolled, but telling us, "we are committed to holding students responsible for their behavior." and david, jeremy's dad says the 19-year-old is back in school. and jeremy is now working the local authorities. david? >> gio, thanks. up next, should parents that adopt children be able to re-home them? a public official, giving some of his adopted children away. and the price hike, the
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plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. we're going to turn next to the outrage over a public official and his wife, choosing to give away their adopted children. what's called re-homing them. here's elizabeth vargas. >> reporter: justin harris and his wife marsha had three sons of their own, but had always wanted to adopt. he's a state legislator. together with his wife, they run a day care center. and they agree to adopt three little sisters, even though they're warned the young girls are scarred. their mother, a drug addict. but this couple is confident their faith can help save the girls. that is, they say, until they discover the oldest was simply too damaged to handle. why did you feel so strongly that she was a danger, a 6-year-old girl? >> she was gonna kill me with a knife in the front and the back.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: the harrises give the oldest girl back to the department of human services, but they go forward and adopt the two younger girls. until, they say, they too begin to threaten them. but now the adoption is complete. it's too late to give them back. you were told that not only would you be charged with abandoning these two girls -- >> we would lose our own three boys. >> reporter: so the harrises do something else, a solution called re-homing. giving the girls to another family. a legal loophole with virtually no vetting, no court oversight, at that point, legal in all 50 states. >> elizabeth with us now. and re-homing -- so many of us have never even heard of this. a term borrowed from the pet world? >> right, people would give their dog away when they couldn't take care of the dog anymore. they would re-home the animal. it's legal. it was legal at one point in all 50 states to re-home an adoptive child. no court oversight. no vetting of the new family. nothing at all. >> the incredible thing is, you uncover what happens to these girls after they are re-homed. it's not easy, but ultimately the girls are okay tonight? >> they are okay.
5:49 pm
we spent quite a bit of time with them in their new adoptive family. they are thriving and doing well. and after everything all of these girls have been through, it was the most amazing part of the story, to be able to see that. >> that is good news. this is hard-hitting reporting. her special "20/20" tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. when we come back, the top five halloween costumes. and the life-saving drug, hiked 4,000%? the competitor, selling it for $1. after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting
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>> they are the teenagers getting ready for the dance. ironing his shirt. getting her hair done. >> in my mind, i just don't know what to say. >> 1 in 68 children have some form of autism. and listen to the man helping them learn how to dance in ohio. >> individuals living with autism can learn how to relate to each other. this year, we're going to have a formal dance. >> this doctor is determined to get them ready. >> i want you to express how you're feeling about the spring formal. who wants to go -- >> last? >> you want to go last? >> every step documented. the dresses. >> that looks pretty. what do you think? >> oh, my. >> just watch as jessica sullivan arrives. the red carpet waiting, uncomfortable until she hits that red carpet. some of those faces sending us messages in their own perfect way. >> good evening, david.
5:58 pm
thank you for having me on. >> we asked caroline what was her favorite thing about the dress. she answered, how it felt. >> the fabric felt really great. it was strapless and beautiful. >> and then there's jessica, who came to life on the red carpet. sending us this. >> i felt like i mattered. >> mattered, when she walked in and asked her friend to dance. and he said yes. and so we choose every one of those students. the >>. a hurricane of historic pro portions is pounding mexico now. >> also, deadly and fake. the lethal consequences of counterfeit drugs. >> water pouring down the street
5:59 pm
in one bay area neighborhood. and a bird's eye view of the flock of fowls back on the >> the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere pounding mexico right now. good evening, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. we have team coverage of the historic hurricane. spencer christian is tracking the tropical storm. where is hurricane patricia now? the storm made land fall as
6:00 pm
a category 5 hurricane, packing winds of just 200 miles per hour. now, it's highest winds of 165 miles per hour and it starts to push inland. gusts to 235 miles per hour. this is a dangerous, devastating storm. it's expected to take a path carrying it across central mexico as it weakens over the next 12 dshgs 24 hours, and finally, late tomorrow night, we'll be approaching the southwestern texas border. behind, the storm will leave massive rainfall, totals could reach 20 inches. there will be wide spread flooding and could be wide spread mudslides. >> thank you, spencer. the hurricane all but shut down the coastal areas of puerto vallarta including hotels and major ports. many guests are being evacuated 125 miles


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